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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 6, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is september the 6th and a fox news alert to start this hour. the president ready to attack syria but the question is, how? there's a new report out this morning that describes the chaotic planning for a strike against syria and how the white house is constantly changing its blue print for war. >> a key piece of evidence leased in the brutal beating death of a world war ii veteran, what investigators hope will prove two teens committed the senseless murder. >> did you see this one last night. payton manning kicking off the 2013 nfl season in record fashion. it is the perform man's that will have america talking.
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"fox & friends first" starts right now. >> the ticker outside of our studios never sleeps tipping everybody up in modowntown manhattan. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather nauert. we begin with a u.s. military strike in syria it could be larger than we originally thought. according to a senior defense official b-52 bombers could be used in an attack against the country. the planet action has been revised some 50 times so far.
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elizabeth brprann is here with more. >> the more we learn about a possible strike the more the scenario shifts more than 50 times. one senior official says the possibility of air strikes were part of the questions b-52 bombers that translates to a much longer strike than earlier anticipated. it could last for up to 2 days. the president attends a g 20 summit there is a future for congressional support. some lawmakers say they are still on the fence. >> i have not made up my mind. there is still information to be gathered. i still have some concerns. i will come to more meetings as far as making a decision i have not. >> we are learning law americas are looking at a plan of training programs in jordan.
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they have been training select groups of rebels in jordan. if they take over the mission they could be training hundreds even thousands. here is the state department. >> there are no plans right now we are not contemplating boots on the ground in syria. i will say to this section of the audience there are no plans for boots on the ground when it comes to military operations that we are contemplating right now. there are no boots on the ground plans right now. >> that being said as you remember senator john mccain who met with the president voted in favor of the senate resolution after adding a amendment. >> elizabeth pran in washington thank you. a brooklyn teenager was
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killed when the remote control helicopter evidences flying tru struck him in the head. 19-year-old lost control of the helicopter and was sliced in the head and neck by the blades. he had a lot of experience with the model and had a u tube channel dedicated to the flights. it had blade spades up to 260 miles per hour. >> even more incriminating evidence against the two teens accused of beating the world war ii veterans to death last month. the suspect's fingerprints were found inside and outside his car. that is where he was killed. the 16-year-olds will be arraigned next week they face murder charges and will be tried as adults. a 4-year-old dies after a brain eating am people bau. he may have contracted the
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disease while playing on a slip and slide. small amounts of the ameba were found inside the home's water but not in the water lines from the city. >> frightening moments after a car jumps the curve and slams right into the sidewalk. 7 people were hurt three pedestrians and four people inside the two-cars. police say the two vehicles collided sending it was dangerous here. it shouldn't be brought about by that. >> two are in serious condition. we will keep you posted. >> the massive wildfire burning in yosemite. they know the cause. it was started by a hunter who let an illegal campfire get out of control. the hunter has not been arrested or charged at this time. this is one of the largest wildfires in california history.
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it has cost 81 million to fight. >> certainly chilly out this morning in our neck of the woods for sure. other parts of the country waking up to kros and freeze warnings also. maria molina has more on that. all is here. >> starting to feel like it across some areas especially in the northeast. other areas feeling like summer. gets to that after we talk about the northeast. new york city 58 degrees. 54 in the city of boston. even in vphiladelphia you are waking up to temperatures. further inland that's what we are looking at temperatures in the 40z. there's cooler spots across up state new york that are waking up with temperatures in the 30s. because of those chilly temperatures we have a number of freeze warnings in effect and frost advisories.
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parts of the new york and new england you may be scraping frost off of your car windshi d windshield. we had a cold front move on through. hot across parts of the northern plains across texas upper 09s. even in los angeles the high temperature today 91 degrees and it's going to stay hot through the weekend. the weather story is one of extremes. maria molina, thanks. >> it's the drug causing seizures hallucinations and sickness so severe people are being put on life support. health officials in denver are declaring an outbreak linked to synthetic marijuana. this after 40 people in the past two weeks were hospitalized. >> they have been in traffic or jumped off of a building that's what leads them to have problems.
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>> the drug known as black mom bau was made illegal in colorado in 2011 but it still remains on store shelves. >> a historic nights kicks off the season. the ravens defense forgot to show up last night. manning doing something that hasn't been done since 1969. he through 7 touchdown passes the 6th player to ever do that. >> fox business alert now, we are hours away from the release of the august unemployment report. it will play a big role in te determining whether they phase out the bond buying program. let's turn now to lauren simonetti with that and other business news. >> happy friday. the most important piece comes in three hours. the august jobs report is
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expected 180,000 jobs were added and unemployment rate stayed but some traders are banking on even better numbers. it's all but guaranteed the federal reserve meets september 17th and 18th will decide to slow the stimulus. americans buying more cars than they have in six years. speaking of expanding fantasy sports have grown in the past five years now a $1.2 billion industry. insurance companies and lawyers are popping up to find a real place in the market. if your favorite quarterback breaks his leg your investment is protected. now leg goes for ladies. the toy maker says sales are
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soaring partly due to the leg go series of blocks designs for girls. chinese parents are relaxing their focus on traditional studies and allowing their kids more play time. colonel todd main your friends wrote in and the air force service watch at the pentagon wishes you good luck at your gig in the service. thank you guys for your service and thank you for watching "fox and friend first. >> we luck as well. it is friday and it is time to pick your favorite viral video of the week. the girlfriend of a racer he bumped her man late in the race and caused him to slide out. the victim claims he has a dislocated jaw. >> that is some arm she has there. >> the streets of mexico city
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looking more like the kentucky derby two horses making a run for it after escaping their trailer. a giraffe chase ago cyclist. he was taking pictures of this giant beauty she got camera shy and said she had enough. she went after him. you can tweet them to@fox friends first or e-mail the rare deadly brain nings. their worst fears may be coming true. the hunting license is already out. could dlointing season be coming back to a time near -- town near you? >> here's what you missed on "the tonight show.">> if president obama wants the government doesn't send cruise missiles send over economic advisors. they will take care of it.
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♪ >> a friday morning look now at the streets of manhattan. good morning to you. tgif. in the news right now aaron hernandez is set to make his first appearance in superior court today where he could get a trial date and is expected to make a new bail request. it's the sfirps in an intense legal battle. fxt reporter katherine perada has more for us. good morning katherine. >> good morning to you.
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we are live where aaron hernandez is scheduled to be arraigned at 2:00 this afternoon. let's run through a brief time line here first of all his body was found june 17th. he's the victim allegedly murdered by aaron hernandez. he was arrested on june 26th. indicted by the grand jury on august 23rdrd. he was in court a week ago for a brief hearing. today he will be back for this arraignment. what can we expect? a judge could set a tentative date for this trial. something elts that could happen. aaron hernandez has been held without bail. he has been in a cell by himself at the house of corrections. unlikely the bail could be granted but it could be argued today. keep everybody updated as the arraignment happens.
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katherine per rad dau, back to you. >> oo thanks patti ann. osama bin laden's former doctor is leading jihadists in the country of egypt. he was spotted in the country providing military training to dozens of people there. the 61-year-old is believed to have worked on chemical weapons for al qaeda. back in 2011 he escaped from an egyptian prison in a jailbreak that sprung free ousted president mohammed morsi and a dozen others in the muslim brotherhood. >> this morning five more people are at risk for a rare and deadly brain disease that has no cure. they may have been exposed as a result of surgery performed with infected equipment. melissa mahan has more. >> 8 people in new hampshire and five people in massachusetts
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were notified they were exposed to abnormal protein in the body. symptoms are loss of motor skills and eats away at the brain. they were exposed from the same surgical equipment which a patient who had a cyst removed back in may. they had no idea they suspected this until months later and the medical equipment was used at different hospitals at different times. >> the instruments were so specialized they were carefully tracked. we know where they went and we know the patients on whom they were used. so those patients have been notified. >> according to the massachusetts department of public health the instruments were properly sterilized but unlike viruses or bacterias sterilization does not normally kill kjv. no one knew the instruments were exposed to the patient with it they were not thrown out as they should have been.
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cape cod hospital say they remain confident the risk of those patients exposed is extremely low. given the amount of sterilization and the patients had spinal surgery not brain surgery. a warning every parent needs to hear a smokeless addiction that might be running rampant in your kid's school. >> fashion designer kenneth coal using syria to sell some shoes. here's the question. has he finally crossed the red line? we report you decide.
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>> good morning to you. it is 23 minutes after the hour on this friday morning waking up in new york city with a crisp and cool day today. other parts of the country looking really hot. in the meantime news to bring you. shelly zimmerman no longer standing by her man. george zimmerman's wife filing for divorce less than two months after he was acquitted of the murder of trayvon martin. the couple separated on august the 13th siting irretrievably broken marriage. zimmerman filing divorce papers yesterday. she is seeking half of their assets and seoul custody of their two dogs. they don't have any children. >> forget deer or rabbit season.
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it is drone season in colorado. they are a month away from voting in a drone hunting ordinance. a thousand people have signed up for a license in deer trail, colorado. hunters say the purchase would be a symbolic stance against government sur slains. they hope the move will drum up excitement for the hunting season. in response the government issued a warning against shooting down drones. >> a disturbing trend among teenagers. the use of e cigarettes by middle and high school students has doubled since 2011. there's no real smoke in those cigarettes they use a solution that contains nicotine but they still provide a nicotine kick. >> the e cigarette isn't one thing. there are hundreds of them on the market. one cigarette and another may have different toxins and different levels of nicotine. this is an area that is very new. >> this news comes as the fda is expected to announce a plan to
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regulate e cigarettes. >> tum now to brew on this. fashion designer kenneth cole sparking controversy with a sweet to boost shoe sales. boots on the ground are not let's not forget about sandals pumps and loefrs. for 30 years i have encouraged a healthy dialogue about important issues. i am well aware of the risks that come with this approach if it encourages further awareness and discussion about the critical issues then all the better. >> he has been doing this for years. is his tweet in poor taste or just the right stick? tweet us@fox friend first or e-mail us. >> he is looking for publicity. the time is 25 minutes after the hour.
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>> what is a simple strike on syria sounds more like a military mess. the president's plan keeps changing all this while a frightening plot by iran is uncovered. a live report from the middle east next. >> for a second time in a week the union leader richard trunka is attacking obama care. a shocking on-line confession. >> on june 22nd, 20013 i killed vincent kenzani. >> wait until you hear what the self confessed killer is doing next. fox and friends first continues right now. >> good morning to you from new york city. hope you are off to a great day.
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it is friday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. -- it is 30 minutes after the hour. a senior defense official telling fox news b-52 bombers could be used in a strike on syria. the plan of action has been revised some 50 times so far. we are talking about the military plan of action. doug luzader is life for us in washington with more this morning. hi there, doug. >> good morning. a lot of thinking and rethinking. the pentagon is considering the use of bombers as well as cruise missiles. there is more talk about training rebel groups there in syria. but politically this mission is at a standstill. president obama appears to be increasingly isolated the g 20 conference is going on in russia. he shook hands with vladimir putin but that's about it.
2:32 am
more classified briefings for members of congress but at the moment the support doesn't appear to be there to sank the president's attack plan. >> i am a lawmaker now i am in the political arena but i still and always will be in my heart a united states marine. there is nothing i want more than to support my commander-in-chief when he draws a red line. i think that is just in me, but since he drew that line since secretary kerry came out he has done nothing but messed things up and he has lost my con dpins. >> it has been a sotour sales j. they try to build public support. this is quickly over shadowed. others on-line including this one from the new york times that appears to show syrian rebel executing syrian soldiers it raises the question about who the u.s. is supporting there and caught in the middle is the pentagon. strategists are having to revise their plans over and over again.
2:33 am
a pentagon source tells fox news they have gone through 50 versions of the attack plan since the president first started considering taking action in syria. >> complicated details. always changing. thank you. >> across the globe fallout over a possible strike in sere jyria continues. iran will plot revenge on american interests in iraq if the strike happens. meanwhile russian president vladmir putin says if the u.s. blows something up in syria their country will help replace it. we are live in jerusalem with the latest. >> good morning. >> good morning patti ann. syria has become the pawn between east verses west. the russians verses the americans here. you throw in iran when key allies say they will retaliate against israel if there is an attack. they have other options other than lobbing some of their long
2:34 am
range scud missiles over tel aviv. they have hezbollah and lebanon which could launch an attack. there is the intercept inside iraq to detonate a car bomb or some type of attack against the u.s. embassy there. every day that goes by that the pentagon takes time to plan so do the add ver terries take more time to plan their possible reprisals. the g-20 summit is all about economic syria is over shadowing things there. both sides the american french in terms of intervention and the russians and chien needs in terms of staying out of syria are trying to build their alliances. meantime the fighting goes on inside syria. this week we have seen a drastic change toward the attacks on christian villages including the village of mull ullah. since the chemical attacks no. >
2:35 am
>> thank you. more incriminating evidence against the two teens beating a world war ii veteran to death last month. >> an ohio man comes clean admitting in this video he drove drunk and killed a 61-year-old veteran. >> on june 22nd, 2013, i hit and killed vincent kenzani this video will act as my confession. the 22-year-old was considered a suspect in the deadly crash but has not been charged. he made the video because he's ready to take full responsibility for his actions. he faces a maximum sentence of 8
2:36 am
years in prison. >> sad, isn't it? >> he stood by the president for years and years. for the first time in a week he is attacking obama care. he says employers are cutting hours to accommodate the new healthcare regulations. during a recent interview he says businesses are restructuring worker's hours to give them 29 and a half hours each week so they don't have to provide health benefits. >> a shocking site for people at an airport in houston. they watcheded the southwest jet take off with cargo door open. the indicator light came on and the pilot decided to turn around. thankfully no one was hurt. no word on why that door wasn't closed in the first place. driving down the road and this happens. your car gets swallowed by a hole. it happened 'n to two women who had to crawl out the window to get to safety.
2:37 am
a water main break in the area may have caused that 20-foot wide sink hole to open up. it happened on a busy street anoth near the downtown area. >> thank goodness no one was hurt. >> may be only one week into september but parts of the country are waking up to frost and freeze warnings this morning. >> for more on this let's go to maria molina she has this extreme forecast here in the northeast and really hot elsewhere. >> we are the only part of the country that is experiencing below average temperatures. even though it's september and we are starting to head toward fall it is a little bit chilly too soon. we are looking at temperatures today several degrees below average in the 40s right now across parts of vermont new york and down into pennsylvania. 48 degrees in the city of pittsburgh. a little milder along the i 95 corridor because we have 50's in boston new york city and also philadelphia. there are some areas across up state new york that are currently only in the low 30s. because of that we have some freeze warnings in effect.
2:38 am
also a number of frost advisories anywhere from parts of maine to parts of pennsylvania. in the interior northeast you can be waking up with frost on the car wind shields this morning. hopefully you have the equipment in your car already. the reason it is cooler out here is we had a strong cool front push through it brings in the cooler air in annicanada. the jet stream well off to the north is producing all of the hot temperatures today and even as we head into this weekend. take a look at saturday upper 9 0z for you in omaha and also in the city of bismarck. ott temperatures in the center of the country also in parts of texas 99 for your high in dallas. that heat expands further west. phoenix 108 degrees and la 91 degrees. it will be 91 in downtown los angeles. it will stay hot out there for the weekend as well. >> maria molina thank you so
2:39 am
much. >> in a historic might payton manning and denver broncos hosting the ravens. manning doing something that hasn't been done since 1969. he through 7 touchdown passes. he is the 6th player to ever do this. amazing. the broncos blowing out the havens 49 to 27. not the way the ravens want to start their season. >> in basketball news now titus strikes again. you have seen the trick shot toddler on fox. this time he takes on actor channing tatum. tatum did not stand a chance. titus adds the actor to a growing list of people he has dominated on the basketball court including shaquille o'neal and brian kilmeade. he is burning up the charts with this hit.
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we told you about outrageous rant caught on camera. >> (inaudible) >> it seems the professor may have to rethink his career in education. >> one man goes to big extremes to get a little love.
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>> the sun is starting to come up. a michigan state professor who's anti row pub can ha republican has been reassigned. on the first day of class his students got an earful.
2:45 am
>> the student who recorded that video will be live on fox and friends at 6:30 eastern. >> the spacecraft is called lobby and it will launch tonight in a facility in virginia. the spacecraft will explore the moon's thin atmosphere and also the dust. nasa says star garzs should keep their eyes peeled at 11:27 p.m. eastern time. the weather conditions are considered perfect for this. it could make the launch visible to people. it will take the rocket a month to reach the moon. one man using chicago's busiest interstate to find love. dropping 5,000 dollars on this massive billboard. he became frustrated with on-line dating so he decided to take matters into his own hands. he has had about 15-20 solid
2:46 am
applications. kree taift. >> one of the nation's private banks is opting out of the loan business all while they continue to expand the programs. jolene kent is here with more on the story. >> jp morgan chase says they will not accept new student loan applications as of october 12th this fall. competitions from federal government programs limit the ability to grow the student loan business. they tell fox they made $200 millions in student loans this 2012. that is down since 2008. they back loans from lenders like sallie mae because they are cheaper for the interest rates that have more protection. it is a trend that trumped the
2:47 am
ast ten years.arket by 75 >> jolene kent fox news. >> still ahead a husband taking to the streets to save his wife's life. we will tell you how it is finally paying off. >> forget the golf car this is the fastest way to get around the golf course. let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on f"fox & friends." >> we are going to ask former congressman dennis kucinich about a strike on syria. also the rebels ties to al qaeda. is that really happening. mark seigel is here telling us what you need to know about a brain cease disease so you don' it. country legend charlie daniels plays the violin. and we are talking to a mom so upset at johnny football she wrote him a letter and i believe
2:48 am
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>> good morning to you. it is now nine minutes before the hour. an outbreak to tell you about of mumps, being linked to a bar on the jersey shore. officials say at least 21 people contracted the contagious disease after they visited d.j.'s bar and grill in new jersey. it spread through casual contact and some symptoms include fever, fatigue and swollen glands. most people infected with the virus will recover, but it could lead to dangerous complications including inflammation of the brain. patti ann? >> heather, one man's mission to get his wife a new kidney has finally paid
2:52 am
off. 78-year-old larry swilling walked hundreds of miles over south carolina with a sign that said need kidney for wife. a virginia woman saw him, got tested and apparently she is a match and if all goes well she will give a kidney to his wife to save her life. >> every person that is called -- that has called, i appreciate it more than i could ever tell them. >> i knew it was going to happen. i know him. he wouldn't have stopped until he got me one. >> a 76-year-old was born with only one kidney and it began to fail. none of their three children were a match to be donors. and a complete stranger to have gotten it from. what a story. >> the legendary actress and comedian betty white has a new title.
2:53 am
gu i ness world record holder. >> i changed my hair. sometimes i like to drive real slow just to mess with people. >> i love that spray can. the 91-year-old earned a record for the longest tv career for a female entertainer. she stars in the tv show hot in cleveland. but she got her start 74 years ago. she had runs on golden girls -- you remember that one -- mary tyler moore show and the carol burnett show. her advice to aspiring actors? do your homework and take the time to appreciate the profession. >> she sure does seem energetic, not slowing down at all. >> speaking of not slowing down, if you don't feel like walking the green, try skating it. check out this golf board, a motorized skateboard.
2:54 am
the boards can go up to 12 miles an hour and come with a bag stand to rest your clubs. >> sounds like fun. >> don't you want a little bit of exercise in the fresh air? another story to bring you now. profiting off the war? fashion designer kenneth coal using the issue in syria to sell some shoes. here's a question we have for you. has he finally crossed the line? we'll read responses next. >> we want to know your favorite viral video of the week. ♪ ♪ um... where's mrs. davis?
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>> two minutes before the hour. here's a look at what you need to know before you leave the house this morning. day two of the g-20 summit now underway and president obama is scheduled to meet with one of the only outspoken supporters of a strike in syria. french president hollande before heading back to washington this afternoon. the labor department releasing its august jobs report. analysts predict a gain of 177,000 jobs just below this year's monthly average of 192,000. the unemployment rate is expected to remain at 7.4%. aaron hernandez set to make his first appearance in superior court today where he could get a trial date. he's expected to make a new
2:59 am
bail request. >> it's time for your brew on this responses. earlier we told you about fashion designer kenneth cole sparking controversy with a tweet using the crisis in syria to boost shoe sales. >> the fashion guru tweeting this. boots on the ground or not, let's not forget about sandals, pumps and loafers. we ask is kenneth cole using the impending strike in syria to sell shoes in poor tate or the right fit? >> bedazzler tweets he treuflzs the military -- trivializes the military and should be embarrassed. >> sales are that bad he had to resort to tacky advertising? shame. >> we had a few others as well. time for your favorite viral video of the week. was it the girl slapping the nascar truck driver? horses stampeding in the streets of mexico city after getting scared by a car engine? or the giraffe chasing a
3:00 am
cyclist because it didn't want its picture taken? >> the winner is the giraffe with over 57% of the vote. the horses second and the slap third. >> thank you all for responding and have a great weekend, folks. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. >> good morning everybody. actually the teleprompter says thursday but i have a sneaking suspicion that it's tgif! all right. fantastic. i haven't been here for a lot of fridays. i hope you have a great friday. charlie daniels is here. he's going to be here talking to us, i don't know if he'll be fiddling. support fading fast for the president's man to strike in syria. in fact, even the press starting to push back. a tense briefing at the state department as the president promises to continue to move forward. >>steve: new backlash against senator mccain voters explode at a town


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