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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 28, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> five seconds nobody cares? >> nobody does. >> you're running for news week? >> yeah. >> you get that at a farm sni. >> nope. >> next to diabetes care? >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight: what is the biggest problem facing america today? the biggest problem the nation has is us, our mentality. >> bill: also, how has the country changed since the 1950s, is it for better or for worse. >> the 50s were wholesome, especially by today's anything goes standards. >> bill: provocative talking points analysis. plus, expert insight from charles krauthammer, monica crowley, james carville and bernie goldberg. >> since the obama campaign wanted benghazi, to use one example, to go away and the mainstream media pretty much helped it go away. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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hi i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. we have a special talking points edition of the factor for you. we begin with a question. what is the biggest problem facing america today? on paper, the biggest problem is the national debt. --roaching $70 trillion $17 trillion with no end in sight and the failure of the pin needs in twught deal with that debt. the economy could collapse. in reality not on paper, iny, n relation, the biggest problem the nation has is est the folks, us. our men tags. it is changing. after america and the allies defeated the nazis and japanese returned home to started families and careers. the prevailing wisdom backlies
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then was simple. s work hard, respect your country, provide a good education for your kids. the u.s.a. was not ayour fair f society back then as blacks and other minorities were still denied equal rights. but most americans viewed their country as noble after defeated the evil in berlin and tokyo. now, my parents were among the majority of americans who felt this way. hard forr worked modest pay, was honest, didn't want anything from the government. wan didn't get drunk or takeet drugs. he didn't take any guffnk from me and provided a blue pen for my success byri paying for my private school education. my parents didn't coddle me. encysted that i work for mymy money by cutting lawns and shoveling snow and did care at all whether i likediked it or not. the nuns demanded that i learn matt, english, and history. the brothers at the high school gave me three hoursrs of homework a night. nobody mentioned welfare programs. so i worked hard.,
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played sports, and toughed out the hard times, notough depending on daddy or mommy or anyone else. i made my own way. e and here i am. today we have a fary w different society in america. one wheremeri the president of the united states, who p setste the tone, believes his country is not a fair place. and also believes that his mandate is to change the capitalistic system so that c washington, d.c. can provide. and millions of americans are buying if you don't succeed on your own, don't worry aboutt it, not your fault. and checks will be sent to help you out. that philosophy zaps personal motivation and creates a mind set of victimization. if the president believes the deck is stacked ine favor of the rich folks, then what chance do i have? add to that mind set the rise of the machines where you and i can create our own little worlds, we can spend most of our leash
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time playing mindless games lit or texting about trivia or writing vicious anonymousvi emails. we don't even have to leave oio the house. we can live entirely made-up world.worl but, of course, we do have to leave the house. h and that's when theou trouble begins. what is society doing too encourage achievement these days? nothing at all. if you are prosperous, you are a bad person in many person's minds. the biggest problem this country has is the way we, the people, are nowpl behaving. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. three other points of view on, this first up from boston former senator from massachusetts a brand new fox news contributor scott brown. so, senator, what is the biggest problem facing america in your opinion? >> well, b i think it's a combination of things as you referenced in thenk i intro, debt, deaf sit, tags, spending, jobs, national security, energy,g which actually makes it so individuals and businessesiv
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are uncertain as to what the tax policy is and whats the regulatory policy is. so they're just kind ofthe standing idol. and thennd you o throw in the amazing amount of debt that we have and the deficit that we have. and it adds up as you a referenced in your opening, just a tremendous amount of gridlock. tremendous amount of a indecision. that's contributing to the negative impressions that peopleto t have about our i leadership and about thershi people that are trying to solve those very real problems. >> bill: yes, the pro somebody that our government is riding i us into bankruptcy, but we, the people, are allowing it. why? >> well, let me just reference that listen, bill, my -- as you referenced your upbringing my mom and dad were marriedom and divorced. i lived in 17 different houses. my mom was on welfare for eard 'poof time. it was a safety net not a lifelong entitlement. there are people in massachusetts and throughout this great one country who care deeply
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what direction we are going in. i'm one of them. >> bill: massachusetts has 540-million-dollar budget short fall this year. y knock massachusetts owes, owes $17 billion. that's never going to be able to pay back. ever. massachusetts has 1 is 31ts democrats in the state house. 29, republicans. okay? so, massachusetts basically, not everybody, of course we know that but mass en masse, pardon the pun, says we are buying into the big spendinge government nanny state that's being presented to us. to know why? >> because it's a one partyrt system, you have no check and balances. you can't -- >> bill: why do we have a why one party system, senator? why? you have 6 million peoplet i in massachusetts? >> 6.4 million. about 4 pin 6 million voters. >> bill: 4.6 million people and most of them in the boston area.he
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>> rubber stamped. >> these people are largely educated group? it's largely educated state. it's a sophisticated statedu with a lock lorous history majority have said we wants this irresponsibletem. spending. we want appear one party system, why? >> i wish i could answer t that for you. banging my head against the wall forever.ra >> bill: it's our fault that barack obama is creating or trying tomacr create a nanny state. we gave him another term w when we had an alternative. go ahead, last word. >> it's interesting. thank you. in massachusetts people are starting to wake up and ierchua think throughout thert country, too. t they are looking at theirat paychecks and they are dwindling. >> bill: you bet they are dwindling. >> the amount of money in their pockets is going away. >> bill: next on the rundown herman cain will get the same problem. what's america's
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, we continue our leeld story. what's the biggest problem facing america today. joining us from atlanta brand new fox news analyst herman cain, and you say? >> hello, bill. i say the biggest problemt this country has is a deficiency of leadership. we do not have a leader in the white house. wer have a politician in then whitein house who is continuing his popularityop campaign, even though he has already been reelected. this deficiency of leadership is why the debteb is out of control. why this economy is shrinking instead of growing, why the of unemployment rate is notlo going down. and a host of other problems stem from a deficiency of leadership president obama iscy not a leader, sea politician who is more interesting in his popularity than gaining
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results. >> bill: why is he popular>> though, mr. cain? the guyar has really not solved any problems that's what it comes down t to. >> 51% of the voters were e mislead enough to vote for him. >> bill: come after that long, longt campaign that you and all the other republican hopefuls engaged in and then mitt romney has a billion dollars to spend on r his advertising and you areil still telling me that the american people were mislead? >> keep in mind, notumb. everybody, remember, he got 51% of the pop layer vote. so when you say all of america 51% of people. >> i know what you areit talking about majority sets the tone in the rest of thee h country. >> we have a severe ignorance problem with the people who have sopeop
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mesmerized by his popularity that they are not lookingri at the facts. martin luther king jr. said 50 years agother in 1963, something that is soet appropriate to today. there is nothing more dangerous than serious m ignorance. and that's what we have he gets away with it with thece help of the establishment media. >> bill: look u the public school system has pretty much a theoo collapsed. not in every district. there are some very, fine public schools. but across a the board we he have political correctnessne wiping out what is right and what is wrong. gee emphasis on history, deemphasis on civics. deemphasis on english. a system being strangled by the teachers unions. gazillions of dollars going into the head start program when the government says doesn't work why are not going toief get any relief from the education system. no relief coming there. then on the machine front you have got these machines now that have taken over
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peoples' lives. they are not paying attention to what bill o'reilly or herman cain is saying. game orve got some porn or whatever they have>> got. it's going to get worse in ih this country with thedu combination of poor t education and the machines. or am i crazy? >> you are not crazy. bill, i agree with you. but here is why i am cautiously optimistic. some people are waking upme to the fact it's unfortunate that sometimes suffering is the bestwe a teacher we are going to have four years of economic suffering and suffering in a lot of other ways and then maybe more people will wake up that could do it if the economy. >> suffering sometimes is the best. teacher. >> and senator brown referredea to that because paychecks are gettingha smaller with the paychecks kickingo in.
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obama care hasn't kicked ineo yet. >> big shift for a lot of people. the suffering we are going to wur endure, people saw it with that first paycheck in 2013 when everybody's taxes went up, even though president obama kepten saying that it was k only going toas group on those evil richn people. my point is simplyho this. i still have faith, bill, in enough people that can wake up and get out of the ignorance zone and we thenin elect the right kind of people going forward. we are going to suffer forfo four years. >> bill: let me point out onet thing. after everybody absorbed the tax rise in paycheck. barack obama's job approval ratings did not go down. mr. cain, thanks very much. directly ahead. james carville on what he sees as the j nation's
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. analysis of what the biggest problem in america actually is joining us from new orleans democratic strategist james carville. s you heard the bloviating on the program. first youhe define what you d say is the biggest problem and where i am going wrong and perhaps the other guest as well. biggest problem is a long range problem since thet' 1970s we have not been able toob grow incomes in this70 country. between the end of world war ii and say 1973, 1975, everybody in america got a pretty consistent raise. since around 1975 or so, until now, basically nots been a raise for 65, 70% of the people in the country. we are just having a very very hard time figures out how to deal with this. right now the currently the biggest problem we have had is too many w peoplee unemployed for too long a period of time. this is a human tragedy of perverse order. looking to see if there is anything we can do about.n
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this in my opinion probably still in a wen session. technically still out of aon recession difficult time unemployment. as a result ofes housingos crisis, most people lost o 40% of their wealth. obviously african-americans have been hit very hard with this. there is no doubt abouteen wih that. but, you know, on n the upside, we're starting to come out of it the economic numbers are looking better. healthcare costs are is it startth starting tome flatten. chance of having abundant course source of energy coming on line. >> bill: what's the source ares of the wages. obama administration wants to control the privatetrolte economy, the marketplace,t right? they are doing a lot of things to make the ar marketplace responsible to washington not to competition. so, is that the right way to go? or do you allow the free marketplace to take itdo y where it wants to take it?t w >> first of all, i think we have a pretty vibrant freeve market in this country, second i will tell you what not to do. let's not cut socialsecurity. don't cut unemployment compensation. let's not cut these kinds
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of things keeping peopleings medicare keeping people to the extent that they can stay in the middle class, these are the kinds of things depending on.. >> bill: nobody talking about cutting medicare or cutting social security. >> sure talking about it talking about it today. >> bill: they are not talking about that we paid into it. >> people aret talking -- p paul ryan is noteo talking r about cutting medicare? no talking about creating another system where you would have the option. >> everybody is talking about cuttingteould'm s medica. simpson bowls people came out with a new proposal today. the president himself has said he is open to cuts ine ed in care. >> bill: only cuts in medicare would come from people who are wealthy overld a certain threshold. let's not propagandize the? issue. now, let's get back to the vision that president obama has as compared toresi yours former boss, bill clinton. clinton had very responsible fiscal policy. all right? in fact, he ran a surplus in. so years he was president. he didn't attempthe to micromanage the privatenage
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sector and he had a couple of economic bumps in the road. whereas president obama is the biggest spending president in history by far. and much more of a don't care much about the debt. clinton kind of did or am i wrong? >> first of all, when president clinton was taking office the economy was starting to grow. when president obama was shrinking. you have to be fair. you are a fair guy, we have to be fair. okay? that is one thing about fair guy. let's be fair here. secondly, you know, i think that some of them both of them raised taxes on the wealthy. both of them tried to deal with healthcare. much to my chagrin obama was more successful than president clinton was. both signed trade agreements. >> bill: you don't see a big difference between the two? >> not so much.
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i see in terms of style. i think president clinton is much more outgoing guy. >> bill: that is not what i am talking about. aam talking about economic philosophy. i think president obama wants to create a western european nanny state? >> i do think that he believes in aggressive government in a downturn and other a lot of other people do. look at the auto industry. i think it was pretty aggressive there. >> bill: all right, james o'reis
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talking points special. interrupted anyone's speech lately, shouting down a liberal person, for example, i have not heard about it. if colgedentre ifbe college students are being indoctrinated andard indated by conservative professors i have not heard but on the other side the far left isly b becoming increasingly bold and fresh in trying to silence those with whom they disagree, one of the consequences of having a liberal president twice elected is that the fringe left feels emboldened and can do whatever it wants. at the university of southern california. >> sprago who teaches
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political science has turned his classroom into anti-republican strong hold. his >> california, as i say all the time on the record in print and on radio and on tv, is the last vestige of any real white. republicans are trying to prevent people of color and people of lower income from voting by requiring voter i.d. discovered and this is generally true, the least flexible voter in america, the person who is less likely to change their mind about anything is an old white guy. old white guys are stubborn son of a pitches,. >> bill: education at its best, wouldn't you say. tuition at usc more than $45,000 a year. couple days ago at the university of massachusetts, karl rove was insulted. [shouting] >> murder civilians.rism
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>> talk. >> murderer. >> bill: yesterday at howard university, senator rand paul was insulted. >> republicans still prize the sense of justice thatth mlk spoke of when he said that an unjust law is any law that a majority enforces on a minority but does not make binding upon itself? [ applause ] >> bill: the trend is undeniable. the far left intruding on the national discourse, perverting the educational system and generally behaving as badly as anyovem movement has since the late 1960's. fair-minded americans will eventually reject this explosion of zealotry as they always have. but in the meantime, students and others are getting hurt. disturbing trend that must be confronted.
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and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington charles krauthammer. now, i see this intrusion as a growing problem. it's getting worse. agree? >> i'm not sure i think so and i do go back to the 19 1960's when instead of a fringe protest here and there they basically -- these radicals took over the universities. they occupy them.ted they dictated policy. the e stayed out. and then they did even something more effective. they realized well, you know, coming in from the outside is really not going to do much. you get a little attention, publicity. but but the left decided late in the 1960s, early in the 18970s was what let in another marxist prescribed which called the march through the institutions. they got inside. they did it legally. they did it the right way. they got their they got appointments. they got tenure. they kept out conservatives. that's why you have a lot of conservative think tanks.
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the think tank is essentially a university without students and it's one that is not run by liberals because a lot of conservatives are denied tenure and appointments. they basically control overwhelmingly, they universities. i'm not worried about these elements who do the interruption. i think they are rude. they are unmannered but they are also fringe and they are infantile. they have no effect on the national discourse. the people who do have an effect on national discourse are people of the left who do it the right way. they either over a generation take over the universities or by working very hard in politics win election after election. >> bill: all right. but if you are looking at a democracy a vibrant democracy. you have got to have respect for opposing points of view. right now, the college university system there is is no respect for opposing points of view. i mean, the usc is a huge school. these guys ramming this stuff down the students' throat.
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that video was shot by a conservative student who had had enough and had gone to the administration at usc and they said, hey, get out of here. you know. and he documented it and put it out to the media i'm seeing that this is a big threat to our democracy here because if you have an indoctrination at the major universities across the country, which you do, then you are going to have -- you know, an electorate that you can see changing and moving to the left. basically because of the education system. >> well, two things. first of all, that professor, it's rather comical he doesn't have a sense of irony of realizing that is he precisely the kind of old white guy who he says is stubborn, unthinking and dumb. and, of course, he is he hasn't had a new thought obviously since he was an undergraduate. what i think is more important is the fact that we have had the left dominating the universities. and the media and hollywood and the foundations all of these cultural institutions for at least a generation,
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up to 30, 40 years. and, you know, at the beginning of that time, the 60's, well, let's say the 70s, the 80's, and the 90's, republicans and conservatives did very well. in fact, right up to obama in 2008. since from nixon to obama the republicans control national government far more than did the democrats. i think what disturbs me is less the intolerance and the lack of respect, which i think is very important coming out of these about 45 seconds. why don't we see this on the right. don't we see conservative people, because certainly there are zealots on the right. fanatics on the right. we don't see them going into the colleges and shouting down people and the few conservative professors. we don't see them indoctrineating. why not? >> look. since time and memorial, young people tend to be far
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more -- if you are not a socialist when you ii you you don't have a heart. ifif you you are not a conservative when you are 50 you don't have a head. these are fringe infantile silly people who have no influence, no power and they know it. and the only way they will get any attention. >> bill: aren't sill will y. people on the right young silly people who would do that? >> no. i think the young are far more liberal than conservative. that's why the numbers are this way. >> bill: you don't see that >> bill: next up, were we as a nation better off in the 1950s than we are today?
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memo. the death of 70-year-old anete funicello yesterday a red flag to the baby boom generation.
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anete gained fame at age 13 much as one of the leading me iconic mickey mouse club. >> "roll call." >> anete. >> mouseketeers we want to ♪ so welcome to our mouse club. >> bill: 50 years after it debuted it is still etched deeply in the memories of many americans. the question tonight though is this: were we back in the 1950s and early 1960's a better country, a better people than we are today? there is no question that for minority americans things were generally awful back then. if you don't believe me read my book killing kennedy where i document that in vivid detail so on the civil rights issue. america is much improved today. on the economic realm, the unemployment rate 4.5% in the 1950s, very low, even though the high school dropout rate back then was 27%. very high. today only 7% of americans do
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not complete high school. poverty rate in 1959, 232%. today is 15%. per capita income 17659 adjusted for today's inflation 2012 per capita income $43,700. you can see americans have more income today but the big ticket items like homes take a lot more money. on social issues in 1959, only 5% of american babies are born out of wedlock. 5%. abortion very rare. today, about 41%. that's a shocking turn of events. 1950s drug use was rare. although the alcoholism rate is about the same as it is today. another interesting category innocence. in the 50s and 60's, premarital sex and explicit behavior even in the media was kept kind of demonstrated social interaction was kind of innocent. ♪ take a blanket made for two
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now ♪ add a boy and a girl ♪ that's the game for me and you now ♪ yeah, let's give it a whirl.o ♪ that's the name of the game. >> bill: they never got wet. now, dumb, no question. but the 50s were wholesome, especially by today's anything goes standards. american baby boomers tend to glorify their youth, we all know that even the tour belent late 60's and early 1970s, there was a different attitude in america after world war ii. white america was unified and standards were very similar that unification made it easier for society to function. it was respect for teachers, for cops, for clerics. now that's gone. the mantra today being where's mine? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction with us our barack and hard place duo monica crowley
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and alan colmes who was himself a mouseketeer. >> i didn't wear my hat today i'm sorry about that. >> bill: it doesn't matter. you say? >> it's hard to come up with exact metrics i know you are going to have some about how do you deal with a general theory you have that things were just better back then. >> bill: i didn't say they were better. did i say anywhere in my talking points memo they were better? >> you are you not suggesting things are better back then. >> bill: i don't suggest. say. one by one. 5% out-of-wedlock birth compared to 41%. >> i don't know that 5% was an accurate number because i don't think people told the truth back then about that stuff. >> bill: we're going by the u.s. government. >> people were not. >> bill: let's assume it was legitimate. >> people were not talking about that kind of stuff. people would not say. >> bill: colmes, just b.s. it's just b.s. let's stop the b.s. right now. that's the government number. let's deal with it 5%, 41%. what's the better thing? >> well, obviously 5% is better but you are not listening to my
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point that people did it and they swept fund the rug back then. >> bill: i don't want any b.s. >> that's not b.s. >> you don't know who was sweeping. >> people are more open about those kind of things now. people would not talk about it. >> bill: either born in a marital situation or you are not. what do you say. >> talking about time frames here. point to the late to mid 1960's. linden johnson with the great society. the development of the massive welfare state and the massive government spending that goes along with it. >> bill: didn't that have to happen? >> that is the culture of dependency. that didn't happen to happen there were conservatives beary goldwater arguing the other way. >> bill: barry got his butt kicked big time in the 1964 election. if you suddenly say to millions of african-americans and other minorities, all right, we're going to let you have full citizenship, all right, after decades of deprivation, you don't think the government has a responsibility to develop social programs to help those
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people? >> that was part of how it was sold, bill but that wasn't the total intent. >> bill: i will say the same thing to you i said to colmes, do you not think the federal government had a responsibility to people who are down trodden for decades to send some money to help them? >> sure, of course. but as with every government project, it's never limited to what its stated intent is, bill. rug backourse. economy was wobbly and cut taxes to stimulate it. react to this stat. the population increased from 1959 to now by 59%. workers on disability, americans workers on disability has increased 640%. more injuries today, colmes? are there more injuries today than there were in 1959? >> i don't know why that number would exist. >> bill: stay in. >> come on, this goes back to our original point here. whether you have that government went through the great society. reagan did his best to try to reign that in. barack obama turns it around and puts it on steroids. the incentive is to go away
1:44 am
from the self-sufficient society based on individual freedom to one that is -- >> bill: i think people just conning. 640%. >> this didn't start with barack obama what you are talking about. welfare, the welfare program in this country was geared toward building incentives so that women would have more and more children out of wedlock because they would get more money. >> women have children just to get more money from the government? you are kidding me. >> bill: i have got to go. let me be clear because colmes thinks i'm suggesting. i'm not saying that the 1950s and 1960's are better than today i'm saying we are a different country. the reason we are a different country is that people are no
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>> bill: the factor's excellent adventure to washington, d.c., that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. every year the white house correspondent's association holds a continue tore raise money for kids who don't have very much money so they can attend journalism school. this year fox news white house correspondent ed henry a good guy was in charge. henry did a very nice job raising about $300,000 to raise money for the students. as part of the event, president obama gets to make fun of everybody, including himself. >> these days i look in the mirror and i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. [ laughter ] >> used to be. it's unbelievable. i have 99 problems and now jay-z is one of them. [laughter] [applause] >> that's another rap reference, bill. [laughter]
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>> well, i must thank the president for the heads-up. sorry to say i am not down with the jay-z song 99 problems, but if it's half of problem as jay and the americans, i think i will like it. then conan o'brien took to the podium. >> the deem graphics of this country have been changing and i look forward to hosting this program 18 years from now. then my opening message will be [foreign language] >> mario lopez. >> hello to fox news start bill o'reilly. he's become quite the author. he has two recent best sellers killing kenly and killing lincoln. he also wrote the natural peaceful death of cats. what were you thinking?
1:50 am
the truth it bill o'reilly this, is true. is now work on his next book due out this fall, this time it's about the killing of jesus. it will be the first time in history jesus' death is blamed on obamacare. >> wow, conan, thanks for the publicity, man. nice of you. watching that tape you may have noticed i was thinking next to supreme court justice anthony scalia. he's a no pin guy, loves his country, and has stayed true to his ethnic roots in new york. he was giving me jazz about the killing jesus book, but i'll win him over. then after the dinner the smoozing began. i'm not good with that. neither is barbra streisand. she was at the dinner but everyone was kept away from her. i'm not getting the entire barbra streisand deal.
1:51 am
she's a good singer, but so what. the diva of the evening. i met other celebrities. couldn't be nicer. and an actress i once called a pinhead on this program, but she's not, sophia vergara. she's very intelligent and well-spoken. now the serious stuff. the primary reason i went to the dog and pony show is to help raise money and we also have the program to help veterans who lost limbs in iraq and afghanistan. we want to give the brave patriots this high-tech marvel called the track chair. it allows end -- amputees independence. it gives them control to over their lives and lessens their
1:52 am
dependence. that's crucial. the chairs cost more than $10,000 each and jennifer and i want to get at least 50 more of them. we've developed a program that could raise an enormous amount of money. however, i had to get president obama on board with that program, and i did. mr. obama is going to help with the track chairs. also i got to go to the washington nationals game where they honor wounded military personnel at every game. it's been an enormous change since i began attending the dinners years ago. fox news has been at the top of everything. we have more of an obligation to use our power forgot of the nation. these wounded warriors who lost their limbs on the battlefield, we must help them. not an option. the high-tech we have in this
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country is fantastic. and we will get those track chairs for those heros. and that is really the most important thing that i can do, and fox news is helping me do it, and jennifer griffin is a saint. and that's the memo. in a moment we will bring in bernie goldberg and talk about how the press continues to treat president obama, and it was on display in washington over
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>> my former advisers have switched over to the dark side. david axelrod now works for msnbc which is a nice change of pace thins msnbc used to work for david axelrod. >> so true. it was interesting to see enthusiast the national press corps react to president obama almost five years into his tenure. most of the times they are respectful but most of them on saturday night like barack
1:56 am
obama, despite all the problems his administration is experiencing. joining me is mr. goldberg. what i picked up was lack of gop presence. very few republicans there. and the press is not skeptical anymore of president obama. they have always liked him. you have written a book about him, slobberg love affair. and it's mostly along the political lines butch less no skepticism anymore, bernie. >> mentioned in the lead-in into this segment that they like him. you are absolutely right, and never underestimate the power of like ability in any facet of life. they have a lot invested in him. when i wrote that book a slobbering love affair, i interviewed a network news correspondent who said don't expect the press to go after nelson mandela. and said what does that have to do with this? they said a lot of journalisms
1:57 am
see barack obama as anneals son mandela. he's a hero, they didn't want to be eyewitnesses to history. they wanted to help define history, and they have so much invested in him, they won't be skeptical, not now, not ever. >> i think that's an excellent analogy, but instead of mandela there's somebodythat's desmond d outrageous things about capitalism and the united states and gets a total pass. i believe that's right. that's what is going on here. it doesn't matter about public policy anymore to the press. >> no. no. and here's where that becomes; are very important. a mainstream journalist, not some right wing nut or anything like that, mark halpren of time magazine, and i mentioned this to you before, and it's important to say again, he said, and this is a short, direct
1:58 am
quote, he said this during the last presidential campaign, the media is very susceptible to doing what the obama campaign wants. okay. why is that important? because the obama campaign wanted benghazi, using one example, to go away and the mainstream media pretty much helped it go away. that's where the lack of skepticism comes in. if they do what he wants -- they do what he wants and that's different from liberal bias. that becomes something more. >> again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking o childers. >> >> good morning i am heather
1:59 am
childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. a huge fire breaks out on deck of a cruise ship. take a look at the significant damage to the grandeur of the seas it was headed to the bahamas when the fire started around 3:00 a.m. monday. passengers were woken up and ordered to the life boat. they waited on deck for four-hours as crews were putting out the flames. witnesses say some people fainted some people got sick physically out of fear. no one was injured noboit nevert power. it docked and canceled the crews. the ceo flying in personally to look at the damage. all of the passengers refunded their money and flown back to baltimore today. >> to another top story this morning this man expected to make his first court pier ranges today. 23-year-old alexander herrera had to be tied down with shoe laces after making unusual
2:00 am
statements as he tried to open up a plane's emergency door in the air this happened. one passenger on the alaska airline flight said he was sleeping he woke up to a loud hissing noise and screaming. >> somebody was yelling stop him stop him and i turned around and saw a large man trying to open the emergency exit. he was just yanking on it and just this house hissing noise. his clothes were not buttoned correctly and he was very disheveled. i don't know what situation this man had gone through but perhaps should not have been seated in the emergency exit row. >> passengers jumped on to remember ee herrera and held him until they landed. there he is taking away by handcuffs.


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