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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 30, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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[laughing] >> what is happening? wow. all right. see you next time. bye-bye. that was weird. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [machine gunfire. [sthvment- >> watch yourself rbg backlash. >> bill: brutal report out today that the cia leader is bribing afghanistan and allies. millions of dollars of cash is being handed to. they brit hume and i will analyze. >> let's say you went into labor, the membranes ruptured and you delivered before we got to the termination part of the procedure here then we would would not help it. >> bill: undercover investigation spotlights two more abortion clinics that will not save babies born alive. >> what if his leg popped out at home? >> flush it. >> my former advisors
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switched offer to the dark side, for example, david axelrod now works for msnbc which is a mace change of pace since msnbc used to work for david axelrod. >> bill: also tonight, the factor's excellent journey to washington over the weekend with the national media remains enthralled with the president. >> rush limbaugh warned you about the second term, baby. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the excellent venture to washington, d.c. that's the subject of tonight's talking points memo. we have a lot to tell you tonight. it's all over the place i apologize in advance. every year they the white house holds a dinner for
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kids who don't have very much money so they can attend journalism school. this year fox news white house correspondent ed henry, a good guy, was in charge. henry did a very nice job raising about $300,000 for the students as part of the event, president obama gets to make fun of everybody, including himself. >> these days i look in the mirror and i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. [ laughter ] i know republicans are still sorting out what happened in 2012. one thing they do agree on they need to do a better job reaching out to minorities. call me self-centered. i could think of one minority they could start with. hello. [ laughter ] [ applause ] think of me as a trial run,
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you know. see how it goes. this whole trophy billion jay-z going to cuba it's up believable i have 99 problems and now jay-z is 1. that's another rap reference, bill. >> bill: well, i must thank the president for the heads up. sorry to say i am not down with the jay-z song 99 problems. but if it's half as good as cara by jay and the americans i think i'm going to like it. then conan o'brien took to the podium. >> the demographics of this country have been rapidly changing over the past two decades and i look forward to hosting this event 18 years from now. then my opening line will be. [speaking spanish]
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president mario lopez. >> hello to fox news star bill o'reilly. he has become quite the author. two best sellers killing kennedy and killing lincoln. he wrote a book not nearly as popular "the natural peaceful death of taft." what were you thinking? the truth is bill o'reilly, and this is true, is now working on next book due out this fall this time it's about the killing of jesus. it will be the first time in history jesus' death is blamed on obama care. [ laughter ] >> bill: wow, conan, thanks for the publicity, man. nice of you. watching that tape you may have noticed i was signature next to supreme court justice antonin scalia. that was fascinating but all off the record. what i can tell is you that scalia is really a no spin zone guy. loves his country and has stayed true to ethnic roots in queens, new york.
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he was giving me jazz about the killing jesus book but i will win them over, i hope. then after the dinner the schmoozing began and i'm not very good at that and neither is barbra streisand who is at the dinner but everybody was kept away from her. i have to be honest, i'm not getting the entire streisand deal. yeah, she is a good singer. so what? but ms. streisand certainly the diva of the evening. most of the other celebrities were more down to earth. i met katy perry. very nice woman. sophia couldn't be nicer. and hayden who i once called a pinhead on this program. but she is not. she is very intelligent and well-spoken. all right so that was that now the serious stuff. the primary reason i went down to the big dog and pony show was to help ed henry and fox news correspondent jennifer griffin. she is working with the independence fund to help u.s. military people who lost limbs in iraq and afghanistan. some of them lost all four
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limbs. we want to get these brave patriots this high tech marvel, it's called the chair. a it allows amputees the semblance of independence. the chair can go everywhere. into the woods, on the beach. it gives amputees a bit of control over their lives and lessens their dependence. that's crucial, crucial to these brave men and women. chairs cost more than $10,000 each and jennifer and i want to get at least 50 more of them. so we have developed a program that could raise an enormous amount of money. i can't tell you about it right now, but it is really interesting concept. however, i had to get president obama on board with that program. and i did. mr. obama is going to help with the track chairs. again, i will give you the details a bit down the road. also, i got to go to the washington nationals game where they honor wounded u.s. military people at every game in the third inning and we salute their owner ted learner a patriot
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for doing that all in all it was a very productive weekend in washington, can i say. it's been enormous change since i began attending these dinners 15 years ago. fox news now in the forefront of everything. tv ratings during the terror bombing proved that and certainly we were a force at that dinner. but now, now we have even more of an obligation to use our power for the good of the nation. these wounded warriors who lost their limbs on the battlefield, we must help them. not an option. the high tech we have in this country is fantastic. and we will get those track chairs for those heros. and that is really the most important thing that i can do and fox news is helping me do it and jennifer griffin is a saint. and that's the memo. in a moment, we will bring in bernie goldberg and talk about how the press continues to treat president obama who was on display in washington over the weekend. it's fascinating. goldberg is next.
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gotbo goldberg. any headline you saw from the correspondent's dinner? >> well, a couple of pieces of news, i think. one was that wayne lappier of the national rifle association and the billionaire conservative coke brothers were the special guests at the msnbc
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table. >> bill: no they weren't. >> no i made that up. second ching which you mentioned in your talking points and i think it bears repeating because it's so important is that conan o'brien revealed that in killing jesus you contend that jesus died because of obama care. i found that fascinating. >> bill: not true. >> while we're talking about books. i have a book coming out soon and i hope you will plug it it's called "killing garfield." it's a real page-turner. >> bill: already written by what's her name the good historian out of kansas, i believe. but, look, what i picked up here at the correspondent's dinner were two things. lack of g.o.p. presence. very few republicans there the press is not skeptical of president obama. you have written a book about him.
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slobbering obama care. along liberal lines. president obama is a e preg press is berals. they like him. there is no skepticism anymore, bernie, about the failure of certain policies. it's like okay, so what? so what? so what the economy remains -- so what afghanistan is going down the drain and we have that in a couple of minutes? so what? that's what -- >> right. a couple of points on that. you mentioned in the lead-in to this segment that they like him. you are absolutely right. and never underestimate the power of likability in any facet of life. they have a lot invested in him. when i wrote that book a slobbering love affair, i interviewed a network news correspondent who said don't expect the press to go after nelson mandela. and i said what does nelson mandela have to do with this? they said a lot of journalists see barack obama as nelson mandela. is he a hero. is he a historic figure.
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they didn't simply want to be eyewitnesses to history. they wanted to help define history. and they have so much invested in him they won't be sceptical now, >> bill: you know, i think that's an excellent analogy, instead of mandela, there is somebody better that is desmond tutu who is allied of course with nelson mandela in the civil rights of south africa tutu is a reared figure but communist and said very outrageous things about capitalism and the united states and gets a total pass and i do believe you are right. that's what's going on here. that it doesn't really matter about public policy anymore. to the. >> no. and here's where that becomes very, very important. a mainstream journalist, not some right wing nut or anything like that, mark halperin of time magazine, i have mentioned this to you before, but it's important enough to say ag n, mark al principal said and ts -- hall
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said hall said the media is very susceptible to doing what the obama campaign wants. why is that important? because the obama campaign wanted benghazi to use one example to go away. and the mainstream media pretty much helped it go threhe lack of in. if they do what he wants, and that's different from liberal bias. that becomes something more. you are on to something here. >> bill: absolutely and here. >> activism. >> bill: here is how it is going to effect the country going forward. that the press then drops all skepticism. for example, the story that we're working on for tomorrow about the terrorists in boston who is -- who the interview with the fbi is interrupted becae hereom the u.s. attorney to mirandize and the fbi doesn't know anything about it.
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nobody covers it nobody is covering it. all right? because it then ties into eric holder. it ties into barack obama. it ties into the world view terrorism. and they iore it. this is a big story. we'll have it tomorrow because we're doing a lot of things on it but, down the road, barack obama is going to set up the democratic party, particularly the liberal ring of it to continue his legacy and the press is just going to go right next ection.rack f >> yeah. because in his case, they are not going to do anything to disrupt the legacy of a historic figure. >> bill: right. >> i guarantee you, as lias the media are, if he were walter mondale, al gore, john kerry, you know, any one of those regular run of the mill liberal democrats, they wouldn't be quite as kind to him as they are because
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of what he represents. and they have humiliated themselves in the first campaign. they continue to do so. their credibility -- they're willing to put their credibility out there and sacrifice it because they are so in love with barack obama. they were then. they are now. and they will be for the rest of his presidency. they will. >> bill: that was certainly on display over the weekend. bernie, thanks very much. as always, directly ahead juan williams who was my body guard in d.c. will explain why he was arrested on saturday night. only kidding. williams on the liberal press moments away.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, one of the striking things about the white house correspondence dinner was the lack of republicans in the room as i mentioned. governor christie was there and few other g.o.p.ers. not a conservative house. >> there was confusion with the seating chart. for a moment, someone accidently sat governor chris christie with th icans. that was awkward and i apologize. >> bill: christie was with the huffington post a very left wing outfit. joining us from washington always per perspicacious is juan williams. mary katharine ham is off tonight. given up the policies of the obama administration and that's going to carry into the next election for the and sat anon to the election the presidential election of 200116. am i wrong is goldberg wrong. >> i think you guys are wrong on this. the press can be fawning at times. when you heard the president say you know the press' job is to keep him
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humble. his job is to be president and he is doing better than they're. i think he knows that he gets a pretty friendly treatment from the press. where you are going wrong is, look, at the same dinner, he talked about how there was that picture of him skeet shooting out of camp david and everybody immediately said it's photo shopped, it's a conspiracy. he never ever did that before the gun control debate he put up picture of him on top of some go daddy car. he hears all these conspiracy theories. maureen dowd, liberal columnist, "new york times" says he doesn't know how to be -- you know what, maureen, that was a liberal fantasy. a liberal fantasy. wake up. you look at the press today, bill, what do you see? oh, obama lost the gun control. they never mentioned g.o.p. flible, now you have to have 60 votes to pass anything? this is unprecedented in american history.
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>> bilre tre certain facts like the weather. it's raining. he lost the vote. come on. juan, you can't sit there and say that there is a healthy -- wait, wait, wait, juan. wait. you can't sit there and tell me in the nation and millions of people watching around the world that you believe there is a healthy skepticism on the part of the press which is the definition of the press as far as the obama administration is concerned. come on. >> well, let me tell you, the american people, when they are asked who is out of touch, close to half say obama is out of touch. get, this 70% say the congress, republican majority in the house specifically, you look at their ratings in the tank, barely double digits, bill. >> bill: what does that have to do with what we are talking about? >> when you say people are fawning about president obama and to a large degree i agree, it is not the whole story. any time there is an internet conspiracy coming from the right, it's immediately reflected in thprts presence.
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>> no, it's not. and social media drives that stuff. can i give you 10 examples of crazy right wing fantasy conspiracy theories that never see the light of day. look, you are at my table. the only good news is the sea change about fox news. >> oh man no, question about that the reason that is happening is we stand alone here at fnc in bringing skepticism to the president. we tell the folks when he does something right. i do at least. and then when he does something wrong we say that but you are not going to get that on the other networks, very -- that's got to be criticalass. it's got to be all over t place for those people to weigh in at all. you know what i'm talking about. >> yeah, i do. i think that you are right. clearly fox is where you can see legitimate journalism taking place in terms of adversarial posturwards those in
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power. >> bill: right. that's a key word. the press is is supposed to adversarial towards those in power. but it's not, juan, in the case of barack obama no but i think bernie was leading you down the right path when he said this guy is iconic. >> bill: make any excuse you want but it's the same posture that jfk had. it's almost identical. the press covered for president kennedy. they loved him personally. >> yeah. camelot. >> bill: they didn't bring skepticism to him. i proved that yard in killing kennedy. all right, juan. thanks a lot for the tickets by the way. juan set me up there in the game. you did a big favor for the veterans. when they stood up in the third or fourth inning there was bill o'reilly it was my pleasure to do that. >> bill: i got a free hat out of it, too. >> bill: good day all around for the vets. good day. plenty more ahead as the factor it moves along this evening. very disturbing report for
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the "new york times" as mentioned the cia is bribing the afghan leader karzai and allies with millions of dollars in cash. brit hume on that. then a shocking undercover pout abortio clinics where babies born alive may be allowed to die right in front of the mother. we hope you stay tuned to
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bill. >> bill: hume zone segment tonight. the front page of the millions of dollars in cash
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in bags of cash. to the afghan president harmid karzai. now, i have always thought karzai was corrupt and if the report is true it proves it what exactly is the cia doing here? joining us now from washington fox news senior political analyst brit hume. we call the cia. of course, they are not going to comment on anything. that's what the cia does. very disturbing and i don't think that we should be spending all this blood and treasure on corrupt criminals and if they are accepting bags of millions of dollars of cash. what else could they be well this is the question whether this is the sort of thing cia does. yes it is did. if afghanistan is a place to care about. there was a time we needed to care about afghanistan. then we have to have influence there. you get it however you can get it if you have iran in there bidding on karzai's loyalty, perhaps we have to bid, too. it looks as if one of the problems with this guy is
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he doesn't stay bought but he certainly didn't stay bought for iran which apparently gave him a great deal of money the same way we did. when it came time for military agreement he signed with us. >> bill: brit, what you are saying is and i know you are being realistic and this is what happens in the world. we have been there more than 10 years now. >> what is your objection? we're too good a country to be involved in a corrupt thing like paying bribes to foreign leaders? >> bill: here is my beef. we're in business with a gangster. karzai is a gangster. he has other gangsters who he pays off to do whatever. lve what do you think is going to happen? the whole thing is going to collapse like south vietnam did. that's what's going to happen. >> i understand that well, i understand that's a possibility i don't rule that out. i can't predict the future. >> bill: is he not a gangster karzai?
1:32 am
elected leader fighting for the freedom of his country. is he taking bag money under the table. not only that, but the country afghanistan is the leading exporter of heroin in the w is he a gangster. bill. >> look, there are parts of the world where you are choosing among gangsters. if you want to do business with whoever is there, you are going to be doing business with gangster. that's part of the business you have cia. >> bill: if we're going to do busin gangster, because it's our tax money and the military's blood that's propping this gangster up. >> i understand that would you rather have us prop him up or iran prop him up? >> bill: i would rather have him out of there. is there not an honest afghan? >> do you imagine that he is out of there the next war lord who steps in to fill the vacuum by his departure is going to be less of a gangster and more of a friend to the united states? >> bill: i'm hoping there is one honest military person in this that country who could run the country on interim basis and get it under control.
1:33 am
one. i'm hoping there is one. maybe there isn't. >> i think that might be a fond help, bill. >> bill: well, you know, and that is a mess. here is the bigger question. should the united states get involved when our people are dying and being maimed with a country that there isn't anybody honest in it. you know what? sorry. we will use the drones if they reconstitute we will blow the hell out of the sky. >> i understand that, bill. the question is really not whether -- look, afghanistan is not going to be turned into switzerland. it's just not look where afghanistan was when the united states intervened there, completely lawless place run by war lords and mostly run by the taliban who are our morality enemies. taliban gave sanctuary and place of comfort and base of operations to al qaeda which is definitely our enemy. routed al qaeda to the extinct we could. taliban taken from power. and the situation there at least as far as our interests are concerned are
1:34 am
better now than it was then. good place? make it switzerland? no does it make it better? is that not part of what the cia's co-verdict operations do? i think the answer may be yet. >> bill: i'm not sure. the french ambassador to afghanistan recently left to take over the french secret service and his parting remarks he said number one, they are all gangsters, he said exactly what i'm saying and they are all involved in the heroin trade which is killing more people than terrorism in europe right now which is true. and number two, as soon as the money stops, the united states bribe money, the millions of dollars we are giving them, these guys are going to take off. they are not going to hang there. the taliban will come waltzing back in. you know what? it's hard to argue with that. >> certainly hard to argue with that when we are withdrawing our military presence there. which is one of the reasons the taliban haven't come back -- the question is then, without a military presence there, what do we have to keep the government on our side? it would appear that one of the things we have is cash.
1:35 am
>> bill: you know there, comes a point where they have enough cash. karzai has been stealing money and his brother is in the drug trade. you figure they have enough to buy anything they want to buy on this earth. it just -- it just -- look, i get it, you have got to choose your villains sometimes. all right? >> right. >> bill: this is a dirty business. >> exactly. but it's wrong on a million different levels. once you get in business with the devil, you know mockvelly said you are going to it dine with the devil bring a long spoon you are never going to win. we are never going to win over there. >> all i have to say about that, bill, that sounds like a great wise saying and an adage for the ages except for the fact that in many places all around the world where we have interests, the choice is not between someone like karzai and some paragon, the choice is somebody like karzai and somebody worse. >> bill: all right. and that's true. i cannot argue with that. but the folks should know what's going on over there. we are backing gangsters in
1:36 am
afghanistan. brit hume, everybody. when we come right back, it is open season on babies here in the u.s.a. as some american abortion clinics are doing horrible things. we he a shocking undercover report in just a few moments.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow-up segment tonight. as you may know philadelphia doctor kermit gosnell charged with five counts of murder and may receive the death penalty if is he convicted of killing four babies and a woman who undergoing abortion in his clinic. jury deliberations in that trial begin this week. a new undercover report from the pro-life organization live action shows gosnell not the only abortion doctor apparently willing to let babies die. in washington, d.c. there is a doctor named caesar who runs the washington
1:39 am
sergy center pregnant woman 24 weeks along to seat doctor. she told him she had concerned about what would happen if the baby she was carrying was actually birthed. >> it's too early to survive usually. >> okay. >> it will expire shortly after birth. >> but if it did like what would happen? like would i have to take it home or be responsible for it? >> i mean, technically, you know, legally we would be obligated to help it, you know, to survive. but, you know, it probably wouldn't. it's all in how vigorously you do things to help a fetus survive at this point. obviously you are here for a certain procedure. and it's -- your pregnancy were, let's say you went into labor, the membranes ruptured and you delivered before we got to the termination part of the procedure here, then we would do things -- we would
1:40 am
not help it. >> okay. >> bill: another abortion clinic this one in the bronx, new york, a woman 23 weeks pregnant asked about a viable fetus. >> if it did come out in one piece, it's very small. >> okay. >> so they would still have to put it in like a jar container with solution and sent it to the lab. >> like what if it was like twitching or something like that? like. >> the solution will make it stop. >> okay. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's not going to be moving around in the jar. >> okay. the solution would make it like -- >> -- yeah. that's the whole purpose of the solution. >> okay. so like, if it looked like it was like breathing or something like that. >> it automatically stops it won't be able to. >> okay. >> not with the solution. >> i'm not even going to see it. >> no. >> so i mean like if that happens. >> take it out and goes into our lab where they do the stuff with the jar and cleaning and all of that.
1:41 am
>> okay. so what is the solution? it's just like something like toxic or something? >> yeah. >> bill: here now the woman who ran those undercover operations lila rose. first of all, if they want to see the entirety, that's at live is that it. >> live campaign inhuman investigation. >> you can go there and see the whole thing because we had to edit it for time. what's your main point? what do you want the american people to know? >> sure. the main point of this investigation, bill, is to show that inhuman and abusive practices the brutality of abortion in america. what we have allowed our nation to come to to be supporting an industry that is brutalizing children old enough to survive outside the womb in the womb and even with those blurred lines killing children in these clinics that survive failed abortion attempts and struggling for lives at the hands of the abortionist. >> bill: planned parenthood and naral says that's the
1:42 am
extreme. we are responsible people and wield never do that if the baby were birthed we would never leave it to die. that's what they are going to say? >> we have to call them out and say these groups naral and planned parenthood are arguing against every abortion regulation in the book. they are arguing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, children that are old enough to survive outside the womb. arguing for taxpayers to fund abortion. that's the abortion extremism that we are seeing and it's led by the white house sadly by our own president. >> bill: well, sure. we should say that in new york state, after 24 weeks, you can't have an abortion unless the woman -- the woman's life is in danger. >> hospital, um-huh. >> bill: in washington you can have an abortion any time any place in d.c. they have no restrictions at all. but you are right. the pro-choice lobby doesn't want any restrictions. they want to abort. and then even after the baby is birthed. they don't see it as a baby. >> right. >> bill: to me is the story. even after you have a baby
1:43 am
on -- in the doctor's arms they don't see it as a baby. >> there is three things that people see when they come away from these films. these films are heart-breaking. they are shocking but three things. first of all the brutality of abortion. >> bill: everybody knows that lila, do they not. >> i don't think so. people. >> >> bill: to terminate a fetus in the wound is a destructive act? >> we have sanitized the term. we have politicized the term. i think we have forgotten what abortion really is we fight for the rights of animals and environment but we have forgotten the womb is supposed to be a place of safety and compassion and love and instead we turned it into a place where the most destruction happens in our country. almost a third of children in our country are killed by abortion. these are the numbers we have allowed. this investigation illustrates the inhumanity of it. it also illustrates how easily it leads to infant sides how that does and can happen. clinic workers seem to have corporate knowledge of it it and abortionist. to be honest the doctor says -- >> bill: 90% of american
1:44 am
obgyn's won't festival abortions. this doctor you have got in d.c. but, you know, we saw it with tiller out in kansas and seen it in philadelphia and this guy here. i want people to know that you are a privately run organization. no government funds of course? >> no. we are nonprofit. >> and you survive on donations. >> absolutely. >> bill: your web site is live lila thanks for coming in. >> thanks so much. >> bill: in a moment we'll shift gears and allow adam carolla to run wild on carolla to run wild on political free s
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. rolling with carolla. we begin with a new dick dumb from washington state.
1:48 am
no longer can state employees use the word penmanship it is now handwriting. why? because the word man in penmanship apparently offensive. here now the former host of the man show. adam carolla is it would be the handwriting show. >> the people show or the ma-am anything but the man show. >> bill: americans, it's all our fault, carolla. it's the folk's fault because we accept. this that penmanship can no longer be said. now, i'm going to go out and say penmanship as much as i can and i want everybody else to do it too in washington state. even if it's not in. just go out every morning and go penmanship. across the whole state. because we have to fight back, carolla.
1:49 am
>> you are going to lose your job faster if they think you are insane. look at it this way. you just take something like immigration. it used to be illegal alien, remember illegal alien and then became illegal immigrant and then it t. is now unauthorized immigrant and pretty soon it's going to be border heros. >> bill: here's my favorite. all right. article in the washington business journal says many realtors across the country will no longer use the term master bedroom all right. because it has a slave connotation. now, if you want to buy a home it isn't the master bedroom. it's the owner's sweet suite. i thought the owner's suite was when you watch a football game with the owner of a football team. apparently it's a bedroom. >> this is going to effect the auto industry as well
1:50 am
because in every car on the highway there is master cylinder and if you drive a stick there is a slave cylinder which ache waits the clutch. we have to fix that one -- do the things we want you to do. weed out the sleeper cells with the al qaeda living amongst us. start doing what we want you to do instead of long six year projects to correct handwriting or to go from this to that. titles. it doesn't fix a thing. it doesn't get anyone a job. it doesn't build a dam. it doesn't fix a road. it doesn't help. >> bill: it progresses -- it expresses conversation. let me give you a list. even you will be amazed at this, carolla. if you are on a train you are no longer a brakeman,
1:51 am
you are a brake operator. if you run the company, you are not the chairman, you hold the position of chair. the position of chair. dairyman, no, no, no, no. dairy farmer. not dairy men. fisherman, huh-uh, just fisher. just fisher. i thought kerry fisher is she getting carp? no. you can't be a fisherman, flagman, flagger. foreman, jury person. freshman in college, first year student. >> okay. bill, by the way. >> bill: go ahead. >> i tried the position of chair last night with my wife and i threw out my lower back. >> bill: okay. and that. >> i don't recommend it. >> bill: connotation there that you may be sued over. what we're having here is a contraction of the language. you know, it used to be the masculine pronoun was used,
1:52 am
all right. for everyone. you cannot do that anymore. you cannot even have proper grammer anymore as far as what was handed down to us from the british. no more. and this gender stuff i think is totally out of control. last word, carolla. make it a good one. >> well, my point is, does it fix anything? i want to fix things. you know what i mean? american indian, indigenous people. indian, native american. okay. we can call anyone anything we want but let's work on the problem not work on the title and forget the problem. >> bill: i'm glad you brought that up because it is no longer the cleveland indians. we are breaking this tonight. it's the cleveland indigenous. >> i don't know, bill. >> bill: okay in your pod cast, carolla. i want you to come up homework assignment. five things that rhyme with indigenous.
1:53 am
factor tip of the day. we will tell you how you directly, how you directly can help our wounded service people in a very interesting way that will benefit you. the tip moments away.
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you know, i'm glad you noticed that. and washington. from maryland. >> from maryland. >> i will follow it up this week. i might point out the baltimore sun, while excellent reporting on the situation, their tv critic likely said i should have given them credit with the segment with geraldo. >> part of the story, kevin; what the governor is going to do it a gang leader impression naturing four prison guards and virtually running the jail. we will see.
1:57 am
from massachusetts. >> carolyn. >> chaplain paul from afghanistan. finally the factor tip of the day, the last 24 hours for the wounded warrior auction. look at this. a warrior poster signed by all the living first ladies, including nancy reagan, who no longer signs anything. she did this for the wounded service people. information about the auction on we know you can't afford, a lot of people can't afford this, but for a $25 donation us get a replica of the poster, suitable
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>> good morning to you. ism ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is april the 30th. the top fooi stofive stories mag news at this hour. we are getting a look of a mini van michigan police are looking for. this video shows a silver mini van driving away from the gas station when this woman was taken from work. >>


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