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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a louche. don't be one. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. this is a fox news alert. the american civil liberties union is suing the obama administration in an effort to prevent the federal government from spying on law abiding americans. now, the lawsuit filed by the aclu late this afternoon focuses on an nsa program that requires companies like verizon to hand over personal phone records of more than 100 million u.s. citizens. this includes the numbers that were dialled, the duration of the calls and much more. now, according to the aclu, the unprecedented spy operation is akin to snapping every american's address book and it gives a record of our associations and movements.
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revealing a detail of intimate associations. now, the complaint demands that the program be stopped and all seized records be destroyed. now, at this hour, the just i was department has refused to comment on the matter. however, there is already speculation that this could in fact end up being decided by the united states supreme court. but in addition to this being an important legal development. the political fallout from the story is also being felt tonight in washington, d.c.. particularly by president barack obama because even before his left flank started caving on him. he was already struggling to defend his administration's actions. then again, that's what happens when you say one thing is a candidate and you assume the responsibility as commander in chief. to prove that point tonight in a hannity exclusive. candidate obama is here to debate president obama on the subjects of surveillance and civil liberties. you want to get your recorder going here. >> if someonen watts to know why their own government has decided
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to go on a fishing expedition through every personal record or public d.c. through the library books you read, the phone calls you've made -- nobody is listening to your telephone calls. what the intelligence community is doing is looking at phone numbers and durations of calls. >> there are republican senators as well as democratic senators that recognize it's plain wrong. >> every member of congress has been briefed on this program. these are programs that have been authorized by broad bipartisan majorities, repeatedly since 2006. >> when i'm president, one of the first things i'm going to do is call in my attorney general and say to him or her, i want you to review every executive order that's been issued by george bush. >> it's interesting there are some folks on the left, but also some folks on the right who are now worried about it, who
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weren't very worried about it when it was a republican president. >> as for our common defense opinion, we reject as false the connection between our safety and ideals. >> you can't have 100% security and 100% privacy. we need to find a way forward to make sure that we can stop terrorists while protecting privacy and liberty of innocent americans. >> you can complain about big brother. but when you look at the details, then i think we've struck the right balance, all right? thank you very much, guys. >>. >> let's take a step back and talk about why this story is important to you. number one, the national security, the legal, the political ramifications of this story cannot be overstated. this will in fact impact your life. number two, we still don't know what exactly big brother's monitoring. we're simply being told just take the president at his word.
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but as you just saw, that's not good enough. number three, as rand paul wrote in the wall street journal today. the u.s. constitution is nonnegotiable. and if our rights are being violated, somebody's got to be held accountable. joining me now, david limbaugh and fox news political analyst juan williams. before you two debate. i want your reaction to obama candidate debating obama president. what did you think of that? it was so contradictory. >> one guy's a senator, he's free do criticize and be sort of a free wheeling critic. the other man's president of the united states, and his obligation is to protect us. the back and forth here, i think the tit and tat is the you in the aclu. i can't believe my man sean hannity is standing up with the aclu. a lot of conservatives in the audience are going to be like, what's going on here? >> i support the nsa program, and i support the patriot act.
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it is very clear, it says this is designed to go after foreign nationals and any americans would only be looked at if in fact they were connected to people that were targets. >> i can't believe my good buddy juan is that cavalier about excusing president obama for saying things about very important matters when he's running for commander in chief of the united states. and setting a different standard when he's president. i think he ought to be held to the same standard. did he mean it or did he not? obama claims he's transparent. if we can find out the facts about this case, we might settle down some emotions. but obama is the least transparent president we've ever seen. we probably can't get to the facts. that's what we really need to do. >> hang on a second, david. in other words, david, first and foremost, you realize that the republican majority in the house, will never ever do anything to this program because they don't want to be in a position of saying that they are
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taking away from law enforcement tools to deals with terrorists. and i don't imagine that anybody in the senate is going to take it away. you say, oh, obama's not being transparent? this is a legal program, one that's been authorized by the government. the patriot act is there, the congress is engaged in oversight. mike rodgers, republican intelligence committee says it's fine. dianne feinstein, says it's fine. >> let me interrupt you here. i interviewed the author of the patriot act. he says that this fishing expedition is not within the law. that it is not allowed. it's against the spirit of the law, and the written words in the law. your thoughts as a lawyer. >> well, you know, i'm not an expert on the fpatriot act. there are some lawyers i respect who think it is within the law. i don't think we ought to turn everything on jumping to conclusions about whether something is constitutional or
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statutorily allowed. we need to find out. we need to study that and separate our emotions. i hate the gathering of this data. i can't say just because i hate it, it's not authorized under the law. jim sensenbrenner, i really like him, i trust he's telling the truth when he ez says he didn't intend for the act to authorize it. did the act in writing actually authorize it? >> that's a great point. so -- >> amen david, he passed the patriot act. >> oh, you agree -- >> no, no, no, i thought you spoke the truth. we have to look into it. i'm all for the debate. sean's all for the debate. it was passed for the u.s. congress. the time for this discussion was talk about emotion after 9/11, everybody, i think there's one or two senators who voted against russ feingold voted against the patriot act. everyone else was leaping on the bandwagon. at that point there were people who were saying, hey, i think we're giving away too much.
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now that we have a homeland security infrastructure, have you all this collection. i think there are a lot of johnny-come-latelys who are shooting ourselves -- you can't allow the terrorists the upper hand, otherwise, we're going to get blown up. >> although, i don't -- nobody trusts obama, because he claims we're not even in a war. we're not even in a war. why does he want to be gathering all this metadata in the first place. >> wait a second, now you have -- >> we need to know whether the law really does authorize. and what we're really aiming to get. i want to find out from experts if gathering this kind of metadata will prevent any acts of terrorism. >> i have a question. >> let me ask this question to juan. because candidate obama promised one thing and then he's doing something very different. isn't it the least efficient way, juan, to have a fishing expedition? this reminds me of targeting grand ma and a 4-year-old in a stroller versus a yemeni exchange student at the tsa.
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it seems to be more efficient in targeting terrorists not every american and all of their correspondence. >> well, it would be wonderful if we knew all the terrorists before they committed a terror act. the fact is, in this environment, especially people like the tsarnaev brothers in boston. have you to be on the lookout for these lone wolf people making those overseas calls. by the way, again, under the prism program, it's only people overseas who are targeted, not american citizens. >> hang on a second. that's yahoo, microsoft. that's google. >> yeah, they're capturing communications coming from overseas. >> okay, but it also is americans. they did admit they spied on americans. >> no, it's a dangerous situation. it is, you guys said, we need the debate. >> i -- >> i hope we can find out through all this, by looking at
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past records, whether president obama actually attended columbia. did he make any calls? >> this is where you lose the argument, that's where you get political. and before -- i was saluting you before. >> listen, i -- that one hit it out of the park. good to see you both. still ahead tonight. should jay carnie be forced to step down as the white house secretary. i will pose that very question to the architect karl rove coming up later this hour. coming up next, an irs agent is caught on tape telling the president of a pro life group that she needs to keep her faith and beliefs to herself. the audio proof that this agency has been unfairly targeting conservatives. also tonight, log on to we want you to vote on the video of the day. this is option number one. this is what happens when a jeep decides to take on a pool. you want to see how this ends? you go vote
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6:15 pm
to gain tax exempt status. here's part of that conversation. >> you have the religious freedom, have you the freedom of speech. and other people also have their civil rights, human rights. for other people you don't have the belief. so i don't believe you need the right to do this. start confrontation, protesting if you do apply for tax exemption. you have your right of belief to do what you're supposed to do. but you have no right to go peo. have you right to outreach to other people. but meanwhile, you have to know your bounry dris, have to know your limits. >> pretty unbelievable. this is audio proof that conservatives were targeted and
6:16 pm
3r506 they we proof they were bullied into keeping silent. how many other americans were also unfairly harassed by the irs? will we ever know the answer to that? and third this needs to be fixed and you as a legally responsible taxpayer. you deserve to know with 100% certainty this will never happen again. joining me now with reaction. syndicated columnist jay buchanan and tamara holder. let me ask you, as we look at all of these things and listen to that, you're liberal. you believe in freedom of speech, right? freedom of association, freedom of religion. you believe in the fourth amendment, in the right of free press, right? >> right. any of these things concern you? >> what, that you're making up things as you go along? >> no, what you just heard, does it concern you? >> it depends what i just heard from the recording or what i heard you say. they're two totally different
6:17 pm
things. from the recording i heard an agent, an unnamed person who has who knows what kind of background, training or experience, it's like going through tsa, you don't know what kind of person you're getting, they don't want you to bring your liquids in. this didn't sound like a lawyer for the irs. we do not know who this person is going to be. if you're going to use it as a source, i suggest you use a named source, someone we could interview and ask where they get their information. where did they get their training? you're going to say this is evidence? >> we do have the woman's name. i'm not going to mention it right now. >> why? you're all about disclosure. >> sean, here's what's going on. as we know, there's a culture of hostility toward conservatives, right to lifers, tea party folks. you have 88 agents out there in cincinnati, putting a full court press on the folks of the tea party. what that amounts to in my judgment was delaying their tax
6:18 pm
exemption is denying them the right to fully participate in the politics of their country. it is an egregious form of voter suppression. and the idea that the president -- this started in february of 2010. the president of the united states, it's his agency, he didn't find out about it until may of 2013, there's really something rotten in denmark. >> that's actually -- you're proving the point. that obama, who you know i didn't vote for, who i don't think is doing such a wonderful job, probably didn't know about it, actually, and this isn't some kind of secret voter suppression as pat buchanan wants to call it. this is something like, what's his name, darrell issa, who can't smell his own crap. he releases little bits of information. they've interviewed -- they have interviewed people from the irs and guess what, they have not given the full transcript. >> let me ask you something. let me ask you a question.
6:19 pm
have you 88 people out there who are starting a full court press on the tea party out there in 2010, february, you tell me if it's a well run government that it took a year to get to the top of the irs, another year to get into the treasury department at the top. and another year before the president, the chief executive of the united states of america even found out about it. there's a culture there, and a climate there -- now, deny this, barack obama and the democratic party, with their savage attacks on the tea party people, did they not create a climate where some bureaucrat would say, let's go after those folks. >> mr. buchanan isn't it true that one of the transcripts that came out from an interview, specifically said that the guy thought that -- the guy who was speaking said that he was a conservative leaning man, he didn't think it was coming from the white house. this is somebody who was interviewed, that darrell issa
6:20 pm
won't give the 23u8 transcript. you're a person of the people, you want the people to know, why won't darrell issa release the full transcript of the interview. >> i agree with you. because one conservative republican may have been there and been responsible, what is this, the nuremburg defense out there? we were just following orders for heaven's sake? you have one conservative that goes along with the program. >> prove that this this is one president this is one kind of conspiracy, this is all about obama? you don't even have that kind of proof. and your friend sean hannity here wants to say this is some kind of evidence of harassment, show me the evidence. >> let me jump in here for a second. the transcripts that were released and i agree with you and pat, the whole thing should be released, but the transcripts did say it wasn't rogue agents, they said the directions came from washington in. >> no. >> yes. >> no, that is from one person. that is not all of them. >> let me agree here.
6:21 pm
>> pat, last word. >> let's get the whole truth out, i don't care if they're conservative, republicans, whatever, i doubt it, but you're right, get the whole truth out. why was this thing kept in the dark for three years from the president of the united states? who did it, who knew? who authorized it? >> and why is darrell issa keeping the transcripts. >> forget about that, do you want the answers to pat's questions? he raised three great questions. >> what, i didn't raise any good questions, because i'm liberal, i don't ask a question. >> do you agree -- do you want the answers to pat's questions? >> i think we agree, the public deserves to know. >> all right. >> amen. >> and we want the evidence. >> pat buchanan, thank you. coming up next, comedian bill cosby is raising eyebrows after saying americans would be better emulating muslims. time for video of the day, option number two, you get to choose this video.
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welcome back to hannity, over the weekend bill cosby offered a controversial opinion piece in the new york post about the flaws of american communities today. the former star of "the cosby show" is raising eyebrows for the op ed saying, we should all be more like muslims. he wrote, i'm a christian, but
6:27 pm
muslims are intentionally misunderstood, we should all be more like them, they make sense, especially with their children. there's no other group like the black muslims who put so much effort into teaching children the right thing, they don't smoke, drink, over indulge in alcohol, they protect their women, command respect. and what do these other people do, they complain about them? they criticize them. we would be a better world if we emulated them. a lot of people had problems with that statement. allen west tweeted, we should be more like muslims, you mean honor killings, beheadings, suicide bombings? hope you're kidding, sir. fox news contributor allen west, welcome back. >> thanks for having me on, sean. >> i was surprised by his comments, tell me why you felt the need to respond? >> i think it's important, we cannot allow people who are influential in our country,
6:28 pm
especially in the entertainment industry to start putting out false information. i give you a great example today as reported from reuters and the washington times, syrian islamists kidnapped, tortured and then executed a 15-year-old young syrian boy in front of his mother and father because he disrespected mohammed by saying he did not want to be a believer. those are not the type of things that are in keeping with western civilization values. when you talk about black muslims, let's also remember the nigerians who brutally and savagely attacked and beheaded the young british soldier lee rigby. and they were from nigeria. look up the terrorist group and the things they're doing to christians in nigeria. the easter attacks, the christmas day attacks. the obama administration does
6:29 pm
not put him on the terrorist list. we've had a series of honor killings that occurred. the father that backed over his daughter in arizona. the other father that shot his two daughters in texas in the cab. and in johns burro, a further that strangled his young daughter. i don't think that's in keeping with the values we hold here in the united states. >> i was particularly interested in his comment they protect their women. >> when you understand that in the koran you are sanctioned to beat your wife, but having been over in the middle east, i saw countless amounts of times of women being beaten and attacked. we know the taliban throwing acid on young girls trying to go to school. and we know about the young girl shot in the head because she spoke out about young girls
6:30 pm
getting an education. i don't know where mr. cosby is getting his information from, because i'm speaking about facts. >> do they protect their women. i know in some muslim countries they need four male eyewitnesss to prove rape. is that protecting women? >> no. when you look at some of the things in his history, the traditions of mohammed, you see some reprehensible behavior, to include modern day pedophilia, and some sociopathic type of behavior. this gentleman was nothing more than a vicious war lord. >> saudi arabian women can't drive. they have the morality police. women can't be seen outside the home with men that they're not related to. what about the issue of women having to cover themselves. that doesn't sound like the freedom that we give women here in america. >> no, you have women that have to cover themselves, and also in
6:31 pm
saudi arabia, you had a school of women that were left to burn to death because they were not allowed outside by the morality police because they were not properly dressed. let's not forget about genital mutilation in the islamic world. i think we know where we should be looking, that is truly in the institution of sharia law, which is parts of the tenets of islam. >> thanks for being with us, sir. >> always a pleasure. thank you, sean. is it time for jay carney to now step down from his post? i'm going to ask karl rove that question. and later, a man admits to fathering 22 kids with 14 different women and you, the hardworking taxpayers of america, you are footing the bill. we're going to show you this interview with him coming up next. by the way, we want you to pick the interview of the day. here is option number three. and see what happens when airline passengers make the most
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who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. the administration is still, their paid liar, he's still making up things about what happens. >> that was darrell issa calling out jay carney for comments he made about the irs's enemy's list. he's flip-flopping about the agency targeting groups. that's just the latest example of information he's give tonight press corps. americans need to trust that they're well informed. this is the person who's task it is to speak on behalf of the
6:37 pm
president of the united states. the constant flip-flopping by jay and maybe even lying makes us question if it's time for him to step aside. joining me now with reaction, the architect karl rove, sir, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> the irs, who knew what, when in the white house. we'll give you the before and then the second shot at it. watch this? >> jay, can you say categorically that nobody at the white house and nobody on the president's political team had any knowledge or was involved in anyway in the targeting of tea party groups by the irs? >> yes. >> absolutely not? >> i mean -- we found out about this in -- or at least the council's office was notified about this investigation, this activity, potential activity very broadly just a few weeks ago. >> you were asked about this in the briefing last week, about white house officials being aware. you just mentioned the council's office, you never mentioned the chief of staff and others -- >> i think i said that white
6:38 pm
house council knew. i think i said i didn't know until friday. >> absolutely not. nobody knew. then he changes his story. what's your reaction to that? >> connected with the irs, this is only one of several such instances, with he have the continued reference to low level employees and cincinnati being responsible for this one. we know it extends far broader than cincinnati. he continues to repeat after he knew it was not factual, this was all in response to a flood of applications for tax exempt status. and we know those peaked in fy '07. and now we're just at 50,000 applications. on a steady decline. on all of these big issues, the irs, the benghazi, the ap. we've had a series of shifting stories from the white house. and the most public figure. the most visible figure has been jay carney. this is part of a bigger problem
6:39 pm
the administration has, president obama has. this week, nbc/wall street journal poll, 58% of those surveyed believe they have major doubts about the integrity and honesty of the obama administration on benghazi, the irs and the subpoena of journ journalist phone records. 32% approve of the president's handling of the gallup poll. 49% disapprove. and 50% said they believe high ranking officials inside the obama administration knew about the targeting of tea party and conservative groups. jay carney's only one of several people whose integrity is being eaten away by this constant flood of misinformation, disinformation and downright fabrication. >> let me throw to another example here, because jay carney said that on the benghazi talking points, there are only stylistic edits. as we know, the truth evolved
6:40 pm
into an elaborate web of lies. let's play both sides of this. >> the only edits made by anyone here at the white house were stylistic and nonsubstantive -- >> and what remains? >> the intelligence community drafted and redrafted these points. when it comes to stylistic ed edits, we're clear about the edits made at the suggestion of the white house. the white house talking points were limited and nonsubstantive. >> turns out that's not true, is it? >> not true. this one is really mystifying to me, this is a direct slap at the cia. the cia drafted the talking points. they submitted them to the state department and the white house. we know that on saturday morning, i believe it's the 15th of september, there's a meeting at the white house at 9:45 on that morning. and in that meeting all of the talking points that had to do with terrorism and terrorist attacks are stripped out in a white house meeting. and the cia then gets -- goes
6:41 pm
back and releases these talking points which were meant for capitol hill. these originally were requested by the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. now, it's true that the cia stripped those pieces out, they did so at the direction of the white house. the cia does not draft talking points that say one thing and on their own hook, go 180 degrees the other way after a white house meeting unless somebody in the white house tells them what to do. and i remind you, sean in those 100 e-mails we saw. there's this extraordinary reference to a secure video conference, it looks like it takes place on friday, in which there are a number of high ranking intelligence and security officials. deputy to the director of the fbi, the number two guy at the cia and so forth. and in the summary of that secure video, we had the cia number two guy mike morrell offering to sit down with tommy
6:42 pm
vitore, who's the communications guy. and ben rhodes and negotiate the talking points with them. we have two white house aids down in the bowels of the national security council -- the number two guy at the cia feels compelled to offer an opportunity to sit down and negotiate with them the talking incredible to me. >> as always, thank you. >> you bet. coming up next tonight on hannity. >> the idea of having that many children out there that you fathered, is that it? >> yeah. my legacy lives on. my family stays strong. i make sure we'll be here for years and years to come. >> when we come back, you'll hear more from the that man, the father of 22 children by at least 14 different mothers. can you always weigh-in on all the topics we're discussing.
6:43 pm
hanni, can you vote on twitter @seanhannity. we will continue. [ male announcer ] what?! investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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welcome back to hanity. with father's day just around the corner, orlando shaw has admitted to fathering 22 children with at least 14 different women. let's take a look at what this dad told a local reporter about his situation. >> i wanted 50 kids. >> well, you're almost halfway there. >> apparently 22 is now enough for orlando shaw. >> don't want no more kids, i want to be fixed. >> that's his choice and no one at the davidson juvenile court is going to object.
6:48 pm
cases involving shaw's children can filan entire docket. >> jones and shaw. a different jones and shaw. >> and the list goes on and on of the mothers seeking support for their children. >> i have never doubted mr. shaw's love for his children. >> shaw is tens of thousands of dollars behind in support payments. >> what we're looking for is to come up with a solution to have parents be financially responsible for their children. >> magistrate scott rosenberg knows that would be good for the children and the taxpayers. when shaw doesn't pay, the state has to help support his kids. consider $142 per child in temporary assistance and another 200 or so in food stamps. multiply that by 22 kids, the state pays more than $7,000 each month. >> how does he explain fathering nearly two dozen children with
6:49 pm
more than 13 women. we asked. listen. are you able to pay child support? >> i can't pay no child support right now. >> how do you father that many children. it's hard to be in one place at once? >> it's called cell phones. >> what about contraception, was that just not an option for you? >> i was young, ambitious. i was just young and ambitious and i loved women. hey, you can't knock no man for loving women. >> ladies like you? >> the ladies love me. they don't like me, they love me. the ladies love me, they don't like me. >> you like the idea of having that many children out there that you fathered? >> yeah, shaw legacy lives on. my family stays strong. i'll make sure we'll be here for years and years to come. >> why is this story important to you? for starters, tennessee taxpayers are now responsible
6:50 pm
for footing the bill for this man's child support. it's outrageous, my guess is tennessee is not the only place where this is happening. what if this is indicative of the decline in the american values system that helped make this the greatest nation on earth. let's not forget, there are 22 children involved in this case. 22 young impressionable minds that are going to help shape the next generation of america. their dad a good role model? you decide. here with reaction is david webb, bob massey. sir, he can't pay? he doesn't even know -- around he couldn't even in the interview name all the kids. >> if there was ever a time that sterilization should be a law, he should not be allowed to procreate ever again. >> you would support that? >> for this kind of people. it's ridiculous. it's stupid. the other thing is, we have to ask ourselves, we don't know all the facts. no disrespect, what about the women involved here. i don't know if they came from the same community, there has to
6:51 pm
be responsibility all over the place. >> everybody, yeah. >> and the last thing is, be honest with you, i think david will agree, we've been paying for years on these type of things, if you go to paternity court in most states, have you these women who are impregnated all sides by the way, diversity everywhere on this. no child support paid and we pay for it. >> what? you know, sean, i'm going to go to numbers taxpayers should be upset about this. what's wrong with this man, i don't care about his color. the women should have kept their legs closed. this is a guy who by the way has a criminal record, it's going to be hard for him to get a job. the judge talks about that. the senate just passed a food -- a farm bill, $760.2 billion for the snap program in that bill. the house version will have maybe 19 billion less. you know what that pays for? it pays for this kind of thing. you wonder why politicians play
6:52 pm
their way to the both sides. and boomtown. you're talking about character, this is supporting character. we're feeding this beast of irresponsibleability and frankly to everyone this man should be ashamed. these women should be disgusted. they should be shocked. >> this is something we have to look at seriously. you hate to say this, in some cases this is a business for people. there are women unfortunately getting impregnated that look for subsidy knowing that the men under no condition could ever afford child support. they know they're going to end up going to welfare for money. they know that the taxpayers are not -- are going to pay it, they know that the state will never -- the state will never collect from this guy on any level. >> here's what i thought about when i first heard the audio and then looked at the video. i'm thinking, 22 kids he can't afford a penny in child support
6:53 pm
for any of them. shun the the dad be there? 14 -- he says maybe 17 or 18 mothers, that's in dispute by the way, i'm thinking, those kids don't get to hang out with their father, they don't get to go to a ball game, play catch. they don't get to be told to do their homework. where's the thought process about them. who thinks about them. >> look at what he says in the interview, he says my kids will go on, i'm proud of my kids. let me ask the other side of the question. >> he's proud of him. they're running around going who's my daddy. frankly, if you get them in a room, do they know who their mothers are. both sides are guilty, it's unfortunate this is a black issue and it's a big problem. >> it season the about race. >> it's not about race. i said it's unminority nat because it paints a different picture. when in fact it's an economic picture. >> it could happen to everybody. and it does. it's happened for years all over the country that these type -- all you have to do again, is go down to any paternity court in
6:54 pm
this country on any monday, tuesday, wednesday of the week. that's what you're going do see. the women don't know where the father is, as a man, it's repulsive to me. >> doesn't it then perpetuate itself? >> they're raised less educational opportunity especially in a single parent household. we're destroying generations -- this is generational theft in our can't. >> many times, many times, sean, these kids no disrespect again to the mothers. they end up in foster homes. >> the mothers, they did this, they're part of this. >> good to see you. >> when we come back, your choice for the video of the day, next. osteo bi-flex helps revitalize your joints to keep 'em jumpin'.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints. osteo bi-flex... now available in all major retailers and warehouse clubs.
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welcome back to hannity. time to reveal the individual key of the day. tonight you the viewers chose the jeep versus the backyard pool. watch this. >> here we go.
6:59 pm
>> drive it out. >> oh, my god. >> you did it wrong. >> you did it wrong. >> we still have the water in the pool somehow. >> i'm getting a soaker. >> the pool won that. rewrack that thing. let me quick go back to that. who thinks of these things. who comes up with these ideas? i'm trying to figure this out. why would somebody run their jeep into a pool.
7:00 pm
had to be a liberal. they expect the government to buy them a new car. all right, that is all the time we have left this evening. the news continues, greta is next to go "on the record." see you back here tomorrow night. tonight, well, what does it take to get a straight answer out of the government? >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on wells of hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect. >> the implications from one's office is that clapper's statements were not direct and truthful. >> he just flat out lied. it's ridiculous. it's an absurd answer. that question he was asked was provided to him a day


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