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tv   Stossel  FOX News  September 7, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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m'm! m'm! good! hello, everyone. i'm healther childers, welcome to america's new headquarters. >> brand-new images of deadly violence in syria as the president make as flurry of calls today from the white house trying to win support for a military strike. >> plus, the brand-new push to defund obama care in congress as one of america's blue chip companies says the president's health care law is forcing it to push more than 110,000 retirees off their current plan. >> blast off. america's space agency heads for a brand-new mission on the moon. >> but, first, a fox news alert on the mounting crisis in syria.
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activists on the ground reporting heavy government shelling near the syrian border killing at least 16 people this morning. the violence comes as john kerry secures conditional backing from our european allies to back president obama's proposed military action against the assad regime. we are in beirut, lebanon with the latest. gregg? >> reporter: we are 40 miles away. folks here are watching more closely than many. the wranglings around the possible u.s. military strike against syria. secretary of state kerry was in europe and met with all the european union foreign ministers in lithuania. they gave him a backing to a certain extent. they issue add clear, strong response of the chemical attack from the citizens last month. they also urge the u.s. to hold
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off until u.n. chemical weapons inspectors file the report that might come in a week or so. he then went to paris. france has been, of all the european nations the most supportive of the united states in the run off to a possible military attack. in syria, we are getting word from sources on the ground government forces continue to pound rebel positions in a town north of damascus. it's a predominantly christian town. al qaeda linked rebels are doing battle with forces there. we are told religious figures, nuns, whatever, are caught in the cross fire there. it is an historic, religious town that is now a battlefield in this war in syria. fears that christians could be targeted in figtsing and in a fallout from a possible u.s. military strike is prompting
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prayers across the world. first, a damascus church, prayers were said. this is part of a global prayer vigil called by pope francis to call for peace in syria. pope francis himself made an appearance before tens of thousands of people in st. peter's square today. in lebanon, another protest outside the u.s. embassy today protesting the possible u.s. strikes. yesterday, the state department ordered all non-essential employees at the embassy to leave lebanon. the fear is that there could be retaliation against u.s. assets on the ground here in the event of that possible u.s. military action. that coming, per happens from the iranian backed hezbollah group based here and active here. heather? >> greg, live in lebanon, thank you. meanwhile, president obama
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using his weekly radio and internet address to make his case for a military strike against the assad regime. we assure war weary americans syria is not another iraq or afghanistan but is the push enough? we have the director of outreach of senior works. and former communications director for new jersey governor john corzine. is the president's argument konsing enough to persuade americans to go along and get along with a military intervention in syria? >> absolutely not. here is the difference between iraq and syria. with president bush, he had public support of the 70%. he had support of congress and he had international support. president obama is 0 for 3 on
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all points. remember, anytime obama is off script, off teleprompter, he puts his foot in his mouth. it is what he did august 20, 2012 when he referenced the red line point and then he tries to blame it on the world that he didn't make that comment or that statement. he said that this week. it's unbelievable. >> stephen, senators and members of congress are basically agreeing, democrats and republicans alike agreeing with what she said so far. we do see a minority number of representatives saying they will back the president. what do you think he gets from congress when they return to the house and senate on the 9th? >> from house republicans, very little. ronald reagan joked when he played golf, it's the same with president obama with republicans. time and time again, they block
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whatever he wants to do. their job is blocking him and getting reelected. the bottom line is you have house republican leaders like john boehner and eric canter. you have chuck hagel say thg is the right thing to do. americans don't support it. they didn't support the action we took in libya. they didn't believe we would get osama bin laden before we did. until this president takes the action he needs to take to protect and defend the nation. >> let me ask you this quickly. we talked to some generals and generals who appeared here and managed and prosecuted war against our enemies in the past. they saying this is a dicey option for the united states. >> right. >> going in and going it alone has dire, unintended consequences. >> first of all, they are not going in alone. it reminds me so much -- >> we are going in alone. they issued a statement today
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this should be political, not military issue. >> let me hear what you have to say, stephen. >> we are not going it alone. we are going in with france and going in with -- >> that's it. >> that's not true. we are going in with spain and israel and other allies we talked about today. this reminds me of what happened in libya. the president went in, going after him for his comment about leading from behind. >> the e.u. today issued a statement. it's a political issue, not a military issue. that's from the e.u. today. we are alone on this. this is obama saving face because he put his foot in his mouth. has an initiative. we have issues here. >> i would love to see the initiative in iraq. unemployment 7.3%, in the black
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community 13%. we need to take care of home. this is a civil issue. the united states of america is not the police of the world. >> stephen, before i let you go, last question here, what are your concerns about going into war? >> i have the same concerns anybody else would have about it. we are not going into war. >> the president is asking for a limited military action to punish assad for using chemical weapons -- >> he has no idea what is going to happen. >> if i could get a word in edge wise. the president said it's open ended. >> he has no idea, kelly. this is what the apology gets you. obama doesn't know what he's doing. he doesn't have a time line. he's dragging us into the situation where we don't see the end of the road. we are not the police of the world. this is a civil war, it's not our matter. >> what you reflect is the
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opinion of house republicans who try to stop the president every time and have a 9% approval rating as a result. >> ladies and gentlemen, i call order to this. >> yes, kelly. >> fair and balanced debate. what both of you are showing us is a very, very good view of what's going on in the halls of congress. >> yes. >> when all of them return on the 9th. >> thanks, kelly. >> thank you both. overseas, we want to stay there for a moment. pakistan extending an olive branch to afghanistan releasing seven taliban fighters today in an attempt to improve troubled relations. the announcement following last month's trip by hamid karzai to pakistan where he sought the handover of afghan insurgents as part of the stalled peace process. a protest turning deadly in afghanistan. hundreds of people storming the
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iranian consulate building. afghan security forces shooting one dead and injuring several others. the crowd was rallying, angry over failure to grant visas. a new push on capitol hill to defund obama care as a major tech company announces it is pulling health benefits for the retirees. elizabeth has more on that from washington. >> reporter: big employers are showing signs they are not likely to keep providing benefits as medical costs rise. ibm is moving 110,000 retirees off the company sponsored health plan and giving them a payment to buy their on coverage. scott is the latest lawmaker to join a list of lawmakers pushing an effort to defund obama care. more house republicans are urging funds to be stripped from the law. at the same time, speaker
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boehner needs to craft a strategy to overt a government shutdown. some want to pass a short term spending level to keep the government running until november. others are signing the defund obama act. the topic was front and center during the gop address delivered bay wyoming senator. >> the health care law is unpopular, unworkable and unaffordable. as a result, people are eporter: despite the d and unpopularity by some, the partisan divide is strong. some democratic lawmakers past and present oppose suffocating funds. they say it's time to move forward. >> it's better than the current system, which is unaffordable and unhealthy for americans. >> reporter: the marketplace for open enrollment starts on october 1st. heather, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth.
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this is exciting. nasa is heading to the moon. the spacecraft blasting off late last night from virginia. the mission to explore the moon's mysterious glow. the robotic explorer has run into some equipment trouble. brian is live in the news room with more on the mysterious glow in the mission. brian? >> heather, nasa says they have just fixed the problem on board. shortly after lunch, the unmanned vehicle began spinning too fast causing the computer to shut down. now, it's back online. >> three, two, one, zero, ignition. >> it launched last night at 11:27 p.m. from the flight facility in virginia. it will need a month to reach
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the moon, unlike the quick three-day apollo flight. it's the size of a small car. it will orbit the moon throughout the lunar atmosphere and fly through dust clouds. >> one of the important things that the apollo astronauts encountered when they were on the moon was an enormous amount of dust. dust seemed to be everywhere. we believe now that the dust undergoes a certain set of processes that actually lev at a timed and shoot up in the air, perhaps 50 kilometers. >> reporter: the rare launch leaving millions on the east coast with images like this one. this image over the clear skies in northeastern, north carolina. another over homes in a washington, d.c., neighborhood and this shot from point lookout state park in maryland.
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the mission will last six months ending with a $240 million probe. >> i'm so disappointed, i missed that last night. >> me, too. i had no idea. >> amazing pictures, thank you so much. i love that. >> we'll be standing by for the next one. >> absolutely we will. >> pope francis is speaking out about the crisis in syria. the pope is calling out on saying no to military action and father johnson morris will join us next. >> always enjoy having him. panic at a high school football game when the bleachers collapsed under a cheering crowd. >> wow. one montana judge looking for a do over after sentencing a teacher who raped a student to 30 days behind bars. only to be blocked by a higher court. our legal panel weighs in just ahead as the victim's family is now reacting. >> it's a joke. it's a joke.
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welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. google racing to thwart snooping by intelligence agencies. they passed incrypting information that flows among the data centers around the world. five people hurt after a bleacher collapsed at a high school football game in ohio. police say the crowd was cheering at a tv camera when they all went down. an arizona woman convicted of having her 4-year-old son killed for insurance money is now free. she was releaseed from death row to await a retrial in her case. a court overturned her conviction saying there was no evidence directly linking her to the boy's death. pope francis is calling for a global day of fasting and
12:20 pm
prayer today for peace in syria. he opposes military action. he is leading a four-hour mass in st. peters square calling on all catholics and people of other fates to join in. we have a fox news religion contributor. we love hearing from you. thank you for joining us. what does the pope hope to accomplish? >> it's interesting. as you mentioned, it's a cry for peace. what he said, this is not just for catholic christians, and it's not just for christians. he invited everyone of good will. he specifically invited atheists to be a part of this. a cry for peace. what is prayer for christians? it's a cry to god. i think every single element of humanity has a cry for something. what he's saying is we need to get together as a global community, no matter what
12:21 pm
religious background you may be coming from and cry out for peace. what he said clearly, peace does not come from war. he has been very much against any military action in this case. it's futile. >> there have been other incidents where popes have done this, other wars. >> yes, but this is different. he's going out to st. peters square and he's there right now going on right now. i was just watching it. he is taking major leadership. he wrote a letter to the g-20, to putin and explained why in this case war would be futile for seeking objectives we all want. >> in that, he's not just calling for prayer. there are six points. can you tell us about that? >> i'm going to put them on my twitter and facebook afterwards. they are lengthy. what is interesting is that he has decided he's not only going
12:22 pm
to invite people to pray, but this is what a good syria would look like in the future. those points include, he calls for a ministry within the federal government of syria to protect minorities. he's saying any government that is good and faithful is going to make sure it's not just the sunni muslim majority that is protected, but the minority. interestingly enough, the muslim leader right now came out in support of the pope's appeal. also the patriarch, bartholomew came out supporting it. he's saying war is bad. violence is bad. let's get something done. this is not a gad way to do it. >> what if world leaders don't listen, what then? >> even if they don't, if they don't, i have thought about this a lot, heather. even if they don't and we go to
12:23 pm
war, it's good that someone, not just because he's the catholic pope, but all of us stand-up for principle that is are true because world leaders don't decide what is right and wrong. that's engraved in our human dignity and our conscience, moral consciousness. democratic vote doesn't decide what is right and wrong, either. i think it's worthwhile, no matter what the outcome is. >> it's troubling, when you look at the images and the pictures, 1400 people killed in this chemical attack from whom we don't know, yet, at this point. we know there were 400 children killed in that attack alone. >> yeah. >> look at what's going on in syria. it's a struggle, as a christian, what do you want them to do? no one wants war. you know, but we see the humanitarian effort not making a difference. >> good point. it's obvious who it is from. i think we have to look at
12:24 pm
evidence and we hope to get that evidence and congress is getting that evidence now. secondly, you are exactly right. po francis, because we are talking about him came out and very much said something major needs to happen against anybody who does this. not just oh, you know, peace and good will. no, some people do bad things and they need to be reprimanded and it needs to be strong, something major. when you have countries like china and russia not standing up against that, that's the problem. >> you talked about that. >> he did. he said nevertheless, war, in this situation, is not the solution. >> yeah. >> we don't know what the objectives will be achieved, good objectives and secondly, we don't know the consequences of an attempt of achieving the objectives. >> you'll have more on twitter and facebook. >> i will at father jonathan. >> thank you. >> fascinating topic.
12:25 pm
the showdown over a syrian interaction is intensifying. we are live in washington as president obama urges congress to approve a military strike. >> the question is, what should our response be, if any, with regard to the use of chemical weapons, which is quite unusual in this day and age. the regime actually used chemical weapons on its own people. [ woman ] my doctor wanted me to get one of those emergency pendants.
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military strikes against syria. after two days of intense lobbying, the president left the g-20 summit with limited support. now he's back in washington trying to win over lawmakers on capitol hill. while secretary of state, john kerry, continues to court the international community. molly is live for us from washington with the latest. a lot of work going on, molly. >> absolutely. the white house says the president will make more calls to members of congress over the weekend to gain support for a vote on a military strike on syria. his administration is trying to get the numbers in congress while trying to get other countries to join the u.s. in standing up to syria. today, secretary of state, john kerry spoke to his european counter parts who want to wait to make a decision until after the united nations weapons inspectors release their report. secretary kerry says president obama has not made up his mind whether to wait for the u.n.
12:31 pm
report but this is not a time to be silent spectators. >> this is not a far off place where something happened that's just one arab sect killing another arab sect on an internal fight. these are chemical weapons, which were almost 100 years it world banned from usage. in time of war, the only people who have used them are adolf hitler and saddam hussein until bashar al assad. >> back home, some members of congress are letting president obama know they do not intend, at this point, to support the president's efforts to launch a military strike against syria. arkansas democratic senator, mark pryor put out a statement saying before military action in syria is taken, the administration must prover an interest. build a true coalition of ally
12:32 pm
that is actively participate in action we take. based on the information presented to me and the evidence i have gathered, i do not believe these criteria have been met and i cannot support military action against syria at this time. the president will do a round of tv news interviews on syria monday and make his case directly to the american people on tuesday night when he addresses the nation. heather? >> thank you molly. as molly just mentioned, president obama will tape interviews at the white house with three network news anchors including with chris wallace. that will air monday at 6:00 p.m. eastern during a special report with brett. we continue our focus on the crisis in syria putting the region on edge. serious new questions about the impact america's response to the
12:33 pm
attack on the middle east. let's bring in lisa a fox con transcribe you tor and middle east journalist. this is a very difficult time right now for so many people throughout the middle east. what are you hearing about what is going on in the ground in syria. we are hearing about the facts against rebel forces and innocent people are caught in the cross fire of all this. >> right. this is nothing new. this has been going on for 29 months. the same people who were victims to these attacks are still in the cross fire and more so. they are a risk to the people and civilians where the assad regime has been listening to president obama thinking out loud about the attacks and moving into civilian areas. we have to ask ourselves, the same dictator who used chemical weapons against his people will use them as human shields for alleged attacks. obviously, the anger against
12:34 pm
the -- the violence against the people, the christians and the minorities is continuing. the humanitarian problem has been going on much longer. you know, the red line is about chemical weapons and president obama's rhetoric is this changes the equation. again, we have to remember the reason why the obama administration hesitated to go in this far. those realities have not changed on the ground. we are fearful the weapons will get into the wrong hands. the chemical weapons will fall into the hands of hezbollah. >> for the risks you have just mentioned, there are many generals here, retired generals here saying this military intervention that the president wants to pursue, conducts a strike amounts to nothing more than a pinprick in stopping assad. they are calling for more extreme measures, a decapitation
12:35 pm
of the syrian regime. is that the only answer or do we have a peaceful solution as the pope is trying to get people to get back to the table and actually discuss a peaceful way of putting this together. >> right. what the president put forward is not a solution. not short term and definitely not long term to solving the syrian crisis. regardless of whether the strikes happen or not, we have to think about what happens in the hours, days, months and years to come and the humanitarian crisis, the use of chemical weapons. what guarantee do we have this will not continue the days after the attacks? in terms of looking at a comprehensive approach, the president is saying it's not about regime change. if it's not, we are going to keep assad in power and we are back to the same cycle of violence to the people. >> i'm sorry, the question is, if it isn't a regime change or if it were, the president wisely
12:36 pm
would be thinking who do you turn this regime over to. >> that's right. that's exactly the issue we have had. so many of these countries. we don't want to add this to the list of iraq, iran, afghanistan and libya and there's no viable alternative. you cannot just remove the leader. that's the calculus in this equation as well. the assad regime is going to be weakened. that's the goal. why would al qaeda or other forces use the opportunity to swoop in? we pulled the rug under from egypt. the ones that are well organized will move in. the approach would be for the u.s. to look for a comprehensive, long lasting, long term approach to find the opposition, find the moderates, approach the christians and the kurds and the people who want a voice in building a future for
12:37 pm
syria. >> thank you for your insights on this. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> for more, kentucky senator joins chris wallace to discuss the tough vote facing congress. then, you want to stick around for sure for the premier of "media buzz" at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on fox news channel. a california farmer taking on the department of agriculture. now the dispute dates back decades to a law passed to help growers stay in business during the great depression. now farmers say it does more harm than good. the supreme court is weighing in. we are live from los angeles with more. hi, dominic. >> hey, there, heather. this goes back to the world war ii era. excuse me, i apologize. it's about the humble prices.
12:38 pm
the prices are up by holding on to a portion of the harvest and reserve. some farmers say the higher reserve, it drew them out of business. a farmer is calling this futile and unconstitutional. take a listen. >> they told us, we are going to take 47% of your crop. i said no. >> so, began his ten-year battle against the depression area program requiring him to give up a portion of his crop to the government. >> it's a simple thing. all the secretary of agriculture has to do is say we don't need this anymore, draw a line through it. >> compensation making it unconstitutional under the fifth amendment. he brought the case to the department of agriculture and made it all the way to the supreme court. the justices questioned why the law still exists.
12:39 pm
justice kagan said to go back to a lower court to figure out whether it's a taking or the world's most outdated law. the committee that runs the reserve refused to discuss the lawsuit nor could they say why they needed control. >> after deliberations, hearings and testimony we have chosen not to eliminate it. we needed to use it on many occasions since 1949. >> this this case, it's causing people to scratch their heads. the exit tee hasn't taken any since 2009. it's about the time the lawsuit began. they claim it was a carryover from previous years. $1.2 million in legal bills and fines and 1 million pounds of grapes. the ninth circuit should rule on it by november. the law should open the flood
12:40 pm
gates and the suggestion is the claims could go into the billions. back to you. >> live for us, thank you. there is outrage even bewilderment in montana after a judge in a high profile rape case is deny add do over after he sentenced the victim's teacher to just 30 days behind bars. our legal panel weighs in, next. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute little orange blob is metamucil... and this park is the inside of your body. you see t special psyllium fiber in metamucil aually gels to trap and remove some waste. and that gelling also helps to lower some cholesterol. it evetraps some carbs to hp maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of your diet. now that's one super hard working fiber. metamucil. 3 amazing benefit in 1 super fiber. ♪ in 1 super fiber. uh-oguess what day it is!is?? huh...anybody?
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a shocking turn of events in a high profile rain case in montana. a district judge trying to impose a new sentence on this man. he's a former teacher sent to prison for just 30 days for raining a 14-year-old girl who later committed suicide only to be overruled by the state's high court. >> the mandatory minimum was what was intended by the court
12:45 pm
when it issued its sentence. that issue couldn't have been avoided all together if i had been more alert or if the state had pointed out to the court the correct mandatory minimum. >> he said nothing we haven't heard before. he took no responsibility. he blames everyone else around. it's out of his hands now. we go forward. we are looking to get the judge removed. that will not stop. this convinced me more than ever he's not competent. >> we have a fox news analyst and robert is a defense attorney. thank you for joining us. the judge said if i had been more alert or if the state had pointed it out, how did this happen? there was a two-year minimum. he was sentenced to 15 years and the judge suspended all by 30 days. he raped a 14-year-old student.
12:46 pm
>> i can't believe it. when i saw this case, girs of all, where does activism allow a pedophile to walk after 30 days? these are the sentencing guidelines. what are you doing giving him less. his excuse is she looked older. i can understand. it's statutory rape. it's the date on the birth certificate, nothing else. plus, this is a teach thear knew her. he knew her age. >> right. >> a teacher that worked with her. he admitted guilt. it wasn't just after a trial. the judge heard this man admit i did this. i know what i did was wrong. not only that, how is it a judge, the prosecution, doesn't know what the standard minimum sentence is? the prosecution didn't object to it. >> not only did he hear him confess, there was a written confession as well. the judge wants to redo the sentence.
12:47 pm
how could that play into the case? could it put it in jeopardy? >> it could. somebody should look at the judge and say you are not fit to continue sentencing anybody sitting on the bench. you are a danger to society, end of story. with respect of the appeal, i don't think they will give it back to him. frankly, he's imposed the sentence, it's unlikely it will be reopened. >> they stopped that because of what repercussions could have been. >> he just filed an order and invited everyone back to court. let's do it all over again. if the prosecution doesn't show up and defense doesn't but the press does and he holds an question and answer session. now he's trying to explain himself. haven't you learned your lesson? the backlash was so bad. he looks silly like he didn't know what the law was. how are you commenting from the bench what you believe the facts and circumstances of the
12:48 pm
are. he admitted his guilt. >> suggesting the girl looked older than he did and it clouded the teacher's judgment. what are you talking about? no one is disputing the fact she's 14 years of age. >> that's all that matters. >> well, she looks old. if a 10-year-old looks older, it's okay to rape a 10-year-old? that's the message. that's why she killed herself. a person in position says it doesn't matter, you get 30 days. >> what happens next to the teacher who has lost his license to teach? >> he's serving his 30 day sentence. the question is whether or not if they now know the sentence is illegal, they are talking six months to a year and a half before the answer may come down. are they going to let him out or keep him in? i'm of the opinion they have to let him out. if the higher court says no, the
12:49 pm
sentence was league. you can't hold somebody in prison pending an appeal. he will get out unless they expedite it. >> he will be listed as sex offe offender. at a minimum, with all the coverage there's been -- >> which would keep him from teaching in other states as well. thank you both for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks. >> kelly. >> how sturdy is the u.s. job market? that's the key question facing the federal reserve and what it means for the economy, next. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup.
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a disappointing jobs report raising questions about the future of the federal reserve bond buying program. the labor department reports a 7.3% unemployment rate for august, a slight improvement there. but job creation is still considered slow. the mixed message is creating dilemma for the fed as they wait their next move. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what is the fed considering now with this low turnout? >> the fed had been buying about $85 billion worth of bonds.
12:54 pm
they are considering tapering that by about $10 billion this month. now, this bond buying on behalf of the fed meant that businesses and american individuals are able to borrow money at lower interest rates. so, they are more likely to spend and invest in american businesses, buy homes and make purchases. the tapering could have negative effects. they are very much going to look at the unemployment numbers when they make these decisions. >> what does it say about the u.s. job market right now? >> well, as we know from friday's number, it's very tough out there. you know, it came out at a disappointing 7.3% unemployment for august. i always like to look at the bright side of things. when it comes to unemployment in america, it's very hard to find upside. i mean, on the upside, it's lower than it was at its peak, 10%. but there's many, many
12:55 pm
downsides. it's very hard for americans to find work right now. >> exactly. what are the unemployed workers finding if they can't find work? >> you know, the real number doesn't take into account people who have grown so frustrated in their search that they simply stopped looking. that's a lot of americans who spent years pounding the pavement to find jobs and haven't. it doesn't include graduates who said i'm going to ride this out by going back to school or people forced to retire years before they planned to because they can't find work. none of those people are counted in the statistics. >> there's a lack of work force out there especially high-tech jobs. >> what we are seeing right now is where businesses are hiring are part time jobs and those part time jobs are low paying retail jobs or also food service jobs. so, it's really not ideal.
12:56 pm
people getting jobs are what we would call underemployed. >> wow. a tough situation right now. >> it is. it's a very hard for the american worker. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. that will do it for us today. heather, good to join you. >> nice to be with you on this saturday. i am healther childers. "a healthy you & carol alt" debuts after the break. looking forward to that. it's one of our new programs. >> i had a chance to talk to her earlier, she's beautiful and brainy. she has a lot to offer. >> she's going to share with us how she's so beautiful and healthy. >> healthy mind, body and spirit. she's got it all. >> bye, have a great day. ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ]
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