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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> thank you for starting your day and week with us. we start with a fox news alert. a u.s. base coming under attack from homicide bombers. this led to a fierce gun battle but nato says there are no american casualties. >> it happened near the border with pakistan. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. a main highway used for nato supply trucks is being shut down because of the attack. >> another fox news alert for you. new details about the crisis in syria. the president's inner circle floods the zone trying to gain congressional support for a military strike. this as syria mocks the white house calling president obama's decision to take his finger off the trigger a historic american retreat. and while you were sleeping, this, a nuclear weapon carrier group rerouted. we're live in washington with the latest for us.
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>> good morning heather. good morning, ainsley. the possibility of a military strike against syria and the pending vote in congress headlined the sunday talk shows. the top news maker secretary of state john kerry presenting new evidence that chemical weapons were used last month in syria. >> the fact is that yesterday we have now learned that hair and blood samples that have come to us from east damascus from individuals who were engaged as first responders in east damascus, i can report to you today they have tested positive for signatures of sarin. >> a very deadly nerve gas. but the president's critics were also front and center. here's james inhofe. >> if you're going to say something, you've got to back it up. and this president clearly has retreated from the position that he took not just in the last couple of days but about a week ago when he talked about the red line. >> then a classified briefing from national
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security officials for both houses of congress. about 83 members attended and came out with a variety of actions. here are just two. >> a great deal of skepticism in the room about the utility, effectiveness and support that we would have for the kind of strike the president proposed. >> i think even the president's strongest defenders would acknowledge this has hardly been a work of art. we sort of stumbled into this commitment. >> president obama invited john mccain to the white house today hoping to win his backing for a limited strike on syria. back to you. >> thank you. >> the world waits to see if congress will vote yes to striking syria, and many are taking a look at u.s. history for a clue on how congress might vote. our fox news correspondent is in washington with a look into the past to see what we could expect. >> americans are waiting to see if congress will support president obama's request to attack syria.
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at the same time it's hard not to look at administrations past and what retaliations took place. starting 30 years ago the u.s. bombed beirut under the reagan administration. one month later shiite muslim suicide bombers struck marine barracks and more than 200 marines were killed. years later a bombing raid in libya. muammar qaddafi survived and admitted his involvement in the pan am plane explosion in scotland. officials ordered an attack in a factory from sudan. the radical group attacked, followed by the deadly september attacks in 2001. these are incidents weighing on this administration's strategy which right now has no time line. >> the rationale for the military response the
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president has requested is as powerful today and will be as powerful, if not more powerful, each day. >> some lawmakers say we can keep u.s. national security strong if an attack is done correctly and with proper international cooperation. >> every time the united states has acted stkpaoeu civilly there is -- decisively there is no retaliation. >> while many of these lawmakers are outspoken for a full debate before any u.s. action is taking place that doesn't mean they are on board with an attack. >> a head-on crash kills six people, including two children, in rural northwestern pennsylvania. this is what is left of the vehicles involved. police say the s.u.v. crossed the center line. the driver's 12-year-old daughter and 6-year-old nephew were killed as well as four other people in the vehicle. this morning a manhunt underway for the killer of
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a one-year-old little boy. he was shot dead last night in brooklyn. someone fired multiple shots as he was being pushed in a stroller. the bullet hit that child in the head and the boy's father believed to be the intended target. >> a father was visiting his child, spending time with his kid. apparently a person that had a beef with his brother saw him and decided that was the perfect opportunity to shoot at him which was not because the one-year-old was hit in the melee. >> another day, another bombshell about who the n.s.a. spied on. you can now add the presidents of brazil and mexico to the list. that's according to glenn green walled. he says the n.s.a. spied on e-mails and on-line chats for both leaders. >> right now an 11-alarm fire is burning at a new jersey warehouse. you can see the video here. officials say it won't be
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under control for a long time. more than 200 fire fighters are battling the flames. the fire broke out around 2:00 sunday afternoon and the smoke could be seen as far as 20 miles away. >> no one was injured. no employees were in the building. and that is the only thing that's important. >> it's devastating to see knowing how many people work there, how large a facility it is, how important they are to the town. >> the fire officials are bringing in an expert to figure out how to put out the fire. no word on what started it. >> it looks like one direction is heading in the right direction. right now the boy band's concert documentary is winning the holiday weekend box office race with $17 million. but "the butler" is not far behind at nearly $15 million and could come out the weekend winner. if so, the lee daniels historical drama about a white house butler could become the first film of
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2013 to hold the top spot for three weekends in a row. >> a musical festival cut short. investigators think a drug might be to blame. heather nauert is here with the latest. >> this drug is also known as ecstasy. believed to have caused two deaths. at the electric zoo music festival. tens of thousands flocked to the big apple for this party. it features five stages and popular deejays, but the fun turned into tragedy on saturday. a college student from providence, rhode island, was pronounced dead after she was rushed to a hop on saturday -- to a hospital on saturday night. police say a 23-year-old of rochester, new york, who graduated last year from syracuse university died early sunday morning. city officials say the deaths appear to be related to the drug molly, supposed
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to be a pure form of ecstasy or mdma. >> if you're taking this drug on a hot day you're going to become dehydrated, you may have con srugss, may get a heart attack and may get a stroke. >> a former homicide detective and fox news contributor was on tpobgz and friends and -- "fox & friends" and talked about the dangers of this drug. he has warnings for parents whose kids may be taking that drug. >> what you want to say specifically is have you hung out with molly? do you know molly? look at the pupils, the eyes. you'll notice the pupils are somewhat dilated. you'll see sweating. the real give-away is the teenager will need to eat a lot of candy because molly has a tendency to take the sugar out of the body. it is very important that parents have this discussion today with their
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kids. >> these festivals is become increasingly popular among young people these days. city officials say at least four other people are in intensive care this morning from suspected drug overdouses. the nypd says more than 30 people arrested mostly on drug related charges at this festival over the weekend. ainsley? >> thank you so much heather. ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi will be put on trial charged with inciting violence while he was in office. prosecutors will try him and other top muslim brotherhood officials for their role in the killing of at least ten people during protests last year. morsi was kicked out of office by the egyptian military. that was in july. no trial date has been set. >> at 351 square miles a fire burning in and around yosemite national park is the fourth largest fire in california's history. that is an area larger than
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the cities of san francisco, oakland and san jose combined. the two-week-old fire is still growing at this point. it is only 45% contained. flames also threatening the original house and the land from the tv show "little house on the prairie" we all watched. the remote ranch sits close to the northwestern end of the rim fire. a real life ingalls family lives on that land and refuses to evacuate fearing they will lose everything they own. >> extreme weather alert. flash floods in nevada wipe out vehicles and damage homes. officials say recent fires allowed the water rush down -- or allowed the water to rush down with nothing to hold it back. residents came home to roads that were completely washed out. >> a rushing river. it was all the way across the road. it was five feet deep all the way across the road, and just it was coming down through this yard here, the
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neighbors' yard, through their garage. now i know what a flash flood looks like. >> nobody was hurt but officials say it could take days to clean up that mess. for more on the flooding and the rest of your labor day forecast, we turn to janice dean. >> here we are labor day laboring away. good to see you. taking a look at the map today where we have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, both coasts really could see the potential for some heavy downpours. central u.s. looks pretty good but the west and parts of the east coast unfortunately going to be dealing with the potential for showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. if you have plans, make sure you have a backup plan. taking a look at where we're still seeing the potential for some showers and thunderstorms across the west, and you mentioned flash flooding across nevada, they received in some areas even four inches of rain. for the desert area, this is pretty significant. a lot of rain in a short period of time and the ground can't absorb it. taking a look at your labor
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day forecast, nice across the central u.s. across the east coast, have a backup plan. across the southwest you could see scattered thunderstorms as well with the potential for flash flooding. back to you, ladies. >> thank janice. the time now is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, it could change how every kid in america starts their school day. details coming up on the court battle over two words in the pledge of allegiance. >> a police boat rushing to a call for help loses control and slams into another boat. the fallout from this crash. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male annouer ] let's go places. but let's be ready. ♪
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♪ in the middle ♪ ♪ of the night ♪ i go ♪ walking ♪ in the street >> not the middle of the night anymore. it is 5:15 in the morning. we hope you are not sleeping either, that you're wide and awake and joining us. >> nearly two years after a hazing silent -- silenced the famu band, they are back. the first appearance since a season long suspension following the death of a drum maker. prosecutors say he died after a savage beating during a hazing ritual. more than a dozen people were arrested and several top school officials resigned. famu says it adopted in an effort to end a culture of hazing. >> do you think this phrase should be considered
2:17 am
discrimination? >> one nation under god. >> the supreme court in massachusetts will start to decide just that this week. an atheist couple is suing the school district. they say "under god" is discriminatory and violates students' rights. a lower court sided with the school, but the phrase is in no way discriminatory. >> caught on camera, the moment a police boat slams into two boats in a washington, d.c. harbor. the crash was so bad one boat started to sink. >> the video of the boat accident is on youtube. it is dramatic and fast. if you blinked twice, you might miss it. initial reports said two boats docked at the georgetown waterfront had been hit, but we could not confirm that with the coast guard, d.c. fire or d.c. police. though boat owner sherri saunders tells us by phone
2:18 am
she and her husband have heard from the police. >> they have been very nice. >> what did they tell you or what do they want to know? >> they haven't really told us much. i don't know. they haven't told us anything. they have been taking pictures. >> this is what the boat looks like now. it was towed from washington harbor to a marina in alexandria and for the moment it is sitting in the parking lot. >> it has an obvious hole and the inside is completely ruined, damaged, because the fuel was leaking. >> saunders say they lent the boat to a friend saturday evening. fortunately the friend had gone ashore to eat and no one was on the boat when it was hit. no one seems to know for sure but several boaters said they heard police were responding to a call about people in the water. >> it's kind of scary, but i mean, i think now that they know something like that can happen, they will be more cautious.
2:19 am
>> everyone seems to agree, the police boat was going entirely too fast. >> i'm glad it wasn't my boat and i hope whoever it was is embarrassed, ashamed and that the district takes care of the boat who was damaged. >> the time now is 18 after the top of the hour. coming up next on the rundown, stay with us because before you head to your labor day barbecue, a major car recall that you need to know about this morning. the safety concerns and actually one of the most popular cars on the road. >> a lot of cars on the road this labor day so be careful. what's the key to happiness? the new study on what can bring eternal bliss. why it might pay to be a believer. ♪ ♪ ♪ too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup.
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>> there might be some new evidence in a three-year long search for a missing boy in oregon. the mother of this child says volunteer search crews found items of significance. about 60 volunteers searched near the elementary school where he was last seen. he was seven years old. >> we're not going to find kyron if we're not searching. i will forever be grateful that they came to help me, and i know that if kyron was here he would say thank you very much. >> heart wrenching. no suspect has ever been named in this case, but the investigation has centered on kyron's step mother. >> there's a major car recall that you do need to know about this morning. ford is recalling 370,000 cars because of a potential corrosion problem that could cause you to lose control behind the wheel. the cars they're concerned
2:24 am
about were made between 2005 and 2011, and they include the crown victoria, mercury grand marquee and the lincoln town car model. so far there are no reports of any injuries or any incidents. >> also could music be the key to improving the condition of your heart? a brand-new study from cardiologists says yes. people who listen to their favorite songs and exercise had significant improvement with how their heart functions. their exercise capacity also increased by nearly 40%. that's 10% more than people who just exercise. the cardiologists believe the music helps release key hormones which can also help your heart. >> i believe it. i always listen to music when i workout. new findings on what else makes people happy and religion has a whole lot to do with it. our religion correspondent has those details. >> researchers at the university of illinois examining two million tweets from thousands of
2:25 am
followers from 5,000 christians and atheists. tweets from public christians like then pope 16th and pastor rick warren were analyzed alongside the tweets of richard dawkins. researchers found that christians used more positive emotion words than atheists, like love, happy and great. rather than negative words like bad, wrong or awful. and that religious people may have a more intuitive rather than analytical style of thinking. >> i think the study results confirm what i've seen in my experience with religious people and interacting with nonreligious people that those who believe in god and those who know christ as their savior have a meaning, a purpose, a fulfillment, a joy that those outside of the faith simply don't have. >> the twitter study confirms research at other
2:26 am
institutions like the pew forum, harvard and yale universities, showing that religious people in general tend to form tight-knit supportive communities that contribute to healthier as well as happier lives. atheists counter the twitter study is flawed because not everyone measures happiness the same way. >> reality and skepticism and criticism are very positive things. and we tweet about it and we like it. and this is the important thing to get across. atheists tend to like different things than religious people and we tweet about it more because it motivates us more. spoeufp those of faith say -- >> those of faith say people are a combination of mind, thinking and feeling and use both to decide what makes them happy. >> a good story for this morning. >> a positive story. it's 26 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, if you think the extent of spying at the n.s.a. is troubling, you're in for a shock. the government agency that has even more access to
2:27 am
your phone records. >> and are you being tricked into obamacare? the new way states are trying to get you on board with the insurance exchanges. what you need to look out for. but first on this day in history, back in 1990, do you remember this ghost? it was the number-one movie in america, the movie won picture. a bunch of yummy flavo. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're in cereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex.
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>> it's monday, september 2, and all eyes on the nation's capital where the president is working all angles to get congress to vote for a strike on syria. but as president obama tries to win support, syria mocks the president's, quote, historic american retreat. two dead and four hospitalized, police pulling the plug on a summer music festival after it turns deadly. the popular drug being blamed and why it should be a warning to all parents. talk about road rage. the girlfriend of one driver slapping -- yes slapping -- his competitor. what drove her to this violence? "fox & friends" first starts right now. ♪ ♪
2:32 am
>> good morning. it is monday morning, and we are rocking out on "fox & friends" first. happy labor day. aoeup heather childers. >> it is 32 after the hour. new details on that crisis in syria. the white house lobbying members of congress in the wake of the president's surprise decision to seek congressional approval to attack syria. >> that story this morning from washington. >> good morning. no great holiday for the white house today. a big conference call again for lawmakers and what is widely acknowledged as something of a uphill battle for votes. the regime of syrian dictator bashar al-assad is claiming a victory after this announcement,
2:33 am
president obama's decision to delay a u.s. strike and seek congressional approval was a shock throughout the region and here in washington where very skeptical members of congress cut their vacation short to listen to the administration's pitch. >> grave concerns about this. i think the intended and unintended consequences of us going to war are very serious and very grave. >> i'm skeptical of what the objectives are, what are the national security goals, what do we hope to accomplish, what happens the day after. >> the secretary of state john kerry appeared on five sunday morning talk shows revealing the u.s. now has blood and hair samples from syria that test possible for the nerve agent sarin and expressing confidence that congress will back up the president. >> america's credibility is on the line here, and i expect the congress of the united states to do what is right and to stand up and be counted. >> but what if congress doesn't go along?
2:34 am
the white house does have a plan b here, arguing that the president does still have authority to strike on his own even if congress says no. that, however, carries some big risks because the president would be at odds with both congress and with public opinion, according to most polls. back to you guys. >> thank you, doug. >> another fox news alert. out of afghanistan, a u.s. base coming under attack from the taliban. the insurgents set off bombs, torched cars and shut down a key highway for nato supply trucks. this happened near the border with pakistan. three members of the taliban were killed in the battle. nato says there are no american casualties. >> a head-on crash kills six people including two children. it happened in rural northwestern pennsylvania. this is what is left of the vehicles involved. police say the s.u.v. crossed the center line and the driver's 12-year-old daughter and 6-year-old nephew were killed as well as four other people in the other vehicle. the driver and her
2:35 am
ten-year-old son were also seriously injured. >> if you think the extent of spying at the n.s.a. is troubling, you're in for a shock because "the new york times" is reporting the drug enforcement agency has access to the data base that is much bigger than the n.s.a.'s. it's called the hemisphere project. at&t employees are placed in drug fighting unit with agents, the detectives. those employees give access to all calls that go through an at&t switchboard, not just calls made by at&t customers. these records go back to 1997 and the n.s.a. only stores call information for five years. >> several states playing name games to avoid saying obamacare when promoting health care exchanges. instead they are trying to promote the insurance marketplaces as their own creation. in minnesota, for example, it's called mn sure and the ads feature paul bunan and babe the blue ox.
2:36 am
state officials say they are doing it because many americans have negative opinions of obamacare. oregon and vermont launching similar efforts. >> a three day music festival cut short after two deaths and several people sent to the hospital in critical condition. investigators believe the drug molly might be to blame. heather, we've heard about this drug a lot lately. >> this did you go is also known as -- this drug is also known as ecstasy and is believed to have caused two deaths at the electric zoo invest value. tens of thousands flocking to this party. it features five stages and popular deejays but the fun turning into tragedy. a 20-year-old, college student from providence, rhode island, was pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital on saturday night. police say a 23-year-old of rochester, new york, who graduated last year from syracuse died early sunday morning. city officials say both
2:37 am
deaths appear to be related to that drug molly which is supposed to be a pure form of ecstasy also known as mdma. >> you've got a big problem. if you're taking this drug on a hot day you're going to become dehydrated, your heart is going to start racing, you may have convulsions, you may have a heart attack and a stroke. >> we spoke with rod wheeler, former homicide detective and fox news contributor. he spoke about the dangers of this drug and its rising popularity among teenagers. he has some advice for parents whose children may be taking molly. >> what you want to say specifically is have you hung out with molly? do you know molly? and then you want to look at the pupils, the eyes, because you'll notice that the pupils are somewhat dilated. you'll see a lot of sweating. but the real give-away is that the teenager will need to eat a lot of candy because molly has a tendency to take the sugar
2:38 am
out of the body. these are things you need to see but it's very important that parents have this discussion today with their kids. >> really important. city officials say at least four other people are critically ill and are in intensive care from suspected drug overdoses. the nypd says more than 30 people were arrested at this festival mostly on drug-related charges. >> thanks so much, heather. another story we're following, as the rim wildfire burning in and around yosemite park continues to grow to the fourth largest blaze in california history, we've learned a piece of television history is also in jeopardy of the flames. >> smoke from the rim fire looming large over one of the prairies made famous in little house on the prairie, the tv show that ran for ten seasons in the 1970's and 1980's. this barn, house and fence were featured in the show and are vulnerable to the
2:39 am
massive rim fire. on little house, michael landon played charles ingalls. the real ingalls family settled on this property and their descendants still live here today. they are camera shy but explained what is going on. they are building their containment fire. they're rationing food and water afraid to leave because some of the roads leading to this property are closed. they say the last time they went into town for supplies they were almost denied access to their own property because the address on their i.d. doesn't match this property. they have a second address. shortly after sunset you can see flairups over the ridge from the frayry by our crews -- from the prairie have been back burning. owners say many people in these remote hills are staying home like they are. >> flash floods in nevada
2:40 am
wiping out vehicles and damaging homes. officials say recent fires allowed the water rush down with nothing to hold it back. residents came home to roads that were completely washed out. nobody was injured but officials say it could take days to clean up the mess. >> now it is time for your weather update. what can folks expect? >> still more of the same across the west. a lot of tropical moisture from the pacific. flash flooding is going to be a concern for a lot of states across the west, nevada up towards parts of the northwest. the good news is there is a lot of wildfire so they need the moisture. a lot of this is desert. the moisture has nowhere to go. it can't be absorbed, so any moisture that gets in there is run-off. that's why you see the potential for flash flooding. we can see an additional one to two inches in some of these areas. we're into extreme of excessive drought but so
2:41 am
much of a good thing could lead to flooding. the potential for thunderstorms across the southwest. across the east coast we could see showers and thunderstorms with heavy downpours. make sure if you have outdoor plans you have an escape plan. >> we will see what froggy the forecaster has to say about it. he always says be prepared. thanks so much, janice. >> talk about road rage, the girlfriend of nascar truck racer mike skeen slapping a racer in the face. papas says he has a dislocated jaw but didn't do anything. the woman upset. papas would take third place in the race and is considering now legal action. >> check out this incredible scene. this is coming to you out of he will -- el salvador.
2:42 am
people hurling fireballs at each other, part of annual fireball war, a reenactment of a fight between saint geronimo and the devil. it is a 300-year-old tradition but there are several stories about its actual origin. according to legend the saint fought the devil with fireballs. >> it is 42 after the top of the hour. coming up, imagine not calling 911 because you're too worried about being evicted. that is happening in one community. the out rages story coming up. >> want to talk to a teller the next time you go to a bank? get ready to pay for it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> this next story might have you saying oh sherri? can calling 911 get you evicted? if you live in norris town, it has a three strikes law. renters, customers who don't just bank on-line or use an
2:47 am
automated bank machine. bank of america says only 10% of its customers signed up for free checking without access to tellers. >> there are signals that the u.s. labor market is showing signs of growth. but with that comes signs of a weak work force. >> the u.s. unemployment rate as of july stands at 7.4 but that number could change the the u.s. recovered 6.7 million of the 8.8 million jobs lost as a result of the 18-month recession that ended in june of 2009. but despite the gains the labor force participation study suggests americans who can work are choosing not to. >> there is that whole culture of i get welfare, i get food stamps. why go to a job that doesn't pay that much? because right now wages are not increasing. >> financial experts say people choosing not to work will have a negative impact on the economy and place a
2:48 am
tougher burden on taxpayers. >> when people don't, when they elect not to take jobs in the workforce, they're electing also to ake money out of our economy through their tax dollars that taxpayers pay in. >> a managing partner adds the number of americans in the workforce will have an impact on how much money you will earn. >> when we have a strong economy we have more tax dollars. you have a strong economy, you're going to have wages rising and that's very important. >> a fox news senior business correspondent suggests a lack of leadership from the federal government might be to blame for the economy. >> i think there is the whole idea that government knows better than either businesses or we do, what we and that in a nutshell is the problem. >> the latest labor department figures will be released on september 6. >> thank you. it is now 48 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead, do you waste hours every day surfing the
2:49 am
internet? if you do, you might need to check into rehab. the shocking treatment at one hospital. >> i'm kind of addicted to twitter. u.s. men making history at the u.s. open but why would these tennis players prefer it didn't make the record books? now let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." did you make it over to the u.s. open? >> not yet, but i look forward to it when it gets down to the semi finals and finals. plus if i wanted to waste an hour and sit in traffic to get there, i don't think i could possibly occupy myself at this point. a lot of fun and excitement. coming up on our show between 6 and 9, labor day isn't just a day off. how do you teach your kids about the importance of the holiday? we'll explain. we'll talk with colonel tony shaffer and other v.i.p.'s what a limited strike on syria would look like if we decide to support it in congress. this weekend officially marks the unofficial end of
2:50 am
summer. no more wearing white pants, anna. one more chance for a great grillout. are you always late? it could be genetic. we'll talk to a doctor that says you can only blame your parents for always being late because that's your genetic makeup. all in the next three hours on "fox & friends." thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past.
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and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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>> it is about seven minutes till the top of the hour. people addicted to surfing the internet can now get a digital detox. a pennsylvania psychiatric hospital is offering a first of its kind inpatient treatment program for web addicts. it costs $14,000 and it starts with a 72-hour web blackout. serious stuff.
2:54 am
agents use the ten-day program to learn ways to keep internet use to a minimum and avoid addictive apps. >> expensive habit to fight. thanks, heather. it's an unfortunate first at the u.s. open. for the first time ever no american has reached a fourth round of the men's tournament. our last home was tim smecheck. but he lost. heather. >> disney is launching an investigation into who leaked the names of the new dancing with the stars cast. because it wasn't supposed to be revealed until wednesday. tmz got the list of celebrities that signed up to show off their dancing skills which includes valerie harper, elizabeth berkeley and amber riley. the company will reportedly begin interviewing staffers this morning to find the mole. >> a triumphant labor day weekend for one cancer
2:55 am
survivor who finished a cross country bike ride to raise money for cancer research. he rolled into annapolis yesterday raising more than $16,000 along the way. he hopes that that cash will help pay cancer patients down on their luck. >> saw so many men specifically have to make that choice between putting food on the table or getting their treatment. >> he is already planning another trip for next year. all eyes on the white house as they try to get support for a strike in syria. this and everything else you need to know before you leave the house coming up next. >> then talk about a rude awakening. how one man almost lost his life before even leaving his own bed. ♪ every now and tn i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the president's inner circle floods the zone trying to gain
2:59 am
congressional support for a military strike in syria. another conference call for members of congress is scheduled for today. the taliban claimed responsibility for attacking an american base in afghanistan. three insurgents are dead but nato not reporting any american casualties. right now there is an 11-alarm fire burning out of control at a new jersey warehouse. more than 200 fire fighters are battling the flames there. >> time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. an ohio dad using his sense to foot the bill for his daughter's wedding. in order to pay he auctioned off a superman comic book for $7,000 and now has the catering costs covered. a drunk driver plowed into a sleeping man's
3:00 am
bedroom yesterday morning. incredibly no one was hurts. he just wanted to celebrate a season opening touchdown but now out for the season. he landed awkwardly when he did an air bump. he tore his a. kr-fpl -- tore his a. kr-fpl l. >> have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. >> nice to see you. it is monday, labor day. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. we have a fox news alert. the white house working the phone to sell a strike on syria to congress. while syria says president obama's strategy is a quote historic american retreat. is america looking weak to the rest of the world? the latest straight ahead. >> a tragic story. two dead, four hospitalized, police pulling the plug to an extremely popular rave.


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