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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 31, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> on the house side, calling house members to washington, tomorrow to take part in classified briefings. i'm harris faulkner. now a fox news special timeline of terror. [ applause ] it's a very special day. everybody's proud of what we've accomplished. . >> if it had been more than a job for these guys. it's a mission. they've been passionate and working day and night as a tribute to the victims of 9/11
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in this horrific event that happened here on this very sight. >> 8:46, september 11, 2001, the united states became a nation transformed and every day since then on watch to prevent another attack. hello. heim jon scott. welcome to "timeline of terror: part 2." we're at ground zero, behind me is the 9/11 memorial. waterfalls cascade into a you pair of pools marking where the twin towers of the world trade center once stood. the victims names are etched into the surrounding wall. this is where we first witnessed the horror of 9/11, and followed it to the pentagon and into the skies over pennsylvania. on this program the date-to-day events for the months following september 11th 2001, our hope turned to sorrow, continued stress kept america on guard and the hunt for bin laden began. now we pick up where timeline of
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terror part 1 left off. as the president was addressing the nation on the evening of 9/11. >> today our nation saw evil, the very worst of human nature and we responded with the best of america. >> spent the day in air force one. security officials believing it was not safe to return to washington. he finally overruled that. >> i watched a man grow that day, but he -- lived up to my expectations. so i don't think that he became someone else. he was the same person i knew on september 10th, on september 11th. >> terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of america. >> actually, after he had made that address, we also had a
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meeting down in the president's emergency operations center. when it came time for the end of the day, the president went off to the white house mansion. to go to bed. i went back to my office in the west wing and all of a sudden two secret service agents came in, and literally lifted me out of my chair, and started running down the corridors of the white house to take me down to a bunker. and that was because there was a report that the plane had entered the airspace near washington, and so i'm down in this bunker, and down comes the president. carrying the dog, and then the first lady comes down carrying the cat. it was a long day. the terrorists were there. >> and i remember it was probably around 8:00 p.m. that night. i had heard someone yell out, united states marine corps, anybody here? and god gifted me with a big mouth and big lungs and even though i was tired i started
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yelling, pape. officers down. pape, we need help. >> what i would call an explosion. you could actually look at the lobby of either tower. you could see the lobby of building two disappearing in a brown wall. [ sirens ] >> i remember looking up and everything was shaking. and the sergeant said, run. run towards the elevator shaft. >> i assumed there was a car bomb that had gone off on the street level of building two. >> and as i turned the corner, i just remember being lifted up and just literally body slammed down. i went for my radio and started calling, 813, 813, which is our code for officer down. we're being hit with debris and something hit my hand. i lost the radio and held on for dear life. >> they were above me.
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you could see the light try an opening in the debris. heard another very loud explosion, and that was tower one collapsing on us. [ siren ] >> it was frightening. it was very scary. but you hoped that that was your relative that was running, but my sister was the type, she listened to instructions. the fireman had told her and the rest of the people that were coming down the stairs to, please, wait in the landings. because unfortunately, they were bringing down burnt bodies. and they stayed and then listened. >> and back up and a large piece of concrete had entered this void and sat dominick down in a very harsh way. at this point -- >> i was trapped and in an
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extreme amount of pain from the pressure, and the bones in my knees and hips were just -- really squeezed between two pieces of concrete. >> dominick was bleeding out of his mouth and said, will, don't ever forget i died trying to save you guys. he took his firearm lifted it into the air in a last-ditch effort to say, went down here. and that's when he passed. >> the search and rescue effort officially has not yet getten underway now there as you mentioned bring down the heavy equipment to lower manhattan to begin moving the heavy rubble, the debris under which thousands and thousands of people are buried. some alive, some perhaps not many perhaps not, we are told. >> it took three painful hours to get me out. talking about cutting my leg off. i told them, if you had to, just do it. i could hear them working and at that point i knew we good.
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we were going to get out of here. >> i came out 11:00 p.m. buried 12, 13 hours. >> that was the one side of the building that had been retrofitted, and there were less people on that side, because construction had literally just stopped. and people were moving back in. had it hit another side that was fully occupied, the death toll would have been considerably higher. when the plane hit the building, it immediately disintegrated as it went through the building's i don't think there was a plane piece bigger than a couple feet, if that, short of the engine and the landing gear.
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at ten minutes after 3:00, his secretary called me and she said, is rudy home? and when she said that -- i knew. i picked up the phone and i call ed him. i said, they can't find rudy. i put on my shoes, and i walked to the train station, and saw his car was there. but i just didn't want to -- i still had hope. there definitely are survivors now. it is going to definitely be a race against the clock to get
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them out. >> they sealed off the air space around manhattan. they had the navy warships now in the harbor. >> i understand that you were in a building that collapsed? >> yes. pretty harrowing experience, and we -- we tried different exit areas, and a number of them were closed and blocked. the smoke condition was tremendous. i certainly can share with a lot of people that went through yesterday. >> we took care of 360 individuals in an expeditious manner. we waited for more and there were none coming. i sent residential and fak t faculty to the triage panel. nobody was there. everybody had to deduce the
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sadness of that. >> no more survivors expected in the pentagon rubble. the death toll expected to be huge at the world trade center site. some people it is believed, are still trapped alive. >> the only people going to work, they didn't -- they were not soldiers. e they were not fighters. they worked for their families. >> i just completed a meeting with our national security team, and we've received the latest intelligence updates. deliberate and deadly attacks carriedous yesterday against our country were the more than acts of terror's they were acts of war. >> unlike the terrorism targets at the pentagon, and in new york where there is hope today are finding survivors, here in shanksville, pennsylvania, where united flight 93 went down that hope is long gone. why this plane went down here
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and not perhaps a more high-pro frieled target some are speculating could be the result of here rooics from the crew ore passenger that made it into the cockpit deciding if i'm going to die, i'm going to take it down here in a rural area. the fire situation there continues to be hazardous. there are evacuations being made right now. not because of another terrorist attack. the fires are extraordinarily difficult to put out. primarily because the casings of the pentagon as you would imagine were so thick. >> you know, 9/12, there were still significant fires in that building while we were inside, and at some point the smoke condition got too heavy. you had to pull people out of the building. >> we had family members just walking the area. some of them almost a blank stare and they brought with them photographs of their loved ones. brothers, fathers.
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and in this case, a very young woman who worked on the 101st floor of tower one. saying, if anyone was here, the media, the hospital, if you've seen this woman, call this number. this is how desperate people are for information. >> the great task of skipping through the rubbskipping -- sifting through the rubble started late last night and continued throughout the day. >> you only know someone covered an someone the body when that actually happened, do things certainly you're not afraid, show confidence in yourself and in the city. we also urge people not in any way take any action on their own. we've had a few, not many, but a few incidents that appear to have been directed against people because they made an error or asian or indian or whatever. but nobody should attack anyone else. the racial religious ethnic
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reas reasoning. the four planes were hijacked by between three and six individuals per plane. using knives and box cutters in some cases making bomb threats. >> it's almost two years before its execution when they were fortunate in that they found the ability to get these technical skill, linguistic skills and everything that could help ex-dhecute that plan. >> our government has credible evidence that the white house and air force one were targets. a number of the suspected hijackers were trained at pilots as pilots in the united states. >> we will leave no stone unturned until we have determined who was responsible
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for these attacks on our freedom. secretary rumsfeld told me when i talked to him that he felt the blast shake the pentagon. coming here makes me sad on the one hand. and also it makes me angry. our country will, however, not be cowed by terrorists. >> he was thoughtful and determined and had resolve that the united states would lean forward and not lean back. that we would not go along the path of the prior
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administration, treating terrorism as a criminal matter, and being in absentia and he resolved the only way to do that was not to play defense but to play offense. >> we hunted for him and i led the hunt from '96 to '99 in islamabad pakistan, but we did have bin laden in u.s. gun sights on two occasions and on both occasions the decision was made not to take the shot. not to pursue with the operation. >> be very critical that we find the black box. we, began, were working towards that area, because that's where they felt it might be. started to find more and more victims heading back towards the back area. >> more than 200 people remain unaccounted for at the pentagon.
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rescue crews there are hoping to have enough demolition work done by daybreak to enter into that impact area. >> we're not finding victims. this is really bad. >> tossed me around like a rag doll. >> sometimes i feel it's a really cruel joke for god to plan. >> not only am i on fire, but around me is fire and then the smoke that's just pouring out of the building. >> one of the reasons there were so few survivors was because the intense heat and the fire that swept through the building. >> trying to get to my feet. i made the quick realization that, okay. i am dying. >> i think they have about 50,000 people. friends, family of loved ones registering their missing person. >> my sister right now, rhonda, i am out here for you. she is 8 months pregnant.
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they have a 1 1/2-year-old, but we need to deliver a baby. if you have any information, it would be very helpful. >> we still haven't heard from her. we don't know if she's in the hospital. we just -- we just want to know what's going on. i can't talk. >> i have called hospitals. i called any which place i knew in new york city that i could get ahold. >> you have hope and then you have no hope and you just want answers. >> we were watching tv and you see -- that's him. it's not him. my sister was on the computer and she saw that there was a bacchus at a hospital, and we all got so excited and so, you know -- and what we called, it was different bacchus. >> i remember when the phone rang. i jumped, thought maybe somebody's going to call me and say, we found her. but it wasn't that. >> that's the guy right there they suspect drove, highjacked a plane in boston and drove it
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into the side of the world trade center. his name is 33-year-old mohamed atta, and he's got, a militant with links to osama bin laden, and apparently he had been taking flying lessons. >> the aim of this is find more information on mohammed atta and shahid, both is spects hsuspect trained here at huffman aviation. >> we met with people in the government worked inside the building. met with their families. we told them that -- our country is praying for each and every one. >> the heat that were the in those rooms just was -- just tremendous. there were no spaces, really, that were survivable spaces in there that would have left somebody to survive more than just a few minutes. >> i knew i was going to die.
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because i've never seen something like that before, and i knew that fire was coming for me. >> get on my back. i'm going to die. just, please, come on. >> like, screaming. everybody was saying -- >> just a little light. over there. just a little light. >> we looked at other disasters, people have been pulled out from these things five, six, seven days late around were still alive. >> two men who apparently were pulled out of the rubble after slipping and falling into a very large, deep pit. >> we kept praying to god that he was somewhere, you know, maybe unconscious or maybe even under the rubble.
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[ crying ] >> the other thing that struck me was all of these people coming around giving me pictures of their husbands and loved ones. these are just two i got. >> that's how they say, i guess it's true. her, and that's how we were able to proceed with the funeral. >> we had fire in the area, it collapsed. i'm not surprised by the idea there is still burning going on underneath there. you're not seeing a lot of it because it's very deep-seeded. >> they found pieces of the plane. some of them were passengers that were still strapped in their seats and they were part of the debris pile, which was away from the floor and the ceiling. >> as you were going through the
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crime scene and you moved something, you would expose the jet fuel to air and to a source and fires would develop. ♪ >> words simply cannot express the horror, the shock and the revulsion we all feel over what took place. >> this nation is peaceful. but fierce when stirred to anger. >> today the federal bureau investigation released a list of 19 individuals who have been identified at hijackers aboard the four airliners that crashed on tuesday. >> we found the name of one of the suspects. he checked into this motel on august 26th. checked out september 9th. after he checked out the hoemgts manager wanted to go into the dumpster, what he unloaded. goes in there. finds a manual on how to fly a plane. >> and stop doing this.
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i want to get out. and they were not happy. the crowd is chanting, usa, usa! i asked the president if he wanted to make some remark, and he asked me, do you think it's appropriate? i said, absolutely. and then the president up there with the bull horn, and i remember somebody yelling in the crowd, i can't hear you. i can't hear you. the president said. >> i can hear you! [ cheers ] i can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people -- ishs [ cheers ] and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. [ cheers ] >> and the crowd is chanting, "usa, usa" i look over, people are chanting, "usa, usa". [ chanting "usa" ]
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there is still hope that there are survivors underneath all that rubble. >> 13,000 tons of debris trucked out of there and some 1,400 dump truck loads brought to the land phil over on staten island where fbi agents and nypd detectives are going through that rubble. >> you can only imagine how gruesome the task is to recover remains. in a building hit by an airplane. which makes obviously recovery, you know, much more difficult. >> i think the country felt much better that the debris was being rapidly removed. at the same time, it wasn't good for the scientific identification, collection of evidence. >> all the debris that was left was then taken out of the building and brought to a sifting area where it was gone through again. that kind of destruction -- >> when there's a major accid t accident, body parts of department phied exactly where
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they are, and picked up. everything is put into a proper receptacle. as that was done in this case. 40% of the bodieses have not been identified. >> my message is for everybody who wears the uniform. get ready. >> he said, andy, i want you to convene the war council at camp david tomorrow. now, there is no such thing as a war council, but i knew exactly what he meant. and the meeting was a sobering discussion of what it means to go to war. >> this act will not stand. we will find those who did it. we will smoke them out of their holes, and we'll bring them to justice. >> first of all, he wasn't looking for war. the terroristing declared war on us. >> this wasn't going to be a few cruise missiling flying around on television for the world to
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see that something blew up. >>ed pr eed president decided h not want to pound sand. actually fashioned something that would be effective, and would be a deer terrant. >> i got a call saying, could you come in first thing in the morning, and meet the chief of ctc black and we have a proposition. >> the united states wasn't prepared to go into afghanistan. >> going to take a number of months before they could arrange forces. >> ooo-ey was asked to take the first team,ut it together and go into northern afghanistan. >> said to the president, mr. president, give us the authority to do this and we'll be there six weeks. he liked the speech. got the nod, and went forward. >> if he thinks he can hide and run from the united states or our allies, he will be sorely
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mistaken. >> let me give you some of the latest information now according to the city of new york. 152 bodies have been recovered. of those tonal about 92 identified. the number of missing, that number has gone up. we understand that 200 names have been added to that list. there are now 4,972 people missing believed to be dead in the world trade center disaster. >> men and women putting their lives on the line, behind the exterior wall shoring up to go in and rove are the rest of the bodies. my team came across a group of people sitting a at desk working when the plane struck the building, and they were killed right there. something had fallen out of his pocket to get a name, and put in a baggy. we can get it in his pocket from the way sitting in the chair.
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we found commander underneath the table as though he had been pushed underneath the table from the force of the plane going over him. we were able to get his name and his address and his rank and everything, and it was the first people that we really saw that were identifiable that we could look at and say, we can place a name with a face here. >> new yorkers the difficult process of saying good-bye. former president clinton and his wife attended a manhattan memorial service from the belouvred fire chaplin michael judge and deputy fire chief. >> we decided a long time ago that if he had to die, this is the way he was going to die. by -- fighting fires and saving lives. >> u.s. intelligence officials it turns out knew that two of the hijackers on the plane had actually been in the country for weeks. sources say call lede al
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immediatehaar was on the cia terrorism watch list for over a year. fbi sources say by the time they got the information, he had been in the country for as much as seven weeks and couldn't be found. >> i've been basically covering the arab community the last couple of days noticing a real backlash. >> understand, we have to be -- we have -- [ inaudible ]. >> i pledge to you that i will prosecute these crimes of hate to the fullest extent of the law. >> tuesday's attacks created another urgent problem. how to rebuild an already weak economy now reeling from $5 billion in property loss. >> millions of americans mourned and prayed and tomorrow we go back to work.
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>> there still is officially a search and rescue mission here and ground zero. >> of course, the feeling is growing more realistic that no one could have survived the devastating onslaught witnessed here last tuesday. all the steam and smoke and ash still slowly bep ohs into the morning sky here in new york. the sun is beginning to come up over manhattan. >> president bush is arriving this moment. >> to welcome federal workers back to work essentially. he told the entire country, today on monday, he wants the country to get back to work.
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>> today america goes back to business. ladies and gentlemen, our heroes will now open the marketplace. >> my heart is pounding. i'm glad i'm here. i thought about not coming, and just like everybody else, i cry. i'm emotional, and i have to be here. i want you to know today that you are not alone. we cannot ease the pain, but this country stands by you. [ applause ] >> it was off to the pentagon when the president made his second commercial airliner. >> it's barbaric behave piorbeh. slit throats of women on airplanes but we're going to smoke them out.
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put out in the old west, wanted dead or alive. all i want, america wants, brought to justice. that's what we want. >> not a scripted statement, and i remember grimacing when he said it. and i remember, oh, that's going to be the sound bite. >> why do you feel it is appropriate to encourage globally people to go kill someone else? >> jean, our nation's been attacked and we are at war, and to win a war is vital for the united states to engage in it. [ chanting ] >> and his location in istanbul and we are pleased the pakistani government sent emissaries in to try to persuade the afghan and taliban.
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>> we're seeing almost daily anti-u.s. demonstrations here. there are 14 islamic groups here calling for not to get involved with the united states. president musharraf is getting pressure not to go to the united states. >> the face of tear srror is noe true face of islam. islam is peace. >> this was a war against extremists. it was not a war against islam. >> so that's why he went to the islamic center. was to demonstrate, look, we are not looking to have a religious war. >> as we are officially closed one of its worst shellackings
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ever. what happened? many ceos, and donald trump, almost there. >> i have news for you, just getting the market opened with the devastation that's downtown is incredibly a patriotic act. >> i believe he's out there somewhere. the question is, where? >> and put the flyers up in hopes that maybe somewhere they'll find them in the rubble. >> we just watched a couple of busloads of firefighters walk back into the site there, certainly hope fading, though, of finding any of their thillo firefighters or fellow survivors in the rubble. >> the reality is that the longer the time, the less hope realistic hope we can have. >> i felt like he was going to come back home. i do remember the pastor from new hope baptist church come in and he asked if my mom was home.
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they said, we found rudy, but they didn't find all of him. they found -- >> he -- he's still out there. there's an honest man out there. >> we don't know where he is. he's with god, because he was a man of god. he loved god. a moment of silence. just one week ago, right about now, that the first airplane crashed in to tower one of the world trade center. a week after the day that's been called the worst in u.s. history, president bush is flying a military response to the terrorism. >> congress passed a resolution the authorization of the president to use all force to
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defeat the terrorists. it was very important to demonstrate to the world that america was united. >> the state department says it's received word that support and condolence from every single mation on earth except one. iraq. >> one of the most meaning phone calls of all was from jacques chirac, expressing concern for the american citizens. >> we are completely to fight this new type of evil. >> no one has conquered afghanistan or had success in that region since alexander the great. what is going to be southern a challenge about that area where the biggest powers have had trouble? >> well, it's not an environment for conventional force action. so it's a job for surgical forces, like delta force, special forces, navy s.e.a.l.s. people with elite and exceptionally trained capabilities.
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>> i don't think anybody was surprised that we had gotten bin laden. we had been actually going in to sending small clandestine teams of cia officers into northern afghanistan since 1997. trying to track down bin laden. so we knew how to go in. we had the contacts. and it made sense. >> the cia and the department of defense developed a very close relationship, whereby we would work together to get some capability in to the northern part of afghanistan, and develop a set of working relationships. between the, a small number of cia agents and some of our special operations forces, and the northern alliance. trying to keep the taliban for years. >> the taliban was controlling the country of afghanistan at the time, and they would give
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them safe haven to the al qaeda network. >> we going to have to fight the taliban to get them out of the way so we could chase bin laden. >> now, if these hiding out, how does they get supplies? how does he live? >> well, money goes a long way in afghanistan, because it's such a poor country. >> oil, and the taliban. >> i knew if we could offer them money, and they could see we had military power to back up, we could get in quickly. >> the pentagon announcing to the public today the united states warplanes are ordered to get to the persian gulf as soon as possible. time to go do the job.
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everybody said, the boat's ready to go, and we just want to go do our job. >> just prayed that they would come home safe. >> we're ready. >> there are movement and you will see more movement and i hope everyone understands why we do not want to reveal the details of those movements. >> on the last morning we went to see -- i'll give you clear instructions. go to afghanistan, convince the northern alliance that they should work with us and let the u.s. military come in to the valley for an operation. defeat the taliban. track bin laden down, kill him, cut his head off, put it in a
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box on dry ice and ship it back to the united states. i didn't know where i was going to find dry ice in afghanistan. >> two hours from now, president bush is to address a joint session of congress and the nation. in a rare break with tradition, the vice president will not be there but also in a secure location. the would us calms that a reminder of how serious this it. >> the president of the united states. >> my fellow citizens, for the last nine days, the entire world has seen for itself the state of our union and it is strong. >> september 20th, 2001 speech to the joint session of congress was a powerful speech, and it was, i think, maybe george w.
7:40 pm
bush's best speech. >> -- terror unanswered can not only bring down buildings it is threaten the stability of legitimate governments. and you know what? we're not going to allow it. [ applause ] every nation in every region now has a decision to make. either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. [ applause ] i. was very proud. >> i don't think you'll find too many people who aren't behind him. ♪ we're here. 1,000 strong in yankee stadium to say to the world, hope lives.
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prayer lives. love lives. >> i'd been -- once you get here, it tells you the story, their stories. it's not like tv anymore. it's the real thing. 12:01 this morning a major thrust of our war on terrorism began with the stroke of a pen. today we have launched a strike on the financial foundation of the global terror network. >> on september 24, 2001, the president put in place a freeze all of the assets which had been supporting the terrorist network. not just in afghanistan but around the world, and it took an awful loot to be abtook a lot t
7:42 pm
do that. gain a relationship with financial areas around the world. >> i asked our military to be ready for a reason. the american people must understand this war on terrorism will be fought on a variety of fronts. >> the faa is tight's being security at all major u.s. airports. curb-side cech-in, gone. meeting your wife aft at arrival gate, gone. even packing your razor, gone. will tightened security features do any good, that's the question. >> someone claiming to be and someone who may well be osama bin laden sent a fax to an arab post station threatening a holy war against the infidel forces of the u.s. and inviting pakistan to join the fight against america. >> taliban saying that prime terror suspect osama bin laden is in afghanistan. that's the good news. the bad news is, that they say they don't know where he is.
7:43 pm
>> if the taliban knows their country as well as i know they know their country, you have to believe in the tooth fairy to think they don't know where he is. >> there's been a flurry, the united states is now considering getting involved with the northern alliance, and on a lot of different fronts, they know the territory. they know the taliban and might even know where at least some of the associates of osama bin laden is. >> we flew in to afghanistan on the 26th of september. we came down and landed in the valley at 2:45 in the afternoon. we went to work within the next hour. we were holding meetings with northern alliance leaders and trying to get things, activities organized. everything up and running. we weren't there to fight. we were there to help the military bring the bombing down on top of them.
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>> the pentagon officials now say traditional military action will take a back seat to intelligence gathering. one source tells fox news, if and when we take military action, one of the major objectives will be to get more information. >> what we did for the military concept was to take advantage of the northern alliance intelligence selection capabilities. human sources in kabul and monitor taliban and bringing in telephones. what we did, centralize that process. >> the taliban now says it does know where bin laden is and has told him to get out of afghanistan. this after claiming it -- >> they said they sent a messenger to find him and that messenger must have taken some time. they said we can't just pick up the phone and call osama and call him but, of course, supposedly osama bin laden sent a fuchs a gulf-based
7:45 pm
>> steve: station and in that fax osama bin laden said, we are "firm on the past jihad, holy war". >> do you recognize these men? the attorney general's released pictures of the 19 hijackers who flew into the trade center, the pentagon and a pennsylvania countryside. he's hoping someone who knew them will help in the investigation. >> working hard to identify the high jjackers who may pose a th to the nation. >> we're on the ground in afghanistan. american and british already on the front lines. troops from both. president bush says we're in hot pursuit. >> and pentagon sources tell fongs fox news, u.s. and special commando forces on scouting missions inside afghanistan said to be laying the groundwork to go after osama bin laden. just minutes ago a warping from the state department to americans worldwide. take any measures you deem necessary to ensure personal
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safety. the potential for terrorist action is real. the united states attorney general says three hijackers on three different planes all carrying a disturbing and should going letter on september 11th. including step-by-step instructions for prayers for their suicide mission. a disturbing and shocking view into the minds of these terrorists. the tall sban siban is sayi know where osama bin laden is at an undisclosed location and that no kw no one can have access to him there are 5,219 people missing from the world trade center site. >> there were 19 hijackers. this man is now believed to be number 20. victims relatives say they've been waiting for this since september 11th 2001.
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moussaoui pleading guilty to all charges against him. >> it's a great day for american justice. we have leer an ironclad, an ironclad guilty plea on sex counts of conspiracy in furtherance of the september 11th plot which killed my brother and 3,000 other americans. >> family and friends gathered at the central park to remember close to 700 cantor fitzgerald employees lost in the september 11th terrorist attack on the world trade center. >> on the fourth floor and the most wonderful, devoted husband, father, family was everything to him. what i'm worried about, months down the road, is everyone going to remember and are they going to be there? when it's going to be really lonely. >> the taliban must turn over
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the al qaeda organization living within afghanistan and must destroy the terrorist camps. otherwise, there will be a consequence. there are no negotiations. >> as for where bin laden is, some sketchy satellite pictures and international intelligence suggests she in the northeastern corner of afghanistan. >> bin laden allegedly had been spotted in kabul just last week. amazing feeling to be here in new york city. seeing the destruction, you see on the other hand, the compassion of a great city and i'm real proud to be here with my friends. >> president bush back in new york city today. he visited an elementary school downtown, just blocks from ground zero and also some of, no's bravest who lost more than 300 fellow firefighters. >> i got to tell you, americans have never been to new york city, incredibly proud of the firefighters.
7:49 pm
>> donald rumsfeld is in saudi arabia tonight. the first stop on a four-nation tour of the region preparing allies for possible military strikes in afghanistan. >> the impact that september 11th, the feeling about that, and the threat it poses to the world has been taken aboard, and not just the united states, but country after country after country, and you can feel it when you talk to the people. with u.s. approval, british prime minister tony blair laid out more details of the international case against osama bin laden. at least three of these hijackers have already been positively identified, and noticed of bin laden. the bombs of the" u "uss co allegedly planned by one of the hijackers.
7:50 pm
september 11th rallied the country, but it also introduced to america, looks at neighbors differently. pay be attention to things they didn't pay attention to before and then you had the anthrax attack. >> a businessman in florida, in the hospital. anthrax confirmed by the centers for disease control. the hospital reports it will most likely kill him. >> we weren't sure who had mailed that letter. and, again, on the response side, it didn't make a difference who mailed it. it was anthrax. >> the nation's capital get it's air force back, reopenedanthrax >> the nation's capitol got their airport back. it opened under super sight security. >> a flight bound from paris to miami. they stopped what seems to have
7:51 pm
been a passenger's attempt to ignite an explosive. >> u.s. intelligence officials telling the associated press that a passenger on a delta airline's flight to detroit was attempting to blow up the jet. sources are also telling fox news the suspect is claiming to be connect to al qaeda. refuges are on the move in afghanistan, they are amassing at the borders fearing a united states strike. >> there are people that say they are scared of u.s. bombs, they are afraid that their houses will be bombed. if they had the money, if they had the relatives they are choosing to leave if they can do it.
7:52 pm
the man diagnosed with anthrax died today. >> it's almost 100% fatal disease, not much more could have been done. >> and this case raising fears of terrorism, especially knowing that hijackers were trying to get information on crop dusting claiming. if not terror, how did he become infected? >> we have not been advised that the man that the fbi believes perpetrated this act had a history of long standing mental instability and yet he was allowed to work with anthrax and some of the most deadly substances known to mankind. it may be the latest video of osama bin laden. it's not certain, but it's felt that the pictures were taken after the 9/11 attack. it appears to be a celebration. >> growing sense is that the
7:53 pm
talk is over. sources say the military components are getting in to place for what secretary rumsfeld has called inevitable military action. >> they were dug in waiting for us. the taliban. assumed that they could withstand the bombings. they really didn't understand what was coming. >> on my orders, the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and mill tear installations of the afghanistan military and regime.
7:54 pm
>> to me, tonight was about giving back america the confidence and letting them know, hey, we are out here and we can take care of whatever we need to. >> my men were the ones taking the great risks. my men were forward on the front lines, did some unbelievably risky operations. there were operations we conducted 2 and 300 miles behind enemy lines, went in and captured individuals and did some things that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. >> the battle is now joined on many fronts. we will not waiver. we will not tire. we will not falter. and we will not fail. peace and freedom will prevail.
7:55 pm
as the materials team and workers dressing the woman in a blue hazmat suit and placing her in a tub and then scrubbing her down in a decontamina tmtion preceder. they said she did the exact right thing. >> you can not stop us, we have the anthrax, you die now. are you afraid? death to america. death to israel. ala is great. >> there were three separate scares in at least three separate florida cities. no anthrax in any, all false alarms. >> the big question, does anybody have any real idea how these showed up in florida?
7:56 pm
no. home land skuland security team hearing more chatter that al qaeda may be planning another attack. >> al qaeda continues to demonstrate interest in chemical, biological, devices. >> runs on duct tape, plasting sheeting, bottled water and nonpairishable food. families are told to have an emergency contact plan and talk to each other. >> pentagon sources tell us that this will be the last night of bombing fixed targets in afghanistan. heavy bombers have dropped 5,000 pound bnker busters in afghanistan and they are designed to burrow deep inside bunkers and caves before they detonate.
7:57 pm
>> this is a guy that was in control of a country three months ago, now he is in kro of a cave. all i know, he is running. any time you get a person running, it means you going to get him. ♪ glory, glory halleluiah ♪ >> exactly a month ago on 9/11, great sorrow came to our country. sorrow has come with great resolve. fire is still burning. but from it, has emerged a stronger spirit and a more unified city and a more unified country and a more unified world. >> i pledge to you that america will never relent on this war against terror.
7:58 pm
>> the white house is saying that president obama will be making an extraordinary statement at the bottom of the hour. did they specifically say big? >> not exactly. they just said, you probably want to get to the white house for this one. so, i took that to be very big. good evening, tonight, i can report to the american people and the world. the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. usa! usa! usa! >> the fire is here at ground zero and they continued to burn for 100 days. workers removed 108,000 truckloads of rubble, they
7:59 pm
finished the clean up, under budget and ahead of schedule on maynd, 2002. the memorial opened on the tenth anniversary of the attacks. this memorial and the memorial at the pentagon will remind us how the 21st century began. earlier in the program, we heard the story of rescue from the rubble of the twin tour towerse told us this. >> what happened was a cowardly act on innocent people. and all this evil needs to triumph is for good people to stand by and do nothing and i tell people, that there's always good people ready to do something. >> this is dedicated to those that did something on 9/11, to those that do something every day and who will in the future. in new york, i'm john scott, fox news.
8:00 pm
>> welcome to "red eye," it's like that's incredible, due to andy levy's untimely death during a freak miniture golf accident there's no pregame report, so let's get to it. she is so hot, go do your home work, i'm here tonight with -- long time. and filling in for andy levy is german scientist, clause, he


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