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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 31, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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jetstream. that jetstream is where the strongest winds are high up in the atmosphere and that is what storms develop. that has been continuing with us for days. >> rick reichmuth in the ex-he team weather center. thank you, sir. it is 10:00 on the east coast. 7:00 p.m. on the west coast and 9:00 p.m. in st. louis, missouri where are an enormous storm system is blowing through the metropolitan area and across into illinoiáhpj fox reports live tonight. imi'm he ship ship witimi'm. >> shepard: imimshepar" smith e from new york. "hannity" and greta have been preempted. we are getting significant damage in and around st. louis. one particular holiday inn which has apparently been struck. i found out about this recently but i now have it from multiple sources there are damages in earth city and kmov the local
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channel 4 there is reporting some mass casualties at one location. mass a casual at thes can mean a few people are hurt or can mean something a lot larger than that because it is a term that is used by law enforcement and emergency medical responders and sometimes mass casualties sounds like a bigger deal to us than it would be to them. that means they have to send multiple ambulances for sure. we certainly know it is a serious situation in st. louis and surrounding areas right now. we know that winds is that power outages have reached 45,000 in the metropolitan st. louis area. we have gotten multiple reports of damage to vehicles, some minorinjuries as well. we know that some trouble in an area called earth city and still monitoring multiple sources including our own station there which$m reporting that the holiday inn
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at bush stadium has had problems. we know there is some damage there at that holiday inn. we don't know if it was straightline winds for a tornado hit. but if there have been damages and people were sheltering in place there, that would make for a difficult situation. the cardinals were set to play the giants tonight, san francisco giants tonight. and but that game was postuponned due to the severe weather. as it turns out that was apparently a very good idea because that holiday inn there by the stadium has apparently sustained some damage. we cannot be sure of the exñent of it but you we are waiting for the local station to bring us more information on that and we will bring it to you. right now it appears the worst of the storm the leading edge has gone across the river into the state of illinois and rick, the watches around warnings still revery etch in effect. >> they are across areas just now to the northeast of st. louis into illinois. the southern side of it is no
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longeñ tornado warned. i think what we are going see with this is it gets a little bit of bowing so if you notice if you throw up weather 8 real quickly. you can see a little bit of a bowing. it is like a backward c that is beginning to develop there. instead of having individual tornado warned cells, we going to get the wind that is pushing that line of storms out ahead of it. that means it is becoming more of a straightline wind thing where e will see winds probably 70-80 miles per hour which can do plenty of damage. but i he think we will see a transition more into that kind of damaging storm instead of a tornado storm. that said, we still have the four tornado warnings on it. but you will notice the big yellow box there, the national weather service office there has issued a big severe thunderstorm watch box or warning box. i think that means they will drop the tornado warning boxes off pretty soon and that is great news for the folks in illinois.
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>> shepard: rick, thanks. just for a moment i want to update viewerers on the situatn in oklahoma city. it appears the tornadoic activity has died down. appears the worst of the damage is to the west of oklahoma city proper. there are straightline winds that have caused damage all over the area. we know there were multr(le reports of tornadoes confirmed by this dual pole radar thated- everybody is talking about that is new that gives you more specific coordinates but you it doesn't sound as if there is any area in the oklahoma city metropolitan area of widespread damage similar to what we he saw, for instance, last monday in moore which is a suburb just south of the city. we don't have anything like that. we do have reports from the oklahoma city highway patrol, from the oklahoma highway patrol a mother and baby were killed west of the city when either straight line winds or a tornado or something they can't confirm yet blew the car off the road and both of them were
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killed. otherwise, we do have reports of injuries. we know that hospitals were set up for what they called a code yellow in the oklahoma city area waiting for an in flux of patients. to our knowledge they have not yet received that. how can you say well, for hours we are seeing these reports. multiple tornadoes on the radar at exactly the same time. all over a region and yet no reports of mass casualties, no reports of widespread or are concentrated damage. that is at nature of these sometimes they blow through you and rake the ground and do exactly what happened in moore. sometimes they bounce around miss people. sometimes the flooding does all of the damage. sometimes it is the straightline wind is. but always you have to be prepared and tonight the fact of the hatter is many in the oklahoma city area were not. the highways were jam packed and still are leading out of the city.
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the tornado warnings, the greatest tornado fears have passed the oklahoma city area now and they are telling us that what they are going to expect throughout the night is at times a period of one to three inches of rain per hour at least until 11:00 or 12:00 local time. so though the tornado danger has passed for oklahoma city itself, the weather damage certainly has not. we are going to go to local coverage in the st. louis area so that is in the -- in oklahoma city. we will go to oklahoma city coverage just for a minute and in a moment i will have new reports out of st. louis. first, kokh our fox station there. listen in. >> we pull into this area and we are actually underneath a gas station area and you can see behind me the trees that we found blown up here. we tried t tried to move some f the way to drive-thru but they are very large trees, the trunks probably the size of my leg or better. hard to even pick them up or move them at all. as we look across southwest
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119th here, hopefully you can make it out in the distance. power poles snapped off and the power lines are trooping down covering the far are north lane of the westbound traffic going across southwest 119th right now. and as these drivers are unaware right now as they are going across the screen right now but they where to hit a huge flash flooding area right down here at the bottom of the hill. a little creek down there and a little bridge area. we made it through earlier when it was not quite as bad. it was a little difficult for us to get through. we had to turn around a few you times as we have been driving areas not safe to go through. power out to a large portion of southwest oklahoma city and a lot of trees down everywhere that we have been and big branches down as well. jamie? >> a lot oñ the storm chasers were saying this thing looks
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bad. it loks really bad and we won't know how bad until tomorrow morning. from what you can see right now compared to may 20 what do you think? >> you know, i think compare to may 20 this was just a crazy storm because i think i heard jeff say this earlier where this wasvu a typical storm track that yo could follow. we heard about this thing whenever it was going down in el reno and tried to go around. of course, with everybody out on the roads the roads were just insanely congested. it was at a standstill. we knew we didn't want to be sitting on the interstate and couldn't get far enough south. we jogged on the back roads. once we got south of it you are watching the storm up to the north of us. we are in an area the sun is shining and there is no rain on us and hit another traffic jam and the next thing you know the clouds are start to go over us and then hearing you have got another storm forming just to the west of us coming up out of
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almost no where as it seemed and when the new castle storm started to form we were tried to head south to get around it still. we saw that thing start to form and you could feel the winds pick up. i don't think there was a lot of circulation at that point. jeff said the massive winds, we felt those hit hing our car. at one point felt a tree limb probably hit into the side of us as we were driving along. a lot of straightline winds. we haven't seen as much damage. we tried to stay out of that area as much as possible to get out of the storm and survey back through but we weren't able to get around it because of all of the storms that started popping up in the way. >> the national weather service told us you to stay off the roads after 4:00 p.m. i see the traffic rolling behind you. did you see people on the roads? were they trying to get home or are there people out there looking at damage now? >> i think a lot of them were trying to get home. we were shooting a storery earlier today in moore.
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we saw it looked like a lot of maybe city offices and downtown businesses were letting people out early. we saw a lot of people on the roads. took us  lot longer to get anywhere than it would normally take us and that was earlier in the day around 3:00, 3:30 or so. then as we were out you couldn't take i-35 south. it was backed up all the way to 40 for a point. almost all the way to 240 at a point. h 4 was literally a -- 44 was literally a parking lot for a time. people filed off of i-40 coming down the side streets as well. obviously they didn't need to be interstate. a lot of people out trapped stuck with no where to go. >> thank you so much. >> kind of a scary situation right there. >> thank you, phil. i hate to wrap you up like that. want to get you back to jeff george with new information for
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us. jeff? >> we are getting live pictures from the shawnee area of some serious flash flooding going on right now and apparently possibly structural damage as well. if we still have the shot up on chase net 2. we do. let's go to that. a direct shot of the shawnee area right now and you see the hail bouncing off this guy's windshield right here and looks like half dollars to golf ball sized hail. looks like we have a vehicle halfway up the tires right here with some -- wow, really soupy and really messy out here. >> shepard: getting the early damage reports out of the oklahoma city area as you can hear. the meteorologists showing pictures from the kokh the fox station there for oklahoma city. the truth is there is damage. there is -- power outages across the region. but it will be difficult to know as we were seeing there exactly what the extent of the
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damage it. doesn't appear at least in the early going it is anything like what happened monday a week ago. now, to st. louis where we are able to clear up earlier reports from local media and beyond. we know there has been damage at a holiday inn right there at bush stadium. some damage to bush stadium itself. this were earlier reporás that people may have been trapped in debris. i'm told that the reports were inaccurate thank@tj that local reports of people trapped at bush stadium were wrong. in addition, we have gotten information from local authorities i told you about the tornado warnings in effect but according to the dispatchers in st. louis they have no confirmed casualties at this holiday inn in earth city. patentville fire department is on scene there. we know there was damage to a holiday inn.
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into, jr. or no loss of -- no injuries or loss of life or anything like that. watches around warnings throughout the st. louis metro especially to the east side across the river in illinois. we will have continuing coverage from there throughout the night. rick reichmuth is in the extreme weather center. what is the weather pattern looking like in illinois and st. louis? >> still probably a couple of hours they will have the severe storms and some pretty significant rain. a lot of rain, shep, across that area of the midwest over the last couple weeks and some really big flooding. very heavy rain falling today with the storms especially across missouri and eastern parts of illinois. we have been talking so much about drought across the plains, that is all across the western side of it. western kansas, western nebraska, the panhandles. this eastern side eastern parts of kansas and into missouri and iowa big flooding concerns. we will see a crest on the mississippi river around st. louis back into major flood stage the next couple of days.
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big flooding. more severe weather tomorrow. still a tornado threat across illinois. the storms in illinois now moving towards central, illinois are the only tornado-warned storms that we have left tonight. and that is great news because we have seen it across probably ten states. we have it now just towards the one state, that is good. but we still have the warnings across areas of central, illinois. kind of to the south of springfield and just to the west of vandallia. just to the east of st. louis. >> shepard: i'm getting reports of significant damage in earth city, missouri. west and north of st. louis %itself. and in earth city apparently adore cording to multiple local reports including some from law enforcement, overturned vehicles and damage at a holiday inn there' long interstate 70 to the north and west of st. louis. you just never know where the significant damage is going to
7:15 pm
be. >> i can tell you that is very close to saint anne which we had reported earlier there was some damage. so that would have been the same tornado and i have been seeing reports of a large tornado on the ground in that northern just to the north part of downtown st. louis. that would make sense. it would be all that same area in those northern suburbs from earth city and saint anne and "np)ound the airport as well. >> shepard: a live picture of the holiday inn there in earth city. for those familiar saint charles is on the west side of the missouri river there and earth city is on the east side of the missouri river and this is all right along i'terstate 70. damage that happened awhile ago because the leading edge of the storm has continued to move on. we will get live reports from in st. louis and have continuing coverage. this is breaking news from the journalists of fox news. we'll be right back. with savoy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all?
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19 minutes past the hour. fox news channel continuing coverage of an incredible night of storms in the heartland of america. first oklahoma city and now in and around st. louis and across the river in illinois. you can see the extreme weather some of the worse of the damage it sounds like in an area of town called earth city. the northwest corner if you will of the st. louis area
7:20 pm
proper. there is a beltway around st. louis and it is right on the beltway right on the missouri river. a holiday inn with some damage. there were air early reports which were wrong of casualties there. the police are now telling us people are okay but there is damage. there is some damage, i don't know how significant but you some damage right around bush stadium where they were supposed to play a baseball game tonight but the cardinals canceled or postponed the game with the giants from san francisco. employees of bush stadium were told to tech around for awhile. apparzntly no casualties there either. lots of hail across the river, though, in illinois. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is back with us. rick, that is not unexpected at all? >> rick reichmuth is sending me notes now saying that they he can expect extremely high winds in the low hurricane force winds. around 70 h-75-mile an hour wind gusts. further they can expect hail
7:21 pm
significant sized hail and some very strong straightline winds. so, in the st. louis area, you are not out of the woods and the weather map there on the the big yellow box is an area for extreme thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms. and the red boxes are tornado warnings. let's listen in to local coverage in st. louis where they are giving a heads uñ to locals there. >> with the radar and show you what is going on. there is the bow right in there. again, i-70 north and to the east of 55 right now. it is approaching highway 51 in illinois. so here is 51. there is 70. there is 55. the most severe weather is right boxed in there. the severe squall line and anywhere along the front edge of that line is where we can get these spinup tornadoes which is why you are under a tornado warning right now. and these are now becoming what
7:22 pm
we would call rain wrapped tornadoes. you won't see them. might hear them coming but not going see them. the only way you might see them as they are hitting power lines in the night time sky.xploding these things are rain wrapped and getting a lot of damage reports, high wind reports right along the squall line of vandallia, ramsey, brownstown, saint elmo, right corner. farina. fill more. pittsburgh. beginning ham. bailey city. st. paul. st. peter. st. james and including the ramsey lake state park. those are the areas in the line of tire on this. really is more of a bow echo than anything else right now. a little more vague as far as tornadoic activity but certainly cannot outrule it. even at this stage of the game and at this night. i want to look back here and see what kind of damage reports we are getting.
7:23 pm
some of this would be past information. getting reports out of bridgeton, the emergency manager reporting three foot diameter trees snapped. lots of 10-inch diameter tree limbs down. multiple street signs down near saint charles rock road and highway 270. also getting tractor trailers turned over. damage reports up there. debris all over the ground that trails back into earth city and back to harvester in missouri. 9and again, now the focus being down through bond county and folks in fayette county you may be wondering i wonder if this is goyng to get here. it is going to get there. here is fayette county right now. i-70 cutting right through there. that is going to get you and going to get you in añvery, very short period of time. other storms that we have been following keep you up to date on it as it moves to the east is the big hail producer that is right on the border of
7:24 pm
madison county and st. clair county. we will scope this thing out for you again and continues to produce large hail. >> shepard: the local coverage indicates in for a long night in the st. louis area ñonight as well. especially across the river in illinois. multiple reports as you heard the meteorologist there from ktvi fox fo multiple reports of cars overturned and tractor trailers overturned. debris in the area and damage around. flash flooding and hail. what a night of weather from oklahoa city to st. louis. continuing coverage on fox news channel right after this. now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. [ sound fades ] at a moment like this, i'm glad i use tampax pearl. [ female announcer ] tampax pearl protects better. only tampax has a leakguard braid to help stop leaks before they happen. tampax pearl protects better.
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7:29 pm
and at one point moving about 20 miles an hour. later at about 35 miles an hour. the latest word on casualties comes to us at fox news from the oklahoma highu(v patrol. that of a mother and daughter blown off a highway and killed in the path of this storm. with that said, i can tell you that the cbs television affiliate kwtv in oklahoma city our network news service affiliate there is reporting on its phone five fatalities in the oklahoma tornadoes today though fox news does not have the information and cannot confirm it. noaa is now reporting 11 tornadoes confirmed today in missouri, oklahoma, illinois and iowa. we are waiting for more damage reports to come in from the oklahoma city area. from what we are able to bring together so far, no areas of
7:30 pm
widespread destruction. 1it(áhpáhut know, no major facilities no, malls, no hospitals, no nursing homes, nothing that holds a lot of people. no apartment complexes. we did get reports earlier tonight, eyewitness reports of a mobile home park overrun by one of the wide tornadoes. we have nothing to confirm that any one was injured there. right now we wait for authorities to give us more information in oklahoma. this, though, from the weather channel, where one of their crews was covering this storm and it was the tornado is were just dropping from the sky in areas that weren't being predicted first to the east and south and then to the east and these storm0átáq)s were in the middle of it all and you can see the damage that happened to the weather channel vehicle. we are told that some minor cuts and brutes to some of their em-- bruises to some of the employees. we were led to believe some may have been taken to local
7:31 pm
hospitals but i can't confirm that. that is what the storm chasers on scene were telling us. our best to the folks there at the weather channel and a we hope that they are all right. we are reporting on a number of different areas of damage in oklahoma. a numb of big rigs turned over and that sort of thing. lots of pictures coming in to us like this. as far as widespread damage in oklahoma we don't have it. just as all of these storms in oklahoma were beginning to die down, they were heating up in and around st. louis. the cardinals got word that they needed to cancel the baseball game against the giants and did that. we understand there might have been a little damage from straightline winds around bush stadium but we know that there was damage to a holiday inn in the town of earth city on the northwest corner of the st. louis area right around the beltway right on the missouri river. some damage to a holiday inn this there. there were erroneous reports earlier of mass casualties there. we now have confirmed through
7:32 pm
authorities there were no injuries at that particular holiday inn. but we do know that there was some damage there. so damage is sporadic. 64,000 customers in metro oklahoma city without power. and a number of power outages here in the st. louis area as well. of course, east st. louis, illinois is on the other side of the river there just to the south of east st. louis and beyond they are still receiving damage and you can see on the right-hand side of the screen the watches around warnings are significant as we have now passed 9:30 central daylight time. our station there is ktvi for st. louis. fox for st. louis. local coverage is underway now. they are covering -- they are in the evening newscast now in the 9:00 hour. let's listen. >> the next area that we are going to be watching i'm not convinced that is a big severe weathermaker but it going to add to the rain, a couple of inches of rain with that as it pushes now into phelps county and into montgomery county,
7:33 pm
warren county and franklin counties in missouri. lightnin. big rain. some wind. at this stage of the game, it is just kind of severe. it is not tornadoic at this stage. >> there you go, guys. >> and we talked a little bit about folks not taking chances. i was on the phone and when i first asked him they said they he would make a decision about five minutes. shortlyñthereafter they said no, we are scrapping it. at intermission, they are are sending people home. not taking any chances. >> same thing down at bush stadium. a live picture there. >> shepard: the worst passed in st. louis. that is bush stadium and a live picture out of there where as i mentioned they canceled the game. back to oklahoma city where we are getting updates out in the field. let's listen. a port-a-potty in the middle of the road. we could feel them and felt them and we made it inside of
7:34 pm
the warren theater just this time. i had to run back to the car bass i accidentally left the when the winds picked up and it was difficult to run back to the theater and get inside. people were just screaming and crying, families trying to push their children inside. the doors weren't opening well. it was a scary situation and it is still dangerous out here and we are seeing cars trying to navigate the road and they really shouldn't be, jamie? >> how many people do you think took shel shelter with you? >> a lot. the whole hall way of the theater was packed. more and more people coming in. i would see people come stretching to a halt outside of the theater and jump out of the cars with the pets and kids and babies and run inside. the hallway was packed. people as i mentioned earlier people kept wanting to peek around the corner and stand in the entryway nd look out the windows and look out the doors.
7:35 pm
and the warren employees were having trouble trying to keep people back in the hallway because people wanted to see it for themselves i guess. really it seems like people didn't have respect for the storm which is surprising after the past storms that we just experienced. but there were a lot of people this there. at one point, someone either pulled the fire alarm or someone was smoking in the bathroom or something because the fire alarm went off in the midst of all of that which just frightened people even more. whenever the situation outside calmed down they released us, jamie. >> thank you so much and thank you for the detailed description aj you took shelter there as the warren theater which is still standing after the tornado last week and rebecca is live in downtown. what are you seeing down there? >> jamie, it is really just a way to show you how quickly the water is moving in and out of the area. literally when we got here ten minutes ago this car that had
7:36 pm
been left abandoned in the middle of the street had water up to its wheels. we have seen the water recede significantly in the area right next to the convention center. the car is abandoned. a safety hazard. we have been seeing a lot of cars trying to figure out which way to pass the car some going on the inside and some on the outside. unbelievable how many people are on the road out here. looks like normal friday afternoon traffic. are cars everywhere and people walking around and it is possible they he believe because the rain has slowed down a bit it feels like a lull out here but still a lot of danger as you can see abandoned cars are all over the city. live in oklahoma city, fox 25 news. >> thank you so much for the live report. we have çathleen o' shea on the phone with og and e. where do you begin with the rain coming down like this?
7:37 pm
>> our first priority is to clear the roadways and just get theju major roadways and try and get the poles out. we will do that, too. >> shepard: they are working to clean up and assess the damage. the oklahoma governor mary fallin reports five people killed in oklahoma, that is confirmed. our coverage continues on fox news channel right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz, through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up.
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>> shepard: weather alert and new pictures in from the tornado that hit and this is el reno, oklahoma. west on i-40 from oklahoma city 15 miles west or so. one of the tornadoes that was on the ground today. we saw in in the early coverage and realized this is creating p multiple vortex as the meteorologists put it and sure enough tornadoes were dropping from the sky all over the place. we now have confirmed through the governor mary fallin of oklahoma five deaths across the
7:42 pm
state mostly in an area between oklahoma city and west to el reno. we know that a mother and daughter were killed when their car flipped over on the road. the details of the other three fatalities we do not yet have. led to believe some 64,000 customers without power throughout a region of mort than a million people. when i say 64,000 customers accounts so the the number of people without power could be significantly higher. they are out assessing damage now trying to get the lines out of the road and make it easier for people to pass as we fast -- well, this is 20 minutes before 10:00 in the evening there. and oklahoma city cleaning up from another round of violent storms. i have been saying for the last 30 or 40 minutes or so that we have no reports of widespread damage, no significant, no areas where like a neighborhood is wiped out or anything like we saw in moore and all of the reports coming in seem to end kate that that is not something
7:43 pm
ha happened here. we are a bit hesitant to put a bullet point on there because so many of the areas are quite dn)ural. where the tornadoes first formed about 30 miles to the west of the city which is really outside the suburban area of oklahoma city as you go west on the interstate. so it formed sort of out in open areas where you will have little settlements if you will, little groupings of homes and such and our concern is tñere may have been damage to some of the groupings of homes. eyewitness accounts of a mobile home park or a neighborhood of mobile homes the storm spo÷ter said at the time it was a grouping of he estimated around 20 mobile homes that got overrun by one of the tornadoes but he was at a distance and we can hope that the tornado just barely missed the mobile homes because we don't have any reports of multiple casualties in any area. no mass casualty reports and nothing from any hospitals to suggest anything like that is on the way.
7:44 pm
no emergency managers have suggestions they will have to go out and clean up any neighborhoods. get to the oklahoma highway your best assessment of things about big picture for us, if >> i can tell you it has been nightmarish here tonight. we had tornadoes that swept across the metro, touched down several places, interstate the 40 has been shut down throughout the night. interstate 35 has been shut down. that is because of multiple crashes. overturned vehicles including semis. we have had power lines that have been down across the interstate. and then with all of the torrential rain we had high water that made some of the roadways impassible. it has been pretty crazy here tonight. >> shepard: and we were watching as the storms were coming through and seeing the backups on the freeways. trooper randolph frankly i was surprised to see that. the hope was after what we saw last monday in moore that people would pay attention to the warnings this afternoon and stay off the freeways in the
7:45 pm
height of the storm but you they didn't. >> no, unfortunately. i'm afraid we are unable to reach some people especially those that are''t familiar with oklahoma and aren't familiar with the tornadoes that we do have here. if they are traveling, you know, i-40, i-35 is a huge corridor say cross the nation. >> shepard: of course. >> and if people aren't listeñing to radios as they are traveling they essentially drive in tornadoes and can be deadly. we know we haded a mother and a baby that were killed tonight during the tornadoes that touched down just west of the oklahoma city metro. it is so heartbreaking. >> shepard: trooper randolph, governor fallin is reporting of three other deaths. do you know of those? >> i do not know of those but we had so much tornadoes thate touched down through the metro. basically the tornadoes along interstate 40 through the oklahoma city metro area
7:46 pm
eastbound and turned and went south and so her verily populated areas and again vehicles traveling on the interstte were essentially stuck in traffic as the power lines and multiple crashes and overturned vehicles and had no place to go. >> shepard: i'm short on time but in the moore area my understanding is there is vehicle damage and power outages but no tornado touched down, right? >> well, from what i understand there was a tornado that touched down in the moore area and is similar in the same area as where we had the tornadoes from last monday. i cannot confirm any other fatalitiesñor any other injuries right now as we still have units out assessing the damage. >> shepard: trooper betsy randolph. all the best to the men and women of the highway patrol as they work so hard yet another night. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> shepard: , yes, am. new reports out of st. louis and i do want to get you updates from there. the worst of this is bush -- this is bush stadium in a live
7:47 pm
picture. the worst of the storm moved east and into tornado. no longer tornado dangers but we have a number of updates for you and we will bring them to you right after this. ght. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places. (girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? >>. >> ouan do more.
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j in st. louis. shoor what i know. from the st. louis area, i 70 is clos÷ from lindberg to st. charles county. several vehicles granded a -- stranted along the interstate. emergency personnel there are. the fire department near the holiday inn in earth city, the holiday inn airport west along the missouri river, there is some damage there. early reports of casualties but those were wrong no.
7:52 pm
casualties there. the hollywood casino in st.ñiñr louis with significant damage. some roof problems. it's been cleared no. casualties of any kind there. we're also told of some damage right around bush stadium where cardals postponed tonight's scheduled game against san francisco giants. congressman lacey clay of missouri's first district was at the gae. i understand with a son and a nephew are something. ts that right, congressman? is right. my son, my 12-year-old son and his cousin who is also 12. i took them down for that. to see giants play the cardinals and of course they never started the game. they postponed it. it was about a half hour of the official start of the game. >> congressman what can you tell us about damage down there? what did you see? >> there was very -- heavy
7:53 pm
down pours, rain, strong winds. the skies darkened and i know that in parts of my district there is just some heavy storm damage. earlier, and in the spring had been hit again tonight. i will go daylight and try to, some of the damage. i do know interstate 70 is closed in bothd now, we heard reports of cars being flipped over on their sides. >> we have reports of that. from the patrol and rest as well. and much of the storm moved over into illinois and tornado danger has apparently pass add cording to local meteorologists. any damage there at bush stadium? there are reports people might have been trapped.
7:54 pm
>> well, they pretty much evacuated bush by 8:00 p.m. central standard time soljwj people were out of the çtadium and in pretty much out of downtown and in their cars. it's just a blessing we don't have casualties as of yet. and hopefully that will hold true when the sun comes up. >> you cancel a cardinals game you know something sear jus going. >> this is cardinal nation but they'll try to make it up tomorrow in a double header. >> congressman lacey clay, all of the best, and thank you. >> thank you so much. >> so you can see the weather radar there on the screen on the righthand side of the screen there is warning and
7:55 pm
watch bxes. reds are warnings. it's getting late across st. louis metro. over east in illinois but it's, if you have concerns tonight i suggest you turn to a local and get pinpoint radar for local area. i know our stakes ktvi would love it if you join them over there on fox. i'm shepherd smith. our coverage continues in just a moment. with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. ♪ even if it's so wrong ♪ i wanna scream out loud ♪ boy, but i just bite my tongue ♪
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to avoid long-term injury, seek immedte medical hel for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. one minute before the hour, what a night. across metropolitan oklahoma city, oklahoma and into st. louis, missouri area. an absolute night of terror for many people, the storms began west of oklahoma city, about 6:00 local time, central daylight time tonight and race add cross the metropolitan area. very close to moore, oklahoma many reports of cars overturned. the governor reports five people have been killed in the oklahoma city area today alone. clean up will continue throughout the night and first
8:00 pm
light we'll have coverage tomorrow, fox and friends begins 4:00 a.m. central daylight time tomorrow, 5:00 on the east coast. our coverage continues now on fox news channel. i'm shepherd smith, thank you for being with us, i'll see you monday. >> as shepherd was just saying another night of extreme weather in america's heartland. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm kelly wright. oklahoma city area getting slammed with tornadoes. the warnings then moving to st. louis, missouri. and parts of illinois and iowa. the broad storm hitting oklahoma city and suburbs friday, causing havoc on interstate 40 which is now shut down. a trooper says the storm crumbled cars and tractor trailer as long major artery connecting suburbs located east and west of the city. we have a confirmed death of a mother and a


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