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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 2, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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every detail for you here on fox news. and that is how fox reports this labor day monday september 2, 2013. jeff is back tomorrow with studio b. more news ahead. more news ahead.
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what is going on, miller. >> i'd probably take advantage of this $155 a night. put think the way if i slept on my back i won't pick up the
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fee. on my stomach i'd pay $155. that is just me. i use a frequent felon mouth f i can slip and be sexually compromised by a better looking inmate i'm there with it. >> bill: i don't understand that but i like the frequent felon files. >> put it this way if my cell pait looked like carville i'm springing for the extra $155. >> look. >> gordon was a house of representatives senator or something. >> bill: you don't even know. i think an astronaut named that. >> looked like a muppet accidentally washed on hot. >> bill: let's give up that topic to the hillary clinton. anyway she can convince you to
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vote for her for president? >> well listen, they both better start run brg they decide to run they're getting soft and i don't think you can take a year and a half and not have a heart attack in the shape they're in. they better put knit i max. hill very in fine form when you see yesterday the clinton foundation spent $50 million on travel so she's in game shape, man. the money over there laundered more frequently than joan crawford's win watch. that might be an added benefit she might be crankier with terrorists because hillary is pissed off at the old man, she knows sheegs been cheating on more frequently than a blind woman playing scrabble with
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gypsies. >> bill: could you vote for her? >> no. >> bill: okay that. does answer the question. >> come on. i could have said it off the bat we've got to fill eight minutes. >> bill: it's true. i'm glad you led me into the final. >> no. not voting for hillary. >> bill: nothing she can do? personal appearance at your house? nudge something would you say hillary or your dog? don't answer that. >> i zront a dog i'd save. >> bill: you can rent one just for the day. >> a kelly dog from a temp agency. >> bill: just to make the decision. bradley manning? eight years, that looks like what he's going to get. he behaves what do you say? >> i feel bad for archie manning because eli and peyton are good kids. this one went off the track. >> bill: not the same family. >> sorry. list yechblt you better not
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wear that beret in prison you spy in prison, you know our office correctional facilities that is one place they make sense. i trust war lock in cell block d over john roberts at this point as far as george prude yens goes. he starts ratting people nout prison this will take care of itself. >> bill: i don't think he's going to do that and that is hard labor for them. not $150 and big screen tv. >> very hard labor. you can beg for an epidural. they won't give you one. >> bill: that is rate. >> other labor, sorry. >> bill: let's go down to jersey shore. i was looking for bruce springsteen, didn't see him. buddies were interest there again. >> they're cute together. like danny zucko and sandy in "grease". >> bill: what is sandy?
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which one. >> a little chunky in this one. >> you know, obama throws like a girly man. nice to watch christie. look at chris. it's tough for him to get into reflective glory of anyone. i think he's had stapling done. i know obama wants to ask him how he can staple biden's mouth shut. >> bill: why do you think the president takes time? they're doing the sandy thing but this is a photo op. >> yes. any president would do this. >> bill: you think so? >> yes. >> bill: you think so? >> of course with scandals for god's sakes. does it help president owe obama being seen with chris christie? >> this guy is -- oob thoob is, i don't know. i don't know if it meant
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anything to you. >> they both can serve like this, do you what i mean? chris gets something out of it. he looks like an open minded guy. >> bill: he's running again. okay. >> also, christie when you're north of 400 pounds you've got insecurity issues so maybe he being with the popular kids. >> bill: you may know eric holder, miller thinks is really steadman, oprah's boyfriend. do you think they're the same person? >> i don't think they are. >> you're positive? >> bill: he wants to marry oprah. >> is steadman going to resign? >> that point doesn't know whether to admit co 2 to negligenter regions or wind his watch. the fact is that once he did the thing he's -- it's like belly best. he'll go when he wants to go. before then he's going say
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listen, i did dirty lifting i'll go when i want to go. >> bill: worst tax cheat in american history, mark rich got a pardon by bill clinton on clinton's last day in office when ch was engineered they say by eric holder. >> yes. >> they can't throw him out. so they've got to keep in close until they can exit him out. >> bill: do you think he's going to go? >> everybody goes eventually. but steadmanman? he's a stick in the eye to guys like me. people on the left dig being a stick in the eye to guys like me. >> bill: do you believe president ob dwrauma in the long run is going to be damaged beyond repair so he's a lame duck for last three years? not going to have influence?
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did you believe that will happen? >> well, he's been the world's most highly praised lame duck five years, what has he got done except pushing something called obama care when i think will be pushed out when found out it involves a photo id. he's been a trifle now to get off on those accusations he has to say i wasn't malevolent. i'm clueless, okay? >> bill: do you believe he knew? >> no. do you remember the phil heartman sketch he played reagan? people would go oh, hi. this is my desk. that is the rug. then, they'd leave the room heez he'd go everybody did it. >> bill: that is what you believe? you think he does? >> billy, come on. seems like you cannot pinch yourself as a guy who knows
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everything then all of a sudden go, you know, all wobblely as thamper would say, of course he knew. >> bill: jesse water goesing into the belief outer space, waters is next. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day women's 50+. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. [ male annouer ] let's go places. but let's be ready. ♪ let's do our homework. ♪ let's look out for each other. let's look both ways before crossing. ♪ let's remember what's important. let's be optimistic. but just in case -- let's be ready.
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>> i'm you know, i'm a show girl. >> i'm kardashian. >> you're kim kardashian? >> this is a cling on, clearly. >> people like to cling on. >> who are you? what is this? >> i'm not hitting on you you're not yet. you should. >> i think it's color you guys are a couple? >> yes. >> you must be proud. >> i'm so proud. >> is it hot in there? >> yes. very hot. >> i can't breathe. >> so you're fanatics? >> i'm demanding one. >> what is tracts you gays to star trek? >> i like space ships and aliens and i like the message of accepting diversity. >> gives us a hopeful future, there is no poverty. >> science fiction is humanity's hope. >> star trek is come out of the era.
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>> it's healthy to have a escape and place to go and just focus on the goodness in life. >> you're now known for james bond series. >> yes. >> should i smash your head? >> are you proud you're trekies? >> i am. >> do you think energies might be better spent improving on planet earth? >> we try but we're not going to miss the star trek convention. i recycle. >> a good way to relax after a stressful day. >> i prefer to reserve judgment on that part of the story. >> what do you do for a live something. >> belly dancer. >> a reading on that, whatever it is. >> what about shatner? >> he's a solid actor. >> do you have a crush on shatner? >> yes. big crush. >> superman or moses.
8:15 pm
except captain kirk is real. >> your career is identified because of star trek. how do you feel about that? >> i feel fantastic. >> i just wanted to say i wanted to do a quick interview but i understand if you don't want to do it. >> he said he was an a-hole. i don't know if that was the kindest thing to say. >>.u that man was an a-hole. >> 66 years old. i recognize patronizing when i encounter. >> the eye patch what kind of powerer zz that give you?. >> i'm going to that eye. >> okay. >> well, do you watch bill o'reilly? >> he shoots as straight as you can see. >> anything you want to say to mr. o'reilly? >> bill, where are you? this is great. >> i don't know. i'm sure it's nice. you know, watters played what?
8:16 pm
>> i can't pronounce the name. star trek next generation. >> was he an alien? >> a humanoid. so we had him on and he has been on what? three four times, always a respectful conversation but he doesn't like you. >> no. he said you were dismissive, patronizing and condescending. >> wow. >> it's a long list? >> in one interview. >> second interview talking about race and zimmerman. i think at the end he perceived you were giving him a home work assignment. you said do a little research looks like young black male disproportionately commit crimes owe opposed to the rest of the population he was physically ill. he goes you're cut from the same cloth as your boss and pointed at me. >> bill: that sounds like a semi racist same.
8:17 pm
>> so he's not a big fan. >> not anymore. >> bill: i don't think he's coming back. >> he said he wants to talk to you without cam skpraz wants to know why you feel you're more superior to him. >> i'm not. he's a cling on or whatever they are. but i'd like to have lamar back if he has a beef with other interviews. waters everybody. coming right back, dennis miller running riot. i mean that. miller is next. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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if out there i would want to place that with you. ♪ [ music ] . >> all right. >> i'm telling you, if you have to stay on caffeine before going on the air. it's killing me. now,. >> by the way congrats at the federal witness relocation network did a nice job. >> if the g.o.p. splits hillary is the next president. right? >> well, listen. you know, bill, we're both history buffs. i've toured los alamos, rand paul and chris christie i hate to see fat man and little boy quibble like this when the 400
8:22 pm
pound guy is telling you bring home too much bacon you know it's going mad. you want to get the pant suit rid for hillary. big mama is going to be in that inaugural parade. and uma abadean going to be next chief of staff, the name used on the internet this week. >> bill: there is a lot to digest there, miller. >> all right. so your advice for republican party kind of let's calm down a little bit. kind of get together. kind common ground have blts together, stop the nonsense, huh? >> well, listen billy as they say in the business, pooch has been screwed. i'm not sure we're not seeing
8:23 pm
the awkward birth of a third party. hillary is just sitting there licking her chops. >> bill: here in new york city we can have the big gulp again, we can drink as much sewed qla was we want because courts ruled mayor bloomberg cannot limit the size of sodas and you say? >> it's about time mayor lucky charles -- charms got shot down beware of the dwarf star who fans yeez himself a quasar. you want to make the diet better? quit feeding them your cram every day all right? move on now. you're a rich guy. you rigged the last term you're not that important go back and cash checks of the stock picker good, idea where do you get off? how about a rule where five nine people can't eat
8:24 pm
foie gras, then, you're screwed. >> bill: isn't his intention good? isn't that the intention? no? >> the road to hell, billy what. do you do they say it is paved with? now athey're paved in good intentions. i don't ever want to meet bloomberg all my life. all of a sudden i'm in nork and have to wor brit gollum saying i can't have salt? lighten up, pal. >> bill: are you a fisherman? throwing that line out? i've been known to work an angling, yes. >> putin, we're forming a putin fan club. he went to siberia and caught a pike weighing 46 pounds. there he s putin. he kissed the pike there. >> woah billy. did you just
8:25 pm
put up another anthony weiner photo? >> no. that is putin. >> that scared the living hell, you can't keep that. >> bill: so here is the controversy. fishermen tell me that there is never a pike that has been 46 pounds ever caught, that is the biggest pike is about 27 pounds. and putin's fudging it here. >> i love putin he cameo out on the lake. here is the interesting man in the world. >> stay thrifty, my friends. >> bill: he put on a shirt after catching the fish. >> you want me to wear a bra? >> no. no. a bra is for ladies. meet the bro. >> bill: problem is that you knlt tell putin he's fudging
8:26 pm
the fish or they'll throw him in jail those girls. >> the world has gone insane. putin ought to come out with a double d qup a calendar or something. every time i see him he's out with a gun or a fish hook show meeg a lot of something. >> he dances by the way on saturday night moscow putin. >> do the sharpton. >> bill: let's get out, please. thank you. jesse watters travels to the board walk to find out how the folks are doing to summer. we'll come right back. e to go s♪ ♪ fire, fire, you can take me higher ♪ ♪ take me to the mountains, start a revolution ♪ ♪ hold my hand, we can make, we can make a contribution ♪ ♪ brand-new season, keep it in motion ♪ ♪ 'cause the rhyme is the reason ♪ ♪ break through, man, it doesn't matter who you're talking to ♪ [ male announcer ] completely redesigned
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live from america's news headquarters i'm ainsley earhardt in new york word more u.s. war shipz are moving towards the syrian coast including aircraft carrier nimitz as the president continued pushing for an american military strike against the regime of assad, tomorrow, mr. obama set to meet with leaders of the house and senate armed services committee as well as foreign real yailgss committee. many lawmakers not yet sure whether to approve a strike. the president received support of republican senators john mccain as well as lins lindsay gram of south carolina. and crews near yosemite national park say they're making progress battling a wildfire the size of dallas,
8:30 pm
texas the fourth largest in california's history. officials hope to have flames contained within the next few weeks. now back to the o'reilly factor special, watters world. >> bill: waters world there was a parade on coney island. mermaid parade billed as the largest art parade in the nation. a celebration of ancient mythology and honky tonk rituals of the seaside. what better place than jesse watters to find out what is important to the folks that attend it. >> what are you two biggest things that you think of on a regular basis? >> my family. and my art. >> what is important to you now? >> you.
8:31 pm
>> i'm just kidding. >> the offer for all of you. >> yes. >> i'm doing my dissertation on cross dressing. >> what are you looking to accomplish? >> adventure. >> just living it up. >> i don't know what we're yelling about. >> so what is important to you guys right now? >> bubbles. >> bubbles, bubbles everywhere. but not a drop to drink. >> what do you do for a live something. >> i'm a teacher. >> whird have a kid and your dreams and hope goes go out of the window. >> what is on your mind most of the time? >> being famous. >> mostly glitter probably i'd say. >> well, goody for you. >> oh, yeah. >> wow. really? >> my look is like getty barbie. imt girl next door in the
8:32 pm
projects. >> it's confusing. >> remarkable. >> he's wearing a dress. >> they do a lot of yoga. >> how are you? >> he can't do that here. >> do you think you're setting a good example for kids you're teach something. >> yes. >> do you love your body? >> yes. >> are you sure. >> i like the way you talk. >> okay. >> okay. >> do you care about what is going on in the world? >> of course we do. >> are you concerned about the nsa? >> not really. >> do you know what the nsa? s.? >> nope. >> i don't know if it's true. if it is, what is up, fbi. >> they're listening to phone call autos they're in for a treat. >> what about country? are you a pait sflit. >> you look american.
8:33 pm
>> enough. >> 40% of us feel like we're the enemy of the government. >> so you love america? >> no. >> are you a he'd onistic type of guy. >> i forget what that is, man, i'm from south brooklyn. >> do you have god in your life? >> i don't believe in gochld i believe in energy and vibe autos what kind of vibes am i giving you?. >> you're pretty chill. hoo do you ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news? >> i have watched bill o'reilly. i don't agree with his views. let's put that it way. >> that is shocking. >> is it? >> no. >> i'm jesse watters. >> no idea who are you, but nice meeting you. >> anything you want to say to mr. owe righty right now? >> o'reilly! >> calm down. >> my father spent all kinds
8:34 pm
of time at the coney island board walk and the pool area. the swim area. i don't know that that was going on. >> he wasn't in a tutu? your dad. >> bill: here is my question. seems like there are a lot of gays attracted to this. >> yes. >> this isn't greenwich village or a gay area. it's a working area. >> it is. >> bill: what is that? >> i think transvestite community descends on coney island during this parade. i have no idea. they're very flamboyant. >> bill: just a week ago there was a gay pride parade. how many parades do you want? >> they like pageantry. >> bill: is that theme here? >> the theme was marine oriented. >> bill: i don't see kids in this. >> kids are off to the side.
8:35 pm
i don't know if i'd bring my kids to this. >> bill: so just a bunch a people having a great time. >> a lot of the transvestite community are big factor fans. >> bill: do you why? >> it's fashion forward. >> bill: coming back it will be miller time. did putin steal a super bowl ring? also angry about allegations of snooping on reporters, miller is next. do you guys ride? well... no. sometimes, yeah. yes. well, if you know anybody else who also rides, send them here -- we got great coverage. it's not like bikers love their bikes more than life itself. i doubt anyone will even notice. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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miller time segment tonight. we chatted about the snooping scandal that cheryl at skinson's business and personal commuters were hacked into. >> bill: this is big. in order to go after someone you've got to have a suspicion. i assume have you a suspicion. you don't have to tell me. i assume have you a suspicion. >> i think i know. i'm just not prepared to go into that. >> bill: joining us now is dennis miller. and you say? >> well, i admire her. i think she's a real gamer it's nice to see there is
8:39 pm
still reporters out there who don't, who volunteer to share their hard drive with the white house. a lot of people sharing a hard drive they have to hacker. i think if she worked at nbc they'd have let her go right now. but i think she understands from cbs past that you have to built this on facts up to the point which is accusation of the name where here is it what. so he like the way she's building the paramid. she better have the blue dress. >> you know the amount of evidence you that would have to have to accuse the federal government with the obama administration reelection campaign or whatever it might be would have to be
8:40 pm
substantial. fit did happen and if it was again rate bid powerful people in washington or chicago that will be an enormous story. so i think she's doing it the right way. i believe her. irthink i know who did it but i'm not going to go further than that. >> i'll tell you who didn't do it. biden. have you ever seen him with a computer? using that little thing to get pellets into dog's eyes. he might blow up the planet. >> i can't join in mocking him on that because i have trouble turning the blueberry on. i just can't do anything. >> billy, a big difference, i work for you. >> bill: putin, our favorite
8:41 pm
guy. miller and i love putin. love love him topless on the horse, love him chasing tigers. now, the president and owner of the patriots good guy there he is on the left. in the salmon pie says that putin stole craft's super bowl ring. do you believe it? >> i think putin thought it's a nipple ring. he's got that catcher mitt muscles but listen. here is the thing. look at that. i'm moving over there tomorrow. i'm on the moscow factor later today but i think as an old gb -- kgb guy he didn't know that keep guy's bling. once you give to it putin you're never going get it back. >> bill: do you know what the
8:42 pm
definition of super bowl ring is in russia? >> any toilet with a ring on it. >> bill: i thought for country that's couldn't stand up for themselves. you beat row maina. very good now the way it happened is that putin and craft were smoozing. you know? and putin said oh look at that ring. bop bop, craft took it skpof said take a look. putin take a look and put it in his pocket then absconded with it. ran out! i think craft should have tackled him. and put a body block on him. >> first thing he said is i can kill someone with this. that might make it back that way from tackling him. >> i went to the opening of the bush presidential library in dallas.
8:43 pm
a wonderful event inspiring me to get started on my own legacy which will actually begin by building another edifas next to the bush library. can we show that please? >> he was g he can do that for a living. he's got good writers, right? >> the thing to remember is the entire obama library will be in fine print. >> bill: yes. >> here is the thing i'd say about obama. i think he'd be better, i wish we can replace obama with craig ferguson and give obama's own late night show because he's great at that. i don't know if he can do a late night show, i migh miss curtain call. you can sleep through benghazi, you can sleep through the opening of a show. if i watch fawning at him i figured it out.
8:44 pm
he's frank sin natta and the press is peter lawford now. >> bill: no doubt about that. >> they feel like they're player buzz on they're own -- their own. the difference between this man and this man at a press conference there are people on dialysis who aren't that dependent on machinery in their live. i was watching that the other day. he was saying you have, you have, -- uv, uv, but he's a great comic. i he's has bad at being president. fine. talented guy. great speaker, let him sell sham wow. the country has gone to hell. >> bill: jesse talks about immigration reform this, is great. what are you going to do. >> are you apply tok a u.s. citizen? >> i did. i got turned down.
8:45 pm
i didn't know how many representatives in the house of representatives. >> i don't think i know that. dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ dad: i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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8:48 pm
>> bill: waters world one run many people come here is -- so we sent waters out to check out that situation. >> where are you from? >> pakistan. >> causea blanca. >> might be a good idea for you to stay back for a while. >> must be an exciting place. >> yes. >> i was born in haiti.
8:49 pm
>> when did you come to america? >> 1985. >> let me see your paper autos did you apply to become a citizen? >> i did. i got turned down. i didn't know how many representatives in the house of representatives. >> i don't think i know that. >> it's okay. >> you have a masters in bangladesh. >> in what? >> political science. >> so you're james carvel of bangladesh. you don't know who that is. >> so you don't think he they should build a wall on the border. >> so you preserve the dream.
8:50 pm
>> who should we not let into the country? >> i'm not -- the tourists come from. >> oh, terrorists. >> yes. yes. >> can you explain it please? i was legal eight years later and a couple years later i became a citizen. >> this country founded in immigration. boy not exclude anyone. >> mexico was here before america. >> we have to share it. >> are you sure? >> what do you think we should do with illegal immigrants here snou. >> help them out? >> help them snout. >> yes. >> do you understand that? we need help that. is why we're here. >> what about barack obama? >> he's doing very g i love obama. >> why? >> well, he's a cool guy. >> cool? >> well, used to buy mic $1.45
8:51 pm
now, it's $4. gas is almost $5. but the bush. >> it's bush's fault? >> yes. >> wait a minute. >> do you watch bill o'reilly? >> i like him a lot. >> i don't know him personally but he's good on tv, though. >> anything you want to say to bill o'reilly? >> hi hi, baby. >> a lot of people notice i drove a cab. i drove a cab in miami. when i was an intern down there for abc stations. >> you can make a pretty good buck driving a taxi cab. >> it's 13s ands -- $13 an
8:52 pm
hour. >> it doesn't include tips. >> i asked them whot worst tipper s do you know what they said is in the french. >> the french? >> worst tippers. best tipper is college girls and wall street trader autos more you work in a cab more money you make but that is why people come here, they need taxi drivers. >> they do. in the beginning it was jewish drivers then russians now, it's all pakistanies indians. >> i didn't see women in that crew. >> one babe. >> she was a driver? >> yes. >> they seem nice. >> very nice people. i don't want to say anything bad bit. >> don't say anything bad bit. they're hard working peem absolutely. >> not sponging off. >> waters world movie edition best ask worst films of all
8:53 pm
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droid does. waters world movie edition, movies nowadays so we sent jesse waters out to ask folks on opinions of the best and worst films of all time. all time greatest movie is... >> just the movies. >> you cot do not talk about fight club. >> don't punch me. >> the hobbit. >> it sucked as a plot. >> you're smart kids. >> thanks. >> did you cry when you saw shaw shank?
8:56 pm
>> who didn't cry? >> hankor -- anchor man. >> i look good. really good. >> he's a legend. >> yes. >> some like it hot. do you? oh, my god. >> bride made nonstop laughter. >> i think best movie i've seen is probably pulp fiction. that movie revolutionized story telling. >> allows me to resort. >> worst movie that you've seen? >> i never seen that thing. >> titanic keeps sinking. >> you know how sit? >> yes. we're going to have to agree on mariah carey's "glitter". >> ouch. >> who do you think the best act jor right now? >> daniel day lewis.
8:57 pm
he kills it. >> cary grant. >> mairl steep. >> i know it's shocking. >> jennifer aniston. >> you go with jennifer aniston? >> yes. i am. jim carrey. >> george clooney is a good actor. >> just cloon gee hanson like that. >> good looking guy. >> sandra bummock she rocks. she does different roles. >> this is much better. >> who does not he deserve to be acting in movies these days? >> keanu reeves. >> just isn't a good actor. >> nick cage has been going
8:58 pm
down hill honestly. >> i don't watch lifetime. >> lindsay lohan pumps out the worst things i've seen. >> jennifer lopez. >> she was only good in that movie she got beat up. >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly? >> yes. >> what is your favorite parts of the show? >> talking points memo. >> are you bill o'reilly? >> i hope not. >> i'm reading your book "killing kennedy" and it's very good. >> now, do you know what that knows -- shows? lack of history among younger people. best actor in my mind marlon brandon. >> right. >> then you have lawrence oli.
8:59 pm
vier. dustin hoffman. will ferrell? you had seen it's been -- you had citizen cane. godfather. none of those were mentioned. >> right. >> you go who is the best president? you go martin van buren. >> they don't have history. american film is part of the culture. >> right. >> last year we sent you out to oscars. >> doumpl that? >> i think so. >> right. >> george clooney was going to kill you? >> right. >> i was thinking about sending you out there again but what sells there to do some. >> i don't know. >> they don't like you. you're not going to get red carpet. >> if you have any ideas or want to see watters world at oscars let us know. we're out of ideas. >> don't send me into south central l.a.. okay? >> send him into south central. >> no. no.
9:00 pm
do not. >> jesse watters everybody, cautioning trouble. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. network, varney & company 9:20 eastern. hello everyone and welcome to the special labor day edition of "the five." i'm eric bolling along with kimberly. bob just back from the congo, this is "the five." president obama has announced that he's ready to launch a military strike against syria, but he wants congress to sign-off on it. naturally just minutes after telling the country our national security is at risk, the president spent the afternoon golfing. but today he put down the clubs to focus on getting the votes he needs from lawmakers. this afternoon the president met with senators mccain and graham and the white house was dialing


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