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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  June 16, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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watching. hope to see you right here next week. >> jon: what a week of news. nsa spying scanned gets more media attention as leaker goes public. another scandal for the state department. prosecution and pedophilia allegations against a u.s. ambassador and charges of high level efforts to cover up details. a new york paper reports cbs news anchor scott pelley had a meltdown over the state department scandal story. trial of george zimmerman begins and media ramp up the issue of racism. s pal pa will is back, returning to fox news, other media react as expected. new jersey governor a big hit on late night.
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>> oh, yeah! >> jon: which stories made our list? find out next on news watch. >> on the panel this week, judy miller. radio talk show host, monica crowley. jim pinkerton, from the american conservative magazine, merle brown and richard grenell. fox news watch is on right now. i'm jon scott. our security was jeopardized. there is no doubt in my mind that we will lose capabilities as a result of this and that not only the united states but those allies that we have helped will no longer be as safe as they were two weeks ago. >> these disclosures have caused significant harm to our nation and our safety.
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we're taking all necessary steps to hold the person responsible for these disclosures. >> jon: the directors of the national security agency and f.b.i. commenting on this man, edward snowden, a 29-year-old american and former technical contractor who revealed himself as the leaker of the information about how our government collects phone and other data about us as part of what the government called an effort to protect us. glen greenwald saying the information provided by snowden, his involvement getting the attention of one key lawmaker. >> no right is absolute. even the press has restrictions. selective and very rare exception but in this case, someone who disclosed secrets like this and threatens to release more, there has to be legal action taken against him. it's an unusual case with life and death implications
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for americans. >> jon: there are a lot of issues to deal with. to you, rick grenell, what about the assertion that you go against journalists in this case glenn greenwald for the leak? >> i think this is very simple issue. reporters think government is too secretive. i think it's a good thing for reporters to push for more open government. it's quite differed for a government employee to release classified information. that is illegal. i think that the government leaders have a responsibility to prosecute those leakers. they need to say you cannot leak classified information that endangers people's lives. i would not go too fast at going after reporters because it's their job to push for more open government.
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>> jon: glen greenwald said he wouldn't release names but he did claim we're going to have a lot more significant revelations that have not been heard over the next several weeks and months. that is part of why the government is upset. >> these seems to be biggest leaks in u.s. history. media narrative on snowden has changed from tortured whistleblower, aka daniel elsberg to spy like the rosenbergs. we're only beginning to get on to this. people are asking if he is a whistleblower, what is he doing in hong kong which is part of china. you can't sit in a chinese possession and not talking to the chinese. >> jon: you went to scrial to protect a source.
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for journalists to report the leak or report the leaker? >> i think you don't have an obligation to call the leaker the greatest american since george washington. this a utilitarian relationship and it's not surprising to me that greenwald was busy defending the man whose made him a household name in america now. i think we do, as kirsten powers wrote in the daily beast this week to have separate out these two issues. what do we think about the leaker and what he did from what about these programs? are they legal? are they constitutionality? that is what edward snowden is challenging, they may be legal -- >> and in part she writes washington establishment wants to put snowden in
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jail and throw away the key. we are told to blindly respect that persecutes whistleblowers over government information while watching the obama administration leaking of secret government informational to -- secret government information to agran el us more how we should have more respect for our institution. >> you don't know snowden any better than i do or any of us do. i know his type. we know the activist in him. he may be good or bad. but the spinning of him as ways skir ten alludes to that protect the washington establishment. >> he took an oath to protect the secrets and then he decided to spill them. >> you just hit a crucial distinction between a leaker and journalist whom the leak is given. those that work in government who is a contractor for the government, subcontracting
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out, they take sworn oaths to uphold secrets. so they should be prosecuted when they go ahead and leak. journalists take no such oaths. we use our discretion when given a leak, if such a magnitude it will endangering our national security and how much to publish. i do think the media likes stark contrasts, this ridiculous question, is here and hero or traitor? he is somewhere in between. >> jon: so are we paying too much attention to the leaker and not the issues that have come out? >> i think we are paying attention to both. you have all kinds of hearings being held on the hill, you've seen alexander being forced to talk about these programs. we have f.b.i. mueller and paying attention to both. as jim said we're beginning to wrap ourselves and minds around the consequences of
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the leak of this information. >> jon: you said the media narrative is changing. i want to read you quotes. jeffrey toobin, a grandiose narcissist that deserves to be in prison. one complained about his naivete. roger simon called him a slacker that came in from the cold. >> the establishment including the mainstream media aren't always wrong. it's possible this guy did disclose most important national security assets we have in terms of surveillance around the world. it's one thing you shouldn't spy on americans. that is good argument but put the whole world on notice and spying on them and sources and methods. >> jon: next on news watch, has the media hurt chances for a fair trial for george zimmerman?
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>> i don't like they rushed to judgment the way they. >> have media spotlight back on george zimmerman, coverage heats up as jury selection for his trial ramps up. has the accused already been convicted in the press? answers next on news watch. ♪
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zimmerman claims self defense. getting major media attention and on thursday, jurors will be sequestered to try to avoid all of that major media attention. is it too late for a fair trial? >> what should have been a local crime story was a national media circus because the dimension of race. you have a black man trayvon martin who was shot by a hispanic male. so the racial dimension added a national dimension to the story. you've had so many members of congress and celebrities weighing in on this branding zimmerman guilty, not giving the facts a real chance to breathe. i think he has already been tried in the press. we know that certain press outlets have gone to great lengths to put their own spin on the story, namely nbc which was caught
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doctoring a video. that is why it's taking so long to impanel a jury to find people that have already decided. >> jon: if zimmerman black, would it have gotten this kind of media attention? >>, no it probably would have gone just in florida at the most. let's remember, too, monica is right. it was also abc, matt gutman was caught doctoring the surveillance video of george zimmerman coming into the police headquarters. from the beginning, the television media has been outright terrible. they decided to make this out about race. print media has done a good job. let's also remember that president obama interjected into this early on by saying, if he had a son, it would look like trayvon martin. >> jon: both sides of story being told? are media being fair?
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>> as of all such things, everything catches up. media catches up. both sides of the story are being told. reverend sharpton is no longer on the steps at the courthouse in florida. >> jon: but the early portrayal of trayvon martin he was is a saintly junk teenager out to buy candy? >> then pictures of him that don't seem so saintly. look, we're only at the beginning of this story. joe concha had a great take on how msnbc plans to turning this into a soap opera. bill griffin head of nbc we don't do breaking news, this is what they do instead, a long soap opera. they would love to see the trayvon martin as o.j. simpson. i don't think the facts will sustain that. >> jon: we don't know the
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facts. we really don't know what happened that night? >> that is truly the amazing aspects of this extraordinary story is that despite all of the media attention, basic facts of this case remain unclear and this case, lawyers and what i've been reading about it will hinge on whether it was self-defense or whether or not was an actual murder. the question being raised here is media profiling. in other words, have we already -- do we have i am preghdz that it will be hard even to pick a jury that doesn't know about it. >> it happens over and over again. media run up to the case and wonders if there is going to be a fair trial and good lawyers and a confident judge will assure there is one. i think that is what is going to happen here. >> jon: we'll watch it and see if it happens. next on news watch, so many scandals and for the media,
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so little time. >> new scandals involving prostitution, pedophilia and drugs engulf the state department with high level coverups to hide the allegations. are the media too busy to pay attention or is an agenda to blame? that is next on news watch. eals to book this fabulous hotel. well, you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it. and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. priceline savings without bidding. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> i can assure all of you if the secretary or previous secretary were presented with documented evidence of misconduct. they would take appropriate action, but i'm not going to break down individual cases. >> jon: state department spokeswoman reaction to go reports of a new scandal involving a possible cover-up of sexual misconduct by a u.s.
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ambassador and security official. details coming from a leak internal memo obtained by cbs news. the memo refers to the 2011 investigation to an ambassador that different his security detail and inspector suspect this was order to solicit sexual favors from prostitutes. how much have we heard about this scandal? >> sex, introduction and hookers, just another day at the is on office for the clintons. we haven't heard a lot about the scandal because there is a tsunami of other scandals including the nsa, department of justice and one after the other. this is incredibly important for a couple of reasons. if hillary clinton were presiding over a corrupt state department, i think we ought to know that. number two, her chief of staff cheryl mills is alleged to have cover-up.
12:52 pm
she is long time clinton loyalist. she led the movement against the impeachment of bill clinton and she was involved in the benghazi cover-up. so if they were covering up the sex, drugs and pedophilia allegations they were covering up benghazi. how far does it go? hillary clinton's chief of staff then it would go to hillary clinton and i think we ought to know that. >> jon: if this happened under a prevent republican president, what would have happened? >> they would have been run out of town. reporters are embarrassing themselves. from the beginning hillary clinton tenure they have not covered her accurately, from benghazi. not only sheryl mills have been involved in every one of these scandals but
12:53 pm
tom nies two political people underneath hillary clinton. what we need to ask had clinton instruct khiarls mills and tom nides? or either way they is protecting hillary and she doesn't know what is going on or she chosen to have other people run the state department. it's a really bad way to manage. >> jon: they covered hillary's new twitter act? >> matt hadro pointed that out. that is the media agush about the pantsuit issue and whether he is going to run for president or not. they care hundred times who are the scandal. >> my hope would be finally to the point about hillary's record, what she has done at the state department. she gave a lot of good speeches. what her accomplishments merit our attention especially in presidential
12:54 pm
candidacy. >> come on, she flew a million miles. >> you know what that meese, it means a precedent for future secretaries of state and just travel and avoid issues like iran and north korea. don't get dirty and you are popular. to be a seat warmer secretary of state is embarrassing. >> jon: next on news watch, did the cbs news anchor have a meltdown? [ lisa ] my son is my world. he is the most awesome 5-year-old
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note. >> he gave >>. he gave russia what they wanted and got nothing in return. >> and time. >> i get 60 seconds. >> that was 30. >> sorry. >> i have much more time to go. >> you know what, i stand corrected. please continue. >> jon: not one of his finer moments, scott pefl ley losing control over the debate. according to the "new york post" joined by our parent company he lost his cool as well. on monday a big breaking story about the new scandal with the state department but not reporting on his program. according to the post page 6, scott pelley was if you areous after correspondent about the scoop about the sex scandal not broke on his evening news but early monday on this morning. the article claims the news
12:59 pm
anchor and executive producer were peeved at the decision made higher up the chain. that was not mentioned in the evening news. he called the reporter to explain his objection. that allegation is false. how long have you been a journalist. you would wouldn't last ten seconds at cbs news. this is not how reporters do our job. you called our publicist but not me in my office. so why the story didn't make the newscast, monday was a heavy news day and we had no place to put the story. however, they did find time to report on prince harry antics in an apache helicopter. that is wrap this week. thanks to our panel. rick grenell we wanted to let you know is battling non-hodgkin's lymphoma and sports a new hairstyle.
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rick, we want to know we are with you and our thoughts and prayers are with you. >> appreciate it. >> jon: i'm jon scott. keep it right here on the fox news channel. ♪ ♪ >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. happy father's day to all the dads out there and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters? >>. >> heather: father's day to you, as well. and months of heated rhetoric, north korea changing a tune and now the communist regime wants high level talks with the u.s. we've got reaction from the white house. >> gregg: as the u.s. promises to send weapons to the syrian rebels. russia is speaking


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