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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 1, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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2014 midterms are coming up around the corner. register to vote and make your voice heard. see you on "the five." have a great weekend, everybody. >> it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". >> the media still has questions about the justice department's seizure of fox news reporter james rosen's personal records beginning in 2010. but they are struggling to get answers. why? because the administration is avoiding, dodging and denying. here are two examples in just the last 24 hours. first, justice department is trying to explain themselves, but the meetings are largely off the record. second, the white house denies any involvement or responsibility. >> can i take you back before
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the subpoena of james rosen and ask you whether his 2009 reporting on north korea was brought to the attention of the president or his national security advisor? >> i am not able to answer that question because it's hard for me to assess what article or what television clip the president may or may not have seen in 2009. >> you know if anyone at the white house's national security, such as tom donnellan played any role in triggering the leak investigation itself in. >> i think i've been clear that these kind of criminal investigations are the kinds of things initiated by the justice department and not privy. >> so few answers and questions. that's the big problem here. eric, what do you say? >> so little time. >> if only we had two hours. >> the weird thing is, if they were consistent, we probably would all be okay. like we're going to go after people who leak, clearly they overreach when they went into rosen's search warrant for rosen's stuff.
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but then so we're going to go after rosen and then we're going to go after people. we kind went after them too hard. maybe we shouldn't have. they're so wishy washy. eric holder at some point within the next, i don't know, 30 days action is going to say he'll do the right thing. president obama, you've been a good friend to me. however, to avoid distractions, i will step down. my prediction is he's got 30 days max and he'll do it and take one for the team. >> and he'll go back and make a lot of money in private practice representing enemy combatants and gitmo detainees. he's good at is, so that's fine. dana, they have communication problem here. a lot of inconsistent statements. eric holder wants to have sort of a hug it out with the media off the record, which doesn't have much credibility. for example, fox news and associated press didn't want any part of that. >> i think part of the problem is that they have the meetings last night and today. the people who are reporting on the meetings that went are saying, it was constructive.
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it was helpful. but if guidelines are guideline guidelines, then shouldn't everybody know what they are? i think they did themselves a disservice. i don't think this had to be on background or off the record. if they were going to let reporters talk about it afterwards, seems to me they could have done this on the record. i do have to say i think josh does a pretty good job. i love his name, ernest, that's the best name for a pr person. like a hollywood person. he doesn't have a ton of answers because, what they need to do is a communications audit. when somebody would come in from the outside, a lawyer-type person and say, here is what you have said up to now. here is the holes and then they need to do what's called a murder board, where he gets asked all the toughest questions by their critics, but friendly critics and hopefully next back come back and answer these questions. i don't think it goes away until they expose the entire scope. if they could promise all of us that nobody else aside from
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james rosen and the ap's thousands of records were seized, then maybe they'd be okay. but they haven't been able to tell us that yet. that would be my biggest concern as a press secretary what, else is out there yet to come out. >> i'm puzzled by this off the record meeting that eric holder wanted to have. i guess he thought he could come, say sorry and the media would say it's totally fine. i wasn't just staring at greg longingly. >> you often do. >> go. >> go, please. i want you to go. >> okay. t what -- no, what i was going to say was when you have an off the record conversation and then all the people who were there face the people who didn't go to the mowing, it's not much of an off the record meeting. you said you could make up anything you want to say about what eric holder said. you think he made anything up? >> no, i was actually at the meeting. >> you were?
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>> i was. and it was amazing. the first thing he said was -- >> you're a mole? >> no, no. the thing is, that's the point. they turned off the tape recorders when i was there. he just announced he was a sequential amaphrodite. nobody taped it. he could deny it, but it was off the record and there are no recorders, so it's his word against mine. but by the way, why was this off the record? it was completely boring, like having your laundry folding off the record. >> deep throat was off the record for a good reason. >> we can't bring up that movie now. >> good movie. >> what holder is hoping is that this somehow all goes away, that this meeting was like an inked stained version of make-up sex. that all the stuff that happened before hand is okay and things go back to normal and you can love obama the way you were supposed to. but it can't happen that way because nothing was
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accomplished. >> can you help? >> what does that mean? >> during the press. in the press. ink stained make-up. >> oh, like wrapped in a newspaper? >> we thought you meant that thing -- >> no, no. they're bringing them all together so we can get it back to the way it was before. >> let me say what eric said here. i think this may be a part of a strategy for him to get himself out. in other words, i think he wants to be able to say, i tried to explain what i was doing. here is the new guidelines and i want at some point to sakes my predecessor will pick this up. i cannot imagine, if this goes into another week, that it doesn't end up this wait a minute it's too bad. i've known eric holder a long time. he's an honorable man. i do think he's becoming a liability and i think this is part of an exit strategy. >> one of the things they said in this meeting was that the department of justice says that eric holder did not lie under oath.
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but what would you expect, 'cause it's impossible for a bus to throw itself under itself. so what else are they going to say? >> the other thing is amongst the chattering class which matters in this case because that's all their buddies and friends, they are concerned because, while they're saying he did not commit perjury, he actually was misleading. and is it the same thing in the eye of the public? yes. >> oh, to answer your question, the new rasmussen policy, 42% think holder should resign, 24% disagree. those are some significant numbers against your friend, bob. >> the hero to awful us is james rosen. he single handedly brought these people who are always nipping at fox news and coming back now and saying -- first of all, his reporting was quite good, i might add. he was out in front of a lot of other people. i've noticed that the chattering about fox news has been cut in half here from the chatter -- >> they'll be back.
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>> enjoy it while we have it. >> okay. so speak of chatter, michael eric dyson was on martin bashir. who is that? we'll show you. >> is this actually going to lead to something, do you think, or just more of the same, more continuous calls for the attorney general to stand down? >> i think the attorney general should step down, off of that plateau where he resides in high principle and -- but he shouldn't give up havesment what he needs to understand is that he is the chief law giver of the united states of america. he's the motion our time and at least for this administration. >> the moses. >> obviously they're going to start doing that, the liberals are going to say, hey, he's great. bob did it just a minute ago. he's great guy. but still, we showed a list of controversies that he's embroiled in right now. >> show me an attorney general in the modern era that has not been controversial. >> i'm going to call him tag.
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>> you're missing the whole factor. i cannot believe how racist professor dyson is to compare eric holder to moses malone, just because they're black and because he plays basketball? that's disgusting. basically what he does, he mistakes eric in principle for -- for principle, but as a professor, that's what he does four a living. >> can i make a prediction? >> please do. >> i think is not 30 days. probably more like 45, 60 days and august recess when eric holder decides he'll spend more time with his family and i think you will see a woman, and it will be janet napolitano. >> i like this. give us your prediction. how long will this take? >> i don't know. kind unfair to people who don't have families. it's like when you get fired or resign, i'm going to go home and spend more time by myself. >> you're going to spend more time with your pool boy? >> with my dog.
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>> boling, how long? >> 30 days. >> maximum? >> look, if you go too far, then you start worrying about some of these midterm elections. is it going to spill over. >> that's the point. it could have a polarizing effect. >> 45 or 60 days, many of these things may have already passed by then. if he's going to do it, he should do it sooner. >> bob, your phone is ringing a lot today. so you may have the answer. >> i think if he survives next week, if this thing doesn't keep going, i think he could survive. but i think it's probably less certain now and i think 30 days is probably a reasonable time. >> at what point do you decide to help the president and say thank you, sir. thank you for being so loyal to me, but i don't want to cause any more problems for you and so with your acceptance, i would like to resign? that's what he should do. >> i wish we could bump out with kenny rogers, no one to hold him. >> what does he do? >> he's kidding.
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>> no. does the irs scandal go deeper than anyone imagined? some disturbing stories about american citizens that were targeted by the agency. also a democrat plays the race card and sheds objections to obamacare are based on racism. we're going to show you the tape. stay right here. and bob meant monopoly money e verizon share everything plan for small business lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers-- oh, sorry. all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. connecting more so you can do more. that's powerful. verizon. get the blackberry z10 for $199.99.
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>> three big hearings in the house on monday, tuesday and thursday. we'll have it all covered for you right here on "the five." so don't miss a beat or day.
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we've been telling you it's been hard to get any answer, much less straight answers from the people at the center of the scandal. hopefully that changes next week, but i, we are not optimistic. the good news is that some politicians are following our lead and doing their job. like mr. owe continental, check out a part of his latest ad. >> do not answer any questions or testify. >> didn't know a i'm not aware of that. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i have no memory of anyone doing that. >> i didn't know that. >> not personally responsible. >> do you believe it is the illegal? >> i don't believe it is. >> when the president does it, that means it is not illegal. >> does the president believe that will be illegal? >> the law is irrelevant. >> we're going to punish our enemies and we'll reward our friends. >> i tell you -- >> that explains my audit.
2:17 pm
>> for a guy who is obviously in political trouble, that's one of the more cheapest ads i've ever seen u ought to be ashamed of yourself. you're minority leader of the united states senate. not minority leader of the kentucky senate. >> you think mitch mcconnell is in trouble? >> i do. >> campaign wise? there is not a candidate. >> he's in trouble being mitch mcconnell. but you can't -- to politicize this thing before you have the hearings and to go on the air with that kind of ad, that's a muck raking issue disgraceful ad and it's typical of a guy from a burban state. >> i would not have done that. in my worst day i wouldn't have. >> oh, you know what, bob? >> you bragged about things worse than that. >> i think sometimes when you wake up from a nap, you're cranky. >> never mind. [ laughter ] >> if you think that's helpful in this discussion, having that crap on the air? >> i don't think it matters. i think the politics of it is
2:18 pm
very serious. i think no matter what, the hearings are going take a long time to get out and their pr problem is possibly much larger even than their hill problem. one of the things that happened that we found out is that one of the groups that was targeted said, the irs said, you can get your status, but you have to promise you would never, ever protest at planned parenthood sites. the bureaucracy, no one thinks that's a weird thing to ask? they're okay with asking that? >> it's not okay. the irs has no credibility, i think at this point and so the proponents of it to say let's do a flat tax, let's do away with the irs, this is their strongest moment in time to do so because you want these people that are targeting americans from exercising their constitutional right to practice whatever political belief groups that they want and you're going to have them take over obamacare and then decide to fine and
2:19 pm
penalize americans? >> have you noticed that? right wing contributors say i was audited. >> bob -- >> we got a knock on the door by two irs agents? who in the world gets a knock on the door by an irs agent? >> you're an exception to the rule. >> okay. >> i find it hard to believe that all of a sudden i'm seeing all these groups come out. it was bad and wrong. the questions were wrong. they shouldn't have been asked. >> there is no excuse for it. >> but to politicize it and say you're getting audited because you're a right wing contributor. >> it was already politicized by the irs. the irs is a -- now the political attack machine arm of the obama administration. you know what the irs is? if you look at their targets, it's somebody on the far left would choose. essentially the irs has become msnbc with authority. huffington post with a search wash. sandra fluke with subpoena powers. every target is disliked. the irs in a way is over.
2:20 pm
it's over because people -- kind of back to your point, bob, you don't really have to worry if you're the left because they have to balance out their assaults. >> here is why they don't have to. the issue with the tea party. the irs wasn't after the tea party over a 01 c 4 status. on the right is the tea party. on the left, move on action civic committee. media matters, progressives united. they didn't target them. they only went for the tea party. here is the problem, though. so now the left is trying to say, oh, well, we should close these loopholes. they didn't go after 501 c 5. that's labor unions. they didn't touch that because it's all left. they avoid that had completely. >> do you not think the c 4's on the right were doing political action that they should not have been doing? >> i don't know if they are or not. it doesn't matter if they were or not. the left -- >> you're getting -- >> bob, you're missing the
2:21 pm
point. so blaiseantly discriminatory on its face because they are targeting a specific group or specific ideology and completely -- within the same group, within the same kind of category but saying if you believe and you're a conservative, tea party, you're going to get the scrutiny. on the left you get a pass. that's the problem. >> i'll take a lead from president obama. he's the one who went to the east room and said he was outraged. he's the one who said he read the report and couldn't believe this was happening. that the first amendment rights and everyone should be afforded them. so i'm going to follow president obama's lead and say this is outrageous. >> you want to close the 501 c status loop holes? close them all, including the c 5. that's where the labor unions get their break. >> can we go back to mitch mcconnell? >> no. i mean, go ahead. >> he puts up the same richard nixon that went and had his irs investigate my group back in 1973. now, if you're going to say that -- he didn't say that. he put richard nixon up there. clearly, there was a
2:22 pm
disgraceful, disruptive president and you are making the equation with him and eric holder? >> he's not the first -- >> first is barak obama. real quick, i think it's only a matter of time before th start getting smart and offering a some kind of limited use of unionity and people start talk like lois lerner and others because they're not going to take a fall for this. at a certain point they have to calculate how this is going to calculate their future. and it ain't worth it. talk. >> that's happening in another scandal. in the benghazi piece. >> parallel. >> stop investigating these groups who were using them for political purpose. >> please. >> that's funny. >> please? >> coming up, democrat plays the race card against obamacare. critics and it's on tape. right back with that. don't go away. ♪ ♪ okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow.
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>> louisiana democratic chair karen carter peterson believes opposition it obamacare isn't about principle. but pigment. she asks, why do people hate it so much? >> why is it? i have talked to so many members, both in the house and the senate and you know what? you ready? you ready? what it comes down to, it's not about how many federal dollars we can receive. it's not about that. you ready? it's about race. nobody wants to talk about that. it's about the race of this african-american president. >> yes. nobody wants to talk about that. i'd like to know what rock karen has been sleeping under for the last six years. race is the only thing the left talks about! have you seen msnbc? neither has the rest of the country, but anyway, every criticism of big government comes down to they must be
2:28 pm
racist. that's the easiest way to avoid confronting the failures of your own ideology. that avoidance allows your failures to fester, which is why things now are dire. president obama isn't facing opposition 'cause of race. it's imcompetence. if it were race, peterson should explain how despite americans hating obamacare, they still like obama. he won two races. explain the outrage toward the irs. steven miller and mr. shulman aren't black. these cries of racism are as flimsy as hiltry's polls numbers, which are dropping fast. some blame benghazi, but i bet peterson has another reason. hillary is black. oops, sorry. that's just a reflex. she's a w. the fact is, as your world view crumbles, the only way to avoid reality is an excuse that smears your critics. you hate them because he's black or a lady. it's a vicious streak that let's you damage reputations just to save your own skin. and if you disagree with me,
2:29 pm
it's probably because i'm short. kimberly, it's that kind of hate crime -- short people are the last people allowed to be persecuted in this world. right, dana? >> sexual orientation, duke that. but short people, definitely. >> large people. >> sorry. >> you make me sick. she's shorter than me. >> i would never do lifts. that's dishonest. >> oh, okay. can i read her comment after she said this? she said to be clear, i didn't call anybody racist. rather i was relaying the truth about conversations i've had with my colleagues and the factors they considered on the expansion of medicaid. eric, she wasn't calling anyone racist. just the people she was talking to and she was just relaying it to everybody else. >> we're all racist 'cause we don't want to spend $1.1 trillion we don't have and we don't want to be told that we have to buy something that is
2:30 pm
unconstitutional, even though the supreme court may disagree. i don't disagree. i disagree with the premise. it has nothing to do with race. it's one sixth of the economy. we're broke. it's going to bury the economy worse. >> i don't agree with that, but i agree with this, most of the recipients who will get medicaid are minority. >> that's not what she said. >> her point -- >> i understand that, eric. >> you're judging this entire program before it gets off the ground. in massachusetts -- >> that was romneycare. >> i don't care. >> did you see the headline on dredge today? california -- >> i don't watch that. >> california, rates will go up for young people under 40 up to 143% as soon as obamacare kicks in. >> says who? >> health insurance premiums. >> says who? >> the california magazine.
2:31 pm
"forbes" magazine. >> dana, i'd like to you step in and have something intelligent to say. >> this is what i think. when i hear that, what bothers me is actually my opposition to obamacare is based on experience, having lived in the u.k. and seeing and believing that america could do better. that competition helps more minority communities be able to have control over their decisions, better access that republicans agreed on the preexisting condition piece. they agreed on the child until you're 26 living in your parents' basement piece. they had done almost everything. the only thing they did not want to do was the socialized medicine piece. they wanted competition. i actually think that unfortunately for her, they're look for is the -- the fight is over getting more federal dollars into louisiana to pay for medicaid and for obamacare. it doesn't have to do with race. it has to do with the belief that we actual lea could do better from a policy perspective. >> you think these insurance companies would go into a black community and be competitive?
2:32 pm
>> yes! free markets work wherever they go. i want to bring kimberly in. the thing that's disturbing about this is the fact that if you believe in free markets, that's racist. when you could argue the opposite that you believe depend expense big government is what the answer is means that you don't believe people can succeed. >> didn't you get the memo for the new america? winning in dodge ball is bad. if that's -- that's the thing. you get penalized for trying to create wealth for your family, to leave to your children, to try and be an entrepreneur. this is exactly against all the free market principles and obamacare, why we're rewarding failure and giving the government this kind of undertaking and the irs. >> greg, the free market was taking the health care industry in this country over the hill. and into the ditch. >> when? >> when? it was going to hell in a hand basket? >> when did we have it? did i miss something? we have free market medicine in the '90s? no. in the '80s? no.
2:33 pm
when? >> excuse me. >> he's making an attack on the free market in general. >> no, on insurance company. disgraceful industry. >> except for the irs. >> can i make another prediction? as this experiment fails, continues to fail, the excuse for why it is failing will also guarantee from the left, it will be because of racism. >> yeah. >> if you look at the headline out of the telegraph today in britain, nhs, health service there, is fatally unsafe and politicians are doing nothing to change that. they're frustrated with the system because the system doesn't work. we have every reason in the world to make better policy and to not have the irs implement this program. we could do a lot better. >> i agree with you completely that race is not going to be the reason. but the fact is, you haven't given this opportunity to work. >> all right. we say that about every social program and that's why we're in debt. we got to take a break. i love you, bob. when we come back, we'll debate
2:34 pm
this strategy to winning any argument. it's familiar territory for us here on "the five." that's next. don't go away hey.
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since i've been using crest pro-health, i've noticed a huge improvement. [ male announcer ] go pro for a clean that's up to four times better, try these crest pro-health products together. the toothpaste is really awesome. it cleans a lot. [ male announcer ] crest pro-health protects not just some, but all these areas dentists check most. this is gonna be a very good checkup. i feel it. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health. my dentist was so proud of my teeth today. after using crest pro-health for a few weeks, i just feel brighter, fresher, cleaner. ♪ ♪ . >> welcome back to "the five." have you ever wondered what is the best way to win a debate? the answer might surprise you. a washington state university study says being loud and confident is the best way to
2:39 pm
win, even if you're wrong. bob. study based on more than a billion tweets says the more opinionated you are, the more influential and trustworthy you are perceived to be. what do you make of that, bob? >> thank you very much. i think it's exactly right and it's the reason i win most of the debates around this table even though i am outnumbered four to one. >> and wrong. >> was that really necessary? >> and wrong. >> excuse me. you say i'm loud. >> i don't like yelling. >> i know you don't. >> what do you think? when you argued cases, you would win debates 'cause arguing, prosecuting cases is arguing. you didn't yell, did you, or did you? >> look at her. did she have to yell? the guy that she was prosecuting said, i'm guilty. >> yeah, he banged his head on the table. why is she representing me? my attorney sucks. anyway, all you should do is make eye contact and in my cases without any notes, you connect with people. >> on follow the money, eric,
2:40 pm
there is a lot of yelling on that. i was so freaked out, there was so much yelling. >> yeah. well, "cashin' in," we don't yell so much. >> no, "cashin' in," that's solid. >> it's a little more soft spoken and more debate. but they said on twitter, on social media, so how do you yell? >> you yell. you've got an argument with people that it's more sort of subtle. >> well, i go by a calm charles krauthammer beats a seething alex jones. but i agree with you, this study is ridiculous. it's stupid because their definition is loud words. certain words that are more powerful. on twitter, loud is capital letter which is everybody hates. you can never win a debate on twitter with capital letters. people just block you. >> it drives me crazy. but there is also another part of this which was advice for how to get more twitter followers. and since i have kicked greg's rear end in the twitter war --
2:41 pm
>> no, your dog has. >> i have some tips. [ laughter ] >> my dog did what? anyway. here is my tip, the first one is you got to get a dog. they're going to get mad at me here. that's really good. >> don't everybody buy a dog to get twitter followers. >> that was the most retweeted photo. second one is you have to tweet unusual photos. so this, see the one in the middle, that was me with mutombo. it was just unusual. the third one is you need to have somebody that you pick on. i chose greg. so that's what i thought. >> some people, it's like pulling pig tails in the classroom. it's just 'cause you like me. >> kimberly nice on twitter. >> here is the problem, now i can't do anything because this new phone, the twitter is not working right at all. i was trying o retweet -- to retweet. >> do we really care about that? >> bob, i was asked a question. you don't even know how to do
2:42 pm
this. >> i want to get back to eric saying how calm and cerebral. that's like calling jack the ripper a boy scout. are you kidding me? you are always yelling. you yell at me the most. >> who do i yell at the most. >> me? >> no, porter. >> the study said 40% of tweets are just pointless babble. >> i agree. >> yeah, almost all my tweets starts, you fat commie. >> not the ones you're writing. >> a lot of retweets are segments from this show that get picked up in various blogs. some will say something provocative. it will get picked up and people love to see them. a lot of them don't have -- >> it's usually humor. was it your brother who married his sister? >> people always want to talk about you, bob.
2:43 pm
>> what about bob? greg, do you remember when you were on a plane and had wi-fi? >> willis. never get on a plane and do wi-fi with four bottles of wine. but it was great. >> on a six-hour flight. but i think we should concentrate less on getting twitter followers and more on just being a decent person, dana >> that's my whole life's worth, myself-worth is measured in my twitter following. >> and everything else is falling apart. >> i know. >> paris hilton has 3 1/2 million twitter followers. >> i am nothing! >> it is interesting how many -- different people have different types of twitter followers. one time karl rove retweeted something from me and all these people sent me notes and they were so mean. my twitter followers are nice. good people. happy. cheerful people. >> okay. >> maybe they're fake. >> this is not so cheerful.
2:44 pm
this next story, it's disturbing news from california, a woman was killed in a brutal attack by a pack of pit bulls. and now the owner of the dog has been charged with murder. kimberly prosecuted that case in 2001. she's going to give us her take on a new legal battle and the owner's take, next on "the five" e verizon share everything plan for small business lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone but i'm still on vacation. still on the plan. nice! the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers-- oh, sorry. all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. connecting more so you can do more. that's powerful.
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♪ ♪ . >> welcome back. earlier this month 63-year-old pamela was mauled to death by a pack of pit bulls while she was taking a walk in her little rock, california neighborhood. she suffered 150 to 200 bite wounds. her husband spoke about it. >> just thinking of how my wife's life ended is disturbing and it will always be disturbing. i try to get the thoughts out of my mind, but such a ravaging attack is disturbing.
2:49 pm
>> yesterday alex jackson, the owner of these dogs, was charged with murder. good. kimberly, you prosecuted a 2001 san francisco case. what are your thoughts? >> so they're basing these charges on that case 'cause that was affirmed on appeal. the first case in the u.s. to charge under an implied malice murder theory. it tells me the evidence they have is perhaps were these dogs trained to kill and attack? was there previous instance where is they had shown aggression not only towards animal, but towards people that would have put the owner on notice that these dogs were similar to kind of throwing a loaded weapon in a hallway. there is a great possibility that someone could be injured or killed. so they don't have to prove an intent to kill. i think they have a good case. the guy has four dogs. he's at least going to be convicted on these felony charges of having a mischiefous dog. >> i hope they've been put to sleep. >> you're supposed to have a
2:50 pm
hearing. if the police arrive on scene and it's part of the attack is going on or the dogs are around the body, then they can put the dogs down. otherwise you take the dogs in, there is animal care and control hearing. >> the most disturbing part is that anyone would train a dog to be aggressive. that's absolute negligence. that guy should go to jail for something, even if he didn't do anything wrong as far as leaving the gate to wherever they were keeping the dog, to do that, to make the dog purposefully aggressive -- >> what about other dogs that aren't trained that way by people? >> you can't hold the owners accountable. >> there is a new law for that, we helped write it and put it on the books. they passed it in the legislature in california. so if you don't keep a dog with queue care, the dog is known to be aggressive or you train the dog, you'll be penalized. you have to understand, with the background, the guy is charged
2:51 pm
with cultivating marijuana, possession for sale, possession for sale of a controlled substance. drug dealer. >> that's why he had the dogs. >> that's why he had the dogs. >> he's got to go away for life. i can't imagine a worst way to go and what else can you do? if you don't prosecute this guy to the hilt what, does that say to everybody else? if you say he's a mistake, then these drug dealers will still have these dogs. that's what the dogs are used for. they're basically bodyguards. >> these dogs are so big and the way they fight, just like the pressure per square inch when their jaws close on you is incredible. so people who seek these dogs out, a lot of times they're using them for the]a
2:52 pm
incident my whole life i've had dogs and that doesn't happen. >> greg, do you train your unicorns to be passive? >> i keep them locked up in my basement. >> okay, fine. on that note -- >> not loud. >> i'm not going to do it loud. one more thing is up next ♪ i'm in my work van, having lunch, next minute i'm in the back of an ambulance having a heart attack. the emts gave me bayer aspirin. it helped save my life. i was in shape, fit. i did not see it coming. my doctor recommends i take bayer aspirin to help prevent another heart attack. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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2:57 pm
go ahead, take it away. k-n-a-i-d-e-l. knaidel. [ cheers and applause ] >> good for you, kid. i mispronounced your word and i couldn't spell that. when i said kid, i mean, he's 13 years old. i have to do one of my own spelling bee. right here. this is bob for something i said in the last block. this is my spelling bee. i'm sorry. >> you have to spell it. sorry. >> i-m-s -- >> no why. >> sorry, something you wear, sari. >> okay. >> okay. that wasn't very good. [ laughter ] >> something that's been going on in my house every night for 30 odd years, i love this contest. wheel of fortune. second person ever to win a
2:58 pm
million dollars. take it away. >> tough workout. >> we have a million dollars winner. >> you've hit the jackpot. >> she won a million dollars. izationed to be married. she'll use some of that money for her wedding. i love "wheel of fortune," except for how much money people spend on vowel. >> legally, her future husband is not entitled to that because it's separate earnings prior to them being married. >> how about all your husbands? >> you want to go? >> big "cashin' in" tomorrow morning, 11:30 eastern. in-depth interview with senator ted cruz. immigration, three obama scandals. i even ask about him being born in canada. >> this administration has been willing to disregard the constitution, disregard the bill of rights, first amendment, second amendment, the fourth and fifth amendments with drone policy. to set aside the constraints of the law for partisanship and
2:59 pm
that -- the result of it has been people's trust in the integrity of government has been undermined and it hadn't been helped by the fact that the administration has been willing to mislead the american people. it hasn't been candid. i think the president needs to tell the truth. >> tell the truth. 11:30 tomorrow set the dvr now. >> looking tan. >> greg? >> "red eye" tomorrow. comedienne laurie rothman. then o'reilley. >> and i'm going bowling tonight. >> for what? >> bowling for dollars. >> perfect. >> i did mine. >> no, it's mine now! >> okay. >> mine is about the puerto rican day parade a. big outrage with cores because they put the puerto rican flag on the beer can. look at that. it's a puerto rican groups outraged about it. they were trying to -- my group of -- >> are you marching?
3:00 pm
>> i'm not marching. >> she's her own parade. >> yeah. >> this has been interesting, sort of unusual and strange. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. boy, i'll miss bob fox news alert out of the nation's heartland where a massive clean-up underway is now going on following a rash of violent storms that ripped through the area yesterday, creating a serious flooding crisis across central missouri, unleashing more than a dozen tornadoes in areas that have already been hard hit, like parts of oklahoma city. hello, i'm rick folbaum, thank you for joining us. >> i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. aerial footage showing the scope of the destruction. last night's outbreak of deadly tornadoes destroying hundreds of homes and killing at least nine people and the threat is not over yet. we're covering every angle of this st


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