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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 28, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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short seconds from now. enjoy your weekend. >> i'm greg jarrett in for shepard submission. the news begins anew right here on "studio b." >> a potential blow to prosecutors in the zimmerman trial. their own witness says the teenager, trayvon martin, was on top in the scuffle that unfolded before the neighborhood watchman shot him dead. the father of the fugitive surveillance leaker ed snowden says he is confident his son could soon return to the united states but there's a huge catch. >> president obama spoke about possibly visiting the civil rights icon nelson mandela, who remains in critical condition in a south african hospital. we'll explain why activists are demanding obama get out of south africa. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b."
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>> first from fox at 3:00, another key witness for the prosecution in the george zimmerman murder trial, painting a vivid picture of the violence suffered just moments before the shooting that killed trayvon martin, and he said that one person was on top of the other, and that he could see the colors of their clothing. >> the color of clothing on top, what could you see? >> it was dark. >> how about the color of clothing at the bottom? >> i believe it was a light white or red color. >> so that means the teenager, trayvon martin, wearing that dark clothing, he would have been on top of the neighborhood watchman, zimmerman. but that eye witness still casts some doubt over at least one claim the defendant used to justify self-defense. >> did you ever see the person on top slamming the person on the bottom's head on the concrete over and over and over? >> no. >> did you see at any time the person on top grab the person on the bottom's head and slam it to
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the concrete? >> no. >> they may prove to be somewhat important because george zimmerman says he pulled the trigger after trayvon martin repeatedly rammed his head into the concrete pavement inside a gated community in central florida in february of 2012. prosecutors say it was murder, plain and simple. that witness, former neighbor of george zimmerman, compared the teenager's position to the mixed martial arts technique, known as ground and pound. >> usually when the person is on top, and in amounted position, believe, and in a dominant position. but like i said the person on the bottom is able to get out of that position or throw punches back, but i did not see that. >> a powerful word, dominant position. lawyers from both sides worked to re-enact the struggle in the confines of the courtroom. a defense attorney knelt down in a fighting prosecution, the
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prosecutor used water bottles. phil keating is outside. jurors heard how zimmerman seemed calm after the shooting. right? >> yeah, greg in the middle -- middle mint after he shot trayvon martin, one of the neighbor was joe manna low, and he is the first person to run out right after the shooting and he saw george zimmerman standing, bloodied nose, and looking injured, and over in the grass he saw a lifeless 17-year-old trayvon martin lying down. he also took the first photograph on his camera phone of george zimmerman's injuries, the backside of his head, showing cuts and abrasions and some blood. that has become a major piece of evidence in this case. he also took two photographs that we're not showing you, of trayvon martin lying face down in the grass. here's what he said when asked how zimmerman, in a very calm,
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coherent, and compliant way, directed him to tell his wife what happened. y, i said, your husband is involved in a shooting. he is being handcuffed and held for questioning at the sanford police department. that time, st tell her i shot someone. >> when you say he cut you off, dethough defendant cut you off? >> yes. >> and he told -- he said what, now? >> just tell her i shot someone. >> what did you say? >> okay, well, he just shot someone. >> pretty matter of fact. the defense attorney, don west, was quite agitated, accusing the prosecutor of somewhat planting terminology interest the witness' mouth. but the witness did also concede that zimmerman did appear to be staggering. right now inside the courtroom we're in a recess. letting the jurors stretch their legs. they are success fess -- sequestered. none of them have been home since sunday, and now as we wrap
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up the first week of the trial, they won't be going home this weekend either. >> some of the first responders testified, one of whom performed cpr on he teenager. what did they say? >> they said the got the scene, saw trayvon martin lying in the grass, apparently lifeless, but still tried to save his life. however his heart rhythm detected really nothing compatible with living, and so their efforts to revive trayvon martin did not work. mr. ayala, one of the people testifying, also was telling the jurors, basically, the position of the body as well and also, zimmerman at the table watched pretty much as he has been all trial long, all week, basically expressionless, every now and then he does make a facial gesture with his attorney, but here is what one of the first responders, an emt paramedic said about when she got to the scene.
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>> it was determined by the lead marry medic on the scene that the heart rhythm was incompatable to life. >> was trayvon martin then pronounced dead at the scene? >> yes. >> very quiet courtroom during that testimony. and the gun, the pistol owned by george zimmerman, used to shoot and kill trayvon martin, also brought out for the jurors to see yet again, about 20 minutes ago. the first responding police officer from sanford pd, tim smith, testifying that when he pulled up on scene just minutes after the shooting, the gun was already back in george zimmerman's holster, on his hip. greg? >> phil keating we'll get back to you. joining me, judge alex, host of the program, judge alex. john good was on the defense witness list. we knew about him. i found him in my note three months ago exactly what he was going to say, that he was going to be a terrific defense
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witness, saying that trayvon martin was on top, zimmerman on the bottom, being attacked. did prosecutors nevertheless call him, even though they know he is going to hurt their case because they don't want to be accused of hiding something from the jury? >> that's exactly right. they want to diffuse it. take the wind out of the defense's sail and don't want it to be a gotcha moment and they say we have this witness and the prosecution knew about this witness and didn't present them to you, which they can do in florida. the supreme court ruled if the prosecution does not call a witness and the defense has to call a witness with specific knowledge, prosecutors can tell the jury, which i disagree with, the -- i had to call he witness even though we don't have a burden of proof, because the prosecution was attempting to tailor the evidence presented so to avoid that they took their lumps. >> this witness says mar tip on ton, straddling george zimmerman, looked like there was punches being thrown, but one thing that prosecutors are seizing on and that is that john
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good says, well, his head wasn't being slammed to the concrete that i can see. there is rally a material difference between slamming a head and punching a head into the concrete? >> there is in this case because zimmerman is claiming he was in fear of death or great bodily harm, and slamming your head on cone crete it's a lot more dangerous than a punch to the know, although i wouldn't like either of them. what is significants that even though he didn't see it, he saw ten seconds of the altercation, which ran at least 40 seconds on tape of the 9-1-1 call and somewhat longer before that. so during the time he wasn't watching, certainly defense attorneys are going to argue it was then that zimmerman got the injuries on the back of his head. >> pounding ground, dominant position, mma-style, all of this language that the jurors heard today, favors the defense. >> and the difficult part for the prosecution is, at this part of the trial, it's their part of the case. you should be feeling like this
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is a powerful conviction. they definitely have evidence for murder because it usually shifts when the defense starts their case. >> john good said one other thing that he believes it was zimmerman crying out for help. that really undermines the narrative of prosecutors who was attacking whom. >> that's correct. he explained why. he says i can't be certain but trayvon's body was facing away from him and the voice he heard yelling for help seemed to be coming from someone at a short distance facing him. did not seem like a distant voice, and logically he felt the guy at the bottom, who is getting pummeled, would typically be the guy elsewhering for help. >> let's go back to phil keating. i understand the judge made a key ruling. >> not just yet, greg. she has yet to rule, still giving the attorneys time to present their legal framework for why or why not george zimmerman's previous criminal history should be allowed into this trial.
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this came up late yesterday afternoon when a witness was on the stand and the defense attorney, mark o'mara, said, have you ever seen george zimmerman in your neighborhood be angry and hostile and a hot head? and she said, no. and that then triggered bernie de la rionda, the lead prosecutor, hi wanted to approver the witness and the jury was excused and he asked the witness, did ever know that george zimmerman had a restraining order against him for beating up his ex-girlfriend and an assault arrest for intervening in an altercation where he got in the face of a law enforcement officer, by the way both of those cases ultimately dismissed but the jump is going weigh it out. defense attorneys don't want that in evidence at all since it's zimmerman's past, and doesn't necessarily look good for the defendant. >> that certainly is an
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understatement, doesn't loo can go for the defendant. we have a judge sitting here, and a florida judge to boot. did the defense attorney mistakenly open the door, as they say in the law, for prosecutors to present past conduct beyond what happened in this case? >> certainly sounds that way. typically you can't introduce evidence of prior bad acts of the defendant. inadmissible unless on very, very narrow circumstances. one of the most frequent grounds for reversal but if a defense attorney tries to paint a picture the defendant doesn't have any prior violence, that open the door. >> prosecutors have to be vary careful they don't portray trayvon martin as this angelic kid who never did anything wrong. if they go that far that allows the defense to request for gun evidence, bite evidence, marijuanaus, all kinds of stuff. >> rachel jeantel, the girlfriend of trayvon martin. tell me what you told me during
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commercial break about something interesting that happened. >> she socked -- talked about the first thymetime she was interviewed by police, they were picked up in two cars, one car was the detective, a state attorney, and the other car was trayvon's mother and mr. crump, their lawyer. they went to trayvon's mother's house and the police interviewed her, or shy say mr. della rhonda interviewed her in trayvon's mother's living room with mr. fulton sitting next to her. never heard of that. imagine in the heron heron case right now they went to interview a witness who saw him in an altercation with lloyd and the victim and they picked up lloyd's mother and brought her to set next to the witness to take a statement from. it's -- >> so it's unduly influences forthcoming testimony of jeantel. >> the witness admitted she didn't disclose things because she felt bad for the mother. >> lots more to talk about in the george zimmerman take.
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there's in a break right now. but testimony will resume and so will our coverage. plus, another twist in the murder case involving former nfl start aaron hernandez. now they're looking at --
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>> we're weight for continued live testimony in the murder trial of george zimmerman, accused in the shooting death of teenager trayvon martin. on balance it's been a very good day for the defense, with a strong prosecution witness supporting george zimmerman's self-defense. we're going to continue to follow what's happening in the courtroom. go back there as it merits. in the meantime to another case. police in south florida busting a third man in connection with the murder that has put former new england patriots star aaron hernandez behind weres and could be to good, according to state police in massachusetts. they said a third man, ernest wallace, was armed and dangerous, and officers returned again to hernandez's million
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dollar home outside boston last night just hours after a jump denied bail for the 23-year-old, saying he poses a flight risk. hernandez is charged with first degree murder. prosecutors say he and two other men picked up a friend of his on june 16th. then took him to a remote part of an industrial park and shot him five times execution style. investigators in hernandez's home town of bristol, connecticut, yesterday arrested a second man, this guy in connection with the killing. our fox station in boston reports police are investigating whether hernandez had a role in the drive-by killing of two men last summer. that shooting, following an argument at another nightclub in downtown boston. steve is a sports attorney. steve, good to see you. >> glad to be here. >> the evidence that implicates hernandez seems to mount day-by-day. so far we have 44 caliber gun facings found in his car that
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seem to match the bullets used to kill lloyd. you have surveillance cams hernandez's home, showing him emerging shortly thereafter with a gun in his hand, from his car. you have text messages, cell phone records, you even have blue bubblegum found near the victim's body, inside hernandez's rental car, and in other locations connected to hernandez and hernandez allegedly bought it. as circumstantial cases good, does this seem like a strong one? >> absolutely. i mean, if there's dna that shows up on the -- i think wait cotton candy blue bubblegum, we're going to be in -- mr. hernandez is going to be in jail probably for a very long time. >> carlos ortiz has been arrested. are they going to try to get him to flip as one of the co-conspirators involved in
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this. if if you testify we'll spare you life? >> 100%. i definitely agree. they're going to try to work him over a little bit, try to find out what exactly he knows and use that to use it against mr. hernandez. >> of course, in massachusetts, there's no death penalty, but still it could knock off a little bit of time. wouldn't do entirely life behind bars if he flips against hernandez. what do you make now of this second murder last summer and arguably it could all be connected? >> well, i think we have to look back in 2010, prior to the draft, when mr. hernandez was a first-round draft pick and he fell to the fourth round. so his talent but his character was a problem where they thought there was potentially gang affiliations, and basically his image around who he was affiliating himself with. so i think that all of this stuff, all of this evidence, is going to be tied together or be
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tried to tied together, and try to use it against him. i think you're right. >> let me show the photo. this is a photo that was published in the "new york post" hours before the shooting, and there is hernandez, look what he is wearing, t-shirt that says hot-hasn't, cold-blooded. scott, that -- that may speak volumes about what happened hours later. >> 100%. i mean, look, they have to -- obvious live the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and the defense has to kind of -- make holes in the evidence. the evidence is mounting. new evidence comes out, and of course is this blue bubblegum has his dna associated with it, going to be a very, very bad situation. >> you know, in terms of motive. maybe the judge said it best when she denied bail and cited the prosecution's complaint and
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said, because the victim disrespected hernandez. pretty astonishing. steve, good to see you, sports attorney. >> keeping an eye on another case inside a florida courtroom. george zimmerman, on trial, accused of second degree murder and we're going to be right back with more of our coverage of that case as well. so don't go away. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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[ male announcer ] that's handy. for a store near you go to >> welcome book. on the witness stand again, now under cross-examination by the defense, is officer tim smith, who reported to the scene and escorted george zimmerman to the station house. >> i have attended state college. >> just down the street? >> yes, sir. >> what type of courses did you take? >> general education courses. >> okay.
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any focus on criminal justice? your chosen career? >> not at seminole state, sir. >> how long did you want to be a cop before you became one? >> since i was little. >> okay. sort of a life goal to you, then? >> yes, sir. >> why that? >> i enjoy helping and educating. >> the traditional one, guess in all police cars but on a lot of them, protect and serve. >> yes, sir. >> is that a goal of yours, then, as a police officer? >> yes, sir. >> feel it's a pretty noble goal. >> yes, sir. >> do you enjoy it? >> yes, sir. >> can't enjoy it quite as much when you got a shots fired, call, though, can you? going to be a little concerning. >> yes, sir. >> so you get on the radio, you testified about the -- you get a call about a disturbances first. is that correct? >> suspicious person.
12:26 pm
>> that's right. and at some point it got upgraded, did it not? >> yes. >> shots fired. >> yes, sir. >> what do you then do once you have a shots fired event? >> you tend to wait for a little bit more additional information, then it becomes more of an officer safety issue. >> at that point your officer safety, right? >> correct. >> so you came in, did the circle, and actually almost coincidentally you were able to shine a light down the entire sort of alleyway towards where the defendant occurred. right? >> yes, sir. >> and noticed at least one person towards the end? >> yes, sir. >> could you tell who it was? >> no, sir. >> so you pull up your car and then get out and you take out -- how do you equip yourself as you're going out of your car to go to that back alleyway?
12:27 pm
>> due to the lighting i grabbed a flashlight. >> okay. talked to another officer before you. he said his gun actually has a light on it. is that the way yours was set up. >> us, my gun has a flashlight on it. >> is with what you used? >> no, sir. i used an actual flashlight. >> okay. so when you first came around that corner, heading over towards to sea, did you know that was the scene where the shooting occurred? >> no, sir issue did not. >> when you first came up on the scene, you had your flashlight out? >> yes, sir. >> had you taken out our service revolve center. >> not at that point, no, sir. >> tell me what you first see when you come con scene. >> saw mr. zimmerman standing on the sidewalk. may have been somebody with him. i saw trayvon on the grass. >> when you say sidewalk, there was a walkway you came down from your car. correct? >> correct. the sidewalk makes a t. >> as you came around the
12:28 pm
corner, can you sort of orient us to where near the t or how far down that t mr. zimmerman was? >> he came around the side of the building to the top of the t. approximately 30 feet. >> 30-foot from the intersection? >> correct. >> very close by to where trayvon martin's body was. right? >> yes, sir. >> within feet? >> yes, sir. >> okay. and what was he doing? mr. zimmerman. >> standing on the walk. did he look towards you as you were coming towards him? >> yes. >> do you remember at that point whether or not there was anybody else present? >> there may have been but i'm not 100% sure. >> and flashlight on m-zimmerman at that point? >> yes, sir. >> and could you tell he was wearing the clothe wes talk about, the orange-red jacket? >> yes, sir. >> at that point could you see
12:29 pm
the injuries to his nose when you first put the flashlight on him? >> yes, sir. >> were they similar as to the picture we have seen a little while ago? >> yes, sir. >> even more, was it actual bleeding at that point? >> that's correct. >> and his eyes were watered in. >> yes, sir. >> both eyes. correct? >> yes, sir. >> and what did you first say to him. >> i asked him if he had seen what happened. >> his response? >> yes. >> did that seem like an appropriate response in anything wrong with the way he answered you? >> no, sir. >> next what did you ask. >> if he had seen the young man who what shot. >> how did he respond. >> he did and he was still armed. >> at that point what's your response to fine out that somebody involved in the shooting is right there in front of you, armed.
12:30 pm
>> at that point, when i unholsterred my service weapon. >> and take it out. >> correct. >> those protocol, is it not? >> correct. >> officer safety issue, number one, and without that you can't do anything else. can't help anyone else. >> correct. >> point it at him. >> yes, sir. >> that's appropriate, correct? >> yes, sir. >> you tide not point it at him because of any threat he posed to you. >> no, sir. >> he was completely cooperative. >> yes, sir. >> but protocol is you arm yourself and make sure you have it on him to take care of the situation. >> yes, sir. >> what did you next ask him in. >> to -- as he was telling me he had shot him and was still armed, when he kind of leaned over to expose the firearm. >> if i were to do that for just a moment, tell me -- i can do
12:31 pm
that on the side, but' -- right here you testified? >> correct. >> this jacket, that he was wearing. >> yes, sir. >> he went like this? >> yes, sir. >> and just by this movement was able to be -- >> the hand -- >> what is important about this cross-examination? >> one of the points the defense is trying to make, this police officer is one of the first responders who arrived and took him into custody, took george zimmerman into custody. handcuffed him for officer safety, which is what you do as a police officer. you have somebody involved in a shooting and has a gun, you take the gun off him, which he did, and handcuff him for your own safety. the jury hears that, they determined he did something wrong. so one of the things he is going through step-by-step. , what that officers do, it's routine. >> these jurors have already seen videotape and photographs of george zimmerman handcuffed
12:32 pm
and led into the station house. so the defense tries to diffuse that by make sure that was for protection and no other reason and had nothing to do with guilty. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, more on our live coverage of the murder trial of george zimmerman.
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>> officer smith continues to tell the jurors in the florida courthouse just how george zimmerman, the accused, was taken into custody for security purposes and then to enter view. phil keating is standing live outside the courthouse.
12:36 pm
phil, bring us up to speed. >> officer tim smith during the commercial break, explaining under cross-examination with zimmerman attorney mark o'mara, he was handcuffed at the scene, and then they showed the jury the videotape from the security cameras inside the sanford police department, and you can see the patrol car pull up, zimmerman gets out, he is in handcuffs, and they walk through the hallways and that began publish dejurors had not seen -- a four and a half hour interview/interrogation with detectives as to what exactly happened and why that is going to be crucial if they get to it today or perhaps next week. that is when george zimmerman, for the official police record, established that in his claim, that zimmerman -- or that martin ambushed him and that he had to use self-defense with lethal force. >> phil, thanks very much. let's go back inside the
12:37 pm
courtroom. this is mark o'mara, the lead defense attorney, questioning qg the officer who first responsibled to the escape -- scene of the shooting. >> and as you were going -- anything else that you recall mr. zimmerman saying to you at the scene before you started walking towards the car? >> not before, no, sir. >> okay, as you were walking towards the car, didn't he utter something to you sort of voluntarilily. >> yes, sir. >> what did he say? >> he said he was yelling for help and nobody would help him. >> and how long after you first saw him, did that happen? >> a minute? >> a few minutes. >> as long as it took to do what we just talked about? >> correct. >> and as soon as you had him cuffed you secured the gun, turned him around and walked him towards the car. >> correct. >> the car was 30 yards away?
12:38 pm
>> approximately. >> and it was during that walk -- actually almost immediately upon turning to walk to the car, he said that to you. >> not very long of, no, sir. >> actually said that to you twice, didn't he. >> correct. >> second time was after you got to the car? >> that's correct. >> tell me how he said that. was it -- tell me how he said that. >> it was almost a confusion. like, i kept -- >> well, tell me -- >> sort of a confused look on his face. >> like he didn't know why, after screaming for help, nobody would come help him? >> correct. >> objection, calling for speculation. >> i'll rephrase, yourself. >> sustained. >> came across to you as though he was confused? >> that's correct.
12:39 pm
>> you have had testified a little while ago about mr. zimmerman's condition. we talked about his injuries. correct? >> yes, sir. >> you also said that the back, particularly the back of his jacket, was wet? >> yes, sir. >> of course it was raining on and off that evening, wasn't it? >> yes, sir. >> was the back noticeably more wet than the rest of his body? >> yes, sir. >> as though he had been laying in grass, on his back? >> that's correct. >> and he actually also had pieces of grass on his back as well. correct? >> yes, sir. >> could you tell with blue jeans that the back of his blue jeans were wet as well? >> appeared be a little darker. >> a little darker than the front. >> correct. >> evidencing to you what? in the darkness. >> he had been laying on his back. >> and that his jeans were wet as well on the back. >> correct.
12:40 pm
>> so you get him to the car, which -- you stayed with him the entire time. >> i did. >> that's your charge at that point, correct? >> correct. >> so you were there when he medical personnel came and treated him? >> i was. >> did he say anything -- well, did he say anything about the fact of the case to the medical personnel? >> no, sir. >> when you first arrested him -- or when you first detained him, did he ask for a lawyer? >> no, sir. >> as far as you know, all the time you were with him, did he ever ask for a lawyer? >> no, sir. >> so you have him in the car, medical personnel deal with him and finish with him.
12:41 pm
correct? >> correct. >> were you waiting for them to finish so you could continue on with what you had to do, which at that point became transplanting -- transporting him? >> correct. >> that was your reason for at it waiting around. >> genocided if they were going to transport or not. >> how was that decision accomplished. >> the paramedics. >> were you there, listening? >> i could overhear bits and pieces. i was pushed back because there was a crowd around the doorway of the car. >> including the paramedics. >> a crowd of paramedics. >> gotcha. mr. zimmerman is in the back seat of your car. >> yes. >> with his legs out on the ground. >> yes, sir. >> then the paramedics attending to him. >> correct. >> that's my seem lab borous and methodical going through moment by moment but it's important because the defense wants to create the impression, does it not, that george zimmerman did
12:42 pm
not behave like a beat person. he was cooperative and incredibly helpful because he had done nothing wrong. >> a lot of things you're trying to establish. one is that his behavior was not consistent with somebody who just killed somebody out of anger. he seemed calm, seemed, according to them, confused. in fact he was able to leak in the was confused as if he yelled for help and nobody came and he couldn't understand why. objection was raised but the jury heard it. and getting into the fact that his back and jeans were wet and had pieces of grass on his back and supports the other witnesses. >> now, does the defense hope that it can get enough of zimmerman's forthcoming testimony in through witnesses like officer smith so that, in the end, zimmerman doesn't even need to take the witness stand, the jurors will have heard what he is going to say? >> that's the ideal situation for the defense. they're hoping, and it may play out this way because the prosecution doesn't have a lot to work with.
12:43 pm
they're hoping hoping the prosen puts in enough of his statement to itch people zimmerman to put befores the jury his claims of self-defense in florida, once you raise self-defense by some means in front over the jury, it becomes the burden of the prosecution to prove it wasn't self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt. >> that's correct. >> what is the downside of putting george zimmerman on the witness stand? >> he can totally collapse. most defendants when they get on the stand, especially when they're on trial for their life, they become nervous, looks like they're lying, they're instance consistencies they're grilled on. the version they give gets picked apart by skilled prosecutors, and even if they're not lying they can be made to look like they're lying. even the best of us sometimes give the story a little different the second time, and believe me, that will be highlighted under a microscope. >> i have even seen lawyers get on the witness stand and fold like a lawn chair on
12:44 pm
cross-examination. >> they're the worst. >> we're going to continue to follow what is happening inside the sanford courtroom. more of the testimony in the murder trial of zimmerman when we return. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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grab yo friends and family and start a team today. register at >> back inside the courtroom in the george zimmerman murder trial. you can see mark o'mara on the right-hand side. just finished his cross-examination of officer smith and now redirect-examination by the prosecutor. >> do you know if the firearm
12:48 pm
was visible when he was at the location of trayvon martin's body? >> that i don't know. >> you said at the station you offered the defendant in tissues. like kleenex? >> yes, sir. >> to clean himself. >> yes, sir. >> did anybody else clean him at the station? >> not that i saw. >> judge, like to publish one more photograph if i could. >> officer smith, i'm showing you state's 46. it that a fake and accurate depiction of the way theft appeared when he was at the police station after he had been cleaned up in. >> yes, sir. >> that was taken on the evening of the 26th or perhaps just
12:49 pm
after midnight into the 27th? >> yes, sir. >> thank you, sir. that's all i have. >> very brief followup. i think it was just a mistake but i want to clear it up. >> mr. guy, when he suggested his maneuvering for the picture, actually lifted up his left arm. you had testified, however, pretty certainly, that the gun was on his right side. correct? >> correct. >> and he lifted up his right arm. >> correct. >> so you have no question in your mind whatsoever that the gun was located on his right hip. >> no, i don't. >> okay. mr. guy's pretting it up the left arm was just a mistake as far as you can tell? >> correct. >> nothing further. >> any re redirect? >> no, yourself. >> may officer smith be excused in. >> he may. >> thank you very much. you're excused. call your next witnes
12:50 pm
>> officer smith at the scene and took into custody as a matter of standard protocol, george zimmerman, because he used a gun. he was handcuffed for the officer safety, taken into the station house. what is important is you did see some bloody photographs of george zimmerman, evidence of his taking a beating. >> and the prosecution has consistently tried to show that those bloody -- the images, his nose and his head, were noticed by people immediately, not just this of but residents who just walked out as soon as the shot was fired, to indicate, just in case there's any doubt, he didn't do this to himself. any argument will be made the closing. they wanted to show from the minute the gun was fire, the neighbors cam out and saw him all bloody. we saw that testimony. and then the picture of him after they wiped the blood away. >> well, at issue here is self-defense. did the defendant reasonably
12:51 pm
fare his -- fear that his wife was in serious bodily injury or death. we'll talk more about the elements of self-defense, what this map has to prove in order to be acquitted.
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>> welcome back to the live coverage of the murder trial of george zimmerman, accused of second degree murder in the shooting of teenager trayvon martin. phil keating i outside the courthouse. on the witness stan is a physician's assistant. have any idea what she will say? >> her name is lindsey folfate. she work at the clinic where george zimmerman went the day or two days after the sheeting of trayvon martin to have his injuries assessed and addressed, and the defense in the has never
12:55 pm
once produced a doctor or medical report showing he actually had a broken nose. that's why it was framed may have been broken. clearly the prosecutors are putting her on the stand right now after putting on photographs and videotape of george zimmerman, walking pretty normally through the police station, and the photos they took around 12:30 in the morning. you can see george zimmerman didn't look like completely bashed in. she is going to testify that she injuries that he suffered were not life-threatening. the prosecution is basically using all of this in combination to try to convince the jury that deadly force absolutely was not justified, and didn't rise to that threshold. >> thanks,; alex our judge here from florida. it's what is in the defendant's mind whether he reasonably believes he is in fare of imminent death or bodily injury.
12:56 pm
>> right. he doesn't have the benefit of an x-ray machine. all he know is he is being pummeled and his head is being bashed into the convert if you believe miss session, and the jury has to decide if it was reasonable to fear serious bodily injury or death. >> more of our live coverage of the murder trial of george zimmerman in just a moment. don't go away.
12:57 pm
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>> that's going to do it with our coverage of the trial of george zimmerman.
1:00 pm
the jurors are taking such furious notes they have run out of note pads and the bailiff has to keep going back and grabbing more. neil cavuto and your world coming up next. >> the soviets are in short waging total cold war. >> that is president eisenhower on the cold war back then. fast forward to today and things seem just as chilling, because putin is pouting, the president is dismissing, and now they just stopped talking. is a new cold war brewing? we're on it. >> welcome everybody. attorney general eric holder today not commenting on if they are any closer to capturing nsa leakerred snowed -- leaker ed snowden. maybe because this guy is refusing to call this guy.


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