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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and we worry about what they think of us. and america should protect you? your sons killed us. why would you give the criminals an advantage over unarmed citizenry. get the hell out of your elitist and put on your big boy pants. from the people who brought you the fantasy about the despicable video that caused the benghazi massacre, who use the irs as a weapon to go after their political enemies, the ones who chip away at our first, second,
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and fourth amendment rights only to turn around and trumpet their right to hide behind the fifth amendment. the latest to come out of the obama administration, just a little slap at syria. really, mr. president? now you want the american people after all they've been through to take you at your word and blindly follow you into yet another middle east conflict? hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. this week the obama administration seeks congressional approval to strike syria. the narrative? we go in for just a couple of days, do a quick military slap, no intention of regime change, and then call it a day. we'll show them. but right now russian and american destroyers and an untold number of submarines are
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lining up along the syrian coast. iranian fast boats are already in the persian gulf where other american ships are positioned and since we gave them fair warning, mr. president, our enemies in the middle east have been moving assets and preparing to retaliate. it's teed up. once we start the bombing, the syrians will call on their allies, iran and russia. now, let me see if i understand this. we're looking to bomb syria because of an alleged chemical attack, risking a potential faceoff with iran and russia in a move that will ultimately benefit who? al qaeda? mr. president, why for two years did the united states and the world stand silent as the civil war unfolded in syria? well over 100,000 casualties, women and children, victims of
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bombings and shootings, missile attacks, executions, dismemberment and decapitation. now, 1400 of the over 100,000 are believed to be victims of chemical weapons. now we need to engage in a dust-up with syria? mr. president, why is killing one way more heinous and worthy of our response than a number? and why now? and what about israel? we know you don't like bb but, hell, don't you have an obligation and not put our allies in harm's way? and your reason? >> i didn't set a red line. the world set a red line. congress set a red line when it ratified that treaty. my credibility's not on the line. the international community's credibility is on the line. >> that's just not true. it's another one of your false
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narratives. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. that would change my equation. >> a lie is a lie is a lie. you said it, the world heard it and the world heard you say it, syria heard you say it and they gave you no mind and they did it anyway. and by the way, if you didn't draw a red line, why are we going in? no one respects us. no one fears us. you've done this to us. why draw red lines when everyone knows that your red lines are nothing more than green lights over and over again. but i've got to give you one. you're right. your credibility is not on the line. with all due respect, mr. president, you have no credibility. to be credible, one must be clear and constant. your actions must be swift and
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certain. you lost credibility when you left americans on that rooftop in benghazi but fired up air force one to go to your las vegas fund-raiser. that was a clear signal to the world that it's open season on americans, even including an ambassador. and by the way, whatever happened to we're going to bring them to justice? it's been a year. where's the justice? and now you want to hide behind congress so you can blame them for your inaction or you say maybe you'll go in any way. what's that all about? it's amateur hour in washington. american lives weigh in the balance. we are a war-weary nation. even you admit that. we are tired of spilling the blood of young american men and women in a part of the world that despises us. and to add insult to injury, you
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don't even take care of the vets when they come home. many of them with fewer body parts and certainly more demons than when they left. and if you're so dead set against the killing of children that you are willing to send us into yet another conflict, will you guarantee that the thousand pound tomahawk missiles that you will seep on syria will not kill children or are they simply your collateral damage? were the murders of those children be less significant than those we go to avenge? tell us, what is the american strategic interest? what is the end game? did you think this one out or is politics so much a part of your calculus that it's all about you? a shot across the bow to hold
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assad accountable? to carry out his ability to carry out further attacks? to deter this behavior in the future? do you really believe after this man killed 100,000 people that he's afraid of you? and since you don't intend to take assad out and expect him to weather this, you make the united states look even weaker. little syria survives an attack by the most militarily powerful country in the world. well, at least we were until you showed up. and whose side are we on anyway? take a look at this. these are the syrian rebels whose side you want to take. they are killing young men execution-style and if the use of chemical weapons is violating international standards, why isn't the international community standing shoulder to shoulder with you? the brits for the first time
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since 1782 have refused a request for military action by their prime minister. nato has rejected your call. the european union has rejected your call. the u.n., of course, is still investigating. and the italians, well, they are too busy dancing with berlusconi at one of his bunga bunga parties and putin had to give you a lecture on international law. >> translator: only the u.n. security council can sanctions force against a sovereign state and any other pretext or method which may be used to justify use against a sovereign state is inadmissible and can only be an aggression. >> you don't poke a stick in the eye of the tiger and expect the tiger not to react. the rebels you want to support are al qaeda. you remember them. they took down the world trade center a few blocks from here
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and sharia massa occurred four americans in benghazi. and it's since worked out so well in egypt. and by the way, no americans were massacred in syria like they were in benghazi. so we should go to war for you to save face after making a dumb statement that you now say you didn't make? have you thought this through? your effectless foreign policy has forced your hand. even die nanne feinstein agrees with me. >> once the administration makes this call, i think there's a real need to back this up or america become as paper tiger. >> mr. president, in the past when america was respected and feared, no one would even dare
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think of crossing an american president's red line. remember you said that you wouldn't go to war unless there was an imminent threat to national security. what case have you made? last i checked, assad has never attacked us. and by the way, didn't you get elected as an anti-war president? didn't you vote against the last war in iraq? and here we are five years into your administration and american men and women are still on the ground fighting boogie men and caves in afghanistan who will return to their tribal enclaves as soon as we leave and your iraq withdraw thing hasn't worked out so well either. and senator mccain, we all respect you for your service and the sacrifices you've made for this country, but in the end, maybe you're right, maybe it's all just a game. mr. president, can you understand why americans are so dead set against this?
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will you look at wars in the middle east through the prism of iraq and the false eyes of benghazi you? want us to trust you but you're not credible, clear, or concise. why should americans take it on faith that what you're saying is even true? there's no end game and we can't afford nor do we want a world war iii. and speaking of that, mr. president, didn't you win the nobel peace prize? yeah. you were the one. give it back. coming up tonight, we'll get inside information on how congress is going to vote on the president's proposal from two men who used to cast those votes themselves. and later in the show, our special coverage of the massacre in benghazi. why one year later is there still no justice for the four
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the answer to whether i support additional support for the moderate opposition is yes. >> yes, this authorization will support those activities in addition to responding to the weapons of mass destruction. >> i don't know how the resolution will evolve, but i support -- >> what is it you're seeking? >> i can't answer that what we're seeking. >> wow. congress returns next week to a choice, authorized war with syria or tell the president he's on his own. and this week we learned the pentagon was asked to revise the plan to strike syria more than 50 times.
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that's right. 50, 5-0 times. it seems like the decision is getting easier by the day. with me now, former arizona senator jon kyl and former ohio congressman dennis kucinich. both are fox contributors. senator, i'm going to go right to you. you wrote an op-ed in "the wall street journal" supporting a syria strike. why? >> because of one of the things that you said, judge. our credibility is on the line. you're absolutely right. by the way, your significant indictment of the president i will stipulate to, except for two things. i know you don't believe that u.n. action is necessary for the united states to act and i would drop that count. and it is not at all the case that we will be aiding al qaeda. that's a debate -- >> who are we aiding? senator, you tell me, who are we aiding? >> we're aiding the united states of america, judge. >> but have they attacked us? if the head of the joint chiefs says he doesn't know what the end goal is, how could we
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possibly go there? he doesn't know. >> judge, as you said, our respect and credibility is on the line. that's who we're aiding. unless we follow the action that the president has asked for here, notwithstanding the fact that i don't like the way that he's run up to this point, unless we do that, we will be the paper tiger that senator feinstein said and we will lose with respect to actions with regard to iran, with regard to north korea, with regard to russia, with regard to china, our allies in the region won't have any faith in us anymore and our enemies will not fear us. is that where we want to end up? >> all right. senator, i'm going to go to you congressman. who are we aiding if we go in there and decide to slap assad and who are we aiding? >> al qaeda is the leading edge of the attack on assad
6:18 pm
government and just as they were involved in libya, the al qaeda flag was over syria as soon as libya fell. we need to be careful about being a leading position as a result of what we might do. i don't think there's enough caution being shown here. it seems to be quite incautious and we owe it to our soldiers, our airmen, our navy to be very cautious. we have u.s. personnel in the region already. we've -- we cannot be so incautious that the idea of saving face becomes more important than avoiding a calamity for our country, for the region and the death of innocent people. >> senator kyl, let's assume that we go in there and do this little slap but don't want to take them out, they hit us back and them we hit them again. is it all out war, then? and why aren't the neighbors to
6:19 pm
syria doing anything about this? >> no, i don't think syria, iran, or russia for that matter is going to start a war with the united states. i think that's fanciful. and it's also the case that the freedom fighter in the country right now and the majority of the people fighting are not al qaeda. just imagine what they will feel after the united states has assured them that they were going to take action against assad and then we did nothing? i mean, if you want to get rid of assad, you've got to be able to support the people who are fighting against him and most of those are not al qaeda. but, again, the bottom line is -- >> excuse me. senator, with all due respect, hasn't the president said that he's not looking for a regime change? so will you say if you want to get rid of assad? >> yeah. he has said that. and that's why my former colleague senator mccain made it clear he would not support the resolution unless there was language that integrated the
6:20 pm
bombing or missile strikes or whatever it might be with a strategy of trying to bring a resolution to the civil war that is occurring over there, one that would result in the assad regime going. i know the president is trying to walk a fine line here between assuring the people on the left that he's not going to be starting a third world war and assuring people like senator mccain that there's going ton an integrated strategy. i hope that he follows through with his commitment to senator mccain. >> and congressman kucinich, you poke a stick in the eye of the tiger, what happens? >> well, here's what i'm worried about. i saw a report today about air assets being set from georgia and missouri. we're going to have people in the air. we have people in the sea right now. are they, in effect, going to be sitting ducks and are they being put out there in order to basically as bait? and once they get attacked, then that's used as a justification for wider war? that's what we've got to watch out for here.
6:21 pm
you know, the opening of your program i thought was very well put because there's so many unanswered questions. i published something yesterday, there's ten -- >> we have a hard break coming up. would love to have you come back, john kyl and dennis kucinich, thank you for being with us. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment.
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well, that's not my business to trust -- >> well, it has to be the business because you're making decisions to go into war and put american lives at risk. so it's a simple concept. you either trust or do not trust. and if you do not trust, we don't call these people our allies or support. >> so who are these syrian rebels that we're looking to
6:25 pm
support? with me, terrorism expert gabrielle and former terrorism analyst jonathan. i'll go to you first. who are these rb bells? do we even know? >> they are a collection of islamic radicals that have bonded together and came together from all over and they are coming from libya, iran, egypt. they've come to syria because they know this is an opportunity for them to basically establish an islamist state working with the muslim brotherhoods in syria. there are nine collection terrorists forming rebels in syria. seven of the nine are linked to al qaeda, with relationships to al qaeda. >> jonathan, do you agree with what brigitte has just said? >> well, i would agree to a certain extent and probably try to add a few points to that.
6:26 pm
i think most of them are muslims but does not mean that they have an islamist background. they have not been able to follow a chain of command. from there, you have islamists which probably make up a third or a quarter of the fighters and you have maybe another 10% or more and then the jihadists. >> i don't mean to interrupt you but viewers don't know the difference between the shiites and sunnis. here's the things, seeing and hearingi hearing the executing of the syrians, the army, and ignoring the geneva convention. we know it's al qaeda. we know there's a great number of them. these guys, you can tell they have been tortured, you can look at their backs. they are being shot by the rebels. what are we doing, jonathan?
6:27 pm
how do we know who's going to come into power if assad is taken out? >> we don't. and the bottom line is that we do not have good options in this war. it's one of the reasons why the administration tried to ignore it for the last two years because it knew all along that if we were going to get dragged in, if we were going to have these extremely difficult choices and even if assad is gone, he's a butcher who has killed 110,000 people, even if he's gone, there could be worse people that come after him and that's what we are struggling with here today. there are no good answers. >> and brigitte, you described the neighbors coming in to fight a holy war that's been going on for 13 hundred years. >> exactly. what we're looking at is a war between the shiite and the sunnis. that's why we are getting caught in the middle right now if we go to syria. the saudis, jordanians do not
6:28 pm
want to establish a base in syria because they know iran is establishing the base in syria to create a strong shiite base in the middle east to fight the sunnis and counter the sunnis. the saudis, kuwaitis do not want that and that's why they agreed to fund this war using us as their merconaries to basically go fight their enemy and do their birth tdirty work for the. america should be smarter than that than to find a war for them so they can maintain their power in the middle east. >> jonathan, what do you think the reaction to assad would be about this so called middle strike. >> you either go to war or you don't. if we want to stay out, then let all of these factions kill each other. it would be hard to ignore the 110,000 but at least we have an objective. or go in all the way and begin to dismantle this iranian
6:29 pm
network spreading across the middle east. but you go in with this half-hearted way, we will get hit and drawn in whether it's from hezbollah or syria or from iran. i would be very surprised if they didn't try to draw us in further. >> brigitte and jonathan, thank you for your expertise tonight. and coming up, our special coverage of benghazi. one year after the massacre, will we ever see justice for the four americans killed? and why does obama really want to strike syria? face book or tweet me @judgejeanine. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner. pope francis pleads for an end to what he describes as the spiral of sorrow and death in syria. today the leader of the catholic church asked people of all faiths to join him in a
6:33 pm
four-hour peace vigil in st. peter's square making this one of the largest rallies against a proposed u.s.-led strike against the syria regime. people in tokyo reacting wildly to the news their city beat out the bid to host the olympics in istanbul and recent rioting caused concerns over hurdle key. tokyo hosted the olympics back in 1964. i'm harris faulkner. go to you're watching the most powerful news. fox. . >> but my biggest priority right now is bringing those folks to justice and i think the american people have seen that's a commitment i always keep. >> really? here we are a year later and
6:34 pm
nothing. where's the justice? is this the obama version of justice? i'm just not buying it and neither should anyone else. the facts have never been the wrong has never been greater. the lies have never been more absurd. the ambassador knew he was in trouble. he repeatedly asked for help and he was repeatedly turned down by his friend hillary clinton. mr. president, you put americans in harm's way, in a consulate that did not meet minimum safety standards and you don't even avenge their deaths? you leave americans alone on a rooftop with our enemy dragging an ambassador through the streets and you never issue the order to defend them? and then you said your crack fbi to investigate a month later? the local police department in
6:35 pm
any small town in america could have solved this one. you literally have a video of the crime. i'm starting to think that maybe you don't want it solved. and that crack accountability review board who didn't bother to interview hillary absolved everyone. four people are suspended from our state department only to be quietly reinstated. but the whistle blower demoted, the guy actually there begging for help demoted to desk duty and still one year later no one is in custody. you use the irs to go after your political enemies but you can't use the vast military powers at your disposal to find those who massacred americans, the ones who don't hesitate to put their lives on the line for all of us? and you say the american people
6:36 pm
know that bringing those responsible to justice is a commitment you'll always keep? mr. president, not only have you not kept that commitment to the american people but the family of those that you left behind to die deserve better than your false promises, your fake narrative and the flag that was draped over their loved one's coffins. joining me now that knows better than anyone that the president has not lived up to his promises, pat smith, the mother of sean smith, one of the four heroes killed in benghazi and also onset, one of the authors of "under fire the untold story of benghazi." pat, it's been a year. you haven't given up. i've seen you in washington at hearings. what, if anything, have you learned since that horrific day?
6:37 pm
>> that's kind of curious because when i was there in washington when all this first started, the fbi had me in a room over there to tell me what they were doing and there were about ten of them in a room with the attorney and with everybody that was involved in the fbi. and they said that they were going to follow this up until they finally got the guys that did this and they showed me pictures of three different guys that they say that were -- they suspected and they wanted to question and bring them in. those same three guys never were caught, never were questioned and i saw the same three pictures of them just the other day on tv. they are still looking for them. so i don't have too much faith in that. in fact, the fbi said all they were interested in doing was finding the terrorists that were involved in this. that's all. they weren't involved in
6:38 pm
anything else but just that. >> those ten fbi agents. all right. samuel, you call your book the untold story of the attack. what have you learned about benghazi? >> the untold story is the story of the benghazi attack as told through the state department stationed in benghazi the night of the attack and we cover the history sort of these attacks throughout the world from the '70s, '80s, and '90s and the last ten years in the global war on terror and how in reality such attacks are nothing new at all. they have been going on for a long time. >> here's the thing. for getting about the attacks in the past, you've got pat smith, all right, the mother of sean smith. it's been a year. no one has told her exactly what happened. do you know what happened? >> we believe we know some details but benghazi was a very unique case of expeditionary
6:39 pm
diplomacy. >> what does that mean? >> when things around the world happen very quickly and we here try and catch up and we locate ourselves in governments and nations that are post-revolutionary, post-war. and there isn't a time -- >> you know what, let me ask you this. did the president issue the cross border authority order? did the president actually say, send in the delta force and the fast teams and everyone else? did he do that? do you know? >> there's a big misconception about the immediate see about the immediate response. i would use the analogy of the baseball announcer. an attack slows down the response because you have to -- >> hogwash. there were forces all over the world who were ready on the ready. this was a danger zone. the ambassador said that he wanted help. >> but they weren't ready to
6:40 pm
respond to a fluid attack. >> what were they going to do? our enemies are going to hit us static? >> the forces that we have are not designed to respond to such fluid attacks. >> with all due respect, i'm sure you know more about this than i do but i've got to tell you, this is the united states of america. pat, i'm going to go to you. >> okay. good. >> what you heard -- what do you want to say? you say "good." talk to us. >> talk to you. okay. the government is not doing what they should do. everybody knows this. everybody knows this. they lie to you, they tell you what you want you to know may or may not be correct and in my case it's always been lies. from the very minute -- >> very disappointing. can you understand why pat is saying that? >> my sympathies and my heartfelt condolences go out to
6:41 pm
mrs. smith over the loss of sean but i'm trying very hard to explain that in the real world, not the world of television or "24," things move very slowly. in 1993, a hezbollah mastermind. >> i don't want to hear that. why do navy s.e.a.l.s say we were ready, they told us to stand down? >> i was told the same thing. >> okay. they are telling me in the ear we've got to go. great book. i did read the book. pat smith, our love to you and hopefully we'll see you soon with some answers. and coming up, we continue our coverage of benghazi and we've got some military analysts who want to respond to this segment. and vote in tonight's instant poll. why does obama really want to strike syria? facebook me or tweet me @judgejeanine.
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this week will mark one year since the attack on the benghazi consulate and the american people still have no answers on why reinforcements weren't sent, why four americans had to die. with me, fox news military analyst colonel david hunt. gentlemen, you just heard the segment that we just did with
6:46 pm
the gentleman that said samuel kats wrote the book under fire and they couldn't have gotten there under time. what do you think about that one? >> first of all, judge, nice hair. >> oh, thank you. nice hair. absolutely. the guy's selling a book. i appreciate the history of the diplomatic security service. the state department which he represents has no response to what happened. it would have been a military response, which we could have done within four hours had the president of the united states given an order. that's one. two, no one's been held accountable for what's happened. it's been over a year and now we want to go to syria. so the same government who lied to us about what happened in benghazi for over two weeks, now we want to believe that they've got enough evidence to go to a third war in 12 years. it makes no sense and you have
6:47 pm
to look at this through a failed government response to people who were dying. >> all right. and commander lippold, you were head of the "uss cole" when it was hit in 2000. has anyone been held accountable for the killings on the "uss cole"? >> no one has been held accountable on this administration. in guantanamo bay, he's scheduled for a military commission next september. mark my words, judge, it won't happen. right before the 2014 elections, you do honestly believe this president and the attorney general who have sought for four years to close guantanamo bay are going to allow a death penalty case two months before the 2014s? i don't believe it will happen. >> wait a minute. it was in 2000, right? >> correct. it's been almost 13 years and
6:48 pm
yet no one has been held accountable for that attack that killed 17 of my sailors and wounded 37 others. >> you know, colonel hunt, i'm going to go back to you. former senator kyl was on and he talked about how we have to be -- you know, we have to be people of our word. we haven't gotten anyone from benghazi. we have the commander from the "cole" in 2000. it's not about our word. it's about our actions. shouldn't we be avenging our actions? >> yes. it's like why it took us almost ten years to get bin laden. it's why iraq took so long. afghanistan is taking so long, why the "cole" hasn't been avenged. why we could have responded within four hours to benghazi. it's all about political will and this administration has had none. cruise missiles is one thing. the political will to go after
6:49 pm
people and even investigate what happened in benghazi, they have not even talked to hillary clinton, the secretary of state. it's not correct. >> all right, gentlemen, stick around. we're going to be right back with this topic. and this is your last chance to vote in tonight's insta poll. facebook or tweet me @judgejeanine. we'll read your answers after the break. stay with us. and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new droid ultra by motorola with zero down payment. constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium.
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two of the four men killed in benghazi were navy seals that died protecting others. they were engaged in a fire fight.
6:53 pm
colonel and commander with me. gentlemen, in light of the lack of retaliation, the lack of anyone being arrested on benghazi, the lack of anyone on the uss cole from 200, how does this affect us as we talk about going into syria? ill start with you colonel. >> you have to trust the government. this administration most recently with benghazi refused to act to save lives. didn't even try and lied about it for up to two weeks. we have to all realize the united states government knew within minutes what was actually happening on the ground and then this forest for two weeks about some movie. so the same administration now says oh, no, no, no we have to go to war in support of hasballah and russia -- i'm sorry, in support of al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood who
6:54 pm
are opposing hasballah and russia and we can't trust an administration that didn't try to save lives and lied about it. >> commander, what do you think the reaction of your prior behavior of this government will be as we talk about going into syria. >> well, judge, to execute a serious and credible national policy, you have to have capability and credibility. the biggest problem we have right now is we don't have the military in place around syria to deal with the expanded conflict. we're only going to go in there for one punch. when it comes to credibility, i think the colonel had it right. dealing from benghazi to off they are not credible in how they deal. everybody sees this as a political decision. it was the president's red line. when you look how he expanded to be the world's red line, that is
6:55 pm
just to -- the capability is questioned. >> colonel hunt, what does one slap do? does that mean, one slap? in and out, you know, we'll show them. >> one slap makes you mad. the problem with this -- if you smack syria, they get to smack back with -- >> yeah. >> with hasballah and there is a thing called iraq and iran. those are unintended consequences. it a useless gesture and never be a policy. >> yeah. >> by the way, again, a third war within 12 years in the middle east makes no sense. >> here is the question, can we afford it? colonel, commander, thanks for being us with. >> thank you, judge. >> to the results of the instapoll question. why does president obama want to strike syria? most of you think it's to deflect the scandals at home.
6:56 pm
he made a fool of himself and wants to blame congress for it like everything else he does. the second most common reason among our viewers is that he has no reason. donna says, i don't think he even has any idea. he'll get out of it by blaming congress or bush. larry says it convenient way to give the u.s. a perfect pretext to go to war with iran. barbara says to install a muslim brotherhood leader in syria like in equipment. a lot of people think that the president should focus on the problems that we're having here at home. barbara says he should go to chicago and straighten it out with the crime and murders there and stay out of syria. but then there was brian, the loan voice, ladies and gentlemen, the lone voice in favor of intervention.
6:57 pm
i bet everyone would be asking for justice from obama if it was your family gassed to death. i feel a shame for you americans that are so selfish. don't agree with that one. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us and last time i had a show i promised a surprise. how do you like it? follow me on twitter. (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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i came in under the assumption that it was clean. i've been living in a fool's paradise! oh boy... there you go... morty just summed it up. the next 44 years we'll be fine. failing to respond to this breach of this international norm would send a signal to rogue nations, regimes and terrorist organizations that they can develop and use weapons of mass destruction, and not pay a consequence, and that's not the world that we want to live in. >> when you look at those videos of those children heaving for breath, unable to move spasming, their lives stolen from them or their parents'


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