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tv   Housecall  FOX News  September 8, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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we'll, of course, be staying on the syrian story all morning. right now it's time for "sunday housecall." joining us as always is dr. marc siegel, associate professor of medicine at nyu's langone
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medical center. author of "the inner pulse." >> dr. david samadi here as well. dr. siegel, the author. we've got it all for you folks today. great to see both of you. >> thank you. >> this was interesting this week. there's some new evidence that the leading cause of death in america is likely preventable. 25% of the time. the study is raising questions, as you can imagine, on one issue in particular. heart it is. we want to start with dr. siegel and ask you, preventable sounds really good. >> especially when we're talking about the number one cause of at the time in the united states. one out of three deaths in the u.s. are caused by heart disease. 800,000 deaths rb heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure. 200,000 of those are preventable. now, how are they preventable? the first thing you've got to look at is lifestyle. we've been talking about it on the show forever. diet and exercise. dr. freeden, head of the cdc and probably the top preventive
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medicine in the country, i interviewed him and he said exercise is the wonder drug. the closest thing we have to a wonder drug. because it increases everything you want to increase. mood, your movement, how good your body feels. it decreases everything we want to decrease. blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes risk. blood pressure is the thing he focused most on when i spoke to him. because he's very concerned about blood pressure being the number one cause of heart disease. you know what? blood pressure, you just go to your doctor and get it checked. one-half of all the people who have high blood pressure in this country are not under control. if you quit smoking, dr. freeden says, and you control your blood pressure you're more than halfway there. exercise, too. >> the exercise part of it as well gets you maybe to that 25%. why aren't more people doing it? >> i think they just don't have the right recipe. i think we're talking about so many different things at the same time. and the message may or may not get out there. jamie, you know the way i went to medical school was to make it very easy and summarize
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alphabetically. there's this seven secret code i want you to follow. marc actually pointed out a lot of them. activity. we talk about sitting. if you're sitting for more than eight hours a day, you increase the risk of heart disease. even in between commercials if you want to stand up or move around a little bit, that activity actually helps you. 30 minutes, three times a week is perfect. b is blood pressure. what's the normal blood pressure. eric, any idea? >> 120 over 30. >> over 80. 120 over 80 is a good blood pressure. that's what you want to see. cholesterol. overall cholesterol is less than 200. ldl less than 160. hdl over 40. we've been on "sunday housecall." a huge fan of mediterranean diet. we love olive oil. we love salmon. we don't want you to cut down the fat. take the right fat. avocados, nuts, wine and coffee which we talk about.
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>> those all sound good. >> they all sound good, right? "e" stands for end of smoking. i'm so glad marc brought this up. smoking and alcohol is your biggest enemy. "f" is fat. obesity is a big epidemic in this country. move around around get the weight off. i need to lose my five pounds because of the holiday. "g" is glucose. sugar. anything that's white. salt, sugar. >> the cdc has their three. a for aspirin. if you need it over the age of 50. b, blood pressure like david said. c, cholesterol lowering. of course, smoking. that's what they're focusing on this year. that will help. >> i like the seven secret code. >> it got you through medical school pretty good. >> baby aspirin. you're right. another wonder has to do with coffee. do you drink coffee? september is prostate cancer awareness month.
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that turns out to be the second leading killer in men. there's a recent study that says keep on drinking that coffee. it's good because it could also help stave off prostate cancer. dr. samadi, how many cups do you need to drink? how do they figure this out that drinking coffee could help potentially prevent prostate -- >> one for each of us. >> before we get to the whole coffee business which i've been a huge advocate, prostate cancer is extremely important because it's a silent killer. there are no symptoms. one out of six men get prostate cancer and they have no idea that they have it. it's also not an old man disease anymore. we see young men in their 40s come to the office with prostate cancer. i want you to go out there and get tested and get your psa and get checked. for the month of september you remember, jamie, last year with this it was a huge success. if you're newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, as a way to give back to the community, you can send your information and i personally will respond back and we'll answer you by e-mail, by facebook, et cetera. that has helped out a lot of people out there. the new study about coffee.
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what exactly. i think coffee is really a secret drink that not too many people know about this. there's a lot into it that we're exploring more. the whole research has shown that it can reduce diabetes, colon cancer, prostate cancer, parkinson's and alzheimer's. the list goes on and on. what's in it that's so great? we're finding out that things such an clorogenic ais scid. what's in it that causes reduction of cirrhosis? i love coffee. if you're os toe pro sis. pregnant women stay away from it. if you have reflux, stay away. if you like coffee, i drink four. one to two drink is not going to make any difference. six is too much. three to four is when you get
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the whole actual potential. and i've converted this man to drink coffee. >> four drinks. what about blood pressure and your heart racing, all that. >> david already got into that. i think you have to watch this if you have high blood pressure. you got to watch it if you have reflux. you got to watch it if you're prone to irritation or anxiety. those are things. you have to talk to your doctor about this. but coffee has a lot of magic ingredients in it. phytochemicals. caffeine may play a role in decreasing cancer risk. i admit, this latest study out of hutchenson in seattle looks at four cups. it was a dramatic difference between four cups and just one cup. it adds to a study out of harvard that showed a dramatic difference. 59% decreased risk of cancer cu. what i like, this is really important. it looked at people who already had prostate cancer. it's not fishing in the ocean what's your risk of getting prostate cancer. these people already had it. when they had four cups of coffee a day they had 59% less risk of it spreading.
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you know something? here's something else david will like. they really looked closely on what they meant by spread. they looked at the psa. they looked at biopsies. they looked at everything he looks at very carefully. i'm very impressed. >> i'm actually glad marc brought this up. this is a different study. in the past we talked about 60% reduction in advanced prostate cancer. in this particular one, it's reduction of recurrence and progression. people who have had prostate cancer drinking four cups a day actually slows down the progression or advancing the disease. that's a very important point. >> four cups of coffee. one of the greatest inventions in the history offman kind, mr. coffee. >> i don't have -- >> you can wake up and the coffee's already there. you know it's ready to drink. >> okay. when we come back from a quick break, i want to ask dr. siegel if decaff is just as good and what about tea. in the meantime, the cdc is also sounding the alarm about the growing use of those electronic cigarettes. have you seen kids out there with those electronic
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief
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of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. back to coffee in a moment. but there's some new attention on an emerging trend in health issue. the cdc says that one in ten high school students say they've tried e-cigarettes. health officials are worried that means they could start smoking. dr. siegel. >> dr. siegel. >> let me show you how it works. that's not smoke. it's vapor. it's called vaping. it's got nicotine. propyle
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propylene glycol. >> it's working. look at him z. >> the problem is we're having an issue with teen and kids. 10% of high schoolers were found to be using e-cigarettes which is double what it was two years ago. the worst part of that is that 76% of them are also tobacco smokers. the question is, are they smoking both? does e-cigarettes make them smoke? i'm convinced e-cigarettes can help you quit or at least cut down. it's not regulated. the fda is going to get involved and help regulate it. this will help a lot. let's take a look from what dr. freeden said to me. he's the head of the cdc. he had some very serious concerns about lifelong use. that will be followed by a reaction by spike babion, president of the national vapor club. take a look. >> if kids get hooked on nicotine because of e-cigarettes, that may make them lifelong smokers. not just of e-cigarettes but of traditional cigarettes. we know that cigarettes remain the number one cause of death in this country. >> the likelihood of children
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use going from e-cigarette use to cigarettes are very minimal. what i think that we will find is if users are increasingly using electronic cigarettes the way adults are increasingly using e-cigarettes, i believe we'll find youth are decreasingly smoking tobacco cigarette. >> the problem she's saying at the end is the 76% number. kids are smoking both. kids are in the most vulnerable group. that's where tobacco smoking starts. 90% starts with kids. i'm very concerned about that. i do see her other point. h is nicotine products, you slap it on your chest or your use the gum. it doesn't have the feeling of smoking. so if the fda gets in there and actually regulates these products and can figure out who's actually quitting, who's actually cutting down or who's actually increasing it, right now i am not in favor of e-cigarettes. my opinion is they're more dangerous than helpful. >> dr. samadi, what if your kid says i've got an e-cigarette, mom and dad. i'm not smoking. >> why are they allowed to buy them, eric? why are kids allowed to buy
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these? they can't buy regular cigarettes? >> right. actually in 15 states in america this is banned for minors under the age of 18. unfortunately it's out there online. the kind of advertising we've seen has doubled the numbers in the last year. and i congratulate marc for joining the vaping club. i didn't even know that exists. what i would say about this is that, you know, is it safer than smoking? the answer is no. do we have long-term data? absolutely not. i called this about a year ago, if you recall. i said i'm not a big fan of this e-cigarette. i think that it would encourage kids with this whole oral fixation of using something like this. we've seen 76% of them continue to smoke. nicotine still is addictive. i don't like it. if a teenager at my household, which i don't have, would start using any of this stuff i would basically take this guy and break it. >> i completely agree with these points, by the way, he's making.
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i want to emphasize two of them. one, it is supposed to be banned in 12 states. in new york it's banned. spike said to me, they get it anyway. the parents give it to them. online. dr. frieden said he was in a car with a cabbie who said i think i'm going to go out and get an e-cigarette. he said it's the most misused, unregulated, dangerous product out there. >> that's a big part of this. fda does not regulate. you don't know how much nicotine you have. one brand from another brand you may have a totally different component. >> not good. >> that's why every month is stop smoking month here on "sunday housecall." also about this. it's a condition so common. women often experience it at least once in their lifetime. dr. samadi and dr. siegel will both talk about ways to prevent urinary tract infections. coming up at the top of the hour, the bay debut of a new s " "media buzz." in just 13 minutes, howard will be here. stay tuned.
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women are more common to women are more common to is shorter and the biggest problem is the e-coli into the bladder. when they get there they have these legs and once they are stuck they have a home and it is difficult to get rid of them. if you have no symptoms and you get a uti you don't need treatment. if you are symptomatic you are treated with antibiotics. young women we see in practice get of these. when the uti or urinary tract infection won't get treated it can find its way up to the kidneys. at that point, it is a kidney infection. the next phase is the infection can get into the blood and as you called it, urosepsis which is a deadly infection. in fact, the second most common cause of infection after respiratory. make sure you treat it and not
7:53 am
ignore symptoms. >> at that point you need extra heavy duty ant techs and intravenous antibiotic u.s. and can't ignore this. >> and go to the emergency room and there are studies how they handle it. they can use intravenous antibiotics and kidney stones pre dispose you and diabetes can. women get them a lot more than men do. david said the reason. it is often related to sex. you have to wash after or before sex. you have to your nate after sex. that's important. drinking cranberry juice can help and parsely can help and celery can help and watermelon can help. don't get dehydrated. urinary frequency. you are going too often. it burns when you your nate. you can have a urinary tract infection without urinating. sometimes you can be in the middle of getting one and you can get rid of it by having the cranberry juice. doctors look under the
7:54 am
microscope for white blood cells. when the body is fighting the infection you make white blood cells. >> i asked you to do this topic because somebody i knew had gotten one and ended up in the hospital and on a ventilator because of the sepsis. >> it is very serious and a lot of elderly women die from this. take it seriously and pay attention to the symptoms. blood in the urine, frequency, pain while you have this is absolutely important. actually cranberry tablets, remember this, cranberry tablets are more effective than the actual drinking itself. water and hydration, we like a high traffic bladder. a bladder that has a lot of fluid. the color of the urine should be white. remember that. >> that's the word of the day, high traffic bladder. >> you like that? >> great advice. >> you sit at a home and sit at a car and at work almost everywhere you go. a new report about the affect of all of that sitting around and the doctors discussed it a moment ago. we will discuss the threat
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about sitting. and coming up in six minutes from now, the new show, media buzz, the first one, stay with us.
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well, do you sit for hours? bad move. how dangerous is it? >> there is something called sitting disease, eric. if you
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sit for more than 11 hours a day you have a more than 40% risk of death, talking obesity, diabetessing, high blood pressure and cancer. get up and walk around. walk to your associate's desk. walk to the supermarket. get an exercise you really like to do and do it every day. it is not just about exercise. it is about not sitting. >> david, just popping around is okay? >> it is okay, but most people think they exercise 30 minutes in the morning they can sit for the next 15 hours. that continuous sitting is not good for you. any opportunity you get you get up and move around. i will post more information about this. we don't have much time. >> break up your day. we will get up and walk out of here because that is going to do it for this hour. i know most of you stick around for us. eric and i will be back at noon, but we have an exciting new show starting. >> we do. comingcoming up right now, "media buzz" the new edition live at 11:00 eastern time. jaime and i will be back in one hour from now at noon and will have the latest on syria
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including talking to a u.s. senator about his vote and if he thinks the president on tuesday can change his mind. >> military strategy with captain chuck nash. we will see you at the top of the next hour. stay tuned. how -- howie is on. >> this is the debut edition of "media buzz." leading our buzz beater this morning, president obama going on the offensive ready to face-off with six network anchors after getting straight on all sides about syria. >> they have to get past the bungling. the fact that the president was ambivalent and didn't communicate that to the secretary of state. >> the constitution is clear. there is not a blank check for any executive, republican or democrat, to bring the country into another ill conceived undefined war. >> why have pundits of all persuasion ripped his attempt to get capitol hill's blessing.


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