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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 6, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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show. that was the -- >> get to your level. >> unnecessary. you know, i think we are running out of time. >> we are. >> literally. we are. we will all die some day. >> we are running out of words. >> special report is up next. fun. questions about whether president obama will still hit syria if congress says no. while the rebels tell the president go big or don't go at all. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. this may be one of the most important and difficult weekends of the obama presidency. the commander in chief struggled again today at the g-20 summit to get any hint of traction for his plan to attack syria. tonight, chief white house correspondent ed henry reports with the president with the back
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against the wall returns home and takes a major gambut next week. >> reporter: the stakes could not being higher for president obama. now comes home to face an even more fractious congress and the nationally televised address on tuesday. >> there are times we have to make hard choices if we're going to stand up for the things we care about. i believe this is one of those times. >> reporter: except many of the president's fellow democrats are not buying it. even after a series of classified briefings. this is personified by alan who is wearing a neck tie declaring? >> the american people don't want it. >> reporter: and they gavelled the chamber into session to start the clock running to begin the debate on monday. although if the resolution authorizes and passes there,
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support is cratering. with the aide telling fox, there could be up to 300 democrats and republicans publicly opposed. a spokesman for john boehner saying next tuesday's speech, quote, only a president can convince the public that military action is required. we hope this is not coming too late. the anger yesterday in the town hall meeting hosted by john mccain. >> the life of the service meer worth? it is worth more. >> there is no contemplation of putting a service man or woman. >> you can say that now. >> i'm telling you there is not. >> i know. >> i'm telling you there is not, sir. >> the president did not fare better at the g-20 hosted by russian president vladimir putin who has blocked any action at the united nations and used his style to make clear the sideline conversation with the american
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president yielded nor more progress. >> translator: it was a friendly conversation. we stuck to our guns. >> the president has known for days it will be a heavy lift in congress. >> and i was under no illusions when i embarked on this path. i think it is the right thing to do. >> he embarked on this path last saturday in the rose garden when he reversed course after the late friday night walk on the south lawn and two-hour meeting in the oval office. a path made more perilous on thursday. >> the world set a red line. >> although he did set the red line and personalized it with "my." >> a red line for us is we start saying a bunch of chemical weapons moving around or utilized. that would change my calculus. >> the message was muddled when a top white house official who has been briefing lawmakers
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suggested in a national public radio interview if congress votes no, the president does not intend to take unilateral action. >> the president, of course, has the authority to act. it is neither his desire to use that authority absent congress backing him. >> asked if he will act alone, the president ducked and insisted he did not say what he said. >> your deputy security adviser said you will not attack? >> i don't think that is exactly what he said. i answered the question. >> now at the state department today, marie harth back pedalled and insisted he was not speculating what the president would do if the congress votes no. the comments open the door despite all the tough talk, the president may not act. >> ed henry on the north lawn. thank you. there are many lawmakers praising the president's move to
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bring the debate to congress, critics say by asking congress if he should strike syria, if the president opened himself up to the veto of 535 generals. the opposition of the president tonight, a limited strike may do more harm than good. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that twist from the pentagon. >> reporter: following reports that the administration is considering a larger military campaign than originally planned, fox news spoke to the head of the supreme military council who urged the u.s. to hit hard if it hits at all. >> we think that if there would be a plan to harm, we would like to see a strong strike against bashar al assad's regime and the hezbollah units inside syria. >> sources tell fox that they have been asked to revise the
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plans more than 50 times as the assad regime moves assets. the push back on the military mission is expanding. >> that report is inaccurate. i believe that when you have a limited proportional strike like this, not iraq, not putting boots on the ground, not some long, drawn-out affair, not without any risks, but with manageable risks, that we should be able to bear that responsibility. >> the u.s. official said the only reason to add air strikes to the naval anything and bases in missouri or other air assets is to go after mobile missile launchers. the assad chemical delivery system. >> they are, in fact, moving resources around and in some cases, placing prisoners and others in places that they believe we might target. at this point, we are keeping up
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with that movement. >> if congress gives the president permission for a strike, military analysts and members of congress are asking then whethat? >> what if we execute the strike and he decides to use chemical weapons again? do we strike again? that is the definition of further even tanglement. that is the definition of our becoming deeply involved in a war. >> now reports from russia that there are three ships moving from the black sea. >> the kremlin says the ships are sent to evacuate russian people from syria. the pentagon is not concerned, but they are watching. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. a senior military source tells fox news that iran has ordered an attack on baghdad as retaliation is not solid. nevertheless, preparations are
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made for retribution. >> with u.s. military strikes looming, the state department announced it is pulling out non emergency personnel in lebanon and warned americans from coming. in part due to signs from ir iran-backed hezbollah. more likely, according to analysts, there could be a hezbollah strike against enemy and key u.s. ally. comments today were purposely vague. >> a silent approach. the ambiguity is launched. >> keeping al assad in power is seeing as key to political links for hezbollah with it's main sponsor iran. >> they have sent fighters in syria to battle. they want that link preserved.
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that is existential for the military. >> the war in syria is already hitting home in lebanon. this memorial in the hezbollah strong hold of south beirut is the site of the car bomb which left 27 people dead. it is widely believed that is retaliation for the hezbollah backing of the assad regime. on this day in beirut, they were still repairing the damage. >> this is not lebanon. we are a country who knows how to live. >> seeing the devastation from the 2006 war with hezbollah and israel are still fresh. that is why some say that hezbollah's leader may not risk the issues unless the u.s. goes big. i don't think there will be a strike this man says. the region cannot handle it. despite the questions about reports that iran is plotting something against americans in iraq, too, there is that state
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department warning there as well against non essential travel by americans to iraq. it is an uncertain and nervous region. back to you, bret. >> greg, thank you. up next, the unemployment rate goes down, but there is more to the story. fox 4 in dallas profiles a 100-year-old piano teacher. fox 25 in boston is back in court for the arraignment for the former nfl star aaron hernandez. he pleaded not guilty to a first-degree murder charge. he is accused of shooting a man to death earlier this summer. this is a live look at atlanta from the fox affiliate wga there. the story is a bust that netted more than $3 million of the drug known as molly. a popular club drug. that is tonight's live look
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the dow broke a three-day winning streak. it lost 15 today. the s&p 500 was up a fraction. the nasdaq was up a point. for the week, the dow, s&p and nasdaq finished even. good news from the jobs report. chief jobs reporter jim engel has the report. >> it dropped to 7.3%, but aside from that, most of the news was discouraging. >> the headline numbers were encouraging, but you look underneath the surface and you find disturbing signs. 500,000 americans dropped out of the work force. >> those looking for work are
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counted and the number of people actually participating in the job market is the lowest in decades. >> only 63.2% of adult americans either have a job or are looking for a job. that is the lowest rate since 1978. >> nevertheless, white house officials tried to put the best face on it. >> another solid steady month of job growth if you look over the last 12 months. the economy has added 2.2 million jobs. >> the job gains in june and july were revised down 74,000. >> the decline in the labor force participation is a bad sign for overall optimism. >> officials argued over the long term, the economy is steadily improving. >> this report shows a whole range of data that we're making steady, solid progress. the unemployment rate came down in august. came down over the past year. it came down because we're
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creating jobs. >> there is another troubling sign. the number of people who have been out of work six months or longer is 4.3 million, which is 38% of the total unemployed. a very high number. the federal reserve is inching toward less stimulus and indicated it would put less money in the economy once unemployment got to 6.5%. this month's report did not move in that direction. >> job growth fell. workers got discouraged and quit. that is not a signal that says things are fine. you can ease off now. >> analysts say at the current rate of inflation, it would say us five more years to get back to 6% unemployment. a level last seen in 2008. bret. >> thank you. you can follow me on twitter with the latest numbers. if you are getting ready to buy another vehicle. the average sale price is greater than $31,000. up about $1,000 from last year.
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the sharp increase is being driven by extras such as high-end stereos and navigation systems and leather seats and safety gadgets. new car sales surged 17% last month to the highest level in more than six years. the president will spend at least $12 million to get people in red states to sign up for his health care exchange. the political reports show the ads will concentrate on these states. the administration calls it a normal outreach. critics say it is a taxpayer funded hard sell. good political news on a night we could use some. a story of what is called a miracle baby. born to one very grateful member of congress. >> doctors believe baby abigail, the daughter of the congress member jamie butler and her husband dan, may be the first baby ever to survive potter's
3:18 pm
syndrome. the congress member was five months pregnant when abigail had no kidneys. leading to no amniotic fluid. >> we are asking what can be done. she is moving inside of me. the doctor is saying, no, there is no option. this is fatal. >> the butlers found a doctor at johns hopkins who was willing to try a treatment. the doctor injected a fluid to see if the lungs would develop. abigail was born july 15th. >> she looked at us and she cried, which means her lungs were functioning. >> doctors treating abigail says she has excellent lung function. she will be on dialysis until she gets a kidney transplant next year. >> the kidney transplant success rate now is so good that we
3:19 pm
predict a full adult life for her. >> the butlers want to offer hope to other families. >> our daughter had a 100% fatal diagnosis. she will be eight weeks on monday. excuse me. we and many people around the country have spent a lot of time praying for her and we don't know how it all worked out, but we know for certain she is a miracle. >> congresswoman beutler said she got a call from john boehner and nancy pelosi offering their support and encouragement. bret. >> thank you. fascinating story. we will get you ready for this next. they are a place students take for granted, but they are a big deal kids in south africa. we will tell you what they are.
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for many kids around the country, it was back to school this week, which means they loaded up on the basics. pens and paper. for many kids here, that means ipads and computers, too. in some parts of the world like south africa, kids are not thinking about ipads when they don't have the most basic thing of all. a level surface to write on. amy kellogg found someone who is trying to fix that. >> the south african children have something to celebrate. they are getting gifts at school. not ipads or kindles, they are getting desks. or book bags that double as desks. it may not sound like a big deal unless you tried writing on sand or on the floor. 95 million children across
3:24 pm
africa don't have desks in school. >> sometimes we find that you say go outside and we are going to do experiment. they need to find something and write. they write on their leg. that desk will help them. >> some of these kids live in shanties. the bags which are made of durable material are handy for homework, too. >> very often, the new item that the child would receive in the rural areas. if they do have school shoes, if they do have school clothes, it doesn't completely match. >> desk bags are a new concept. they are the brainchild of madeleine rusher. a public relations executive who is getting her clients to fund the project rather than wait for the state to step in. she uses vinyl from old
3:25 pm
billboards. each costs $10 to produce. >> i believe the education is the path out of poverty. a lot of people complain about the situation in africa. only through education can we sort it out. >> the plan is to make 2,000 desk bags a month. it is a small step on a continent where half of children are enrolled in primary education much of the time without computers or libraries. it is a case of corporate creativity filling gaps where government can't. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> if you want to find out more information about desk bags and how to donate, go to that is on our web page. a message to jews about the new year came from the president. the president doesn't have a twitter account. a senior u.s. state official
3:26 pm
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and now some fresh pickings.
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kenneth cole has stuck his booted foot in his mouth again by trying to capitalize on the syri syrian conflict. he tweeted. boots on the ground or not, let's not forget about sandals and pumps and loafers. he then regretted it. won't happen again. have a good day. he turned a tragedy into a sales tweet. is there no horrible situation kenneth cole won't use to promote? then the other kenneth cole tweet in the egypt uprising in 2011. millions in uproar in cairo. rumors they heard our spring electi collection is online. he says he is trying to start a dialogue about important issues.
3:31 pm
now to the friday follow. pope francis is continuing to prove he is a pontiff of the people by keeping the lines of communication completely open. he reportedly continues to personally call people who reach out to him seeking counsel. a woman who became pregnant after having an affair with a married man sent the pope a desperate letter. she said the father wanted her to have an abortion. she tells an italian newspaper she was shocked when her cell phone rang and it was the pope. he assured her the baby was a gift from god and she would never been alone. if the baby is a boy, she plans to name him francis. and finally, following the nfl's first regular season game last night, a headline that might have been believable 20 or 30 years ago. columbus, ohio dispatch opened the paper to this. elway throws seven touchdown passes. it was peyton manning who threw
3:32 pm
the passes. elway is the general manager. he retired in 1999. the editor of the paper tweets the definition of a bad morning seeing this headline. i knew elway was good, but not that good. we want to invite you again to be part of history. we are letting you sit in with our all star p virtually with our first poll. in weeks past, we had close to 2 million votes from you at home and more than 60,000 votes per minute. so here is the refresher on how you can be part of the panel. >> all agreeing. >> not sure about that. we will let them decide. >> let's walk you through how you can have a seat at the panel. first, you need to go to on your computer. once on the page, pick your political affiliation. there are three options. for this one, republican,
3:33 pm
democrat or independent. we will click independent. state your gender. male or female, of course. now, you are on the panel, too. as the discussion begins, you can have your say. you can vote and vote often. every five seconds if you like. click one of the five buttons on the screen ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. i'll click on strongly agree here a couple of times. now it is time to see what you and others think. we will show you the results throughout the show. updating you in real-time and you will be able to see who is peaking and who is tanking and who is grabbing attention and who is falling flat. here is a question. how do you read the graph? there will be a pulse score of 0 to 100 for each group. democrat, republican, male, female. a high pulse score closer to 100 shows that group agrees with what is said on the panel.
3:34 pm
a low pulse score shows that group disagrees with the panelists. we will measure the intensity score. highlighting moments throughout the show where the greatest number of viewers vote at same time. it is not about agreement or disagreement. it is where the graph is showing who is getting the most clicks period. agree or disagree. this is a first for evening news program. something you can take part in. we have partnered up with our friends at bing to bring it to you. >> this is the first ever time where americans get to sit in their living room or look at their phone and watch fox and vote real-time on what is happening. it is revolutionary in how we watch television. we had more than 12 million votes during the state of the union. it worked. people said this is great. i get a chance to actually talk back. we said what else can we do this with? >> so you will join the panel. coming up after this break, this
3:35 pm
question, will president obama strike syria even if congress says no? we will ask you and the rest of the fox all stars when we come back. okay ladies, whenever you're ready.
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saved an average of $498 a year. just a few more ways allstate is changing car insurance for good. [ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. president, of course, has the authority to act. it is neither his intention or desire to use that authority absent congress backing him. >> i put this before congress for a reason. i think we will be more effective and stronger if, in fact, congress authorizes this action. i'm not going to engage in parlor games now, jonathan, about whether or not it's going to pass. >> your deputy national security adviser said it is not your intention to attack if congress doesn't approve it. is he right? >> i don't think that is exactly what he said. i think i answered the question. >> president obama in russia
3:39 pm
today. the question is, if congress votes no, will he act anyway? at the state department, the spokesperson there was peppered with that question as well. >> what assad feels in terms of our response will not be a pin prick. he will know it when it happens. >> if you are going to say a congressional vote to give the authorization will show that america's speaking with one voice, then surely the converse has to be true if the congress doesn't authorize it, america is also speaking with one voice. >> not at all. the president, obviously, would believe we should do it. >> okay. what about all this? let's bring in the panel. howard kurtz. we have nina easton. and then charles krauthammer. what you do make of this? the deputy national security advisor telling npr essentially if congress doesn't give the
3:40 pm
authority, he has no desire or inn toentention to use it. >> clearly he ducked that question. it is a feeling and atmosphere here in the beltway that congress may well say no. the president has been losing ground on this debate. today was no exception. the reporter questions were skeptical. the answers were long winded with a digression into kosovo and rwanda. why shouldn't lawmakers whose constituents are against the intervention, why not divert it? he did not have a good answer. >> if you do a head count, this is not passing. >> i think he is barrelling into a crisis of his own making. by the time he steps to the podium on tuesday night, we will not see any change in opinion in congress.
3:41 pm
it is already baked in and largely because howie mentioned the ten days of pandering. the red line. no, i did not draw a red line. it is a world's red line. i will go to war, but not too punitively. what is interesting is the number of lawmakers that come out of the briefings without the confidence that this administration has the wherewithal to know what to do with all of the unintended consequences of a strike. >> that is not partisan. both sides. >> both sides. if you are asking lawmakers to defy voters who are deeply opposed to this, you better have a level of confidence and the lawmakers better have a sense you know what you are doing and you are prepared for every consequence. >> charles, howie mentioned the president making a number of different statements. he talked about rwanda three
3:42 pm
times actually in this press conference. also, this one, where he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was not making an analogy. >> i'm not drawing and analogy to world war ii other than to say when london was getting bombed, it was profoundly unpopular, both in congress and around the country, to help the british. doesn't mean it wasn't the right thing to do. to bring the analogy closer to home, you know, intervention in kosovo. very unpopular. but ultimately, i think, it was the right thing to do. the international community should be glad that it came together to do it. >> that was an interesting news conference, charles. >> i don't think we have ever seen a greater display of
3:43 pm
indecision and ambivalence. sometimes you can study ambiguity to scare the other guy to make it useful. with nixon, it was the soviets thought he was so potentially nuts that actually he deterred a lot of action because you never knew what he would do. he could do damage and he could be decisive. with obama, we have never seen that. the only action he has taken that was decisive was tripling the number of troops in afghanistan. when he announced it in the same sentence he announced we were leaving. he announced ambivalence and ambiguity. how do you send a nation in war when you are clearly unsure? the ambivalence he has about the syrian operation has been on the table for two years. he says assad has to leave. he doesn't acts. he says there is a red line. he doesn't act. everybody understands that here and in the region.
3:44 pm
that is why a lot of people, including me, who would support a president who is committed here, who is serious about this and had a plan and strategy, are saying can we really entrust an opening into a civil war with a president who clearly doesn't want to be on the scene? that is why he has no support nationally or internationally. >> he is talking about the rebels and the composition of them. today, general egres, the head of the free syrian army had an interview with martha mccallum on fox. he said if there is a light strike, it will do more damage to the rebel forces. what do you think of the reporting of the rebels? it is obviously difficult to get ground truth here throughout all of this. >> i think a turning point was the new york times with the front page photo the other day
3:45 pm
and the video obtained by the newspaper of syrian rebels lining up the civilians and executing them. that means whose side are we intervening on? at the same time, there are members on capitol hill who would support it if it was george w. bush are pushing this. some know we don't want any part of this. some are weary of the middle east entanglements. this one-time strike that he is talking about may not be one time. it could drag on. >> this administration says it has taken so long to get weapons to the rebel forces is because they were trying to vet them. >> this goes back. keep in mind last summer, the cia director at the time, who is now gone, the secretary of
3:46 pm
defense at the time, went to the president. before there was an influx of al qaeda and terrorist forces. there were some, but it is clearly gotten worse since last summer. a year ago -- more than a year ago when we had an opportunity to vet and support rebel troops that would be on our side and act in our interests. >> i think it is absolutely right. his excuse now is to say well, the rebels are not all good guys, but, of course, that is the result of the fact two years of indecision. there are strategic ideas which mccain and others and the element has proposed. hit the air bases, disable the air support that assad has. that would have an effect on the ground. the rebels in damascus will act. that is why obama is in trouble. >> the congressional vote.
3:47 pm
yes or no. if no, will he act? >> i think it will not succeed. i think he will not act if it doesn't pass. >> it might pass the senate. it will not pass the house. he will find a proposal by the democratic senator that says delay. >> hard to see it passing the house at this point. hard to imagine the president defining the vote of congress. >> thank you, panel. next up is the friday lightning round. ♪ [fuzz pile] we sure ve it great here. [curly fry] i know, right. [fuzz pile] movies,music,space as far as the fry can see. [bubble wand] ha.good one. [jelly animal] a great storm comes. we're all doomed. [bubble wand] that guy isn't all there. [fuzz pile] come on,it's a honda,they're built to last... [announcer] we understand life in a minivan. introducing the first minivan with an available built-in vacuum. start something special in the redesigned odyssey from honda.
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>> bret: jobs report came out. jobless report today showed the unemployment rate had dropped by one tenth of a point to 7.3%. bad news in there as well. a half million americans
3:51 pm
dropped out of the labor force. the white house called it solid and steady job growth. but job gains in both june and july were both revised downward by 74,000. we're back with the panel. this is the start of the friday lightning round where they picked and they 2 this sadly is an insight into the new normal which is that we only get a reduction in unemployment because people are dropping out of the labor force. you know, nearly 11 million people have dropped out since the recession in 2008. we're not gaining jobs and we need growth. another report came out from the oecd, organization of developed countries saying long-term long unemployment is going to be a feature of our economy for some time to come. that's really troubling. >> this stat you don't often hear, the number of americans who are 16 years or older who have decide or older who have decide who have decided not to
3:52 pm
participate in the labor's force has pushed past 90 million for the first time according to the bureau of labor statistics, 90 million. >> that is really unsettling, millions of americans out of work for a long period of time and the millions more of the 300,000 in this report who have stopped looking for work, it is really a huge national crisis. we have become also nun to it that it also doesn't seem like new normals as nina said. the dysfunction in the city is so great that nobody really expects washington to do anything about it. >> bret: charles? >> this is what happens when you have a european like country. europe has had this type of unemployment for decades. we haven't had it. it's now part of our lives and i think it's because we have this credibly slow recovery with a government that overregulates, stifling the sort of natural energy of a free economy which is very strong in the u.s. what we are getting is stagnation. >> bret: bill clinton on
3:53 pm
the stump for healthcare. what about this former president? >> he is supposed to go out and cheer lead for it. and, you know, he gave a prove analysis. he wasn't against obama care, of course, he supports it it he talked about the problems. and i don't think it helped the administration one bit. >> well, he has experience. he went out and lob idea for hillary clinton that didn't do go so well. is he an effective spokesperson for it watch the next thing on obama care is next week the republicans have going to take up a bill that says you can't agree to subsidize without showing people verified their income and so forth. the administration tried to waive that requirement, republicans hitting back. >> three references to rwanda and how that was the wrong choice. winners and losers this week? >> my windsor john mccain for all the attention and
3:54 pm
leverage he has gotten as the g.o.p. leading hawk on syria. forced to deal with mccain and mccain got the. >> my winner is larry summers. the former economic treasurer and secretary. read my column on i will plug it he is the winner because even though there is tremendous he appears to be still in the mix. has a close relationship with the president and could still be the nominee. >> charles? >> you are both wrong. clear winner this week chong chong. can you show his picture? and clear loser is jao jao hard to tell them apart. cub born at the insurance zoo unknown hot father was. the mother is not talking. so they have to go to the
3:55 pm
lab and jao jao lives in san diego. prestigious. he was the favorite. chung chung the mate of the mother here in d.c. described unkindly by the "the washington post" as having poor natural technique and yet he came out as the father. so i congratulate him. >> bret: i should point out republicans, democrats and independence seem to agree with you about the pandas. i say the winner this week may be howie kurtz. make sure to tune in this sunday for the premier of media buzz with howard kurtz, sunday, 11:00 a.m. and also 5:00 p.m. on fox news channel. you don't want to miss it good luck. >> we look forward to making that debut on sunday. >> bret: that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a wrap up of all the bing news and one
3:56 pm
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>> bret: well, thanks for being on the panel with us. here are some the s.r. bing poll highlights. highest intensity on the panel was when charles said that the president will not act if the authorization vote does not pass in congress. independents disagreed with republicans on the limited strike turning out to be not so limited during nina's comments. women agree a little bit more with what howie said that congress would agree more if this was happening under the bush administration. men and women both love the pandas, women slightly more and it was a nonpartisan issue. that's pretty good. we had 75,000 votes per minute during this tonight. nearly 600,000 votes total. so thanks for being on the panel. finally tonight, after a pretty awkward press conference at the g-8 summit back in june, president obama and russian president vladimir putin seemed pretty cordial yesterday at the g-20 summit in st. petersburg. some may have missed the effort of machismo from putin. >> here is the president arriving. look at this.
4:00 pm
there he is now, here comes putin. [ laughter ] now, what is that? >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the pentagon not one but 50 requests to change the battle requests for syria as president obama gets ready to sell the nation on war. >> threat to global peace and security. >> shepard: but a fellow democrat says president obama is risking world war iii not to mention impeachment. >> why would we risk a wider war? why would we risk our military and their families? >> shepard: now there is word the president might not go it alone. plus,