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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  June 29, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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strictly on call, drilling should be doing well. this company is poised to bring out big time. >> neil: i wish i had time for adam and ben. in the meantime,.... >> so five obamacare. uncle sam calling on major league baseball to tout obamacare about the young people are saying no thanks, we'll pass and without them, medical costs will soar. and it's. >> plus,.... >> what you see is what you get. i'm not an actress. >> paula deen's endorsement deal getting fried but not everybody is dropping her like a hot potato. her book sales are sizzling. could this help her rise again. "cashin' in" starts cooking right now.
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>> eric: hi, welcome to kark inin. wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and juan williams. government confirming it's gearing up to use n.f.l. and other sports to promote healthcare. it's to get healthy young americans to sign up for coverage so it will offset the cost of sicker people. one problem, report may not be price may not be right. young people said i would rather pay the fine for not having healthcare than to support all these people who are sick and using healthcare. >> they are going to advertise. when a private company contingencies a service, that is called promotion. when a government does it to advertise a coercive law that violates right that is propaganda. obama's goal has been
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socialized medicine especially for young people that have to pull out all the stops. 1% of your income or these ads that appeal to authority. i don't like obamacare but lebron thinks it's cool, maybe i should reconsider? weak. >> eric: major league baseball and celebrities like yourself to tout obamacare, any kind of promotion like that can't be that good? >> the whole idea of coercing healthy people to subs subsidize unhealthy people. you are penalizing and somebody that is living an unhealthy life. it's nuts. you got to remember, the supreme court barely passed this thing, they couldn't pass it under legal, quote, way. they had to identify it as ultimately as a tax. that is what it is. it's a tax on the people. in addition to pay all this
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money in advertising, where the taxpayer money, your money and my money has to go to advertise some government program. this is not how industry works. they are doing this because they want to sell something that they think is a pro-active irrational and illegal really method of the government coercing people to follow. >> eric: very good. juan, we are burying the lead. stay out of my football sunday. last thing i want is an ad for half time of a giants' game? >> i don't know why it bothers you. you got commercials for everything else coming out of your football game. this is something for the good of the people. this is something that is going to help all americans especially when healthcare costs are so punitive and especially those that suffer from catastrophic event driving them to bankruptcy. if you are concerned about
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finances, if you are concerned about the nation's finances, our budget deficit, if you are concerned about making sure middle-class people can stay on the path of profit and make money in this country, you want to deal with the healthcare crisis. big business, companies complain about it. >> eric: let me get kesha, young people say cheaper to pay the fine. if that happens, this is going collapse? >> right. and the older people and people who have more health issues will have to bear the costs. the fact that the government has to put so much money or encouraging young people to sign up for this obamacare is a sign that it is flawed and there needs to be some type of revision. >> eric: let's put the poll up for a second.56% of people ss obamacare will increase my medical costs going
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forward. that is not good. >> those are same people that claimed looking for wonderful benefits for obamacare. the fact that they are advertising is somewhat of a red herring. you have a choice of accepting or not accepting. there is no choice for obamacare, you accept it or pay a fine. and we talked about how obamacare will lower costs and improve services when in in central planning ever done that? the result with will be despair and lower health care for everyone. >> eric: so let's say young people don't go on the system, they opted to pay the fine. how in the world is obamacare going to work? they are going to have to come back to the taxpayer, listen, in order to finance all these people are sick and getting healthcare, we need to tax them more? >> i don't think that is the case. first and foremost, you
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have to persuade young people. young people think they are going live forever. they don't think they will get hit in a motorcycle accident. >> eric: why should they do it. >> they are not financing anything. eric, hold on! what they are asking us to do, eric so when they get hurt they go to the emergency room and go to the hospital. you and i pick up the bill. >> eric: not a fair thing to say, juan. >> young people put more money in the healthcare system. >> if they don't have insurance, they aren't putting anything in the system. >> what i was saying before, you are asking healthy people, you are coercing healthy people to subsidize
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unhealthy people. where is the equity? >> that is not the job of the federal government. that is an outrageous thing. i am being forced to do something that i didn't sign up for. >> wait. nobody is coercing anybody to do anything. they are saying be responsible american citizen, pay your own bills. don't expect me to pay for you. cover your own medical. >> i think it's education, you need to educate young people, it's a bigger picture. they don't think about, oh, i'm not going healthy forever. they think they are i mortal. we need to educate young people instead of shoving it down their throats. >> eric: and speaking of that, california is spending upwards of $37 million in federal grants so they can teach people about obamacare. this just absolutely nonsense.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm arthel nevil. a third suspect in custody in connection with a murder investigation involving former n.f.l. star aaron hernandez. ernest wallace surrendering in south florida. they say he was with hernandez before this man was shot, 27-year-old odin lloyd found dead near
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hernandez's home earlier this month. a dangerous heat wave gripping much of the u.s. temperatures soaring to nearly 120 degrees in phoenix. dozens treated for heat related illnesses and mercury is expected to hit 128 in death valley, california, which is not far from the world record 134 degrees logged there a essential ago. i'm arthel nevil and now back to "cashin' in". eric boling in the house. b >> i beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners, i beg for your forgiveness. >> eric: businesses are not forgiving paula deen butan her fans apparently are. sales for new cookbook propelling it to number one on amazon and customers crowding into her
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restaurant in atlanta. you say it's publicity. is this the case?hi >> i agree. i do think that. although, we all know paula messed up. people are still buying her books and her fans are still her fans. depending on how important you shall to the public and how popular you are the bad publicity it may bring bad attention to you but eventually the smoke is going to clear and you wille still have the fans. >> eric: let's take about that. i'm a christian man, ian forgive paula deen for making a racist remark, but i'm okay with home depot targeting companies we're going sever our ties, is am i wrong? >> i don't think it's that i think something of the psyche, we as a public love redemption, the idea thaton somebody has fallen and redeemed is something that is in our psyche that we
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love. they never makes a mistake, you don't think about itou but the people who have fallen, comes to mind, bill clinton, anthony weiner,r ray lewis, football player, kobe bryant, all these people have had a setback and when they come back, wow! it's not just the question of their celebrity but the question of us, in us that wants to love a redeemed person. >> eric: where do you stand on this one?u >> elvis presley, michael jackson, i think their record sales soared after they died. if you get something that happens to you that is controversial including death it'sve good for youor everybody is payingf attention. this is short term economic thinking because yes will you bet a bump in the short run in terms of book sales but thef long term benefit
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being associate with target and caesar's she is paying a price. advertisers what she did was so offensive and so damaging to their branch it's b not in their interestste to stand buyer. she may get a short termer bump but it won't last.lo >> bad publicity is bad. to paraphase warren buffett it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it. a lot of people don't have that long lasting reputation that paula deen built up by some estimates a $20 million a year a operation. wayne, to your point, eddie murphy, bill clinton theym came back with some success, c paula could do it, her crimes weren't of physical. we forgave tim allen for selling cocaine but we
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don't forgive ike turner. >> paula deen sold a lot of stuff, will they reconsider? anybody thinks they are going reconsider? >> i think once the smoke clears again, the companies will say, you know what, publicbl forgot about it. let's go back. i they had right now they are thinking about their images. it's not what she did was wrong, but they are like, okay we have to make sure our businesses look good. >> eric: juan , does paula deen deserve a second chance if she has true contrition? >> i am i a christian and ist believe in forgiveness big i ask for forgiveness. i would say yes. we're talking business here. we're talking about doing something that really especially in the era of diversity in america, a time when the supreme court, we don't want
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we're not going backwards, we're not going back to time when she is talking about plantations ethics at restaurant. we like black guys dressed up like servants. it harkened back to something that was distasteful. >> last thought? >> i was going to say we have a great example. martha stewart went to jail and she coming back strong. yes, we forgive. it doesn't hurt them d economically over the long run because we love redemption than we love somebody be hit all the way through their lives. >> eric: the irs policing everything you do. who is policing them?yt now we're learning agents were buying borne, wine, popcorn makers with your money while irs contractors may be doing this. >> and broke the trust of this great nation.
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coming up naked truth irs should be targeting misuse of funds. and making viewers a
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50 shades of disgrace. the irs going from nasty to50 conservatives to getting naughty with taxpayer money. agency workers used government o credit cards to pay for items like wine, porn, and popcorn machines. in all, 108 million bucks over a
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two-year period. jonathan, the hits keep on coming. >> yeah. how long do you think that would last at jpmorgan? >> forever. [ laughter ] >> it wouldn't last in the privatefo sector.t but of course, when government wastes money, it impacts us all and they have every incentive t keep wasting money because ifive they don't spend the money this year, i won't get it the next. t the irs has 100,000 employees. that's almost as many as johnson & johnson. their budget is almost as big al their profits every year. it's another example of how if we had a flat tax, we could runp the whole organization with a tenths of the staff and cut out all this waste of the taxpayer who is paying for it all. >> wayne, wine. $140 per person dinners, pornography, how about this one, romance novels and diet pills all things these bozos, these clowns put on the company credit card. our credit card. >> well, i think they should just spend it all. i'm all for this. the fact of the matter is, eric,
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to issue a credit card to a government employee in the firso place. that's the outrageous part. why should he have a card? what is it that he needs a credit card for? in other words, there is a budget, he's on the government payroll. we are paying him, the taxpayers. he works for us. why would we issue him a creditr card in the first place? that's what's outrageous. i don't care what he spends it o. he can spend it on hookers if he wants to, but issuing the card in the first place, that's bad. >> honestly, wayne and jonathan are saying the same thing. juan, you got to agree. >> no, we're not.e >> it couldn't be crazier. >> i can answer that question. >> go ahead. >> as far as why employees are issued government credit cards, i used to work for the federal government. we were responsible for makinglo our own travel arrangements and when we're away for work business, you purchase your meals and your hotels and things like that.hase but it has to be how stupid of these people to buy wine and pornography andhos
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popcorn machines when they know those statements will be givenhy to their supervisor.the >> juan williams, with a fox credit card, you're not doing that, are you?raph >> no. why would wayne say that,why because all corporations, their employees get credit card for travel. >> whoa! whoa! >> goat, wayne. >> that's that's true a private business! >> hey, wayne, they're doing business for the american people. but let me get t back to t something -- >> oh, no they're they're spend anything money. they're -- >> when jonathan started out, i think thought he was making fun of the wall street guys because it wouldn't surprise me at all.u you kidding? those guys on wall street, noteo only do they love pornography and popcorn, i think they're into drug, too. >> and any other slurs, juan? any proof to substantiate that or is that a slur? >> i'm just telling you my
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impression, jonathan. if i slurred anybody, my apologies. but i don't think i'm too far off there. we need to check with dr. bowling. >> it doesn't matter. private industry. >> the point is that you have -- you have excess and you have wrongdoing. there is no questionxc about th. but do you really think it's an different than you would find in any other sector of -- >> yes. yes. >> juan, i got to tell you the difference is this is all taxpayer money. there are people in kansas goin to work every day kissing their wife good-bye, paying their taxes and these bozos are buying porn with our tax money. >> that's wrong. you can't tell me they're any different than the rest of america. >> we have to go. i know this is what happens whe we mix wine, porn, juan williams and theit irs in one show. [ laughter ]d po >> we're going to say thank youi juan, and thank you to keishak for joining us this week. comingd up, jonathan on fire wie his pick. find out what it is and the nami
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that he says will do even better in the second half.
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time for what do i need to know for next week. wayne? >> in this kind of market, ihis think you can get bush whacked. look for something that's steady, proven. i like telephone, at & t. >> very good. jonathan, first you said buy this pick that bets on gold prices going down and it's a winner. what's next? >> the biggest advantage you have in the market is trading with the trend. in my mind, the biggest trend now is where i'm putting my clients is position for higherd. interest rates.siti treasury high school their fastest rise in 50 years in the last couple of mortgage rates have had their fastest weekly rise in 25. ttys goes up -- >> very good. stay hot, my friend. that's it for "cashin' in" thiss week. what a week. boston terrorism, espionage, gay marriage, illegals becoming legals and where is president obama? off spending $100 million of oue
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tax dollarssi touring africa. just another selfish politician cashing in on our hard work. have a great weekend, everybody. >> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". >> it's day five of the george zimmerman murder trial down in sanford, florida. lawyers try to prove who was the one that called for help as they strugged on the ground before the gun went off and killed martin. the first witness of the day, he was cross-examined by the attorney about what he heard that night. >> the voice screaming for help, however many times that you heard it, it was just one person's voice? >> when i heard it outside?


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