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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 29, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> brian: tomorrow gabby douglas, as well as phil sims. he'll talk about tim tebow and his son with the jets. >> gretchen: have a fantastic day. log on for the after the show show. >> brian: robert davi takes my place. bill: all right. on a monday morning, fox news alert everybody. did the boston bombing suspects have help? that is critical question now. the head of the house homeland security committee says the brothers were trained. the question is by whom? good morning, everybody. i hope you had a terrific weaken as we start another week. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom." good morning. martha: hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. the fbi is expanding their investigation and now looking overseas. congressman mike mccaul says the bombs used in the attack were too sophisticated in his opinion to be made with no help. >> fact that a pressure cooker is signature device, goes back to pakistan, afghanistan, leads me to believe the way they handle
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these devices and tradecraft leads me to believe there was a trainer and the question is where is that trainer or trainers? are they overseas in the chechen region or are they in the united states? in my conversations with the fbi that is the big question. bill: big question indeed. david lee miller live on the streets of boston of the if they did get help where did that help come from? what are the possibilities, david lee? >> reporter: many suspect it could have come from overseas. remember tamerlan went to russia at the start of 20 12th. he stayed there bill for some six months. now the fbi essentially is trying to retrace his steps. they want to know with whom did meet and they want to know where did he go? a few days ago russian officials say they knew of no illicit contacts. nevertheless there is suspicion he may have met with suspected extremists and over the weekend a russian language newspaper said that tamerlan wanted to join a muslim insurgency during that trip and that he did meet with islamic
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militants. one thing to note here, bill, take a look at the timeline. when he was, in russia during that six months, his mother, who has come under a great deal of scrutiny, remained here in boston. it was during that period of time she had legal problems and was arrested for shoplifting. as for his father, he was in russia at that time. the father remaining now in russia. he said he wanted to come to the united states. because of health problems he will be unable to do so. bill? bill: there is also new information, david lee, on the mysterious man thought to have radicallized these brothers. what do we have on that now? >> reporter: a publication, the new york review of books, more associated with tracking down a first edition of a hemingway novel has now tracked down this mysterious figure. an uncle and other relatives of the brothers said they were essentially brainwashed by an individual identified only as misha. now it appears he has been
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identified because of other reporting of the new york review of books. this individual has been identified as mikhail alekedrav. he converted to islam. he is 39 years old. he says he has not seen brothers for three years time. he, quote if i was his teacher, spoking about tamerlan i would make sure he never did anything like this. it appears the fbi previously got to this individual. they took a look at his telephone. they took a look at his computer. he says he will get those items back and that he in fact did nothing wrong, had nothing whatsoever to do with this plot but still there's a great deal of suspicion that someone somewhere did and that's why authorities are working so hard not just here but overseas as well. bill? bill: on boylston street there in boston. david lee miller watching all the fallout for that story that continues yet for another day and much further beyond. martha has more.
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martha: as we're learning more about the mother of the bombing suspects and the role she may have played in the radicalization of her eldest son tamerlan, this is undated photo, woman looking steeped in western culture at the time. a friend of the tsarnaev family says they were never particularly religious in those years. 2009, the mother's attitude towards islam appears to have changed according to those who know her. she began wearing the hajib and quoting the koran and this is the time he stopped boxing. they became very close. the parents divorced in 2011. a big family dynamic change around that time. she returned to dagestan that following year. she faces outstanding arrest warrant in the states for a shoplifting charge. that remains in the air too. a big question whether or not she would even attempt to come back at this point. federal officials say they
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have their man in the ricin case. a mississippi martial arts instructor arrested for allegedly mailing poise son-laced letters to president obama and other public officials. he is expected to appear in federal court today. john roberts is live on the story in oxford, mississippi this morning. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, to you, martha. same story, different suspect. this time an acquaintance of the initial suspect. 44-year-old james everett dutschke. former republican candidate for office out of tupelo, mississippi. charged with producing and stockpiling and using a biological weapon. charges carry with it a maximum sentence of life in prison and $250,000 fine. the fbi having to let the first suspect kevin curtis go last week was very, very careful about looking into dutschke. they meticulously looked through his home and karate studio and he protested his
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innocence. a neighbor of his, ginger king, who talked with the fox affiliate in memphis, doesn't buy the protestations. s smarter than anybody else. >> he is smarter than everybody else. got mensa certificates. i would not surprised he thinks he is better and needs to be the one in the front of the camera to say he is innocent. >> reporter: king also claims, and this is story where it gets really weird, that on several occasions duch key flashed, yes flashed his 12-year-old daughter. he also faces three state charges of molesting young girls at his karate studio. martha? martha: boy this one gets more and more strange. so go back over his connection, dutschke's connection to the original suspect in this case, john. >> reporter: original suspect is paul kevin curtis who was arrested in corinth, mississippi, a couple weeks ago. the two have known each
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other for a number of years, maybe, six, seven years. apparently according to people ho know them they have been feuding with each other what would seem to be trivial issues. last week in federal court coy claimed that dutschkene may have been trying to frame kevin curtis by sending letters to the president, senator wicker and a local judge in mississippi with sigg ture that was very similar to what kevin curtis had written online. we'll hear more about that in federal court. we should point out as well that the charges dutschke is facing far more serious than the ones kevin curtis was facing suggesting martha, during their meticulous search that is the fbi and their task force might have found something. martha: what is bizarre story. truth is always stranger than fiction. thanks for digging it up for us. we'll see you later. bill: lawmakers signing a deal to end budget cut-induced furloughs for
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air traffic controllers. president is expected to sign that would mean an end to delays for air travelers. we're told there is more pain around the corner. stuart varney, fox business network. good morning. more pain around the corner, what is next? >> not for travelers. not for the airlines. this week the federal portion of jobless benefit for people in california, new hampshire, ohio they will be cut double digits, 16 to 18%. 70,000 children will start to lose their head start en fits. terror suspects lawyers, they will soon be going on a brief furlough. so the legal investigation there will be held up. and the community oncology alliance reports denial of treatment for cancer patients in some instances because of the cuts. bill, this adds up to a lot more pain that is going to be inflictinged the very near future. now the president has retreated on issue of airline delays. what does he do about the pain that i just outlined there? bill: good question there. in fact there's a lot of
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questions there too. but could all of this be averted? >> well the president has the choice. does he reallocate cuts to nonessential areas? in other words does he take the flexibility that republicans say he already has got, does he take the flexibility and divert it away from painful cuts? or does he go for a big tax increase so we don't have any cuts at all? that is the question that the president faces, the whole congress faces, as we line up the next standoff of pain versus cuts. bill: so clearly, there could be flexibility if we wanted it? >> yes. bill: you saw how fast washington moved. >> yes. bill: once they saw the long lines. it was bad pr. flew to washington over the weekend, had no problem. coming back to new york, no problem. it was easy. >> i would make the judgment that the president lost that particular pr battle. is he going to retreat on the other battles that are upcoming very soon? bill: stuart, thanks. see you 9:20, fbn. make it a great week.
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talk to you later. stuart varney there. martha if. martha: president obama is set to tap the mayor of charlotte, north carolina to run the transportation department. his name is anthony foxx. a white house official says that announcement could come later today. earlier this month, mayor foxx announced he would not seek reelection for mayor of charlotte. he wanted to spend more time with his children. he will be the first african-american nominee in the president's second cabinet. maybe spend more time in washington with them there. bill: but he has got his hands full with the transportation thing and security we talked about. martha: big job. bill: furloughs and all that stuff. martha: yeah. bill: just getting rolling, folks on a monday. there is dangerous flooding affecting more than a dozen states already and more rain is in the forecast. we'll show you where and how bad it is and how bad might be for millions of people. martha: look at this. a powerful explosion in a busy city center. we'll tell you what caused this. plus, you remember the
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white house says if syria crosses or uses chemical weapons that would be a red line that can not be crossed and accepted by anyone. well a parently, based on reporting it was crossed, so then, what's next? >> there's nothing you can do in syria without risk but the greatest risk is a failed state with chemical weapons falling into the hands of radical islamists and they're pouring into syria. the longer this goes, the more likely you have of a failed state and all is going to break loose in the region.
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time and we still have other people that are surfacing that with minor injuries but everybody is in stable condition. martha: boy, thank goodness for that. no word on the cause of this accident. a dispatcher says it was raining heavily at the time. kids and chaperones were able to get on another bus a few hours later. bill: many pushing president obama to get tough on syria and doing it now for reportedly using chemical weapons on its own people. after the president warned the assad regime that doing so would cross a quote, red line. here is the house intelligence committee chairman on that, mike rogers. >> the problem is the president laid down the line. can't be dotted line. can't be anything other than a red line. more than syria, iran is paying attention to this. north korea is paying attention to this. so the i think options aren't huge but some action needs to be taken. bill: and what action would that be? kt macfarland, fox news
6:16 am
national security analyst. good morning to you. i heard you talking over the weekend. is a red line, a pink line or dotted line perhaps? you say it is important to take a deep breath and clinically figure out what you want to accomplish. that is very important. please explain. >> when i was in the reagan administration and the marine barrack were bombed by hezbollah everybody said send in more troops we got to get involved. reagan took a deep breath and said what am i trying to accomplish in my foreign policy and he didn't do it. what are we trying to do? are we trying to topple assaud and put more rebels? in i think we're trying to stop the chemical weapons falling into the hands of al qaeda who will use them against our allies and againsts us. what do you want to do? you don't necessarily need to topple assad but you've got to destroy the chemical weapons. how do you that. >> go to fellows in the region. they have a fear of chemical
6:17 am
weapons being loosed on them as we do. work with allies in the region. stop chemical weapons. commando raids. bombing attack. go to the russians. you have to as much to worry about radical islam as we do. we don't look too good after the boston bombings. we don't look like we can cooperate. cooperate quietly behind the scenes and share intelligence. bill: that is interesting. go in and destroy the chemical weapons. you wouldn't necessarily have to do that if you could secure them. >> either way. secure them or destroy them. bill: how do you do that? >> three things. not just us. the american military. get countries in the region that have vested interest. secure intelligence. where are they? they're scattered all around syria. some may already be in areas --. bill: we have given indication we know where they are. they are north of damascus and around the area -- >> aleppo. bill: about a dozen sites in that country.
6:18 am
>> so we'll assume that we can figure out where they are. either israeli intelligence or russia or some intelligence. we figure out where they are. how do you destroy them or secure them. one way to destroy would be bombing raids. one would be cruise missile strikes. a third way would be commandoes. not american commandoes necessarily but others in the region. bill: lindsey graham was asked about this on sunday too. here is how he analyzes it today. >> it will become a failed state by end of the year. it is fracturing along sectarian, ethnic lines. will be al qaeda safe haven. the second thing, chemical weapons enough to kill millions of people will be compromised and fall into the wrong hand. the next bomb that goes off in america may not have nails and glass in it. bill: is that hyperbole? >> no. i agree. there will be a failed state. there are 1000 rebel militia groups. some are al qaeda. bill: seems like what senator graham was saying we better look out that stuff is coming out way.
6:19 am
do you believe that. >> absolutely. look what happened in libya. this is the example we should see. we went into libya, we toppled the dictator and armed rebels about. what happened in libya? all the arsenals of qaddafi we never managed to secure when we toppled them. that is securing the fighting in sudan and all the way to gaza. that was what benghazi was about. getting hands on qaddafi's weapons. get chemical weapons in syria before the others do. bill: chuck hagel went public this week. reason why he said that is because congress was about to become privy to the information that he had. >> right. bill: they wanted to be out in front of the story. but it appears the white house is waiting for more confirmation and what was use and when it was used. >> again what are we trying to do here? are we trying to punish assad for using chemical weapons or try to secure and store the chemical weapons ourselves? in the example not just in this case but libya and iraq, we want to make sure he
6:20 am
actually used them. for my money if he hasn't used them he will use them. the fact that they exist and the fact that lindsey graham says that is about to become a failed state we want to make sure we destroy or the secure the chemical weapons because they are used against us and our allies. bill: you mentioned a red line. there is lot of pressure politically being cranked up on the white house. >> absolutely. bill: thank you, kt macfarland here in studio. martha, what is next? martha: flood watches and warnings in more than a dozen states right now and more rain on the horizon. bill: also did the government fail to connect the dots that could have prevented the boston bombings? new details and new questions being raised already this morning. >> you should also ask why the fbi, or law enforcement why they did not give vital evidence to the nypd about a possible attack. >> you think this is failure that needs to be learned from? >> absolutely, absolute failure
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bill: a knife attack in a place you would not expect. new mexico, four people injured. happened at the end of mass on sunday at the st. jude church, a 24-year-old man jumping over the pews began repeatedly stabbing the group was singing a closing hymn. other parishioners subdued the attacker, holding him down until police arrived. none. injuries are life-threatening but not clear why the man acted the way he did. martha: spring flooding bringing major trouble for huge parts of the country. folks in north dakota have been sandbagging for days. they are expecting the red river to crest later this week. boy, we've seen so many pictures like this over past couple weeks. this as we're seeing flood watches and warning in 14 states that you see there on the map across the country today. meteorologist maria molina
6:25 am
is in the fox weather center tracking it all for us. hey, maria. >> good morning, martha. good to see you. what is interesting about the map you just showed we have extreme drought going along areas just to the west of where you do have the flood warnings and watches in effect. unfortunately we can't get the moisture into the areas that really do need the moisture but what happened across parts of north dakota, minnesota we've actually had several storm systems roll through this area producing areas of heavy snow. cold temperatures kept the snow pack in place. a significant warm-up occurred this weekend triggering the flood warnings and across parts of the red river and even across other rivers in the area. that is unfortunate situation. we have another storm that will be impacting this area. the little bit of good news we have the storm it will not pack as much of a punch with a a few showers possible on tuesday and temperatures very warm today into the 60s. that will continue to produce flooding. we do expect water levels to
6:26 am
continue to rise. the river should crest as we head into wednesday afternoon. 37 feet is the forecast. if it does reach 37 feet, talking top seven highest record crest out here. we're looking at significant flooding possible in the fargo area. a big issue across parts of north dakota and even sections of minnesota. we do have reports of flooding from other areas. another big river, the mississippi river, there is flooding anticipated in areas as far downstream as parts of mississippi, arkansas and louisiana. so flood advisories already have been issued in anticipation of flooding out here. by the way, martha, we had a storm produce severe weather over the weekend from texas to tennessee. some of the images are flooding in those parts. that is not river flooding. that is from a storm that dumped as much as eight inches of rain in southeast texas. martha: unbelievable. maria, thank you. >> thanks. bill: there are questions about our national security and could the boston bomb
6:27 am
having been prevented beforehand. top lawmakers are suggesting that the intel community was asleep on the job. really? that is a heavy job we'll look at in a moment. >> fight over gun control may not be over on capitol hill. despite the stunning defeat earlier this month the background check bill could see round two. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems,
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bill: 9:30 here in new york. there is breaking news on word of a powerful explosion in the czech republic. a blast damaging a building
6:31 am
in the capital city of prague injuring up to 40 people. more we're told could be buried under the rubble. witnesses who felt it and saw it described that scene in prague. >> it was glass everywhere and some people shouting and crying and i saw some people who were maybe had some small injuries. >> i was in the bathroom. no windows. the door was closed. honestly, if i had been in my bed i would have been covered in glass. bill: it is not clear what caused the blast but police say it was likely a natural gas explosion. still waiting on confirmation on that. more when we get it here in "america's newsroom." martha? martha: a growing number of lawmakers are questioning whether the united states could have prevented the boston terror attacks. new york congressman pete king says despite repeated warnings investigators failed to connect the dots about the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. listen to what pete king
6:32 am
said this weekend. >> i don't think they did a full investigation beforehand. the fact there were other items in his folder, in his file that were found. they continued to give benefit of the doubt in each instance and therefore closed out that investigation. for instance they never went to the mosque. never spoke to the imam. never spoke to a number of relatives. there were certain matters in the file they chose to look the other way or said there was nothing there. >> what did they look the other way on? >> his name came up in several other instances. they said nothing was there. you have three independent references to someone having terrorist connections when do you stop saying it is just a coincidence? martha: when do you stop saying it was just a coincidence? bill daly. pete king is accusing the fbi of droing the ball here, bill, is that fair? >> let me start off, anyone involved in the investigation beforehand when they started looking into the older brother, we would have been very sad to the fact they missed
6:33 am
anything. martha: of course. >> these are people who fathers, mothers, and brothers and uncles. they are so hurt by the fact that innocents were in any way inflicted harm by their perhaps missing an opportunity to catch someone. however i break this thing down basically into two things, martha. one theme is we have laws. the laws are that the fbi did take a look at the older brother. looked at him. they were able to look at him for 90 days. and they didn't see anything here in this country even though they were given kind of a head's up by the russian security service. they did everything they could. beyond that --. martha: he says they didn't do everything they could. didn't talk to them at the mosque. questions are arising whether or not they talked to the family at that time. did they talk to his mother at that time? did they talk to his wife? did they talk to the in-laws? should they now? that is part of the ongoing question here. >> a lot of this, martha will come to light when they start having some hearings. i'm sure congress will have hearings and i think they should have more hearings
6:34 am
what happened and didn't happen around this case. there is also a bit of kind of info sharing. we talked about stovepiping even after 9/11. unfortunately we have these large bureaucracies. not just with the fbi. but talking about other agencies, homeland security, cia. where was that information-sharing? where did we lose the opportunity to further connect more dots? martha: where is the dni? we are supposed to have a director of national intelligence, whose entire job, whose mo is to join the pieces together to be sure they're talking to each other and that clearly didn't happen. i go back to the fact they had to show this video on national television of these two and basically say, does anybody know who these guys are? why wouldn't they have had pictures of tamerlan tsarnaev on file? why wouldn't they do face-matching? for this video we're seeing right now and say actually, this guy was on our radar, the russians talked to us. they had to go to the american people and say, anybody know who this is
6:35 am
when he was on their radar? how could they be? >> there are answers. i would like to know those answers as well. why the people who investigated him and interviewed him, i know this person. did they see the pictures before they released at press conference? i don't know. were they still assigned to the office? i don't know. there are a lot of questions out there on this case, but mortgage that, the important thing is how to keep the american public safe going forward. these type of individuals we've seen here and other ones who may travel outside the u.s. or may never get a letter or a call from a foreign intelligence service, how will we detect them? that's why the laws here, we need to look at them. who should be out there monitoring these web sites and youtube postings? martha: that is huge issue. i've been looking at the patriot act to determine, most of it is still in effect but the language of it deals with e-mails a lot. question about facebook, question about youtube, the question of how much surveillance is fair, i do want to play the piece of sound from tamerlan's mom
6:36 am
because there is growing thinking she may have more to do with this than people think. there is ap reporting to that effect. let's listen to what she had to say from some of this press conference from the other day. our kids are going to be safe for any reason. but it happens -- [crying] take my kids away from me. martha: a lot of people look, gee, little 8-year-old boy was taken away from his family, thanks, according to what our folks believe. thanks to her son. so this, this woman, there's a lot of suggestion that in these communiques back and forth to russia, in their phone conversations there may be something there. how do you deal with that? >> that's why people shouldn't think this investigation has stopped. the fact that we caught these two suspects or they're looking at forensic evidence and finding out how they actually built the bombs. it is knowing more who they connected with. what were those connections? was the mother in any way
6:37 am
complicit? did she have knowledge of it? was she in any way a supporter of it? this is going back, our government working with the russian government will try to understand because it is also in this case, in the russians interest as well to understand how people are being radicalized. martha: do you think she could be extradited here for questioning? >> i can't speak to the matter of extradition. someone would question why she is not coming back here now and reasons we know she has some other pending charges. martha: if she knew, if her son had said anything to her along these lines she would have broken laws by not sharing that with police and law enforcement, correct? >> absolutely. anyone who has any knowledge of any plans like this, no matter who they are, has an obligation to report those to the authorities. if they're not they could be found as being complicit either in their knowledge of or in any way supportive of these terrorist act. >> we never hear the term patriot act anymore. at a time during the bush administration it was a very controversial aspect of this
6:38 am
but there is fisa laws on the books that have to do with surveilance of a lone wolf. so my question to you, while he was over there, the 90 race ran out on him we heard from janet napolitano while he was in russia. couldn't an fbi investigator have gone to the judge, now we know he left the country because we know he left the country according to janet napolitano, can we continue and extend on him before he goes back? >> you're right, martha the tools exist. what would be the mechanism for invoking those tools. right now we're see saying when we looked at him in the u.s. and as far as we know from the bureau's standpoint they looked at him didn't find anything that would have triggered this, trip wires that would have asked for use of the patriot act or otherwise. we do have these things on the book. at the same time, when you look at it, martha, sometimes we have 700,000 people on various watch lists and no-fly lists.
6:39 am
700,000, that is the size of a small city. how do you effectively manage that? can you imagine any organization managing 700,000 of anything? never mind people who you might suspect? i would suggest to you start looking at priority and people on a list, right now although he jumped out as being two of the suspects these people who we believe are responsible for these acts but were they looking at other people who they thought had propensity to looking at more acts and were they using patriot act against those? hindsight is 20, 20. we need to go forward how we learn from things like these. these two brothers flew pretty close to the ground although they were on some radar blips but what about people who don't have any blips? how do we find them. that is the key thing. martha: bill daly, always great to talk to you. thank you very much. we'll see you soon. bill? bill: martha, the new world trade center today is one step closer to completion. the last two pieces of the building spire will be
6:40 am
hoisted to the roof of the 104 story sky scraper. once that is fully as bem he willed, one world trade, no longer freedom tower, but one world trade officially, will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. 1776 feet stall. scheduled to open for business in the year 2014 a year from now. martha: what is a sight from the new york city skyline these days. as the national debt ticks higher and higher every day, some in congress don't see the $17 is a big issue. some democrats don't think it is a problem that needs to be managed. why would that be? we'll talk about that. bill: a vote on gun control. a leading u.s. senator says the fight for that is not over. >> do you really think the expansion of background checks can be revised and passed by the u.s.? >> i surely do. only thing we asked for is that people read the bill.
6:41 am
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martha: well, folks the tebow experiment is now officially over in new jersey as of today. the new york jets released their backup quarterback, tim tebow. he went from heisman winner to denver cinderella quarterback. remember that amazing season and tebowing, across the country with kids all over america. he became a third string backup quarterback. he attempted eight passes last year for the jets adding up to 39 yards and zero touchdowns. he found out the bad news this morning at the jets practice facility which is
6:45 am
in lovely place which he showed up to work out he has done dutifully for the entire disaster for him. coach rex ryan said unfortunately things didn't work out the way we hoped. bill: a good man. martha: he is a very good man. very nice guy. he was never given a real chance. i mean, their season was in such bad shape. bill: pretty average team. martha: no reason not to put him in. he could have done for them what he done for denver perhaps had he been given a vote of confidence for the coach and a chance to go for it. it was complete waste of money. complete experiment failure. the jets have nobody to blame but themselves for it. bill: keep going. i love that. i got you talking about football. martha: they had not given him a chance. i love football. bill: i don't know where he will end up. martha: i don't either. bill: people talk about going to the canadian football league where they play style for him. martha: where do you think he ends up? do you think anybody takes him? bill: i don't. not south of the border but
6:46 am
i love the way you're, more tebow next hour. martha: "jersey girl." i feel strongly about these things. bill: i hear ya. there is new second round gun control fight coming to capitol hill. west virgina senator joe manchin telling "fox news sunday" not abandoning efforts to expand background checks even though the bill was defeated earlier this month. >> that is my belief, bill runs clean, people can vote up or down based on the merits of this bill, how to protect a second amendment gun person, a law-abiding gun owner, perfect for that person. if you're going to a gun show, you will expect to have a background check. if you're buying on line, whether out of state gun or in state, a background check. no intervening at all with family transfers or individual rights whatsoever. bill: how will this work? tony sayegh, former press aide to vice-presidential nominee jack kemp talk radio news service. good morning to you.
6:47 am
does manchin have a dance partner on this. >> he shed one of his dance partners. we call this the manchin-toomey bill. it was chuck schumer. my favorite part of the interview only thing the senator said would change with perhaps this reduction that chuck schumer is no longer involved because he is highly controversial to those who think he is much more liberal than what this bill is trying to pretend it is for republicans to jump on board. schumer of course was the one in congress spearheaded the assault weapons band in the early '90s. if that is the only thing that's changing i'm not so sure the senator will have that much more success. four democrats prevented this from becoming law. bill: he said that on friday. on sunday, pat toomey told "the philadelphia inquirer" on sunday. my own view is simple. the senate had its vote. we've seen the outcome. i'm not aware of any reason to have the vote again we would have to different outcome. would we? >> i don't think so. think that is the problem. manchin in the same interview with chris wallace
6:48 am
suggested that toomey said to him on saturday, no, no i'm still on board with you. even if that is the case, here is the essential problem, bill. this is flawed legislation. the entire catalyst for this debate was the tragedy that happened at sandy hook compelled all of us to revisit these types of laws. the problem even in the admission of the white house and supporters of this bill it does nothing to conceivably prevent a future sandy hook. there is no teeth to this. for example, you could have put something more oriented toward school safety. armed guards protecting our schools since they're obviously soft targets. that had no mention at all in the bill. it al did not allow a profile in courage moment people will vote for it in spite of thinking it would politically hurt them because it is the right thing to do. this unfortunately a lot more wind drove dressing than problem solving. bill: let's tell viewers what this would have done. there are provisions in the bill that prohibit government registry of gun ownership. would make it easier to transport weapons across
6:49 am
state lines. manchin went deep into the state of west virgina found people were okay with this. the compromise measure would require background checks for currently exempt online and gun show sales but not for most other private transactions. they were really going for the gun show background check, and the online background check. that was the meat of the legislation, correct? >> correct. neither of which, we'll remind our viewers would have prevented something like sandy hook or jared loughner in tucson or so many gun tragedies we've seen over the past several years. background checks i believe are sensible. majority of the americans believe background checks are sensible. so is enforcing existing law. there is a new provision in the bill basically says the department of justice should prosecute those who try to purchase guns illegally to the fullest extent of the law. that exists currently because we have background checks in most of our states. we only prosecute, .1%.
6:50 am
46,000 violators of that law. the conversation is about making new laws when the conversation should be about enforcing existing laws. bill: we'll see if manchin goes anywhere with this or has others join them. tony sayegh in new york city. >> got it. bill: he said that this is a go and toomey is on board. martha: a lot of small businesses actually are now deciding whether or not they will follow the new health care law or if it would be just cheaper for them actually to not have health care and pay the penalty. interesting stuff we're finding on this today. that is coming up. bill: also capitol hill, immigration reform. critics question whether u.s. officials even know who is currently here in the first place. a major wrinkle now added to that debate. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us.
6:51 am
thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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♪ . bill: just makes you want to wake up in the morning, swallow a dozen raw eggs and run up the library steps in philadelphia, doesn't it, america? classic theme to the box-office hit, "rocky". that was sylvester stallone doesn't have enough to do. looks like he will take the rags to riches story to broadway. say hello to "rocky" the musical. i love it. he hopes to have it punched up by february. the show debuted successfully in germany last fall. martha: that was not the original rocky. when he ran up the stops he was buy himself. he is being followed by huge legion of fans. bill: would you go see it? martha: maybe, yeah, yeah. takes you right back, right? good ol' '70s. some small business owners are fearing how much
6:55 am
the national health care law will cost them when it kicks in next year. in fact it is very much on their minds. some say they will go ahead and pay the penalty instead of the law's mandate to provide for insurance for employees. mike tobin is in chicago this morning. mike, how are business owners starting to get ready for this implementation because a lot of them are not sure which way they will go on this, right? >> reporter: that is exactly it. employees are trying to brace for the impact of the act and the problem is they don't know what is in it. and can't get someone to explain for them what is in the law. in the case after small frame group that handles processing and packaging in illinois, the owner decided the best on is to stop hiring. >> makes you leery about hiring anybody new until you find out what is it we're exactly getting into. >> reporter: other small businesses owners here in illinois say when you put
6:56 am
this in the pile with all the rest of the other government regulations workers' comp, tax it is really contrary to the effort to rebound the economy, martha. martha: mike, thank you very much. mike tobin lots more to be said on that matter. bill: indeed there will be of the president bush giving advice to his party on foreign policy. senior analyst brit hume live on monday morning. we'll talk about that coming up. martha: bid the boston suspects come up against anybody in the days leading up to the attacks? new details on who else might have been involved. >> we do know the russians had information involving the mother, involving the son which if they made that available to the fbi back in 2011 it would have made the investigation companies are green with envy. oh, no, no, no...i'm sorry, but this is all wrong? i would never say that. writer: well what would you say? gecko: well i'd probably emphasize the savings. ya know...lose that green with envy bit. rubbish. it's just a reference about my complexion. writer: but the focus groups thought that the...
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martha: fox news alert. who may have been in contact with or even trained the boston bombers and could they still be here in the united states right now? it's a big question. and lawmakers want to get to the bottom of that. welcome to a brand-new hour, everybody, of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you and thank you for being with us today. congressman mike rogers is the chair of the house intelligence committee saying there are persons of interest being sought here in the u.s. here is his democratic counterpart the ranking member on the intel committee. >> now we are in the second-phase and that is the phase to find out who these two bombers communicated with, how
7:01 am
they became radicalized, is it a third party in the united states or russia. martha: steve centanni joins us live from washington. how are the lawmakers viewing all of this in this investigation at this point? >> reporter: as you heard for the most part they are raising questions about how these two young men became radicalized and what connections they may have had to any terrorist organizations. the older brother, tamerlan traveled to rush a sha last year raising -- russia last year and whether he got training or assistance to carry out the attacks. many believe there is a connection to a terrorist group, they even believe the boys' mother may have radicalized them and they blame the russians for not sharing enough information. >> the mother thought he was certainly sympathetic towards jihad and they did not share that with the fbi. if they had it could have changed this dramatically.
7:02 am
>> reporter: he says it's hard to believe that two people could have carried out these attacks by themselves. martha: what about the surviving brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev? what are they saying about him on capitol hill? >> they say he should have been questioned longer. he was read his miranda rights in the hospital, go the a lawyer and apparently stopped talking. public safety exception they say could have allowed further interrogation. >> the public safety waiver that they could have used to keep this person contained a little bit more before reading the miranda rights, i think they pulled the trigger too soon. that is just my observation of it. i think there is more to be had there. >> reporter: others say that after it was clear there were no more bombs set to go off the public safety waiver had to end. martha: very controversial move there. thank you very much. bill: a brief recap now of the almost daily breaking developments in the boston bombings and the investigation that we're working on now. two weeks ago april 15th that was a monday, two explosions go off near the finish line 2:50 in
7:03 am
the afternoon at the boston marathon. early friday morning app 19th the two suspects were in a shootout with police in which the older brother, tamerlan is killed. his 19-year-old younger brother dzhokhar arrested later that day. a week ago today he was charged with using weapons of mass destruction to kill as he laid in his hospital bed in cambridge, massachusetts. tuesday it's revealed that the older brother, tamerlan was listed on the u.s. government central database of people, as a poe evenings to alter reus. on the 24th two u.s. officials say that dzhokhar admitted his role in the attacks to the fbi investigators from that hospital bed again. martha: in the aftermath of what was left in boston, a parade honoring the youngest victim who was killed there and the parade took place in his hometown this weekend. hundreds of people and first responders came out to remember 8-year-old martin richard. just look at that little boy. what a sad story this is for
7:04 am
him, and for his family. they honored him before the season opener of his former little league team, something that a city councilmember says is helping the community heal. >> it is a sad day, it's also a good day, it's a good day, look at all these people out here that we have. everything that's happened over the past two weeks, we are all positive, we are all part of the grieving but we are also all part of the hearing. martha: it never should have happened to that little boy. he would have worn number 8 and played first base or a pitcher in that game we are told. his little face is the symbol of incense lost on that day and it makes your blood boil, frankly. bill: a credit to that community the way they have embraced his family. martha: his mom and sister were injured and they are asking for time and space and understandably so. bill: first class boston no doubt. five minutes past the hour. breaking news. i want to take you to the west side of since nat thee, at
7:05 am
cincinnati's la~ salle high school. reports of a person injured after ha shooting at the high school, apparently another person apprehended. we are in touch with the sheriff's department, also in touch with the police department in cincinnati. we're working through more information on that. it is just breaking on this monday morning. don't know if it happened before school began or after classes were underway. syria's prime minister escaping an assassination attempt. it happened earlier this morning when a car bomb went off near his convoy. leland vittert live with our middle east bureau. did the attack have a broader goal? >> reporter: as of late the rebels have not had much success in either attacks like these or those out on the open battlefield, clearly this was an attempt to try and stem the tide and turn the momentum. as of late the groups behind many of these attacks are the al-qaida syndicate groups and the syrian government is using
7:06 am
this opportunity to say really the people behind president revolution are quote, terrorists. the stakes are getting significantly higher inside syria especially the latest report says the largest of these groups which lured many of -- learned many of its skills in iraq fighting the united state is getting dangerously close to one of syria's main chemical weapons depose. a big concern is what happens to syria's chemical weapons if one of these groups is aible to overrun one of these facilities. bill: what is the feeling in israel about the options to secure syria's weapons or destroy them. what are you hearing, leland? >> reporter: the arabic saying would translate something like this. i have two choices, both of which are bitter here. on one hand president bashar al-assad has kept the weapons out of al-qaida groups, on the other hand he is brutally killing his own citizens.
7:07 am
as for israel their only option here is bombing. you bomb a chemical weapons depot, often it can do more harm than good sending that poisonous gas out into the air. the other thing that israelis are really thinking about here is if there is a power vacuum inside syria the weapons up for grab is going to make libya look like something along the lines of your neighborhood gun store. bill: thank you. big stakes on the line all the way around. leland vittert live in jerusalem. martha: big action expected on the immigration reform bill. the senate judiciary commit lee will take up the legislation on may the 9th. critics are questioning whether the u.s. government can keep track of who comes in legally and neverves. william la jeunesse is live on this for us good morning. >> reporter: after the first world trade center bombing nap 1993 congressman dated a verifiable system to track foreign visitors. we know when 4 people arrive but don't have any idea if opener when they leave and there is no
7:08 am
effective penalty when they don't. they came not over a fence but by plane. >> it seemed like a typical 19-year-old. >> reporter: a 19-year-old arrived on a 90 day tourist visa. two years later he tried to level this garage with a car bomb. another man came and plotted to blow up the u.s. capitol. both men are known in the tee betas visa over stays. >> we have a handful of cases among those who have been arrested in terrorist plots, who were here over staying a visa. >> reporter: but it's not just terrorists and it dopes -pbt matter how secure the mexican border is. if someone can enter the u.s. as a tourist, student or businessman and simply never leave. >> you're talking about 4 or 5 million people. and a large percentage of that i think could be tracked to make sure that we know that they have exited the country.
7:09 am
>> reporter: the problem is we don't. while the u.s. collects foreigner's fingerprints and photos who enter the u.s. there is no similar exit system. >> a tracking system for people means that ice now has data to enforce the law against over stays. >> reporter: despite numerous congressional mandates and billions of tax dollars the federal government has failed to develop an entry-exit system siting costs, and opposition from the airlines. critics call that a national security disgrace. >> if we want to do immigration reform this is a critical component of it. >> reporter: the senate immigration bill does require an exit system but only at the airports and seaports similar to scanning a passport within five years but nothing at the border crossings. better than we have now, but not ideal. martha: a step in the right direction. thank you very much. see you later. bill: there is a tense manhunt for a suspect responsible for an unspeakable crime, and 8-year-old girl stabbed and killed inside of her own home. the latest on the hunt for a
7:10 am
killer. martha: plus, debt crisis? what debt crisis? why so many democrats believe that there is no debt problem at all, folks. and why they don't think that we need to make any cuts, and that we can sort of spend more. bill: a stark warning from former president george bush, why he says we need to make sure that we still care about what happens around the world as we hear more from mr. bush's interview with our own bret baier. >> democracies take time to evolve, and it seems like the role of those of us who are living in comfortable, free societies ought to take an interest in the evolution of that democracy for our own national security much less nor improving the human condition. the humble back seat.
7:11 am
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bill: new york city's medical examiner looking for human remains at ground sister owe
7:14 am
after what appears to be a remarkable discovery. a rusted piece of landing gear that might have come from one of the hijacked planes. it is on an apartment building between that and a mosque center. it's bringing up a lot of emotions here in new york. >> i think it's amazing that it's almost 12 years later and they would find still a piece of it is pretty incredible. >> it's please for the people who lost their loved wonder. they can be assure that they know where the remains are. bill: it was found near this mosque apparently that's been at the center of so much controversy. the wreckage sparking hope for family of the nearly 3,000 victims to get more human remains. it's estimated about a thousand families never recovered any remains after that on 9/11. i only say they are not sure of that matter just yet because there are numbers on this piece of metal that may or may not match up or may or may not be able to be matched up with one of the airliners.
7:15 am
we'll see on that. martha: you think about the mosque and how much controversy there was over it. one of the things people talked about is whether or not it was in the zone of where the wreckage was, and if this turns out to be a piece of that, boy that answers that question in a profound way, doesn't it? all right. a new warning for the republican party from former president george w. bush. the 43rd president cautioning against an isolationist attitude when it comes to foreign policy. here he is with bret baier. >> are we going to be retreat or be involved in selfcivil society develop so democracies in the heart of the middle east can evolve? what i hope doesn't happen is the american people say, it's none of wou our business. was the september 11th exhibit says it is our business. the human condition overseas matters to our security here at home. martha: ginned by brit hume, fox news political analyst. that whole issue, president obama ran against president bush
7:16 am
saying we are going to pull out of iraq, get out of afghanistan, the decade of war is over. here is president bush with just a reminder. he has been very quiet in so many ways that i thinks that it's important to stay involved in terms of our own national security. >> reporter: you know, martha i think sooner or later most presidents get around to the fact that foreign police is kind of a core function of the executive branch and therefore of the president. foreign policy cannot be set pie the states, it can't be set by the private sector, it isn't be executed -- nation nat security issues cannot be executed by any other branch of government or any private entity. this is the business of the federal government and the exclusive province of the federal government and sooner or later every president has to come to terms with it. it tends not to be issues that elect presidents unless it's reaction toss an unpopular war or something like that. most of the people people are voting pocketbook, domestic issues. the president is the foreign policy captain, and has to steer
7:17 am
the vessel. and what president bush is saying is you can't withdraw from the world, it's too dangerous applies and too important. martha: and it makes me just think of syria, obviously, and the decision that president obama faces right now. >> reporter: no easy decisions there. martha: indeed there are not. in his talk with the former president, a lot came up about jeb bush as well, and you had something to say about this over the weekend, we'll let you revisit that moment of humism, here we go. >> reporter: i think in who terms much the public's estimation that cycles are accelerated these days, and the country may now indeed be ready for another bush, and if you think about jeb bush, he doesn't particularly look like either of his -- either his father or his brother. he's a different breed of cat, outwardly at least. martha: why do you think the country may be ready for another bush as you say there?
7:18 am
h-frpblgts i don't really think that, i just said that on sunday because i thought it might get me booked on your show today. martha: well it worked, it worked. [laughter] >> reporter: in fact, listen for the longest time before george w. bush even really got into politics, a great many political observers had identified jeb as the rising political star in that generation of the bush family, that he was the most gifted, natural politician among the lot of them, and lo and behold his elder brother ended up being the president and served two terms, and of course after his father served it's given rise to this belief that the nation is where anybody with the last name of bush would not be eligible in maybe the next generation. i don't think that's true. i think it is a fact that jeb bush is an especially gifted political tpweug.
7:19 am
figure. he's highly articulate, deeply versed in domestic policy especially. he has a connection to the hispanic community, his wife is hispanic, he speaks the language, he showed that when he was governor of florida. he was a successful and generally popular governor of florida. he's got a lot going for him. being a bush would be a head wind for him. times change. i don't mean ready if the election were held today but by the time 2016 rolls around i think the world will have turpd up a bunch more times, a lot would have happened and i think he would be, if he decided to run he would be very much in the thick of it. >> barbara bush said we've had enough bushes. it would be unprecedented for three members of the same family. you make an interesting point about what people thought about jeb a longtime ago. we'll see if his moment has passed or not and we'll find out over the coming months. good to talk to you. see you soon. bill: you wonder if mom and son shared that talk with each other. martha: i think barbara says
7:20 am
whatever is on her mind and i don't think any of them quibble with it. bill: syria apparently crossing a red line or has it? now the pressure is on the white house to prove it or to act or both. why bill crystal says the president's policy is, quote, completely irresponsible? for star general jack keane reacts to that in minutes. martha: some new questions now about how to deal with that number that you she on the screen, folks, nearly 17 trillion in debt, agreeing number of democrats say you know what, it is not really a problem. from what we see in the american polls they disagree. we'll be right back. >> social security, medicare, there is no money there in those funds, it's all been spent. people are living longer, accessing medicaid. the real drivers of the debt primarily are our big entitlement programs that won't survive in their current form unless we make some changes.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
you. martha: something from across the pond. britain's dutchess of came bridge delivered her first charity video message lasting under two minutes. she makes an emotional plea on behalf of childrens' hospicess. listen. >> i've been fortunate to see firsthand the remarkable work that they do for children and young people will will life-limiting conditions and their families. it is simply transformational. there are 49 children whose miss services across the uk who are providing similar and invaluable care to thousands of families. >> the dutchess of cambridge has been a patron of the england's east anglia childrens hospice is since last year. bill: she will have busy days coming up. starting to show a little bit too. good for her. a major split emerging within
7:25 am
the democratic party because of the budget cuts taking place. agreeing number of democrats say we should not make any cuts because the debt crisis doesn't really exist 17 trillion and the cuts are slowing the economy. what about, steven moore, economic writer for the "wall street journal." good morning to you in washington. which democrats are talking this way? is it a part of leadership sh. >> this is certainly a new attitude in the white house which is very nervous about the sequester cuts. you're also seeing some key leaders in the democratic party and wong, one of them being chris van hollen, a regular and fox news and the ranking democrat on the budget committee so he's very influential on budget policy within the democratic party. the you tphao line here is maybe this debt isn't a big crisis after all, we shouldn't be cutting spending. this is the new democrat spin on the budget. i think it's a problem for them, bill. monk the debt is a very big problem and in fact
7:26 am
the fox news poll that came out last week i think ranked the debt second or third biggest problem behind unemployment. i think the democrats have a tough sell here saying we should continue to go on spending, when we have $16 trillion in debt. bill: pushing towards 17 as you just mentioned. you call the politicians deficit duds i think was the phrase you used. >> that's right. let's put this in the bigger context of what happened last week. remember you covered the story of the air traffic controllers being furloughed and this was a political ploy why the white house to get public opinion against the sequester. let's face it, these cuts are really biting into some of the programs that democrats and liberals cherish. they realize if the spending caps and the sequester continues then they will not have the money for the favored programs that they care about, and this is the new tactic of the democrats, to say, well we don't really have to worry about the
7:27 am
debt, it's not such a big problem. it is true that the deficit is going to fall this year, bill, but we will still have a deficit of about $700 billion, i mean five years ago we would have thought that was unthinkable. bill: with the current cuts that are in place, what is your analysis tell you? is it slowing the economy? is it hurting the economy? or not? or do we not yet know? >> i actually think that this is bull i shall for the economy. by the way we've seen the stock market do very well since the sequester took place and i am of the opinion that when we cut wasteful government spending, bill, what it does is free up resources for the private sector. in the report that came out and friday on the gdp for the first quarter we actually saw pretty healthy gdp growth in the private sector, that is a good thing, and partly that's because we are starting to see washington get at least semiserious about cutting wasteful spending and the deficit. let me make won other point, what the democrats are saying,
7:28 am
let's make jobs issue number one. what republicans have to do is say, look that is true but when we are running an enormous debt of 16 to $17 trillion that hurts job creation in the united state. you have to connect those dots bill. bill: also look for this. apparently republicans are going to push for tax reform. get away from the, you know, the targets against entitlements, and whrorbg on tax reform -- work on tax reform. weee see whether or not that goes anywhere with democrat thick colleagues or resonates with the people. thank you steven moore, "wall street journal" there in washington today. martha: it was a post 9/11 system designed to prevent tragedies like the boston marathon terror attacks. so what happened? congressman beat king joins us next. bill: there is a massive search for a suspected killer reportedly killing an 8-year-old girl inside of her own home. the layes layess on that in a moment h. >> a lot of us here are used to keeping our doors unlocked, our cars unlocked, a lot of families last night i'm sure locked all
7:29 am
their windows and doors for the first time. >> i don't want that going left and right and coming into my house.
7:30 am
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7:33 am
girl. >> we are going to do our best to show a visible presence at the school, again at the bus stops. we have plans in place so that if we are not able to solve this case that we are able to protect the kids and the schools to the best extent possible. martha: they must be so scared right now. cawed yeah cowen is following this for us from our san francisco bureau. the authorities have released this little girl's name? martha: they have, martha. they say she is 8-year-old leilia foul her. she was attacked in her home by an intruder with some sort of sharp weapon. her 12-year-old brother at home of at the same taofpl. he saw the intruder running away and went to check on his sister suffering from stab wound. she was still alive when her brother found her at noon on saturday but died later that night. one neighbor apparently saw the suspect run away. the growing manhunt is directly affecting everyone who lives in this small tight knit
7:34 am
community. over the weekend residents were told to keep their tkhaors and windows locked as authorities conducted their search. >> we are searching extensively into attics and storage sheds. of it is a difficult area to search. it's rural, remote. >> reporter: today there will be extra security at bus stops and at schools. martha, residents in valley springs, population 3500 are on edge. they say they are used to keeping their cars and homes unlocked but not any more. martha: they must be. such an awful story. you said a neighbor saw the suspect. do they have a description of this person? >> reporter: they do, thanks presumably to that neighbor but mostly to the brother who hey pierce to have got even a good look, in fact came face-to-face with the september who is being described as 6 feet tall, white or hispanic with this distinguishing feature, martha, long gray hair. he was wearing glue jeans on a back or dark shirt. his age is unclear. so far investigators have not identified any specific persons
7:35 am
of interest but they are only hraoeudzing fingerprints and -- analyzing fingerprints and dna evidence found at the crime authorities say the 12-year-old brother is not a suspect but they are obviously questioning him because he is such an important witness. martha: a terrible story. claudia, thank you. bill: som senator lindsey graham on the failure to track one of the bombing suspect's trips overseas and the suspect's own slide into radical extremism. >> when he goes back to russia in january of 2012 the system pings at dhs but they don't share the information with the fbi or the cia. and when he comes back in 2012 he creates a youtube channel of his own making where he got radical extremist videos that he's watching and interacting
7:36 am
with, so it's a failure to share information, and missing obvious warning signs. we are going back to the pre 9/11 stove piping. bill: new york congressman is in studio, he sits on the homeland security committee and chairs the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. i know hour out on the beach today nor a very good reason. it's six months since sandy. >> people are strong and tough in rockaway. bill: i appreciate you making time for us. he creates a youtube channel of his own making, that is like advertising. >> it really is. the fbi closed the investigation down much too quickly. the russian -ts said to look at him. i think they could find something if they looked harder. they never spoke to the imam, never checked him out fully. when he came back from russia, no attempt to follow-up on that. the russians didn't give them more information, they went to the russians and said we can't find anything. all they did was send letters. they never called or no phone
7:37 am
conversation, no personal contact, we never really pushed the russians for more. bill: to that point, joe manchin as you asked about that, here he is on fox news. >> his six months overseas coming back and russians intervening and warning us, did they tell us all they knew? why did they withhold information? there needs to be a tremendous follow-up on this thing and better about coordination. bill: bill: is he right? i'm hearing a lot of people blaming moscow. wide dedo our job? >> the russians did not give us all the information they had. ste still don't trust us, we don't trust them. if he felt this they gave us more information we would be onto their sources and methods. i think we should have been more aggressive. we didn't follow through on the older brother. we never followed through with the russians, all we did was send two letters saying we need information. the russians didn't respond. pick up the phone, meet the person. the whole idea of espionage and spies is you have face-to-face
7:38 am
contact and follow-up on it. bill: you do the groundwork as well. this was reported early, i don't know if this is still the case, his name could have been misspelled or spelled differently on his return to boston as owe mosted to his outgoing night. that with us a big deal after 9/11, because we couldn't figure out how the hijackers were spelling their names. i thought that was supposed to be solved in the past 12 years. >> without going into detail that did create a temporary problem but the system did rectify itself. there was a mistake, but that is not the real reason why this thing got fouled up the way it did. bill: the real reason is lack of leg work, lack of communication with moscow. >> the threat will be coming into this country from oefrp cease. we can't be relying on national intelligence. the fbi as far as i know never went to the boston police, and say do you have anything on him, you do know anything about him? there was not enough leg work done on him. you can't just count on what is
7:39 am
overseas. the terrorists will come back as lone wolves or sleepers ready to attack when the time is right. you have to have more local authorities involved. bill: perhaps it is police work and following up and following through. in the ic, the intelligence community what appears to be emerging, and michael shore has been talking about this too, no common computer system across the intelligence community. is that part of the stove piping, the silos that lindsey graham refers to. >> a lot of stove piping has been ended but unfortunately some of it is still there. it did prove damaging. we didn't have the sharing not only at the national level but at the local level. the boston police never new that the tphaoeub wa fbi was looking for information on the older brother. bill: yet that is their community. >> exactly. the fbi is not dealing enough with the local police. they keep the information for themselves. you saw here in new york they didn't tell ray kelly that the terrorist were talking about
7:40 am
coming to new york, they never told hem that. he found out from a boston police officer, not even the fbi. they don't share information the way they should. bill: if that is true the fbi need to trust ray kelly and trust the commissioner up there in boston, mass magazines. meter king, thank you. >> thank you. martha: as we take a live look this morning at the white house, president obama's critics say that he is wobbly on hised line for syria -- red line for syria now that they have used chemical republicans. for star general jac jack keane on the real options that he has at his disposal. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 searching for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd: 1-800-345-2550 schwab bank was built with tdd: 1-800-345-2550 all the value and convenience investors want. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 and no nuisance fees.
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7:44 am
martha: top conservative political analyst bill crystal criticizing president obama for failing to intervene in syria's bloody civil war after learning that the bashar al-assad regime used tkhepl ca chemical weapons on their hone people. >> this is a president that doesn't want to start another war. it's definitely irresponsible for an american to have that. no one is tha warrants to start wars but you've got to do what you've got to do. martha: the president saying we would be forced to take action if syria crosses that line. >> a red line for us is we start
7:45 am
seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around for being utilized. that would change mychal cue lust, my equation. i have made clear that the use of chemical weapons is a game-changer. martha: retired four-star general jack keane is a former vice chief of staff of the army and a fox news military analyst. general, good morning, good to have you here. >> good morning, martha. martha: as the president you put yourself in a bit of a blocks with a statement like that. -- in a bit of a box with statement like that. >> he did in establishing the red line itself. it's probably not the right red line. the thing we are most concerned about this the use of chemical weapons is transferring the weapons to the radical islamists in the country or the hezbollah who would use the weapons as terror weapons in the region and in the world. martha, we have 70,000 dead, a million 200,000 refugees and 4 million people who are displaced out of their homes. all of that also was permitted by the red line.
7:46 am
anything short of the use of chemical weapons we obviously sent a message that we were not going to be involved. martha: you know, the president said what we have now is a, quote, intelligence assessment, of this chemical weapons issue. which of course leads beam to reapeople to read into this. well we don't know how much was used. and people say, does it m matter? it raises the question is it too late for us to intervene in an effective way when 70,000 people have lost their lives? >> those are tough questions. this thing is full of risks to be sure. i think what has happened to the obama administration when it concerns foreign poll she, is they get paralyzed by the fear of consequence. in other words, adverse consequence, and the risks associated with it. it took them months and months to make a decision to go after osama bin laden because there was risk involved that the
7:47 am
operation would fail. and this is carried on out throughout the middle east. there are risks here to be sure, but what has happened fundamentally is the syrian people rose up against a brutal dictator and have been fighting him to throw him out of power. and we should assist them in that fight. we do not have to put troops on the ground to do that. i still believe we should do what secretary clinton, panetta, and general dempsey and general petraeus advised us to do and that is help assist the rebels by arming them. i think that is still a viable option. martha: there is a lot of concern that the rebels have allied with al-qaida, and that is not a position that we want to be in on the same side as al-qaida, even against someone like bashar al-assad is it? >> there is the fear and risk of consequence again. there is always risk, and so many there are, risks here i'm not suggesting there are not. there is more risk now than there was six months or a year ago, but it is still a viable
7:48 am
option. yes it's fraught with risks, but i it would considerably help change the stalemate ma we have right now. bashar al-assad's air power is the key to his success in holding off the rebels. once we are able to change that scenario the rebels will be able to make some progress in today mass sus and a republica damascus and aleppo. martha: some think the chemical weapons, that the limited use, that he may be testing us to see what our resolve really is. if we don't fight back and don't do something he may think he has carte blanche to go further with chemical weapons. >> i agree with that. if you study the pattern of his use of military power he started very limited use of attack helicopters, and certainly he was killing people with them, no reaction from the u.s. or the interest to national community. then he went all out. then a very limited use of air power, it took him months before
7:49 am
he ever used his spider aircraft. and then initially very slow, limited use, and now he's all out. now we have a very limited use of chemical weapons that have resulted in -- that's affected dozens of people, and he's sitting and waiting for u.s. and the international community's reaction. this is the pattern that he's been using for two years. martha: it's a frightening precedent. and no doubt iran is watching all of this very closely as well. general, thank you so much. great to see you as always. >> nice talking to you, martha. bill: on a monday morning now jon scott is getting all fired up now. "happening now" rolling your way. jon: monday morning after a gorgeous weekend in new york it was too, bill. the latest on the boston bombing, and the suspect's mother, did she play any role? we'll talk about that. also senator marco rubio's immigration plan getting a lot of attention. according to our guest byron york a lot of of it is negative. we'll dip into that. manhattan's real estate market is on fire. could those flames spread to
7:50 am
your market? also the nfl teaming up with a bayh owe pharmaceutical company for a possible brain drug test: bill: thank you, jon. it was beautiful thi this weekend. michael jackson's death is back in court and his mother is suing a company they say for $40 billion. that is billion with a b, we'll tell you why after this break. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings
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in every little bottle.
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bill: michael jackson's wrongful death trial begins today. michael jordan got married over the weekend and the rolling stones rock a club nor only 20 bucks a ticket. that is the only time you get that replies. >> reporter: $20 to watch the rolling stones. 30 minutes is all it took and all the tickets were sold out. four years later michael's family wants answers and they may soon get them as opening statements are set to begin today in a civil case of jackson's mom versus aeg, they are blaming the company for his death, saying they are responsible for hiring his personal physician, conrad murray. aeg's lawyers deny any sphopbt saying jackson himself hired the doctor who was found guilty of manslaughter for prescribing him powerful sleeping drugs. murray is appealing the verdict. a new and never seen look at
7:55 am
what is going on in the life of the king of pop. the list of witnesses. quincy jones, diana ross and spike lee. he also attended another event over the weekend, other stars gathering at a happier place as they watched michael jordan tie the knot. in attendance were tiger woods and former nba star patrick ewing. he married a former model in palm beach, florida on saturday. 500 guests in all were there to cheer him on. jordan n sparing a penny on the entertainment including an 18-piece band and grammy award winner usher. ♪ [singing] >> the rolling stones entertained a select group of lucky fans in la on saturday. it was a surprise performance the band announced on twitter. it took place at the echoplex. the tickets sold fast. $20 a person.
7:56 am
they sold out not surprisingly 30 minutes after the announcement went out. the show went off for 90 minutes as a kickoff to the upcoming "50 and counting tour" may 3rd at a much larger places, staples center. jumping jack flash and other songs they will be taking with them on the tour. bill: you're quite familiar with that music. martha: this crazy story has a new twist. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
. ..
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bill: well it was nice to be with you. martha: that was a lot of fun. bill: our favorite fans. martha: they are now. bill: they are. martha: "happening now" starts right now. jon: brand knew stories and breaking news. jenna: the mother of boston bombing suspect facing fresh new questions about her influence over the older son who allegedly spearheaded the terror attack. we'll have that story for you. this young woman was only worker on a late-night shift at a gas station when she vab ished without a -- vanished without a trace. what her family thinks happened to her. a explosion that caused neighbors and firefighters to evacuate. it is all "happening now." jenna: good monday morning to you


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