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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[ laughter ] >> oh, that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online with the special guest brit hume on board starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. round 1 to president obama in his push to rain missiles on syria. the senate foreign relations committee votes aye. >> i didn't set a red line. the world set a red line. >> and president obama says it's not his credibility at stake but everybody's. >> my concern is any strike against this regime as bad as it is will empower these radical islamists. >> there are no good options. military options united states and syria. >> tonight, will the president convince congress it's time to act? even as the obama administration makes up its
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mind about its next move, we are hearing syrians leader is taking time to prepare. hiding weapons. even shifting troops to civilian areas. tonight how that effects our military option. the drum beat of war is first from fox this wednesday night and congress has just taken the first step towards giving president obama the okay to use force against syria. the senate foreign relations committee today voted to approve a resolution that authorizes military action. and that happened after senator john mccain demanded what he calls vital changes. he and the delaware democratic senator chris coons added amendments that read in part the president's goings of assad leaving power an end to the violence and negotiated political settlement in syria are prerequisites for a stable democratic future for syria and it is the
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policy of the united states to change the momentum on the battlefield in syria so as to create favorable conditions for syria that ends the conflict that does change the game. the resolution does not authorize president to send in combat troops to make any of that happen. of course recent history shows he doesn't need authorization. the full senate vote still has to come and this is not a done deal. today a house committee held its first hearing on possible military action. this afternoon, on "studio b," the head of the subcommittee on middle east told me congress is facing what she calls a terrible decision in the land of bad options. >> the mission is not to stop the slaughter. what we're in fact saying is you can continue killing your own people. you just can't kill them with chemical gas. that is in essence what we are saying with this vote. >> what we are saying is keep on killing but not like that.
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remember, nobody is suggesting that drooping u.s. missiles on syria in the middle of its civil war would stop assad from using chemical weapons. stop him from killing his own people. even slow him down. in fact, congressional approval isn't even necessary to hear it from the president to carry out an act of war that the u.n. head calls legal. >> i always reserve the right and the responsibility to act on behalf of america's national security. i do not believe that i was required to take this to congress. but i did not take this to congress just because it's an empty exercise. i think it's important to have congress' support. >> shepard: now the president is on his way to russia for summit of world leaders including russian president vladimir putin one of syria's biggest supporters. today our defense secretary chuck hagel accused moscow of supplying some of syrians chemical weapons. and that sets up team fox coverage. wendell goler is traveling with the president in sweden tonight.
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first to mike emanuel on fox top story live on capitol hill. man, that vote out of committee today was not as easy as many might have expected. shep no question changing momentum on the battlefield. some lawmakers were clearly uncomfortable with that. after a close vote in the committee, the measure passed the first hurdle in the senate. >> i think the fact that we got from a spectrum that goes from john mccain who is one of the most hawkish members of the senate to dick durbin who is one of the most progressive members of the senate gives you a sense that we have struck the appropriate balance in this resolution. >> i just need to get through the committee with the provision that we have to change the battlefield equation. that is key and vital in we're going to succeed in having bashar assad leave. >> this sets up debate and a vote in the overall senate next week. mccain thinks an oval
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office address by the commander and chief would certainly help, shep. >> shepard: if the original resolution was not to have regime change, this amendment certainly suggests that it is now. and over on the house side, they are doing some debating and questioning of their own. >> well, that's right. we heard a lot of skepticism from house lawmakers both republicans and democrats including what happened to the military strike leads to a broader war in the middle east. here is a sample of congressional concern. >> my concern is any strike against this regime as bad as it is will empower these radical islamists, these extremists, and we have seen this movie before. we have seen afghanistan. we have seen what happened in egypt. we saw what happened in libya. we saw what the arab spring has brought us. it's not good. they fill the vacuum. >> mr. secretary, you said the world is watching what we are doing. but, i have yet to hear some concrete things of what the world is doing. i'm in fear that they will
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isolate the united states where we are only doing something unilaterally while the world just sits back and watch. meeks is worried about the united states going it alone and americans making all of the sacrifice. from the tone we have heard today it sounds like there is big work ahead to get approval in the house. shep? >> mike, lots of questions about what all of this would cost. today, secretary hagel gave us an estimate of a price tag. and we heard some surprising news about who all of a sudden is willing to pay for it we will go to the pentagon coming up inside fox report. first though, president obama says he always reserves the right to take action on his own, to protect america's national security. but he also says he did not ask for debate in congress just for show. and he claims it's not his credibility at stake here, because he didn't set the red line about chemical weapons. i didn't set a red line.
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the world set a red line. the world set a red line when governments representing 98% of the world's population said the use of chemical weapons are abhorrent and passed a treaty forbidding their use even when countries are engaged in war. congress set a red line when it ratified that treaty. >> shepard: so he says the credibility of congress and the united states and the entire world is on the line in syria. not his. team fox coverage continues. wendell goler traveling with the president in stockholm. wendell? >> shepard, the president used part of his time on this stop in sweden in which he scheduled african selling a meeting with vladimir putin in moscow to try to build international support for military action in syria which, of course, my mr. putin opposes. the russian leader says the evidence about who used chemical weapons in syria is as suspect as the intelligence the u.s. said showed iraq had weapons of mass destruction 10 years ago. mr. putin doesn't deny
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someone used chemical weapons. but he says when russians ask for additional information to try and pin down who, they are told it's classified. president obama says there is plenty of evidence qui have interaccepts indicating people in the chain of command before and after the attacks with knowledge of these attacks we can show that the rockets that delivered these chemical weapons went from areas controlled by assad into these areas where the opposition was lodged. >> meanwhile defense secretary chuck hagel told lawmakers on capitol hill the russians provided the syrians with at least some of the chemical weapons stock. the president made case for responding to syrian's weapons attacks dinner that went an hour later than scheduled this evening. tomorrow he heads to st. petersburg, russia where the issue will be the biggest item not officially on the agenda of the g-20 summit.
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shepard. >> wendell goler in sweden. one of the big troubles here is the refugee crisis. sweden is the first european country offer asylum to to any who request it. 2 million have left syria during uprising. refugees living many times in camps like this one and iraq. we will get a report from the syrian border coming up inside fox report. just hours before the senate committee voted for a strike on syria. al qaeda linked rebels there attack ad christian village that's under regime control. a nun who witnessed the attack told the associate the press that the rebel seized a mountaintop hoteland . killed 8 syrian army soldiers and took out their tanks. the nuns said that dozens of villagers took shelter in the convent which is used to house or fans. all the syrian action on capitol hill helped to drive up the dow today. ahead, we will show you how the crisis is affecting our economy and why we should
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all keep a very close eye on what happens next. plus, a stabbing at the high school and by the time it was all over, three teenagers were hurt and another was dead. all of that and continuing coverage as the war drums beat from the journalists of fox news on a wednesday fox report. new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires screech ] ♪ and your favorite songs always playing. [ beeping ]
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>> shepard: there is word president president obama's aides are suggesting he cut off aid to egypt. egypt is dealing with the aftermath of a military coup that knocked out its democratically elected president morsi. even though it is coup. so far the white house has not used the word because using the word would automatically trigger an end to the aid. right now we give egypt about a billion and a half dollars a year. crucial american ally in unstable region. if president obama does now move to cut off aid, that would obviously be a major shift. but a rep for the national security council says the
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president has not yet made any decision on that matter. the congressional debate over a syria strike helped push stock into the green today. the dow up nearly 100 points to end the day just under 15,000. it hasn't closed above 15,000 in nearly two weeks. the nasdaq was up 36, the s&p about 13. analysts say any resistance to military strike in syria may be motivating traders. but as long as the cries continues, wall street is not out of the woods. rich edson live from the fox business network in d.c. rich? >> shep, just before 10:00 a.m., reports suggested senator john mccain opposed the bipartisan plan to authorize military strikes in syria. then, the price of oil dropped and the dow jones industrial average turned positive. mccain is a strong supporter of u.s. intervention in syria and some investigators took his opposition as a sign congress could ultimately reject the president's call to attack syria. though mccain only wanted to change the resolution's language. he succeeded and a few hours later supported it.
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it is still too early to tell if congress with l. approve the president's request. and some say syrians effect on the economy may be overblown. >> in the end, oil from the region still matters, the potential for regional war which syria's civil war certainly contains, that matters. so i think the direct question of what's happening in syria, does that effect markets? probably not so much. >> still he says there would be significant economic consequences if syria leads to major changes throughout the region. for now, investors mostly seem focused on the fed's next move and friday's jobs report. shep? >> shepard: rich edson, thank you. what about syria's economy? shear is a snapshot. unemployment has reportedly gone up 500% since the start of deadly civil war. healthcare system in shamables. excuse me. the german news agency spiegel report syria originally had 75 state run hospitals but now '30 are operating. much more on the crisis in sir i can't understand at u.s. response coming up inside fox report.
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but first tonight, a 17-year-old boy is dead after a series of stabbings at his high school today. the sheriff says it all started with a confrontation but got a lot worse from there. it happened at spring high school just north of houston. we have video that shows paramedics wheeling one teen out on the stretcher. three students reported hurt. one of them a 16-year-old boy with a stab wound to the side. but the hospital has since upgraded his condition to good. in the meantime, parents say they spent hours uncertain of whether their children were alive or dead. but when a reporter approached this mother, she had just received a very important text. >> i just got a text from my son saying that he is okay. and -- that's what i was worried about. that's all they said was a-year-old boy. my son is 16. >> right. >> that's all i. >> shepard: she said her niece told her the fight was gang-related although the sheriff said that school had not previously reported any gang violence to its deputies. he says investigators are
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questioning one 17-year-old suspect. the cleveland kidnapper ariel castro hanged himself in prison at his cell last night. that's according to officials as well as the autopsy. next, you will hear from a prosecutor who calls castro a degenerate molester and coward. plus, word of even more evidence against the nfl star turned murder suspect aaron hernandez. not for this most recent case with you for that other shooting that last year and left two dead. that's ahead. t benning, georgi. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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4:21 pm
prison staffers say they found castro hanging in cell last night. coroner says it looks like he used a bed sheet to hang himself. he was in protective custody they checked him every 30 minutes but he was not on suicide watch. prison staffers and state police are investigating how this happened. last month judge sentenced him to the rest of his life in prison plus 1,000 years after pleading guilty to holding three women captive for a decade raping them, starching them, forcing one to have multiple miscarriages. that survivor michelle knight spoke at castro's sentencing and described her years as a captive. >> i cried every night i was so alone. days never got shorter. days turned into nights night turned into days, years turned into eternity. >> shepard: she added that while her hell was over,
4:22 pm
castro's was just beginning. that was then. in court ariel castro testified and insisted he is no monster that he was just sick. but there was no question he was the stuff of nightmares. and tonight those who survive years of unimaginable pain in his hands at least have a small measure of assurance no matter what he will never hurt anybody again. mike tobin in our midwest bureau tonight. anything from castro's victims today? >> well, now e shep, at the home of gina dejesus the guardian angel stood outside with the red berets. no public comment from the other two women who endured a decade of brutality in castro's house. we did get a scathing comment from the cuyahoga county prosecutor which reads let this be a marriage to other child kidnappers there will be a price to pay when you are caught. you won't enjoy the captives' side of the bars. castro's defense team had a different take. >> for society in general and the city of cleveland, there is probably people cheering today. but, again, that's not civilized.
4:23 pm
and this is a human being who who was very sick and we all agree was evil to certain degree and had a lot of psychological issues. this isn't something to necessarily celebrate. >> castro was not in a permanent prison. he had been transferred from the lorain correctional facility. that is one of the most crowded prisons in the state. the staff determined he was at risk there due to his notoriety. shep? >> shepard: mike, one of castro's former neighbors said today he took the coward's way out. and added: we're sad to hear that he is dead but at the same time, we're happy he is gone. prosecutors in montana are now appealing a sentence from the judge who claimed a teen rape victim was older than her chronological age. that judge sentenced the rapist, a teacher, to just 30 days in jail. and he also claimed the 14-year-old victim had some control over her relationship with the rapist. the judge later apoll gizzed for his comments in
4:24 pm
this case. and when state prosecutors said montana's laws actually appear to require a minimum of two years behind bars in this case, the judge agreed. he also offered to resentence the rapist. the are demanding a full appeal. no comment from the defense. and by the way, the victim killed herself. there is word of bombshell new evidence against the former nfl star aaron hernandez. not in the murder case for which he is facing trial now but in a drive by shooting that killed two men last year. police sources tell our station wtic in connecticut that they have surveillance video. video that shows aaron hernandez with the two victims in a nightclub just hours before they died. prosecutors haven't yet filed any charges in this case. but police have long looked at hernandez as a possible suspect. there is no response of any kind really from hernandez' attorneys. right now the former patriots' tight end is in jail accused of murdering this man, a one time
4:25 pm
friend. congress is a step closer to signing off on any possible military action in syria. today, one lawmaker asked the defense secretary can we trust these rebels? the response straight ahead. plus, missile strikes are not cheap. now we're getting an idea of just how much a military operation could cost us taxpayers and have that for you as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up.
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>> shepard: two suspected carjackers are under investigation tonight after crashing that stops our news across america. michigan the owner of that car says two guys held him at gunpoint as he was pumping gas cops quickly located the vehicle and sped after it. they say they briefly lost sight of it and witnesses saw next. he was coming over is 100 miles per hour. boom, his whole engine was out in the middle of the street. the car caught fire rescuers rushed to pull out the suspects who went to the hospital. at least one firefighter also hurt. florida, a family treasure hunters struck gold off the coast of fort pierce. a $300,000 haul which divers say they found in the break damage of 11 ships that went down during a hurricane nearly 23 lurks years ago. loot includes 665 feet of
4:30 pm
gold chains plus gold coins and a ring. by law a state of florida gets part of the treasure. the rest expected to be split between the family and the company that owns the rights to the sunken fleet. arizona, an emotional reunion between a woman and her dog. the pooch had been missing in the desert after a 17 car pileup back in june. the woman and the dog were in one of the vehicles involved in that wreck. the crash injured the owner and killed another dog in the car but this one ran away. volunteers found the pickup a -- pup a few weeks ago and brought it back to the owner. now it's part of a fox watch across america. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. just in to fox news, the u.s. senate has just announced it's cutting
4:31 pm
short its summer recess and going back to washington this friday. congress was supposed to be back next week. fox news has also learned senators want to get a head start on the debate over possible military action in syria. the senate foreign relations committee approved a resolution today. it calls for preventing syria from using chemical weapons. it does not authorize the president to put u.s. combat forces on the ground. here's a look at where other world leaders stand right now according to the reporting of the pentagon. the country is himented here in green support military action. those in gray report they are undecided. the countries highlighted in red have rejected the use of force. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt on the top story at the bottom of the hour. and jonathan, american lawmakers are not alone in the debate, the legal and moral implications of what will happen in syria. >> yeah, the debate here, shep, being mirrored in capitols across europe. the french parliament, the latest to debate the
4:32 pm
situation in syria as the violence there, of course, continues unabated, the french prime minister told lawmakers today the government firmly believes action is is necessary and france's a military coalition to carry out that action. listen. >> france will not act alone. it will join forces with others. other partners starting with the united states. with whom it got together during critical times. when it was for a just cause. >> the british prime minister david cammeron, although his parliament has voted against taking part in military action said again today that he believed it is necessary even without british participation. warning that there would be, quote: >> reported last night, jonathan on a major defection within the syrian
4:33 pm
regime and new information tonight, yes? >> yeah. the former defense minister aly habib, now, opposition activists are now saying that he has, indeed, got out of syria, crossed the border to turkey. now, that is -- it is an important defection. one of the highest ranking yet if indeed it has happened. he is also a member of president obama's assad clan itself is a sign of a crack. said it is not true the opposition claims that alli ha bib is in fact at home. few people believe that statement from syrian state tv and it would, of course, not be the first time that that state run television station has had a baghdad bob moment. >> shepard: thanks very much. those reports of the defection of the defense minister are true, it would not be the only official to back away from the assad regime. far from it.
4:34 pm
in fact, secretary kerry revealed 60 to 100 officers and enlisted personnel have defected in just the last day or so. we cannot confirm that catherine herridge live from d.c. with more. catherine. >> kerry offering nothing more than the defectors but hint guilty new information from the german spy agency. >> some point in the appropriate settle, you will learn additional evidence, which came to us even today which further documents the acknowledgements of various friends of the assad regime that they know that this happened. >> the reported phone call from a top official with hezbollah, militia backed by iran and iranian embassy in damascus ordered attack that the decision was a mistake and showed the syrian president losing his grip. with the senate committee resolution backing a shifted momentum rebels. pressing the witnesses on who the real opposition is. >> do you trust these
4:35 pm
people. >> it's not my business to trust anybody. >> it has to be the business because you are making decisions to go into war and put american lives at risk. so, it's a simple concept. you either trust or do not trust. and if you do not trust, we don't call these people our allies or support. >> the secretary of state defense chairman of the joint chiefs deferring all questions today about possible retaliation for u.s. strike by russia iran proxy in syria to those behind closed door classified sessions shep. if the crisis ends toted syrian newspaper close to assad regime estimates the price tag at $73 billion. that would include the cost of repairing or rebuilding nearly 1.5 billion. then there is the military cost of a limited as they call it u.s. strike. today on capitol hill. lawmakers pressed the
4:36 pm
defense secretary chuck hagel on that very issue and jennifer griffin has that for us tonight. how much? what are they estimating? >> well, it's the first time that we have heard a pentagon official estimate the cost of this so-called limited operation. >> who is going to pay for this? and what is it going to cost the united states taxpayers. >> depending on the different options, depending on the decision that the president makes, we have given some ranges of this. it would be in the tens of millions of dollars. that kind of range. >> each tomahawk missile costs about $1.2 million. that gives you an idea about just how limited the pentagon is planning to make this shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, it was fascinating to me today to hear the saudis offered to pay for the whole thing that we are military for hire. >> well, the other real problem is that there is evidence that has been for the last two weeks moving
4:37 pm
around his chemical weapons and the ability to launch those weapons. there is nothing in the current plans that would cause the pentagon to go after the storage facilities. most of which are deeply under ground. general dempsey explained how the pentagon planners are watching all this movement. >> they are, in fact, moving resources around and in some cases placing prisoners and others in places that they believe we might target. at this point our intelligence is keeping up with that movement. at this point one pentagon planner said they move it we watch it. nothing in the plan to prevent those chemical weapons from falling into the wrong hands after this kind of limited strike. shepard? >> jennifer, the pentagon has confirmed that the number of u.s. destroyers in the region has gone down from 5 to 4. officials sending the uss mahon back to port in virginia incidentally the
4:38 pm
military named that warship after the naval historian alfred fair mahon. analysts credit him with advancing so-called gunboat diplomacy. the idea that nations with greater sea power hold more influence on the world stage. in fact, experts have called him the most important american strategist of the 19th sip tri. and the destroyer named after him is coming home. syria's massive refugee crisis will likely get even worse if there is no response to last month's alleged chemical attack. that's the word from the turkish foreign minister today. speaking at a news conference in geneva, he said: if the same trend continues and there is no international reaction to it, we are scared neighboring countries face bigger numbers of refugees. as we reported here last night, the united nations reports that more than 2 million refugees have left syria four the surrounding countries you see here. more than 700,000 people have gone to lebanon alone. our greg palkot has a look
4:39 pm
from the syrian/lebanon border. >> just up the rode road where from where we are the border crossing. we were told last week when the u.s. indicated it could hit syria with a military strike this road was packed with 10,000 people coming over in one day from syria. now, as you can see, the traffic has slowed down. but we're also told with that threat still remaining the number of people going back into syria is small as well. >> the u.n. reports more than half of those 2 million syrian refugees are children. we're monitoring developments in the situation in syria but first some of the other news of the day. man turned up dead on the side of the road. police say her friends dumped her there after she had an asthma attack. now those friends could be in a lot of trouble. plus a programming note. fox news will be airing part 1 of a series time line of terror commercial-free tonight in prime time. it's a realtime look behind the attacks of 9/11 and america's response that's
4:40 pm
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[ crows ] now where's the snooze button? >> shepard: when an asthma attack left a woman unconscious they tried to revive her but couldn't they left her. she was 20 years old. her mom says she really doesn't understand why her friends didn't take her to a hospital. >> i can't imagine what they were thinking. it is heart-breaking. >> police say so far they have caught one suspect. he faces charges including concealing a death and abandoning a body. a public health warning tonight in new hampshire. officials there report surgeons may are unwittingly exposed several people to a rare brain disease one they say is a lot like mad cow disease but without any links to beef. likely killed a brain surgery patient. now they are notifying 8 other patients who had brain surgery at the same hospital in manchester. we are also told hospitals
4:44 pm
in some other states are trying to do the same since they may have used the same surgical equipment. the disease eats away the brain causing uncontrollable spasms and eventually death. critics of the president's healthcare law have already challenged it at the supreme court. but there is a chance it could be headed back there again. this time over the controversial birth control mandate. some employers say it would force them to provide birth control will to their employees regardless of their religious belief which really is in question frankly. lawyers on both sides say the high court could rule on this issue as soon as the next term. shannon bream live for us in washington tonight. shannon? >> shep with nearly 70 of these cases pending across the country and split among the lower courts it would appear this case is on the fast track to the u.s. supreme court. lori wyndham senior counsel for the beckett fund says no one is challenging access to birth control only whether the government can force employers to foot the bill. >> the only question here is whether our government
4:45 pm
can force religious business owners to pay for abortion causing drugs and to pay for in some cases contraceptives even if that's among their most deeply held religious beliefs. >> supporters of the mandate say employers can practice their own beliefs but they cannot force those beliefs upon their employees. general o'brien president of catholics for choice. >> what's really interesting is that i actually don't think it's about contraception. the longer game for religious extremists and trawl conservatives is actually to force a situation whereby their consciences can trump the consciences of other americans. >> if the supreme court takes up one of these cases on appeal, a decision could be due by next june. shep? >> shepard: shannon, of the 33 employers that have asked for injunctions against the enforcement of the birth control mandate as it's making its way through the courts, 27 or i should say 26 won and seven have lost. tornadoes, again ripping through a country that
4:46 pm
rarely sees any tornadoes and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. japan. witnesses say the twisters tore roofs off buildings and toppled trees about three hours north of tokyo. local media report at least two people hurt. unusual as tornadoes are in japan, several of them cut through the tokyo suburbs just two days ago, injuring dozens of people. brazil. about 100 seaside apartment buildings have slanted to the side in the southern city near south pal low. many of those buildings are in danger of collapsing. some 17,000 residents are at risk. officials blame faulty foundations and poor construction. ecuador, local artists are decorating dozens of bridges with their work in the country's largest city. builders say they hope the colorful tiles and paintings on the bridge support beams will help attract more tourists.
4:47 pm
many of the columns have been covered with gravity. the new designs are said to reflect the history of the city. china. a a-year-old boy set a new guinness record as the youngest person to pilot a plane. his dad says he enrolled his son at a flight school in beijing. the kid trained there 20 days before taking the throttle of the local light aircraft. he flew about 20 miles over a wildlife park. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: one of the world's biggest tech giants has unveiled the device that would look pretty good around the wrist of a sort of dick tracy. if you like smart phones, get ready for the smart watch. plus, a group of former postal workers have found their own special place to retire. it's free of their biggest enemies. the barking one.
4:48 pm
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>> shepard: another week another glitch for the nasdaq. company officials say there was a brief outage this morning in one of its trading systems. they rortyed it lasted six minutes and then they fixed it and even that didn't effect trading. the exchange had another big outage. that one halted trading for three hours. federal regulators say they are in contact with the folks at nasdaq and that they are monitoring the situation. some analysts are calling it this year's must give holiday gift. the latest blow in the tech war between apple and samsung. they are calling it the galaxy gear from samsung. the tech giant today unveiling its so-called smart watch. company officials say it acts as a sort of extension of the smart phone by alerting the wearer to
4:52 pm
incoming messages and calls. it works by blue tooth. folks can make calls on it secret agent style. camera and a bunch of apps. apple is reportedly developing a sum larr product as we reported lehr last night that company has scheduled a media event next week in which analysts expect will will ununveil a new generation of iphones. now to a mailman's paradise. that's what some are calling the small retirement town of now crest, florida. i never heard of it either. but the residents there have one thing in common. they are all retired postal carriers. where is it? it's about an hour and a half drive east of tampa. and the name now crest is actually an acronym that is for national association of letter carriers retirement education security and training. according to the town's official web site, ground breaking began in 1962. and the purpose? give retired letter carriers an inexpensive and sunny place to call home,
4:53 pm
of course, no dogs never. steve harrigan live in nalcrest tonight. steve? >> shepard, dogs are, in fact, banned from the town. fedex drivers sometimes get dirty looks. even email is frowned upon. >> llv. long life vehicle. that's what we use for most of the routes. >> 752 residents of nalcrest florida are former letter carriers for the u.s. postal service. >> it's unique because no one is better than another person. there is no competing with the joneses. >> at the town's post office, old timers tell how they used horses on their routes. >> a couple times a horse stopped at the sliewn. is a saloon. guys used to go in there to get a little pick me up. >> on the softball field at the pool the topic is often the same.
4:54 pm
>> when the men get together, what happens? >> well, a lot of times they talk post office. >> yet, despite the lack of sleet or snow in central florida, that talk is often grim. there is a sense here that the golden age of first class mail is gone. >> that's kind of sad. still got the christmas cards. that they can't change. and your bills. eventually they will change that too. i mean they do a lot of them are online. don't get anything in the mail. >> rent for the cottages begins at 359 a month, shepard? >> all right. steve this year marks the 50th anniversary of the town of nalcrest. the hollywood legend jack nicholson is reportedly retiring. one web site is reporting the reason has something to do with his scripts. that's coming up.
4:55 pm
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>> shepard: jack nicholson retiring from acting that's according to radar onryan. it reports big jack had suffered memory loss prompting the 76-year-old film legend to call it quits of the issues effectively his ability to memorize his lines. jack nicholson first hit the silver jean in 1958. won oscar for one flew over the could you coo coo's nest: the full senate will return to d.c. early to take up a resolution on the strike on syria. that's after a panel today voted to authorize a limited strike. it could come to a vote on in the full senate next week, we're told. if congress does not pass the measure, the president will not say whether he will order a strike anyway. speaking in europe, president obama said that the vote in congress is not an empty exercise buy that as president he has the right to act on behalf of america's national security. tomorrow, the president arrives for an economic summit in russia, syria's
4:59 pm
biggest backer. russia's president vladimir putin says the u.s. has not proven its case against the assad regime. on this day in 19 the 3, one handed pitcher jim abbot through against the cleveland indians. abbot was born without his right hand. that never stopped him from becoming a high school standout ball player. all american in college and a member of the 1988 u.s. olympic baseball team. there he led the americans to a gold medal in seoul. abbot, then joined the california angels starting rotation without ever playing a single game in the minor leagues. he nearly pitched a no hitter with the club in 1992. but his redemption came when he left the rest coast for the pinstripes. and jim abbot hurled a no-no 20 years ago today. -- the bombers could use him. a little shaky these days
5:00 pm
now you know the news for this wednesday, september the 4th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. back tomorrow. noon pacific, 3:00 eastern. and back here tomorrow night. mr. bill is in the wings and he is fired up. >> shepard: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> could you describe the dilemma to be a nobel peace prize winner and getting ready to attack syria? >> now, some are thinking barack obama is a warmonger. yes, that barack obama. we'll continue our analysis of the very confusing syria situation. >> spectators to slaughter nor our country or conscience can afford the cost of silence. >> is there tension between secretary of state kerr i can't understand the president? we'll have the inside story with james rosen. >>


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