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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> all right. jesse watters everybody, causing trouble as usual. >> thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. hello everyone. welcome to the special labor day edition of the five. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob back from the congo and dana perino and andrea. this is the five. >> president obama has announced that he's ready to launch a military strike against syria. he wants congress to sign off on it. naturally, minutes after telling the country the national security is at risk, the president spent the afternoon golfing. today he put down the clubs to focus on getting the votes he needs from lawmakers. this afternoon, the president met with senators mccain and graham and the white house was dialing congressional phone
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numbers looking for support. henry has been monitoring it from the white house and ed joins us now. >> good to see you. this is a race against the clock for the president now. he's put this in congress's court but the president himself is heading to sweden as you know on air force one tomorrow night and on to russia for the g-20 summit. this is a critical 24 to 36 hours where he's desperately trying to change minds in a skeptical congress. it was interesting because you see from this photo, he's meeting in the oval office today for about an hour with two very prominent republican senators, john mccain and lindsey graham who have been critics of his foreign policy, particularly the syria policy. lindsey graham came out to the driveway afterwards and called thement's policy a did he back al. not recently. he said as the slaughter is going on, the president hasn't stepped it up and there was a loud message from both mccain and graham. they had positive things to say and they said look, they're getting closer to supporting this mission. and closer to urging their colleagues to support it. they said they're not there yet and it's time for the president
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to really step up. take a listen. >> we urge the president to up his game and inform the american people what does it mean if assad wins and the opposition loses? what does it mean if assad with the backing of the iranians and the russians win after we say assad has got to go? the russians and the iranians are all in. i finally see an effort by this alleg administration to counter. >> when you commit american forces even to limit hd military involvement and frankly, there is a credibility gap because of the last two years where nothing has happened while people have been massacred by the thousands. >> notice something else from that picture in the oval office. no democratic senators in there. these were two republicans. the democrats are not here at the white house, not defending the president because they're deeply divided over this policy right now.
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and for the president to actually win these votes in the house and senate which could come as early as next week, he's going to have to bring republicans like mccain and graham along pretty amazingly turn of events that his campaign opponent from 2008, john mccain, may be the pivotal person to save his foreign policy basically. it's not an understatement to say in some ways the president has it all on the line here. because if this policy unravels, look at what's happening in egypt, iran. this is a critical moment, guys. >> ed, we're going to take it around the table. i'm going to start. i'm against this attack. its not our war. i don't see why we need to have a president in a syrian civil war, billions of dollars, countless american lives at risk and others at risk. i have the same question i asked you on friday. why now after 120,000 dead syrians, 2 1/2 year period, are we any closer to determining why? i'm very skeptical about the administration and concerned there are other motives behind the attack. >> i'm not going to make the case for going in to syria. that's not my role.
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what i will say is someone like senator graham made a passionate case when he came out to the driveway here that it's not really about syria. it's about iran and others in the region who are watching the u.s.'s words and maybe the president made a mistake when he drew a red line. maybe he did. that's for others to debate. it's certainly by putting that red line comment out there, he put american credibility on the line and now, if the u.s. does absolutely nothing, you know the folks in iran are watching the words and more than the words now, the actions to see if something happens. if it doesn't, they're going to plow ahead with their efforts for nuclear weapons and others in the region are going to get a similar message. >> hi ed, this is dana. couldn't have made this up if you had tried. i have two questions. one was a report earlier today that the white house may be completely misreading the congress. i thought mccain and graham there with persuasive. they're at the white house being
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critical of the president but probably, i would imagine, that the president realizes that needs to happen in order to move the ball forward at all. do you think that they're misreading congress and my second question is, the humanitarian crisis happening in syria and the region with over a million refugees, how is that weighing into the discussion of how to explain to america why this is in our national interests? is that at all been talked about? i've been away but haven't heard a lot about it. >> it's been part of it, but probably not enough of it. i remember being with the president in jordan in march and the king of jordan was saying back then, mr. president, the fifth largest city in jordan right now is a refugee camp. it's not an actual city in jordan. it's not actually jordanians. syrian refugees have the -- i haven't checked. it might be the fourth or third largest city. you're right, it's been is swelling. that was graham's point. where was the president sooner on this making the case. they would say insiepd the white
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house, the u.s. we should note has been the biggest supplier of aid, not just to the rebels, but the refugees, et cetera. the president has not been out there making this case to the american people. he's had his plate full on other issues perhaps. he's not made this case in two years. back to eric's original point. it is a fair point. why is about a thousand or 1400 people being killed in this one chemical weapons attack on august 21st, i should way. why is that the flash point? in fact, the u.n. and others say over 120,000 syrians have already been slaughtered and yet, the u.s. and others didn't step up and say, we've got to step in here. i think the white house believes that as sad and tragic as it was and all those others lost their lives, it was the use of weapons of mass destruction that crosses the line. not just the rhetorical red line, but the line into the u.s. national security interests, guys. >> this is bob, ed. it's fairly obvious that the
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difference is this is chemical weapons which was not done since hussein did it in iraq. that's the difference. he talked about the red line. it was about using chemical weapons. that's what he was doing. let me ask you this. i understand the resolution they sent to the hill has been changed now by members of congress. pat leahy in particular. do you have any idea what the change is? >> sure. some of the changes as i understand it in talking to sources on the hill, is they felt on the democratic side it was too open-ended. while the president has been saying this will be a limited mission, there was not explicit language in there making clear the u.s. will not send in ground troops for example. democrats want it narrow this. back to my original point. it may not be democrats who decide this. it may be republicans. that's why the president had two prominent republicans here. what the republicans, like graham and mccain are saying, don't narrow the scope of this. they're saying what their concern is, that the president wants to do a symbolic shot across the bow as the president said in the pbs interview. while mccain and graham are not saying ground troops, they want
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something in the middle. something that actually did he say mates assad's military. not a symbolic move that makes people feel good but not make a difference. >> hi ed, it's kimberly. i want to talk about the impact on israel. i'm concerned because, number one, the president doesn't have support from his key supporters. we don't have support from our key allies and now the impact on israel could have -- could be quite tremendous. >> you raise a great question. i just talked to a senior white house official who said one of the points the president made in the oval office with mccain and graham was the impact on our allies. not just israel, jordan, turkey. there are others in the region who, if we don't top assad essential essentially, assad can use chemical weapons against israel. that would probably be april grave mistake and in part not only is israel drawn in but the u.s. would face more intense pressure to get involved and help israel. the bottom line, this is a powder keg in the middle east.
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it's been that way for some time. we're all talking about syria right now. two weeks ago we were talking about the insanity going on in egypt. that's not going away either. i am not sure -- that's for the commander in chief and the congress to figure all this out. but this is a powder keg right now. >> ed, it's andrea. president obama has been very little during his tenure to foster relationships with not just members of his own party but republicans, it seems like he's politicized republicans and used every opportunity to beat them up. now he needs their help. as you point out, i think republicans are just as divided on this as democrats. it's more of a two-parter. ed. where is nancy pelosi and harry reid and what if this does fail, then what? has the white house expressed any plan b? >> two things. harry reid, you're right to raise that. he put out a written statement over the weekend saying that action needs to be taken and he supported the president. we haven't seen him or i haven't in front of a tv camera. either harry reid or many other
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democratic leaders. actually backed the president strongly on this. they know there are others in the caucus not so on board. i think the bottom line is the president has a lot of work to do there. what happens next? white house officials i've talked to in private, very frankly say even if congress votes this down, they believe the president has the executive power to move forward unilaterally anyway. let's face it, after the vote in the british parliament and it went down, if this goes down in congress september 9th or time later next week, even if the president has that power, reagan, clinton, others used. it's clear he does have that power. if he does after the congress votes it down, we're going to be in it and even a more difficult spot. that's why mccain today said that american credibility is on the line. it would be a debacle if it doesn't go through. even if they win, he has to use political capital he was going to use on immigration reform. he's at a desperate point. >> we're going to say thank you.
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thanks for a great body of work reporting this whole weekend. thank you very much. let's do this. take a listen to what ed was referring to a couple hours ago, maybe less than two hours ago, senator mccain. >> if the congress were to reject a resolution like this after the president of the united states has already committed to action, the consequences would be catastrophic. >> okay. so dana, let me go to you first. we're looking at that picture of the white house, the oval office and we saw president obama by senator mccain and graham. what a shocking turn of events, right? >> this is a very bizarre situation. i commend graham and mccain who -- the other person pictured there is susan rice, the national security adviser. remember, mccain and graham are two of the main senators who said they could not support her for secretary of state. so now there's all these weird relationships going on. it is so weird for me to see mccain sitting in that chair, where is joe biden. why wasn't he in the meeting?
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maybe he had something more important to do. i would be surprised, what are the problems with the resolution when it went to congress was that the republicans said, well, what's the end game? what is the plan? how can you announce a shot across the bow and that's it. what's the additional? democrats have been saying that the resolution was not narrow enough. so i don't -- bob, i don't see how they expand. >> can we throw to president obama and charlie rangel having two different sides to this story. take a listen to this sound bite. >> we have been very clear to assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change mychal cue lus. that would change my equation. >> this idea of any president of the united states drawing the
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line that if any country does something that he considers wrong, that the nation is going to war, it's unheard of drawing a red line. so, of course, it's embarrassing. i wish it didn't happen. >> robert? >> i'm not -- charlie's view is charlie's view. one of the things we haven't mentioned, israel and saudi arabia have supported going in and making in strike. secondly, when mccain talks about a plan, what plan? what end game? what does he have in mind? i always like to hear the republicans say, gee, what's the plan and no suggestions what to do? >> specific recommendation, which was not just a shot across the bow but to end the capability to be able to do any -- launch any more attacks. that's not the original plan was. they're not asking for troops on the ground. >> right. >> mccain did go into detail and he went much further than the president went, which is i think an even tougher sell at this point. this is a situation of president obama's own making.
6:14 pm
had he drew -- >> how can you possibly say that? >> he drew the red line. >> he's responsible for launching chemical weapons that killed 400 kids? >> can i finish? >> yes, go ahead. >> 30 months, they've been torturing people in syria. years ago they had -- a year and a half ago in fact to get involved answered hasn't. he has dithered. his response is feeble and he says, we're going to launch this attack to send a message to other nations? is the -- >> hang on, hang on guys. i want to get kimberly in. >> let me get kimberly in here. president obama drew the red line and said it's go time. then he said i need congressional support. we're confused. >> it's paralyzing equivocation on his part. you may support him going on. he should have gone in before. if you do a body count, there was justification to go in earlier. i get the thing drawing the line about chemical.
6:15 pm
now he's a man without supporters. now he has to turn to mccain and graham, that's untenable position. he's going to have the anti-war democrats all over him. enough votes to ensure those guys that they don't have to support this for him. he's got a big problem on his hands. if he doesn't go in without congressional support, he's going to look -- >> the good news is, robert, i hate to cut you off, i'm getting yelled at by your supporters. we're going to have a -- we're going to continue the analysis of a possible military strike on syria and later, the best and worst stories of the summer. we'll run down them. could the five of us ever live together? some companies are having co-workers cohabitate. we'll try to imagine what that would be like. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's endless shrimp.
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♪ welcome back to the five. tipping now with our analysis of a possible military strike in syria, there was a lot of commentary over the weekend, as you can imagine, since secretary kerry spoke friday. president obama then spoke saturday and then of course, we had sunday with everybody
6:20 pm
opining. take a look at this montage. >> we are not going to lose this vote. the president of the united states is committed to securing the unity of purpose that he believes strengthens america. >> the secretary saying, as he just did, the case is building and will continue to build. is that enough for you to now vote to authorize the president to use force? >> no. i think it's a mistake to get involved in a syrian civil war. >> we're in a bit of a dilemma here because i think senator lindsey graham and i and others will be wanting a strategy, a plan, rather than just are we going to launch cruise missiles and that's it. >> bob, one of the things i think is getting lost in this is the question of whether america would be getting involved in syria's civil war. how can the president explain that this is a bigger regional problem that america would seek to get involved in?
6:21 pm
that there's an iranian issue, et cetera. it's going to be difficult to do that in 24 hours before he leaves for sweden. >> prior tore this, prior to using this sarin gas. and the idea of calling for people who did call for intervention in syria, there were a whole lot of people in congress saying we don't know who is on the other side, let's not do that. the difference is you know there was use of kwechemical weapons. the plan would be to take out all possible capability of delivering chemical weapons and that seems to me to be a solid plan. the other thing is, when saudi arabia and israel both support the plan, i'm for it. >> you said that in the first block, too. i have to tell you, i've read nowhere that israel supports it. they're going to be the prime target if there is retaliation by iran or syria. they both said that that might happen. also, the arab league condemns
6:22 pm
it. the arab league is condemning any attack on syrian. they're saying defer to the u.n. >> no. >> no attack because two members of the security council, russia and china, both say don't attack. to say that israel and saudi arabia are for an attack, i think it's misleading. >> it's not misleading at all. they both came out and said it. arabia said it yesterday. >> here's a question kimberly. if you look at "the new york times" today, i think it's the "wall street journal," you have people inside the meetings that are actually then leaking and telling "the new york times" what is happening inside and some of the -- their own position and the president's position are not that flattering. how does the president get a handle on all of this and lead from ahead rather than behind? >> this is object failure in terms of the communication message. he has -- kerry out there trying to sell this left, front and center like a used car salesman. he'll be left alone like what
6:23 pm
happened to susan rice. you have the president unable to communicate with his own party and gather the support he needs. now you have him unable to get the support of key allies. this is like a man without a country in a way. he's going to be forced into unilateral action. plus he can't rely and count on the most trusted people around him. because it's like a leaky sieve. the comments and the leak are not flattering. >> one of the things andrea, i they -- people who work inside the white house support the president. they understand the president has the right to change his mind. if he did change his mind, that's what it sounded like after thinking it through, he decided to change. how do you think that the vote will go in congress? because there was a report earlier about the misreading of the congress and the mood of the congress in this. do you think that mccain and graham can be persuasive with enough republicans to help the president with the problem he created? >> i don't.
6:24 pm
i don't see this vote going well at all. the fact that there were no democrats in that meeting is astounding. the fact that john kerry gave a message and 24 hours later. the president gave a different message was shocking. it's almost as if they're not talking or one didn't see the other one speak, which was very surprising to me. dana, i have looked at every possible outcome to what could happen. let's say congress votes this down and they go at it alone like ed inferred. could you imagine if assad stays in power? could you imagine if this turns into a proxy war with iran and russia? i don't think they've thought any of this through and there is no good outcome. anyway you slice it. you play out any scenario. every one looks bad. >> you don't think people have thought this through. >> they haven't, bob. >> 24 hours of each other. what kerry said and what obama said were no different. they said they both had the right to go in without congressional approval. >> he set himself up where he has to go, with or without
6:25 pm
congressional approval. it's go time. if he doesn't go, he will be the lamest of lame duck presidents in the history -- >> not lamest. the person who stopped 1400 more people being killed, including kids he owe how about kids? >> say he doesn't get the support of resolution from congress, he is he going to go and blame the republicans. >> he won't blame the republicans. be nice to have a fair and balanced. >> he doesn't have to blame the republicans because the media is already doing it for them. i'm just telling you, republicans don't fall for it. it's not your responsibility. it is not mccain's responsibility to come up with a plan. it's the commander in chief's. you have to either support the plan or vote against the plan. it's not your responsibility to have a plan. that was my helpful advice. coming up, i was lucky enough to be on the other side of the world while miley cyrus, i guess twerked. i haven't actually said that out loud her way into the news. it's one of the many crazy stories from the summer. we'll look at favorites or least
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt in new york. plans for a military strike on syria proving to be a tough sell on capitol hill. today, president obama met with lawmakers at the white house, including republican senator john mccain. he agrees that action must be taken against the syrian regime for unleashing sarin gas on its own people. many lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle say that they have not made up their minds yet. syrian's president, bashar al assad warns it could have consequences extending across the middle east. cbs and time warner cable have ended their payment dispute. the agreement ends a month long blackout of cbs and cbs owned
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channels including show time and the cbs sports network. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to the 5 and thanks for watching fox. we'll see you soon. > ♪ ♪ summer is wrapping up and we've had no shortage of great stories to talk about on "the five." the irs scandal, nsa, zimmerman, paula deen, a-rod, oprah winfrey, miley and more. here's a look at some of the hottest ones. >> rodriguez will reportedly be suspended for the rest of the season and for all of next season. >> i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one else will. >> are you a racist? >> no. the day i used that word, it was a world ago. >> trayvon martin paralleled to
6:32 pm
i emmitt till. >> we find george zimmerman not guilty. >> the jury has spoken but now the people going to speak. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> i've been advised by my counsel to assert my constitutional right not to testify or answer questions. >> i have said that other texts and photos were likely to come out. and today they have. >> show some tongue. >> maybe. i think we got better in store for you guys. >> all right. let's take it around the table. favorite story, most interesting story, something you never want to hear about ever again. bob? >> i want to start and end with this ridiculous baby, east-west, whatever its name is, from kim kardashian and northeast. >> name change it. >> the idea we give this woman any, any more ink or time to talk about it, she's a waste of time. he is a waste of time. they both are a waste of time and this baby, frankly, will
6:33 pm
grow up as a waste of time. >> that's not nice. don't be mean to babies. >> so are you. >> that could be the next liberal talking head at "the five". >> something tells me we're not done talking about the kardashian. >> mine is, yes, miley cyrus. we're sick of hearing about her. she played the hoochie card and it didn't really work. even "us weekly" side miley went too far. i think trying way too hard. what was she doing? look, this is what feminists tell women to do, lead with your sexuali sexuality. it was the dance performance. it was a sad moment for our country, i think. >> it was sad. >> robin thicke's suit -- that was a fashion faux pas. >> and her hair. she skipped the beauty salon. >> would you wear that? >> i said before, it looked like an ad for a hooker cheerleader
6:34 pm
squad. >> you know in congo, no one heard about that. it was refreshing. >> lucky them. >> this just in. >> kimberly? >> no, i don't like it at all. i thought her behavior was offensive. i'm so sad. i liked her better when she was hannah montana and under the mickey mouse ear and behaving well and a good example and role model for children, women, girls and now, look what happened to her? >> it didn't work. >> her dad needs to talk to her. >> she needs to talk to her. >> our moral fibers, our country is sunk. she's part of that. >> your favorite moment, worst moment? >> our girl, reese witherspoon, andrea, you're a big fan of hers and we met her at the white house at the press correspond t correspondents dinner. this shows you that even a good girl can have a bad day. you let a little something slip. i think she was defending her man when this happened with the cops. >> being arrested and handcuffed? >> yep. >> do you know my name, sir? >> don't need to know it. >> you don't need to know my
6:35 pm
name. >> not quite yet. >> okay. you're about to find out who i am. >> oh, snap. >> that wasn't a good moment for her. poor thing. what i don't like especially is she was acting up when she was a brunette. be sassy when you're a blond like dana. >> she was resisting arrest, being a loud mouth and trying to make herself different than everybody else. screw her, she should be in jail. >> you're so cranky. >> bob, have you ever done that? something tells me you were cranky. >> when i'm picked up by cops, yes. >> he didn't have enough in the police cruiser. >> you know who i am, can i get out of this? >> everyone knows who you are with your suspenders. >> no, they don't. not when i was busted. >> i have my least favorite but i don't want to talk about it much. my least favorite is the jodi arias trial. i had nothing to say. we talked about it every day. i could not find any reason to care about her. my favorite story was the continued rollout and the introduction to the world of pope francis.
6:36 pm
i thought that was amazing when he went to brazil this summer and got to meet with, i think 3 million people watched him preach at the beach. i thought that was amazing. >> i like your choice. >> eric? >> he's against the attack in . my favorite story of the summer was the nsa. we found out something we didn't know the government was doing. it was an enlightening moment. number two, we found something that bob and i finally agreed on. it took a long time but we found it. number three, because i was able to do this. constitution and shake it around and watch dana's head begin to explode. >> after spending a week on the show -- >> do not shake me. >> tomorrow. >> have you ever forgotten it in the pocket and it goes through the washing machine. >> not yet. >> colors don't run. don't worry. >> the people you work with. it's happening at some companies. we'll try to imagine what life would be like if we were all together 24/7.
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what could possibly go wrong? and later, jennifer griffin will join us from the pentagon with new information on the military preparations for a possible war with syria. stay tuned. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires screech ] ♪ and your favorite songs always playing.
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6:42 pm
together. it would be like this, i think. first of all, every hotel has a gideon bible. there's going to be a constitution for eric. dana is going to follow me around every place looking like this. you're going to clean that up? andrea is going to serve everybody dinner and kimberly, we're going to have to duck from the shoes that are going to be on the floor. >> i'm neat, actually i hope this isn't the order -- >> into the bathroom. that's the problem. >> the research there, bob, says that you share bedrooms as well. who am i going to get stuck with? >> greg. >> and you're going to discuss the constitution. >> i get greg -- >> wake him up in the morning slapping the constitution. >> what do you think about it? >> greg, you and three women. >> you with the ladies. >> dana, what is the biggest plus and minuses of this? >> i think i wouldn't live there very long because i'd be in jail because i would have killed somebody from the close proximity.
6:43 pm
i think this is a bizarre story. you're given one life to spend a certain amount of your time working. but there's a lot other joy to be had outside of work. >> i agree. andrei -- >> it would be my dream. i love all of you very dearly. i don't think i could live with you. especially you, bob. it would be you and it would be a train of women. there would be a -- you semo owe it would be a bunch of other girls. >> most of them are secretaries. keep that in mind. >> exchange students. >> we bunked together in a twin bed. >> you have? >> oh, my god, really? >> i hope did it on the reverse side. >> i was planking it out. andrea was like this. >> that must have been like bumper car derby. >> go live to the pentagon for an update on the military -- stay with us. ♪
6:44 pm
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♪ ♪ back now to syria. while america is debating
6:48 pm
whether or not we should get involved, our military is ready to strike at a moment's notice. fox's jennifer griffin is monitoring the situation from the pentagon and she joins us now. good evening, jennifer. first of all, you're getting military intelligence, senior officials telling you, what are the ramifications, potential impact of what's happening with the situation at play with the delay that we're seeing right now? >> well, it's really interesting, kimberly. in terms of the delay, the conventional wisdom has been that assad is now hiding arm amounts. i spoke to a senior pentagon source who tells me that the delay actually works in their favor in some ways. because if he moves those assets, which he has been, they see that. they have satellite imagery, nef a lot of intelligence, assets up in the sky and they're seeing him move these things around. that is not going to change their calculation in terms of where the tomahawks are going to fall in the long run. the real problem for the
6:49 pm
military is if this drags on for days or weeks is that it's a morale issue. you've got -- it's costly to be steaming around in the mediterranean. the navy ships use a lot of fuel. the aircraft carrier group that moved the "uss nimitz" from the red sea, that's costly. what's also costly is morale. people get tired. you can't be in a constant state of readiness. you make mistakes. remember in kosovo, there were targets that the koord nats were put in wrong and they bombed -- >> jennifer, hey, it's andrea. have you heard anything on possible retaliation from the russians or from the iranians? we asked this question on friday. any new details of retaliation if we decide to strike? >> i think it's not an issue that there would be retaliation from what i'm hearing. the russians decided to send
6:50 pm
more ships into the mediterranean, one in particular a spy ship coming. one of the reasons you're seeing the aircraft carrier group, the "uss nimitz" in the red sea is a sign to the iranians as well as the russians, don't try to come to the defense of the assad regime. we're going to carry out a strike. it may notanything. that's why that aircraft carrier group is there. it is unlikely that the strategy has changed and that they're planning on having air strikes using planes over syria, but that aircraft group is basically there to send a message to the russians and the iranians. >> i'll go. jennifer, this is dana. i had a question about, last week, again, i was away, but as i understood it, there were several leaks from somewhere suggesting time, date, place, types of missiles, et cetera, that seemingly, i would imagine, either came from the military or made the military very frustrated. can you tell us a little bit
6:51 pm
about the behind-the-scenes tension in that regard? >> well, it's really interesting, dana. the leaks really came from the highest level. they were statements on the record from the white house, from the secretary of state, from the senior defense officials, saying that this would not involve ground troops, it would not involve entering air space. there were going to be standoff operations involving mostly tomahawks and the u.s. navy. that, and then if you look, any military observer, anybody who's watched the last 12 years of war in this country knows what it means when certain forces move into position. having navy destroyers off the coast of syria meant that they are going to rely mostly on tomahawks. and so, these leaks were not per se from individuals, it was based on just reading the force build-up, reading the -- the military plans were quite obvious from what forces were being built up, and then you marry that with the statements being made from the white house. so, yes, there was a degree of frustration that there is no
6:52 pm
possibility for a real element of surprise when you watch this kind of messy process of a democracy debating going to war. >> jennifer, last week, president obama said his plan was to be limited in scope, maybe 200, as you point out, tomahawks missiles. today, senator mccain came out of the meeting with president obama and said obama's strategy is degrade the syrian government and upgrade the opposition. that sounds to me like the plan has changed and this could be a lot more involved than he had originally promised or planned. >> from my sources here at the pentagon, the plan has not changed all that much. perhaps senator mccain was given more details about the plan, but it's still going to be limited in nature, it will be hours, not days. but again, it is still a limited mission from what i'm hearing. >> jennifer, this is bob. two questions. one, the russians have a naval base in syria. is there some concern on the russians' part, do you think, the reason they're steaming these ships into the mediterranean is because they're
6:53 pm
worried about their own naval base? >> well, they're worried -- don't forget, there are russians also who are manning the air defense systems that the syrians have. they have a very sophisticated air defense system, so if you strike those air defense systems, you will likely be killing russians. but we know that the russians have been pulling out a lot of their forces, pulling out a lot of their people. several thousand russians have left syria. but there are still russians on the ground, and they could get caught up in this. >> jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. >> jennifer, i had another question, but go. >> oh. >> that's all right. go. >> we have to go. thank you, jennifer. "one more thing" is up next. ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. ♪ and if you wanna go and lick it i believe you should ♪ ♪ don't need to play that basketball to dunk it ♪ ♪ don't need to play an instrument tounk it ♪
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all righty. time for one more all righty, time for "one more thing." dana, you're up. >> i get to go first. america's talking about war. there's actually somebody who's all on her own doing an amazing thing. this is diana nyad. she's 64 years old. she made her fifth and final attempt to swim the 103-mile route from havana to florida. she made it and had three things to say at the end -- you're never too old, never give up, and while it might look like a solo sport, it's actually a team sport. so, congratulations to diana. >> and she did it without the shark cage. >> that's true, and she got stung by a jellyfish in the mouth. >> first time without the shark cage. >> so, i have a cute video. maybe you've seen this, but if not, you might enjoy it. a girl befriends a gorilla in
6:58 pm
the zoo. her name's kyla, and she gives the gorilla a kiss. take a look. >> aww. >> are you kissing the gorilla? >> aww. [ laughter ] >> that's so cute. >> don't try this at home. >> bob, you're so cranking. >> bob, you're up. >> for those of you -- i hope you're all having a nice labor day. for those of you who are enjoying it, the gallup poll came out saying 54% of the american people support unions. that's up from 46% a year ago. and for those of you who have two weeks off paid vacation, you can thank the labor movement for that. for those of you who have labor day off, you can thank the labor union for that. i'd take a minute to say thank you -- >> who do i thank? >> do you realize today, also, 40,000 longshore workers decided to pull themselves out of the afl-cio on labor day? and you're up.
6:59 pm
>> we can thank barack obama for making it today. >> not short of material. >> yeah, right. >> okay, over the weekend i went to a wedding in buffalo, new york, and while i was there, it happened to be the national buffalo wing festival, so i love buffalo wings, so i dropped by. they have the annual wing eating contest. yeah, there's me with some wingheads. they give cheeseheads a run for their money. yeah, and there's the winners. a female won, nikki sudo, 28 of las vegas, took the crown with 178 wings. and then there was a second and third place woman winner and i would put kimberly guilfoyle against any one of those girls. >> yes! >> our resident wing eater. i got you this. >> that's so nice, thank you! >> i think kimmy would give the winner a run for -- it was a he, right? >> it was a woman. >> it was a woman? what's going on with wings and women? i don't have time. we don't have time. we ran out of time. we'll dee it again tomorrow. bob, if you take a shot at bob,
7:00 pm
he's been mad at me all show. are we good? >> yeah, we're good, we're great. >> that's it for five five. thanks for watching on our special labor day show. "special report" coming up next. where we remain proud and fearless. >> i'm harris faulkner in i'm harrah faulkner. tonight, president obama's labor day got complicated. a senior republican senators met in the white house with him to talk about the crisis in syria, and they emerged with some tough talk about aiming our military might at the assad regime. >> i am looking forward to the debate. >> ahead of that debate, the president reaches out to a former rival. >> i think we have found some areas that we can work together, but we have a long way to go. >> and as the white house waits on congress, the military moves more ships into position. >> it gives planners more time, and planners will plan right up until there's no more time.


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