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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 3, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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first". >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> xheems of the senate intelligence committee will make its case in congress hoping to win support and military action in syria. what can we expect from today's hearing? >> kelly wright is live with those details. kelly, what's the latest? >> president obama continuing to push for getting support for members of congress to get people to persuade other congressional members particularly if republicans approve his plan. >> already talking to a lot of my colleagues. before i ks persuade them i have to be supported. i am saying the president made sense in a lot of things he had to say. we are a long way from achieving what i think would be most
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effective strategies. >> they are hoping senator lindsay gram would help them. president obama is convinced they are responsible for carrying out a chemical attack on its own people killing 1400 people. the president said last year the attack would be a red line to provoke them to intervene in the prices but he wants to take action but stunned the world when he said he would first seek authorization from congress. now he must convince his own party to stand against them. >> i don't think they understand the chemical and biological warfare. >> the president has to spend some time explaining the significance. >> later today more explanations will be given the senate foreign relations committee will be holding a public hearing with
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syria defense secretary chuck hagel and chief chairman general martin temp see are scheduled to appear to make a case against a punitive strike against syria. >> will world is continue to go react to a possible strike on syria. failing to hold assad accountable would encourage iran to speed up the nuclear program. rejecting the evidence that syria's government used chemical weapons. they vowed to block from authorizing military action. >> interesting. several months ago i had a conversation with somebody who is close to put tans sishlg who said in effect, putin just doesn't like the president on a personal level. there's a thing there he doesn't like him. he doesn't like to be shown up. i think what you are seeing now after the united states has effectively rolled over for many
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months is president obama getting us by with vladimir putin saying i have had enough i am not going to let you roll us like this any u é you saw this with the announcement he was going to meet with the leddian gay groups on the side lines of the g 20 summit. i think putin will get it back up even more i don't think that's a reason for the president not to act. i think it is long over due. >> furthering that point president obama said he was ready for the summit but canceled. this time he hack nude a marine's recruiting web site. there were people in uniform holding sign that is said i didn't join the marine corps to fight for al qaeda and the civil war. information was not looked at risk. they claimed responsibility for hacking into twirt and new york times web site last week.
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overnight a scare in the air or passengers in a southwest flight heading to chicago 20 minutes after taking off the plane hit a bird and lost one of the engines. >> i heard a boom i heard it flashing outside of the window and it was going. >> it was very, very scary. people were in tears and crying. >> they were forced to make an emergency landing. thankfully they landed safely and none of the 124 people on board were hurt. >> her 5th time was a charm. the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. >> pretty incredible. the 64-year-old lady arriving in key west after 53 hours and 110 miles in the water.
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>> never ever give up. >> the record breaking swim had been a dream of hers for the last 35 years. her first attempt and at the age of 28. she tried again in 2010, 2011 and 2012. >> 63 hours. can you image? >> to an extreme weather alert a workday ending in tragedy. one man is dead two co-workers hospitalized with serious burns after he was struck lie bit lightening. we have the latest from miami. >> they are hard-working guys. they drive trucks. when they are not driving they are doing mechanic work. >> janice owns this property at 122nd avenue. she was inside her home while
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three friends pressure washed their 18-wheeler. then she heard the boom. >> one of the gentlemen that was outside came running to say someone was hit. we went outside all three of them were on the ground. one of them is deceased. >> according to rescues he w th was nothing they could do. >> they were underneath the trarl and the lightening bolt hit says flend. janet and her son tried to save the three. one suffering from a cut on the head the other bleeding from the mouth. >> they don't know what happened. to them they had no idea what happened. they recognized us. they don't know what happened. >> they are still investigating by those directly struck by the lightening or the lightening struck the ground nearby. >> new overnight big games in california where the wildfire the massive wildfire burning near yosemite park.
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they have it more than 60 percent contained. they have burned 111 structures. crews expect to have it fully contained in a few weeks. >> wildfire firefighters out west hope mother nature keep with them. others are waking up to cooler temperatures. let's get a full check on our weather with maria molina. >> good to be back here with you. good morning everyone. we are talking about finally drier weather across parts of the great lakes and the northeast. we had a soggy labor day weekend. we were even talking about flooding across sections of the northeast. y there will be a threat of dry weather a lot of sunshine and cooler temperatures. take a look at the cooler days across new york city. high temperatures only in the
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70s. feeling fall like out there in cleveland ohio 68 degrees the high temperature on tuesday below average at least for the next few days. much cooler out there. peeshgs yensing 90 degree heat. 91 in san antonio 87 in kansas city. we are expecting rain to cross into the southwest. there will be parts of the rockies. lightening with thunderstorms across parts of california and nevada that could spark up new wildfires. something to keep an eye on but welcome moisture across the area. lightening is deadly in florida. this morning 6 british soldiers are accused of beating off duty officer after a nasty fight. he attacked the cops after he
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started talking to a women who hit him. he was members of the army rugby team who was visiting new york city for a match. they could be discharged from the army if they were found preached of code of conduct. he played rocky ball -- played in rocky balboa in 95. >> this morning boxer tommy morrison is being remembered. the former heavy weight champion passed away sunday night. they didn't state the cause of the death. morrison was tested with hiv he later said the test was false. evidences on a ventilator the last day of his life. some of his biggest fights were against ray mercer lennox lewis. he was 44 years old. >> in a few hours the markets
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opened after a long weekend. it could be the start of a rough months for wall street with other top business headlines we turn to lauren simonetti for fox business news. >> don't bank on september for 401 k's. worst month of the year for stocks. for the dow it brings extreme volatility causing wild swings of at least two percent over the last several years up 2.7 percent last year but down more than 6 percent the year before. on this first day of the ninth month of the year trards are back at the desk after the long labor day weekend. they know the real labor comes friday morning with the jobs report. it is the most important piece of economic data we get and the feds will be watching. more bad news when it comes to the airlines. the special bee reevement fairs
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as well as senior discounts are increasingly hard to come by. in the rare event you find an airline with the discounts you might find the savings so small you don't want them in the end. we should point out many do still offer military discounts. that's good. >> the ceo of the maker is giving away 3 million of his bonus to 10,000 workers in 20 countries. that's nice and rare. it will go to workers in china. leshg novo workers will get $325 that's a month's pay that. is christmas come early. >> thanks so much. 11 minutes after the top of the to the beach turning into quite a nightmare. >> gathered around them and they started running up screaming. >> a frightening moment a
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teenage attacked by a shark. >> still deciding whether to get a flu shot this year? a brand new health reason why you may want to. a look at the gas prices. new national average $3.59 right there.
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>> hope you and your family had a great labor day yesterday. in the nis classmates at the university of new hampshire students who die on overdosing on the drug molly now speaking
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out. it is described as a form of pure ecstasy. this deadly drug is becoming more and more common on campus. >> if you have big dance things here that is a big thing everybody takes. >> other people don't realize they are on molly when they are. it does happen. >> they took the drug at an electronic music concert in new york city. >> a fun day at the beach turns into a nightmare. he was swimming in the motion with his friends when a shark attacked him and bit his shoulder. >> he was right next to us when it happened. from his reaction he didn't know. >> friends gathered around him they started running up screaming. >> the 17-year-old had to get more than 20 stitches.
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but he is expected to make a full recovery. >> this is definitely not the way to start a pro football career. >> coach rookie john vow et arrested after an altercation with police in minneapolis. according to the cops he said they couldn't arrest him because he played for the colts. he was released on $150 bond. they change the way the government classified the fort hood shooting. legislation will provide more support for the victims. ktbc reporter rude key pass kie has more now. joj carter roger williams returned monday promising to right a wrong. >> the wheels of justice turned slowly too slowly. >> they kept silent about the man who was responsible for taking 13 lives on post.
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>> we have been reluctant to do anything at this point that would benefit major has hassan's defense. >> during a memorial service shortly after the shooting president obama said those who died were victims of a war. the department of defense said it was a case of workplace violence. monday morning the republicans announced legislation will be filed as an act of terrorism. >> workplace violence designation favors political vie loefrns truth and justice. >> it would make the military strijs eligible for a purple heart. civilians would receive a similar ar ward. for the families it means increased benefits.
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>> we are not here for us we are here for the soldiers to get the combat status the medical help they need that's why we are here today. >> the goal is to bring the legislation up for a vote lart this fall. >> it is now 19 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up next on "the rundown" do you suffer from depression? a new study shedding light on surprising factors. it turns out you might have done it before going to bed last night. the washington redskins has probably never received an invitation like this. >> we have awesome dance moves. >> pretty sweet. >> the awesome insight to the marine corps ball that is coming right up.
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>> welcome back. a missing firefighter was responding to a call on friday night in the santa pfay nationa forest. they were checking out a 30-day fire started by lightening. each firefighter went off on atv's but adams never met them back. the leader of the search team said it is optimistic because it is in training. >> dennis landing in north korea for a second trip there. this is new video of him in china on the way to korea. it is just a friendly visit to
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see kim john you think. the two men in february bonded over basketball. u.s. officials criticized the trip. basketball diplomacy could help relations from kim junk unand president obama both big basketball fans. >> another reason you may want to get a flu vaccine this year. for the first time ever there is a 4 in 1 vak sun. it has a milder strain of the flu that children are more likely to catch. there's 135 million flu vaccines this year but only 30 million will offer four strain protection. battling the moves a new study finds not just stress and finances making us all a little bit depressed. heather nauert is here to reveal some of the surprising reasons you might be feeling down in the dumps. what else is making everyone so sad? >> good morning to you. if you sleep with the television on you might want to turn it off after you hear this.
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according to a new study nighttime could lead to depression. the reason for that is melatonin helps brain neurons function properly. but it can't detect light. then it is important to know have you ditched the red meat if you cut down on burgers a lack of iron may make you twice as likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. it is important in hemoglobin which transports oxygen around your body. you will feel sluggish and tired with low iron. if you slouch it may make you a crouch. 110 students found those who walk to the posture reported having lower energy levels and feeling more depressed than those who stood more up right. that is not a problem for you
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ladies. >> thanks so much heather. >> the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up was a teenaged football player forced to practice until he died? that is the stunning allegation from his family you will hear from them up next. >> image driving down the highway and seeing this. the motorcyclist's wild ride on one of the nation's busiest highways. wow. first on this day in history back in 2006 invincible starring mark wahlburg the number one movie at the box office. >> my name is spelled wrong. >> nothing personal. but is it really going to matter? >> he played only one year of high school football. the nfl's most unlikely rookie.
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>> it is september 3rdrd. we begin with a fox news lart for you. key members of the senate will hold their nooirtsing about a strike on syria. but there is growing concern thethe president's case isn't strong enough. we are live with the developing details. >> another major blow to obama care. one of the nation's largest unions cutting ties with the afl cio. why they are blaming the affordable healthcare act. >> image this. driving down the highway and this happens. a motorcyclist's wild ride on one of the nation's busiest highways. "fox & friends first" starts for
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you right >v,6 >> in new york city good morning to you. it is tuesday morning. hope you had a great labor day. welcome to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. thank you so much for joining us. it's half past the top of the hour. in just a few hours key members of the senate will begin presenting their case to congress hoping to win support to take military action in syria. >> doug luzader has been following the story for us live in washington. good morning, doug. >> this comes down to congress the administration calls it flooding the zone. two key administration figures defense secretary chuck hagel testified before the senate foreign relations committee. yesterday president obama met with frequent administration critics senator john mccain and lindsay graham both of whom are
2:32 am
likely to back congressional authorization. >> vote against that resolution i think it would undermine the credibility of the united states of america and the president of the united states. >> in an interview with the newspaper syrian dictator bisals assad said he warned of igniting a mideast powder keg if he interveneings. a cruise missile strike from offshore will be difficult to contain. depending on the terror group for the region military strategists warn this key lay will give syria even more time for a strike. >> even when they march to the brink of war it passes time advantage in the initiative. the ball is in assad's court.
2:33 am
who doesn't have much time if they can convince members of congress to go along. they continue to work in washington next week. >> doug luzader live in washington. thank you, doug. >> we have this moments ago. russia reporting the radar detected two ballistic objects being fired from the eastern mediterranean sea. it is in syria and israel both shooting down those reports. connor powell is life with us in jerusalem with the developing story. >> it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise. they reject all of the claims the regime used the chemical weapons two weeks ago. foreign snirn saying he wants to see more evidence he received the regime used it two weeks ago. when he is saying already is
2:34 am
absolutely unconvincing while president vladimir putin said he would use chemical weapons on his own people are nonsense. they protected syria and the united nations continue to supply president assad with weapons. they are at the g 20 summit where no doubt they would be here in the milled east. all eyes are on washington wait and see what congress decides about some type of military strike. the big fear about israel and countries like saudi arabia and kuwait is the u.s. hesitation on syria will only em bold egg iran and israel in places like saudi arabia and kuwait they can't tolerate it and they see syria as a test case for how they will handle iran. >> connor towel live for us in jerusalem. thank you.
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>> more major glow the lawn share union is cutting the ties with afl cio. 40,000 members are frustrated with the president's healthcare plan and immigration reform. he said president obama ran saying he would not tax medical plans but is now pushing for that tax. >> overnight a scare in the air 20 minutes after taking off in north carolina the plane hit a bird and lost one of the main engines. >> i heard a boom and people were saying oh my gosh. my heart was going real fast. >> people were in tears people were scared babies were crying. >> the pilot forced to major an emergency landing thankfully it landed safely and none of the 124 people on board were hurt. now an extreme weather
2:36 am
alert. a workday ends in tragedy for three men. a lightening strike left one dead and sent the others to the hospital with serious burns. they were washing a tractor trailer when this happened rment>> someone came in running to say someone was hit. we went inside and all three were on the ground. >> the injured men are in stable condition and unclear how close they were to the spot where that lightening hit. >> a football player forced to practice until he died. that is the stunning allegation from the family of the 15-year-old nicholas. he collapsed at the end of practice last year. it happened in staten island, new york. he died hours later from a heat stroke. he tried to leave the field but the coach made him return. the family has filed a $10 million lawsuit. the coach and the school denying any wrong doing. >> how often do you see this on
2:37 am
the road? one guy pulling off this wild stunt on the beltway outside of washington, d.c. yesterday. he popped a we'll lee in the middle of the traffic. fortunately the dangerous move didn't end badly. but it could have. >> before you leave the house this morning get your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> large parts of the country enjoying a lot drier weather today is that right? >> finally across parts of the great lakes and northeast over the last couple days many people dealt with shir showers and thunderstorms. knott not good beach weather. drier conditions over the next several days through friday for so many people out here. get out and enjoy it. temperatures and humidity are going to be a little lower. it will feel pleasant out there. take a look at cleveland, ohio
2:38 am
68 degrees well below average will be the high temperature as we go thursday in the 70s as well. as we head further west parts of texas parts of the planes enduring the hot temperatures. denver and colorado high temperatures 90 degrees. in montana parts of idaho we are talking floodinging wi being a concern. we are talking rain and welcome moisture out here. we continue to see the dry brush drought conditions severe to extreme in so many states. a team of alligator hunters
2:39 am
realing in the 737 pound gator over the weekend. they struggled with the record breaker for more than 4 hours before pulling him to a and bar for help. another team got a 723 pounder. both breaking records for largest gators ever caught in the state. robert griffin the third and his wife scoring an invite to the marine corps ball. >> we invite you to the 2013 marine corps ball. >> now that we got the invite out of the way. here is 10 great reasons why you should go with us. >> we have awesome dance moves. >> that is jimmy j and his wife press tol they are diehard redskin fans pretty good dancers, too. this will be his last ball. rg3 says he can't attend the ball it is the night before the
2:40 am
redskins play the chargers. >> what a cute couple. a lot of personality. >> 50 shades of grey coming to life. johnson landing the role of anastasia steele the daughter of melanie griffith and don johnson. his leading man will be charlie hunnam the author of james brook news on twitter. >> have you read the book? >> no. >> have you read the book? >> yeah, no. >> coming up if you are about to start your day with a fat free yogurt you may want to rethink your breakfast choice. >> it may have the reverse effect. >> two rival high school coaches tackling each other to the ground. we will tell you what sparked
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>> police and school officials in alabama are investigating a brawl that happened between two high school football coaches two rifle coaches. both men tumbled to the turf as cops players and coaches rushed in to separate them. one of the men have been placed on administrative leave. >> fat free yogurt is bert for you? brand new research is saying the fat free stuff might actually cause more weight gain than the yogurts that contain the fat.
2:45 am
sugars and additives to replace the fat dmrooif insulin incidents. it's not just in yogurt. the trend applies to all low fat food options from breakfast cereal to salad dressings. >> they paid 800,000 dollars for the design spovenlts sores shelled out another 700,000. colorado hopes it will attract visitors to the state. not everyone is loving the new look. some say it looks like a traffic sign. >> never give up. amazing accomplishment off the waters of key west, florida. diana niad swam 100 miles from cuba and was welcomed on the beach by an energized crowd. >> kelly wright has the story. >> completing the check she is
2:46 am
attempted four times before. diana pulling off a treacherous 110 mile swim from havana to key west. the 64-year-old break ago record becoming the first person to swim this stretch without a shark cage. once on shore she appeared dazed exhausted and swollen managed to thank her supporters with a message of persistence. >> we should never ever give up. >> you are never too old to chase your dreams. >> with a leap and a splash she jumped in setting off for cuba on saturday. the punishing swim took her 53 hours. >> it looks like a solitaire resport b -- solitaire ry sport but it's a team. >> her message has been inspiring for well wishes. her first attempt came in 1978.
2:47 am
she tried her luck three times in 2011, 2012. >> i am standing here at the prime of mrief. you have a body that's strong a better mind a mind of peace with the joy of the world a mind that's full of courage and not afraid. >> while this labor day accomplishment was no small feet he has made other swims including a 28 mile lap around new york city in the mid 1970s. in new york kelly wright, fox news. >> that's incredible. >> coming up almost 50 minutes to the top of the hour. if you have a car key with remote entry lock button you want to listen up. a brand new morning about how it may be an easier target for car thieves. >> america's top model just
2:48 am
named. steve doocy coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends" on this use that feels like a monday. senator john mccain fresh off his meeting with president obama. they talked about syria. they support the president onne. ann coulter and laura ingram we are going to talk to them about what the president is doing in up or down mode. >> cheryl casone is talking about how to turn the interview messups and turn them into success stories. >> how you can be fit but fat at the same time. what you can do all about it. fox and friends live from new york city starts in 11 minutes and 22 seconds from right now. ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪
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♪ ♪ >> good morning to you and your family. rise and shine. in the news, frightening moments when a small plane comes crashing down on a highway packed with labor day holiday travelers. this was the scene in prince george's county, maryland yesterday. the plane had taken off at a nearby airport. it crossed over all the lanes. three people on board were hurt, no one on the ground was injured. >> most drivers have car keys with remote entry lock buttons but this morning a warning from experts. there is a new technology available that could allow thieves to steal your car with a simple push of a button. >> as you unlock your
2:53 am
vehicle, if they're nearby, they can pick up that signal that's being transmitted through the air and if they've got the right software, they can decode that encrypted signal and figure out what the code is to open your car. >> that's pretty scary. auto manufacturers are aware of this code stealing so they're programming the new key fob remote to change their codes every time they are used. but high-tech criminals have already figured out a way around that reset. heather? >> all those markers you just bought for the new school year will eventually dry out. but crayola has found a way to reuse them. the dried up markers are shipped to a company which will specialized in plastic. the reproduced markers
2:54 am
produce fuel at a rate of a few gallons a minute. an early exit for roger federer. he was upset in the fourth round. it is the first time in a decade federer lost in a round of 16. he made 43 unforced errors. he says it was a frustrating performance. if he won, federer would have faced rafael nidal in the finals. >> first horses and tigers and now walruses. oh my. another day, another animal stunt for russian president vladimir putin. the crisis in syria not stopping him from visiting an aquarium. he watched walruses do push-ups and took the chance to give one a high five. he stopped by to feed the dolphins and watch them perform. >> coming up next on the rundown, talk about horsepower. this isn't something you see every day while driving
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down the highway. >> she is simply the best. who was just named the world's top model. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible.
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♪ ♪ >> it is about two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house this morning, here's what's happening today. in just a few hours key members of the senate will make their case to congress. they're hoping to win support for military action in syria. republican lawmakers launched a new push for the obama administration to reclassify the fort hood massacre as an act of
2:59 am
terrorism, not workplace violence. it would help victims get more benefits and support. doctors say endurance swimmer diane nyad will not need long recovery after swimming 110 miles between cuba and florida. the 64-year-old finished her swim in key west about 53 hours after starting her journey from havana. quite an athlete. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. no surprise here. kate upton won the coveted title of the 2013 model of the year. she'll formally accept that award at an event kicking off new york fashion week tomorrow night. next the bad. a horse stampede in mexico city. 30 horses went galloping down a busy road after they became frightened by the sound of car engines. the animals escaped as they were being taken out of their trailers damaging 11 cars and injuring one person. the ugly. talk about a vacation gone wrong. a new zealand kayaker spent
3:00 am
two weeks traveling on an island off the coast because he feared a 20 foot crook dial would eat him. he said the crock followed him in his boat each time he tried to escape. >> that does it for us. we hope you have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> there you are. thanks for being with us on "fox & friends." it is tuesday, september 3. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen carlson. we begin with a fox news alert. rebels screaming akbar as fighting on the ground escalates in syria. these are the people we are about to arm? the senate hours away from meeting. we are live in washington with the breaking developments. >>steve: meanwhile a holiday weekend at the shore takes a pet try tpaoeug turn. a -- petrifying turn. a nine-year-old boy is bitten by a


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