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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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friday night. [ laughter ] >> bret: no pants. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, another major milestone for your money. the dow closes above 15,000 for the first time ever. and the historic highs are not just about the dow. more on that. plus the day's other news. but first from fox this tuesday night. for the first time in years, three women who went missing in cleveland are home with their families as fox reports tonight. after rough lay decade as hostage, living a nightmare, police say trapped and held captive in their kidnapper's home. amanda barry, gina dejesus and knight disappeared between 2002 and 2004. police have spent years
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searching for them. their faces were all over the news. two of their cases even appeared on america's most wanted and now we know those missing women were right there all along in cleveland. apparently in the house you see in the cube behind me. police have now arrested three men. the castro brothers seen here. ages 50 to 54. one of them owns that house. folks in the area report they have called the police to that home over the years. one neighbor says he wants heard pounding from inside the house. another says her daughter once saw a naked woman crawling in the backyard. she says police didn't take her report seriously. another man says he heard screams in the street. i talked to him today. the man says he has known aerial castro for 22 years. said he never had any clue about what was happening in that home. >> always happy and smiled, so he had that perfect mask where he hid the monster
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very well. >> shepard: hid the monster very well. who else but a monster would keep women captive locked away from all who loved them. they are free from their captor's grip. photo of reuniting with sister at the hospital. amanda barry is in the white shirt here. look at the emotion on their faces. police say amanda barry had a 6-year-old girl with her when she escaped. her daughter, that's what police say. the father, no word yet. only horribly ugly and frightening speculation. we should get answers in the days ahead. yesterday, all this started to unfold with amanda barry herself. she vanished the day before her 17th birthday in 2003. and until she called 911 last night, there was no way to know whether she was alive or dead.
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>> shepard: barry told police she had escaped from the house where she was captive but she didn't have much time. >> talk to the police when they get there. >> okay. are they on their way right now? >> as soon as we get a car open. >> no, i need them now before he gets back. >> all right. we are sending them. okay? >> okay. >> shepard: a neighbor, charles ramsey says he watched the whole thing go down. called 911 himself. >> i just came from mcdonald's, right, my food, right? this broad is trying to break out of the house next door to me. she is [bleep] me and my daughter and we have been in this [bleep] she said her name was linda barry or something. >> shepard: he told reporters how he helped barry escape. >> i looked and seen this girl. she is just going nuts on the door. if you are stuck, just open the door.
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she said i can't he got it locked. i looked how he has it only enough to reach your hand out to grab the mail and close the door. pry it open. that didn't work. we had to kick open the bottom. luckily on that door it was aluminum it was cheap. >> shepard: he also says he knows the homeowner well. i barbecue with this dude. we eat rib and listen to salsa music. >> had you no indication that there was nothing going on. >> not a clue that that girl was in that house or anybody else was in there against their will. >> shepard: today, a relative said all three women have survived so much. she thanked god for bringing them home. >> if you don't believe in miracles, i suggest you think again. >> shepard: even hardened investigators overwhelmed by the news. >> as you can imagine, words can't describe the emotions being felt by all. >> yes law enforcement professionals do cry. >> shepard: there were a lot of tears today of happiness and relief and questions about what those
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women have endured and what's going to happen to the suspects accused of keeping them captive. get, this tonight our affiliated fox 8 for cleveland is reporting investigators at the home are looking specifically for evidence of bodily fluids related to births. we have not yet independently confirmed that. we do have team fox coverage. jonathan hunt on the victims. first to rick leventhal live in cleveland. rick, it's my standing the fbi has been all over that house today. >> right, shepard. the fbi's evidence response team has been on scene for several hours now wearing those white protective suits. they are working out of the blue van you see in the driveway. they have been going in and out of the house. apparently documenting the apparent horrors inside and collecting evidence that could be used to charge the three castro brothers as soon as tomorrow. we're told they're also searching several other locations. aerial castro, the 52-year-old former school bus driver who apparently owns the home is being held at the county central prison with his older
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brother pedro and younger brother o'neil. all three suspected of playing some role in kidnapping and sexually assaulting the three rescued women for a decade or more. their uncle runs a grocery store on the corner and says the news comes as a shock. >> i came over and police what happening? they said it can't be that's my nephew's house. it can't be. it's impossible. >> one neighbor told me the castro never opened a window or let a breeze flow through the house. always came in and out through the back. he would see him a couple times during the day early in the morning bringing in a back of mcdonald's and after the shift school bus driver bringing in another bag of mcdonald's. rick? >> shepard: rick, a year after amanda barry disappeared. she went on montel williams show asked silea brown. i just hate this. she is not alive, honey. less than two years later now, amanda barry's mother
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was dead. the council woman who knew the mother said she literally died of a broken hart. -- heart. nearly seven years later police are calling amanda barry the real hero for finally escaping that house and calling 911. this is her picture from 2002. one year before she first went missing at the age of 16. after she left the burger king where she worked. team fox coverage continues now with jonathan hunt. the chief fox report correspondent. and we're learning more jonathan about one disturbing coincidence in this case. >> very disturbing coincidence, shep. it concerns gina dejesus, she disappeared on april 2nd, 2004. in the wake of her disappearance, the show "america's most wanted," interviewed a girl that claimed that she was gina's best friend and that she was the last person to see her before she disappeared. that girl's name aline castro.
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she is the daughter of the chief suspect aerial castro. here is her interview on "america's most wanted." >> call my mom and so my mom said no, that i can't go over to her house. and so i told her i couldn't. and she said well, okay. i will talk to you later. and she -- >> now, again, that arlene castro, the daughter of the main suspect aerial castro. one question we haven't yet answered is where was that interview shot? were they even in the house where gina dejesus and the others were held for so many years, shep? >> shepard: we have heard a lot about amanda berry and gina dejesus. what about the third woman a woman who we don't have a picture named michelle knight. >> michelle knight was the first of the three to go missing. she disappeared on august 23rd, 2002 now as we know all three of them
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disappeared in the same area of cleveland. michelle night's case didn't get the attention the other two did. partly because some of her own family members and the cops thought that she was a run away rather than the victim of a crime. we should also point out that a fourth girl also went missing in that same area. her name is ashley summers. she disappeared in 2007. she was 14 at the time. she has not been seen since 2007. and the name of ashley summers, one imagines is one that cops will be bringing up in their interviews with the castro brothers. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live for us tonight. the suspect aerial castro, the main one who owns that house actually attended vigils for the missing women. that accusation from the cousin of one of the victims. >> if i can recall, i seen them twice. and i mean, go through the footage of all the vigils that they were there, i seen him twice there.
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>> shepard: according to the cousin the suspect stood at vigils for people praying for those missing women and he had them locked up inside his house the whole time. more on this later in this newscast. there may be no better time to check the retirement plan because the dow has done something it has never done before. and that's not the only major index that's making huge move. gerri willis will be here from the fox business network. plus, that deadly explosion that leveled much of a down in texas. it appears we now know what is to blame. and congress is reportedly considering hearings to-to-see if somebody dropped the ball on a very busy news night from the journalists of fox news. this is the fox report. , the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ]
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never seen before. the dow ending up above 15,000. climbed to 87 today. apparently on big earnings in european markets. look at the dow's gains this year. it's up 15% since january. that's made up for all of the losses since the financial crisis started in 2007. the s&p also closed at another new record high. up 8 today to 1626. meantime, if you have been thinking of selling your house, i have very good news. it looks like it could be time to make a move. real estate research form called core logic reports home prices went up 10.5% in march over the previous year. that is the 13th straight month of gains and the biggest jump in prices we have seen in seven years. incredible. the fox business network's gerri willis is here with all the good news. what's driving up home prices? >> the main thing and i hate to burst your bubble inventory. fewer houses on the market
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some 17% from last year. fewer houses price goes up. fewer people putting their houses on the market. here is what is behind those numbers. in 46 states year over year prices have increased 46 of 50. 11 of those states prices went up double digits. the leading states nevada, california, arizona, idaho and oregon seeing prices across the board in almost all of the states. that is good news. this is one of those cycles that builds on itself. if prices start going up, the housing market recovers, more people get jobs, more people buy houses, more people get jobs. it goes on and on and on. >> shepard: make it so. >> i will do what i can. i'm sort of limited. >> shepard: watching it, it feels good. >> absolutely. >> shepard: hopefully it's real. >> yes. >> shepard: thank you, gerri. >> thank you. >> shepard: investigators in texas say ingredient in fertilizer is indeed what caused last month's deadly explosion south of dallas. a chemical called ammonium nitrate we have all heard of it. they say they still don't know why texas employed
4:16 pm
with the force of a small earthquake. [explosion] >> shepard: that blast killed 14 people, injured some 200 more. among them, several firefighters and other first responders. the blast damaged or destroyed dozens of homes and blew out windows miles away. officials say the ammonium nitrate can be highly volatile when mixed with other chemicals. in fact, it was an ingredient in the bombing of oklahoma city. now a senate panel hearings to determine whether regulatory gaps could have contributed to this tragedy. it's official. the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre intends to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. learned that today as his attorneys broke the news to a court. this marks a change from his original plea which was simply not guilty. so if the judge accepts an insanity plea, then doctors at state mental hospital will evaluate the suspect
4:17 pm
to find out if he was insane at the time of the shootings because that's what's matters. james holmes killed 12 people and injured dozens more when he he opened fire at the batman movie. that was last july in aurora. the judge set to rule on the defense's request next week. keep in mind that even if doctors determine the suspect was insane, a jury could still find the suspect guilty. the pentagon releasing a very important report on sexual assaults in the u.s. military and it's stunning. it seems the vast majority of cases go unreported. and it all comes just one day after we learned the officer in charge of the air force's sexual assault prevention program is under arrest for sexual assault. plus, tomorrow is set to be a big day into the investigation of terror attack consulate in again gaze, -- benghazi. preview what's coming up on capitol hill and reaction from the woman set to become next ambassador to
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>> shepard: 708 sexual assaults per day. 70 per day involving members of the u.s. military. that's the estimate in a new report from none other than the pentagon. and president obama is demanding consequences. >> those who are in uniform, who have experienced sexual assault, i want them to hear directly from their commander and chief that i have got their backs. i will support them and we're not going to tolerate this stuff. there will be accountability. >> shepard: according to the pentagon study more than 3300-mile-an-hour members ever the military reported sexual assault last year, an increase of 6%. but officials say the actual number of assaults may be as high as 26,000 because according to the
4:22 pm
military, so many victims do not come forward the defense secretary chuck hagel is working to change that. >> sexual assault is a despicable crime and one of the most serious challenges facing this department. it's the threat to the safety and welfare of our people. and to help reputation and trust of this institution. >> shepard: secretary hagel says is he outraged and disgusted that the head of the air force sexual assault unit is now facing the accusation of sexual assault. officials say they have m the job while the pentagon investigates. the nominee to be the next u.s. ambassador to libya is promising to make security her top priority. debra jones is her name. she testified at her senate confirmation hearing today. and then tomorrow morning the house is set to hold another hearing on last year's attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi, libya. that killed a former u.s. ambassador chris stevens, the state department official sean smith and two former navy seals tyrone
4:23 pm
woods and glen dority. -- five page prebuttle testimony we are supposed to hear at the scorcher of the hearing tomorrow. greg hix the number two diplomat under ambassador stevens. he will testify about his pleas in vain for military intervention. mark thompson of the state department's counter terrorism bureau will testify on 9/11 then secretary of state clinton and undersecretary of state patrick kennedy tried to cut the counter terrorism bureau out of the loop. a charge that spokesman for clinton and kennedy call 100% false. democrats on the house oversight committee say they have been cut out of the loop by the panel's republican majority. >> and what we have found is that while this is -- it should be a bipartisan situation, there is one witness that will be appearing tomorrow that we have had absolutely no access to. that's unprecedented.
4:24 pm
>> expect scrutiny of susan rice and false talking points she delivered about benghazi five days after the attacks. hicks will describe how his jaw quote hit the floor when he heard rice omit terrorism from narrative and speak instead about a protest outside of the consulate that hicks knew never occurred. >> even talks in his testimony about calling the state department and saying that what susan rice said couldn't have been true. how did they do it? and he said that his statements were unwanted. and that ever since then, it's been even harder on him. things are moving now shep. our capitol hill producer chad pergram obtained the written testimony of both hicks and thompson that they will deliver before the house oversight committee tomorrow. thompson is fairly straightforward, by graphic call in nature. hicks' opening statement talks about how is he a career civil servant who
4:25 pm
has received accommodations with president obama and secretary of state clinton. >> shepard: our coverage begins tomorrow morning 11 is:30 eastern and 10:3030 central on fox news. the sign says it all three families welcome home three women after a decade in what had to be a living hell. we'll hear more from the neighbor who says he was just eating mcdonald's when he became a hero. plus, a top u.s. official is now saying there could be a breakup of syria. and president obama responds to critics who claim he is not acting quickly enough to enforce his red line in syria. that's all ahead as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals.
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>> shepard: video of a firing shots at drug trafficker. it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. >> brazil. the shootout reportedly started after cops spotted a guy who looked like one of rio's most wanted drug smugglers. when he got in the car, police chased after him in their chopper and opened fire. those white flashes are bullets bouncing off the street they tell us. officers eventually surrounded the vehicle but the suspect somehow escaped according to reports. they say they found his body in a parked car the next day.
4:30 pm
this all happened last year. but authorities have released the video as investigators try to determine whether police used excessive force. philippines, a volcano erupted in the northeast. killing four german hikers and their tour guide. more than two dozen people were walking on 00 mountain when the crater started spewing pliewmsz of ash. huge boulders hit the hikers. 10 of them escaped unhurt. india, a massive fire tore through a chemical factory in the north. witnesses say they saw smoke just before flames engulfed the building and spread to several homes. one emergency worker got hurt, still no word on the cause china. torrential rains triggered flash flooding in 14 people inside the building scenic spot in the middle of a river. pulled those to safety. and that's around the world in 80 seconds.
4:31 pm
>> i'm shepard smith, this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time to update fox top story. three brothers are behind bars and the women they are accused of holding hostage in a home are free. the fbi now at the scene in cleveland scouring the house for evidence right now. all three women disappeared about a decade ago one of them amanda berry escaped and called the cops. she had a bit of help from a neighbor. trace gallagher has that. the neighbor says that he saw amanda berry and, well, didn't really know who she was. >> no, he didn't, shep. his name is charles ramsey. he says he was across the street on front porch eating mcdonald's when he heard the woman scream and heooked over and as he said she was going nuts on the door. so he and a friend ran over there and kept telling her just pull the door open. pull it open. apparently that was easier said than done.
4:32 pm
listen. said i can't. looked how he has it only enough to reach your hand out and grab the mail and close the door. we, you know, naturally going it pry it open. that didn't work. so we had to kick open the bottom, lucky that door was aluminum it was cheap. she climbed out with her daughter. >> amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter ran across the street and called 911. charles ramsey also called 911. police showed up a couple minutes later and escorted the other women out of that house. ramsey says he has lived there for one year. he sees the owner of the house, aerial castro, a suspect, every data barbecued with him. ate ribs with him and listened to salsa music with him. had no indication anyone else lived there. >> bro, not a clue that that girl was in that house or anybody else was in there against their will. because how he is, is owe -- he just comes out to his backyard lays with his
4:33 pm
dogs and motorcycles. go back in the house you look and look away he is not doing nothing but the average stuff. you see what i'm saying? there is noe nothing exciting about him -- well, until today. >> until today. ramsey says he didn't know who the women were until an investigator explained the whole story to him, shep? >> shepard: trace, thank you. one of the suspects was in a band. former band mate now says he has been in that house where we now know those women were allegedly locked up. he says he played in various bands with aerial castro for nearly 20 years. and that back in 2011, the band mate says he sold the suspect a washer/dryer and other stuff and helped him carry it into his house. today on "studio b" i asked him if he remembered seeing anything weird. >> no. pretty much musicians home, you have your regular furniture. instruments kind of likes a decorations as well. i just went to the front like the living room area. it is not a really huge house from what i saw on
4:34 pm
the inside. but i did -- i was in his house the first few years that i met him to rehearse. but it had changed a little bit. i think he must have remodeled or something over the years. >> shepard: remodeled, huh, like what had changed? >> it looked a lot cleaner. i would have never known. he never came off as that kind of guy. >> shepard: a band mate of a suspect. who said this suspect recently showed him a picture of an infant, the infant the suspect claims is his grandchild. the discovery of those three women is a reminder to police and a source of hope for anguished parents and families everywhere that there are other abducted children adoes the country who could be very much alive. eric shawn with a look back at some other cases that have similar dramatic endings. he is live in our new york city newsroom. eric? >> well, shep, they went through the same thing, gone. when others feared they could be dead. tonight two former captives have advice for the families of those not yet found. they say always have hope.
4:35 pm
jace dugard was missing for 18 years. she was kidnapped in california. these individuals to heal and connect back into the world. this isn't who they are. it is only what happened to them. the human spirit is incredibly resilient. more than ever this reaffirms they should never give up hope. katie beers was 9 years old when she vanished in new york in 1992. chained in underground bunker in her kidnapper's garage. >> the thing that helped me most with my recovery was my foster parents keeping me out of the spotlight, keeping me out of the public eye and going to therapy, seeking counseling. >> and tonight both dugard and beers will meet for the very first time. the national center for missing and exploited children just happens to be honoring dugard at annual ceremony in washington. it is aptly named the hope
4:36 pm
awards. shep? >> shepard: eric shawn in our newsroom. the fbi is right now scouring that home. we will go back there for a live report just minutes from now. first though the secretary of state john kerry today warned that unless the syrian regime and the rebels negotiate a peace plan, this is new. there may even be a breakup of syria. that's what he said. he said it after a meeting with the russian president vladimir putin in which the two sides now tell us they have agreed to convene an international conference on the crisis in syria. at last count and that was months ago, more than 70,000 people have died in the two-year conflict according to the united nations. and it appears there is no end in sight. in fact, the white house now claims it is highly likely that the regime has used chemical weapons on its own people. and listen to this. today, the entire internet appears to be out in that nation. see this chart? according to this google chart, at around 2:45 eastern time this afternoon, a quarter till
4:37 pm
10:00 in syria, the regime apparently pulled the plug. there is no internet in that country right now, several online monitoring companies report the exact same thing. what does that mean? well, when people who kill their own people turn off the internet, the news is rarely good. and today in moscow, the secretary kerry announced that the u.s. and russia agree that there must be some sort of political transition in syria or the situation will only get worse. >> the alternative is that there is even more violence. the alternative is that syria heads closer abyss if not over the abyss and into chaos. the alternative is that the humanitarian crisis will grow. and at alternative is that there may be even a break-up of syria. >> shepard: of course, russia does not want the breakup of syria. does not want the townhouse arm the rebel groups. secretary john kerry today reiterated that president
4:38 pm
obama has not taken any options off the table. ed henry is here with this complicated mess. ed, the president is -- well, seems playing a little defense on his approach to syria. >> he was. he had a news conference today where he got a question about whether is he going to intervene more directly. it's a question about the red line that the president put out there last august suggesting there would be more dramatic u.s. intervention if, in fact, president assad in syria used chemical weapons against his own people. since there is evidence that he has done that. there has been an expectation around the world the u.s. will get more involved. the president insisting today he needs more evidence before he moves forward with any sort of potential military action. and he noted the takedowns of usama bin laden and muammar qaddafi to say he is willing to take assad out of power if it's necessary. take a listen. >> in the end, whether it's bin laden or qaddafi, if we say we're taking a position, i would think at this point the international community has a pretty good sense that he
4:39 pm
we typically follow through on our commitments. >> the president again saying today at that news conference he wants to make sure the evidence is rock solid that, in fact, chemical weapons have been used in syria. citing the example of the war in iraq and w.m.d.s, shep. >> shepard: curing this news -- -- during this news conference tough talk. >> the president was meeting first time really series of meetings with the south korean president. and even though north korea yesterday sort of back pedaled a little bit, took some missiles off a launch site, suggesting they are lowering the temperatures on things. the new south korean president basically said at the news conference at the white house if north korea attacks south korea they will pay for that. take a listen. >> so if north korea engages in provocation, i will fully trust the judgment of our military, so if our military makes a judgment which they feel is the right thing, then they
4:40 pm
should act accordingly. >> now, the tough talk continuing at the pentagon today. defense secretary chuck hagel saying the u.s. and our allies are prepared for any contingency to deal with north korea. he said he hopes that north korea realizes the peaceful option is the way to go. they are talking tough but they are still hopeful there is not going to be a confrontation with north korea. shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house for us. thanks. strange politics. the sister of ad comedian vs. a former governor in a special election for a open seat in the house of representatives. we could have results at any moment from south carolina. plus, the new jersey governor chris christie. he loves the media, doesn't he? today he announced he has undergone surgery secret and it no doubt means that the late night comedians will have a lot less material. that's ahead. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations
4:41 pm
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4:45 pm
mistress. jonathan serrie live in charleston, south carolina for us. jonathan. >> almost four years later the story of that affair continued to play a prominent role even in this campaign. first you had mark sanford's opponent bringing it up as a trust issue. and then sanford himself speaking candidly with voters and the media throughout the campaign about his past transgressions. after voting this morning, sanford explained why he made himself so publicly available during this campaign. >> because i think i owed it to folks. if i'm going to hold a position of public trust, given the fact that i had a failing at a personal level, i thought it needed to be hashed, talked about and talked through. we did that at great length here in the first congressional district. >> as a democrat running in a republican leaning district, elizabeth colbert bush faced an uphill battle going into this race. as a maritime shipping executive, she touted her business skills to appeal to the district's fiscal conservative sensibilities. but during the campaign sanford kept pointing to the donations and support
4:46 pm
colbert bush received from unions and congressional democrats implying ha his opponent would be obligated to support the nor liberal agenda of the national democratic party if she went to washington. now, just how all these messages play out with the voters, we could find out very shortly. shep? >> shepard: jonathan, thanks. former governor sanford says if he loses tonight he will not run again for office. the numbers when they come in right to you. the governor of new jersey, chris christie, just released a statement and came on camera to say he underwent a secret medical operation to lose weight. governor christie first told the "new york post" newspaper which parent company owns doctors performed lap band stomach surgery back in february. the operation involves wrapping a tube top part of the stomach limiting the amount of food that it a patient can eat at any given time. he or she feels fuller faster. governor christie has already shed 40 pounds but the governor would not confirm that. >> i know that that's just
4:47 pm
temporary markers and not what my long-term goal is. my long-term goal is to get myself into a position where i'm healthier and i can live a longer life and be an active parent and hopefully some day grandparent as i age. >> shepard: governor, good on you. he also denied he had anything to do with a potential run for the white house. well, pentagon officials are finally naming the country they say has been hacking our government's computers. got a get? pentagon is revealing what those cyber spies are trying to find. and it's next. red hot deal days are back. don't waste another minute. it's red hot deal days. get the droid razr m by motorola in white for free. everything droid does in a compact design. or the droid razr hd by motorola in white, with google voice search that understands you the first time.
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that information during a crisis. earlier this year the cyber security firm blamed a military unit on attacks more than 140 countries, most of them american. molly henneberg in d.c. now. molly? >> the pentagon is stating about as clearly as can you in government parlance that china is purposely conducting these cyber attacks. the new report says, quote: in 2012, numerous computer systems around the world, including those owned by the u.s. government continued to be targeted for intrusions. some of which appear to be attributable directly to the chinese government and military. here's the reaction today on capitol hill. >> it's a threat. we have to deal with it we have to make sure we use our leverage as a super power. it's national security but it's also economic security.
4:52 pm
every time they steal information from a company, they are stealing jobs from the united states. >> but china says it too is a victim, not a perpetrator of cyber attacks. a chinese government spokesperson said today, quote: china has said many times it firmly opposes any form of hacking attack. china says it's impossible to determine where such cyber attacks originate. shep? >> shepard: molly henneberg live tonight. thanks. senators from both parties are backing a bill to improve cyber security. they say it will protect american companies from foreigners who steal information that's worth billions of dollars. we're waiting right now for a verdict from a couple of high profile murder cases. first the abortion doctor kermit gauze nevment remember, prosecutors say he killed four infants after they had survived late term abortions. the doctor also faces murder charges over a woman who died of a drug overdose after he had gone into his practice. the judge dismissed jurors after they asked once again
4:53 pm
hear lengthy testimony from a former clint worker that worker pleaded guilty to third degree murder. she also testified that she saw gosnell cut the spinal cords of other babies and he told her it was a routine procedure. and just minutes ago, jurors in the jodi arias murder trial wrapped up their second full day of deliberations. they have gone home. jodi arias is the woman accused of shooting her ex, and stabbing him 27 times and then slitting his throat. she says she did it on n. self-defense. more on our top story after a decade held hostage three women are back home with their families. we will go live to the scene in cleveland where one of the women finally escaped called police and where investigators are right now searching for new clues. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity,
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>> shepard: updating fox top story tonight. the fbi is right now searching a home in cleveland where three women escaped after spending what we're told was a decade in captivity. the women are said to have broken free yesterday after one of them made this dramatic call for help. >> i have been kidnapped and i have been missing for 10 years and i'm here. i'm free now. >> okay. and what's your address? >> 2207 seymore avenue. >> 2207 seymore. it looks like you called for 2210. >> she was across the street. investigators have been calling items from that home on seymour avenue since this afternoon. cops arrested these three brothers in connection with the case. one of them owns the house. we are now learning police have issued a second warrant to search for
4:58 pm
bodily fluids related to the births. gabe spiegel with that report fox 8 in cleveland with more. gabe? >> that's absolutely right, shepard. here we are live at the scene west of cleveland near west 25th. very active scene still. dozen or so fbi agents still inside the house in their white protective gear. also protective masks taken away from the scene two cars, numerous bags. and even the front door. they are leaving no stone unturned. as you mentioned, we are just learning, our sources are telling us that a second search warrant has been drawn up. it mentions bodily fluids related to a birth or births. multiple. it's written broad enough to look for victims. meaning digging is certainly a possibility. excavation crews could be out here very soon. neighbors here are still in shock. they say they are angry, angry at themselves for not sniffing this guy out sooner. that's the latest on the near west side of cleveland. i'm gabe spiegel, shep, back to you. >> s and on this day in 1915, a
4:59 pm
german u boat sank the british passenger ship the lewis taken i can't helping transform staying out of world war 1. earlier that year the germans announced they would attack any ship sailing off the coast of great britain. they even ran an ad in some american newspapers warning americans travel at your own risk. the lucitania's captain ignored that warning. he set sail from new york to liverpool. ier man submarine fired a tornado torpedo at that vessel. it sank 20 minutes later. when it was all over 1200 people were dead including 128 americans. of course, germany eventually apologized but the u.s. entered the war two years later and the damage was done 98 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, may the
5:00 pm
7th, 2013. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. we'll be back tomorrow noon pacific, 3:00 eastern for "studio b" and right back here tomorrow night for another fox report. opinion and analysis begins now with mr. bill o'reilly. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have been kidnapped and i have been missing for 10 years and i'm here. i'm free now. >> bill: a stunning kidnapping case in ohio. three girls who disappeared 10 years ago found alive. we'll have the very latest and we will address the question what does this say about america? >> you have considered donating any of your salary from colombia to any of the victims' families? >> bill: jesse watters catches up with convicted terrorist now teaching at columbia university. >> you have to stop that right now. >> i don't care. >> bill: we'll show you what happened and how the university is reacting. >> the country is going to hell. >> bill: also tonight


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