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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 2, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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kittens and cats. he is beautiful. >> she available. go to to how to adopted these. thanks everybody! ♪ ♪ ♪ the irs is on the hot seat and it's going to happen again this week. there are three separate congressional hearings over extra scrutiny they paid to conservative groups as well as a new watchdog report detailing excessive spending. we'll tell you all about it. some of this went to producing the dance video you see here. yes, these are irs workers. this video and two others which have come to light reportedly cost more than $60,000 combined -- go guess who paid for it? i'm jamie colby.
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>> eric: i'm eric shawn. new acting head of irs will be on holt seed responding to lawmakers' questions about the video and continuing irs scandal. this after president obama asked his predecessor to resign. it seems that the allegation of the irs targeting of conservative groups and scandals are only growing. peter doocy with the latest. >> reporter: the latest temperature funded irs produced video kind of looks what you get at the cat of show glee was made entirely of accountants. it's set to the cupid shuffle and very popular at weddings and tax jokes and dancing. ♪ >> they finally got it. i'm so proud. they are ready for anaheim. [ applause ]
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>> you know what happened at anaheim. 2600 irs employees watched that video and another video that spoofed star trek. it cost the irs a combined $60,000 to produce. this thursday, a hearing at the house oversight committee will focus on this kind of wasteful spending. two other hearings on monday and the ways and means committee on tuesday will address the problem of irs agents unfairly targeting conservative groups. republican congressman from the ways and means committee oversight subcommittee spoke out about the video. quote, this is an agency where abuse and waste is the norm and not the exception. it is clear this is a broken agency that is empowered by a broken tax code. we need to fix this and make not only the agency but the tax code more effective and efficient. the white house meanwhile, says they are hoping all this attention on the irs will help them find new
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ways to fix it. >> there are a lot of people taking a look at this. we'll hopefully allow us to put safeguards in. >> reporter: we now know that investigators have their sights set on 88 irs employees who they believe may have been involved in the application of that unfair policy which unfairly targeted conservative groups. >> eric: all right. your tax dollars at work. >> jamie: we need to take a look at more of this what we can expect from the congressional hearings into the irs scandal. to do that, i'm joined by bob cusack managing editor of the hill. great to see you. i'm trying to figure out this morning, why does it take such excessive spending of taxpayer dollars to audit itself? >> that is good question. they are tasked with getting revenue to fund the
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federal government. here you have these obviously wasteful spending, acting commissioner has said from a prior era and obviously you can't defend it. more trouble from the irs. now, we learn it's in the second month. new revelations coming out all the time. at first this was just rowing agents that were -- rowing 5 agents but we'll hear from tea party officials and will be describing the process. the story keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> jamie: that is one piece of the irs puzzle. one that blows people's minds is watching these videos. line dancing instructions, really? why don't they spend their time redoing the tax code? >> if workers want to get together and have fun they can do it on their own time
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but they are using tax money. don't understand it. it's only going to cause more outrage from capitol hill and more problems for the irs. >> jamie: a watchdog group that is tasked with watching the irs comes out with a report this week detailing all of this. those videos were from 2010. what can people, americans hard working people whose tax dollars are funding these events, what can they really do about it? >> i do think that is the problem. a lot of audits take years. therefore, the inspector generals they know that is going on but the report takes very long to get that. is why that was the concern with the targeting of the tea party groups is that the inspector general knew about some of the stuff. we didn't hear about it it until after the election. i think there be questions
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from lawmakers on that. how can we get information like this out. more like nine months instead of would years. as far as pressure from the public, that is going to come and outrage coming whether inside the beltway but mostly outside the beltway. it could be the em pe it is tuesday for sweeping irs reform. maybe that is part of tax reform that moves later this year. people that want to reform the tax code this could be the thing that gets the vote. if there is sweeping irs reform it would be difficult to oppose it. >> jamie: last question -- there is a lot of people on furlough right now who aren't getting paid because the government has been spending too much and the debt is rising. do you think is just the tip of the iceberg. are they going to look at other agencies, too? >> it could be. i think this is partly coming out because there is so much scrutiny on the irs, but also i do think
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it's worth noting that a lot of government officials do very good work. it really tar initiation their work. i do think this is probably not the norm. we've seen that over the years. we saw gsa having lavish conferences. is there more out there? probably. >> jamie: we'll see what happens. take care. >> coming up, this is going to be interesting, we're going to hear from the attorney that is representing some of those conservative groups that allegedly is was targeted by the irs. that is coming up. stick around. ♪ >> eric: a tragic legacy this weekend in the heartland. storms that killed nine people in oklahoma, on this sunday morning they are headed east. okay governor is touring the storm ravaged area near oklahoma city that struck on friday evening.
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it's the same region that was hit by a monster tornado last month that killed 23 people. experts estimate the killer tornado that hit el reno was a powerful ef-3. it's just totally devastating. >> reporter: it's remarkable to see the devastation that happens in just an instant when a tornado comes through an area like this. i am standing on the foundation of one of the houses. it looks like i'm in the living room, but ux parts of the garage, the garage door opening mechanism is here. you look down on the ground, three beautiful motorcycles got tossed around. it looks like the motorcycles may be salvages. very poor condition. also looking around the neighborhood you can see people doing what you do in the after math of a storm. they go through their belongings and try to figure out the bits and pieces of their lives that can be salvaged.
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one of lessons that was taught people should shelter in place when the tornado warnings come out. what we found, a lot of people tried to ride ahead of storm. they got in a traffic storm on i-40 and they were stuck and they were sitting ducks when the tornado came in their direction. authorities are saying of the casualties, seven of the people that were killed were killed in their cars trying to get away from the storm. so now you have people going through the wreckage of what was once their homes and you have a lost people dealing with flooding because the ground was already saturated with water. you had thunderstorm on top of thunderstorm and tremendous tornadoes dumped a terrific amount of money in this area. rivers are all up over their banks. what we are hearing from some of the victims weren't killed by the tornado but they were swept up in the flooding. >> eric: it's so sad. thoughts and preparation are with the people there. >> jamie: we have a fox
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news alert. there are reports that iraq has broken up an al-qaeda linked terror group that was going to attack america with chemical weapons. iraqi investigators say all five men reportedly confessed to making mustard and sarin gas with plans to smuggle that gas in the u.s. and use toy planes to release it over cities. other cities were in iraq and europe. meanwhile, there are new developments in the boston marathon bombing to tell you about. a congressional delegation returning from russia, the group traveling there as part of investigation is a deceased bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. congressman william keating says intelligence officials could have done more to prevent the deadly attack. >> they said our law
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enforcement people that our law enforcement people, these are their words, that legislation or some of the laws made it difficult for them to go forward with some of their investigation. i wanted to find out what specifically they were referring to. >> jamie: more answers may be on the way and more on the boston marathon bombing investigation is coming your way right here in a live report next hour. >> eric: there are new concerns this morning that russia and iran are helping syria in a fight against the rebels. syrian troops are now using sophisticated technology on the battlefield. they say all that help comes from that man and his country. tehran as well as moscow, all an attempt to try to keep assad in power. will he hold out? joining us is u.n. ambassador john bolton. fox news contributor, good
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morning ambassador. >> and mahmoud ahmadinejad and apparently iran is helping assad and russia is helping him and secretary kerry is saying stop it. are they listening? >> they are not listening. obviously both russia and iran have been aiding assad during the hostilities over the last two years. it's one of the main reasons that assad stayed in power. within the last several months there seems to be little doubt that iran and russia had both stepped up the quantity and quality of the assistance that they are providing, more sophisticated communications and targeting capability. more financial assistance and bringing in hezbollah which is terrorist organization funded by iran. more significantly russia reaffirming that it will sell a very sophisticated air defense system to
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syria. when you combine that to sales of planes and sales of anti-ship missiles and deployment of over a dozen additional russian warships to the syrian area of the mediterranean, all speaks of a significant russian commitment toned a significant iranian commitment to keeping assad in power. >> eric: the equipment, let's take a look at those 1-300 missiles. if thesh deployed, what does it mean for potential. >> these that comprise them, not the most sophisticated they are but they are capable of defeating any aircraft other than stealth aircraft. israel does not have stealth aircraft and obviously nato forces, the united states do. it dramatically escalates the sophistication that is
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available to syria and potentially to hezbollah and in lebanon to protect themselves. it's a signal militarily to urz and the west and also a big political signal as well that russia is really all in here to keep assad in power. >> eric: there are reports that they will sell more migs to syria. >> it demonstrates russia is not to let assad fall. while secretary of state kerry has spent last several months to persuade russia to sponsor a peace conference in syria, russians are doing everything they can that the result is pre-ordained that assad is not going to step out of power. i think that has been clear for a long time. russians do not share our interest in moving assad out. their interest is opposite of ours in syria. that is why the obama administration's effort to
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join in russia the last two and a half years has failed. >> eric: meanwhile, there is a blunt op-ed that tony blair has written about the muslim religion, about assad claiming he is conducting ethnic cleansing. look what he writes this morning. there is not a problem with islam. there is a problem within islam from inheritance of an ideology. they have to put on table and be honest about it. here a world leader attacking violent islam? >> i think he is a very could you remember uaj us on man. he puts it very well in that passage you just read. it's not at problem with islam, it's a problem within islam. if you are not prepared to talk about it. if you are not prepared to acknowledge the threat of radical islamists and terrorist ideology, how can
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you defend it? people are afraid to offend muslims when it's muslims that are the biggest victims of islamic terrorism. blair's courage in the u.k. could be a symbol here in the united states. we do need to put this on the table and talk bit. >> eric: we saw the attacks in london and boston. what do we do about it? >> i think that the idea that president obama espoused at his speech two weeks ago that the war on terror is basically over is manifestly false. it flies in the face of the evidence that is right in front of us. never going to prevail over the terrorists if we don't admit they exist. >> eric: ambassador bolton, good to see you. >> jamie: there is a disturbing warning about a deadly virus. it's being called a threat
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to the entire world. distribution will be here for their sunday house calls to explain what you need to do to protect your selves and your family. >> eric: what does the future hold for this man? did he break the law? anchor chris wallace will join us next and chairman of house judiciary committee that will be asking the questions this coming week. hoo-hoo.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: and to the voter fraud unit now. the long time ohio poll worker that was accused of voting six times in the presidential election last november. she did admit voting more than once and challenged prosecutors about it. this past week she appeared in court and is now convicted. hamilton county poll worker, she pled no contest of four counts of illegal voting. she even admitted voting three times for a relative who sadly been in a coma for the last 11 years. after the november election, she denied she intended to commit voter fraud and mr. obama's right
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to sit as president of the united states, unquote. she now faces a possible six years in prison and will be sentenced next month. the case is one of several voter fraud investigations that has been brought by some that saying, this is not north korea. th elections are foundation off our democracy. there is my handle and we'll tweet together. >> jamie: the heat is definitely on attorney general eric holder over the investigation into fox news reporter james rosen. in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday, a chairman says attorney general holder has a lot of explaining to do. >> when the attorney general says he never heard of such a potential prosecution, it raises the question either the
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attorney general is not being truthful or the justice department has a lot to answer for in using allegations with regard to an individual to get a search warrant that they would not otherwise get unless they, indeed, could show they had probable cause to find that to be the case. >> jamie: joining me now the anchor of fox chris wallace. good morning? >> good morning to you. >> jamie: that probable cause, you have to include that the person you are going search in this case, james rosen, has co-conspirator status. >> they said ail of that in the request for a search warrant, possible aider acres bettor and/or co-conspirator. talked about his potential criminal liability. the chairman's pointed he either lied to the committee or misled the federal judge in the request for a search warrant that he signed off on. >> jamie: and fox news qurmd he personally did sign that but he had denied knowing much about it.
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there are other issues, too, that eric holder has said he didn't know about. what do you think will come out of that hearing, more than just the james rosen situation? >> there is not going to be hearing now. what has happened that the chairman and other members of the committee have sent a very detailed and quite harsh letter to the attorney general. he has until wednesday to explain his statements under oath to the judiciary committee that he has never heard of, he was never involved in any potential -- that is the key word -- potential prosecution of the reporter and the affecting a that he signed off to this expansion i have request for a search warrant. there is a real discrepancy there. i said to the chairman would it be fair to say that you are investigating attorney general holder for possible perjury. he said yes, they are. now, we have to wait and
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see what his answer is, what his excuse is and all of that. yes, they are investigating the possibility of perjury by the attorney general of the united states. >> jamie: thank you for clarifying that it is an investigation. that interview is so interesting. you got more for us. have a great day. >> chris brings you that interview which will be fascinating and also chris van hollen. chris also sits down with rnc chairman reince priebus. you have two chances to see it. we thank him for stopping by. >> jamie: and new developments if you haven't heard in the treatment of diabetes. new drug could make daily injections a thing of the past. doctors will be here in a few minutes. >> jamie: great news for so many people. a murder kidnapping case and new details. do you remember the story of a young boy that was
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> jamie: it's now time for sunday house calls. joining us this morning, dr. david samadi. chief of robotics at mt. sinai medical center. >> jamie: mark siegle associate oppress of medicine. he is author of the book, the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness. we're going to unlock a lot of secrets this morning. good to see you. first, a major breakthrough in dealing with the treatment of diabetes, a medicine that may be able to stabilize insulin levels without the daily


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