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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 1, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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is preparing to make its case to congress for limited strikes on syria. this as we learn more details about a classified briefing that will be held in a few hours for members of the house. lawmakers at that briefing are expected to get the latest details on the syrian civil war and the apparent chemical weapons attacks including the very evidence the white house says proves it was the assad regime that launched the heart less chemical attack in the suburbs of damascus. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> it is great to have you here. busy morning as business leaders plan to hold the vote
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on authorizing military force soon after lawmakers return. they are still on summer recess until september 9th. there are washington heavyweights who are getting on the record early on this. peter doocy is joining us live on capitol hill for the latest from there. peter? >> that's right, jaime. president obama announced yesterday the united states needs to use military force against syria for moral reasons and also for national security reasons to prevent future chemical weapons use possibly he says against american interests. but he wants the folks here in congress on his side. he wants them to vote in favor of authorizing that military force first. now he has a little more than a week to try to make them fall in line. >> this case is going to build stronger and stronger and the president believes the united states of america for a decision like this is stronger when you have the time to be able to have the support of the united states congress and obviously the support of the
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american people through them. >> some here in congress are disappointed that president obama didn't just pull the trigger and attack assad immediately after the chemical weapons were used. >> the president and commander-in-chief has constitutional and statutory power to take military action. president eisenhower and president reagan and president clinton. if he says this issue is as important as it is and sending so many mixed signals over the last year and certainly over the last 10 days this is a clear failure of leadership, and if you feel so strongly about it and he doesn't want to take the action himself he should call us back into session tomorrow. we can't be waiting 9, 10 days. >> the republican leadership here in the house is singing a slightly different tune saying, quote, we are glad the president is seeking authorization for any military action in syria in response to
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syria's sub stan sigh questions being raised in consultation with the president. we expect the house to convene the week of september 9th. in three hours on the hill there will be a classified members only briefing about syria and then throughout this week there will be a series of formal briefings and meetings in the senate. we just learned in the last few minutes that tomorrow at the white house two prominent republican senators john mccain and lyndsay graham are going to sit down with the president to discuss the way forward. jaime? >> fluid situation there, peter. thank you so much. eric? what do members of congress want to hear? joining us is one of them. he is luis gomert from texas. he is here in new york on this sunday morning. the briefing will be held in three hours. you gotta be there. they say turn off the cell phone, but nose conference call. what do you want the administration to say to change your mind? >> have i to address what
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secretary of state said. he said we are always better when he has had time to explain. he has had a year. it was august of 2012 when he put the red line in the sand. he has had a year. what has he done? he hasn't come to congress. he hasn't made a case. he was waited until he was backed into a corner. hoe went off -- he went off script and valley jarod -- valerie jarod said he was not creating a red line. well think about it. if another country puts ships off the coast and said you know what, this administration sent 2,000 weapons to mexico. you have gotten hundreds of people killed. we have to send a message to you that this is not appropriate. they lob missiles in and that is an act of war and we would take it as such. you would see republicans and democrats rally around the administration. you don't just lob missiles and think that act of war is not going to lead to other problems. >> it has been done before.
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other administrations have not gone to congress, republican for example. >> good example. thanks for bringing that up. president bush had a coalition of 40 countries that this president criticized him for not having a bigger coalition. what does he got? france, and they may not commit help. turkey is saying, yeah, yeah, yeah. but come on, you don't even have two full countries and he criticized bush? >> the friends of the president say he deeply down feel there's is a moral imperative here. it is up to the united states because chemical weapons were apparently used to do something about it. it is up to us. he is doing it apparently in his soul to try and stake out a claim against the use of this horrendous, deadly genocide. >> this has been used a number of times. it was used on the 21st of august last time. the u.n, they announced two days ago, look, we are still gathering evidence. we are still analyzing. the president said, we are highly confident. we have high confidence.
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really? when i had to look somebody in the eye and sentence them to death i had to be sure beyond a reasonable doubt and the jury had to be sure and he is good enough to kill people with high confidence? this is the same administration who told us our intelligence clearly indicates that the attack on 9/11 in 2012 was about a video. that wasn't true. we have a lot more analysis before we can allow this president to commit an act of war against another country. >> do you think the rebels committed this? >> they certainly had a motive. they were getting their tails kicked. assad, what is his motive? he knows if he does this he may have us and other countries help the rebels, but then you have to remember history. a lot of people don't. 1978, 1979, you had president carter welcoming in the eye toe law co may knee after he said i i -- we have to get rid of him and he is hurting
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people. he ushered in an era of terror. you have to be careful. what will you get in return? we don't know. >> that's a big question. we don't know. perhaps this week there will be more on capitol hill in the briefings. >> that's what i would hope. >> thank you for joining us this morning. jaime? secretary of state john kerry says there is concrete evidence of sarin gas use found in the samples collected from some of the sites of the alleged attack in syria. and word is coming as the administration is trying to strengthen its case for military action. it is a day after turning that decision over to congress. chief intelligence correspondent katherine herrage joins us with that. >> thank you, jaime. as mentioned there will be a classified briefing for house and senate members who are in washington and wish to review the classified data themselves. this morning secretary of state john kerry is telling chris wallace on fox news sunday that there is more
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confirmatory evidence of a chemical weapons strike in syria. >> we have learned that hair and blood samples that have come to us from east damascus from individuals who are engaged as first responders in east damascus, i can report to you today they have tested positive for signatures of sarin. >> it is important to know the document released is not an intelligence uh successment -- assessment by the government, but it lays out the evidence of a chemical weapons attack. as one analyst told fox news the publicly released assessment is a publicly released document. one of the more striking and over looked headlines is the claim that the syrian regime used chemical weapons multiple times across mr. obama's red line. it was long before the attack in the damascus suburbs. the chairman of the house
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intelligence committee told fox news that the intelligence does suggest the assad regime used chemical weapons repeatedly, but on a much smaller scale. >> the british think 14 times and u.s. intelligence services think less times than that. i think nine. there is a clear pattern of chemical weapons used on behalf of the regime. >> the difference is the august 21st attack is much larger, but members will be asking why in particular there must be action to this strike. not the dozen or so we have seen in the last two years. jaime? >> katherine is live for us in washington on this. thank you, katherine. great reporting. fox news alert back here at home. new information on what may have sparked the massive wildfire that has been burning in and around yosemite national park in california. you know, thousands of firefighters have been spending this labor day weekend still trying to get those flames under control. at one point they had even
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threatened san francisco's water supply. dominic is live in los angeles with the latest. hello, dominic. >> hi, eric. headway in learning the cause of the fire. it seems officially cal fire said what sparked the fire is under investigation. but one official let sliped that it could be linked to marijuana operations in the stanislaus forest. a video has been posted on youtube and it shows the fear chief -- and it shows that the fire chief was telling a community meeting that it was caused by humans and it was, quote, highly suspect that there may have been some sort of illicit grove, a marijuana grow type thing. california is no stranger to pot farmers torching the forest. go back to twoin -- to twine and a huge fire wiped out 9,000 acres in the los padres
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forest and that was from an i illegal marijuana grow. this has been a problem. they are reporting an increase in the number of huge pot plantations being discovered in national forests. it appears that they are amid drug cartels. the cause though is undetermined we are told and there is no information to provide regarding a connection to a pot farm. we will see what further transpires and what the authorities have to say. containment of the rim fire is now standing at 40%. there are 348 square miles burned away. and the cost to taxpayers has reached $60 million. back to you. >> i hope they get that under control. jaime? serious concerns for the safety of one of our stroppingest allies in the middle east -- strongest allies in the middle east. syria saying there could be retaliatory strikes against israel if the u.s. takes military action. doppler ambassador from israel
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to the united nations is joining us next. >> and protests have been breaking out across the country including near the white house. coming up, a look at why the president may have to convince more than just members of congress that firing cruise missiles is the right move. >> military action is not the answer. we want to work with our allies and countries in the region to come up with a nonmilitary solution to the problems in syria.
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despite being in critical condition, former south african president nelson mandela has been discharged from the hospital. an ambulance returning the legendary human rights icon to his home. we are told he will be there to continue to receive continued intensive care. mr. mandela as you may know has been hospitalized now for nearly three months. he was first admitted on june 8th for what the government described as a recuring lung infection. we have been talking a lot about the new concerns of the safety of our allies in the middle east. president obama has delayed his decision over a poe -- potential strike on syria. the first to come to mind, israel, especially since, look at this, it is just across syria's southern border.
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now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country is ready defend itself. joining me now is the fompler israeli ambassador to the u.n and a fox news contributor. i look forward to having this conversation with you especially after we heard the president will wait for congressional approval. the prime minister there, benjamin netanyahu, seems confident everything is in order no matter what happens here in the united states. why his high level of confidence? >> well, jaime, the prime minister is confident in israel's ability to defend itself. i think the prime minister is also being cautious and wisely so about reacting to the president's speech yesterday. i can tell you the general opinion in israel and the general feeling of israel is
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one of frustration and one of great surprise and disappointment because the president has a weakness yesterday which is something which in the very tough neighborhood we live in and in the very dangerous world we live in is indeed very, very dangerous. the message to israel's enemies and to the u.s.'s enemies was that after all of the talk and after all of the bravado and the tough talk about needing to do something in syria, in the end there is a lot of time to do it it or not to do it. i think that message is a very dangerous one. the message to the u.s.'s allies is a big question mark about if the u.s. is not resolute enough to do something about someone who the secretary of state described as worst than adolf hitler or saddam hussein. can we really rely on the united states?
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>> what do the people of israel say? i was curious, what are the headlines in the newspapers there? do they reflect a feeling or an emotion of the people in israel about where the united states stands under president obama and of its support of israel? >> i would say that the headlines in israel's newspaper today are pretty mixed. some of them do express disappointment and a big frustration after the expectation that the u.s. would indeed follow all of the talk with some action. the main headline in israel's largest newspaper today shows two pictures of president obama. one saying, yes, i decided to attack. and the other one says, but i am going to congress. showing in the op-ads these 10 see and weakness which i think are very dangerous. in this region at the end of
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the day a lot is about perception. this is the middle east. this is not the midwest. the perception is indeed one of great worry. you know, there has been all of this tough talk, and it was your president, theodore roosevelt who says walk tough, clear and carry a big stick. we see a talk and a walk which are indeed very strong, but we don't see the stick. we are very worried that it really reflects a perception of weakness of the united states which in our region is a very dangerous one. >> another danger to israel is iran. i'm sure iran is paying close attention to what the president did yesterday. the delay between what he said and when congress hillary convene. they -- will reconvene. they haven't been called back. israel has to protect itself on so many fronts. what changes have been made in the last couple of weeks since that august 21st attack
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with chemical weapons for israel to defend itself that you can talk about? >> well, the apparent changes, the one that one can see are really more defensive. we had our iron shield domes that are there to deflect the missiles and are in the north of israel and in the south of israel and in the center of israel defending even tel aviv which is israel's major city. we have seen some reserves called up. we have seen people go to the centers and give out gas masks. so there has been preparedness and there has been defensive action. i'm sure israel is also preparing on all fronts to do the necessary thing when and if it becomes necessary. but at the same time israelis
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were very, very sure that at the end of the day the united states will do the right thing. the president's speech let a lot of the air out of the balloon. at the same time as you said, israel's main threat does not come from syria. israel's main threat comes from iran. i'm sure in tehran two people were listening to the president's speech yesterday. i believe that in a way, maybe mistakingly, hopefully mistakingly, they feel they were given a free pass to continue along the way to become nuclear because if the u.s. is so lenient on horrible masacres as are occurring in syria, the iranians feel that they are pretty safe in continuing their quest for nuclear weapons and becoming a threat to the world and to civilization as we know it. and that is the big danger in the message that was sent out yesterday. hopefully the president will
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find a way to rectify it. >> that's yet another red line we know of, iran and the nuclear program. i want to ask you this, am ambassador, for all of the years you spend at the united nations and as ambassador, we are seeing a lot of activity there yesterday and today. the question was raised why the mandate for the inspectors who went into syria was to find out if chemical weapons were used which seems pretty clear from the 400 plus children and the more than thousand adults who were killed in bloodless deaths and appear to be from chemicals, but not who was responsible. a congressional member that just sat here at this desk with eric and me said that he can't be sure that it was assad. is there any question on the part of the israelis that this was the work of al-assad? >> we have no doubt, and i don't think any sane person
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has any doubt that it was assad who committed this heinous crime of using gas on his own people. as far as the u.n, jaime, after nearly six years of being there i have no illusions about the u.n. the u.n will spend hours and days deliberating. i personally spend days not on a paragraph, not on a sentence, not on a word, but on one letter. eric can tell you that is the way the u.n operates. at the same time the u.n is very good at not naming and shaming. we constantly demanded that the u.n name and shame terror organizations and rogue regimes. i can tell you even when the u.n took a decision, a resolution to demand that the syrian forces leave lebenon, the only word that was not mentioned was syria. the u.n is very good at not naming, not shaming and being very ambiguous. i'm afraid that there is
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nothing good we can expect to come out of the very long, complex, convoluted deliberations of the u.n. we hope that the international community and the u.s. will do it. we have no hopes for the u.n. >> ambassador, thank you so much for being with us. have a great day, sir. eric? jaime, as the ambassador just said the u.n security council did not act, but what are the chances that congress will and approve the president's plan? that is far from certain today and the lobbying starts with the classified briefing in a few hours. the challengeds facing the -- the challenges facing the administration and what they need to do to make their case. and right now protests have been breaking out at home. a full report ahead on who wants hands-off syria, but are they dismissing a unforgivable tragedy? >> we will also look at this. the u.s. could take a financial hit if plans for a syrian strike go ahead. how the turmoil overseas could
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affect, that's right, gas prices .
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fox news alert about protests breaking out here at home. there are groups that are gathering in cities including los angeles to demonstrate against potential plans to strike syria. brian has the details from our new york city newsroom. where else, brian? >> president barack obama may have to wait until congress returns from their recess on september 9th for approval for military strike on syria, but americans are wasting no time letting the president know where they stand on the issue. anti-war fro tests -- anti-war protests breaking out in washington, d.c. war protesters were outside the white house holding signs and chanting. police removed the two groups during heated confrontations. >> i am definitely in favor of
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the u.s. getting involved with the strikes they have targeted there. children are dying and it is just going to get worse if obama doesn't do anything about it. >> in new york city about 200 noisy anti-war protesters gathered in time square chanting "no war in syria." in boston syrian-americans and activists gathered on boston common. and in downtown chicago, chants of "don't bomb syria" and in new york protesters calling for u.n intervention. >> they want to go without the approval to the united nations. the united nations means nothing to the united states. they are the bullies and they have the weapons and they have the power. this time we are saying no. >> smaller protests took place in oklahoma and in texas while the protests were mostly anti-war.
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new polls show 50% of americans favor some kind of military intervention while 44% oppose. jaime? >> interesting numbers. thank you. eric? jaime, the president stakes a step back seemingly at the last moment. his decision to seek congressional approval is being praised by some and slammed by others. so for a look beyond this big news here is liz with her sunday commentary. good morning, liz. >> good morning, eric. the president whim perked uncle uncle -- whimpered uncle and we saw mr. obama transform himself from clint eastwood to a summer stock hamlet. once more of a five years in office the president of the united states is in the throws of on the job training. once more for all of his endless rhetoric, this limited man talked himself into a no win posture, couldn't take the heat and then surrendered. how did we get here? it all began last year when mr. obama announced his notorious red line in syria's
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civil war. a line that if cross i -- crossed would trigger his presidential wrath and presumably a u.s. military counter . counter point. as the world now know the red line was the use of chemical weapons. 12 days ago somebody in the smoking chaos of bough share al-assad's regime crossed the line. unleashing a horrific gas attack on civilians. the president and his surrogates commandeered the air waves with bella coast parts acting the word of the commander whose word signified deep conviction. multiple planned leaks detailed the battle plan and brought the feeling to pre war fever. and then silence. the muffled sound of shuffling of feet and diplomatic embarassment as assad denied involvement and obama went vague and delay was obama's fault position.
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and washington's flying wedge of experts suggested the best case scenario such as negotiation. when did negotiation with a tyrant in the middle middle east ever work? and then there was talk of firing a shot over syria's bow and overthrow the regime. the ghost of iraq was everywhere. nevertheless, advocates for all out regime change invoked emerson and said if you strike at a king you must kill him. good advice for doing nothing. after the british par l parliament and the security council said no support, obama said he would go it alone except for france who ran syria in the early 1920s. members of congress officially on vacation conveyed their worries of u.s. involvement. obama was the odd man out. now he says he can't authorize a strike until congress returns on september 9th.
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sorry, folks. just hold back the destroyers for awhile, will you? obama made the case on television on saturday. still feeling -- still failing to delineate what america's national interests are in pursuing an attack on syria. he p the morbid images of dead children gassed to death. a tragedy, yes, but not a reason for the united states to risk another melt down in the arab world. having gotten obama's number during the last two years as he ignored the rebel cause al-assad may have thought the president could be too paralyzed to act in the face of a humanitarian tragedy. he was right. now assad knows we are not coming anytime soon, if at all. sometime, in the dead of night, maybe. to whack promises to raise dangerous regional repercussions for the u.s. not to act confirms the
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world's view of a flownderring -- floundering u.s. president. a surgical military strike based the immorality of chemical warfare would be impractical. owe -- obama is not made of the strong stuff required to handle the consequences. again, the sensible conclusion is to stay out, to resist indulging the wild dreams of knowing what is best for america. his strutting pretense of having a grasp of international uh tears -- affairs. our over used military forces and our wobbly economy cannot afford a new adventure in the middle east. just listen to the words of al-assad as he taunts the president about the outcome of u.s. interference. he says "failure awaits the united states as an all previous previous -- as in all previous wars it unleashed starting with vietnam and up to the present day."
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the truth of history stings us. the uncertainty of the moment is guided by a president yet again in search of a policy and himself. >> liz, thank you so much. jaime? >> thank you. without a doubt he was a giant in television journalism. veteran british journalist david frost has died at the age of 74. probably best remembered for his television interviews with president richard nixon following his resignation. for nearly 50 years he interviewed some of the most famous figure of the times including seven presidents, six british prime ministers and celebrities celebrities celebrities from mohamed ali and clint eastwood. david frost has died at age 74 jie. what an elegant and intelligent journalist. first there was texas and now will north carolina be next?
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the moves against voter id laws across the country. that continues all ahead of next year's midterms. the man who helped draft the first law declared constitutional predicts could next happen. >> keeping an eye too on wicked weather hammering parts of kentucky. a look at some of the damage it has left behind straight ahead. >> we were watching all of the leaves from the trees blow horizontal down the street. that's when we saw the tree just from the wind fall diagonally down on to our patio.
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extreme weather in kentucky has left serious damage. lexington in particular was hit with strong winds and lightning and now they are seeing dangerous flooding. they had one lightning in a neighborhood bringing a tree crashing down into somebody's yard seen here and briefly starting a gas fire. and then in another part of town high wind just toppled a tree on to cars in the
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streets. >> i opened the door and saw a car that the tree is on. i knew i wouldn't get a parking place that lucky, and then a tree hit my car. >> the irony. despite the damage no word of injuries so far. to voting now in texas. a hearing is set later this month on the lawsuit of that state's voter id law. attorney general eric holder has sued to stop it and could target north carolina's new voter id law next. he has begun nailing states for voter suppression. this is after the supreme court decision and the landmark voting rights act. many have patented it on indiana's. the supreme court ruled that law was constitutional and as the secretary of state republican todd rikida is a member of congress and he is now dealing with these types
8:44 am
issues. congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, eric. good to be back with you. >> what do you think eric holder will do next? >> i don't know. look at it this way. we have benghazi and we have fast and furious and irs and nsa and all scandals. this is what the man decides to focus on. it is really appalling. the race baiting that he is using, especially on the heels of the supreme court disetion that said, you know what -- decision that said you know what, whatever the voting rights act did, the good it did for this country and it did a lot of good, we are past that point and we need to let the states carry on with what is in their per view and that is really in the election process. >> holder and the other critics say voter id in their view discriminates and suppresses the vote in. texas you have to drive 200 miles to a dmv miles to get one. not all of the counties have dmv offices to get this. so they say it is intentionally and politically motivated to suppress the
8:45 am
minority vote. what are you doing in indiana to try and make your law more fair? it did pass the test at the supreme court. >> it did. we applied common sense. we put some decent safeguards in. we didn't charge people excessive amounts to get an identification card. in fact, they were free. we had education programs. we basically -- my strategy was we removed every argument that was brought up. we took it off the table by removing the reason for it. the operative word you are using, air i can rick -- eric, they are saying these things, but they can't prove these things. i doubt really as was the case in indiana they exist. the first election where indiana used the photo id law, turnout went up compared to a similar election cycle. it went up 2%. it was not a magic bullet, but what it did was say you know what -- since the government, since the state is going to do
8:46 am
the things we do in all of the places of our lives, we will spend the time and come out and vote. they at least are giving us confidence in the process. >> you guys have had amazing fraud cases on the obama and hillary clinton positions. she says voter fraud is a phantom and not real. here is what she said a couple weeks ago. i want your reaction. >> a sweeping effort across our country to obstruct new obstacles to voting. often under cover of addressing a phantom epidemic of election fraud. >> she calls it a phantom epidemic. >> just another sorry cry to try to rally of base of people that they think they need as a group, as a category of people who aren't smart enough, who are too stupid frankly to act this mainstream society and to do all of the things you need a photo id to do including voting. i think the american people
8:47 am
are beyond it and they have had it. this race baiting is a part of our past, an ugly part of our past, and i think voters should hold hillary clinton to what she is saying. >> it it will continue in court too. 30 seconds left. syria and there will potentially be a vote in congress. where do you stand on potential action against syria? >> i am skeptical of a need for action. i am not seeing the national security threat. i continue to explore on behalf of the people i represent and see those dots -- see if those dots can be connected, but skeptical at this point. these are two groups of people in syria that if they weren't fighting each other at the current moment they would be designing ways to fight us, okay? i agree with the editorial in the last segment wholeheartedly. >> congressman, we thank you. those briefings start on capitol hill in a couple of hours from now and into next week when congress
8:48 am
reconvenes. jaime? >> thanks. as the war rages on in syria and the u.s. is deciding whether to get its military involved, americans are already feeling some of the affects. we will tell you how next.
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well there is a new person in the mayor's chair in san diego. todd gloria is acting as interim mayor after the resignation of former mayor bob filner. that became effective on friday. there is a lot of work to be done, says todd, and thanked everyone for sticking it out through the scandal. >> i didn't run for office to hang out. to the extent we had a swages -- situation where little was accomplished and i have been frustrated and san diegans have been frustrated. >> 20 women accused filner of sexual harassment. the city will be holding a special election for that office in november. the on going war in syria and possible military action by the u.s. could affect gas and oil production overseas. take a look at the cost to americans. senior business correspondent brenda butner, anchor of "bulls and bears" on the fox
8:53 am
network and she is here. thank you for joining us, brenda. what should we look for in terms of filling up our tank? >> right now national leet average -- nationally the average is $3.56 and many experts say we could see a spike of 10 cents in the next week or so. we have seen crude oil prices rise after the chemical weapons attack in syria and the threat of u.s. action. but we have to keep a couple things in mind. first of all syria is not a major oil producer. it canarely meet its own domestic demands. the worry is if it exacerbates the high tension in the middle east, supply could be cutoff. but first of all this is not april. it is september. that means that demand is going to be cooling down because the holiday travel season is over. so there are some reasons to expect a spike, but it might come down again. >> what about transport
8:54 am
through that region? is that an issue? >> that is a main issue. even egypt doesn't produce enough to meet its own domestic demands. but in the middle east in the first three months of the year global -- they produce global oil output of about a third. so that is quite high. the transport through the sue wees canal is key. if there is any sort of huge eruption of tension and any cutoff of supply, all bets are off. we could see some -- some forecasts are for $4 a gallon gasoline in the next few months. >> let me just change gears from gas prices to the markets. obviously closed for labor day tomorrow, but i guess we are left with a bit of uncertainty, brenda, that we wouldn't have expected if the president said i am authorized and this is what i plan to do. now we have to wait for congress to come back, convene, study, debate and then vote. and even if they have one
8:55 am
outcome in congress, the president may choose to do something else. what will that do to our markets? is there uncertainty? >> very good point. wall street hates uncertainty. and it has already got enough. this month we are expecting to see tapering off of the fed bond buying binge and that could hit the market. it was a very bad month. september historically is the worst month of the year for stocks. this -- this uncertainty could have an impact on the market. >> your point taken. we will fasten our seatbelts and keep us posted. tbren -- brenda, always great to talk to you. a syrian military strike is not time sensitive. this despite reports that the assad regime is a ready, moving moving -- is already moving military equipment into damascus and get this, bunking troops inside schools.
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coming up, we will break down the military options.
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this weekend harley-davidson fans are in milwaukee to declare their love for the legendary american brand. many of them are getting tattoos to celebrate the company's 110th anniversary. more than 100,000 people are roaring in to join the celebration. fans have been gathering all weekend to enjoy harley parades, concerts, street
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parties and other fun events. jaime, i know this, you ride. >> you know why it is a harley? because it is made this america, folks. have a great day, everybody. see you tomorrow for "america live." jm jaime colby. >> i am eric shawn. take care. i can't contemplate that the congress would turn its back on all of that responsibility and the fact that we would have in fact granted impunity to a ruthless dictator to continue to gas his people. >> i think it is going to be difficult to get the vote through in congress, especially when there is time over the next nine days for opposition to build up to it. the president has not made the case. many members of congress will vote no and i intend to vote yes. >> as the white house weighs a military strike against syria the ball appears to be in congress' court. lawmakers are being to stake out their positions just one day after president obama abruptly changes course


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