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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 5, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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the summer. >> do you care about this? >> you know what i love -- >> you know what i love -- welcome to "red eye." it is like two broke girls if by girls you mean above average height men, muscular to be my pilates instructor. due to andy levy's death at a rave for cats there is no pre game report tonight. let's introduce our guests. she is so hot the sun must wear diana say dough block. i am here with diane macedo. she anchors "business news" on imus in the morning weekdays on fox business network. and if hilarity was a game of horseshoes i would do him at a family reunion, possibly with my uncle. a first time best, comedian mike kaplan. he will be per -- performing
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at the acme comedy p c. and we held an intervention to help him give up breathing, bill schulz. and filling in for andy levey is guner magnison. he just released a new solo album with 78 songs about dinosaurs. good news for collectors, it includes 13 out takes of sorapod summer. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. [inaudible]. >> i'm sure what he said was funny, but i couldn't hear it. will verbal blows add to his whoas. he has gone from flashing to bashing, anthony wiener that is. he doesn't scr a chance in the -- have a chance in the new york mayoral race. he locked horns with a man who criticized him while exiting a bakery where 90% of all fights
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start. take a look, fans of looking. >> what's that? what's that? that's courage. that's courage. you wait until i walk out to say it. don't use language in front of kids. >> i say you have the nerve to walk around in public. >> you are my judge? you are my judge? what rabbi told you that? what rabbi told you you are my judge. >> you are fine. you talk to god and solve your problems. >> that's not up to you, my friend. i don't judge you. >> are you a bad example for the people. >> okay, so that's why we have elections. joy you are perfect? -- >> you are perfect? go visit with your rabbi. it shows you how much you know. >> think about your wife. how could you -- >> by the way, that is between me and her and my god and not between me and you. >> think about that. it has nothing to do with the
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relationship you have. >> you wanted to leave your -- well you are not. you are not superior. >> i never said i was superior. >> where do you get the morality to judge me? >> you know who judges me? not you, buddy. not you. you don't tbet to judge me because you are not superior to me and you are not my god. >> it doesn'tve anything to do with being superior. ask my rabbi. >> are you calling me a deviant. >> go home. get a job. >> by the way, delivered more than you ever will in your entire life. you know nothing. your ignorance is being shown to the entire world. >> you deliver for yourself. >> it is like watching "the five." the argument continued for seven hours until finally wiener exposed himself, masturbat nie g furiously before running down an alley.
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>> what? >> no, that's not true. you know who else is looking for a fight? >> that reminds me of "the five." diane, congratulations. you got married earlier this afternoon at city hall. good for you. all of american men are mourning. you have been a devoted an -- anthony wiener supporter from day one. you applaud him for standing up for himself. >> absolutely, in more ways than one. i love how he said who are you to judge me? he is a voter. you are running for public office. that's kind of the way it works. >> the way it works is you vote for him or not for him. you don't have to accost him at a bakery. it seems the rudest thing you can do when somebody has breachedett cut is to point it
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out -- well they are both doing the wrong thing. he called him a deviant. his behavior is not deviating. almost everybody is doing what he is doing. in 20 years if you haven't september pictures of your genitals to somebody you will be a weird president. >> pick your blackberry. i do it to all new guests. >> it is disgusting. andy, this is not going to end well or will it end awesome. every week he does something more and more exciting. >> this is a suicide run he is on now. he not only realize realizes he will not be mayor, but he is done politically for the rest of his life. he has nothing left to live -- left to lose. >> are you suggesting -- >> i am not suggesting that, not at all, anthony! it is fun to watch, but it is kind of sad, isn't it? >> it is sad -- ly entertaining. >> he brought it on himself,
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but it is still kind of -- you are watching the disintegration of a man on television, and it is not me. >> you know who the expert on that is? bill. what should he do next? what is the next -- what can bring him back into that primary next week? >> he has an mtv producer following him around right now. i guarantee you this will be a reality show. >> are you serious? >> absolutely. they won't say exactly what the guy is doing. he needs to stay in the public eye, and he will. it will be good viewing because he did the uniquely new york thing when you get into a verbal interaction is you ask a question and then you repeat it three times? who judges me? you know who judges me? you know who judges me? what did you say? what did you say? what did you say? and they have food in their mouth when they are doing it. >> it is either a bagel or pizza. >> exactly, exactly. even before that he said honey cake 10 times. this is good honey cake. honey, honey, cake, cake. i will -- i am team wiener on
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this one. aren't you all, bill? i had to say it first. the guy did mutter under his breath you marying that arab wife of yours. it is hard to hear, but he says that in the video. >> does he? >> yes, he absolutely did. >> i didn't catch that. >> i didn't hear that at all. >> i hillary mind you that andy andy -- i will, remind you that andy levy is dead so i will never know. they opened the sound a little bit and if you go back you can hear it. >> then at the same time he said think about your wife. you are embarrassing the wife i hate. >> think about your arab wife. >> and the hell she is going to if we believe in such. >> and the guy did kind of -- the whole thing started because he called wiener a [bleep] bag when they were in the bakery. wiener yelled at him for saying that because there are kids there which he is right at. but as he yells at him he
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calls him a jackass. so he can't even do that right. >> i didn't hear anything. i didn't hear wiener say anything about kids. it is like, oh yeah, oh yeah, say something while i am walking away. >> it was earlier in the tape. there is a longer version of the tape. >> i didn't watch it either, diane. i just watched the funny stuff. >> that version was so long, how long was it? >> that changes the way i look at it. >> you know why i watch it? you know why i watch it? you know why i watch it? i had nothing else to do. >> we will have to do that over again, you guys. no. from one conflict to another, is it time to get serious about syria? not really. on tuesday during a senate hearing on the use of force in syria, john mccain was caught playing poker on his phone. he later tweeted, scandal, caught playing iphone game at three plus hour senate hearing. worst of all, i lost. mccain had said he wouldn't
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support the draft resolution authorizing a streak, but changed his mind. perhaps after hearing this nancy pelosi story. >> i will tell you this story and then i really do have to go. my 5-year-old grandson as i was leaving san francisco yesterday said to me, mimi, my name,. mimi, war with syria, are you yes war with syria? no war with syria? i said what do you think. he said i think no war. i said well i generally agree with that, but you know they killed hundreds of children there. they killed hundreds of children. he said, five years old, were these children in the united states? and i said, well, no, but they are children wherever they are. >> that conversation really happened. here is john kerry reacting to a protestor against the syrian intervention. >> cruise missiles, launching
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cruise missiles means another war. the american people do not want this. >> can i just say you know the first time i testified before this committee when i was 27 years old i had feelings very similar to that protestor. i would say that's exactly why it is so important that we are here and having this debate. >> compelling. you know what else is compelling? this. >> if only we could be as loving as that cat. mike, the pelosi story, why do politicians do that? do you honestly believe there is a 5-year-old with that sophisticated interpretation of what is going on 7,000, 9,000 miles away wherever syria is? >> that's the way adults --
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adults generally have a 5-year-old's understanding. he presented exactly as he saw fit. the kid is right. there are kids and who cares? he is an american. he cares about americansment he does president go into the whole thing. he doesn't go into the whole thing. will they take our jobs? we need to keep american kids working. who is making the i-pods? asian kids? the thick -- the thing i want to talk about, the john mccain thing is like, oh, three hours i could not not play a game. working three hours, you know, an extra long work day for an american, a 9:00 to 2:00. oh that's normally -- oh i don't know math. >> i will give him this. this is a guy who has to be an expert in passing time. he was in a prison camp for five and a a half years. >> with no iphone. >> you know he came up with a million things. i think he has earned the right to play games although aren't they all really playing
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games, diane? >> if i had to sit there for three hours and listen to all of them go on and on and on. >> that's what we elected them for -- >> i know, i noy. i am getting there. >> i want to yell more! >> still drunk on champagne from her wedding, guys. give her time. >> all i want to do is play candy crush. but not only is he a senator and that's his job, but he is on the foreign relations committee and on the armed services committee and so on. this is the epitomy of his job and that's what he is there to do. >> he knew how he was going to vote. >> doesn't matter. you are in congress and the point of having these meetings is to hear each other out. >> no, it is not. the point is to get on television. >> you know what he was thinking? thank god it was just poker. that's why i will never, ever, ever condemn anybody for anything because at certain points in our futures this is going to happen -- maybe not to you, but to all of us. we will be sitting there on a plane or on a boat -- i don't
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know. we are on a boat. >> i go on boats. >> and somebody will take a picture of you and it will be that thing where the girl puts up an ad for a dress she is selling on ebay and doesn't know she is in the mirror and then naked in the mirror. that's going to happen to all of us. >> aren't they playing poker with people's lives? >> that's a good point. >> can i address the diplomacy thing? she left out the part where she explained to her fake 5-year-old. >> the story may not be real. >> she said, well, ordinarily i am known for war too, but we have a democratic president right now. she left pa part. >> interesting. i think i follow. bill, can a 5-year-old know anything about syria? aren't they too focused on what is going on in afghanistan? >> you know what, this does remind me of a story and i will say this and then i have to go. i was talking to my i will legitimate 5-year-old and she
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was like father, why have i not eaten in the past week? i said to her it is because greg doesn't pay me. >> that is true. >> i think that speaks to all of our problems. >> that's a true story. we have to move on. the first person to do that jimmy carter and amy carter talking about nuclear proliferation. he said he was talking to his daughter who was like 4. >> i think this is their best understanding of what is going on. they make up the conversations to put it in 5-year-old terms. >> can i ask one serious -- >> no. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> he compares assad to hitler. how do you compare assad to hitler and then say we will only engage in limited airstrike? >> this is a problem. >> i don't get that. would you say in the 1930s we will take limited action against hitler in the hopes it does something? that's not a foreign policy. >> from syria to surveys, which deceased celebrity would you make undead? a new 60 minutes -- a new "60
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minutes" vanity fair poll on mortality. princess diana is a famous person americans would like to bring back. perhaps to make prince charles feel guilty about marying the other lady. steve -- steve jobs and whitney houston came in third and fourth respectively. you know who i would like to bring back? it would be awesome. here is something that is very much alive. >> i haven't said this in awhile, but once gay marriage, this is what happens. you have these -- i don't even know what those animals are together in public flaunting
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what seems to me is an unnatural relationship. i will go around the table. diane, who would you like to see come back zombie like? don't say andy dick because he is still alive. >> i would have voted for steve jobs. >> why? >> he contributed more to the world and to the future than anybody else on the list. >> there is a certain hierarchy to the dead. >> he was also kind of a jerk. >> like he would talk to you. he would probably snub you. bring back somebody nice. bill, blah, blah, blah, you will be dead by friday, blah, blah, blah, nobody likes you, dumpster. >> one thing i can add to this before my demise is that this is for the october issue. maybe what you have are a bunch of editors tossing around ideas like october issue, october issue. halloween, halloween. zombies, halloween, death. excuse to put diana back on the cover. >> and do the zombie photoshop thing where you get with a different kind of thing.
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>> barbara is wondering what she would look like. not well. >> they aged her. >> by the way, quite attractive. mike, who would you pliek to see come back? -- would like to see come back? >> steve jobs. he was close to bringing everybody back. he was coming up with a new technology, i-tombs. >> that was another reason. >> he basically had senior talking points before. >> thanks for letting me hit it. >> i just want to say i originally thought the same thing. it was like, out of all of these people steve jobs created the most. there is an internet meeting. five years ago we had jobs, hope and cash. if you bring back steve jobs you bring home the mean. which fictional character do you wish hadn't died? the winner was jack dawson from titanic.
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they actually said in the article he topped the list mainly on the strength of fee mall pollies and bill schulz repeatedly calling in. >> his heart will go on. >> mims is the nickname that nancy pelosi's grandson has for her. >> you are absolutely right. >> mims, mims pelosi. >> because the story is completely real. weird fact and then we have to go. 70% of men prefer their wives to out live them. 46% of women want to die first. i think that means is it generous of men that we want to die sooner or because we don't want to take care of our wives? is that it? >> i think that's it. >> is it because we are selfish or generous? >> that's usually the answer. >> we are generous obviously. we care a lot about women and the people we are with and even in death. >> generous is big speech for ending the nags. >> women tend to live 10 years
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longer and they get the insurance policies they go on cruises. everybody wins. >> they are coming back. i am not even being paid to say that. coming up, what is the secret to success and where can i find it? you either have it or you don't. >> does parliament have a porn problem? who disuse president at this po -- who doesn't at this point. great band by the way.
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should they be ripped apart if they peddle their art for wal-mart? a writer for an on-line magazine where fabritzio does. my naval -- nail. my naval? >> you always do that. >> the salon has an article that argues we should be as mad at pop stars who play corporate gigs as those who perform for dictators. he says while we was -- castigate beyonce, and j-lo when they show up at birthday parties we ignore the fact that stars like tom cruise taylor swift appear and are at shareholder meetings. these execs are human rights violators. the guy says wal-mart's recent
12:24 am
history of hiring temp workers to avoid paying benefits and allegedly firing striking employees is well documented. they are like dictators. for more let's go to sleepy baby ostrich. sbo. >> diane, a fair and balanced question. is this article dumb or stupid? >> it is both. >> you tricked me. >> i am flip-flopping and taking both answers. it is ridiculous they would make this comparison. it is just so clear. it is hard to even know -- clearly it is hard to know. joy you are still -- >> you are still beaming from being married. >> you are talking about a company you think shouldn't
12:25 am
pay as much. >> the wal-mart kills your soul. >> wal-mart is only dealing with americans and that's what is important. deck taters are dictating over people that nancy pelosi's son doesn't care about at all. who are these celebrities? they are not good people. oh they can sing. they obviously developed morals along with their vocal capacity. they are who we should be looking to? why are they making a ton of money and not caring at people. why not give us the money? why did they keep the money? give me my money. why am i giving you money? are you rich. you are rich. >> celebrities should go to average people and demand they give their paycheck to charities immediately. >> that was an amazing j-lo impression. >> i have cds and albums and i get a penny when you listen. give me more money. buy it on itunes, buy it on amazon. give me the money. give me the money.
12:26 am
>> one more give me the money. >> money. >> he just proved your earlier report. >> there is a bagel in the mouth or honey cake. >> andy you once appeared at a wal-mart to buy cat litter. >> do you feel bad about that now? >> not really. >> they sell everything in bulk. >> you can buy cat litter and a gun. just shoot your cat. >> this is dumb, but then again this is salon. >> they are doing it recently, but salon is trolling left and right. i will say that there is a tendency among conservatives to act like -- and libertarians to act like every business owner is some kind of super hero like they are all john gault. and wal-mart does pay crap wages and they are hiring people less than full time to not pay health care. but if i was a super rich
12:27 am
celebrity, i would not be comfortable being a paid monkey for them. as the article points out, a lot of celebrities want it to be on the down low. taylor swift won't let videos be released of her performing. >> if wal-mart asked you to perform for them for $20 would you do it? >> are you kidding me? in a new york minute. i tried to put a little white in my hair so i can be a greeter. they wouldn't do that i have an interest interesting celebrity doing things for them and nobody knew was tom cruise. it goes against scientology. that alone should make him get cleared again. >> that video was interesting. he loved wal-mart. he loved it. >> how much love did he get paid for?
12:28 am
>> did you see it it is cree to the p. it is a scientology thing. >> cree to the p? >> all the kids are saying it. >> really? >> they will now. >> no, they won't. >> you sound like an s to the p. >> we have to take a break. straight up now tell me is it going to be you and me together? oh, oh, oh are you having fun? it was another voicemail. how many times do i have to tell you? i need more time. it is like i died and went to chip went to rehab heaven.
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did we spy on their most high? according to the brazilian tv show fantastico, the nsa spies on e-mails, calls and texts to delma-rusef and the mexican president. >> those report even -- those aren't even the real people. >> both countries say if it is true it would mean something. he said the e-mails were taken before he was really president. they will give until the end
12:33 am
of the week for the spying. we will discuss it in what we call. >> lightning roooooouuunnndd. lightning round. >> dye n a, i believe you are -- diane, i believe you are portuguese which is what they speos in brazil. so you must have strong thoughts on this. >> can you say your answer in portuguese? >> are you now the fox news expert on this. >> that's funny because my answer is i don't know. i just don't have enough information on what is going on here with the nsa. obama said we do the same amount of spying that all of the other countries do. >> i don't care. mike, isn't the whole point of nsa so we can spy on foreign leaders? if we are not spying on foreign leaders, why bother to spy at all? >> it is not just for foreign leaders it is for our own people. what are you complaining about?
12:34 am
stop coming here. >> exactly. >> that's the kind of thing that happens on this show. >> no, no. you believe every word you said. we had to tell him to dial back some of the anti-sametic beliefs. >> we will take out the part where he says i am just the comedian. >> should we leave in the racist rant? >> yes. >> see we edited it out. all you hear is jews and blacks. andy, glen green walled who is the journalist who helped bring edward snowden to fame. should he make a decision about releasing domestic spying versus foreign intel like this, or is it the same thing to creeps like you? >> look, i don't know why i am supposed to be outraged. that's what we pay them to do. i assume if brazil had the capability they would be spying on us.
12:35 am
>> hopefully the nsa is doing the other half the of the job. >> if you had to find out through edward snowden your spies are not doing a good job. >> it is like you have a relationship where somebody is accusing the other person of cheating. you guys are doing this. i'm doing it. you guys are spying. we know because of our spies. >> they are ugly. >> your nsa impression is like your j-lo one. >> the cia has a station chief in the foreign countries. guess what. they are a spy agency. we spy on foreign countries. that's what we do. >> bill, you get a brazilian wax once a week. how will this affect your relationship with miss leila. >> only my naval. i learned by watching you.
12:36 am
the mexican spying i'm assuming has something to do with immigration and the war on drugs. as far as brazil is concerned, the only way i can figure that out is because they are hot. >> the beauty pageant. >> yes, they aring looing at sex between brazilians, various pictures and that's why they are doing itment this is how the nsa has fun. >> i thought he lived there too? >> no, by wean nays -- buenos air reece. >> they are probably just mad because they can't come and steal the spying jobs from us. >> we need walls. >> all right. is parliament torn by the use of porn? records reveal 300,000 attempts to activate adult websites were made in the last year. one site got 52,000 hits in seven months. that's a lot i think. the british house of commons said it was inflated by pop
12:37 am
ups. as you know these guys wear robes for a reason. doesn't this prove that politics are boring and it is left in front of a computer for a long period of time? >> first of all pop ups is the point. they are working hard for brief spurts and then taking a break and having a good time. porn actually decreases sexual assault. look how much sexual assault is happening in parliament. none, good. 800,000 is not nuff. >> interesting perspective diane. every organization has this problem. wherever you go people are getting the faucet of pornography pouring into their office and showering them with pornographic images. they can't get it off themselves. they are soaking in it. >> what delightful world do you live in? >> especially in the uk you
12:38 am
can't watch it on cable anymore. >> you can't because. >> they are forcing the cable companies -- you have to call up your cable company and request -- hello can i please have porn on my television? >> they are going out with internet providers too. we talked about it. >> well i don't remember. >> you have to tell them you want the box turned off. >> i was there when we did this segment. >> david cameron is doing that because he is addicted to porn. now he is restricting it for everyone else in the country. >> how dare you accuse david cameron? >> it is like closet of the gays. they hate gays. >> can i say please, sir, may i have some porn? >> yes, you may. you are a horny oliver. >> all right, they said they don't want to restrict the parrel men tear yen's ability to carry out research.
12:39 am
>> that's a good point. >> or is it a fair point. >> it is the fairest and the greatestment i love they blame it on pop up ads. there is a husband whose wife caught them or opened their computer and found porn. oh pop ups. it wasn't me. that's basically what they are doing. >> i wonder if they are going to ask the internet provider to give them porn to go ahead and take off the -- >> you have to. >> bill, you do research on transgendered and looking for trouble .org. couldn't this be for noel security reasons so you don't get in trouble? >> it could. i'm sure there is something hotful -- hurtful in there. >> hotful? >> i don't think they know how pop up ads work. you can't go on a site and it is two girls and one coming at you. a pop up of porn is not going to happen. >> they will say look, i only
12:40 am
opened one person and then $800,000 came following. >> and who still gets pop up ads? >> i have pop up blockers. is it stwief? is it 2005? >> here is my feeling. this is a better way for politicians to spend their time. that means they are not interfering in your life. if they are doing this, it means they are not taxing you or creating weird laws that keep you from looking at porn. >> they are looking at anthony wiener's research. >> all right. we are taking a break? we have a lot more stuff to come. not really. "the joy of hate." autographed copy g it is a great birthday gift if your birthday is next week.
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does this missing link need a drink?
12:44 am
well a russian chimpanzee, is there any other kind, is being treated for alcohol and nicotine addiction at a zoo version of rehab. the retired caw seen -- casino named john acquired a booze and butts habit after years of carousing with gamblers. he said the pictures are coming up, greg. just keep reading. >> behind the curtain. >> anyway, the monkey, or the chimp kept his vices after moving to a new home in a saw far repark as they tossed him cigarettes and he would steal beers. >> seen here? >> seen here coming up. >> that's him right now. >> the monkey looks tired. >> park authorities placed john in a glass enclosure, seen here. and filled it full of fresh
12:45 am
fruit and exercise equipment. we were unable to secure the rice to video and then so we should have killed the story. as a result the following is a re-enactment based on actual events. >> unreal. >> the whole point is to see the moneyy could. didn't we show the monkey in a tease? >> you showed a monkey, but not the monkey. >> what you could have done -- the viewer isn't going to know. you could have found -- >> what do you want us to lie to our viewers? i. >> you take a picture of the chimp in the teeth. >> what party of media matters are you not getting? it would be the first story the next day taking chip shots. >> why does a chimp who smokes
12:46 am
and drinks need to go to rehab if he doesn't have to please anybody? >> that's a great question, but the better question is who are the people -- what is going on in russia -- it is not all russian people, but enough who got him hooked and keep him on cigarettes. and who are these russians? this is a crafty chimp. he is stealing it and keeping it. he should be spying on brazil. >> i think it means that beer and cigarettes must be heavily discounted in russia compared to new york because that would not happen here. >> i think the fact that he is enjoying himself and what right is it for a human being to go to a gym p and say i don't think what you are doing is healthy. what is the life span of a chimp? >> 120 years average. very long. we are 98% the same of a chimp. we are also the same as a
12:47 am
banana. they have lives and they mourn their dead. we stopped experiments because they have a life. where am i going? >> one of the other examples have acquired the smoking and drinking and they lived longer than the average chimp. >> if they are like humans they require things like alcohol and cigarettes to make their life better. >> that's the part i don't buy. they say the chimp is now happier and more energetic now that he is off the cigarettes and beer. >> that's a lie. >> this is the same lie people who eat healthy and go to the gym tell other people as they are watching you with not even -- an envious look on their face as you eat mcdonalds with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. they are liars and they should have left them alone. >> i am a vegan and i am
12:48 am
happier than all of you. >> you seem sad. it is true. >> why are you a vegan. >> the factory farming that unnecessarilily tortures them -- >> >> that's why i eat! you can eat a delicious thing that wasn't tortured and it tastes the same. wouldn't you take not tortured? they do the a little burger and i will give it a shot. >> you don't have to mistreat the animal. organic, free range, cage free. no hormones. >> okay. i have to get bill in here. you are a chimp minus the rehab. you suck. >> i am aiming for the question. how many times do i have to wait for the inflection. >> thank you.
12:49 am
>> cigarette? >> i hope my daughters are not watching. if what you are saying is true and these chimps livelonger if they drink and they smoke and they are being tortured right now by having to go through this rehab program. then russia you have blood on your hands and i would take cich ep -- ketchup packets and put them all over your hands. it is a plug so you will know what you did. i made a point through props. >> well done. >> girl cot. why do you have to be sexist. >> we have one more story to talk about. go to fox eye.
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tomorrow on the next "red eye." sherrod small. catch me on "the o'reilly factor." dogs or the cat's meow? they have compiled a list of the top television animals of all time and man's best friend snagged three of the top five
12:54 am
spots. lassie was number one. who cares about lassie? followed by mr. ed and eddie from frasier and jay fred mugs and scooby doo who is from friends. others are arnold the pig and bugs bunny 1k3* flipper and jeremy piven. do you agree with lassie at number one? >> as long as nobody is eating it. >> we can all be behind that. >> that's a great answer for everything. >> what was the question? >> it wasn't a question. >> diane, were there any names that didn't make the list that should have? >> the rehab chimp. >> he is clearly not on tv. >> he may not be on tv yet, but give him a year and he will be at the vma's next year. >> i think that is cruel.
12:55 am
not a lot of cats on the list. >> makes sense because you can't have a lot of tv with characters sitting around going so all day. >> garfield? >> garfield was great. >> i wanted to talk about the names, bugs bunny, miss piggy, yogi bear. you are not greg human. >> or should you be? >> you are not bill something. it doesn't work that way. stop naming animals with the an name name in the name. it sucks. >> this is what bothers you? >> who framed roger rabbit? no who named roger rabbit. >> but rabbit is his last name. >> it shouldn't be. he is a rabbit. >> but jessica rabbit isn't because that's her last name and they are married. >> do you think you would have time to fashion this into a fox news column? i would like to put this on the home page. >> it should be heavily promoted. >> what would the headline
12:56 am
be? >> wizzer roger rabbit. >> how about hugh jackman who is a jackman. >> bill, i go to you. say something. >> the best animal is on the list and that is tiger brady. i like my animals to have mystery. what happened to tiger? he was gone after the second season. did sam the butcher secretly cook and skin him and feed him back to the brady family? all the way they are unknowingly consuming their former best friend. think about it, america. wake up. that will be on fox tomorrow. >> another stupid name. you would not name a dog tiger. >> tiger would beg to differ. >> another point, tiger woods is not a good place to go to a picnic. >> thecial thanks to diane
12:57 am
macedo and bill schulz and tv's andy levy. that does it for mement i have used that joke three times. this makes me laugh. i don't get it. i don't get it either.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
and back here tomorrow night. mr. bill is in the wings and he is fired up. >> shepard: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> could you describe the dilemma to be a nobel peace prize winner and getting ready to attack syria? >> now, some are thinking barack obama is a warmonger. yes, that barack obama. we'll continue our analysis of the very confusing syria situation. >> spectators to slaughter nor our country or conscience can afford the cost of silence. >> is there tension between secretary of state kerr i can't understand the president? we'll have the inside story with james rosen. >>


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