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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 2, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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he's been mad at me all show. are we good? >> yeah, we're good, we're great. >> that's it for five five. thanks for watching on our special labor day show. "special report" coming up next. where we remain proud and fearless. >> i'm harris faulkner in i'm harrah faulkner. tonight, president obama's labor day got complicated. a senior republican senators met in the white house with him to talk about the crisis in syria, and they emerged with some tough talk about aiming our military might at the assad regime. >> i am looking forward to the debate. >> ahead of that debate, the president reaches out to a former rival. >> i think we have found some areas that we can work together, but we have a long way to go. >> and as the white house waits on congress, the military moves more ships into position. >> it gives planners more time, and planners will plan right up until there's no more time.
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>> fox reports on the crisis in syria. from the white house, the pentagon and the middle east. plans for a potential military strike on syria are clearly a tough sell here at home, but arizona senator john mccain, who ran against president obama for the white house, warns a no-vote from congress could be catastrophic. nearly two weeks has passed since at alleged massive and deadly chemical weapons attack inside syria. the u.s. claims the assault killed more than 1,400 people, including more than 400 children. and secretary of state john kerry says u.s. intelligence concluded with high confidence the syrian government was responsible. over this weekend, president obama has said he's decided to seek approval from members of congress before launching a strike, even though he believes he does not need their approval. today the president met with
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lawmakers, including his former rival on the campaign trail, republican senator john mccain, as i mentioned. after their meeting, senator mccain said the administration is pushing a goal it calls degrade and upgrade. >> we do want an articulation of a goal that over time will degrade bashar al assad's capabilities increase and upgrade the capabilities of the free syrian army and the free syrian government. >> many lawmakers say from both sides of the political aisle, they have not yet made up their minds on the issue, and some democrats say president obama still needs to do much more to make his case. >> the president has to work diligently, not just the president, but his whole cabinet has to work diligently to convince not just the congress, but the american people, that this is in the interests of the united states, not just simply in the interests of another country. >> meanwhile, the syrian president, bashar al assad,
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warns any military action could have consequences extending across the middle east. speaking to a french newspaper today, he compared the region to a powder keg, adding that in the event of a strike, "the whole world will lose control of the situation. chaos and extremism will spread, the risk of a regional war exists." still, we're now getting word of more u.s. warships moving toward the area, including a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. we have team fox coverage with jennifer griffin at the pentagon on the next potential steps. first, though, ed henry at the white house. ed, it sounds like the president is counting on now republicans to go along with military action. >> reporter: that's right, harris. and these are republicans, especially in the house, that the president has kept at arm's length for nearly five years. they've also been bitterly opposed to him on most of his policies, on the domestic front like health care, but some of his foreign policy agenda as well. so, today he had john mccain, as you mentioned, a rival from the 2008 campaign, here with lindsey graham, someone else who sometimes works with the
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president but other times is a fierce critic on national security issues. and you can see this official white house photo from the oval office. susan rice, the president's national security adviser, there as well. after the meeting, lindsey graham said a number of things, including that the president's got to step up his game, make the much more robust case to the congress and the american people, and he also said that case has to be that it's not just about syria, but this is basically a proxy war with iran. take a listen. >> the goal of this is to put it in my lap? i welcome a discussion about what we should do. i've been telling you for two years what i think. so, i welcome the discussion with the president and my colleagues. to those who say in greece syria's not our business, then you seriously honest to god don't understand the world we live in. >> both senators graham and mccain said they're not ready to support the president on this mission. they still want to hear more details, as you laid out. but they suggested the president made some progress with them in the oval office.
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the white house is also cheered by the fact republican mike rogers, the house intelligence chairman, said he believes the president will ultimately get the votes. so, some of these leaders are coming together, but will the rank in file republicans who bitterly oppose the president's agenda come along? we just don't know, harris. >> that's not so much of a surprise as much as democrats who are clearly split on this as well. >> reporter: that's right. some of these democrats obviously feel burned by the iraq war and the whole question of wmd. now they see a democratic president coming to them after he ran in 2008 saying he'd be a much different commander in chief, initially only consulting congress, then doing this back flip over the weekend and saying, okay, i'll seek a debate and your votes in congress and try to get your approval. and some of these rank in file democrats, after getting briefings from the administration over the weekend, said they're just not convinced yet. take a listen. >> i am hoping to find an answer to the question is there another way to hold assad accountable?
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this is what the international community wants to do. we want to hold him accountable, we want there to be some consequences. what is that? is that just going to war? is that bombing? is that killing more people? i'm not there yet. >> so, the bottom line tonight is the president is stepping up his lobbying campaign why? well, congress comes back to session at the beginning of next week, and you know the president's getting on "air force one" tomorrow night to go to sweden, then on to russia for the g-20 summit, so the bottom line is he's gone for the rest of the week. that's why he has another big meeting here with leaders in both parties. he sees the clock is ticking. he's got to change some minds over the next 24 hours, harris. >> well, and maybe an opportunity, even though the relationship is awful right now, to talk with russia. ed, thank you. the pentagon's hard at work laying out those plans for a possible military strike, should president obama give the go-ahead. team fox coverage continues now with jennifer griffin at the pentagon. and jennifer, how is the pentagon reacting to the delay? >> reporter: well, harris, on the one hand, senior pentagon sources who are responsible for
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the planning say that the delay hurts assad as much as it does them. from a targeting point of view, assad may be moving his scud missiles and the artillery delivery systems around, but that also allows the u.s. and its intelligence services to see those assets and target them. the real cost is money. it costs a lot of money to have your navy steaming through the mediterranean and repositioning aircraft carrier groups from the indian ocean. the other toll is exhaustion. mistakes can be made if those go orders are not given. >> we have been given some reason to believe that very serious strikes may take place as opposed to cosmetic, and i say that may, because we now need to see a lot of the details. >> that was senator john mccain as he left the white house, but pentagon sources who i've spoken to, senior defense officials say that the plan to strike the syrian regime is the same this
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week as it was last week, and it's unlikely to change all that much in the coming days and weeks. >> you know, jennifer, i was just mentioning russia and the possibility maybe even the relations are strained with us and them to talk at the g-20 summit, and then learning a short time ago that they had sent another ship, a russian ship to the eastern mediterranean. >> well, that's right, and president putin ordered this russian spy ship to leave sevastopol earlier today to head towards the eastern mediterranean. there are always russian warships in the mediterranean and the russians man the air defense systems, of course, inside syria. one of the reasons the pentagon decided to order the "uss nimitz" with its four destroyers to the red sea is to signal to the russians and the iranians not to try to come to assad's defense, harris. >> well, one more point that happened today that maybe you can explain to us, a website that's used to recruit u.s. marines was redirected. >> well, the main u.s. marine recruiting website was
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redirected for a few hours overnight to a site that showed photos of people in u.s. marine uniforms holding up signs urging marines to refuse orders to attack syria. the sign read "i didn't join the marine corps to fight for al qaeda in a syrian civil war. the syrian electronic army, a brazen group of hackers, claim responsibility, another sign the decision to stall has given president assad a propaganda victory, harris. >> wow. i'll talk with an upcoming guest who's a general about this one as well. jennifer, thank you. a top syrian official reaching out to the united nations for protection against a possible attack, and we will explain why the president of one of our key allies in the middle east says he does not mind president obama running his plan by congress first. the details. stay close. congress
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refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. continuing coverage of the crisis in syria and the assad regime now calling on the united nations to help stop any major
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aggression before it starts. a top syrian diplomat is now urging the u.n. security council to "maintain its role as a safety valve, to prevent the absurd use of force out of the frame of international legitimacy." let's get to leland in our mideast newsroom. what's the thinking about whether or not the u.n. would act on syria's request? >> reporter: highly unlikely. never say never in this world, but remember, both the united states and russia both hold absolute unilateral vietoes in the u.n. security council and that's been one of the details about dealing with the syrian crisis is that the security council can't come together. remember, as all this brinksmanship is going on about the possibility of a u.s. strike, the civil war in syria continues to rage on. the rebels are losing ground by the day. it seems as though president assad's really captured the momentum here over this summer-long offensive, and we're also hearing that from inside the syrian rebels, they're
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continuing to become more disorganized. the extremist groups are also continuing to congeal, become better armed, better equipped, and moving against not only president assad but also some of the more moderate of the rebel groups. today syrian state tv was broadcasting video of these battles and interviewed a syrian officer who said that, really, nothing is changing in terms of their tactics. they still continue that they are going to push the rebels out of syria and get down to "when they kill the very last one." harris? >> leland, i know in your reporting today that you were hearing from some officials in israel about president obama's strategy and with the delay now, what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the reaction is very mixed. the ceremonial leader, shimon peres, he is the president here in israel, which is a ceremonial position, says that he trusts president obama. the rest of israel's government is not really on board with that. remember, israel is still at a heightened state of alert. their iron dome missile defense system is still forward
7:15 pm
deployed. military leave has been canceled. they're still calling up reserves to man air defenses, also some of their intelligence networks, those kinds of things, as the regional war possibility continues to be top of mind here. there's also a thought that syria was a test case for how the united states might deal with the iranian threat going forward. one israeli politician said on his facebook page today that the way president obama's handling syria proves that when it comes to iran, israel will have to go it alone. harris? >> leland vittert, thank you very much. there is word one of syria's most powerful allies, russia, could send a delegation directly to the united states to try to convince congress not to approve a military strike. that's coming up inside "the fox report." first, word of a taliban strike on a u.s. base in afghanistan. it happened near the border with pakistan, and here is what it looked like after militants detonated bombs and set several trucks on fire. the taliban claiming responsibility for what you see
7:16 pm
here. it shut down a key supply road for nato troops for a bit. coalition commanders say at least three of the militants died. an update now on the failing health of former south african president nelson mandela. according to a local newspaper there, hospital officials discharged mandela yesterday after three months of treatment because "it is now time for mandela to be moved home to see out his final days." mandela spent 38 years behind bars for fighting against the government's discrimination known as apartheid. he was admitted to the hospital june 8th for a lung infection. and according to a report, 95-year-old mandela is in such poor health, he'll now receive intensive care at home. the office of the current south african president says mandela remains in critical condition and will receive the same level of care he was getting while in the hospital. well, back here at home, an unthinkable horror has happened again. somebody has shot a baby in a stroller. we'll tell you where and what progress police are making in the case. and the u.s. government is
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one of the unwritten rules of being a good neighbor is don't spy on your neighbor. so, things may have gotten a little awkward today with mexico and brazil after a report that america's national security agency has been secretly tracking the communications of their leaders. katherine harris is in washington with more on this. katherine? >> harris, the new allegations of spying are based on interviewer american journalist glenn greenwald gave to a tv show speaking in portuguese. the reporter of the nsa leaked
quote quote
7:21 pm
documents in june explained the new evidence. >> translator: these documents show very clearly that they had already done the spying, because they don't talk about something they intended to plan. they are actually celebrating the success of the spying. >> according to greenwald, the nsa program relied on dna presenter, which focuses on content from social media chats and private messages. in this case, it's alleged the mexican president's e-mails were read, so the u.s. government would know his cabinet picks in advance and the brazilian president's communications were picked up to track her network of contacts. those who support the nsa mission of foreign intelligence collection say the agency's job is to gather intelligence, whomever it belongs to, in an effort to inform u.s. policy, harris. >> in this story today, catherine, agents for the drug enforcement administration have had access to even more information than the nsa. >> well, that's right. the sweeping data collection and analysis of information belonging to american citizens
7:22 pm
took a new turn when "the new york times" published these powerpoint slides from a program called hemisphere. and according to the leaked documents, agents working on counternarcotics investigations were reportedly given broad access to an at&t database using subpoenas. while the nsa can typically retain records for five years, hemisphere apparently can track back much farther. >> this hemisphere program apparently started in 2007 and is, again, something that the american public had no idea about. apparently, it's little oversight of, considered law enforcement sensitive, not actually classified. >> while we can't comment on any particular program, an at&t spokesperson told fox in a statement, "we, like all companies, must we lay on valid subpoenas issued by law enforcement" and emphasized to fox news that the phone records are not held by the government, which is the case with the nsa program, but by the phone company itself.
7:23 pm
>> catherine, thank you. somebody has shot another baby in a stroller. new york city police say they're getting some leads in the shooting of a 16-month-old. this time, it appears the boy may have been an unintended victim. it happened last night. police say the child was killed as his parents were walking along with the stroller in brooklyn. investigators say they believe it may be gang-related and that the intended target was the baby's father. according to the "new york post," he has an extensive rap sheet for narcotics, weapons possession and on the crimes. of course, this comes days after a jury in georgia convicted an 18-year-old of fatally shooting this little baby in the head while he was in his stroller in march. de'marquise elkins, seen here, now faces life in prison. well, as president obama pushes for a military strike in syria, his counterpart in russia is pushing back. vladimir putin is preparing to present his own case to our congress. and biking 100 miles
7:24 pm
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>> yeah! >> diana nyad is the first person ever to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. trust me, that's a big deal. 110 miles. by the way, she's 64 years young. she set out from cuba saturday morning, arrived in key west earlier today with her lips and tongue swollen from exposure. she talked about finally completing the journey after trying five times. >> i've got three messages. one is we should never ever give up. [ cheers and applause ] you never are too old to chase your dreams. >> that's right! >> three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it's a team sport. >> wow. i tweeted, "when you feel weary,
7:29 pm
think of her." a 35-person support team accompanied her along the way, including some doctors. a massive fire roars through a food storage facility, and it poses a special challenge to fire crews. our top story on this fox trip across america. new jersey. crews from at least 20 towns battled the flames that broke out at a warehouse northeast of philadelphia. officials saying it started on the roof. >> the problem that we started with on this fire was the whole roof was solar panel. okay, a normal flat roof, if you have a fire going on, you go up on the roof, trench it out, 30 to 50 feet on either side of it, trench it, contain it to where right there, you're done. can't put nobody on the room. them panels were energized. >> the energized roof could have electrocuted somebody, so the crews had to spray water from their trucks. no word of injuries. wisconsin, bikers hit the road for the parade in milwaukee, marking the company's
7:30 pm
110th anniversary. this year's event hosted a group of enthusiasts from brazil. organizers say brazil is an emerging market for motorcycle sales. colorado, a robot zapping away dangerous germs at a hospital in denver, using ultraviolet light rays to kill bacteria which can cause inif he cans. designers say it's more powerful than chemical cleaners. >> one facility dropped about 53% in mrsa and another was 57%. >> the creators named the robot neil, but hospital officials say they plan to rename it. maine. dozens of rescued kittens and cats getting new homes with a bunch of volunteers. some 40 felines taken from a woman's home near the new hampshire border. and people responded to an animal shelter's facebook post. >> we heard from them that they had kittens here, so we thought, we talked to the family and decided foster homes, because i love volunteering at the rest o be in new foster homes by the end of the week. they'll go up for adoption when
7:31 pm
they're old enough. sweet kitties. and that's the fox watch "across america." i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is "the fox report." congress gets a hard sell from the white house on a strike against syria. lawmakers could also be getting an earful from another side, the kremlin. according to russia's interfax news agency, russian president vladimir putin is working to send a delegation to the united states, apparently to convince members of our congress not to sign off on a military strike. of course, russia is one of the syrian regime's closest allies. the u.s. has accused russia of providing the syrian government with military support. russia's foreign minister has flat out rejected the claims the syrian regime was behind the chemical deadly weapons attack. today he called the evidence that the u.s. has presented "absolutely unconvincing." james rosen with the news live for us in washington. james, what do we know about what putin hopes to accomplish by sending a delegation to talk to our congress?
7:32 pm
>> reporter: well, harris, let's just assume that it's not intended to aid president obama in this hour of political peril. the failure of the reset of the u.s./russian relationship much heralded as the dawn of the obama administration has greatly complicated u.s. efforts throughout the two-year civil war in syria, where the kremlin has steadfastly backed embattled bashar al assad. >> translator: i think your colleagues could better feel, understand what the position of the russian federation is based on. such a dialogue between parliaments would also play a significant part in the development of russian/american relations on the whole. >> reporter: at the u.n. security council, russia has often been joined by china in blocking action against syria. today, a spokesman for the communist regime in beijing warned the u.s. against unilateral action. >> translator: any action taken by the international community should abide by the principles of the united nations so as to
7:33 pm
avoid complicating the syrian issue and dragging the middle east down into further disaster. >> reporter: but german chancellor angela merkel, speaking during a televised debate as she tries to win re-election, suggested that the u.s. may return to the security council, harris. >> i know the arab league met this weekend. wondering, what is the support we have among the arab and muslim world? >> reporter: never perhaps as overt as we would like it. you're right, the arab league met in cairo over the weekend. key figures there expressed a range of opinions, from cautious support of u.s. intervention in syria to opposition to a unilateral strike. >> translator: we will not be satisfied by just condemning the situation. we demand the international community to take all the necessary measures to help the syrian people and stop the hooliganism of the murderers in the regime. >> translator: the 18 members of the arab league hold the regime accountable. also, they consider the united nations as an official representative of the international community, and only it is responsible to take necessary measures.
7:34 pm
>> reporter: the israelis, men time, are said to be lying low to avoid affecting the congressional debate here, harris. >> thank you very much, james. joining me now is retired major general bob scales, a fox news military analyst. we're glad he's here to help navigate us through what happened today. a senior source tells our jennifer griffin that this delay, while congress figures out what it will do about the president's request to hit the assad regime, hurts assad as much as it does the pentagon planners. how so? >> it's not true. any time a nation marches up to the brink of war and then sort of takes a knee for ten days, that nation passes the time advantage and the initiative over to the enemy. and now the ball is in assad's court. so, he's got time to move around, to hide his major weapons systems, to put them in urban areas, to camouflage them, or perhaps, even evacuate some of his aircraft to a secure
7:35 pm
environment. no. sure, the planners and the targeteers can continue to do their work. but remember, now, a cruise missile only strikes stationary targets. saddam's -- or saddam -- assad's army is on the move, harris, and this cannot play out well 10 or 11 days from now when we conduct this strike. >> i want to talk to you about something else a senior official told fox news, that sitting at the ready for days and weeks has a negative effect for us as well, some of which you've just mentioned, mainly, though, burning through our tax dollars. what are we paying for in this delay? >> well, it's very expensive, you know. you're moving an entire carrier battle group, the "nimitz" all the way into the red sea. they're making circles in eastern mediterranean with six fairly large warships. there's also the morale effect on the sailors out there who have already done their targeting, they've built themselves up to conduct these strikes, they're waiting to push the buttons. and more importantly, those who
7:36 pm
are chasing these weapons systems with overhead sensors are having a dickins of a time trying to keep up with all this and keep the ships ready to shoot. this is not a simple operation. it is enormously complex and takes hundreds of dedicated folks to ensure that this target set is updated. and i have to tell you, things are still tense in the mediterranean. >> you know, it's interesting, i have said the word russia almost as often as i've said syria tonight because russia is moving in some interesting ways. they want to come now, according to the president, and talk to our congress. but aside from that, there's something physical they've done today, and that's send a spy ship to the eastern mediterranean. what kind of ship is this? what could it possibly accomplish? >> yeah, this is an electronic warfare ship. we have many of very similar ships. what we do quite often is we will trail behind, say the russians or the chinese, and gather electrical intelligence. so, there are no guns on this ship. it's not a weapon to be feared,
7:37 pm
but the russians are interested in how we do business and they're going to be watching us very, very closely. and if that ship makes it to the mediterranean before this strike commences, the russians are going to learn a great deal about how much progress we've made in conducting these strategic strikes, harris. >> interesting. speaking of progress, the "uss nimitz" is on its way. >> right. >> why? >> well, because you know, it's a game of checkers and chess, harris. it's an opportunity to move a carrier battle group into the red sea, check and checkmate against any russian moves. it's also presence in the red sea. perhaps later in the eastern mediterranean. and if things do go badly and the administration has to prolong these strikes for more than 96 hours, the carrier battle group may participate. but frankly, as of today, that's unlikely, harris. >> well, i always like to ask a general who's been in battle a question like this. when we have that much firepower pointed in one direction, how
7:38 pm
much damage can we really do to the assad regime in say 24 to 96 hours? >> we could do a lot of damage. and let's face it, his regime is going to be damaged, particularly his larger systems and all those facilities, harris, that can't be moved, like radar sites, command and control headquarters, airfields. so, he's going to suffer some damage. the question is, is after the smoke clears after 24 to 96 hours, will assad still be in power? so far, it seems to us, at least, the answer's yes. >> general bob scales, thank you so much for being here tonight. you know the story on syria, the crisis in syria has been unfolding nonstop this long holiday weekend. we will have more information for you as our journalists are working it ahead. first, though, it's been exactly one month since millions of americans saw their cbs station disappear from their cable lineup. well, tonight it's back. plus, the fuel of the future. an eco-friendly manufacturer is teaming up with crayola. i have little kids. they would love this story.
7:39 pm
they're going to convert crayola products to energy. we'll explain. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. well, just in time for football, cbs is back on the lineup for millions of warner cable customers. the cable provider removed the network a month ago over a dispute over fees. more than 2 million homes in new york, l.a. and dallas were affected, but the two sides announced an agreement today, and tonight the blackout is over. verizon the telephone company will soon own all of verizon wireless, the cell phone company. that's after the telecommunications giant agreed to a massive $130 billion deal with vodafone, the british cell phone carrier. it sells its 45% stake in verizon wireless, and we're told that won't have a big impact, though, for customers, but it's a huge deal on wall street. in fact, it's the second largest acquisition deal on record. verizon is 1 of the 30 companies included in the dow jones industrial average.
7:43 pm
and this deal means it will no longer have to share profits with vodafone. in theory, that can help verizon boost its earnings and raise its stock value, which would, in turn, help lift the dow. the fuel of the future could come from the rainbow of colors loved by children all over. an eco-friendly manufacturer recently announced it's teaming up with crayola to convert dried-up markers into usable energy. it's part of a program where schools send their used supplies back to crayola. from there, the old plastic markers are converted into clean-burning fuel that can power a variety of different machines. brian has more from the newsroom. >> crayola makes up to 700 million plastic markers a year and now they're turning the dried-up markers into a fuel good enough to be used in boilers, ships and even your car. crayola partnering with clean energy company jbi created the color cycle initiative. schools around the country are joining up to recycle their old markers for free.
7:44 pm
crayola ships them to jbi, where entire markers with ink are melted and compressed in machines to make clean fuel, which is mostly turned into diesel, the fuel used by companies like u.s. steel and fuel dealers. since 2010, jbi has produced 600,000 gallons of of clean fuel from plastics. >> it's an excellent way to handle unrecyclable plastics, and it's a critical one, because only 8% to 9% of the plastics in the u.s. is actually recycled. the rest of it goes to landfill. >> crayola manufactures 60% of the world's markers in eastern pennsylvania, but markers are tough to recycle. many customers don't bother because they have to strip the ink out first. crayola hopes they have found an environmentally sustainable solution that will also serve as a teaching moment for kids in schools. >> when they sign up, they have immediate access to lesson plans on sustainability. so, they are actually able to help children understand how they can take an active role in improving their environment for tomorrow.
7:45 pm
>> now, crayola does not make a profit off this initiative. they hope to one day recycle up to 70 million markers a year. students can get their schools to sign up for the program at harris? >> bryan, stop by my office, because my colorers at home have about a hundred dried-up markers. i'll put them in a box for you. >> i'll be there. >> thank you. >> no problem. at least 63 people have been hurt as tornadoes have ripped through a nation that rarely sees them. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. japan. a witness says he captured the moment a twister formed near his home outside tokyo. state media report multiple twisters toppled power lines in towns around the capital city. and destroyed or damaged dozens of homes. strong winds ripped rooftops from buildings and sent debris flying.
7:46 pm
india. a fistfight broke out between politicians inside a mayor's office in the north. witnesses say some of them hit each other with chairs. there are claims it started when members of one party beat somebody from a rival party who was arguing about local drainage problems. he suffered injury. police eventually got there to ma break it all up. el salvador. people threw fireballs in the streets near the capital city during a festival. they say the tradition began after a local volcanic eruption 300 years ago, claiming it symbolized their battle against the devil. they've been celebrating ever since. china, a bride and groom tying the knot with the help of some big rigs. the groom says he wanted to incorporate his day job into the wedding party, so he hired tractor-trailer cabs as limousines for the motorcade. that's a wrap on this fox trip
7:47 pm
"around the world in 80 seconds." apparently, some people enjoy their job so much, they live at the office, really. we'll show you why employees have traded in their community for beds. n...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired. i'm a believer. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. i'm a believer!
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>> a lot of people got the day off today but some don't have the option. for a growing number of people there is no going home from work, ever. will car reporting on people who live at work. will? >> happy labor day. you may have heard work to live don't live to work well this concept combines both and more employees have been signing up. >> imagine working... eating... and sleeping all at the office. living at work 24-7.
7:51 pm
>> every day we're working together we wake up, have meetings get work done, keep working into the night. weekends we continue working. >> interactive company has 40 workers with 12 staying in a bell air, california house. the ceo says the model is efficient cutting down on costs and commuting times. >> it's family like we share frefrgt food, bedrooms and bathrooms it's communal. and people are extremely dedicated. and people are willing to sacrifice you know a living on their own and like a curby apartment to living with their colleagues. >> what is in pry sni. >> mobile payment has a similar set up. half of the 15 employees sharing strategies and meals. workers get free skprent a modest stipend. >> bills covered and a little bit of cash here and there. and you know some people get a
7:52 pm
little bit more than others just depends on exkbreerns but everybody has bills and needs covered. >> may not be for everyone. >> i think what it won't work for people who weren't willing to live, eat and breathe work. and their co-workers. >> people do say it works. one couple got married before moving into one of the homes and that doesn't sound romantic they say free rent made it well worth their while. >> you go for love where you can find it, i guess, will. >> that is right. >> good to see you, thank you. >> yosemite national park say they're make prog gres battling a wildfire but now it's the size of dallas, texas. we have incredible images firefighters contained 60% of it. you can see from one member of the so called hot shot crew near the flames this is where it's coming from. this one walking through front lines. wow. officials say the wildfire
7:53 pm
grew overnight. it's now 4th largest in california histry. officials expect to fully contain it within the next few weeks. some people in las vegas area were stuck at home this weekend after flash flooding made it difficult to get around. witnesses say it was drizzling one moment and then, skies just opened up. sending water rushing down the mountain. >> you know to do daily activities we need to do. and you know it's, we've been -- this is not beach front here. >> flooding damaged homes and prompted police to he vac wait a couple dozen people. >> it seems listening to music joined ranks of exercise and good nutrition, favorite songs can be better for you than you think. coming up a study suggesting tunes can be the ticket to a healthy ticker. oh this is lame, investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars
7:54 pm
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we all have favorite songs now a study suggests listening to music you love is good for your health, especially your heart. researchers divided 73 people with heart disease for three weeks first group listened to music and exercised, second, just exercised and the third just exercised. the group which exercised came in second improving by 29 but those who just listened to music improved their heart funk nearly 20%. researchers say it has to do with music causing the brain to release feel-good chemicals. the findings suggest all people can help their heart by listening to their favorite tunes. great thought. alligator hunting is underway down south. opening weekend ended with a state record. 3 hunters say they tracked down this investigator in the mississippi river yesterday. he looked hungry of.
7:58 pm
they shot it, hooked it and tried to pull it in. they couldn't get it into the boat because the animal weighed 727 pounds. i told you he looked hungry. the guys got help and brought the catch in and it was a record one. the huge reptile just a few pounds different than the previous record which a different team caught just hours earlier. >> president obama taking his case to congress for a strike against syria. and today, members, lawmakers rather including senator john mccain said a vote against a strike could be he quote, catastrophic was among them, syrian president assad warning any u.s. military strike could lead to a regional war in the middle east. and a receipter to the united nations syria asking the worgs organization to prevent what it calls aggression from the united states. and on this day in 1666, a
7:59 pm
massive fire burned nearly all of lond wron to the ground. the city was kil filled with narrow streets and wooden homes and neighborhoods battled flame was just buckets of water. the story goes, the disaster started when the king's baker failed to put out his oven before he went to bed. overnight, sparks from the smoldering embers ignited fire wood on the floor and bam, flames jump add cross the street and spread from building to building. to building. people tried to get out jumping on to boats to evacuate. others scattered to the hills. they would watch flames destroy four-fifths of their city over just a few days. it's said just 16 people died but the great fire of london broke out, 347 years ago today. it has been a busy holiday weekend, breaking news did not stop on the crisis in syria.
8:00 pm
we're continuing to cover every detail for you here on fox news. and that is how fox reports this labor day monday september 2, 2013. jeff is back tomorrow with studio b. more news ahead. more news ahead.


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