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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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leave? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unstill unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, protests. a police crackdown. major chaos on the streets of a major u.s. ally. what does president obama think of his friends now? plus, the man behind the biggest intelligence leak in a generation. still missing in action. but he may not be through talking. there is word ed snowden has more secrets to expose. >> we're going to have a lot more significant revelations. >> now, the russians say they may give him asylum. and we're learning more about the ballerina and acrobatic performer girlfriend he left behind. plus, the feds say overdraft protection programs are costing us
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billions of dollars in bank fees. so you might be better off with no protection at all. and what's more stressful? driving or sky diving? researchers say they have the answer. in other news,. [cheers] >> this happened. but first from fox this tuesday night, a worldwide manhunt for the nsa leaker and the lawyers are already hard at work. the federal government is now facing two lawsuits for monitoring the phone records of millions of americans. the american civil liberties union reports it has now filed a constitutional challenge, arguing the program violates both freedom of speech and privacy rights. according to the aclu, it is the equivalent of requiring every american to file a daily report with the government of every location they visited, every person they talked to on the phone, the time of each call, and the length of every conversation. it's fox top story and trace gallagher is on it
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live this afternoon from our west coast news hub. what are the other arguments of this lawsuit, trace. >> the aclu lawsuit, shep, goes even a step further than what you said, accusing the government of violating our very right of association. the people you know we hang out with, saying and i'm quoting here it gives government comprehensive association. wealth of detail about our familial, political, professional, religious and intimate associations. the second lawsuit was filed by a former doj prosecutor who has sued the obama administration before. but also by the parents of michael strange. he was among 25 navy seals and five other americans killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan back in 2011. the parents allege the government may have accessed their phone records because they have blamed the government for the crash that killed their son. the administration has yet to comment, shep, on either one of these lawsuits. >> shepard: in addition, we
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are to believe that the federal government tracks every single thing we do, yet, the federal government cannot locate a 29-year-old high school dropout. >> and there is no evidence that edward snowden has left hong kong. 7 million people in that city, 65,000 hotel rooms. and now there is word that russia might be willing to give him asylum. president putin says if the request is made it will be considered. to apply for asylum, he would simply have to go to the russian consulate in hong kong snowden would have to apply. he once told the guardian newspaper that he does not expect to be free forever though, listen. >> you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agency and be completely free from risk because they are such powerful adversaries that no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you, they will get new time. >> snowden left the hawaii home he shared with his girlfriend lindsey mills,
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the self-proclaimed pole dancer. he left three weeks ago. as part of this investigation that home will be searched and his girlfriend will be questioned. shep? >> shepard: trace, the nsa leaker has a lot more to leak. that's the word from one of the columnists who presented his story. >> we're going to have a lot more significant revelations that have not yet been heard over the next several weeks, a month, how fast we get the next one out is something we are deciding now. but there are dozens of stories generated by the documents that he provided. and we intend to pursue every last one of them. >> shepard: he also says snowden is ready to face the consequences and whatever is coming his way. google executives are asking the justice department to let them release all government surveillance requests. they say that will prove they are not giving the feds unfettered access to their servers goomg to
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reporters put the letter in writing to the eric holder and fbi director robert mueller. so far no response. the feds are giving members of congress more information about the spy programs. catherine herridge continues team fox coverage there were two briefings there today right, cat. >> that's right, shep. rare briefing of the full deputies atior at the the justice department, fbi and national security agency about the data collection program. also on capitol hill the head of the nsa and u.s. cyber command jen keith alexander whose programs are at the center of the leaks. lawmakers pressing witnesses on how a 29-year-old contractor got a high level security clearance. how he walked out with classified documents and how much web content the nsa is scooping up. after one briefing a sense there is more to the programs and the way they are policed. >> some of the media accounts i have read based on the leaks do not paint a complete and accurate portrayal how the programs work and how the safeguards that exist for the program work. >> tonight, the democratic senator of the senate
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intelligence committee dianne feinstein saying the declassifying information on the nsa programs would show so. benefits as well, shep. >> shepard: what's the latest on potential criminal charges against the leaker? >> well, a source familiar with the scope of the investigation tells fox news charges must be weighed carefully because whatever charges snowden is extra dilted on must be the same charges he is prosecuted on in the u.s. so the justice department cannot pull the equivalent of a bait and switch in this case. the white house today dodging questions characterizing the nsa leaker. >> are you willing to say whether you see snowden as a whistleblower? >> i am not willing to comment on the status of the individual under investigation. >> consulting giant booz allen hamilton says it formally terminated snowden for violation of the firm's code of ethics and the firm's policy. the speaker of the house went even further. >> he is a traitor. the president outlined last week that these were important national security programs to help keep americans safe and give us tools to fight the
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terrorist threat that we face. the disclosure of this information puts americans at risk. it shows our adversaries what our capabilities are. >> fox news has also told the investigation is considering whether snowden had help but at this early stage the evidence does not suggest that, shep. >> shepard: catherine, the new leaks have boosted the original interest in the original big brother novel george orwell 18984. report that sales of the paperback version of that book have tripled over the last 24 hours. 1984 was published bass in 194, it tells of a near future world in which nearly all of our activities are under surveillance government surveillance and mind control. tensions have been boiling over all day on the streets of a key u.s. ally in the middle east. two weeks of protests in turkey have turned into
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violent confrontations and now sparks are flying. [explosions] >> shepard: protesters setting off fireworks and throws stones at riot police in the heart of istanbul as riot police fired tear gas in return. [explosions] >> shepard: police going back and forth with the crowd all day. repeatedly chasing people away from the square using water bullets and water canons only to see the demonstrations flare up yet again. this is one of 78 cities which protests pop up across turkey. unhappy with a variety of issues. including what they sees a prime minister attempt to impose a religious lifestyle on what's currently a secular society. turkey, of course, shares borders with syria, iraq and iran among others. but the violence we saw today in istanbul was on the other side of the country. it's happening in the central part of the city in an area known as square. and as the video cameras gave us a sense of the chaos, the still immanuels
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show just how much these protesters are willing to risk of the man you see here put his head under the wheel of a police water canon in an attempt it to stop it another photo shows a demonstrator whose clothes caught fire he's ran from police. but for many observers, this remains the picture that sums up the whole ordeal. the woman in the red dress whom riot police blasted with tear gas last week. these are the country's biggest protests in many years as we take a live look now at the scene in the middle of the night. we see protesters have started a knew -- new fire and holding their ground. this conflict is far from over. >> the battle of the square raged into the the night with large fires burning as protesters continued fighting over the littered ground. [explosions] this morning, voluntarilies of tear gas and water canons were answered by rocks and molotov cocktails. rubber bullets injured countless demonstrators. their compatriots destroyed
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at least one water tanker and lit a police officer on fire. protesters spent the weekend breaking apart istanbul's many city square. building barricades around their positions their hard work proved largely in vain after the prime minister declared the time had come. >> this is over, he said. we won't put up with thisny any longer. police say the heavy tactics are the reason for demonstrations. he ordered a park near cleared of protesters demonstrating against turning the square into a shopping mall. images of water canons knocking down young women brought more to the street. angry that the three time elected prime minister is moving their secular country towards an islamic state. >> we don't trust him this protester said during a lull in the fighting. we have taken the square with struggle and from now on no matter how much
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police forces will come, we will continue to fight. >> shepard: leland vittert reporting. the violence in recent days has killed at least four people including a police officer. leland vittert is live in our newsroom now. what can we expect tomorrow, leland? >> shep, sunrise in just a couple of hours and istanbul and that's when we will really know whether police have been able to clear out the square, whether the protesters who contact in istanbul tells me are now trying to move back into the square and reoccupy it come morning have succeeded. only time will tell. the prime minister for his part had been belligerent at times, certainly defiant towards these protesters. but he is meeting with some of them tomorrow. that's when we will get a sense in terms of whether he is going to move this towards peace or whether the violence we saw overnight is just the beginning. shep? >> shepard: leland will be reporting from that square for us tomorrow. it's not a particularly safe place or welcoming place for reporters. his mike wasn't closed, our
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apologies. according to the committee to protect journalists the prime minister has cracked down on freedom of the press imprisoning more than 75 journalists since last summer. the organization reports there are more journalists in prison in turkey than in iran or china. a united states ambassador accused of look for sexual favors from prostitutes and children. tonight, the ambassador responds. plus, a plane stuck on the tarmac for hours in 100-heat. no water, no airconditioning would a little karaoke make you feel better? from the journalists of fox news, this is a tuesday fox report. irring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better.
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powerful enough to take down a commercial airplane. that's according to secret documents. they include a manual with diagrams and photographs showing how to use the sa 7 shoulder fired missile. the pentagon calls this weapon the grail. and analysts tell the
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associated press that manual strongly suggests militants already have the missile in their possession. experts also call it a man portable air defense system or a man pad. the analysts say those fighters in maly likely swiped the missile from libya amid the fall of the dictator there muammar qaddafi two years ago. the u.s. ambassador to belgium says is he devastated by state department memo that suggests he solicited sex from prosecutes and children he is ambassador howard gutman who released a statement i'm angered and saddened by the baseless allegations. at no point have i ever engaged in any improper activity. the allegations about gutman's private life came to life as part of an internal investigation there the report we first telling you about yesterday suggested the agency tried to cover up the bad behavior of several government workers. james rosen for us at the state department tonight. james? >> shep, good evening, the state department is pushing back in concerted way
4:17 pm
against allegations today far more vigorously than yesterday. under secretary of state for management patrick kennedy is the senior official alleged in a october oig memo to have shut down the probe into allegations of sex crimes by u.s. ambassador to belgium howard gutman. today, kennedy spoke thought a statement that said, in part: in my current position it is my responsibility to make sure the department and all of our employees no matter their rank are held to the highest standard and i have never once interfered nor would i condone interfering in any investigation, unquote. seen here with secretary of state john kerry on his visit to brussels in april, ambassador gutman is a harvard-trained lawyer and prolific democratic fundraiser. only after he released a public statement this morning did fox news identify him by name in our coverage. >> all the october oig memo listed 8 cases where state department higher ups supposedly interfered with investigations into misconduct or crimes by department employees. a spokesperson today said that memo contained unsubstantiated allegations
4:18 pm
and was itself written without access to the pertinent case files. >> prior to the drafting of this memo bureau security had already looking into all of these cases will be brought to their logical conclusions. >> but when i asked her if kerry has full faith and confidence in ambassador gutman. sacky didn't say yes, instead she spoke of the secretary's pride of leading this department of 70,000 men and women, shep? >> shepard: james, you mentioned the office of the inspector general, the state department's internal watchdog. we're told that in this case the oig relied on outside investigators, former law enforcement officials who reviewed the alleged coverups. well, a new victory for supporters of the morning after pill plan b. the white house says it will no longer fight a judge's ruling that makes the pill available to girls of all ages, no need for a
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>> the white house has now dropped its fight over the plan b morning after pill. this news broke just after this report last night. the justice department says it will obey a judge's april ruling that girls of any age can buy the emergency contraception without a prescription. the makers of plan b say it could k. lower the risk of pregnancy by near 90% if a woman takes it within 72 hours of unprotected sex. it is not the same of the so-called abortion pill.
4:23 pm
experts say the morning after pill has no effect on women who are already pregnant. repro-tuckive rights group call the move major victory. pro-activists says it puts politics ahead of safety and rights. more than a quarter of all of bank customers still face hefty overdraft fees. the consumer financial protection bureau reports about 27% of all accounts registered overdraft activity in 2011. that's the year after the feds band the banks from automatically enrolling customers in overdraft protection. instead folks have to opt in to the service. which charges fees to cover transactions when accounts are drained. the report shows that customers who paid those fees, paid on average $225 over the course of the year. millions of people. rick leventhal on this. sounds like these fees have really added up. >> right, shep because you might pay $35 for a bounced check or maybe $10 or less. but the total take for financial institutions is a
4:24 pm
staggering $32 billion a year according to that report from the consumer financial protection bureau. criticizing america's banking industry saying the rules are confusing. customers can be charged multiple times a day and people who opt for overdraft protection may actually end up paying more. some up to $900 a year paying bills with basically money they don't have. >> >> shepard: rick, none of this sill legal, right? >> well, it is absolutely legal. but the report notes that there is a lack of industry standards because some banks are charging up to 12 times a day for overdrafts or non-sufficient funds the amounts that customers can overdraw varies widely. big banks charge more than smaller ones. smaller banks rely on fees as a source of revenue growth. now the report doesn't call for new overdraft fee rules but changes could be coming, shep. >> shepard: rick leventhal in new york. the banks have been known to scale back on fees in face of public anger. you may remember a couple years ago when bank of america, the red bank announced plans to charge a monthly fee for debit
4:25 pm
cards. the bank quickly dropped those plans after harsh reaction from lawmakers. breaking news now on the tense situation unfolding at this moment in turkey the white house has just reported that it is following the events there, quote: with concern. that's according to the reporting of the reuters news agency. the white house is calling on turkey's leaders to uphold the citizen's rights of expression and assembly. this as cops fired new rounds of tear gas on protesters in what is one of the most important allies in the entire region. the breaking developments coming up. plus, the man behind one of the largest leaks in our nation's history. the pentagon papers. weighing in on this new nsa spying scandal. and wait until you hear what he has to say about this latest leak. and we all know driving a car can be stressful. but just as stressful asar
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400 acres. as you can see is destroying homes as well. that's because of the erratic winds that you have mentioned and the low humidity. we have also had record-setting heat here as well. this is just one of four fires burning throughout the state of colorado, so there is help on the way from nevada, new mexico and idaho. now, the u.s. forest service says we had this really wet spring here in the state which means there were grass and weeds that grew up and then the hot air dried it all out and we were left with fuel just about everywhere. shep? >> shepard: alicia acuna live in denver. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and a fox news urgent. the white house says it's following, quote, with concern the violent clashes in turkey police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators. those demonstrators in turn throwing stones and setting up barricades. protesters say they are unhappy about a number of things, including what they sees a a government crackdown on their freedoms. the white house says turkey's long-term stability is best gainer he
4:31 pm
teed by upholding people's rights. turkey is, of course, a key ally. sharing borders with syria, iraq and iran. we are told protests have spread to 78 cities there. but the most violent scenes are playing out in istanbul in the central part of the city in an area known as square. that's where we are seeing images of the confrontation. where fires raging and both sides continue to stand their ground. ed henry live at the white house with reaction spokeswoman from the security counsel katelyn hayden who says there is concern it about the white house about the unrest and violence. she goes on to say quote we are concerned about any attempts to punish individuals for exercising their right to free speech as well as attempts by any party to provoke violence we believe today's events reinforce the need to resolve this situation through i do dog as we have said. we believe that turkey's long-term stability, security and prosperity is
4:32 pm
best guaranteed by upholding the fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly, association and a free and independent media you can see the deep concern the white house is expressing tonight about these pictures and important to note it was just last month that the prime minister of turkey, prime minister was here at the white house meeting with president obama. remember, they had that news conference in the rose garden in the rain where the marine was holding up the umbrella for the president and the president at that point was engulfed in awful these controversies about the irs and benghazi, et cetera. lost in all of that attention on those other controversies, is the fact that both prime minister and president obama had very serious substantive talks about the u.s. maybe getting more aggressive in syria since that is right on the turkish border. now, the idea though that turkey might play a constructive role in helping the u.s. and syria is all but lost, given the fact that he has his own problems inside the borders of turkey. the last thing he is going to be focusing on right now is helping the u.s. with
4:33 pm
this situation in syria, shep. >> shepard: widely seen as poorly handled in the early going have the president and the prime minister of turkey been in contact since all of this started? >> u.s. officials say so far there has not been direct contact between the president and prime minister. interesting that when they had those talks here in mid play at the white house, one of the concessions president obama got from the prime minister, prime minister was to get turkish support for a upcoming conference in geneva to try and deal with the future of syria. in terms of making sure that if assad does go, president assad does go in syria, there will be some sort of peaceful transition, again, the idea that prime minister will now be focused on a peaceful transition in syria is lost in the fact he has got major problems on his own hands right now. this is a big concern for the white house tonight, shep, because they have already got this instability in syria. instability, instability spreading into turkey, a key u.s. al fly that region is a desperate situation
4:34 pm
for the white house tonight, shep. >> shepard: indeed it is, ed henry at the white house. as we continue to look live this is taksim a large square in the center of the city. another square near where all of this began. it's actually just a very small park. and it was very close to this and had what amounted to the last green space in all of this part of the city. that's how all of this began with a group of protesters who wanted to save the trees. the prime minister has asked to meet with them tomorrow but they are now refusing. at 2:30 in the morning we know he will be meeting tomorrow with some sort of famous people and the protesters, the original protesters are saying this is just the beginning, that this will now spread and it will grow. joining us now from context and perspective, ambassador stewart holiday. he is the former u.s. ambassador for special political affairs at the united nations. sir, with what degree of concern do you watch this? >> well, i think it's obviously very troubling. but this is really what began as a demonstration about urban redevelopment
4:35 pm
and thee trees is really now a proxy for the fifth% of the population of turkey that doesn't feel that the prime minister represents their interests. and i think it's all going to be in how the prime minister handles this and so far he has gone back and forth between being conciliatory and being tough. in turkey, ultimately the tough central government response is going to carry the day. >> right now, there there is -- they are still allowing the protesters to be in this smaller park. gizy park i believe it's pronounced. they are allowing the protests to continue there the concern is if police move in on that and should anybody be injured, four people have been been killed. this could can he is late to something very difficult if not impossible to control. is that your take on it. >> right now the majority of people when i say that i mean the people out in the rural areas, the silent majority of the people support the prime minister. these are the people asian side of the -- they support the police. but, if there is any further violence, or
4:36 pm
escalation of this, it could trigger a back fire for the prime minister. he has got to be very very careful about how he handles this in the coming 24 hour people. >> shepard: he needs dialogue and so far the protesters have denied it? >> that's right. he does need to show that he is willing to reach out. he has developed this reputation, a very tough leader but for him, is he running for president. and he wants to be the first popularly elected president in turkish history in 2014. for him, he is going to need to handle this very carefully. >> ambassador stewart holiday with the knowledge that he has already tried to put more powers to that office of the presidency an office to which he wants to move. we shall see how this plays out and we have continuing coverage throughout the night and the weeks ahead. the naciousd watchman who admits he shot an unarmed teenager named travon martin back in court today and looking very different. now, his brother is speaking out about george zimmerman's dramatic weight gain. plus, it's a good idea to
4:37 pm
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>> shepard: so it looks like, not surprisingly the attorneys will have a tough time finding jurors for george zimmerman. day two. they have already dismissed dozens of the 500 potential
4:41 pm
jurors, many of whom had said they had already made up their minds about this high profile case. george zimmerman the one time neighborhood watchman charged with murdering the unarmed teenager travon martin in central florida. it's shaping up to be the trial of the summer with emotions running high on both sides. travon martin supporters furious that cops didn't arrest zimmerman until eruption nationwide. he has his own supporters claiming that he was acting in self-defense. today travon martin's parents were back in the courtroom for jury selection and so was george zimmerman. man, he looks different. way different from what we saw a year ago. today his brother spoke to fox news about the shooter's drastic weight gain. >> being overweight is not healthy. i think the stress is uncanny. i think everybody responds to stress in a different way. i lost weight. i picked up smoking as a habit. it was just terrible and george gained weight. >> according to the brother the whole family has been getting death threts, forcing all of them into hiding. phil keating with all of
4:42 pm
this. sanford in florida. what are these prospective jurors saying? >> shep, the biggest revelation out of their mouths is that pre-trial publicity has permeated every single household here in seminole county, florida. so far every potential juror who has made it this stage in the court called voir dire answered they heard about this case. one juror remarked it's hard not to follow it. it's everywhere. another juror, a white single mother also faulted travon martin for getting suspended from school in miami which led him to sanford being a single parent with two boys of my own. i'm very strict with them. i don't want to judge, but i just want to say that this could have been prevented had he not been up here. that's all. >> of the 100 potential jurors summoned yesterday, the court says 41 were dismissed outright. 40 dismissed after filling out the questionnaire and one dismissed after voir dire. and this morning something we have never ever seen from george zimmerman since all of this began last
4:43 pm
year, a big smile across his face he's reacted to a funny answer from a juror. he also passed a note to his attorney and strained to stay alert at other times. a far more animated and engaged george zimmerman than we have ever seen in the past. this just in from the court moments ago. of the 100 potential jurors who arrived here today, 30 were dismissed and this court is now trying to gather and focus on getting 30 perceived fair and impartial jurors and then hopefully pick a jury from them. shep? >> shepard: phil keating live in central florida. what should have been a quick flight from vegas to phoenix turned into a four hour nightmare for more than 100 passengers. as not one but two different planes got stuck on the carmack with the temperature in the triple digits. they had no food. they had no water, and no airconditioning. >> no air, we have been here for over three hours. allegiant air caused the delays on flight 92.
4:44 pm
first plane ground more than 90 minutes as the mercury hit 100-degrees. >> there was a lot of people yelling and expressing that they wanted to be off of the plane immediately. >> one woman overcome by the heat lay in the aisle as fellow passengers tried to help. >> the woman that passed out we actually had to find water in our luggage, on our carry-ons, everybody was scram ling. >> shepard: folks joined in ♪ i believe i can can fly. [ laughter ] >> shepard: the airline tell fox news mechanical delays are part of air travel and quote while we're glad that oyou are customers were able to make light of the delay by singing r. kelly song we take seriously. allegiant passenger and crew members and we'll always take a delay to ensure the safety of all
4:45 pm
involved. allegiant gave 100 credit for travel for some that's just not good enough. >> as far as i'm concerned, i would rather have my money back. i don't plan on flying allegiant ever again. >> r. kelly to the rescue to the rescue again. german banker fell asleep on the job and transferred 222 million bucks from a retiree's account. he was supposed to transfer $83. he nodded off on the keyboard and just pushing the 2 key. the bank did fix the mistake. it fired the banker's colleague the one who had failed to catch it he had to go to court to get his job back. major vote today in the senate on what could be a landmark immigration reform bill. thought it was dead? no way. next why even opponents of that bill voted to move it forward. that's ahead as fox reports live tonight. oh, he's a fighter alright.
4:46 pm
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turk have have declined and we know that those protesters are now saying that these demonstrations will continue in istanbul and beyond until further notice. the question now is how will the prime minister handle this. and to what levels will his police force go to stop this? continuing coverage as events warrant as fox reports live tonight. the immigration battle finally moved a big step forward today when the senate voted to allow a debate on a comprehensive reform bill from the so-called gang of 8. that legislation would provide a path to citizenship for millions of people who were in the united states illegally. it would also provide tighter border security among other things. now, keep in mind, some lawmakers say they oppose the bill in its current
4:50 pm
state. but those lawmakers volted to push forward with debate so they could introduce their own amendments. a dramatic rescue as some good samaritans save a woman from a burning car. that tops our news across america. oregon. police say the driver hit a rock mound and went airborne. her vehicle flipping over on to its roof alongside a highway east of portland. the impact reportedly knocked the woman unconscious. witnesses say several people rushed to help as the car went up in flames. one guy says he kicked in a window. then broke through the sun roof with a baseball bat after the group rolled the car on to its side. >> they were yelling for me to get away from the car because the car is going to blow. i'm not going to watch this lady burn. >> the rescuers cut the woman's seat belt and removed her to safety. shed to be doing fine. >> hornet's nest right near this couple's home
4:51 pm
tallahassee. the thing is the size of a volts wagon. >> my grandson was on facebook the other day my grandson ben and he made a statement said why don't you throw a rock at it he said i did and they toledo it back. >> couple says the hornets haven't bothered them yet and called animal control which reportedly plans to work with the university of florida to remove the nest. montana, cops and wildlife workers rescued a baby moose from a backyard swimming pool near the canadian border. authorities say the animal probably fell in after it wandered on to the pool's cover overnight. >> all of this has happening under the watchful eye of the mother which was intimidating. she took a couple of charges at us and you don't want to mess with momma. >> first responder pulled the calf to safety and guided it back to mom. and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: does driving a car stress you snout you should go to the long island expressway. it can be as stressful as jumping out of a plane.
4:52 pm
at least according to some new study. researchers at massachusetts institute of technology, some little thing up there, and audi, tested the heart race and other vital signs of folks behind the wheel in various situations. among their findings, getting sideswiped is just about as nerve-racking as sky diving. that does not mean driving can't fight parents' bother dom. fight these folks in ontario, canada. they say they were trying to jump their jeep over that ground swimming pool. they came up short clearly. they amused themselves crashing through the wall and landing in the drink. driver and passenger okay. whoever posted the video claims the jeep still runs just fine. >> men finally grow up at 43. that's according to a new uk study. researchers surveyed men and women and both agreed that men stay immature well into the late 30's and early 40s. study found that ladies on or about mature by age 32. most women said men never
4:53 pm
stop being childish. nearly half said immaturity is actually important in a relationship that it keeps things fresh. then there is tim tebow. is he sporting his new colors today as he suits up for his first practice alongside brady and the patriots. and now we get to hear the pats coach bill belichick talk if he he will about tebow main i can't. he is always exciting belichick, isn't he? true to form today. stay tuned. about the cuts of beef that meet our higher kosher standards that only a slow-motion bite can capture all that kosher delight. and when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national.
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>> shepard: tim tebow took the field today first practice as new england patriot. former heisman winner third team since denver drafted him in 2010. with dominating the headlines the pat's head coach already seemed tired of talking about his new player. >> is he a talented player that plays smart and works hard. we have seen him do a lot of things. think i we have already talked a lot about him. see how he does and just go from there. >> that's about it that's all we got really. after practice tebow said he is very thankful for the opportunity. is he little more animated. he said he is ready now learn from the patriots star quarterback a guy named brady yp dating some of fox top stories tonight. just now keith alexander is now scheduled to explain himself to the house intelligence committee on thursday. meantime the american civil liberties union reports that it is suing the national security agency over its monitoring of the phone records of millions of americans. the white house says it is
4:58 pm
following the violence and turmoil in turkey with concern as authorities continue their scrakdown on antigovernment protesters in istanbul and beyond. trace gallagher with the news live this afternoon. trace? >> nearly 3:00 in the morning in istanbul, shep, and the protesters are still very much out in force in the square. in fact, rounds of tear gas fired just minutes ago. there is also word there are clashes outside the u.s. embassy in anchor remarks turkey these type of protests happening very much across the country. they once called this the tree revolution because it began weeks ago with people protesting the government's plan to redevelop gezy park. pull out the trees and replace them with a shopping center. they auto quated with turning central park into a mall in new york. now it's about much more than the trees and it's not quite a revolution. it's about the prime minister crackingdown on alcohol, jailing journalists, and pushing to limit social media in that country but those same social media sites, shep, are now abuzz saying that
4:59 pm
this protest or these protests have just begun and as you said, the white house monitoring all of this with concern. shep? >> shepard: trace, thanks. and on this day in 1955, tragedy struck the famous 24 hour race in lemon france when a high speed crash killed 82 people. the event has been around since the 20s. teams attempt to cover the most distance in a single day around 8-mile long loop on country roads before the disaster one driver complained the track was too narrow between the pit stops and the grandstands. during the race he tried to pass another car for the lead near that same narrow section. the cars collided at 150 miles per hour. the rear car catapulted into the crowd. the race continued despite the wreck but several nations would issue a ban on racing after a classic one turned deadly 58 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, june the
5:00 pm
11th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. thanks for checking in tonight. we appreciate it we'll see you back here tomorrow for "studio b" and "the fox report." we hope you will hang around now. author guy will be mad. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i can't find out anything, can you? i don't know what happened to benghazi. i don't know what happened in the irsz. i don't know what happened with james rosen. i don't know what happened with this one. they won't tell us anything. >> bill: that's what i said on "the today show" this morning as yet another scandal has dropped on the nation. this one involving an alleged coverup of crimes by hillary clinton's state department. james carville, rand paul, cawley and colmes will all analyze. >> i think that it's important to a lot of people who support the family that they have a front row seat. they don't trust the media. >> will the american press cover the zimmerman martin trial in a farewell? we will take a look at that question. >>


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