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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 28, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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in court and charged for plotting a bomb attack on his school. he was arrested last week after police found six home made bombs at his home. >> that's going to do it for us. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is tuesday, may 28, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you had a great holiday weekend. now it's back to work. >> call it a royal mess. a dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when a royal caribbean cruise ship catches fire on the high seas. over 2,000 passengers feared for their lives as smoke filled the ships. state right here. we're going to have a live report in a few minutes. >>steve: this man was making hissing noises and tried to open the exit door at 30,000 feet. but what the passengers did next actually helped save the day. his story coming up straight ahead. >>brian: are you having trouble landing a job? maybe it's the interview holding you up.
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>> do you have any weaknesses? >> i'm a little forgetful sometimes maybe. >> forgetful? okay. >>brian: job interview mistakes and how to avoid them. "fox & friends" starts -- where did i put my pen? >>gretchen: it's in my pocket. ♪ >>steve: welcome aboard. officially -- okay it's not official. unofficially summer has begun since yesterday. absolutely. memorial day. >>brian: that was the coldest memorial day i ever -- the coldest memorial day weekend. saturday was ridiculous. >>gretchen: i was away, so i didn't have great weather where i was really either but i did escape the rain and cold and i have 100 bug bites to prove it. >>brian: were you below the tropic of capricorn?
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>>gretchen: near. >>brian: i would say now it feels a little like summer but the summer concert series is what did it for me. >>gretchen: i missed michael bolton. how was he? >>brian: he was happy to meet us but he was in denial that he was on "dancing with the stars." >>gretchen: he was here a couple of months ago? >>steve: yes, he was. >>gretchen: let's begin this morning with a developing story. passengers taken to baltimore after a cruise ship they were on went up in flames. ainsley earhardt live with the new details. >> good morning, gretchen. those passengers say it was the worst night of their lives being woken up to alarms blaring and the back of that ship on fire. take a look at the significant damage to the ship, the grandeur of the seas. the ship was heading to the bahamas when the fire started about 3 a.m. on monday. emergency alarms were going
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off. more than 2,200 passengers ordered to gather near the lifeboats. some people said at first they thought the boat was sinking before learning of that fire. they waited on the deck for four hours. witnesses say that crews handed out the life vests and oxygen masks. so passengers, they were so fearful, some were fainting, some were physically getting sick they were so terrified. no one injured. the ship never lost power. once the fire was put out the ship was escorted to freeport bahamas for inspection. royal caribbean c.e.o. is flying in to survey the damage himself. the crews obviously canceled. all of the passengers being refunded their money and being flown back to baltimore today. this just the latest problem for the industry. there have been more than 20 fires on cruise ships in just the past 15 months. that is more than one per month. that includes an engine room fire that crippled the carnival triumph in february leaving it adrift
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for days in the gulf of mexico. the ntsb is investigating what caused this fire to begin with. could you imagine, guys? after all of the problems we've had in the past, to be on that ship and see the fire, hand oxygen masks? you don't know what the outcome is going to be. >>brian: one minute they're making macro ni -- macaroni salad, the crews, the next minute they're putting out fires. >>gretchen: another developing story, we learned that bernie harris, former commissioner of the police department in new york will be free from prison today. he has been behind bars for three years on corruption charges. he was hailed as a hero for leading the nypd during the september 11 attacks. he was nominated for the post of homeland security secretary before his problems emerged. >> julie herman, at rutgers
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university is staying put after reports she verbally abused players 16 years ago when she was the coach of the tennessee women's volleyball team and the president of rutgers standing by her saying she was completely vetted before being brought on board. she was heavily criticized for not firing mike rice as soon as he became aware rice was verbally abusing players of the men's basketball team at rutgers. george zimmerman back in court today and his lawyers plan to make an unusual request. they want the jurors to be allowed to visit the scene. his lawyers will request the jurors' names be kept secret. attorneys will also ask that an especially damaging audio expert be banned from testifying. that expert claims he heard trayvon martin begging for his life the night he was shot. the trial is expected to start on june 10. 50 people were trapped in two different elevators one hour apart. it happened at the casino called revel, a new
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building in atlantic city, new jersey. in both rescues, fire fighters cabled down the elevator shaft, attached ropes to the guests and helped them climb a ladder to safety. those are your headlines. luckily, i don't think they were trapped that long. maybe a half-hour or so. >>steve: like a die hard movie or something. let's talk little bit about one of the scandals facing the administration. eric holder in the hot seat. we told you on friday that apparently eric holder, the attorney general of the united states, he himself did sign off on the rosen -- investigating james rosen and getting his personal e-mail and looking at phone detail for many of the calls that he made. but what's interesting is four days before the james rosen story hit the fan, he was asked -- eric holder was -- on capitol hill about the associated press. and it sounds like what he's talking about, it sounds like he's actually misleading the public. here's eric holder.
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>> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that i've ever been involved in, heard of or would think would be a wise policy. in fact, my view is quite the opposite. >>steve: not something i've ever been involved in. that's what he said four days before the rosen thing became public. what we know, according to the department of justice people, he was involved. >>gretchen: that's unbelievable because that's just a couple of days before. now people are asking whether or not that was a truthful statement. so was the attorney general of this country not telling the truth just a couple of days before this whole case became known? are there other entities out there? are there other entities out there, reporters who were also being looked into? that is the tip of the iceberg. we don't know the answer. >>brian: we know this. people were saying how could you be probing james
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rosen and not david sanger? they said they did look into david sanger. that came out over the weekend. they didn't take david sanger's records. they took evidently just records of high-ranking people within the administration that would have known on the federal side, which seems to have made more sense. however juan will jams talking over the -- juan will jams talking over the weekend said you can't pick on eric holder. all he did was sign it. he wasn't behind it. but this story, he does look like he did more than sign it. >>gretchen: i thought president obama's speech which had to do with the war on terror, they brought up this exact topic. wasn't it a little weird in that speech on thursday? it was weird he acknowledged this was going on and he also talked about the attorney general. i thought it was an interesting timing. on friday we found out the attorney general had a link to it. >>steve: the good news is the fact that the attorney general will be investigating what's going on.
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so eric holder will be investigating eric holder. we'll find out. here's dr. krauthammer talking about how the obama administration actually criminalized rosen and not the actual leakers, which is not the way it's supposed to be. >> in the rosen case, for example, the administration decided in order to be able to really invade his privacy, to declare him essentially the suspect, as a criminal, and, yes, there is a tension between the need for national security and the free press, the way we have resolved that difference is to say you prosecute the person in the government who releases the information, but you don't prosecute, you don't criminalize the journalist. that's been the understanding ever since the nixon years. >>gretchen: in fact they did prosecute the leaker in the case, the guy who worked for the state department who was giving the information to james rosen. but i think what charles
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krauthammer is saying usually you don't do it both ways. >>steve: they criminalized james rosen. they didn't criminalize david sanger. there does appear to be a double standard. >>brian: this statement over the last two weeks, nobody is everr anything. eric holder is not responsible, the president is not responsible. that is the most aggravating thing. everything you're trying to teach people in life, take responsibility for your actions, take responsibility for the people you hire and are in charge of, but no one takes responsibility. benghazi, not really my decision. >>gretchen: both situations, no matter how you look at it are not good. for example, if they didn't know, they should have. if they did know and they're not taking responsibility, that is a bigger issue. it is not good no matter how you look at it. >>brian: i would love to get somebody's perspective that actually made decisions. if someone acknowledges they made decisions, we can get the mind-set. >>steve: we have actually got a story for you, brian, about people who did go
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ahead and see something and did something. we're talking about alaska air flight 132 from alaska to oregon. this lady sitting next to a guy, and he's making some weird sounds. and then -- that's the guy right there, alexander hererra, 23 years old from arizona, making some sounds. and then for some odd reason at 30,000 feet, he decides this is a good place to open the door. he's in an emergency exit row. here are some of the people on board explaining what happened next. >> there was a really loud hissing noise. and then lots of people screaming. i thought we were going to crash or something. i was bracing for that. then somebody was yelling stop him! stop him! i turned around and saw a large man trying to open the emergency exit and had it and was yanking on it
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and just this loud hissing noise and luckily passengers around him, men and women, tackled him and pulled him off and held him down. he definitely put up a fight. >>gretchen: what did they use? shoe strings and also seat belt extensions that the flight attendants finally got to them in order to restrain this guy until they landed. >>brian: evidently a guy got him in a choke hold. that you can only get from getting pay per view. him and another guy wrestled him to the ground. flight attendants can't handle him but passengers get involved too. >>steve: we're lucky that particular airline stocks extra shoelaces. that's the best they can do. despite all that happened, the flight did arrive only nine minutes late. that guy is going to appear before a federal magistrate later today. >>brian: by the way, you can't open the door. it is impossible.
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>>steve: i would like to hope so. >>gretchen: coming up on the show, remember when the president said if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep them under obamacare? now even the union seems to be realizing that is a wrong statement. stuart varney is saying the honeymoon is over. he's on deck. >>brian: the homeowners are living in garbage. it may look nice but it's it may look nice but it's sitting on a pile of junk.grrrr ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at
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>>brian: they were some of the biggest supporters of obamacare but union leaders have buyers remorse it seems feeling their health care costs will soon skyrocket. >>gretchen: some companies begin to scale back generous health benefits to avoid being hit with the so-called cadillac tax which will penalize companies offering high cost health care. here's stuart varney to weigh in. >> going to be a long hot summer for obamacare. now the unions start to object to obamacare. the head of the roofers union says repeal it or reform it. there are two problems with it for the unions. number one, union health care plans tend to be relatively expensive and generous. so a lot of employers may dump those plans, pushing
3:18 am
employees into these exchanges. that is bad news on three counts. number one, why do you have a union? if it's not to provide a health care plan, why join the union? membership may go down. number two, costs more to the government. number three, those workers are not going to get the same level of protection they got with the union plan. you've got the cadillac plan which will kick people off these high-end plans. >>steve: the guys who work at cadillac will get kicked off the cadillac plan. the roofers said repeal it. what are the odds of that? >> i think it's growing. >>steve: 54% of americans don't like it according to a gallup poll. >>steve: if there were a vote today i think -- >> if there were a vote today i think it would be repealed and be reformed. >>gretchen: isn't it likely it may not be repealed but be implemented? >> the unions are against it. you've got these exchanges
3:19 am
which have not been set off in lots of states. the leading senate in the democrat caused it to train wreck. the navigators, community organizers paid for by the taxpayer, and now they have gone to private enterprise to pay for these navigators. 37 votes in the house say repeal it outright. 37 times. now there is a move to defund the i.r.s. >>brian: the people that wrote it, support it, passed it are nowhere to be found. if they had any guts, nancy pelosi and company would be explaining all these questions and dealing with these things head on because they are so proud of it. but they are missing in action. the president never brings it up. >> ms. pelosi can never ever get away from that sound bite: you have to pass this to find out what's in it. >>brian: she was right. >>steve: stuart, thank you very much. we're going to be watching you over the business channel 3 hours and 1 minute from now. >> big rally on wall street coming. >>steve: happy days are
3:20 am
here again. >> oh yes. >>steve: straight ahead, this little girl in a desperate need for an organ transplant but she's two years too young. dr. samadi on deck with her parents' desperate fight to cut the red tape that could save her life. >>gretchen: the swat team stormed this factory. what did he really do wrong? could the gibson guitar raid a couple of years ago been another example of the government targeting conservatives? the list keeps growing, folks. i do a lot of research on angie's list
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>>steve: got headlines
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for you on this tuesday morning. while you were sleeping senator john mccain made a surprise visit to syria to meet with the rebels there. he is one of america's strongest advocates for a more active role to syria. also overnight a u.s. fighter jet went down off the coast of japan. the american pilot ejected in the pacific open. u.s. crews rescued him. no word on what went wrong with the f-15. gretch, to you. >>gretchen: a young girl is fighting for her life with only weeks to live as she battles a deadly disease in desperate need of a lung transplant, but a national organ donor rule is the one thing keeping doctors from trying to save her life. >> the only thing standing between my daughter living and my daughter dying is the fact that she's 10 and not 12. that's unreal to me. an impossible place to be. you have so much hope and then it just feels like
3:25 am
everything was shattered last week when she got so much worse. >>gretchen: the parents of the dying ten-year-old girl are fighting to change that rule in hopes of saving her life. dr. david samadi is here to weigh in. such a sad story. obviously when parents see that, or anybody sees that, they want to help this little girl. what is the rule in place? she is 10 and can't on the adult list? >> the cutting age is 12 years old. and the upper end is 60 sometimes 65. this is a genetic disease. she has had it for years, cystic fibrosis. the condition is getting worse. she has been waiting for years to get a transplant but the only way she will be able to get that is all the adults will either say no or if there is an extra one it will go to her. historically i can tell you on a surgical basis it was always very difficult to take a 200-pound lung from
3:26 am
a man or woman to give it to a child. but now surgically we have advanced, technology has changed, we are able to take part of the lung and give it to her. it is unfortunate because of two years she is not making the list. and they should change that. >>gretchen: the one problem is that pediatric lungs are rare. in other words, another child would have to die and be on the donor list to be able to give their lung to this little girl. some people ask this tough question, which is: she has cystic fibrosis. what is the life span of somebody, even if she gets this new lung? and does that factor into where she would be placed on the list even if she was eligible? >> that is a tparbt that the committee needs -- that is a factor the committee needs to look at. they are living longer and longer. they go to their 30's and 40's. it is becoming a chronic disease so they have a better chance to live. in a case like this what is going to happen is the surgical team, the ethical team, all of them will get together. they have to have an emergency meeting to take
3:27 am
her case as a special case if she's really sick. usually the organ goes to the sickest person on the list. this is a rare case. as we said there were only 20 cases of transplants in children in the last year. she is not going to have a chance to wait for another pediatric lung to come. hopefully they will take this case seriously. and our hearts go to the parents who are suffering, seeing pictures of her being incubated. >>gretchen: what are the chances even if she gets on this adult list that she will be able to find a match? >> the challenge is still on. that is an ex-lentz question but -- excellent question but at least she is in the game. right now she is completely outside that list and they have been waiting for a long time. hopefully somebody will listen to this segment and will consider her case very seriously. you can sake the life of this beautiful -- you can save the life of this beautiful child. we are voting for her.
3:28 am
>>gretchen: the parents started a petition. can you put that back on the screen. there you go. i can't read the information close enough, but i'll put it on twitter when i get it. there it is. the family has a petition to change the rule on i will put that on twitter as well for you folks out there. dr. samadi, thank you so much. coming up on the show, call it a royal mess. a dream vacation quickly turns into nightmare when a royal caribbean cruise ship catches on fire. a live report coming up next. in honor of national hamburger day we're smashing burgers on the plaza with the founder of [ stewart ] this is the kind of food i love to cook.
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i love hamburgers. today we're going to be making a few of them; correct? >>steve: we are. >> with smash burger. you're going to be showing us how to smash burgers. this is kind of your secret recipe? >> with certified angus beef, fresh, never frozen. when you order a burger, we paint the grill with butter and smash. >>steve: we've got to see you do it. paint the grill with butter, one of the keys. if you stop by today, you get a free one? >> it's national burger today. if you have the syllables burger in your name in any fashion, free burgers around the country. >>steve: warren burger would get one? >> yes. >> i was wondering if people have the last name burger, there's more than 20,000 people that have the last name burger. >>steve: the key is it
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starts with a meat ball like that. it's not exactly perfectly uniform. >> it carmelizes lots of flavor, loosely packed and bastes in its own juice. >>steve: explain were this franchise has taken off? >> we not only have a great tasting burger, you can go there date night, we have a menu with beer and wine, the whole bit. >> i think they said on average, the average person has 43 burgers in one year. i think about 100 for me. >>steve: you have a lot of lettuce. and the key is the pickle. >> all right. i have to go to weather.
3:35 am
i will try these in one moment but first if you are headed out and going to be having burgers today, we want to tell you about the weather across the country. there will be some areas where you'll need the umbrella. one of those places is iowa. that state has been talking about flash flooding for the past several days. we have several warnings in effect out there and have picked up more than 8 inches of rain in parts of iowa. flash flooding ongoing out here. take a look at radar accumulations. those shadings, possibly over a foot of rain. we have more rain rolling through over the next several days expected as well several more inches. ground already saturated. that will be a big concern across portions of the midwest in terms of of flooding. severe weather, anywhere from texas up to parts of the dakotas and as far east as western parts of pennsylvania, you could be looking at thunderstorms that could produce large hail and even tornadoes.
3:36 am
large section of the country that could be seeing severe storms. right now no warnings in effect. east of the storm system, very warm, hot day in texas. 91 for the high in dallas. new york city, not too high. next several days we're talking upper 80's. >>steve: not exactly going to be grill weather everywhere. instead of grilling your own, go to smashburger, tom, thank you for joining us on national hamburger day. this is really good. gretch and brian, in to you. >>brian: later you'll tell me why you decided not to wear a smock and maria did. a controversy at "fox & friends." 24 minutes before the top of the hour. >>gretchen: fox news alert, crews working through the night to fix a haz mat situation, a water main broke gushing oil and water on the street. you're seeing sand to prevent the floods from
3:37 am
spreading. right now no homes have been evacuated. bill: we carried -- >>brian: we carried that story because that is where joel lives, the crew managers. crews try to pug a -- pull a mangled car out of a river. those cars along with the drivers inside plunged 50 feet. the collapse is being blamed on a truck that clipped the bridge. >>gretchen: he may be a teenager but in a few hours, he will be charged as an adult in the plot to bomb his high school in oregon. police say they found six home made bombs in his room with a detailed attack plan. the devices include pipe bombs, molotov cocktails.
3:38 am
and a drano bomb. >> you know there will be heightened anxiety. we'll be there as a visible presence. if they see anything or hear anything, don't hesitate to call. >>gretchen: the suspect's mother releasing a statement saying -- quote -- "my heart goes out to everyone affected. migrant my grant struggles with pandas, a rare form of o.c.d." >>steve: this neighborhood is sitting on a pile of junk. >> you put a metal detector across my yard and you have nothing but trash. hundreds of baby food jars, beer can labels still intact. steel beer cans that go way back. it's definitely a landfill. >>steve: he's calling on the city of havelock, north carolina, to help.
3:39 am
officials say it is unclear what the responsibility of the city is. the dump site before havelock became a city and landfills weren't regulated until the early 1960's. >>brian: ever build a guitar from scratch? >>gretchen: gibson guitar builds them from scratch. is that what you're talking about? >>brian: they want to. they thought because they are using rare wood is the reason they are being investigated. >>gretchen: turns out gibson guitars was raided. they came almost in a swat team format. they said what's going on here. there were whispers the guy who runs the company is a conservative, he's given to republicans in the past. maybe that could have had something to do with it. it turns out they had done absolutely nothing wrong at the company. now some people are trying to put together the dots and draw the lines based on this i.r.s. investigation. could it be that some of these other things that were going on were also
3:40 am
concerted targeted things? >>steve: here's the c.e.o. from gibson guitar. he was on with mike huckabee in august 2012 talking about how the feds came after him in particular. >> they came in with 30 swat-attired people with automatic weapons. >> like you were making drugs or something in your factory? >> they came into three factories. they evacuated all our employees into the parking lot. they turned off our video surveillance, and then they seized a lot of goods: guitars, hard drives. we had to replace all the raw materials they seized. and then we had to substitute other materials with no notice. so it was enormously disruptive. since the first raid we have spent $2.4 million just in legal fees
3:41 am
addressing this issue. and we haven't been charged with any. there was no trial. >> what was going on? >>steve: it's interesting. some are connecting the dots where it looks as if his company was targeted much like the tea parties, conservatives were by the i.r.s. why? a number of other guitar makers use exactly the same wood that he was -- he got in trouble for using and so do furniture manufacturers. as it turns out, he is actually a big donator to republican causes whereas the person who runs c.f. martin uses the same stuff, a big democratic fund-raiser and donator, and they have never gone after c.f. martin. >>gretchen: some of the people targeted, the tea parties by the i.r.s. are going to sue the government to get back the costs they incurred to hire lawyers. you've got to see if they can connect the dots, are these companies going to be suing the government saying you have to pay us back for
3:42 am
all these legal fees and lost business as a result. >>steve: it is crazy if they come in with a swat team just because you've got some wood from india there that you did get legally. >>brian: coming up straight ahead, are you having trouble landing a job? maybe it's because your interviews went a little like this: >> why are you trying to get a job with us right now? >> to be honest with you, my boss is kind of a jerk. >>brian: the biggest interview mistakes. >>steve: the department of justice's record grab, are bloggers also protected? are they considered adjournment? the judge is here. vo: traveling you definitely end up meeting a lot more people but
3:43 am
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>>gretchen: the latest on our top story. royal caribbean passengers being flown back to baltimore after a damaged their ship. we are live in baltimore with more. what can you tell us? >> good morning, gretchen. we are waiting for those passengers to arrive here at b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport. 2,200 of those passengers
3:47 am
expected to arrive later today. royal caribbean tells us they scheduled those flights for the passengers after they tell us the ship those passengers were on wasn't safe enough to continue. we want to show you pictures of the ship now. you can see a lot of it very charred. this fire broke out early monday morning. pretty scary wakeup call for the passengers on board. fortunately no serious injuries were reported on there. some, though, are taking to message boards like cruise critics complaining there was fainting, even vomiting as they waited for hours to try and figure out exactly what was going on on that cruise ship. some of them say they had no idea. they were just grabbing life jackets, putting them on hoping for the best. some people thought the boat was sinking. we know the grandeur of the seas was rerouted to freeport, bahamas. it was evaluated yesterday. that's when they decided it was not going to be safe enough to continue on. we know the ship was
3:48 am
renovated last year. from here the transportation safety board and coast guard will investigate. as for those passengers, we're told they're going to get a refund for their trip and a voucher to have another cruise -- that is if they even want to take another cruise. at this point they might just be happy to come to rainy baltimore and hang out where it's safe. >>gretchen: thanks so much. let's go to steve. >>steve: the federal government versus journalists raised new questions on the hill. one, in the world of the internet are bloggers and tweeters journalists protected by the first amendment? let's talk to judge andrew napolitano. >> it is a great question in light of james rosen and associate press experience. when these were written they didn't have bloggers and tweeters. journalists were people paid to do research and
3:49 am
publish the research, usually cutting-edge research. it could be james, you, it could be me. but if mrs. doocy is doing research and nobody trained her but she is posting it and she has sources, can she protect those sources? they have not answered that. the courts have not answered that. in my opinion she is similarly situated as rosen and the rest of us. >>steve: when matt drudge started this thing called the drudge report. he is getting paid by whom? nobody. he's doing it presumably by -- he's a blogger, he's protected isn't he? >> the purpose of the first amendment is to protect the pursuit of truth and expression of opinion. it doesn't matter if you get paid to pursue the truth or doing it on your own. that's the argument i would make. >>steve: we were talking in the break about if the government officials who order investigations or
3:50 am
raids as we were just talking about -- >> gibson guitar? >>steve: exactly. if those people were to be held liable, what would happen? >> if eric holder were personally liable for what he did to james rosen, that stuff would stop overnight. but the government has written statutes that make it very difficult to sue the government and insulate its employees from personal liability. somehow i think mrs. holder would stop her husband from doing this stuff because they wouldn't have a house left. >>steve: mrs. doocy and mrs. holder just heard their names on television. judge napolitano, thank you very much. the price of your next barbecue just went off. how the skyrocketing cost of beef could bust your summer budget. are you having trouble landing a job? maybe it's because your interview went something like this: >> do you have any weaknesses? >> i'm a little forgetful
3:51 am
sometimes maybe. >>steve: she's perfect. the biggest blunders on interviews and how to avoid them coming up next with cheryl. ♪ playtime is so much more with superhero by your side. because even superheroes need superheroes. that's why purina dog chow is made with high quality ingredients, including 23 vitamins and minerals. to help keep him strong. dog chow strong.
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3:53 am
3:54 am
. >> gretchen: welcome back, it's 54 minutes before the top of the hour, well, there's one teach that are is upset with the way that the education system is has been going for the last 15 years or so. and this teacher is upset because of the situation of standardized tests. the fact that she feels under pressure, and she is speaking on behalf of a lot of them, who feel like we do not care what the students are learning, it's just how well they do on the
3:55 am
tests. >> steve: she has been a teacher for ten years at north park illinois, she had a career in advertising before that and decided to go become a teacher. well, she had had it up to here and she quit on youtube and this is blowing up all over the place. here is ellie rubenstein. >> the flexibility and creativity that concretes learning environments has been elimina eliminated. more tracking of students, less understanding of student differences, more stress on data. no room for innovative teaching or engaged learning. everything that i loved about teaching is extinct, i no longer feel i'm doing anything meaningful. i'm not being able to spark excitement for learning in children in my own way.
3:56 am
rather, i'm being forced to function as a cog in a wheel and this we'll is not turning in the right direction. >> clearly the standardized testing has taken us to another level. you understand what is going on with them. they were graduating from hard up areas, unable to read or keep up with other people, so they standardized the tests to close the schools that are not effective and because of that, the standardized testing, has made people teach too much to the test and not to the students. >> reporte >> gretchen: and fraud, there was a whole cheating scandal about that. >> steve: since she aired the youtube, the district said that she was over the line. was she over the line for quitting on camera?
3:57 am
>> and meanwhile, commencement addresses and speakers need tot apply, wait until you hear about the staggering bias at schools and universities across the nation. >> be right back. and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents, for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaoma, or can not empty your bladd, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away if your face, lips, throat or tongue swells. toviaz can cause blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and decreased sweating. do not drive,perate machinery or do unsafe tasks
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man: how did i get here? dumb luck? or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions.
4:00 am
who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there. >> good morning everyone, hope you had a great holiday weekend, it's tuesday, may 28th. thank you for sharing your time. it started as a dream vacation for many and turned into a royal mess when a royal caribbean cruise ship caught on fire. >> then, this man tried to open the exit door at 30,000 feet. what the passengers did next saved the plan. >> somebody was yelling stop had him, stop him, i turned around and saw a large man trying to open the emergency exit. >> steve: not a good combination
4:01 am
of events, you may say, we will tell you what the passengers did. and hall of fame terry bradshaw takes to the air. >> "fox & friends" hour 2 for this tuesday starts right now. >> i will say this, he said something after that, he said for the first time in history, he was interviewed with terry bradshaw. >> gretchen: really? i'm later going to sell that for a lot of money. >> steve: welcome to the program, we start with a fox news alert. right now, royal caribbean passengers are being flown to
4:02 am
baltimore maryland after their cruise ship went up in flames. we have the latest details, the fire broke out at 2:50 in the morning. >> reporter: yaes, the police at that point, or most of them. they are saying it was the worst night of their lives. waking up to a fire on the back of the boat. take a look at the significant damage to the ship t passengers were excited about the trip to the bahamas until the fire started. emergency alarms went off, and passengers gathered near the life boats. some thought the boat was sinking before learning about the fire. they waited on the deck for four hours, the crew handed out life vests and smoke masks. some people fainted. no one was injured and the ship
4:03 am
never lost power. they are flying in there to survey the damage. all the passengers are being refunded their money and flown back to baltimore, maryland today. and in just the last 15 moss, there was an engine room fire. no word yet on what caused this fire. back to you guys. >> steve: thank you rech. >> gretchen: now, just a few hours, george zimmerman will be back in court, he wants them to
4:04 am
have the jurors names secret. an expert claimed that he heard trayvon begging for his life before he was shot. she has six weeks to live and the only thing that can save her life is a lung transplant. there's one problem, her age is keeping her from getting it. sarah is fighting cystic fibrosis. her -- the only thing standing between my daughter living and my daughter dieing is the fact that she is ten and not 12. that is unreal to me. >> family and friends now passing around a petition her parents plan to appeal to regional medical centers to make an exception for their child. she is refusing to go.
4:05 am
julie herman the new athletic director at rutgers university is staying put after it was claimed she abused players 16 years ago. and the president of rutgers standing by her saying she was completely vetted before being brought on board. they were criticized when mike rice was not disciplined after being found to have verbally abused players. the fox nfl sunday commentator will star in a show next month at the mirage casino, it's called "a life in four quarters." it will mix comedy, sing issing a -- singing and story telling. >> the last time that terry bradshaw did something it was failure to launch. >> gretchen: you think he will do it on stage?
4:06 am
>> brian: if it happens once, you have to do it again. >> gretchen: he has a good singing voice though, he does. he sung on the show. >> brian: was he in smokey and the bandit? was that a musical? he was in that. >> steve: he hknows a lot about weight loss. >> gretchen: you may see nudity and singing. >> steve: all right, back to one of the scandals that the white house is facing today. we are talking about how they have gone after the associated press and our own james rosen. turns out we have learned in the last 72 hours that the attorney general of the united states, that man right there, eric holder, actually personally signed off at a search warrant for james rosen. >> brian: when he put it
4:07 am
forward, he said, they may have broken the law. he might have committed a crime. but yet, eric holder had a different take aing we have a long way to go before we are talking about a criminal prosecution of any reporters. listen. >> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for disclosure of information is nothing that i thought or heard would be a wise policy. my view is quite the opposite. >> gretchen: you have to wonder, is that the only one? because remember, he recused himself from the ap investigation or at least that is what came out the week before. >> brian: by the power invested me, right. >> gretchen: now this one he was personally responsible for and could there be others?
4:08 am
>> steve: that is why it is raising eyebrows. he said, in regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, this is not something i have ever been involved in. let's give him the left of the doubt. >> brian: should he be investigating himself to find out what he did. >> steve: he is. eric holder will be investigator eric holder, what could do brong. >> brian. . ron williams said, you sign a lot of things as an attorney general. everyone just signs things and no one is responsible for anything when they sign things. that was his case and they brawled and you can see that online. he he said there's backward about the process. >> in the rosen case, for
4:09 am
example, the administration decided to invade his privacy to declare him as a suspect as a criminal. and yes, there's a tension between the needs of national security and the free press and the way we have resolved that, the way we have split that difference is to say, you prosecute the person in the government that released the information, but you do not prosecute the journalist. >> gretchen: the biggest leaker in the administration is the administration, they leak stuff every day to make themselves look good. but when there's bad information or whistle blower stuff, they do not like it, that is why they have gone after so many members of the press. >> gretchen: that could be a reason why there should be an independent council. if you find out about attorney generals, they do not do an
4:10 am
investigation, they layout the facts as they see it. it's different than what an independent council could be looking into as far as criminal action. >> if you hire an independent council, it shuts off congressional investigations. this whole thing, as interested as we are, and as much as we want to truth, it will go silent as we have an independent council start interviewing people, get in office, gather people together, and then it will be an explosion. >> steve: that may be a reason that the white house would think, maybe we should go along with that. because next time jay carney is asked a question, he will go, well, the special prosecutor is looking into that. >> gretchen: that is what they are doing anyway. people can just take the fifth. >> we should say for the record that leaks are being investigated. they gave him his book and all the articles about the --
4:11 am
>> steve: they did not look in his personal stuff. it got personal on a flight, a guy decided that this would be a good time to open up the door. >> there was a loud hissing noise and then lots of people screaming. i thought we were going to crash or something. so i was bracing for that, but then somebody was yelling, stop him, stop him and i turned around and saw a large man trying to open the emergency exit and had it and was just yanking on it and just this loud hissing noise and luckily, god bless the passengers around him, men and women, that just tackled him and pulled him off and held him down. he definitely put up a fight.
4:12 am
>> gretchen: they had shoe strings and seat belt extensions, they were in the process of landing. there was a mechanic that posted a tweet at "fox & friends" and said, that claims you cannot open the doors mid flight. you kind of wonder though, at what point can you open the doors? what if there was an emergency that you wanted to get out. if you are out there let me know. >> steve: he has been booked enter fee -- interfering with a flight crew. >> brian: commencement speakers, not biased? wait until you hear. >> gretchen: wait until you see what happens next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour, don't count on seeing any conservative commencement speakers at ima image -- at major colleges and universities across the country. some say they will only hear liable bias, what do you mean by that? >> well, you know, guys we have
4:17 am
lifted data from the top schools in the united states and found that conservatives were almost never, ever invited to speak at commencements the and if you look at electsed officials there were four. and you may see the case where there's a governor speaking, or something, but no conservatives in the ivey league, it's liberals, liberals, liberals overall. >> gretchen: we will break it down, take a look, only 15 conservative speakers, 69 liberal. you know, it's so interesting over the weekend i was having this exact conversation with adult friends and you know, people are wondering why, but the bigger question is can it be chang changed? >> it can be changed, conservatives are a allowed to be shouted down. bob zoellick was invited to
4:18 am
speak my old college and i thought, if he cannot speak somewhere nobody can. you know, what they have done now is created a climate where it's okay to shout people down and scare them off campus and i think that needs to change. and everyone who is fair minded will agree that needs to change. >> gretchen: what impact though, what is the impact on the kids if that is only what they are hearing? >> well, i think there's a lot of smart kids. the problem is, what the liberals have done by taking over the colleges is made it disreputable to defend conservative thought and anybody who tries to can be shouted down. it's as he though they do not have a right to voice their
4:19 am
opinion. it's a strong intimidation thing going on. it's like in totalitarian governments where everyone takes the stance of the dear leader. >> gretchen: yeah, the numbers prove it, if you are a parent, you may have to give the opposite alternative voice at home. thank you for your time. have a great week. >> thank you. >> gretchen: are you having trouble landing a job, it could be because your interview went like this. >> any weaknesses? >> i am forgetful sometimes, maybe. >> forgetful, okay. >> gretchen: so how should you answer this question? next. and never mind bruce springstein, do you know what artist sold more tickets than anybody else in the past ten years? we will tell you. e verizon share everything plan for small business
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4:23 am
>> steve: time for the news by the numbers, first, $110 million, that is how much of the $ $303 million has remained unspent. the organization said the strategy will help address needs that were not immediately apparent after sandy struck. next, 21%, that is how many people are ordering less beef already. this has the price per pound hits a high of 2 $.11.
4:24 am
and finally, $603 million is how much fans paid to see kenny chesny, he beat out bruce springsteen, u2 and madonna. >> brian: hey, everyone knows you will not land the job unless you ace the interview. we have tips that you need to do to get the resume to the right person and get the job that you need. you have done a lot of research on this? >> we went into the trenches and into the job interview process to see what not to do. the toughest part is the interview, you do not want to blow it. we sat down and had to let the cameras role during the job interview. but, we sat, we let the cameras
4:25 am
role and here is how the interview started. >> jill, hello, i'm the ceo of the casone corporation, how did you hear about the job? >> a friend of mine e-mailed me the job. so i don't what it's about. >> you have to do your research, do not go in without doing your research on the job. you need to know more than what the job description said is. she did not even know that. first big mistake. >> brian: not only know about the job, but something extra could help you. >> there's a lot of tricks that these employers will throw at you. number two, is a very common mistake and there's a trick that happens in the interview, listen to how she answered my second question. >> why aren't you trying get a job with an internship right now? >> to be honest with you, my boss is a jerk. >> brian: is that a problem?
4:26 am
>> yes. it's a big problem. >> brian: what if he is a jerk? >> doesn't matter. if she talks about her old boss, what is she going to say about me. she will walk out and say, she is a jerk to work for. >> brian: tough question that you ask in the next one and thousand answer is not easy. let's listen. >> do you have any weaknesses? >> weaknesses? i'm a little forgetful sometimes maybe. >> forgetful, okay. >> brian: you don't want to -- don't show a real weakness. >> they are going to ask you what the weaknesses is are, do not give away a weakness that is part of a job that you are trying to forget. you know, i did not run a 5k over the weekend, like i wanted to. >> brian: never name what it is that you are looking to improve in in your life.
4:27 am
>> and the next thing that we asked her, and again, this is a tricky one. i laid out the job and the description of the job and the benefits that came with the job. listen jill's response here guys. >> we do have full benefits we have 401k, dental vacation, how does that sound? >> perfect, how many vacation days do i get? >> brian: what's the problem with that? >> you do not want to come into an interview thinking about the vacation plan. not a good plan to come in for the interview. all right, there's one more here and this goes back to preparedness. listen to how jill answered my final question. >> do you have any questions for me? >> no. i learned about the vacation days i think i'm all good after that. >> let's just say unprepared. don't walk in without any questions. you have to be prepared. it shows you are unprofessional if you are completely disengaged
4:28 am
from the whole thing. >> brian: if you are nervous, don't tell them you are nervous. and do not fidget. >> quickly, thanks to jill who just got out of hofstra t thank you for playing, jill, if you want to hire her, e-mail me, she was great. she was great. >> brian: ip tell you what, she promises not to any of your questions in a job interview like that. jill, good job. >> we will come back with jobs for vets. >> brian: and we will later find out whose office that was you were shooting that. one dad slapped his son's school, why? because junior was cut from the track team. does dad know best? we will find out. he told congress that he is against prosecuting journalists for doing their job, why did he
4:29 am
target a journalist. is it time for eric holder to go? ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-arod thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. i don'without goingcisions to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare
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4:32 am
♪ >> shot of the morning, happy
4:33 am
day, had the spot picked for the pictures, right until they fell into the water. oh, my god. >> brian: the entire wedding party, all 29 of them taking the plunge, only one survived. >> steve: stop it. >> brian: everyone was screaming and that quickly turned into laughing, the bride and groom managed to jump to dry land just in time. the dock gave way. maybe we can make a deal and i can own my ice blue tux, it still smells like trout. >> gretchen: you still have it from high school? >> brian: i do. it was tails. >> gretchen: tails in ice blue? i have to see it.
4:34 am
>> steve: i was powder blue. it was big back then. one year i had a blue tux and a white shirt. >> brian: if there's a lot of them left on the shelf, there's on a reason that everyone passed over them. the attorney general eric holder said he is against prosecuting reporters, why did they say that prosecuting a journalist came from the highest levels. >> gretchen: did eric holder lie to congress about his involvement and could this be the beginning of the end. we are asking jay christian adam, who knows a thing or two about this stuff. >> did morning. >> gretchen: good morning, what do you make of it? >> he provides slippery testimony every time he is in front of congress. this is nothing new. but he was asked if he was involved in plans to prosecute reporters.
4:35 am
and he said, it's not something i'm involved with. don't know anything about it. he lied on both counts. this is a situation where over and over and over again, this attorney general is not telling the truth to congress. >> brian: jay, is he saying that he signed it so the investigation could go forward, so i do not have have anything to do with it, is that acceptable to you? >> look, he will have an excuse as to why he is not honest with congress. when it comes to reporters, it's one of the most careful things you can do, and that is to ask the d.o.j. to go after and get records from media organizations. the attorney general is personally involved why legislati regulation. that is the rule so we know who is responsible for james rosen's subpoenas. what they did there was go beyond the rules. they were over broad and overly aggressive and woft of all, they did not tell the truth though
4:36 am
congress. >> steve: why didn't people in the bush administration go after people in the press? >> it goes way back. this is based on the espionage act of 1917. no administration, not even nixon would go after the press like this. this is something that this particular justice department, eric holder, barack obama have really invaded press freedoms like no administration. >> steve: is it for intimidation? >> when et comes to fox news, it seems to be. this was a subpoena for phone records and it's way beyond what they need to do, it looks like they are trying to chill the free throw of information out of the government. >> gretchen: yeah, but it's stupid to come after fox news if you are in d.o.j., you know that you may not be best of friends. seems stupid on the face, what is the difference between eric holder recusing himself from the ap investigation or having not signed off on that but saying
4:37 am
that he is signing off on the fox news one? >> well, gretchen, the reason he recused himself is because he might have been the leaker. so they were investigating him. but the reason it's so important for the ag to be involved is so the buck stops with him t regulation for justice require the inspector general -- i'm sorry, the attorney general to be involved. that is why it's no surprise that he was involved with james rosen, that is what the rules are. >> gretchen: interesting, former d.o.j. official. thank you for your expertise today. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: developing story overnight, we learned that the former police commission will be leaving jail. he was hailed as a hero for leaving the ny -- leading the nypd during the 9/11 attacks. >> steve: and they wanted to win
4:38 am
big at the casino, but found they were in a losing bet instead. they were trapped in an elevator in atlantic city, new jersey. firefighters pulled the people up in committee darkness with ropes. and then an hour later, a second elevator got stuck. this time, 28 people were involved and had to be rescued exactly if same way. >> gretchen: stunning new research out, moms that have weight loss surgery give birth to slimmer children? in the first of a kind study, researches tested children born to obese women and then tested children conceived after the mother had the surgery. children born after were tliner and had less risk for diabetes and the genes linked to obesity work differently after the surgery. >> steve: he got kicked off the teen and now the father is
4:39 am
suing. the 16-year-old was kicked off the team for unexcused absences, the father said a leg injury and a death in the family was why the child was not in school. he is worried that the son will lose out on scholarships. >> gretchen: it's time to head to sports. brian has an important guest. >> brian: you know, interns have to decide to do sports of weather when you exit interview. and linda, you chose what? >> sports. lion linda is a philosophy major. come here to my mark. favori i like yogi, he is a genius, you
4:40 am
will discuss him in graduate school. go do the sports, you did a fantastic job. >> a clean sweep for the spurs they beat the grizzlies 93-86 in game four to return to the nba finals. it's a spurs first conference title since 2007, and they will face either the heat or the pacers. lebron james starting at quarterback? it could happen if one football legend gets this is way. joe theismann said he feels that james has a lot of potential and would train him for the nfl. theismann offered to be his agent as well. james played quarterback when he was a freshman in high school. one french open player taking a court battle into his own hands. he put down his racket and grabbed his iphone, his shot hit along the line and the ref said it was out, but he tweeted this picture and it shows the mark to
4:41 am
the left of the line. meaning the ball would be in and he was right. he lost the first round match. [ applause ] >> brian: pathagorus, could not have done it better. what do you want to do >> i'm graduating this week, taking my l-sats soon and hoping to pursue journalism and music at the same time. and i'm a singer. >> brian: and you are a singer, i was going to say get diversity, what would you like to do more than anything else, would it be to toss to gretchen? >> yes, gretchen has been an inspiration, it's about been an honor working here with everyone. brian who does sports well. >> brian: okay, thank you very much. you did a great job. >> thank you. >> brian: and even chris liked you and he does not like any
4:42 am
sbirn. >> gretchen: thank you so much linda, she was fantastic. coming up, we are helping vets get jobs. and then breaking news, steve is ditching the couch to go on tour with rocker, brett michaels. first, the question of the day, born on this day in 1977 this former contestant on "survivor went on to be a co-host on the view. oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at
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4:46 am
>> outside the world headquarters right now, look at this, i am inside the rv of brett michaels. how are you? >> i'm doing great, welcome aboard. >> steve: you call it a rv, some call it a bus. what is it. >> it's a tour bus, it's the three, it's the xl- >> steve: it's the fancy one. >> it is. and when we go in here, i pendelton so much time, i literally live on the bus. so i spend about nine months, so we build it out, and it's very comfortable. it has all the conveniences of home. >> steve: it does indeed, that is why you are star of the travel channel's rock my rv, we will take a look at the clip and then say what the show is about. roll it. >> i'm brett michaels, i grew up
4:47 am
camping in rvs and i have logged millions miles on my tour bus, i have traveled my whole life, so i know rvs. if you want a rig that is rock-star worthy, i'm the man that will help you get it. what we wanted was two elements, number one, the story is the people that drive them. we take them, what they want to do, what they want to do with their life, personal or private, and one thing i'm good at, i have been doing it since i was a kid, we take them and fix them up and make them their dream rv. >> steve: how much does this bus that we are standing on, how much would it cost in brian kilmeade and i wanted to buy it. >> it runs a million four done like it is. >> steve: i cannot afford the pillows, how much? >> it takes it down to $38, it's the pillows that kill you.
4:48 am
>> steve: this thing is beautiful. take the microphone and give us a tour. >> here we go, going through here, what you need. in here, function ability, you have to have is your kitchen set up. you have the coffee the adult beverages over here, over there. you have tomicrowave. everything is storage. right? we try to hide stuff. this is the clean estimate that it has been. i am glad we did this, because we had to clean it. you have the dining room, tvs out here, office space. you know. you have my guitar with the name etched on the mirror. that is important. >> steve: look at this, this is the junk bunk, you have three, star coach three, you have a place to sleep, your satellite, tv, whatever you need. come on back here. first bathroom up here, closet space. you have a shower. you have to have the shower. look, let me have this shower rolling here. look at that, towel with my name
4:49 am
embroidered on it. that is good doings right there. >> steve: i will sell that towel on e bay. you have a workout bike. and a pretty darn good big bed. >> i'm a big muscle car guy, so i have the ss up here. beautiful car look at this, i'm going to throw this out there, because i'm diabetic, i have to keep things right. got a rock band, but i threw this in. it's my own personal touch. you get your full on workout right here. you know what i mean, you do the back and stomach and do everything and there it is. >> steve: very nice. brett michaels we -- before we go, you wanted to say one thing about oklahoma. >> to all of our friends and family and fans down there, our sincerest sympathies, our hearts go out to you and i will be down there to do what i can do.
4:50 am
>> gretchen: thank you very much, next on the run down, making the transition from the battlefield to the job world, can be tough. we are back with the top companies hiring our heroes. first, on this date in 1981 "betty davis eyes," number one song. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. with three of your daily vegetable servings i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners,
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4:53 am
>> trivia question answer is elisabeth hasselbeck. >> brian: hey we know it's been a tough work for the military personnel making the transition from jobs in the theater to
4:54 am
coming back home, so we rounded up companies that are looking to hire are veterans exclusively. and you are here with us for day number two. >> it's military appreciation month, memorial day, obviously, over the weekend and there's a veteran recruiting fair, it's virtual, 1-4 p.m. eastern time. you can find the info on my blog. there will be 45 companies but i have a few today. >> brian: capital one? >> 2000 jobs, they need managers. they are one of the primary sponsors of the u.s. chamber of hiring military personnel and military spouses. >> brian: walmart. >> if you are honor ably discharged, within the first 12 months of being discharged, they will hire you. they are guaranteeing that.
4:55 am
they are one of the big companies that have put millions dollar behind the vet recruiting program. >> brian: what kind of jobs? >> regular jobs and corporate jobs. >> brian: staples? >> office supply store, they are going to be participating in the career fair that will be tomorrow, 13,000 jobs. they are considered very vet friendly. they have got corporate jobs at boston, denver and chicago,s f office jobs, it can be i.t., or data processing or working in the store if you like people. >> brian: the mission continues is a great program started by ceo, eric gr event iten. >> he has six fellowships that he is offering. it's a way to transition, corporate culture and military culture is very different and a
4:56 am
lot of people struggle with that. many veterans are disabled and they cannot afford to buy a plane ticket to go where the interview is. that is why the career fair is a great idea, and we have had him on the show several times. >> brian: covanta energy. >> they have 100 jobs, renewable energy projects and waste management as well, it's energy providing. a lot of the field work that you get in the military, you can transfer that to this kind of company. these are 45 companies. about 60,000 jobs that will be available tomorrow. it's tough out there for veterans. >> brian: 14% of the employees at covanta are veterans already, so you have company. it's rare when i get a second date. >> this is why i'm single, it happens to me, i don't know,
4:57 am
man. >> brian: it's me, not you. how can i get out of this. let's take a break, the country's $16 million in debt, why is federal money being used tore dinner cruises and know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. next minute i'm in the back of an ambulance having a heart attack. i was in shape, fit. i did not see it coming. i take bayer aspirin. [ male announcer ] so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. see your doctor and get checked out.
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. >> good morning everyone, it's tuesday, may 28th. thank you for sharing your time. a fox news alert. thousands of cruise passengers again, about to return to dry land, their vacation cut short after the ship catches on fire. new details on royal caribbean's disaster at sea, straight ahead. >> steve: and why was a famous american guitar company raided by swat teams, did they do something wrong? or is it another chaexample of government targeting conser
5:01 am
conservetives. >> brian: having trouble landing a job? is it because your interview went like this? >> so, how did you hear about the job? >> actually, a friend of mine e-mailed 93 job, so i do not really know what it's about. >> brian: have you ever bombed an interview, e-mail us. we would like laugh with you at "fox & friends." >> steve: not at you. >> brian: good point. >> steve: i was talking to someone who does hiring of young people and they interviewed someone and the entire time the person was on their phone during the interview. >> brian: are you kidding? >> steve: didn't get the job, said that it happens all the time. all the time. >> brian: i would love to graduate now then.
5:02 am
don't check your phone -- women are in power too now. >> gretchen: i have seen that. >> steve: if you could do that, i could pass. i was going up against people that watched you. >> gretchen: watch this power grab, i'm going to do the headline. >> brian: hour dare you. >> gretchen: i know it offends you, i have to do it. more than t2000 passengers are being flown back to the united states after another cruise ship catches on fire. it was the royal caribbean. okay, another woman in power, take it -- i like it. take it away. >> reporter: hand it over. thank you so much. those passengers say it was the worst night of their lives. waking up to calls of mayday and mayday and flamesen gulfing the
5:03 am
back of the boat they were on. look at the ship's damage, grandeur of the seas. the passengers were excited about the trip to the bahamas until the fire started. more than 2200 passengers were ordered to gather near the life boats. pretty scary, some people thought that the boat was sinking and they waited on the deck for four hours in complete darkness, witnesses say that crews handed out life vests and oxygen masks and some passengers fainted and even got physically sick because they were so terrified. no one thankfully was injured. the ship never lost power and once the fire was put out, the ship was escorted he to freeport bahamas for inspection. the royal caribbean ceo flying in to survey the damage themselves and all of the passengers getting a certificate for a future cruise and their money back now. they are being flown back to baltimore today, and this just
5:04 am
the latest problem for that industry. there have been more than 20 fires on cruise ships in just the last 15 months and that includes an engine room fire that crippled the carnival triumph, leaving it adrift for days in the gulf of mexico. no word on what caused this most recent fire. gretchen, steven, brian, i just read that they spent $20 million renovating the ship. >> gretchen: hours from now, zimmerman will be back in court and the attorneys will ask that the jurors be able to visit the scene of the shooting and that the jurors names be kept credit and the attorneys will ask that especially damaging audio expert be banned.
5:05 am
the expert claims that he heard trayvon martin begging for his life before being shot. grant acord will be charged as an adult in a plot to bomb his cool. the devices found in his room were pipe bombs, molotov cocktails and a napalm bomb. >> we know there's fear among the people there. we will be there as the visible presence and we need to work with them, if they hear or see anything, do not hesitate to call. >> gretchen: the suspect's mother said my heart goes out to everyone affected by grant's struggle with pandas, a rare form of ocd, a report that she verbally abused players 16 years
5:06 am
ago when she was the coach of the tennessee women's volleyball team and the president of rutgers standing by her saying she was vetted before being brought on board. he was heavily criticized for not firing mike rice when he was a wear that the coach was verbal havely boozing players on the team. gisele has a new gig. embracing her imperfections, she did a photo shoot without any make up. the bombshell said she wants all women to do the freedom to do the same, saying, quote, i love that feeling of, you know, we are women, we are so different, our imperfections is what makes us unique and beautiful.
5:07 am
>> brian: let's bring in laura, hope you had a nice holiday weekend. >> great to be with you, by the way, the job interview, the no-nos on the job interview, i cannot wait to watch that segment. i had people coming in to interview n interview for the show and i say, tell me you think of the show, and they said, i have not listened to it. you have not listened to it? no, not yet. >> gretchen: do you stop the interview? i usually don't, they have been so poorly trained by someone along the way. >> brian: a lot of the times they have the best grades and they have got wards but they do not have people skills. >> and they say, by the way, if i get hired, i do have a vacation scheduled, i'm going sn snowboarding next weekend.
5:08 am
you have to be kidding me. >> steve: came out over the weekend that there could be a connection with the raid in gibson guitar. the same wood is used by all the competitors. they did not get the swat team treatment. some suggested laura, that maybe because the guy that runs gibson is a big republican donor, maybe they were targeting his company because one of his competitors that uses the aim kind of wood who is a big democratic supporter was not raided. how do you think? >> it does put a different light on it. the point of if competitor donating to democrats is important because if it's the same type of wood and there was a concern, than you have to look at both companies. and you know, sending in the swat teams and all this, i mean,
5:09 am
are they using the guitar wire as a terrorist plot? i mean, the whole thing was so heavy handed and it was like, you know, jack booth thug type tactics, it seemed like it was designed to intimidate, clearly that needs to be looked into more. >> brian: and isn't the big problem the administration no credibility right now saying to the irs that you people are paranoid, when we know what is happening is black helicopter stuff. >> people were telling us we were paranoid since 2007, when some of us were asking about barack obama's experience to be in the role. legitimate questions were raised then and more legitimate questions are raised now. this clearly has to be looked into more given the irs story. >> gretchen: and there's another group of people, called general motors car dealers that feel
5:10 am
they were targeted now as well when they were shut down during the -- >> the dealerships. >> gretchen: yes, could there be a link there. the tea party gets as bump after being targeted by the irs. so, is america, starting to realize that there could be something there as the president said there wasn't. koit be that that is why -- remember when we were talking about the tea party lost the surge in the last couple of years. >> i never bought that story. >> gretchen: is that because nobody could be a tea party group? >> people have a sense of fairness and it's, i told o'reilly the other week, it's not left right on this, it's right wrong. for group s to be singled out, and targeted and harassed and bullied. i think it strikes people as deeply unfair. deeply unjust. and so, it does not surprise me that the tea party is seeing some up surge in its popularity
5:11 am
and donations. i would caution my friends about resting kind of a victim's status mentality, i don't think they are doing that, but i think they are being careful, they have to turn this moment to a step forward in policy and advocate for smart policy that hits people in the gut and in the mind as well. right? you have to have great candidates, you cannot have people making stupid comments about, you know, women and, you know abortion and you can't do that. >> brian: what do you think you is the best way forward? they want independent investigations, what do you think is the most efficient way forward? >> i think the two track, the tea party should continue their legal actions and do discovery so we can find out whose idea was this and whose idea was it to turn up the heat in the way th did against the tea party groups and use this opportunity to say, see, this is what we meant when
5:12 am
we talked about starving the beast of power and money, when they get too bad, they get really unaccountable and we have people who are really, you know malfactors in place who end up doing things like they did tos us. it could be us today and you tomorrow. they have to use it as a, i hate the phrase teach able moment, but they have to use this to educate the public on why big government has to be rolled back and that is the whole tea mo montra. >> steve: thank you, for joining us. >> see you next week, guys. >> gretchen: she has days to live, but the organ that could save her life is tied up in red tape. peter johnson, why are is on that little girl's case. >> brian: then, can you open the door mid flight? a passenger tries to do it, next. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
♪ twinkel -- >> steve: sarah needs a lung
5:17 am
transplant to survive, but there's a little known rule standing in her way, peter johnson, jr. joins us to talk about this ten-year-old girl. >> she has been in children's hospital in philadelphia since february, she will die unless she gets a lung transplant and the federal government policy through manage called the optn discriminates against children under the age of 12. if she was 12 years old, she probably would have the lung that she needs already. but, the optn and there's a head of it, a fellow named john p.roberts, one of the great transplant surgeons in the united states, and there's a petition on to him, needs to wait and she can not be considered in the aim way that adults are -- same way that adults are considered in the united states.
5:18 am
>> steve: there's difference age brackets, she was approved for an adult lung, and they said, wait a minute, you have to be 12, not ten. >> i spoke to parents and the aunt of this little girl, the heart break is not a way to describe it unless sarah gets the lung, she will be forced to go on what is called a heart/lung machine where the blood will be pumped outside of her body to keep her alive. so we have this policy in the country that really discriminated against children under 12 and there aren't that many of them that need pediatric lung transplants and we heard this morning, the lungs that are taken from adult victims that gave their lungs, they can be shaved down in a way that are provided to these children. but for some reason, really based on their inability to come up with a math algorithm, they
5:19 am
said no, if you are under 12, there's going to be two priorities. we will not grade you in the same way as we grade adults. if you look at the objective criteria, if she was graded as an adult, she'd be given the lung to survive. there are few continues that we get to help people in our lives. i think we need to speak out for sarah here today. we can do it on fox and at, a petition to say, let's look at this policy to help all of the children, to not discriminate against all of the children including sarah and we can begin to save one life at a time. it's wrong, it's wrong-headed, it's immorale, and it's not practical. it will have a devastating effect on the family. we will stay on top of this. >> steve: good, you know, peter a couple of times they change
5:20 am
today rules to make it more fair, but as we are finding out right now, it's not fair at all in her case. >> it's not fair at all, there should be a uniformity based on the severity of disease and the federal government said so, but they did not apply it to children like sarah under 12 years old. let's hear what she has to say. she said, it's possible, but it's not easy. >> it's not easy. but it's not impossible. >> let's make it possible. >> steve: let's,, peter, thank you. all right, straight ahead, having trouble landing a job in maybe that is because your interview went something like this. jill, hello, i'm c hthe preside ceo of the corporation, how did you hear about the job? >> my friend e-mailed the job, on i do not know what it's
5:21 am
about. >> steve: she is perfect, if you have bombed an interview, e-mail us and john tesh is here, he is talking politics and said, there's an up side to the irs scandal. >> i said that? >> steve: you did, and you will say it when we roll off life from new york city. get your head off of his shoulder. co uld've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. there's a new way to fightily veglitter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice.
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5:24 am
>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour, a carbeeing plucked from the river after last week's terrifying bridge collapse, the car plunged 50 feet wi feet when a portion of a truck clipped it. and ge investing $15 billion in
5:25 am
fracking. >> steve: all right the irs scandal far from over, and taxpayer say it could get deeper, and we fear that. >> steve: starting more than deserve i have groups. radio talk show host. host of sbrieentertainment toni. host biggest -- what am i doing? you and brian doing on the couch? >> reading, brian was showing me how to read. what do you make of the whole irs thing? it looks like they targeted deserve i have conservatives. >> for me, it's like being married for 30 years and you discover that your husband or your wife on the way home every
5:26 am
day has been stopping at a hotel and having an affair. that is how i feel about this. i don't think it's a bad analogy. oh, my gosh, really? >> steve: they are accountable for everything that they are holding us accountable for. they have missed deadlines to produce do you wants that say what they are up to. >> think of the lawsuits that have come from companies that prove they've been a part of it. >> steve: i told you do not pay taxes he has declared he is a church. >> gretchen: john, to the heart of the matter, why did you feel that way. you took it personally. we talk about marriage, and infidelity, it hit you to the core. >> it's one of those things when
5:27 am
the rug is pull out we run on a paradigm, all of a sudden our paradigm changed and it's like, what do we about this? it's the same thing with the irs, things changed. everything is different, any time we go in for a deduction -- >> brian: never mind the man behind the curtain. >> i don't like targeting presidents. but i wish president obama would be more odyssyus in "gladiator," a speech, like a powerful. >> brian: a substance and a plan. i love your radio, i listen to it all the time intelligence for
5:28 am
life. it's a huge hit and now you here today to talk about the launch of the tv show. >> yeah, we have had people, the show reaches about 8 million radio listeners in the week and you have been great fan and i say appreciate it. so many people said, turn it into a tv show and had networks come and say, just put a camera in your radio studio and we thought, you know, let's -- let's do something better. let's make this exactly what it is like on the radio but keep it like two minute tid bits and just produce it. >> brian: it's a family affair. >> it is a family affair. and what happened was, my wife is a huge news fan. huge fan of yours. >> brian: connie selleca. >> and i was preparing to do the show and i was going to do it myself and i said to her, you would not be interested in being involved in this and she said well, let's check it out. so she sat down. >> brian: she said call my
5:29 am
agent. >> gretchen: there she is. >> and she is better than i ever was. and i'm like, would you please be on the show. and she said, you cannot afford me. >> gretchen: and your son. >> and gib, who is a math major, graduated fr ed from school wit. he is our connection, we are like -- >> gretchen: where can people find it? >> we start on ten stations? july. it will be a local show. like the old p.m. show, the radio stations have partnerships a lot of them with tv and we will figure out what that is. my daughter who is here today, is she going to be on the show, she is a dancer in college right now. we figure if there's interpretive dance that -- >> brian: something in the news. >> it is, we switch jobs, one guy is running the prompter or someone is doing that or running the camera. >> brian: i want to see
5:30 am
theoretical math applied to the show. >> gretchen: it's called time cues. >> steve: john, thanks, been a pleasure. how do we find the show? >> go to, same way other shows started. >> gretchen: good luck with that. >> and thanks for the irs questions, i appreciate that. don't pay any attention to anything that i said. >> steve: this is for you. >> yeah. shut up john. >> gretchen: you are safe, now that you talked about it, i think, does this woman look like a drug smuggler? she has been framed says the family. >> brian: john tesh weighs in on it. >> steve: the fresh prince is back, the reunion you have to see. next. e verizon share everything plan for small business
5:31 am
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♪ now this is a story all about how my life got picked up side down ♪ ♪ ♪ it's not unusual to be loved
5:35 am
>> remember that show? >> gretchen: will smith surprising fans on a british talk show with a fresh prince reunion. first he was joined by d.j. jazzy jeff and his son jordan, they sang the first song and then alfonzo rivera came out and broke into his carlton dance. >> brian: that was a great show. >> steve: they still watch it in my house. >> brian: check out this picture of a tornado. the mayor said there's damage, but no deaths. >> steve: meanwhile, maria e is joining us right now. even though it's a calm day on the streets of new york, but there's wild weather. >> reporter: yes we are expecting areas of rain to move in and it's associated with the same storm system that produced
5:36 am
more than 1,000 reports of severe weather across plains. and i do want to start out by showing you the forecast for iowa, in parts of iowa, we are dealing with areas of heavy rain. and more heavy rain is in the forecast today and, wednesday and thursday. what it shows you, that dark spot in purple on the northwestern corner of the state are areas that have seen more than eight inches, some of you more than a foot of rain. that is why we have that flood threat. quickly, showers and storms rolling through parts of the great lakes, moving into the interior northeast, here is a look at the severe weather threat. from parts of texas up to the parts of the midwest. damaging winds and large hail being concerns. back inside. >> steve: keep an eye on the sky. thank you very much. >> gretchen: now to the headlines and a fox alert. this man going to make his first
5:37 am
appearance in court. accused of making unusual statements as he tried to open up a plane's emergency door mid flight tssaga unfolding. >> somebody was yelling, stop him, stop him. and i turned around and saw a large man, trying open the emergency exit. and had it, and was just yanking on it. and just had loud hissing noise. his clothes were not buttoned correctly and he was very disheveled, so i don't know what wagz this man went through. perhaps should not have been near the emergency exit. passengered restrained him. here is a photo as he is being taken away in than cuffs by the fbi. they say he would not have been able to open the door anyway.
5:38 am
>> brian: we have learned that bernie carric will be free from jail short today, he was nom named for the post of homeland security by president bush before his problems emerged. >> steve: meanwhile, an american mother is locked up in a mexican prison on drug charges and the family said they are bogus. she and her husband were headed back to arizona after going to a funeral in the country of mexico. their bus was stopped in a check point and everyone told get off. cops then told her that they found pot under her seat and that is when they arrested her. >> i was like, i have faith that people will help us. that we will get out of this together as a family. >> steve: she is expected to find out today if she will go free or have to head to trial in
5:39 am
mexico. >> brian: shouldn't the ambassador step in there? you have to get involved in the state level. >> gretchen: earlier on the show, we were talking about ways to nail an interview. how to not and how to answer the questions. >> brian: here are a few mistakes that many of you should not make. >> jill, hello, i'm the president and ceo of the corporation. so, how did you hear about the job? >> actually, a friend of mine e-mailed me the job, so i really don't know what it's about. why around you trying get a job with an internship right now? >> to be honest with you, my boss is kind of a jerk. >> do you have any weaknesses? >> my weaknesses, i'm a little forgetful sometimes maybe. >> forgetful. okay. >> steve: yep, she sounds perfect, not.
5:40 am
we asked you if you had comments about bad interviews you were on, and brad e-mailed us and said, i was interviewing a kana date for a serving job and she had h-a-te-e tattooed across her knuckles. that would be bad for business in a waitress job. >> gretchen: and this e-mail, we had an interview whose cell range during the interview, she answered it and excused herself and left the room to take call. >> brian: don't wear flip flops. you say the feedback is that they -- everyone checks their phone during the interview. >> steve: sure, you know, while the person is looking over the resume -- oh, look at that. just don't do it. leave it in the anti. >> gretchen: actor rickie schroeder is on the couch.
5:41 am
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5:45 am
>> as the scandals continue to pile up in washington, so do the questions, the most important of all, was the president directly involved in any of those. rie do you he believe the president was involved? >> we are try to shed light on thmpt we have eight people around the president that knew thmp this -- knew about this, when you have all these people, one after the next that knew something before anyone else did. you start questioning those people. and they start talking about what they knew. one of two things are going on. and you have talked about it for a week and a half. if the president actually knew something, well then clearly, he
5:46 am
is not being truthful and no one around him is. if he did not know anything. then i think it's suggests a level of aloofness that is disturbing in its own right. this is not the end of the line, it's just the beginning and i have a good feeling that darrol issa will be are quite a scandal. >> with regard to the i are rs scandal and targeting tea party patriot groups. that maybe it has given a new life to the organizations. some sort of redemption for the gop, how do you respond to that? >> well, it's pretty offensive. i mean, it's not just offensive, it's unamerican. and i think it should, i hope it gives you life and i hope that it actually helps these organizations but what this is, it's targeting in the worst way. politically, so, we were involved in a campaign aforeswa
5:47 am
important. have you the president or the president's staff or administration or some people that are using the federal government and the irs to actually tamp down his political opponents. and it was not just the tea party groups. that is bad enough, what about all the individuals. we will start hearing about individual people that were targeted. letters from the irs. >> gretchen: we already have. >> yeah, right, and you all were talking about it. and it's going to be more and more of that. it's individuals, it's groups. it's almost any group or person that was critical of white house. how did this happen? what somebody just made it up? >> gretchen: bob dole said something yesterday about the gop that you probable daily not like well, he said that they should put out a closer for repairs sign. your response to mr. dole? >> look, we have spent almost the entire first half of the year talking to 50,000 people
5:48 am
about what we can do better in presidential elections. look, we cannot be closed. we have a race in new jersey, virginia, we have a good shot nup massachusetts with gomez, we have to win the hos ause and th senate. i think closing means doing reflection and making big time kbromps and getting better at presidential elections. in the mid terms, i expect to do well, it's a matter of coming back bigger and stronger as a national matter in 3-1/2 years. in the meantime, we have big time work to do. >> gretchen: all right, a never ending process that political process. >> right. >> gretchen: head of the rnc, thank you much, have a good week. >> all right. >> gretchen: actor rickie schroeder learning what it means to be army strong. he is taking on the toughest challenges but first on the couch with us, and let's check in with martha for what is coming up at the op the hour. >> good morning everyone, is
5:49 am
there a rush to fill some very important vacant court seats? twha the president may be planning and the end near for eric holder why some democrats are calling for his resignation. and there are four different investigations into this. we will see you at the top of the who. -- top of the hour. or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. and didn't know where to start. used a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading.
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5:52 am
>> one topic reality television that has not been touched, a day in the life of an army soldier. starting strong is a behind the scenes look to see what it means to be in the army and do a specific job.
5:53 am
every episode we take a civilian into the army and they learn about life and the culture of the battle. >> steve: there he is. rickie schroeder joining us life. good morning to you. good morning to you. >> steve: what is that? >> it's a behind the scenes look and a great experience for young americans to see what it's like to do a specific job in the army and work with a senior or noncommissioned officer, and look at what it's like to be a mechanic or a medic and at the end of the week, or an engineer or whatever the episode may be, at the end of the week, decide whether to list in army or not. >> brian: you bring a guy. >> or girl. >> brian: or girl, and they decide whether to join or not? >> it's the first time that the army has given this type of transparency that i'm a wear of. we have done all kind of military occupational specialties. and we show the young people how that job or career translates to
5:54 am
a civilian job after they are done in the army. >> gretchen: so your role in it, you are more behind the scenes and you narrorate it? >> that is right. i narrorate it and i produced it in partnership with the army. and no way you can make it >> steve: thises not boot camp, boot camp is tough. we ha we have seen movies about that. s this is what a person would do in the army. >> yes, a specific job in the army. after boot camp, you go to ait, that is why you learn to do your skill. in the army, i did not know this about the army. in addition to being a soldier, every soldier that is a mos, a job. there's a civilian equivalent, they make the decision to enlist or not. and their parents are not always supportive. >> brian: it's a reality show that is real. that is rare these days. what did you know going in, and
5:55 am
what do you know now that you want to relay? you thought you knew what you were getting into -- >> what i learned is that the army is a great big army. they have all the young soldiers under them. think train them so hard, so well, because they want to bring them a all home, they care so much for them. >> brian: they have to be tough with them. >> and there's a reason, they want them to come home safe. >> gretchen: which places did you visit? >> we went to washington state, fort stewart, fort benning. fort sam houston. i will never forget, there were cadets lined up and every one of them had volunteered to be a combat medic and every one of them knew that that mos would deploy to a war zone, and i was never so inspired by a group of young people as those men and woman who volunteered to do that. >> brian: how would you have done in the military?
5:56 am
>> if i was a younger man, i may have done well. but, i think i would have done well. >> brian: yeah. when does it start? >> june 2nd. it runs for ten weekends and i will live online at the >> gretchen: and these are on fox stations around the country. check it out starting on june 2nd. >> steve: up until now, i thought private benjamin was the -- >> gretchen: stick around if you will, we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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>> you know it's wedding season, the guide to surviving wedding season. and if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. see you tomorrow. fox news alert. scandal swirls around the white house. report that president obama is trying to stack one of the most influential courts in the country with friendly judges. hope you had a good long weekend. we're back in "america's newsroom.". martha: good to see you this morning. hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. we're talking about the washington appeals court which is often called the second most important court in the country. it has been fiercely critical actually of the president, overturning major parts of his agenda over the last fourth years. bill: the white house said to be preparing to nominate three judges to the court, at the same time and daring republicans to stop him. byron york, chief


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