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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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are those who would strike our citizens, we will stand vigilant and defend our nation. >> that is why we will never forget. [bell tolls] >> shepard: and good evening from new york on this 9/11 2013. the war drums have quieted tonight. but he they are still beating in the background because our next steps with syria are still very much influx. we will lay it all out for you in this newscast. one day after the russians proposed putting syria's weapons in security control. meet with russian counterpart sergei and work out all the details. here in the new york city the ambassador to the united nations samantha power among those who attended a meeting at the russian mission today. we have no word of any progress there. last night the president asked the congress to delay its vote on launching a
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military strike, but is he not dropping the option of using force. if he decides it's necessary, he says he can and will act. the russians say they want that threat and that option removed, but the obama administration insists it's helped get us where we are now. >> the credible threat of u.s. military action has created a diplomatic opportunity to remove the threat of chemical weapons in syria without the use of force. >> the white house also credits the president's warnings saying when it comes to syria, we have now seen more cooperation from the russians in the last two days than in the last two years. in any case, the prospects of a peaceful solution appear higher now than they did just days ago. but nothing is yet decided. for a clearer understanding of where we stand, consider the great seal of these united states. it shows an eagle holding an olive branch in one set of tallans and arrows in the other. that's exactly where we find ourselves tonight, holding out the promise of
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a peaceful diplomatic solution while preparing for war. we have team fox coverage tonight. mike emanuel on capitol hill. first ed henry at the white house. ed, the administration is now claiming a bit of a victory today saying syria's assad blinked. >> that's right. even though the president himself obviously last night did some back pedaling of his own, asking congress to delay these votes that the president himself, of course, in the rose garden a little over 10 days ago had called for himself. the reason why he wants a delay, number one, is because he was losing those votes on capitol hill. didn't have a lot of political power up there. secondly, they were trying to put a brave face on the facts that maybe this russian proposal, which no one knows if it will stick, might be a way out here for the president and so what's interesting is that even though it's looking less and less likely that congress will actually approve of a resolution that allows the use of american force, jay carney today was saying just the threat of military action is what got assad to blink. take a listen. >> complete about face by
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the syrian regime. acknowledgment for the first time in its existence that they hold chemical weapons. >> but no one knows whether or not this russian proposal will actually stick. and, of course, you see john kerry, the secretary of state there, earlier with the russian foreign minister, as you noted they will be in geneva on thursday. republican senator john mccain is pointing out that just on monday, kerry had suggested that any u.s. attack would be unbelievably small, and that doesn't quite square with with what the president said last night. >> and, yet, the president last night saying that any attack would have a very significant effect. you can't have it both ways. these are the kinds of intellectual gymnastics which confuse the american people. >> now, mccain went on to it tell me that he was also saddened in his words that the president did not mention the free syrian army at all in this prime time address last night. mccain thinks the rebels are in a tough position right now because assad has
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resumed his air campaign. he is also launching ground attacks on the rebels as well. jay carney told me the reason why the president didn't mention it is because they have a separation here at the white house that their support of the rebels is one thing but what the president wanted to focus on last night was assad's chical weapons attack. th'shat they think is the most important case to make to the american people, shep. >> shepard: ed, libya is the most recent country to work on destroying its chemical weapons. in tripoli, leaders declared that country had weapons -- those weapons in january of 2004. and, according to foreign policy magazine, nine years after promising to get rid of its weapons, libya has destroyed barely half of its total mustard gas stockpile. syria, of course, has far more chemical weapons than libya or anyone else. so getting rid of them could take even longer, most estimates indicate years. in both the u.s. house and senate, lawmakers are still split about a possible military strike and while the latest developments mean they won't have to vote on one right now, they
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could still have to make the decision soon. team fox coverage continues with that. mike emanuel on capitol hill. mike? >> well, shep, good evening, for many lawmakers, authorizing a military strike in syria was going to be a very tough vote, so some are breathing a sigh of relief and hoping diplomacy works. >> what the president has asked us to do is not consider the resolution and he certainly persuaded us to do that. i think what the russians have proposed may turn out to be the best thing to come out of russia since vodka. >> after the president made his personal appeal to lawmakers on his plan for syria and then address the nation last night, the question is whether he he won over skeptics and changed public opinion. one senator says he is worried the president's plan is too limited and the enemy knows too much about the u.s. military plan. >> i cannot support an operation that is so poorly conceived, so foolishly
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tell graphed and virtually guaranteed to fail. >> as for what's next here on capitol hill, regarding syria. some believe that ultimately congress will need to vote on the authorization of the use of force, but some lawmakers are asking more philosophical questions such as should the u.s. respond to all atrocities in the world? >> i think we need to think this through but the white house has to lead on what its foreign policy is in terms of what our role is we clearly, it's in our strategic interest to prevent jihadists and radicals attacking us and threatening us and taking us down. >> for now lawmakers are are waiting to see if diplomacy works and getting back to work on other issues. shep? >> shepard: mike, thanks. today in new york city, 12 years after the terror attacks of 9/11. family membe remembered the mothers and fathers, the aunts and uncles who died that day. and one 15-year-old girl hinted at the unfolding crisis in syria. >> and my uncle sab tore, i
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was only three when you were taken from us. we love you and miss you very much. and president obama, please do not bring us to another war. >> shepard: please do not bring us to another war. and that was just one of the emotional moments today. [bagpipes] ♪ >> shepard: in new york. [bells toll] >> shepard: washington. [taps] >> shepard: pennsylvania. [bells toll] >> shepard: and across the nation, americans stopped to remember those who died in the attacks of 9/11. >> my cousin ryan fitzgerald, we love and miss you every day. >> shepard: we'll take you to the ceremonies ♪ ♪ >> shepard: and to ground zero where new buildings now rise. >> we get an excellent
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birds' eye view of the world trade center site tonight. >> shepard: rick leventhal on how far we have come. >> shepard: plus, one year after terrorist its killed four americans at our consulate in benghazi, another attack hits the same city but this time a different target. ♪ don't tell mom. don't tell mom.
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to the heros of 9/11. i watched on television as many of you, no doubt, did for the reading of the names. the tears flowed again. but there were moments when the loved ones left behind managed to smile. [bagpipes] [bells toll] >> and my mother, we love and miss you, you will never be forgotten. >> and my brother firefighter jimmy richards, it's been 12 years. we miss you like it was yesterday. >> and my fiancee, sergio, big daddy, i carry your heart in my heart. ♪ [bells toll]
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[national anthem] ♪ >> our hearts still ache for the future snatched away. [bell tolls] >> my daughter, theora francis bradley. >> the 40 that we honor today had no idea that they would be heros ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ you lift me up ♪ so i can stand on mountains >> thank you, patrick, for being such a wonderful son. >> my father matthew cicerno, i love and miss you so much. especially last night celebrating my 21st birthday. up in heaven and i will see
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you soon. >> god bless america. [taps] ♪ >> shepard: 9/11, 12 years later. today, this one woman read her daughter's name at the world trade center site and said life goes on but it would have been fun to have you around. we have team fox coverage tonight. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. first to rick leventhal in lower manhattan, he was there 12 years ago on this night and is back for us this evening. rick? >> shepard, a day of somber reflection and a reminder that time does not heal all wounds. but also an opportunity to see how this city has rebounded and visit the progress being made at one world trade behind me which is almost ready for tenants. >> we are going to turn this space over to them early next year and they will start thinning it out. that's an incredible
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feeling of progress. >> past the marble walls of ground level it's a quick elevator ride to the sky lobby on the 64th floor, the spectacular views a big reason why the tower is now about 60% leased, just months away from opening as the rest of the 16-acre site takes shape. >> from this 20th floor construction elevator platform we get an excellent bird's eye view of the site including tower 7 completed in 2006 and 100% under. down below tower two has been stopped at ground level, they are waiting for the other buildings to fill before they begin construction on that. next to that is the transportation hub. you see the beginnings what are described as soaring arches meant to invoke a bird in flight. beyond that is tower 3, now 11 stories tall and still under construction. next to that is tower 4. which is essentially finished. up pants can begin moving in this coming november. >> towering over it all one world trade. there is no decorative cladding around the antenna on top scrapped to save
4:16 pm
money, so this november builders will find out if they can officially claim the title of tallest build in the western hemisphere. >> that's 1776 feet. we have had good dialogue with the council on tall buildings. we expect the decision by the council will november 15th. we're confident. >> and a new time lapse video released by earth cam the tower's rise from the pit with 126,000 workers using 45 tons of steel. 200,000 cubic yards of concrete and 1 million square feet of glass. down at the bottom of that tower, workers are putting the finishing touches on the 9/11 museum, which, like world trade one will open sometime next spring. shepard? >> shepard: rick lesson that you in lower manhattan tonight. if you have not seen our new skyline, you have got to get down there. i think you would be proud of it and president obama spent part of this day volunteering for a project called food and friends.
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the president helped pack brown bag meals for people battling h.i.v., cancer and other illnesses. president obama also spoke at the 9/11 ceremony at the pentagon. more of that ceremony coming up. but, first, they tested the tribute in light last night. this is the view from under the blue beams that sore into the sky each september the 11th. once night falls in new york city, as it is beginning to do now, they will will shine again over all of manhattan. as america marks 12 years since the day that changed our city and our nation forever. new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at coffee should come in one size: mug. stay grounded with the rich, bold taste
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>> shepard: the attacks of 9/11 led to a war that thousands of measures are still fighting right now. today, president obama paid tribute to the troops and
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remembered those who died at the pentagon 12 years ago today. jennifer griffin is there for us tonight. jennifer? >> shepard, there were two memorials today at the pentagon. the president lay a wreath at the point of impact where american airlines flight 77 hit the pentagon at 9:37 a.m. killing 184 people in a matter of seconds. he addressed the surviving family members of those killed and referenced the 6700 american service members who have died in battle since then. >> we see their legacy in the friendships they forged, the attacks at they prevented and innocent lives they saved and comrades in afghanistan completing and mission boo who by the end of next year will help to have end this war. >> that war where 56,000 u.s. troops continue to fight in afghanistan. the war that was launched shortly after 9/11 and continues until today. >> in just eighth tenths of a second, 184 lives were stolen. sections of three of the pentagon's out oar most
4:22 pm
rings were pulverized fires raised and black billows of smoke stretched skyward. >> today, the pentagon took a moment to reflect. tomorrow, it's back to planning the next war. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin, thank you. they made history in just 22 minutes. that's what one family member said today about the members of flight 93 ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light >> shepard: the families gathered near the spot where that jet went down in shanksville, pennsylvania 12 years ago. according to the 9/11 commission, passengers and crew members took on the hijackers who ended up crashing the plane. we'll never know for sure, of course. but the thinking is that the jet was headed for the white house or the capitol. >> we never know when we're going to be called upon to lay down our life for others and certainly the family members, the 40 that we honor today had no idea
4:23 pm
that they would be heros and no idea that they would lay down their lives for their nation that day. >> shepard: yesterday, workers broke ground on a new visitor's senator near the memorial. it's set to open in two years. members of congress gathered on the steps of the capitol to mark this day. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof. >> shepard: you may remember lawmakers gathered on those same steps 12 years ago tonight and sang god bless america. ♪ god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home >> shepard: it was a powerful moment or it was for me anyway. democrats and republicans side by side, all americans after a moving moment on an unthinkable day. well, this not only marks 12 years since the 9/11 terror attacks.
4:24 pm
it's also one year since the attack in benghazi in which four americans were killed including our ambassador to libya. ahead, the progress, if any, that we have made over the past year in bringing the attackers to justice meanwhile the first hurricane of the 2013 atlantic season is here. 2013. this is the first one. just hours short of setting an all-time record. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the extreme weather center. hurricane, what? >> made it to september 11th, back in 2002 that it formed a few hours later than humberto did. good news still with this one. um better toe off othe coast of africa and not impact us at all. gabriel not need to worry about. show you that in a second though. this is where we are going to see humberto move over the next few days. the important part is by the time we get to monday it's about a 40 mile-per-hour storm. this isn't going to impact the u.s. at all. that's great news as hurricane season remains fairly lucky. this, however, is some yucatan the
4:25 pm
and this one potentially forms over the weekend or into next week right here around the bay of campeche, it's going to likely stay to the south of texas. texas desperately could use some sort of a tropical storm to bring it some moisture. big drought going on. it's been so hot and dry. at this point it looks like maybe south texas getting a couple of inches of rain by the time we get towards monday and tuesday of next week which we will take that as well. we will continue to track that right here in the fox weather center. right now fox report will be right back. 7k
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>> shepard: thousands of dead fish are surfacing after hundreds of tons of molasses spilled into a harbor and that's our top story across america. hawaii. local media report that a shipping company discovered a faulty pipeline that leaked some 230,000 gallons of molasses into honolulu harbor. workers researched the possible effects by pouring a bottle of the sticky syrup into a glass of lagoon water. can you see it sinking straight to the bottom. >> it's sucking up all of the oxygen. there is no oxygen at that depth. the animals that need oxygen normally breathe it directly out of the water can't get it and they are suffocated. >> shepard: state officials say it's extremely difficult to clean up. washington. crews rescued a man trapped inside a chimney at a home in that coma. residents say the three story house had been converted into apartments and that the chimney had been sealed off
4:30 pm
at the top and bottom. firefighters say the guy was stuck around the second floor and that he must have gotten in through a crawl space. they broke through drywall and bricks to free the man. is he okay but folks say they have no idea what he was doing inside that chimney. north carolina. [meowing] >> saved a kitten stuck inside a news truck north of charlotte. he was driving the station's suv when he heard animal sounds. he stopped at a gas station to check it out. workers found the kitten wedged atop a gas tank. they took it to the vet where it is said to it be doing fine and part of a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by the smart business card across america. earn double miles or 2% cash back. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. another attack in benghazi today, one year to the day
4:31 pm
since the assault that killed four americans. this time a car bomb exploded near a libyan foreign ministry building. the building that had been the site of the u.s. consulate some 50 years ago. today's blast wounded a few people nearby, but no reports of any deaths. nobody immediately claimed responsibility, either. but libyans prime minister points out that investigators have linked islamic militants to similar car bomb blasts. last year's terror attack on this very date, killed four americans, our ambassador, chris stevens among them. and one year later, many lawmakers say the u.s. has yet to hold the attackers accountable. catherine herridge in d.c. with the rest of this. catherine? >> well, shepard, this action memo signed by under secretary of state patrick kennedy, nine months before the assault, green lighted the benghazi operation. and a seasoned diplomat tells fox news kennedy would not have acted alone. he needed cover from executives on the state department's seventh floor. >> i would be amazed if he had not consulted at least
4:32 pm
with deputy secretary byrnes and i feel for a place as sensitive as libya with secretary clinton directly and many others within the building. >> according to ambassador stevens deputy greg hicks, clinton also wanted the benghazi operation to be permanent. and that second stephens was under pressure to pull together a list of upgrades before the end of the budget year. mrs. clinton's goal to make benghazi permanent was not shared with ambassador thomas pickerring who co-chaired the state department investigation. mrs. clinton was never interviewed. fox first asked the department of state in june whether mrs. clinton set the policy as evidence suggests and whether under secretary kennedy consulted her. after initially trying to down play the significance of the memo and testimony, today a spokeswoman told fox news she would look into it, shepard. >> shepard: kathleen, we will be hearing again from the independent investigators who released a harsh report after that attack. in it they blamed systematic failures and
4:33 pm
management deficiencies at the state department. the california republican congressman darrell issa revealed today those investigators will testify before a house oversight committee next week. officials in syria say, yes, they are ready to give up their chemical weapons. but not if another country is forcing them to do so. not a promising statement as ourselves john kerry jets off to europe to hash out a deal, in theory. we heard the president last night say eagle pursue a diplomatic solution while keeping the navy's warships on stand by. just as important is what president obama did not say. like how long he will wait for syria to hand over all those weapons before he orders a strike. or how long he plans to deal with russia's big catch that the united states has to agree to take use of force off the table completely. and now the russians have a new warning. if the united states does strike syria, it could increase its sale of weapons to iran. conor powell with the news live in jerusalem. sounds like folks in israel are also skeptical of this
4:34 pm
russian proposal. >> shepard, not just skeptical some here in israel pushing for the united states to strike against syria. today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu took a hard stance not only against syria but also iran saying not only should assad's chemical weapons be taken away, but whoever uses chemical weapons should be punished. now, keep in mind, the white house position right now appears to be that removing assad's chemical weapons is the punishment. netanyahu though seems to be calling for something much more stronger than that. most israeli politicians see the syrian civil war entirely through the lenz of iran and its nuclear ambition. the idea being that if assad isn't punished by the u.s., the ayatollahs in tehran will be emboldened and they will continue to pursue nuclear weapons. netanyahu and others here in israel want the west to hit assad, shepard, to send a message to those in iran. shepard? >> shepard: connor, a russian missile cruiser is now approaching the eastern mediterranean off the coast of syria. the united states has
4:35 pm
already moved five warships into that very area. russia's interfax news agency reports that the ship known as a carrier killer is there to head up a fleet of russian ships all intended to monitor the developing situation in syria. here at home, the ohio driver who has confessed in a saidio seen on youtube to drunk driving and killing a man pleaded not guilty in court today, his name is matthew cordle. and his defense attorney says, yes, cordle admitted on the video about his actions back in june. but that the not guilty plea is just a procedural move to get the case thrown into the general system with 17 random judges. he says his client will then plead guilty next week. here is a bit of that video confession. >> my name is matthew cordle. ♪ >> and on june 22nd, 2013, i hit and killed vincent canzani. >> by releasing this video
4:36 pm
i understand what it means. the prosecution will have everything they need to put me away for a long time. >> that video has gotten 1 million views on youtube. there has been speculation that the 22-year-old made the video to get a gain sympathy from the judge and get a lighter sentence. mike tobin is in chicago. >> inconsistent with the internet video confession the plea on the books for 22-year-old matthew cordle is not guilty. >> we would enter a plea of not guilty, waive reading of the indictment and we would pass on bond respectfully, your honor. >> respectfully, that's my job to set bond so he can have another judge readjust it if they choose. >> that's the second appearance in court for cordle. yesterday's hearing was bumped today and his attorneys say the procedure will now move it to another judge. that happens next week, september 18th. when cordle's attorney say he will finally enter that guilty plea. the charges are aggravated vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. he was one of a handful of suspects in the death of
4:37 pm
61-year-old vincent canzani. but cordle's arrest was not imminent when he made his video confession. make everywhere of the video says did he it to encourage others not to drive drunk. despite the confession they will push for the maximum sentence. >> shepard: his attorneys are trying to get him four years in prison. the former tsa screeners' threats led officials to evacuate terminals at los angeles international airport just hours after he quit his job there. that's according to the fbi which is now reporting it arrested the man overnight. a bomb squad this morning used robots to search his minivan in a church parking lot in riverside, california about 60 miles east of l.a. you may recall this former transportation secretary agent was suspended in june for reportedly telling a girl he was screening, quote: you are only 15, cover yourself. the feds say he called airport officials yesterday, said to evacuate certain terminals and that he would be watching to make sure they did.
4:38 pm
they also say they found a note inside his home with some sort of threat mentioning the attacks of 9/11. anthony weiner had a very bad night. maybe it was losing the primary election. maybe it was when he flipped the middle finger to reporters. or maybe it was the former chat partner turned important star who chased him through a mcdonald's. the epic collapse of carlos danger's come back is next. plus, a major development in the g.o.p.'s fight to delay the president's healthcare overhaul. and a decision today in congress that could indicate a big split in the republican party. and now, on 9/11, 12 years later, lights shine where the twin towers once stood. this happens every year on this night as so many manhattanites go to that spot and remember that night and all the blessings
4:39 pm
that have come since. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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>> shepard: so you get destroyed in an election night, probably the low point of the day for most politicians. but for the former congressman anthony weiner, it was but a side item. by the time yesterday was over, anthony weiner had jogged through a mcdonald's and apparently been caught on camera yet again. anthony weiner or carlos danger as he may have called himself on line resigned from congress in 2011 after he sent lewd photos of himself to women. he had been making a political come back in new york city's mayoral race until word broke that he sent more photos. he wound up with when but a% of the primary vote yesterday in new york city. and one of his sexting buddies sydney leathers tried to crash his campaign party, perhaps to offer some consolation or advice. >> there is a lot of different things i would like to say to him. he needs to stay out of public office and get
4:43 pm
therapy for one. >> she has ridden this one. >> anthony weiner did the no welcome her. in fact when his staffers spotted her outside of the festivities. they came one a plan to sneak anthony weiner into his own party through a led to this. >> shepard: witnesses say that was anthony weiner himself running through a mcdonald's to take a freight elevator to his own party. mrs. leathers in hot pursuit. a reporter later posted a photo on twitter that appears to show anthony weiner finishing it all from the flip of the bird from the back southeast the vehicle. we don't have the rights to that photo. but, if we did, we would still have to blur it to so it's just as well. if you feel like you need to see it, you know, google. the minnesota republican congresswoman and one-time presidential frontrunner michele bachmann could still be in very hot water over potential ethics violations. today the house ethics committee announced it will
4:44 pm
continue to look into launching a formal investigation. congressional watchdogs say that the congresswoman bachmann may have illegally taken money from her political action committee to pay for a campaign consultant while using campaign staff to promote her memoir. she denies it all. she denies that she or her team did anything wrong. she acknowledged earlier this year that she'll not seek re-election to it a fifth term in congress. a judge has now ruled that wisconsin's controversial union reforms do not violate workers' rights. republican lawmakers passed those changes in 2011. changes that limit collective bargaining rights for public unions. they also force most state workers to pay more for benefits, benefits like healthcare. opponents who challenge the reforms before a federal judge claim they violated workers' speech rights. and equal protection. well, back to the drawing board now for the g.o.p. house republican leaders have just postponed their plan to keep the government from running out of money. remember, it contained a
4:45 pm
major catch. the senate had to take action and potentially vote presidentg president obama's healthcare overhaul. democrats obviously were not on board with that and even many republicans dismissed the idea as a gimmick. but, the clock is now ticking with just weeks to go before a potential government shutdown. rich edson from the fox business network live in d.c. tonight. rich? >> shep, congress has until the end of the month to pass a spending bill. if not, the government shuts down. by the middle of next month, congress has to raise the debt ceiling. if not, officials warn of an economic catastrophe to avoid a government shutdown and the breach of the debt limit a increasing number of congressional republicans are calling for one condition. defund the president's healthcare law. >> we already know the entitlements are bankrupting the country and destroy our economic future. obama care is the ultimate entitlement. >> congress needs to act to avoid a shutdown. washington should not
4:46 pm
engage in activity that, you know, creates more self-inflicted wounds on the economy. >> the problem with this, if house republicans pass a bill that funds the government or raises the debt ceiling and defunds obama care, it will fail in the democrat controlled senate. so washington is beginning another fiscal showdown in a very tight schedule while democrats and republicans remain trillions of dollars apart on budget issues. and their first deadline is less than three weeks away. shep? >> shepard: rich, the last time the government shut down was december of 1995. it lasts until january of the following year. the feds say the economy did expand during that period but the shutdown reduced the rate of growth. economists say we could be in for a similar situation this year unless lawmakers can come up with a deal to keep our government running. two state lawmakers have lost their jobs in a historic recall election, a vote that had both sides of the gun debate spending millions of dollars.
4:47 pm
plus, there were flames at boston's airport today, flames that officials say were all part of a drill. but because they held that drill today, it promoted a big backlash. the drill that came on 9/11. genius. and now, there's a plan that lets you experience that "new" phone thrill again and again. and again. can you close your new phone box? we're picking up some feedback. introducing verizon edge. the plan that lets you upgrade to a new verizon 4glte phone when you want to. having what you want on the network you rely on. that's powerful. verizon. upgrade to the new moto x by motorola with zero down payment.
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>> shepard: just dumb that's what the the massachusetts governor devol patrick called a decision to hold a fire training exercise at boston's logan airport this morning on 9/11. remember, two jets that the terrorists hijacked and crashed into the world trade center towers flew out of that airport. you can see the fire and smoke on the air field there. passengers flying into logan said they had no idea what was going on. >> initially that plane
4:51 pm
probably crashed and then as we were getting farther away i realized it was fire training. >> probably today is not the most appropriate day. >> shepard: probably not. the massachusetts port authority which operates the airport later issued a statement that reads in part mass port apologizes for conducting the fire training exercise and understands that it may have offended many of those touched by the events of september 11th. teachers and school staff in arkansas can still arm themselves. that ruling from a state panel today despite warnings from the state's attorney general that the teachers are relying on a law that's not intended for them. he says that law is for private security companies only. it effects 13 school districts in arkansas. the state board of private investigators and security agencies ruled today that those districts can continue using their licenses for two more years, but that it will not accept any more applications. arkansas state law
4:52 pm
prohibits guns on any campus but licensed security guards are an exception. something very uncommon has happened in colorado. voters last night kicked not one but two state lawmakers out of office in the state's first such recall election. here are the two ousted lawmakers. both democrats, they recently voted for stricter gun laws. shortly after the school massacre in aurora, colorado. but, grass roots activists, it says here and the national rifle association, claim the lawmakers' votes violated second amendment rights. that led to this recall vote. political groups $2 million on ad campaigns. now the voters have spoken. two republicans who had opposed tougher gun restrictions have replaced those two democratic lawmakers. of course, gun rights activists are claiming a big victory and alicia acuna has the news live on a rainy night in denver.
4:53 pm
hello, alicia. >> hello, shep. it didn't matter that big named donors like new york city mayor michael bloomberg outspent the recalls by a wide margin. voters and their supporters like the national rifle association sent a message to lawmakers. they don't want gun rights limited. >> they may have won the battle. but they are not going to win the war. because people are dying for real and we need to stop that. >> we will win in the end because we're on the right side. we care and we are compassionate and we love people and so that always wins out, right? i love you. >> the two senators are being replaced by republicans. here is what her own success says he will tell future generations about what happened. >> when your rights are going to be taken away, what did you do, dad? what did you do, grandpa? and he said, you know what? i stood up. i stood up and i was counted.
4:54 pm
[ applause ] >> the governor here to signed the legislation into law says he is disappointed. shep? >> alicia, the governor that you just mentioned, the democrat john hickenlooper is up for election next year. 12 months ago most observers likely would have said he would win easily. but, he has been seen gun control bills and other controversial measures into law. america has won its battle for another chance at glory, the u.s. men's soccer team has now officially secured a spot in next year's world cup. coming up. a look at how the stars and stripes clicked a ticket to brazil. spruce up that. and let's not do any of this. let's go to school. let's go to save. and then, let's go to town. so then we can go do, absolutely nothing. let's do this.
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4:58 pm
needed a tie when honduras and panama played and we got it a the lo of fans hung around inside the stadium in ohio until that happened. it's the 7th straight time the u.s. men's team has qualified for world cup. updating some of fox top stories tonight. jay carney says russia is putting its prestige on the line when it's plan for syria to surrender its chemical weapon. there was some somber remembrance in lower manhattan today and in washington and in shanksville, pa to mark 12 years since the 9/11 attacks. car bomb tore through a libyan foreign ministry building in benghazi one year after the deadly attack on consulate there. nobody reported seriously hurt in today's bombing. on this day in 1951. the american distance swimmer florence chadwick became the first woman to cross the english channel in both directions. chadwick started winning open water competitions when she was just a kid.
4:59 pm
her first big claim to fame came when she was in her 30's. she set her sights on breaking the world record time swimming the channel from france to it england. another woman had set that record two decades earlier. chadwick came up and broke that record on her first try. a year later she again made the 20-mile trek. this time from england to france. no man and no woman had had ever crossed the waterway in that direction. chadwick would do it several more times. but she did it for the first time 62 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, september the 11th, 2013: i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow, noon pacific, 3:00 eastern for "studio b." back for "the fox report" tomorrow night. the factor is next. we leave you with the tribute in light which is now extending from lower manhattan as well as some of the most striking images from the 9/11 remembrances today.
5:00 pm
>> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough. >> bill: did president obama change the minds of the american people last night about bombing syria? we'll give you the latest poll numbers and have analysis in the talking points memo. >> our credible threat of force has made these diplomatic discussions with syria possible. >> bill: is that true or blatant spin? we'll have the latest on russia trying to save the syrian tyrant assad. >> i was in yemen. >> yemen. >> >> yes. >> you know yemen is a hot bed of terrorism? >> um, i don't know. i never seen anything like that.


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