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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 18, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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flag. respect the history of the flag and who died for our freedom. thank you to all of you who responded. we hope that you have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. >> top of the morning. it is tuesday, june 18, 2013. thanks for spending part of your day with us today. i'm gretchen carlson. many demanded to know more and now they will. the n.s.a. chief testifies before congress today about the secret program. the politicians warn people be careful what you might wish for. >>steve: the president finally speaking out for the first time on the n.s.a. spying scandal and not happy with the criticism that's been directed his way. >> some people say, obama was this raving liberal before. now he's dick cheney. >>steve: he says he's no dick cheney. his program is much better than dick cheney's program. really? we're going to report and you will decide.
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>> talk about a cold war. were the two leaders thinking in this awkward meeting this morning? we're going to let you decide. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: good morning. brian is at one of his child's graduations so we have eric boling here. >> thanks to be here. beautiful dress. >> thank you. you have some fancy hair going. >> what are you trying to say? bigger this morn little bigger. steve, you've got fancy hair too. >>steve: i would think it's pretty slicked down where i put the brill cream. >>gretchen: let us know what you think about our hair and otherwise. got to get headlines for you. >> overnight bomb attack in afghanistan. three people dead. it happened 90 minutes before the country was set to take control of their
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own security from nato. the taliban has been calling for more violence leading up to today's handover. u.s. and nato forces will play a supporting role in afghanistan. in the next few months they are going to be replaced entirely by afghan forces. brand-new details about the man who decided to go berserk on a packed airplane. >> somebody help me! somebody help me please s-p >>gretchen: the man shouting he was being poisoned on a united flight on his way from hong kong to newark airport in new jersey. passengers wasted no time. they jumped on him and held him down. >> a few of us jumped on him, put him on the ground with the help of a few passengers and flight attendants, we were able to handcuff him. >>gretchen: the man, an american, was tied up for the final six hours of the flight. when the plane landed he was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. the husband of
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celebrity chef nigela lawson turning himself in to police. he was grilled for five hours over disturbing pictures that appear to show him choking his wife in public. he was let off with a warning. lawson did not press charges but a spokesperson says she has moved out of their home with the children. president obama and russian president vladimir putin caught in a very awkward photo op. the two leaders met one on one at the g-8, their first meeting since last year. president obama wants to arm the syrian rebels and is calling on putin to stop supporting syrian president assad. putin said our opinions do not coincide. we want to know what did they really want to say to each other. here's a snapshot. president obama saying if i keep my hands folded, he can't steal my ring. putin is saying he's probably listening to my phone calls too. what do you think they were saying? e-mail us your ideas. >>gretchen: they got a
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couple things they don't agree on, like major world issues. >>steve: plus the fact they sit down the day it is revealed we are listening to the russians and the russians are listening to us and the thing about the super bowl ring. the >> robert kraft said here check this out. how cool is this? it's a super bowl ring and vladimir putin pretended he didn't understand what he was saying and said i'll take that. >>steve: put it in the kremlin. three kgb guys surrounded him and he walked out. an ultra rare hearing a couple of hours away from us on capitol hill. the n.s.a. director expected to defend the n.s.a.'s controversial spying program. live in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> good morning to you. general keith alexander, the director of the national security agency, is expected to tell members of the house permanent select committee on
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intelligence how the n.s.a. thwarted a terrorist plot through its surveillance programs. in the wake of the snowden leak members of congress are concerned that president obama failed to inform them about the prism program which collected data from americans in the interest of national security. general alexander is expected to explain how that information gathered from internet companies thwarted dozens of planned terrorist attacks on the u.s. and more than 20 foreign countries. >> if the american people want to turn this program off we can vote in congress and turn that off. i think that is very dangerous and i think general alexander will talk about that tomorrow and i think he'll talk about some of the terrorist plots that he has stopped, he and his team, the n.s.a., have helped our intelligence agencies stop over the years. if you're talking to terrorists over in pakistan likely we're reading your e-mail. and if not, we're not. >> if people at the n.s.a. and our intelligence
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agencies, i believe are patriots, they're trying to do the right thing to protect us here at home, they are cognizant of how these tools are, how important they are and would cross a terrible line if they were ever to be abused. >>steve: that hearing gets underway later this morning at 10:00. a lot of people obviously will be watching to actually see and hear what type of plots have been thwarted. >>steve: thank you very much. we've heard that apparently the n.s.a. is trying to declassify a bunch of the supposed terror plots so they can say, look, we stopped this many and here they are. >> what we really need to talk is is yes, they did. no one is saying the n.s.a. isn't doing their job. no one is saying the n.s.a. isn't a valuable resource. the issue at stake right now and general alexander needs to talk about this, is whether or not they have the right, whether or not
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they have the constitutional right to go in and blanket listen in on people's phone conversations, whether or not they have a right to data mine people who aren't targets of investigation. >>steve: james sensenbrenner said yesterday on hannity they do not have the right. >> the fisa court, foreign intelligence surveillance court, says they have to be a foreign title. when you blanket cover americans, it kind of vital it a little bit. >>gretchen: two issues that have been muddled a little bit since last week since edward snowden, the idea of whether or not we have been successful with these n.s.a. programs and whether or not they have violated constitutional rights by going too far. >> they can't say we thwarted terror attacks by doing this when they're violating our constitutional rights. they have to separate that line. >>steve: the president of the united states is taking it on the chin.
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in the polls, the very latest shows half the country doesn't believe him. he's lost 10 points with independents, 17 points with people under 30. let's face it, they love their phones and e-mails. to think the government is spying on them, kids don't like it. the president went out, tried to get in front of it, doubled down on what they're doing, sat down with charlie rose and said we're very transparent, even though we aren't. here's the president. >> look, the whole point of my concern, before i was president, because some people say, well, obama was this raving liberal before. now he's dick cheney. dick cheney said he took it all lock, stock and barrel. my concern has always been not that we shouldn't do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism, but rather are we setting up a system of checks and balances? so on this telephone program you've got a federal court with
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independent federal judges overseeing the entire program and you've got congress overseeing the program, not just the spwepbs committee, not -- the intelligence committee, not just the judiciary committee. but all of us congress had available to it before the last reauthorization exactly how this program works. >>gretchen: here's the problem with what he's saying. when president bush was in office, then-senator obama did not agree with the tactics that he now supports. you know, point, the patriot act. he did not agree with that and what president bush was doing. number two, he has been on record as saying he doesn't believe that the war on terror still exists. so if the war on terror doesn't exist, why do you need to have this c-span -- have this expansive n.s.a. program. i think it is important if you supported the patriot act under president bush, for the most part you should support it under president obama, albeit that maybe it's gotten a little more expansive and you can argue with that side of it. but i think it is important to say i supported it under
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president bush but because president obama is in office, i don't like it. >>steve: the fact that has people worried is because they've stretched it so far it is illegal. and that's the problem. two things about the president just saying we're very transparent about. he said we've got a federal court. it's a federal court that convenes in secret and their findings are secret. also he said everybody up on capitol hill knows what we're doing. they don't. in fact -- >>gretchen: they were invited. members of congress were invited and they did not attend. >>steve: they said they did not necessarily get the invitation. yesterday rouen fournier at the national journal said this administration has lost credibility because they keep changing their story and flatout lie. >> i've been called a hypocrite for exactly you pointed out, gretchen. if you supported the patriot act, you must support president obama's version of the patriot act and what the n.s.a. is
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doing. then absolutely incorrect. the patriot act was set up to target foreign intelligence. there had to be at least one person on the line involved that was outside the united states and then you could go from there. the difference is -- and president obama didn't like that, but he took that program and expanded it by multiples by saying not only do you not have to be a foreigner. i can target americans. i can target groups of americans. i can blanket all of verizon customers. that is not what the patriot act was written about. we had sensenbrenner tell us that's not the point of the patriot act. president obama said the patriot act was bad and expand it by multiples is very hypocritical. somebody is being hypocritical. it is not me. i would say it is the administration. >>gretchen: edward snowden who started this firestorm is speaking out on the guardian website. that is the site that he went to to tell his story originally and they accepted it.
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he is defending himself now and is taking on president obama about his failed promises. here is his quote. he's talking about whether or not he's a spy for china, which he has been accused of by some people. a knee jerk red china reaction to anything involving the p.r.c. or h.k. ask yourself if i were a chinese spy, why wouldn't i have flown directly into beijing. i could be living in a palace petting a phoenix by now. >> i talked to edward's father, ron snowden, on father's day. he makes a very good point. the father says come home, ed. face your accusers. let the justice system work. we need to point out that ed snowden is now in hong kong or wherever he is in china, wherever he may be around the world, because he had a problem with president obama's failed
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promises. he said president obama, he ran on a certain amount of transparency. he couldn't even -- ed -- couldn't go to his bosses because he was worried at the very high levels james clapper wasn't even able to be transparent and honest. he felt he had to -- >>gretchen: go through the normal whistle-blower channels? >> that's what he's saying. he also said the government will not silence him either by jailing him or killing him, which is pretty ominous. >>steve: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. coming up, did you see this? the self-proclaimed mastermind on september 11 in court sporting a camo and orange beard. >>gretchen: electric car will cost the same as a gas car in about eight years. the bad news it is going to take a $7,500 tax credit to make that happen. stuart varney with accounting to make that accounting to make that happen.
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>> cars of the future. but don't hold your breath. brand-new information from the c.b.o. chose electric cars like the chevy volt won't achieve affordability until the year 2020 and
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guess what it will take to make that happen? thousands of tax dollars. credits. stuart varney is here to weigh in. what's ruining the economy? >> for the rest of this entire decade, gas-powered cars will be cheaper to own and run than electric-powered cars. the two only balance out in the year 2020 if gas goes to $6 a gallon and you get a $7,500 permanent tax credit. that's the only way you'll balance out the two. that's it. >> i thought that expired, the $7,500 tax credit. >> a guy from the c.e.o., ronald geckin, the government's bean counters, they are the ones saying it. he's saying the two don't match. electric is not as cost effective as gas. that will be the same for the next six and a half years. >> that's for the driver.
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it's never been cost effective for the taxpayer. >> didn't you recommend these things? spoeupb i recommended they -- >> i recommended they turn the chevy volt into a gas-powered car. talk about the green movement. >> it's politics. this is a green car. green is a policy. green is all about politics. when it comes to economics, business, it simply doesn't work. it's not price competitive. by the way, we're weighing for this. by the year 2019, the taxpayer will have sunk $7.5 billion into just the tax subsidies of this green chevy volt. it doesn't add up economically. >> we gave g.m. $15 billion or $20 billion that we wrote off. the government sold our stock in g.m.? >> we dumped -- i think the precise number is about $12 billion to $15on. sunk that into general motors. this is on top of that. this is a tax credit for a failing green car. >> thank you, stuart, see
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you at 9:20. by the way, a woman survives a serious crash, but with one very strange side effect. she now has a french accent and she's not french. you've seen her before being pounded by hurricane-strength winds. what she found out about hurricanes is pretty awesome. coming up next. ♪ ♪ the verizon share everything plan for small busines lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone... but i'm still on vacation... ...stilln the plan. nice! so is his tablet, that guy's hotspot, thentern's tablet. the intern gets a tablet? everyone's devices. his, hers, oh sorry... all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. connecting more so you can do more.
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>>steve: time for quick headlines on this tuesday morning. you can expect more of the same today from the self-proclaimed mastermind of the september 11
3:24 am
attacks. k.s.m., calid sheikh muhammad wore a camo invest and his beard died orange. an incredible sight in india. dozens of homes being dragged right into the river. look at this. more than a dozen people have been killed and at least 15 others missing. thousands more had to be rescued from their rooftops. >>gretchen: hurricane season is back in full swing after the devastation left behind by hurricane sandy many americans wondering what can they do to survive the next big storm? maria molina just back from miami, florida, with more. i just got back from minnesota where it is tornado country. you start seeing those dark skies, you don't see that anywhere else. at least on the east coast. you see it in the midwest. hurricane season a whole different thing. >> this is forecast to be
3:25 am
well above average in terms of activity across the atlantic, caribbean and gulf of mexico. this is something we need to watch over the next several months. the atlantic hurricane season does run until november 30, six-month period out here. i did -- i went to the international hurricane research center to check out some of the incredible research ongoing to help build better and stronger homes. >> it may look like i'm stand in the middle of a hurricane but this is manmade wind from the wall of wind. used to generate winds of over 150 miles an hour, the strength of a category 5 hurricane. can you tell me a little bit about the wall of wind and what it's composed of. >> look at this. look at the magnitude of the wall of wind. we're looking at a structure here that's nearly two stories high. each individual fan is 700 horsepower. >> the organization actually started because of hurricane andrew and how devastating that was to
3:26 am
south florida. >> hurricane andrew changed everything. millions of dollars poured in to rebuild south florida. part of that funding came to create us, the international research center at florida international university. the whole purpose is should we get future hurricanes, how we can build better and build stronger. what we've done now, we've taken what mother nature creates in the real world and we brought it into the research world. we're trying to replicate a real hurricane. we have little try angles here along the bottom. this is is to represent the ground surface. this slows the wind down. those tall spires at the back of the box, those help create turbulence. the wall of wind has a key role. when we talk about how can we build structures better, how can we build them stronger, it is about research and wind engineering. >> one of the things you found is the type of nails used in homes; correct? before we actually had just staples which are very smooth. >> now you have a nail that
3:27 am
has those grooves. it makes it that much stronger. >> the wall of wind simulates hurricane conditions on homes. that is one of your areas of research. right here we have a test that was done. this one has pre-andrew roof characteristics. >> it comes down to the materials used. many rooftops would blow off. >> this is a post-andrew roof. >> we wanted to demonstrate that now with knowledge and technology we've come a long way. inside a structure you can have lots of what's called hurricane strapping. just add metal strapping. that would that will hold hold -- that will hold the roof to the wall and the wall to the floor. >> it's not just rebuilding but rebuilding smarter. >> we can build better, build stronger to save everybody money and pain and suffering afterward. >> coming up next hour we'll show you how to hurricane-proof your home, simple improvements you can do right now.
3:28 am
>>steve: that was interesting. make sure who builds your house, they use the right nails. >> up to par for hurricane 5 conditions. that's the worst type of storm. >>steve: very good report. thanks for making the big trip to your hometown. >>gretchen: first fox news reporter james rosen's phones were tapped. now a fox news reporter saying her computers were tapped. by whom? >> computers coming on by themselves at night. my personal apple desktop as well as my -- >> you weren't even there? they popped on? >> i was sleeping. they would come on in the middle of the night. >>gretchen: hear from her coming up next. >>eric: former tennis pro, john mcenroe is here.
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>> president obama is now in ireland for the big g-8 summit. security for these overseas presidential trips are unbelievable. he has 14 limousines, trucks loaded with bulletproof glass to cover hotel windows and fighter jets flying in ships. that's to protect the
3:33 am
president. joe biden, he gets a pair of running shoes and -- [applause] >> you're pretty much on your own. >>eric: where has joe biden been? >>gretchen: let's talk about this story. cbs reporter cheryl at kinson, she has been saying the last couple of weeks i'm a little freaked out by the fact that i think somebody has been going into my computer system as well. remember stories started coming up about james rosen having the same thing happen. it turns out she has been able to prove by using security experts that someone was going into her work computer and her personal apple computer, happening overnight. she is not revealing exactly who it is, although she thinks she may know. she's been working on the benghazi story, working on green energy stories. she has been working on fast and furious. could that be why people are looking into her computer. here's sharyl.
3:34 am
>> computers coming on at night. >> you weren't even there. >> i was sleeping. sometimes one right after the other. that tells us what we can say, which is what you basically here, there has been an intrusion of the computer. this is not phishing, not malware, this is not an old boyfriend trying to look through my files. >> this is big? >> yeah. >>steve: in the beginning, as would be the case with any of us, you would figure i got hacked. somewhere along the way somebody phished and wound up with my i.p. information and got into my particular computer. then when you look at the stories she has done, like gretchen said, she does, thinks she does know pretty well who did it but she's not revealing who it was, but she did tell o'reilly last night for somebody to go into a private citizen's computer used by a family, she said that is simply
3:35 am
outrageous. >>eric: not only outrageous, it is illegal. this is why this whole n.s.a. thing is so important to find out what's going on. >>steve: it would be illegal unless somebody had her wiretapped to look into it for probable cause. >>eric: 220 years ago they wrote the fourth amendment which says you must have -- >>steve: did they have probable cause with james rosen. >>gretchen: i think they were getting into her computer before the n.s.a. story came to light. i'm not so sure she falls under the n.s.a. sort of umbrella because we all fell under that. i think she probably was deliberately targeted because of the kinds of stories -- >>eric: i'm not saying it was the n.s.a. that did it. the n.s.a. certainly needs probable cause and whoever going into her computers has to have probable cause if it's the fed. >>steve: with james rosen, the feds presented trumped up information. he is a flight risk. he's aiding and -- well, all that stuff.
3:36 am
and they got the courts to sign off on it. it will be interesting to hear, you know, when she does reveal who it was. >>gretchen: especially in her case because if it wasn't a court it would be a worse story than james rosen. >>steve: we've got headlines for you. he could have been killed but a teenager fought back against a shark and won. a 15-year-old boy was swimming in waist-deep water in texas when a shark bit his leg. instinct kicked in and the kid punched the shark. >> he was a trooper. this kid felt the shark bite his calf and literally grabbed the shark and tore it off of him. >>steve: that's what they tell you to do. the teenager's injuries are not life threatening. >>gretchen: three radio hosts canned after mocking a former nfl player battling m.s.
3:37 am
they were fired after they mocked a call from gleason. gleason lost his voice because of a disease and speaks through a computerized speech device. >> hello steve. >> knock knock. >> who's there? >> smother. >> who? >> smother me. do me a favor. >> that is horrible. that's sick. at least one of the hosts says he regrets the joke. >>eric: a woman in australia left with a horrible injury after a car accident. she's all right except for one side effect. she speaks with a french
3:38 am
accent even though she is not french. >> i am >>eric: doctors say she suffers from foreign accent syndrome. it is so rare there have only been 62 cases worldwide. you don't speak with such accent. is varney's accent real? >>gretchen: it is and i love it. maria has a florida accent a little bit. >> that's right. there is a south florida accent. i can actually tell when people are from miami. we want to take a look at the weather because across the country we have very active weather especially across areas south of the great lakes, also parts of the plains and rockies and into montana. several areas could be looking at severely weather at damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour and large hail. there is an isolated threat for tornadoes. that is not the biggest threat for today. temperatures today not bad in the northeast. hot day in texas, 101
3:39 am
degrees for your high temperature. parts of the southwest could be dealing with fire danger because of the heat and dry conditions. >>steve: thank you. patrick mcenroe has become a powerful force in the world of tennis, competitor like his brother john, then a successful coach and broadcaster. he joins us right now. you're focused on helping young kids, kids this size learn how to play tennis in a different way than we learned how to play. >> we got the message in tennis. we've got a kids-sized tennis. these kids are ranging between ages of six and nine. you can buy this net and equipment basically for around 100 bucks, any wal-mart, sports authority. and they can start playing anywhere. in the park, your backyard, in your driveway. these balls bounce a little lower, so they don't get up high above the strike zone for the little ones. they get great technique. you watch these kids, it's amazing. >>steve: they are terrific kids. when i was growing up in kansas, my dad set up a net
3:40 am
like that. i think it was a badminton net in the driveway. of course it was sloping down but it was all we had. now the tepbl is different where that ball is a marvel because it is not pumped up as high as a regular adult ball. >> exactly. they start with the red one, then they go up to the next ball which is an orange one and progress to the normal yellow ball. it really is amazing to see the kids' technique now is basically like you see on tv in the pros. they keep the ball in play a lot longer. guess what? they have more fun. >>steve: absolutely. you should know a little bit about developing tennis talent because you found all sorts of stars who are now household names. >> we're trying. that is the big part of my plan. we've got to get more kids playing tennis and more kids out this. we need to get more kids active in general so this is obviously a great way to do it. >>steve: there you are with, i think that's andy roddick. >> yes.
3:41 am
starting his own show on fox soon. >>steve: if people are watching now -- >> how about that hairdo. that's agassi whipping me. i had a little bit extra hair back then. >>steve: we all had extra hair. if people are watching and would like to find a facility or program, you've got a website? >> put in your zip code and find out where you can get this. give it a shot, steve. >> can i borrow your racket? >> let's see what you got. >>steve: they knocked the ball into the penske truck. look at that ready position. >> very kind net for you. very kind. >>steve: come to papa. >> if you started with this stuff, you'd have normal strokes. >>steve: it's so much slower. look at that. isn't that good? i'm going to continue. i--
3:42 am
>> i want to know why we didn't get gretchen out here. >>steve: patrick mcenroe, thank you very much. >>gretchen: can patrick hear me? patrick and i know each other from stanford too many years ago. >>eric: gretchen told me a bunch of secrets from way back when. >>gretchen: i did dance with patrick first dance ever, freshman year at stanford. coming up on our show, we're dedicating a whole week to keeping more money in your pocket. today heather nauert heads to the ballpark with her family. that is expensive but she has ways to save you hundreds. >>eric: 120 million faces in a data base to help catch criminals but what if you're completely innocent? you're completely innocent? the judge on that next. the great outdoors...
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untold story of americaís beginnings.
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the irs is out of control targeting law-abiding citizens playing politics losing their receipts for lavish spending let's end the irs [typewter] callor go to 88-390-3450 end the irs dotcom we can do it. hundreds of thousands of us have contributed or signed up. our best chance ever to shutter the irs is now >>steve: quick headlines. a california highway back open this morning after a wrong-way driver caused a terrible accident. a truck driver slammed into on coming traffic injuring about a dozen people. and the mistake on the grave of former new york
3:47 am
city mayor that lists his birthday as 1942 making him 18 years younger and it's being etched. >>gretchen: he had a good sense of humor. probably wouldn't mind that much. more and more states are building massive data bases of drivers' license photos to help identify criminals. that means your d.m.v. photo is being saved into a data base where it is compared against a list of potential crooks. is that fair? is it legal? fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano joins me now. >> the government will do whatever it can get away with to make its job a little easier. prior to 9/11 if you gave the government any information -- a photograph for the d.m.v., tax information to the i.r.s., personal information about where you're traveling to for the t.s.a. -- each department had to keep it separately. after 9/11 they began to share all that. that's how these data bases came into existence. >>gretchen: recently the supreme court ruled what
3:48 am
about d.n.a.? >> recently the supreme court ruled that a state law which mandates swathing your mouth to collect d.n.a. on the basis of an arrest -- not conviction, just an arrest -- is constitutional. it is an interesting dissent. justice scalia, arguably the most conservative justice, justice ginsburg and kagan dissented and said this is going to bring us to a police state. if you combine the ability of the government to get your d.n.a. just on the basis of an arrest plus all this digital information that they keep, information given for innocent reasons, you give them a great deal of information about us, far more than we ever expect that they would have. forget about the n.s.a. spying. that's another story and another level of government surveillance. >>gretchen: this is interesting because it is like how many other stories are we going to look at and uncover where you specifically believe is overreaching. >> not only do i believe it's overreaching.
3:49 am
the constitution says it's overreaching. the police can't just investigate anybody. the police couldn't start following you and taking pictures of you and look at your credit places where you -- your credit card places where you took your children for dinner. there has to be a reason to suspect you have done something wrong. without the articulable suspicion bar, without that gate this could be a police state and the police could investigate anybody they wanted for any reason they wanted until they found something wrong. >>gretchen: now we know why a driver's license photo is so important. >> now we know why it is so dangerous because it gives away too much information. >>gretchen: have a good rest of the week. a teen refuses to take off his n.r.a. t-shirt. now he's facing a year in jail? we're dedicating a week of keeping your money in your wallet. today heather nauert goes to the ballpark with her
3:50 am
family. she has ways to save there. the ballpark is expensive these days. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance, a new ride comes along and changes everything. ♪ the 2013 lexus gs, with a dynamically tuned suspension and adjustable drive modes. because the ultimate expression of power is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. from the united states postal service a small design firm can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪
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>>steve: we're looking for ways to help you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket. a day at the ballpark ain't cheap these days but heather nauert found major league savings. >> normally when you go to a baseball game --
3:54 am
>> $6.25 for a hot dog. we have four hot dogs and three large sodas. the total here, $43. pretty expensive. rather than striking out on savings with simple tips we're about to hit a home run. some ballparks lie -- like citi field allow you to bring your own food. >> you can bring in nonalcoholic beverages, 20 ounces and under. beverages can get costly at a game. you can get an eight pack of juice for $4. the equivalent of what you pay for one bev rapbl at a game. >> yore way to step up to
3:55 am
the -- another way to step up to the savings plate, do parking prep work. john knows a lot about lots and his life's work is about finding them cheap. >> show us an example. you're looking at fenway. >> fenway park, anybody who has been there knows parking is a nightmare. lots of one-way streets. here you can see that you can park close to the stadium for $40 or if you want to walk, you can park for half the price, $20. >> now we're ready to buy tickets. the number-one piece of advice: wait until the last minute. >> tickets can be dropped as game day comes. >> we want to be where the action is but not for the $170 a seat price tag. a site like leaves users with inexpensive options.
3:56 am
are you comparing different seats in that same section from different sellers so i can price compare? let's look at the difference. here you're right behind home plate, that's $157. if you're a family of four it will cost you a fortune to go. let's go to seats that are out.tle bit farther away, that's $84. here's the final score card. what normally would have cost us about 500 bucks cost us closer to $390. that's $110 back in our pocket and we're having a great time. and that's my family. >>steve: still a fortune. >> but if you plan ahead with those parking tips -- i love you can find out the best prices at all the stadiums. >>steve: i hope your team won. >>gretchen: thanks, heather. coming up, rapper lil' wayne stomping on the
3:57 am
american flag in his new video and outrage doesn't end there. >>eric: we asked you what were the two leader thinking about in this awkward meeting. e-mail us. reel -- we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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every upgradedxperience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature. your idea of what a card should be. >>steve: what were obama and putin thinking about in this awkward meeting? one of -- "fox & friends"
4:01 am
hour two. >>eric: lil' wayne. what was he thinking? >>gretchen: that is the first we heard of this story. i think we'll get that in a minute after we start other headlines. overnight a box attacked in afghanistan leaving three people dead. it happened 90 minutes after the country was set to take control of their own security from nato. the taliban has been calling for more violence leading up to today's handover. u.s. and nato forces will now play a supporting role in afghanistan. in the next few months they are going to be replaced entirely by afghan forces. we're learning brand-new details about the man who apparently went berserk on a packed airplane. >> somebody help me! somebody help me please! >>gretchen: the man shouting he was being poisoned on a united flight on his way from hong kong to newark, new jersey. passengers wasted no time. they jumped on him and held
4:02 am
him down. >> a few of us jumped on him, put him on the ground with the help of a few passengers and a flight attendant, we were able to handcuff him. >>gretchen: the man, an american was tied up for the final six hours of the flight. when the plane landed he was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. more on the report later. >> celebrity chef's husband turned into police. he was grilled over pictures that appear to show him choking his wife in husband. he was let off the hook with just a warning. lawson did not press charges. >> he's calling it a second chance at life. chad johnson says the judge who threw him behind bars for slapping his male lawyer's butt actually saved him. the judge gave johnson 30
4:03 am
days in jail but then released him yesterday after just seven days after he apologized again for disrespecting her. >> a lot of people have tried to get me to slow down in life. coaches, agents, lawyer. and there was one person that was able to do it. that was my judge. little does she know it, i love her to death. but basically what she's been is a blessing in disguise. >>gretchen: wow. that's a turn around. johnson will have to perform community service and attend domestic violence counseling. and those are your headlines. >>steve: meanwhile, brand-new footage surfaced showing rapper lil' wayne stomping all over the american flag and a lot of people not happy about it. anna kooiman is here in the studio following the story. >> everybody fired up about this one. he is no stranger to outrageous antics and now
4:04 am
rapper lil' wayne under scrutiny for this unpatriotic performance in this latest music video. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> in the clip you see the 30-year-old singing in front of a huge american flag before it's let go on to the streets of new orleans. he then continues rapping stepping all over the stars and stripes. meantime the lyrics to lil' wayne's song "god bless america" just as controversial. ♪ sweet land of ♪ kill them all ♪ and let them die ♪ god bless america ♪ godless america >> the rapper is facing a ton of backlash. tens of thousands took to twitter calling him
4:05 am
unpatriotic. joey tweeting this. lil' wayne standing on the american flag doing a video? disrespectful. pierre tweeted this. there are other things to step on than old glory. he should spend time with our warriors. desecration of the american flag is protected by the first amendment so there is no chance the rapper would face charges or be arrested for stepping on the american flag but upsetting a lot of folks. >>eric: if he doesn't like america, he can go somewhere else where they don't have the protected freedoms that our military people have fought and died for that are represented in that flag that he is stepping on right now. lil' wayne has made quite a living on the american people. he can go somewhere else if he doesn't like this. >> he's doing this for attention. he's doing this because now we're talking about it. for whatever other reasons which i don't want to get into. >>eric: i'm not sure. the guy is one of the most popular rappers out there right now. he doesn't need the
4:06 am
attention. he's doing it because he's a jerk. >>gretchen: i said that was one of the major reasons. all these people in the public eye now do stupid stuff and stuff just to get more attention to get on twitter and get people talking about them, you know. >>steve: let's see how many albums he sells. later on today general keith alexander, the guy who heads up the n.s.a., the national security agency, is going to capitol hill. he's going to try to put out a firestorm that erupted across the country ever since the leaker edward snowden has revealed that our federal government is monitoring our calls and monitoring our e-mails and we don't like it. and that's one of the reasons probably that the president's poll numbers are tanking. he lost 17 points with people under the age of 30. plus it's curious to a lot of those people who voted for him. he's for the stuff he was against when george bush was president. now he's for it. here's the president with charlie rose flip-flopping on surveillance, which he says transparent.
4:07 am
>> look, the whole point of my concern before i was president, because some people say, well, obama was this raving liberal before. now he's dick cheney. dick cheney sometimes says, yeah, he took it all lock, stock and barrel. my concern has always been not that we shouldn't do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism. but rather are we setting up a system of checks and balances? so on this telephone program you've got a federal court with independent federal judges overseeing the entire program and you've got congress overseeing the program not just the intelligence committee, not just the judiciary committee, but all of congress had available to it before the last reauthorization how this program works. >>gretchen: the flip side of this is revealing too much of this information, does that hurt our efforts to keep terrorists at bay? that's what some members of congress are worried about, that the more that you
4:08 am
reveal, then the less that you can guard against things happening to the american public. so people are seeing this. i think this is one of the most controversial topics that people have debated across america in quite a long time; right? >>eric: it's not drawn along party lines. it's drawn on the constitution. are you someone who believes as long as you utter terror in what you're doing, you're able to justify what you're doing. c-net put out an article that pointed out that in a secret briefing it was said any analyst can go in and listen to your phone calls. dianne feinstein agreed with him later on that day by saturday or sunday gerald natler walked that back and corrected his statement. we need the answers. can an n.s.a. analyst
4:09 am
listen? yes or no. even with suspicion, if you're an american citizen. >>steve: it sound like from snowden what he has said so far and what he has written, yes they can. that's one of the thing the government doesn't want us to know. >>eric: they need a court order. >>steve: legally. the big question is do you trust the government? there are so many people who say if the i.r.s. targeted conservatives, what's to stop the n.s.a. from doing the same? trust us, that's not happening. then you hear snowden and so you're wondering, we wonder about that. yesterday extraordinarily there was a web chat on the guardian site -- they are the ones that broke the story over in hong kong where mr. snowden answered questions from average people. and he was asked whether or not he was a spy. he said the u.s. media has a knee jerk red china reaction to anything involving h.k., hong kong or p.r.c., people's republic of the china and is intended to distract from the issue of u.s. government misconduct.
4:10 am
ask yourself if i were a chinese spy, why wouldn't i have flown directly into beijing? i could be living in a palace petting a phoenix by now. funny. >>gretchen: so that is his response to that. in the meantime, we asked you what you thought about this photo today. it's a pretty good one when you're looking at body language and facial expressions. they probably don't like each other too much. i'm talking about president obama and vladimir putin of russia. here they are at the g-8 summit. the body language, both closing their hands which usually means enclosed. and they have kind of sour looks on their faces. what do you think they were thinking in their heads? here's one viewer through a bubble thought. this is megyn, south florida. president obama: if i keep my hands folded, he can't steal my ring and vladimir putin says he's probably listening to my phone calls too. thanks very much. >>steve: in headlines in, i think it's "the new york post," it says obummer and
4:11 am
poutin'. >>eric: obama says i don't know what i'm doing. putin says this guy doesn't know what he's doing. >>steve: herb says in this suggestion, obama says i'd rather be on the golf course. putin says i'd rather be riding without my shirt. >>gretchen: coming up on the show, a teenager refusing to remove his tph-fpl -- n.r.a. t-shirt could face jail time. >>steve: why is this boat going in circles? where are the two guys who are supposed to be riding it? ♪ ♪ years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? and now today, i see this in the news. once again, centrum silver was chosen by researchers for another landmark study.
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winning parks can receive a grant of up to $100,000. part of our goal to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make... together. >> steve: wait 'til you hear this. west virginia eighth grader was arrested after refusing to change out of that t-shirt. it's from the nra. protect your rights. it shows the logo and a gun as well. >> eric: now 14-year-old gerald face has year in jail and a $500 fine. he was charged with obstructing an officer by claiming she was sticking up for his rights. thank you for joining us. how is wearing a t-shirt obstructing an officer, sir?
4:16 am
>> wearing the t-shirt wasn't. it got blown out of proportion. the teacher took him to the office, tried o demand he change the t-shirt. the principal seemingly overreacted. thought there was going to be a riot because of the other students applauding and championing on for jarrett for standing up for himself. called the police. the police came in, not knowing what was going on. had the principal and jared in the principal's office trying to ascertain what the issue was. jared just wouldn't stop trying to plead his side of the story. the reason he wouldn't was he had went through three -- two teachers and administrator at that point in ten to 15 minutes and no one would listen to him. they kept telling him his shirt was violating the dress code, which it did not. he didn't understand the officer wasn't going to give him a chance. so he kept trying to plead with the officer his side of the case that i didn't do anything wrong. jared never used obscene language, no foul language, any threatening words or menaces or
4:17 am
anything toward the officer. in fact, he complied with the officer's request to sit down. he have did sit down when asked to do so. he didn't want to give up pleading his side of the story because he didn't think he was ever going to be heard. >> steve: so -- >> 'cause the charge was obstructing an officer and his duty. >> steve: so because he was just raising a ruckus, the cop said that was obstructing an officer? >> i don't even think he was raising a ruckus. he was trying to plead his side of the story, sir. the officer was asking the principal what happened. she was talking. jared kept butt not guilty to tell his side of the story because he didn't think he was ever going to be heard. it wasn't really a ruckus. it was some interruptions of this is what really happened. >> eric: the way we understand it is the school said he was wearing, quote, inappropriate clothing. we have a quote and we have the middle school dress code says, quote, if in the judgment of the administration, a student is dressed inappropriately, the student will be required to change clothes or cover up
4:18 am
inappropriate clothing before returning to classes. was the inappropriateness the fact that it was an nra t-shirt? is that what they were saying what was printed on the shirt or the style of the shirt? >> i think it was more the style. i can't speak for the actions of the individual teacher that made the decision. but obviously i think it had something to do with the weapon, the hunting rifle that was on the shirt. and mind you, he wore that through five periods before this particular teacher intervened. and also 100 students wore the very same shirt throughout the school system the next day or maybe two days later. 100 of the exact same shirt without incident. >> steve: it will be interesting to see how this is resolved. he does face jail time over a t-shirt. we know do you have a motion to dismiss the criminal charges. we're going to keep track to find out what happens. ben white, thank you, sir.
4:19 am
>> eric: a man thought he would never see this dog again. but it turned up 500 miles away. how they made the match. >> steve: maria found out what's it is like to be in the middle of a hurricane. look at that! now she's checking out ways to storm proof your house to make sure things don't blow away. believe me, it could make a difference between big damage and disaster. ♪ hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> steve: time for news by the numbers. first, 21%. that's the number of american millionaires who get rich by building their own business. that's half the world's average.
4:23 am
next, $7,500. that's how much in tax credits need to be continued for electric cars to become comparable in price to regular vehicles. and the congressional budget office says that won't happen until 2020. lot of driving. finally, 500 miles. that's how far this dog traveled to get back home to oklahoma. she got lost during the recent storms and ended up in iowa. eventually somebody found her and helped track down her owner. now she's back home. all right. gretch, out to you and maria. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. beautiful out here. america's coastal states bracing for a summer now of wicked weather. that's because hurricane season is just getting started now. >> ever since hurricane andrew hit in 1992, companies have been jumping at the opportunity to help create more hurricane-proof housing and here to show off some of those products, amy goodman, a contributor for coastal living magazine, and you were telling us that one of the first or most vulnerable areas of a home really is the windows during a hurricane. >> it really is because once
4:24 am
that water and once that wind permeates into the home t can completely damage the framework. beginning with our first item, we're all about it at coastal living, we care about the design and the beauty of our gorgeous coastal homes, but if they're not protected and you don't have a home to go home to. correct? >> so we have a shutter that you don't have to paint or do anything to and what else? >> yes. this is a shutter made with composite and fiberglass in the interior to make it ultrastrong. up to winds of 150 miles per hour. not only that it comes in five different styles, it looks like a regular wood shutter and you can paint it with any type of paint to suit your design style. >> would that be on the house throughout the year? >> absolutely, yes. there are five different styles to choose from. you can have ones that have lurers. >> gretchen: now the tiles, what makes them special? >> cement tiles, made with concrete and cement. stands 200 pounds of pressure per square inch.
4:25 am
they won't crack in hurricanes. now the national home builders association of america are telling us that cement is the most popular and safe thing to use in the patio and the most popular thing in america. >> these are really stylish and beautiful coming in all different designs to choose from. >> next is the siding? >> yes. this is a james harding siding. this is really going to be impermeable to water, won't dent. they have an example from hurricane sandy where when the water receded, weeks later the siding looked exactly the same. it's made with a particular cement fiber. we have planks and shingles. they look like a great coastal home. we used these in our 2013 coastal living show home, which is3bná% ! in south carolina. we invite the whole public to come. it's a house that embodies all of these great hurricane-proof ideas and shows off great designs. >> gretchen: insurance companies must love you for all these. what about the nails? what makes a special nail.
4:26 am
>> a regular nail is really smooth. in this case, this nail has a twist of steel at the top and the grooves on the bottom which make it grip the wood. you can make it not loosen off the plank. you need this with winds up to 170 miles per hour. this is hurricane 5. >> very, very strong. >> from the roofing metal alliance, metal roofing, the deck, all those colors to choose from, and heat resistant for the summer. talk about energy efficiency. and lastly, we go back to the windows because that's the most vulnerable part of the home. from marvin, this is their storm plus windows. it's made with various layers of laminate window. it will fight off debris, category 4 hurricane winds, and not only that, if you had an eight foot, two by four plank and it came at that at 50 feet per second, the window would stay intact. it might crack, but will not shatter and allow the wind and rain to come in. >> of all these products, they're also beautiful. the windows, the siding, the tile and even the shutter. you're not really compromising
4:27 am
the beauty of your home. >> exactly. we want to retain that design that set it. but make your home stronger and safer hurricane season. >> gretchen: even though you hope it doesn't come, even though we enter into hurricane season now. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> gretchen: great advice. coming up, the power of mother nature caught on camera, raging floods pulling homes right off their foundations into the river. where this is happening coming up next. >> real housewives of new jersey star is here. her drama free summer beauty tips coming up next the verizon share everything plan for small busines
4:28 am
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4:31 am
♪ ♪ . >> gretchen: welcome back, everyone. over the weekend i had a chance to go home. everyone loves to go home, right? this is my home state of minnesota. that is a group, former miss minnesotas, we got together in a gala to fund raise for the scholarship program. in the front row, if you can go to the next photo, there are three miss americas from minnesota. dorothy benefitham from 1977, and the new one, also a violinist, and bebee, miss
4:32 am
america from 1948. check out how great she looks and all three of us had the honor of going home to celebrate and try and raise money for the largest scholarship program in the world for women. we've given away $45 million since it started in 1921. so thank you so much for opening up your arms and saying welcome home to minnesota. always great to go home. >> steve: minnesota. >> gretchen: and my anniversary. things have changed, if you know what i mean. yep. new wrinkles here in 25 years. >> eric: meanwhile, 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> steve: let's go outside, been a busy couple of days weather wise. maria molina with a preview of what happens today. >> good morning. that's right. we're looking at another pretty active day today in terms of the weather the country with several areas that could be seeing some severe weather and then we have other areas that are too dry and too hot where we have an elevated risk for wildfires. that's specifically across parts of the southwestern u.s. yet again. if you remember we've had a number of wildfires across parts of colorado and that danger in
4:33 am
place over the last several weeks. today that is in place again. we have a number of watches in effect. severe weather risk across a pretty big chunk of the country. from ohio to parts of illinois, parts of the plains states and the eastern rockies. and even western montana could be looking at damaging winds, large hail and isolated risk for some tornadoes. that's something we're looking at today. temperature wise, hot day in texas. 94 in san antonio. 101 in el paso. the northeast not too hot. upper 70s in new york city. but it will be getting cooler as we head into tomorrow with some cooler air moving on in and we should be in the low 70s with a lot of sunshine. like i mentioned, we have the elevated risk for wildfires today. red flag warnings. fire weather watches in effect from new mexico, colorado to parts of nevada. let's head back inside. steve, gretchen and eric. >> eric: thank you. now to your headlines. he could have been killed. this kid could have been killed, but a teen-ager fights off the shark and wins. 15-year-old boy was swim not
4:34 am
guilty waist deep water in texas when the shark bit his leg. instinct kicked in and he started punching it. >> he was a trooper. this kid felt the shark bite his calf and then literally grabbed the shark and tore it off of him. >> eric: and the teen, his injuries are not life-threatening. that's good news. gretch. >> gretchen: a boat left in circles after two men thrown overboard. they were thrown right into the water after hitting a wake. >> my buddy was driving and we hit a rogue wave and boom, it flipped us. both of us flew out like rockets. it was like instantly. >> gretchen: one of the men broke his leg. as for the boat, it eventually stopped after an hour. of course, when it ran out of gas. right? >> steve: there you go. >> eric: luckily they didn't drown. >> steve: an incredible sight in india. dozens of homes being dragged right into the river, crumbling. the raging rivers leaving dozens
4:35 am
of people dead and at least 50 people missing at this point. thousands more had to be rescued from their roof tops by helicopters if they were able to get there fast enough. relief camps have been set up to provide people with food and water. >> eric: it's the video going viral. proof the underdog could come out on top. mama sheep with her two babies comes face-to-face with a hungry wolf. but check this out. the mama sheep wins the showdown. she faces the wolf right up. so why did the wolf back down? one theory, wolves are pack hunters and aren't so tough on their own. i'm not sure -- i think the theory should be don't mess with a mama when protecting their babies. >> gretchen: i like that one. new details emerging about the man who went berserk on that packed united airlines flight. joining us live outside of newark airport in new jersey with the very latest, theresa. what can you tell us? >> good morning. yes. ten hours into a flight from hong kong to newark, one
4:36 am
passenger from new york goes crazy! he starts ranting, raving, begging for help. and that rant was caught on tape. here it is. >> somebody help me! somebody help me, please! somebody help me! >> it lasted for six hours. can you believe that? lasted until the flight landed here in newark. we had a chance to catch up with some passengers. they say he never threatened them. he only was saying he was going to harm himself or felt as though he might be harmed. here is their take on it. , an eyewitness account. >> he said he worked for the u.s. embassy in abu dhabi and he was being detained by the c.i.a. and being transferred and his life was in danger. >> eventually passengers jumped on top of that man and they restrained him with plastic handcuffs. the f.b.i. met him here where they escorted him to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. one quick thing, this mention
4:37 am
was never diverted because united says he was only a disruption to himself. he never tried to harm anybody else or suggested he might harm anybody else. so the flight continued here to new jersey. that's the latest from newark airport, gretchen, steve, eric, back to you in studio. >> steve: of course he scared the living daylights out of everybody else. >> gretchen: absolutely. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: self-proclaimed mostermind of september 11 playing games in court. sporting camouflage and an orange dyed beard. there is more on tap for today. >> steve: season 5 went out with a bang. >> you wanted me to call out that she was a stripper! you wanted me to -- >> no i didn't! >> if she didn't get a designer bag when she was four years old. >> i lived in a (bleep) house. i never said she was a stripper. >> steve: "real housewives of new jersey" star jacqueline laurita star with us. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back.
4:38 am
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turn more of the money you spend into money you invest. it's everyday reinvesting for your personal economy. >> gretchen: if you're just waking up, quick headlines. you can expect more of the same from the self proclaimed mastermind of the september 11 attacks. khalid sheikh mohammed wore a camouflage vest. he dyed his beard orange, as you can see in threapedderring. a turban on his head.
4:42 am
he'll be there all week for pretrial arguments. ford is going old school. putting knobs and buttons back on the entertainment consoles. it comes after drivers complained apparently that touch screen, too hard to use. all vehicles will undergo the changes. in date set for the rollout. just when you get used to the touch screen, now they're going back to old school! wow. >> eric: season 4 of "the real housewives of new jersey" certainly ended with a bang. remember this? >> you wanted me to call out that she was a stripper! >> no, i didn't! >> if she didn't get a designer bag when she was four years old that that meant something. >> i never said she was a stripper. >> what? >> gretchen: season 5 continues to bring high drama to the garden state. here with us is jacqueline laurita. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: the reason we're sitting like this is 'cause eventually we're going to go to the demo area and talk about make-up tips you have.
4:43 am
in the meantime, you're already -- is it season 5 starting now? >> airing now. >> steve: season 1 wrapped up with a bang. >> yeah. >> steve: as we pick up this season, the filming started shortly after sandy devastated the coast of new jersey, right? >> yeah. so we shot a little bit of that. it's really -- the season kind of is all about rebuilding. rebuilding relationships, rebuilding new jersey. >> steve: any of the housewives have houses down on the shore? >> a couple of them did. melissa and theresa both have shore houses that were pretty bad. >> eric: my wife is a housewife of new jersey who watches your show quite a bit. and she -- we all want to know, what is the relationships between you guys for real? is that scripted? >> no, there is nothing scripted at all, unfortunately. but you're put in situations sometimes that you normally
4:44 am
wouldn't be in because we're on the show. we have to film together. but whatever happens in those moments we're all put together is all natural. that's just whatever happens, happens. >> steve: sometimes it gets crazy. it was two seasons ago where theresa flipped a table on you. [ laughter ] >> she didn't flip it on me. yes. things get heated sometimes. >> steve: do things just get more dramatic when they turn the cameras on or are you guys drinking? >> i mean, we are drinking. [ laughter ] it just happens. the moments that are the most dramatic in your life are the ones they're going to show on tv. >> gretchen: so let's go over to -- the area over here. you've been a cosmetologist for 20 years. so you have tips for folks. you have a model over here who is going to show us some of your tips. >> steve: that's suzanne somers. >> gretchen: it is? she's a friend of the show. now we have two. nice to meet you.
4:45 am
how do you get a flawless face that will beat the heat in the summer? people want to know. >> first of all, i always tell everybody, you have to be using a sun screen as part of your daily routine. 365 days out of the year. i don't care what the weather is like outside, where you're going, what color your skin is. wear a sun screen. this blocks out 100% of physical sun screen. it will block out 100% uva, uvb rays. very good. every day. this is my favorite foundation right now. i'm obsessed. >> gretchen: you just put it on a sponge? >> you can put it on a sponge, a brush. this has a silicone base. so the silicone is larger than the human pore. so it's not going to get into your pore. it's going to stay on top of your skin, give you a flawless, dewy finish. it's beautiful. >> gretchen: a lot of people want a spray tan for a variety
4:46 am
of reasons, because tanning is not as safe, the real sun may not be as safe. now it's in a can? >> this is my spray tan in a can. this is amazing. it contains like a premium -- you're always going to get a beautiful bronze color. never that orange color. very easy to apply. you can contour with this. if you want to add like -- >> gretchen: let's see on suzanne how it works. >> after you apply -- you have to experiment before you spray tan all over. giving her a little cast. you can make cleavage. >> gretchen: what? >> you spray like this and you'll get a little cleavage. we'll show that a little bit in the commercial break. guys, you want to come over for the cleavage part? eric and steve, come on over for the cleavage part. [ laughter ]
4:47 am
>> we're moving on. i'm not going to actual will he do it. if you get excess color right here, you can put a little baby powder on powder will absorb the extra. >> gretchen: so the final thing is the black diamond nail polish. >> and a teeth whitener. >> gretchen: okay. >> this is a click pen. amazing. you bring it in your purse when you go out. at the end of the day. it clicks, painted on. >> steve: that's cool. does it come with a toothpick? >> made in the usa. >> gretchen: wow. kind of like lip gloss? >> yeah. very easy to use. you just paint it on. >> gretchen: now, this is cool. all right. jacqueline, we got to wrap it up there. but people can find out about that. >> go to my web site. there is a black diamond. >> we're doing give aways. >> gretchen: good luck on season 5. >> thank you so much.
4:48 am
>> gretchen: what if you could get paid to do this? cheryl casone is live with some of the top companies hiring this week. first on this date in 1970, the beatles had the number one song "the long and winding road." ♪ winding road ♪ you left me waiting here looky is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> steve: one of the biggest job creators in america right now, franchises, by the end of this year action franchises are expected to add more than 8 million people to their payrolls. cheryl casone, ho is always looking for work for people, live outside with some of the franchisees looking to hire. good morning to you. >> steve, i told you over the last two years about all the
4:52 am
franchises that are hiring. today i'm going to show you some of the franchises that are hiring. i'm going to bring in the president of the international franchise expo. it's going to be happening here in new york this week, couple of days later on this week. first let's talk about the first franchise today. they're going to be creating jobs. >> very exciting. self-service, yogurt franchise. 27 flavors, over 50 toppings. >> i want to bring in eric here. in 2011, you founded the company. >> yes. 2011 we founded this franchise. >> how many jobs are you looking for? 500 jobs? >> easily. definitely. >> all for yogurt. >> absolutely. >> all right. so we're going to go from yogurt to power. tom is going to come with me and talk about our next one. batteries plus bulbs. 45,000 light bulbs available. >> exactly. 45 variety of light bulbs and -- batteries and light bulbs. over 500 stores and expecting to grow at one a week. >> over here with angela. you were the person -- you had a
4:53 am
franchise in new jersey. do you like being a franchise owner? >> i love it. >> we're going to see they're going to hopefully create 200 to 300 jobs over the summer. we're going to keep walking. this is jake's way back burgers. this is the triple, triple burger. why do i want to open up a franchise about burgers or work here? >> the triple triple is one of the reasons. it's nine patties. this is an old fashion throwback burger joint. burgers and shakes. but not just that. >> 800 new jobs. 40 franchise locations will be opening up in 2014. cashiers, cooks, managers and shift supervisors. how much is this burger? >> around 11.99 to $15, depending on which location. >> how many calories? >> 1980 calories. >> oh, my god. moving on from the 1,000-plus calorie burger. we'll have to work out in a couple of moments. this next one is painting with a twist. this over here is katy and
4:54 am
renee. you actually founded this franchise just in 2009. correct? >> we did. >> so what is this? why too i want to work here? >> because we're a lot of fun. >> because you're drinking while you're work? >> no, not while you're working. but your customers are drinking and learning how to paint. >> it's a paint franchise and it's art with friends and wine. you get a lively instructor that teaches you how to paint. >> exactly. >> you take the painting home. >> you take it home that night. >> artist, manager, studio set. you're looking to double and add on 100 locations? >> we are. we think we're growing that fast. we've opened 100 in less than four years. so we're ramping it up. we hired a new development person and we think we're getting ready to blow it out. >> very, very impresssive. and she's doing a much better job at painting than i did. all right. our last franchise, i want to show this. this is i love kick boxing. i had to kind of employ a couple of the "fox & friends" team, including maria molina.
4:55 am
start hitting things, maria. >> i've been learning all morning. the jab cross jab. right? >> yeah. >> nice. 75 to 100 locations. they're hoping to create about 250 to 600 new jobs. anna over there can certainly do it. assistant managers and managers. it's a kick boxing franchise. about 75 to 100 locations across the country. small businesses like these franchises, this is where job creation comes from in this country. >> exactly. it's not big business. it's going to be small business as we move forward. >> steve, gretchen, i tell you what, eric, this is all about -- i love the kick boxing angle of this. but i think i'm going to go back to the wine and the painting. this seems to be more of my speed. where is my -- here we go. i really hate this job. cheers, ladies. >> steve: thankfully we don't have to breathalyze you for a
4:56 am
couple hours. that was really great. straight ahead, first fox news reporter james rosen's phones were surveilled. now a cbs reporter saying her computers were hacked by -- could it be the government? hear from her in two minutes. he's been in the pawn shop business since he was 12. now he has his own show and a new book. les gold shares his secret to you making gold, coming up i'm in my work van, having lunch,
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, june 18, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your very busy day with us today. let me tell you what's going on. the american people wanted to know more about the nsa. in a few hours, they're going to because the spy agency's chief is going to head to capitol hill
5:00 am
again. politicians on both sides warning be careful what you wish for when it comes to national security. >> steve: the president took his time. now he's speak out for the very first time on the nsa spying scandal and he doesn't like the criticism directed at him. >> some people say, well, obama was this raving liberal before. now he's dick cheney. >> steve: the president says he's no dick cheney because his program is better than dick cheney's. we're going to talk to laura ingraham about this straight ahead. >> eric: watch this. miss utah under fire for this answer. >> i think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this. so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >> eric: just not fair. is america being harsh on her? the newly crowned miss usa is here with her perspective. >> steve: are you okay? >> eric: it's just not fair.
5:01 am
it's a trick question, steve. i'm very annoyed. i do agree -- >> steve: suck it up, eric! >> eric: we need to create education better. "fox & friends" starts right now >> steve: i have known you for a couple of years. that was either great acting or you were mightily moved. >> eric: i have a problem with those questions at times. >> gretchen: just glad to be part of the miss america organization, yeah. instead of the miss usa. anyway, i feel sorry for the miss usa 'cause she'll have to answer questions about miss utah instead of about her year. >> steve: poor miss utah. she had a bad day. we got to make this fast because i've got to go, 9:00 o'clock, cheryl casone, i'm her designated driver. >> eric: she's been hitting the sauce? >> gretchen: go help her out while we read some headlines and do chat time with laura ingraham. overnight, a bomb attack in afghanistan leaving three dead. it happened 90 minutes before
5:02 am
the country was set to take control of their own security from nato. the taliban has been calling for more violence leading up to the handover. u.s. and nato forces will play a supporting role in afghanistan. in the next few months, they're going to be replaced entirely by afghan forces. also this morning, we're learning new details about that man who went berserk on a packed airplane. >> somebody help me! somebody help me! please! >> gretchen: the man shouting that he was being poisoned on the united flight. it was on its way from hong kong to newark airport in new jersey. passengers wasted no time. they jumped on him and held him down. >> he was very paranoid and because he started screaming, people started looking at him and then when he started reaching for his pocket, people got scared and a few of us jumped on him. >> gretchen: the man, an american, was tide up for the final six hours of that flight. when the plane landed, he was taken to the hospital for a
5:03 am
psychiatric evaluation. new overnight, the house of nigella lawson's spouse, turning himself in to police. he was grilled for five hours over disturbing pictures that appear to show him choking his wife in public. we learned he was let off the hook with a warning. lawson did not press charges. because spokesperson says she's moved out of their home and has taken the children. president obama and russian president putin caught in a very awkward photo op moment. they met at the g8. their first meeting since last year. president obama wants to arm the syrian rebels and of course, putin is supporting syrian president assad. putin politely rebuffed the president saying, quote, our opinions do not coincide. here is what you think based on that photo in that body language. for president obama, you mean this isn't a beer summit? and putin is asking, so how about that flexibility? and stacy thinks president obama is wishing if only jay-z would show up right now.
5:04 am
putin is thinking, if only a topless protester would show up right now. and those are your quick headlines. >> steve: yep. putin is pouting. meanwhile, in less than two hours, we could learn more details about that controversial nsa spying program. the director of the nsa will testify in a rare hearing up on capitol hill. ed henry making a rare 8:00 a.m. appearance here on the "fox & friends" show. hey, eddie. >> good morning. decided to get up a little early to talk to you guys. you remember keith alexander, the chief at the nsa was grilled by a senate committee last week about cyber snooping and the balance between privacy and fighting terrorism. today he'll be before the house intelligence committee. this is a rare chance for lawmakers to do this in public session. not in private session like you see with the intelligence committee usually. the bottom line is you see a growing number of democratic lawmakers on the hill, folks in the president's own party joining some republicans up there in saying they think the
5:05 am
efforts to fight terror outweigh the efforts to worry about privacy. take a listen. >> if the american people want to turn these programs off, we can vote in the congress and turn them off. i think that is very dangerous. i think general alexander will talk about that tomorrow. and i think he'll also talk about some of the terrorist plots that he has stopped. he and his team, nsa, have helped our intelligence agency stop over the years. if you're talking to terrorists in pakistan, likely reading your e-mail. if not -- >> the people at the nsa and our intelligence agency, i believe are patriots. they're trying to do the right thing to protect us here at home. they are cognizant of how powerful these tools are, how important they are. and that it has crossed a terrible line if they were ever to be abused. >> you heard the president, you mentioned in that charlie rose
5:06 am
interview saying he's no dick cheney, that there is more oversight to these programs. now the president has been under pressure to speak out more, vigorously in defense of these nsa surveillance programs. we expect he's doing a news conference tomorrow in germany with angle and merkel, the german chancellor and likely to get questions there about all of this. >> steve: we thank you very much. also in washington, d.c. is laura ingraham who joins us once a week and there she is. hey, laura. >> it's so early for ed. come on. is thank is late in the day for us. >> steve: he's got to stick around for the late show. >> okay, fine. >> steve: what do you think about the president of the united states on with charlie rose where he's saying, i don't know why everybody is angry at me. i'm very transparent, even though everything is in secret? >> yeah. first of all, it's silly to talk about transparent. to some extent we don't want everything that the nsa is doing to be transparent, otherwise it's not a spy agency, number one. number two, when the president starts talking about well, i'm not dick cheney, you know he's
5:07 am
in choppy waters. i think as cheney said in his interview the other night, i believe on fox, no, he's not dick cheney because the bush administration probably wouldn't have allowed this type of crazy leaking by someone like snowden to take place. at least we hope it wouldn't. so again, i think people are kind of still wading through all of this. but of course he's not transparent. on one hand you don't want it to be transparent, on the other hand, most people if you ask them four or five years ago when barak obama was new to the scene relatively new to the political scene, would he have overseen programs like this? i think most of the young folks who voted for him would say no. he's looking out for us. i think it's a surprise to a lot of folks. >> gretchen: that's because he said it when he was a candidate for president. he said he disagreed with everything that president bush was doing. >> of course. >> gretchen: with regard to the war on terror. now some people find it ironic, some people find it hypocritical that he's actually expanding upon what president bush did and
5:08 am
many people are trying to figure out wait a minute. if there is no war on terror, then why do you need this expansive thing? >> al-qaeda decapitated, but we have to get this huge mavs meta data to examine on a minute by minute basis. he gets in office and finds the world is more complicated than a thursday night seminar at harvard law school would indicate. >> steve: did you read about ray kelly, the police commissioner here in new york city? he said the nsa should just come clean. the spy agency should just let everybody know, you know, any time you use a phone call, there is a possibility that it's going to be monitored or recorded or something like that. people would be okay with that, he says. but it's wrong that it's all in secret. >> well, i don't know. again, we fight all these wars to free other people in other countries, bring democratic processes to other countries and yet, we find life in the united states to be maybe less free. we find our communications
5:09 am
intruded upon, monitored, logged. i don't know. that's not what i thought we were fighting these wars for. i thought we want to maintain our freedom and some of our privacy here. unless there is a real probable cause to indicate that our communication should be banked, logged and kept for a number of years. that's not what i thought we were fighting these wars for. >> eric: mike rogers heads a committee that will be interviewing the general alexander. the question is, can they listen in to americans' conversations without a warrant? he needs to be answering that. there is conflicting views. let's move on. cbs reporter sharyl attkisson says she thinks she knows who hacked her computers. she was on with o'reilley last night. let's listen to it. >> the computers coming on by themselves at night, my personal apple desk top, as well as my cbs -- >> disappearing, you weren't even there, it just popped on? >> right. i was sleeping. so they would come on in the middle of the night, sometimes one right after the other. just telling us what we can say more than anything right now,
5:10 am
which is what you basically heard, that there has been an intrusion of the computer. this is not phishing. this is not malware. it's not an old boyfriend trying to look through my file. >> this is big. >> yeah. >> eric: laura, we need to point out that during this time, she was investigating the surroundings of fast and furious, benghazi and some of the other big white house kind of scandaly things while that was going on. >> right. at one point she appeared on my radio show. i believe it was the fall of 2011. i think i have my date right. she had said in one interview that she believed it was that interview where she talked about basically being yelled at by a member of the obama administration for the questions that she kept asking about fast and furious, that up with of the officials was really gruff with her and clearly didn't want her to go any further in her reporting. she has been absolutely dogged in her pursuit of the truth, without political bias, without an agenda.
5:11 am
we're finding that's one of the most dangerous individuals to this administration. someone who really wants to get at the truth, whether it's irs, fast and furious or benghazi and she was clearly on the latter two issues. >> gretchen: hasn't it been revealed that she was not -- in other words, they didn't about to court like they did with james rosen who is employed here, to be able to look into his e-mails and phone calls. hasn't it been revealed that they did not do that with sheryl sheryl? so if -- federal federal -- if in fact somebody went into her computers without some kind of warrant, that's worse, isn't it? >> oh, you bet it is. there could be criminal implications for that. that could be a federal hacking charge. and you can do time for that. again, she said cbs is work with her on this. i used to work at cbs years ago, she was a colleague of mine. i hope cbs is taking this seriously because if that happened the way she describes it, this could be -- add that to the list of scandals.
5:12 am
>> steve: and if there was a court order that is unknown to awful us right now, she would have been -- she was rosen before james rosen. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> steve: all right. laura, thank you for joining us live. she's got to do her radio show heard all across the fruited plain. >> eric: amber waves. >> gretchen: coming up, teen-ager refusing to remove his nra t-shirt could wind up in jail. details on his fight for free speech straight ahead. >> eric: some of the craziest trick shots ever, ever seen in a group of guys taking stunts to a whole new level. >> steve: love those guys hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time...
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can help you do what you do... even better. the irs is out of control targeting law-abiding citizens playing politics losing their receipts for lavish spending let's end the irs [typewter] callor go to 88-390-3450 end the irs dotcom we can do it. hundreds of thousands of us have contributed or signed up. our best chance ever to shutter the irs is now
5:16 am
>> i don't know what he's been exposed to, but i know he's a principled young man. i can't imagine what drove him to do this. in terms of has he broken a law? i can't answer that. that's why we have courts. that's why we have trials. that's why we have a justice system. that's why we have a u.s. constitution that protects our rights. >> eric: during my interview with edward snowden's father, he pleaded with his son to stop leaking secrets ask come home. edward may never come home. he says the government openly declared him guilty of treason. if that's the case, will he ever
5:17 am
get a fair trial? with me now is peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. >> eric: the father makes a good point. he said come back, i want you to face the justice system. edward snowden says if i come back, they've already found me guilty. >> he was never interested in facing the justice system. that's why he went to hong kong. he talked about should he go to iceland, he thought he would be detained earlier in iceland. the question becomes going forward based upon the national sentiment, is he going to get a get out of jail free card because we don't like what the government is doing in terms of invading our privacy in the united states? in my view, and this is my opinion -- if he leaked classified documents and he admitted he did, at the very least he's guilty of a violation of the espionage act. is he guilty of treason? that's a constitutional definition. it's a harder thing to prove. maybe. will he get a fair trial? i believe he will, if, in fact, there is a public will to bring him to trial. but it seems that we're defining
5:18 am
deaf i can't tell city down. do we want to give him a break because we say, he was really doing it for a good reason. it's okay that he leaked this classified information. when we accept that, how much bad behavior or criminal behavior do we accept in this country? >> eric: what if we leaked information that we all knew, anyway. by the way, we're going to listen to russia and china. we probably all know logically, we're going it to them. >> i don't believe that's true and based upon the newest leaks and his father's fear that he's going to commit a traitorous or treasonous act, he obviously has other stuff that hasn't been in the public domain. how much can we accept? is it a defense to a crime to say i did it for the greater good? well, didn't the weather underground say that in the '60s? didn't the black panthers say that in the 1960s? >> eric: they were also not -- there is no -- >> no. it's got it make sense.
5:19 am
in terms of the law, that does not make sense. not that you're silly. the argument doesn't make sense. you can't say, i'm going to commit a crime. i'm going to commit treason. i'm gog commit espionage. i'm going to help an enemy. we've already helped al-qaeda by what went on about here. they know where to have the communications and not to. >> eric: even by doing so, you shine a light on something that is a clear violation of the 4th amendment to the u.s. constitution? >> i don't know. i could shine a light on iniquities in america by robbing a bank today and saying, i'm robin hood. i want to redistribute the wealth. >> eric: that's not in the constitution, though. you know that. there is no constitutional amendment that says redistribution has to -- >> the constitutional amendments, there is no constitutional amendment, eric wohling, that allowses you to engage in treason or espionage. none. it's not a legal defense understand the law. are we going to prosecute or not? that's up to the american people. >> eric: espionage perhaps.
5:20 am
treason is subjective. >> treason, no, it's an objective standard. it's under the constitution. it's defined by the constitution, as you say. go back to the constitution. >> eric: i'll read it again. >> i know you know it better than anybody. >> eric: we'll give the judge number one -- >> now you know. >> eric: a woman survives a serious crash, but with one very strange side effect. she now has a french accent and she's not french. then pawn shops are big business. what can these guys teach us about running our own company? a whole lot. the star of "hard core pawn" is here next [ male announcer ] everday, thousands of people are choosing adv for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be.
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♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil.
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>> eric: he could have been killed. this kid could have been killed, but a teen-ager fights off a shark with his bare hands and wins. the 15-year-old boy was swimming in waist deep water in texas when the shark bit his leg. instinct kicked in and the kid started punching it. his injuries are not life-threatening. and a mistake on the grave of former new york city mayor ed koch. the tombstone lists his birth year as 1942 instead of 1924, making him 18 years younger. it's being fixed. >> steve: he needs credit for those extra years. >> gretchen: pawn shop owners can make big bucks if they run the business right. take the guys on "hard core pawn," for example. >> five or five nail guns, i'll put awe package together, 50 bucks apiece. >> that's reasonable. >> tell me what else you want. >> definitely golf clubs. >> golf clubs? i'll get you some golf clubs. here you go. here is my golf pro. >> we got a crowbar, too.
5:25 am
>> how much for all? >> $125 with the crowbar. >> that sounds pretty good to me. >> steve: can they teach us about running a business? les gold is the star of "hard core pawn" now in season 7. he's also the author of this brand-new book "for what it's worth, biz wisdom from a pawn broker." welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: being a pawn broker is being a negotiator. >> that's for sure. that's our skill. we can negotiate. >> gretchen: you say you see all kinds of different people. >> if you watch the show, you know we see all kinds of different people. from people that really need the money to those want to go buy a rolex or something very valuable. >> eric: i'll give you a side note. yesterday we were on the set of "the five" and day in a perino said i really like "hard core pawn." i thought she said hard core porn. important to know, you have to know value. you know how much need he has
5:26 am
and how much desire he has. you have to gauge both. >> you have to have a good balance. you have to understand what the customer really needs when they come in for a loan and the ability for them to take their merchandise back out. so you have to find that sweet spot of giving them the right amount of money so they can come back and repay the loan. >> steve: sure. your family has been there in the detroit area for a very long time. these days, there are a lot of people who need the money. yet you ever have somebody come through the door with something and you thought to yourself, okay. i'm going to buy this, but i'm never going to be able to do with this? >> probably never. anything that we purchase or take in pawn, we know this is a market out there. one thing that i have always said is if somebody bought it once, somebody will buy it again. >> steve: just got to find that guy. >> we'll find it. >> gretchen: how does being a pawn broker and your experience with that, how does that parlay in business sense? >> we understand, especially back when i wrote the book, i understand about business. the main part of being a pawn broker is negotiating. that's one thing. there is three steps in
5:27 am
negotiating. one is as a salesperson, if you're selling an item, you want to bring that emotion out in the customer, in the buyer. as a buyer action you want to have no emotion at all. you need to know your bottom line and then know when you have to walk away and turn the deal down. >> steve: don't walk away now because the world famous carnegie deli here has created a sandwich in your honor. i think the element of thech won to the red onion, tomato, lettuce, it also has tongue. >> it does. when they created this sandwich for us, they used a hard salami because it's hard core pawn. they used a turkey because that's something we really enjoy. and used the tongue because we talk our butts off. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: do you actually eat the tongue? >> we do. you have to have an acquired taste for it. but i enjoyed the sandwich. we had it yesterday. it was really a great experience being at carnegie deli. >> gretchen: if you ate that thing, you deserve a trophy. >> i didn't eat the whole thing.
5:28 am
but family of four can really enjoy that sandwich. >> steve: all right. check out his new book. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: good to meet you. >> steve: straight ahead, eighth grader didn't want to take off that nra t-shirt with a gun. now he's facing a year in jail. his attorney firing back right here on "fox & friends." >> gretchen: we're getting a little love. >> eric: what. >> gretchen: from tennis pro patrick mcenroe. he's an old friend. steve is going one on one with him next and i may go out there to say hi. ♪ ♪ fire away ♪ ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ ush
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. >> kanye west is a new father. he and kim kardashian became new parents over the weekend. on saturday, kim gave birth to a baby girl. kim was in labor for six hours. the first time the words kardashian and labor have ever been used together in the same sentence. >> steve: they named the baby -- i knew it was going to start with a k. >> gretchen: like kimya. or maybe somebody just came up
5:33 am
with that because the name hasn't been revealed yet, which is probably more likely. anyway, brand-new footage showing rapper lil wayne stomping all over the american flag and a lot of people not happy about it. anna kooiman is following the story. >> good morning. everybody is fired up about this. a lot of people. he's no strange tore outrageous antsics and now he's under scrutiny for this unpatriotic performance in his latest music video. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> some people say it's art. but in the clip, you see the 30-year-old singing in front of a huge american flag before it's let go onto the streets of new orleans. he then continues rapping, stepping all over the stars and stripes. meantime, the lyrics to the song, god bless america with a k, are just as controversial. ♪ my country 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land of kill em all and
5:34 am
let em die ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ this so godless america >> as you can imagine, he's facing a ton of backlash on social media especially. minutes after the footage leaked on-line, tens of thousands of people took to twitter, calling him unpatriotic and disrespectful. matthew tweeting this, lil wayne has the freedom to choose to stomp on the flag. and all americans have the choice it stop buying his music. albert tweeted this, i don't agree with his dancing on the american flag like that. respect the history of the flag and who died for our freedom. desecration of the american flag is actually protected by the first amendment. so there is no chance that the rapper could face any charges or be arrested for stepping on the american flag. but he posted this video this weekend which was just a couple days after flag day. >> steve: yeah. what are the odds? >> eric: he left out -- he said my country 'tis of thee and he changed the next word. he left liberty.
5:35 am
freedom is the first amendment speak your mind, sing your song and make a lot of money. if you're going to step on the thing that represents freedom, not happy. >> steve: the opportunity to become a rich guy who could do that and anna is right, forget -- protected speech. >> gretchen: an eighth grader in west virginia facing jail time because he refused to take off his nra t-shirt at school. jarrett had already worn the shirt to five classes before a teacher demanded he change. he tried arguing his side. the principal called police. he was arrested for obstructing an officer. jared says he was trying to defend himself. >> jared never used obscene language, no foul language, any threatening words or menaces or anything towards the officer. in fact, he complied with the officer's request to sit down. he did sit down when asked to do so. he just didn't want to give up pleading his side of the story because he didn't think he was ever going to be heard. >> gretchen: that child faces now a year in jail and $500 fine
5:36 am
if the charges are not dismissed. >> eric: incredible sight in india. dozens of homes being dragged right into the river. the raging waters leaving dozens of people dead and at least 50 others are still missing. thousands more had to be rescued from the roof tops by helicopter. the flooding caused by heavy rains in the country. >> gretchen: woman in australia left with a broken back and a jaw after a serious car accident. she made a remarkable recovery, except for one bizarre side effect, she now speaks with a french accent. >> makes me so angry because i am australian. i am not french. i don't try to hold it in anymore because for me, it will not work. >> gretchen: doctors say she suffers from foreign accent syndrome. it exists but so rare, there have only been 62 cases across the world. >> eric: the dreaded foreign accent syndrome. they call themselves ultimate
5:37 am
perfect. this time the goal? hit the targets on two dunk tanks from a moving car. after that, the guys head to the air traffic control tower. listen. >> this is the air traffic control tower shot with a basketball. yeah! >> eric: this is the most fun video they've ever, ever shot. it looks pretty cool. >> gretchen: i love those videos. let's go back outside to steve and see if he's going to take on patrick mcenroe. >> steve: yes, indeed. patrick is one half of the famous mcenroe brothers. he is now bringing his game to our plaza this morning. but it isn't for us. >> i'm the calmer guy. >> steve: but you're the better player, right? >> no, i don't think so. but great to see the kids out here because we finally figured it out in tennis.
5:38 am
the kid size tennis. the kids love it. bigger balls, lower bounce, smaller rackets. >> steve: let's give it a shot. as we go ahead and talk about this, patrick, growing up, tennis was the only sport where you had to use grownup equipment. >> exactly. now you can -- look at the kids. full swings. come on. they've been out here for hours. unbelievable. full swings. >> steve: she's going for my head! >> see, they can hit big normal swings like you see on tv with the pros. youth is where you find out where to get all this equipment. you can get this net, steve. you can put it anywhere. in your driveway, put it in your backyard, in the park. get it at wallgreen, authority authority. play with your kids. these rackets and balls aren't bad for even some more mature people. >> steve: that's coming right at
5:39 am
your face. >> he wants a piece of me. >> steve: the whole cost of the net, and you don't even really need the net. >> probably around 100 bucks for the whole thing. you get these rackets for 20 bucks or so. you get all these different balls now that the kids can play with more easily. >> steve: one of the great things is with usda, you're involved in player development. so you're look for the -- get more kids playing tennis. >> like this kid. he's got great strokes here. they develop better earlier. they have fun because they can keep the ball in play a lot longer. >> steve: see, that's the key. this is one of those sports that you can actually -- >> having fun and also for us in player development, they can develop their strokes even better at a younger age. that's all good for us. >> steve: all right. this is one of those sports that you can do your whole life. you don't have to -- for instance, i think we got some video of andy rottic who has been on this program in the past. he's one of the guys you
5:40 am
discovered. >> he had an amazing career. he's going on to a broadcasting career with you guys, i think. my only problem with this, i couldn't get gretchen out here. >> gretchen: what are you talking about? >> steve: she's right behind you! >> gretchen: here i am. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> gretchen: oh, look, we don't have any more balls. >> steve: oh, we've got balls. >> gretchen: oh, thank you. >> a little more difficult with the high heels, though. >> gretchen: all right! good back hand. woo! >> you got to get your kids out there. >> gretchen: they are out there. it's a great family sport, too, right, patrick? >> you can all play together. get your kids out there. >> steve: if people would like more information? >> go to get all the info you need. get it started.
5:41 am
you buy this net, you buy the racket and the balls and you're good to go. >> steve: did you teach those kids before we started to aim for my head? >> weaponed to make sure you're awake out here. thanks for having us. >> steve: thank you very much. >> eric: all right. it looks like a lot of fun out there. i'm going to head out there after the show. she's the mom you don't want to mess with. watch. >> you don't come after people with kids and i told him emersioned with the wrong -- he messed with the wrong witch. >> eric: she fought off a knife-wielding carjacker and is here live to tell us all about it. plus, miss utah's flub still making headlines. what does the winner of the new -- the new miss usa think about that? erin brady right here on the curvy couch coming up. ♪ running wild and looking pretty ♪ ♪ hot child in the city
5:42 am
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>> eric: quick headlines you can expect more of the same today from the self-proclaimed mastermind of the september 11 attacks, khalid sheikh mohammed, ksm wore a camouflage vest, his beard dyed orange, and a turban on his head in court yesterday. he'll be there all week for pretrial arguments in the case. and if you fail to miss this alarm, it could end up costing you.
5:46 am
watch. (beeping). >> eric: this new alarm clock will slowly shred your dollar bill until you get out of bed to stop it. but be careful. in america, willfully destroying u.s. currency is a federal crime. so you better get up on time. >> i took my fist and i hit him in the face. i told him to get out of my car. you don't come after people with kids and i told him that they messed with the wrong witch. >> gretchen: she is the texas mom who turned the tables on a knife-wielding carjacker who threatened to hurt her kids. fearless mom, dorothy baker joins me live from houston to tell her amazing story. good morning to you, dorothy. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i can't believe this story. reading all the details, this is any parent's worst nightmare. you get into the car after you've been in the store with your two small children and you
5:47 am
realize the carjacker is crouched in the third row seat of your car with a knife? >> yes. >> gretchen: take it from there. what happened? >> i was on my way home and he popped up and said, hey, lady, if you tonight want your kids to get hurt, you'll do exactly what i say. and then from there, i proceeded to drive and i was thinking, stay calm. >> gretchen: you were going to try and call 911, right? so you had your phone trying to call. he made his way up to the front, could see you were going to be on the phone. so what happened then? >> he didn't see me with my phone until he got to the front seat. he climbed to the front seat because i had made a turn that he didn't want me to. and when he saw me with my phone, that's when he started trying to get it. we were struggling. he placed the knife at my throat
5:48 am
and tried to get my phone from me. >> gretchen: wow. how did you eventually stop? i know you wanted to be in a public place so that other people would help you or hear you or see something. how did you manage to finally get the car stopped and get him out of the car? >> i was driving down the street and i saw a telephone pole and i just swerved trying to hit the telephone pole because i figured my kids are in a seatbelt. i was also. but he wasn't. so he would either hit his head on the windshield or go through the windshield and that would stop him. >> gretchen: so then he ends up outside of the car and you actually run him over at one point? >> well, i punched him in the face to get him out of the car after he tried to stab me several times. actually bit on the hand when i got his knife. so when he got out of the car, i was scared he was going to possibly come after my kids
5:49 am
again, come after me again and maybe have a gun this time or go after somebody else and possibly kill them. so the only thing i was thinking was to stop him and make sure that this doesn't happen again. >> gretchen: wow. amazing story. you've got some guts, dorothy baker. you did it for the love of your children and you kept them safe and wow. a lot of people are look up to you for that kind of courage. thanks so much for telling your story today. all the best. >> thank you. >> gretchen: wow. would you do the same thing? she's fierce. coming up, miss utah under fire for this answer. >> then are seen as the leaders of this. so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >> gretchen: is america being too harsh on her? the newly crowned miss usa is here next to respond. first let's check in with hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning. poor lady. the pressure was o. she tried to
5:50 am
dig herself out of the hole. >> gretchen: until you've been in the situation, it's kind of hard to criticize others. >> i believe that. thank you. good morning to you. we will see something this morning few have ever witnessed. the nsa director testifies in an open hearing on terror plots that were apparently stopped by the nsa's program. and he will explain why the program is absolutely essential. we're going to watch that hearing very carefully. will it offer what happened behind closed doors when president obama and putin get together for two full hours. martha and i will see you for two hours of our own coming up in ten minutes so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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>> steve: during sunday's miss usa contest, a stunning brunette from connecticut stole the judges' hearts and the nation
5:54 am
with this. >> and miss usa 2013 is connecticut! >> eric: with that she took the crown with only two years of pageant experience under her belt. >> steve: under her sash. >> eric: under her sash. former miss connecticut and newly crowned miss usa, erin brady joins us now. erin, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> eric: tell us a little bit about that question. that was a big question. i'd say you nailed it and that's kind of what put you into -- they gave you the crown. >> it started with the u.s. government and my heart started to race and i started to panic a bit. but then they asked me the question and i responded with my heart and my gut and i said okay. now is my time and -- >> steve: here is what she said in 28 seconds. watch this. >> miss connecticut, the supreme court ruled that criminal suspects can be subjected to police dna test after arrest. do you agree or disagree with this and why or why not? >> i would agree with this.
5:55 am
i think that if somebody is being prosecuted and has committed a crime that that's severe, that they should have a dna test. there are so many crimes going on in this world that if that's one step closer to figuring out who has done it, we should absolutely do so. >> steve: very nicely done. >> thank you. >> steve: of course, it was miss utah's answer about equal pay between men and women that got a lot of attention. >> it did. >> steve: let's play a little bit of that. >> i think especially men are seen as the leaders of this. so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you. >> steve: of course, the blogs we went crazy about this. it's tough. >> it's very difficult. we're in her shoes, too. we know exactly what it is. you're in front of millions of people. you've just been selected as a top five finalist and you're put into an awkward, uncomfortable situation and we feel for her and i know today that she's
5:56 am
looking at it like, you know, she did the best she could. >> eric: tell everyone how your life changed. you were a financial analyst. now you are what? tell us how it's changed. >> i was working for prudential in hartford, connecticut. then overnight i'm working under the miss universe organization as your current miss usa. >> steve: you're working for donald trump. >> i'm working for donald trump. >> eric: we all are. eventually he's going to own the whole world. >> steve: he's a great guy. he's part of our "fox & friends" family. you'll have a great year. >> i can't wait. i'm looking forward to it. >> steve: congratulations. erin brady, once representing the nutmeg state. now representing all of us. good luck to you. >> thank you so much. >> eric: more "fox & friends" two minutes away. ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> steve: tomorrow we're making news, find out how you can save hundreds of dollars on your prescription. >> gretchen: all right. have a fantastic day. >> eric: don't forget this one. >> steve: thanks, eric. bill: good morning. fox news alert. something very few people have seen or heard. he leads the nsa, keith alexander set to speak on screen on the record to describe the nsa surveillance program and how vital it has been in breaking up terror attacks on the homeland. president obama defending that program, insisting it's all transparent as the nsa leaker revealing more embarrassing disclosures for the administration. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to a jam packed show.


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