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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 27, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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it is good to see heart warming moments before 41 and 43. weigh in on all of the topicings on twitter. have a great weekend, everybody. hello, everybody. i am uma, live in washington. an arrest in this week's ricin letter scare. a mississippi martial arts instructor is in custody accused of sending the ricin-laced letters to president obama and footworks. efvet dutschke wased this morning. >> uma, 41 year old everett dutschke was arrested on unspecified chargings. he was taken without incident in tupelo, mississippi.
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authorities say it is connection with the ricin-laced letter to president obama and senator wick yer a judge. dutschke went in hiding after his home was searched. his attorney hasn't made public comments about her client today. earlier in the week she had said he had no involvement. we heard similar statements from dutschke. >> the people who know me know i don't have anything to do with this. >> and quite frankly people who don't know, know that this is just crazy and insane. >> this as we learn of an ongoing feud between him and paul kevin curtis. he is a person taken in custody earlier in the investigation. later, all charge were dropped. dutschkeam first surfaced when curtis' attorney said her client framed.
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the letters addressed to senator wicker and obama were retrieved and flagged in an off site mai facility before reaching their intended victims. >> turning to a developing story, the boston marathon bombing system sits in a prison hospital as investigators are trying to piece together the plot that killed people and injured others. they are looking at home and abroad. there is new information on tsarnaev's mother. f.b.i. sifting through a land fill where the 19 year old was a soft - sophomore. there is more on the latest on the investigation. david lee? >> uma, it is the first weekend that bolton street has been open to the public since the twin blasts took place nearly two weeks ago. take a look now over my shoulder, can see locals
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and tourist alike here in copley square and observing the makeshift memioral and consisting of flowers and flags and hand painted signs and many people taking their time and walking through the memorial and rememberingme blast that took place only a few feet from where they are now standing. as the community continues to recover, the investigation continues and during the last few days the f.b.i. is searching a landfall by university of massachusetts near dartmouth. authorities would not say what they are looking for. one f.b.i. source told the associated press that investigators are searching for and i quote for everything imaginable . coming under scutiny is the mother of the bombers, 18 months before the attack
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herself and her son were put on the list of terrorist ties. she said her two boys were innocent. 19 year old dzhokhar tsarnaev spent his first night in the federal medical center. he was relocated from beth israel where many of the blasts victims are treated some what uncomfortable as being in the same facility as the attacker. the new location is more secure. financial help is on the way for many of those injured in the blast. a fund called the one fund has amassed 26 million dollars in contributions it is expected that some of those checks will be distributed to those who need the money by the end of june. this evening uma, a special benefit concert will take place here. the boston city singers will
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be participating andhe members of the choir martin richards who was one of the three people killed in the explosion. >> it is it a move emotional event. david lee thank you for the up date. >> there are still a lot of unanswered questions. this week i had a chance to answer former homeland security chief tom ridge if he thinks that the federal government could have stopped the bomber? >> it appears that there a lack of coordination and communication. what i don't know and what we need to learn is whether or not they had the protocols that connected them. they had a database that the f.b.i. sent their information to the terrorist database and the customs and border protection and c.i.a. sent typeset to another database . you kind of wonder if we are data rich and judgment poor?
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itsture to judge, but it is important that we judge severely and if there are gaps, they need to be closed it is troubling to anybody. >> the c.i.a. said they had the elder brother on the database for 18 months or so. do you think that that is a sign that they just didn't take russian intelligence seriously enough . there is a judgment call there. >> i can't speak for why it was taken offer of the list. and again it is the context. let's just frame this. one of the questions i was asked if i was in congress or secretary of homeland security, remind everybody. they only get information they are supervised in the alphabet. but how many phone calls did you get from the russian service counter parts and former kgb? how many phone calls from them
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that month about a potential terrorist tie in the united states? if you get thousand and thousands of callings. in tha context alone in myial. judgment, would make me do more digging than just making an inquiry. >> is it premature to say that the f.b.i. for example, drop happened the ball? >> it is. i think that again, the context, what information do they have. i know they are saying we interviewed him and couple of the people around him. but the question is how unis -- unusual is it and frequently does the russian government and service organization and law enforcement call you and say keep your eyes on this guy, we think he is a ter >> and the issue of reading the miranda rights. >> right. >> how do you feel about the
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way the events unfold would so far? >> first of all, i strongly believe that the public safety exception to the miranda rule appropriately applied. they could have continued the interrogation and they didn't and they had enough evidence to convict him not with stanteding any statement and it would not jeopardize a conviction. under those circumstances they have him on tape . if you insist on trying in criminal court. that is it a point much view . you have enough to convict him and why not let them play the exception out. >> and do you think we have lost vital information on the way? >> there is it an entire possibility . you don't spend six months over there . you conclude, we don't know . we need to find out if anybody over there, and i got to believe that if the russians had identified him to our government they may have been
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aware of him when he returned and did they fol him or keep their eyeos him, don't know. i think in the end of the day, the bigger picture is people in this country whoike these terrorist, they blended right in to a sophisticated international community, boston and contempary ways and hats on backward and backpack and involved in schools and young guy smoking marijuana and his older brother is a boxer and integrated and no one thinking of any signs. no body. the only sign we had was a warn from this russian government and why that was not enough to do a little bit more is one of the questions that needs to be answered. >> our thank togs tom ridge. >> an incredible discovery in ground zero. the landing gear from 9/11 was
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discovered in manhattan more than a decade attack. it is feet feet and wedged between a mosque and apartment building. the twisted part included a visible boeing identification number. they are working with ntsb to determine if it was from the american plane or united jet that slammed in the twin towers. >> north korea raising further concerns in a tense arena with the united states with plans that it plan to put americans on trial for plans to overthrow the pyonggang. he has been under arrest and detained since last november. if convicted he could face the death penalty. he is a devout christian with frequent travel to north korea to help feed those nation's orphans. he is the sixth to be detained. all were either eventually
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released or deported. >> turning now to a developing story where house republicans finally had the chance to look at a 43 page report from five congressional committees about the events that led to a tragic attack on the americans in bengazi. findingings confirm what many leaders say. decision to scale back security in the bengazi libya outpost went all the way up to secretary of state hillary clinton. joining us now is representative dowdy. welcome and thank you for being here. nthank you for hin me. >> the report said state department officialings knew that the threat environment in bengazi high, and that the bengazi compound was vulnerable and unable to with stand an attack and officials
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continue to with draw security personal. are you any closer to finding out why they did that? >> are we any closer? by the process of elimination we can tell you they didn't do that. it had nog to do with money. it is not congress's failure to fund it. the decision, i can tell you this. the decision to not augment security. that went to the highest levels of the state department. whether or not security clinton had actul or constructive knowledge of it, i can't prove yet. i can prove this to you though, she should have. she is the head of the state department and there were repeated requests from the bass - embassador himself. there were repeat of violence. we were the last western
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target. red cross had left and british had left. i think i can prove they were under actul notice that an attack imminent. kiprove to you that a reasonably prudent person would have been under constructive notice that something bad was about to happen. >> that begs the question. have you found out answers why our ambassador was there knowing thalt region was clearly unsafe? >> i think it had to do with perpetuating a myth that everything okay in libya and our foreign policy going along swimmingly. who you concede that a region is dominated by terrorism, that is a failure of your foreign policy. i can tell you this. there are more are hadingogs bengazi that are coming and i would encourage you and your viewer to follow them closely
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and they are coming quickly. not to repeat what you and others have said. we sent them to serve. the least we can do find out the circumstances of their death and make sure we bring honor to their deaths and live up to the principles they espouse and believed in. you touched on the failure of security. we need to find out what happened in the siege itself and why aid was not sent and thirdly what we are going to find out. we know what susan said was false. there is not a person left in the western hemisphere believes what she said accurate. was she grossly negligent or whether it was an intentional misleading and secondly, there remains the prospect the administration's decision to blame it on a video may have
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impacted negour to get answers in the aftermath. >> are these hearingings- hearings are explosive will you expect witnesses at the scene and have not been made public to this point may be coming forward to testify? >> uma, i am bound by certain measures of confidentiality. but you are getting warm shall we just say that. >> we are saying the information is explosive and that these hearingings are coming sooner than later. tyrone woods father is in washington and not a republican and democrat and doesn't care about politics. hement to make sure his son's death and service and saife have meaning . that means those of us in positions of oversight and
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authority need to get answers. i understand the motivation that the department of state would have to protect itself, but uma, there is a reason that we don't let kids grade their own papers in school ands sentence themselves in court . the state department should not investigate whether state department did a good job. it is going to be congress. >> i am out of time. i have to ask you, when you say explosive, can you elaborate in any way in termless of information that we will hear about? >> if this a trial, you can't use hear say and you can't say what other people would have said and heard. drict - direct evidence and testimony is the compelling form of testimony and evidence . i would hope that if anyone has direct evidence and testimony, they would contact the oversight committee .
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we'll make counsel available to them and so there is it no punishment for them being forth come being. i am a lawyer, but trust me when i say that you want to follow the hearings that are coming up. >> congressman, breaking news for us. appreciate it and now the latest in the fall out from the horrific explosion in a texas explosion plant. damages say it would cost more than $100 million to restore the area. that is based on the number of homes destroyed, the property those homes and the cost of relocating ris rez in the area. the blast killed 14 people and injurying hundreds more. there is no answer to what caused the blast. >> week of flight delays was
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enough to convince congress to take action. the news of the furlough and now they will be heading back to work after lawmakers approve would legislation and giving the faa an out. that has others crying no fair and looking for loop holings. molly henningberg joins us with more on theall out. >> republicans say that the obama administration wanted air travelers to feel the pain of the sequester and president obama contends that republicans realize that sequester was a bad idea all along. president obama will sign a bill allocating more money for the federal aviation administration to aleviate the long wait that is flyers are experiencing this week. the president said it is a temporary fix. >> these cutses will fall in the government that provide vital services for the
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american people. we can't keep putting band aids on every cut. there is only one way to truly fix the sequester, by replacing it before it causes future damage. >> house republicans have replaced two bills but haven't gone anywhere in the senate. the chairman said the obama administration claimed that its hands were tied with regarding the flight delays and the faa could have cut spending elsewhere. >> the faa imposed blank across the board furloughs and causing extensive delays. why? >> so many thought inflict being pain on the public would give the president leverage to avoid making necessary spending cuts and pose takes hikes. >> it comes to a budget battle and battle over taxings. >> very interesting. thank you, molly. >> still to come.
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firefighters going door to door in the midwest and janet dean has the latest on the floods. >> and over so call would patient dumping. a hospital doing that to the patients. [ tires screech ]
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the midwest deal floods. weary resident are piling up sand bag trying to protect their homings. the flooding is caused in part by what was welcome rainfall. the floods have drenched the farmer's field and destroyed homes and slowed down barge traffic in the area. flooding is also a concern in the south. a risk of severe weather could bring damaging wind and hail and tornados. they are standing by with more on we are watching the cells in the gulf coast and see severe storms erupt and including tornadings, we don't have warningings and you can see it developing in oklahoma and now in the river valley and this is a wide area of potential of
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severe weather in west central texas all the way toward the mississippi river valley. isolated tornados and heavy rainfall . some cases one-two or three inches of rain in areas that don't need to see it. we have flash flood watches and warningings and unfortunately it is it the case, not only in the workweek but the spring as well uma, we'll keep you posted on all of the watches and warningings, back to you. >> thank you for the up date. >> we'll invite you to take a turn at picking the news. let us know what you think about the colorful stories that are catching our eye today. you can pick from the list and we'll tell you which one received the most votes in our show. the old hamburger. what does a 14 year old hamburger look like now? you can guess. how to get lucky at 35,000
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www. >> here is a story making news right now. u.s. marshallings arrest would a u.s. martial after thes instructor in connection with the ricin laced letters. everett dutschke was taken into custody in his tupelo home. two days after prosecutors dropped chargings against curtis. the jury is set to hear closing arguments in the trial of doctor that is charge would with kiming babies born alive in the philadelphia abortion clinic. he is charged in the overdose death of a patients. gosnell did not call witnesses or tech.
9:32 am
a new jersey mom convinced her son he had cancer as part of a scam to get money from friend and family. she cent're sent a letter to the school claims he had cancer. the entire communicate raised $3000. stillwagon faces mults pel charges. her mother and two others close to her were shocked to find out it all a hoax. >> she told me he had colon cancer. >> i completely flagger ghasted. mothers were selling cup cakings and baselets and neck lalces. >> his own mother using him in this way. >> that is a quick look at the stories right now. >> turning to other news at the moment. new use of chemical weapons use in syria. on thursday u.s. officials had
9:33 am
evidence of chemical weapon sarin was used on a small scale something that the syrian information minister is rejecting at this time. conor has more on the conflict. conor? >> uma, u.s. officials acknowledged that the assad regime used chemical withins in the fight against the rebels including sarin. there is questions of when it was used and both sides in syria accused other in using chemical weapons. president said the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line. syrian officials denied the claim and call it would a bold-faced lie and opposition leaders are pleading for world leaders to intervene in the syria conflict. >> we are asking the united states with the drone technology and surgical strike
9:34 am
technology to stop the use of chemical weapons. >> president obama said the administration would respond prudently but reduced expectation of the u.s. to intervene soon. militants attacked a air base. there progress by pro government forces and the death tollstands at more than 70,000 people kill indeed the civil war in syria and that is only going to increase as it is united states and world leaders continue to disagree and debate about what should happen in the future of syria, uma. >> thon going struggle. thank you for the update. >> there may be others tied to the boston bombing. there is more information
9:35 am
coming out about the suspects who are listed on a u.s. terror watch. the feds were keeping an eye on his mother. but that was not enough to stop these men. the author they must be stop why we have to defeat radical islam and why we must do it . why the u.s. is losing the fight. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> let's talk a moment about the missteppings. i talked to former homeland security chief tom ridge. from your point of view. does it surprise you after more than a decade since 9/11 we are having major problems when it comes to sharing information between the agencies? >> exactly this isan outrage, uma. the american public should be
9:36 am
outraged. len years after september 11th and after creating the monstrosity of homeland security department and billions spent . because we want to make sure our intelligence agencies share information together and so they prevent a disaster or a tragedy like 9/11. here we are. f.b.i. knew information and did not communicate with the cia and not communicating with the department of the homeland security. it is it a crying shame and a disgrace that we are at this point 11 years after september 11th. i hope it is it a teachable moment for the government and american citizens to rise up and demand that our elected officials do whatever they have to do to put pressure on all of the government agencis and share information together to save american lives. >> i know when the event first unfold would in the days after
9:37 am
the attack in boston. i heard you say that you really feel that these suspects are tied to a cell. there are cells obviously spread out in the world where young penal are becoming radicalized quickly . the suspect's mother made reference to the facts supposedly for information that we have heard, about her son becoming rad achalized over the last year. what do you make of that information? >> we knew that he being monitored. they obviously knew something about him. we know that terrorist do not operate independently. for every terrorist we see 10 people are behind him supporting financially and spiritually and providing guidance and providing direction. they don't work even thope they blow themselves up or become suicide bombers and carry out attacks, they are
9:38 am
working with otherings direct being them. the f.b.i. is lookingalt other members that involve would. but because . ongoing information they are not saying anything about it . we know uma, for the last four years, that we havod american soil,ed 186 muslim in terrorrelated charges that. is a huge number when you look at the muslim community which only acts for two percent of the american population but responsibility for 80 percent of the terrorist plots in the united states. there are members in the islamic community. >> i got to go in a second. but within the islamic community, i know that you feel radicalization is happening in the mosquings. >> and we know that we have collected from morving and going back to 2014 and 5, and
9:39 am
when you look ati man and what they are preaching. you don't wonder where the radicalization is coming from the home grown terrorist and where they are getting rad camization -- radization from. now the fongs news alert. a nato plan crashed in afghanistan. four members of the national coalition have been kill and would we'll update the story as more information becomes available. >> months after the shooting in newtown. it gets no where on capitol hill. we'll look at efforts by lawmaker to get it done.
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>> we are back with news that federal authorities are demanding answers from a las
9:44 am
vegas psychiatric hospital accused of patient dumping. hospital faced criticism that mentally ill patients were given one-way tickets out of the test. >> since medicare and medicaid service are given 10 day. that is bussed out of the state . a man charged with a one-way grayhound bus ticket. he arrived to the shelter and he had no money and understanding why he was sent to sacramento. they had purchased one way bus tickets for patient it is over five years where they had no contacts. the patients are deeply hurt.
9:45 am
>> they don't realize that we are people, too and we have a heart . it hurpts. because we feel like we are thrown away like trash. >> one launched three separate investigation and disciplinary actions were taken. let me be clear improperly discharging one patient is one patient too many. it is not right to engage in patient dumping. patients have a right and desire to return home to friend and families . there is additional oversight to make sure they follow proper discharge procedures. >> syria is denying it but the u.s. officials said they used
9:46 am
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>> the last day of your presidency i was there and i came in to say goodbye and you said something i thought you could repeat. coming into the on the first day and wanting to make sure when you left you could look in the mayor and stuck to the principlings. i think it is important in life and it is important to the president to have a set of prince pems that one is willing to defend . so when i left midland, i told a crowd of thrirt,000 i am leading with a set of principle. >> i am thankful for the principles i learn indeed midland, texas. i am thankful for my friends. god bless. >> when i came back, i looked older, i didn't sell my soul.
9:51 am
principles are still an important part of my life. >> i am coming home with my head held high and a sense was accomplishment. >> up close with 43. president george w. bush sunday at 9:00 a.m.. >> new information this week on syria, the u.s. government saying that syria likely used chemical weaponings. it would close the president said a red line. all of this is raising stakes at a time when lawmakers are calling for a military response to stop the syrian government from military attacks . a member is joining us now with insight on this situation. great to have you here and thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, uma. >> do you agree with senators mccain and others that said the red line is crossed and
9:52 am
america needs to respond now and force president assad out. >> the president is right to be deliberate and cautious and want proof which appears to be there that the red line has been crossed and the syria government used chemical weapons and dromp senator action. it is a red line croshed. we should respond with action that recognizes the serious and intolerable nation with the use of weapons . that should be a no fly zone established with the missiles. we should act under international aupiciouses and arm with lethal weaponry beyond the night vision gogglings that wed so far.
9:53 am
>> do you feel like you will get further evidence to confirm that chemical weapons are used there? >> we'll have that evidence, i believe within a very short period of time one way or the other. modern technology and our allies will enable to establish conclusively whether or not chemical weapons have been use who used them and when and what degree. all much those facs are important. >>ip want to turn to gun control for a moment. talk to revive gun control legislation are quietly under way on capitol hill as senators are coming together to do something to legislate the concerns . you know hand the consequences of what can happen in a very sad situation with newton in your state. talk to us about what you know
9:54 am
about the efforts underway right now. >> very, very important question, uma, i know first hand, the horrific and unspeakable tragedy that results from gun violence in newton where 20 beautiful precious children and 6th -- six great educators were gunned down with an individual with access to weapons. those talks are quietly going on as you put it. they will pay fruit . we need time to tweak the proposals and nothing in the way of major changings but reach out to our colleagues who came close. i can tell you from my discussions with my colleagues, right down to the morning of the vote, they were considering whether to vote for and say yes to responsible common sense measures like a national background and
9:55 am
criminal background check and they decided to go the other way. i think we can bring them back. the connecticut affect is not going away . the newton families were in washington ask that fight will go forward. >> the fight continues and we hope it will be successful. the senate said no to the american people. but the manner -- american people are 90 percent are for common sense like a ban on illegal trafficking or criminal background check. >> senator, good luck with yours and i know you have a long road ahead. we'll follow it closely sir. give our base to the people of new town. our hearts are with them. >> thank you so much. >> your viewer choice story coming up. @@
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>> uma: now it's time for the story that you chose at home. how to get lucky 35,000 feet in the air is the winner. virgin america is helping out those in need of a wing man. the airline introducing a system on board that allows you to send a drink, snack or a meal to a fellow passenger without the help of a flight attendant. right now the service is just available on flights between l.a. and vegas. airline founder richard branson says your chances of deplaning with a plus one are at least 50%. so he's trying to do what he can
10:00 am
to help out folks who are look for love in all the right places. okay. that's going to do it for me. heather and kelly wright are standing by to take over from me. make it a great day. fox news alert on the investigation into the ricin-laced letters sent to president obama and two others. hello, everyone. glad you're with us. i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather, nice to be with you. the f.b.i. arresting a new suspect in that case. 41-year-old everett dutschke, you can see him right here. he was taken into custody early this morning at his home in mississippi. this comes just days after all the charges were dropped against another man. elizabeth prann is live from washington and she's following this story for us today. elizabeth, what can you tell us about this guy? >> initially authorities were searching the home and former business of 41-year-old everett dutschke this week. da


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