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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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men's soccer team qualified, unbelievable victory over new mexico. >> bob, take us out. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. the special report is up next. in an american newspaper next on special report. good evening. i'm brad bare. the leerd running the show at the moment in the standoff took to the american newspaper to rebuke and mock the president of the united states. chief white house correspondent ed henry on the most unusual form of communication. >> president barack obama ignored shouted questions from the russian president vladimir putin trying to focus on the
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positive he believes mooi come from his secretary of state john kerry's talks with the russian president. >> i am hopeful the discussions secretary kerry has with foreign minister and other players in this can give concrete results. >> there are fresh doubts about whether the u.s. can trust putin after he poked a finger or two in mr. obama's eye writing that america is no longer a model of democracy declaring he only wants to rely on brute force. firing away at tuesday's prime time address writing, i'd rathder disagree with the case he made. it's dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exemption exceptional whatever the motivation. a series of republicans like
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speerk john boehner -- >> i was insulted. >> and others feel the commander looks weak. >> to be lectured by putin like we were this morning, i can hear reagan rolling over in his grade. >> white house officials tried to offload ownership on putin. >> russia has put credibility on the line assuring us and others. >> the interview with the russian net work he declared he'll turn over chemical weapons and laughing off white house claims that threat of military action forced him to the table. >> it's a type of u.s. prop propaganda. the leadership including obama always wants to look like winners. >> the opposition was to blame for the august 25th gas attack, the administration is on defense they feel rebel charges were
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sold out because weapons promised months ago are joois arriving. >> through substantial and stepped up assistance -- >> bob ripped the president saying he sees the president incompetent. many do not value a president for the sake of decisiveness. >> thank you. this cold war type tension continues a bit further down the chain of command. two countries top diplomats are in geneva trying to work out details to get syria to relynn quick stock piles. secretary of state john kerry is? switzerland tonight. >> after john kerry finished his ten minute statement three times
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as long as the russian, he reclaimed the mic to deliver this unmistakable rebuke to the country. >> i'm not prepared with the political statement because our approaches are clear. i decided not to lay out here our diplomatic position. >> the two have known each other for years and used first names. that hardly matched their differences when kerry rejected the request for 230 30 days for the chemical weapon arsenal. syria's failure to comply with revive president barack obama 's threat to use military force. >> it has to be credible, timely and implemented in a timely fashion. finally, there ought to be consequences if it doesn't take place. >> aids to kerry said the u.s. and russian delegation has
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military intelligence officers who will compare the scope of weapons arsenal with the u.s. looking at start for signs of how soon syrian president assad will allow international access to relevant sites and how honest he is in the nooishl account. >> given the track record, any commitment made by the regime must be treated with great caution. >> assad filed paperwork to begin the process of joining the 197 chemical weapons convention. syria's u.n. ambassador believed that was all that was required. >> syria has become starting today a full member of the convention. >> from switzerland, secretary of state john kerry placed telephone calls to the top leaders of the forces, political and military swings telling the president that kerry was going into meetings in a skeptical state of mind and also president barack obama threat to use
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military force very much remains on the table against the regime. >> jooe is traveling with the secretary of state in geneva. thank you. the fear of chaos in syria has spread to lebanon. senior foreign affairs correspondent reports tonight. >> in lebanon, people are watch aing closely international efforts to deal with the crisis in syria. last month's alleged chemical weapon attack by the assad regime and threat by obama of mitary strikes rach edded tensions here. with the u.s. on hold and syria looking like it may macon sessions, people are catching their breath carefully. >> comments today to russian tv that the country could hand over chemical weapons to united states authorities raised eye brows here. not only was pit the first time he obliquely admit his country
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possessed the weapon, it was thought to be the most serious diplomatic gesture he's made during long months of fighting. >> this might give hoep there's a way to negotiate out of this syrian crisis. >> still assad's assertion he would only negotiate if u.s. dropped the military strike threats led some to pray for peace. like this church, gregory iii has been watching anxiously in the predominantly christian down north of damascus. many others have been caught in the shelling. >> the group in part of the syrian population are the christians. they are few. they are without arms. >> they submit more signs the trouble is far from over. saudi arabia began to delay
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shops here, many empty of people. now 730 thousand, the unofficial total far higher. more urgency and desperation for people like this man. the only victim is the citizens living in the bad situation, he says. that hurts most. >> another man here told us i hope this will all stop so we can have a proper life. there's nothing about a deadline, just a wish. maybe players in this bloody saga will take notice. >> greg, thanks. egypt ace interim president is issuing a state of emergency. the decree was first made in august after protest of oised president morse. the government is dealing with
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the increasingly tense situation in egypt. counting down toward a government shut down up next. here's what affiliates are covering. in austin, texas, the arrest of a fort hood soldier after authorities found what they believed to be bomb making components inside his home e.whns in south carolina with the strange case of the frog photo bombing. look at that circle. nasa says it's a frog during a rocket launch friday in virginia and real. the frog's condition is uncertain. this is a live look at seaside park, new jersey in philadelphia. fire is still burning on the board walk by the pier. dozens of firefighters have been battling that flame for hours. firefighters from neighboring communities are called in to help. that's a live look outside the belt way from special report. we'll be right back. clay.
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the mayor of the district of columbia has vetoed the living wage bill. democrat gray calls the bill mandating pay of $12.50 an hour. workers at large retailer, this is a job killer. wal-mart said it would not build three of six planned stores in the district if the bill became law. the city's current minimum wage is a dollar hire than the federal rate. if today is any indication, it could be a tough fight for a new budget for the federal government. doug is on capitol hill with the opening round in what is shaping up to be a bitter battle. >> the leadership of both houses met this morning to consider plans for the impending deadline of september 30th when government funding runs out in the potential government shut down that looms.
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house speaker nancy pelosi thought it was cordial. >> we have made progress and understanding where we all are as we go forward with the continued resolution and debt ceiling. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reed left a different impression with a look at the resistance of the continuing resolution put forth by the leadership yesterday that forced john boehner to pull a floor measure. >> the an arks are winning. anything that can be done to slow down hurt or get rid of government in any way is good. shutting down the government obviously is what majority of the republicans wanted in the zblouchlts boehner is in the hot seat caught between democrats who are sure to blame government for the shut down and the tea
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party for his own caucus. >> people want us to act concisive concisively. >> a separate provision to fund obama care was made. it was non binding meansing the senate could throw it out. that prompted tea party defections. >> we wanted to make sure a bill that goes to the senate combines the funding of government but also the four year delay of obama care and to send that in one package. >> boehner was cool headed about the inter party feud and talk of the shut down. >> i'm well aware of the deadlines and so are my colleagues. we're working with our colleagues to work our way through these issues. i think there's a way to get there. >> late today, house conservatives introduced a new resolution to fully fund the government for the next fiscal year while defunding and delaying the obama care for the next year. the house leadership has not signed off on that new resolution at least as of yet.
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>> this could go down to the wire? >> absolutely. >> thank you. a set back for the dow today losing 26. the s and. 500 dropped 6, nasdaq 9. democrats said the bill has no chance in the senate. unions are also taking their shots at the law. the afl cio has approved the resolution saying obama care will drive up the cost of union sponsored health plans that workers and employers will be forced to abandon them. some people helping the president sell obama care are obviously not sold on every aspect of it. tonight chief national correspondent jim angle on what's in the fine print. >> there's one problem in obama care that's gotten little attention though a former president points to what must be fixed. >> there are problems that i think will have to be addressed. >> mr. clinton is talking about
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the law treatment of what it calls affordable care meaning insurance premiums can be no more than 9 1/2% of a worker's income but that does not include coverage for the rest of the family. >> workers with modest incomes, like $20-35 thousand that worked for a company that insures only them and not family members. still they're required by law to provide for their families. >> their option is sign up with the employer plan regardless of how much it cost them. >> insurance for the family could cost thousands of more which would have to come out of the worker's pocket. >> this has become a big deal if people started to piece it through and figure out there's relatively lower wage people stuck with a high premium. >> we're going to find millions and millions of dependents that are not going to have insurance
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because it's not affordable to them. >> if they do not take it, they do not qualify for subsidies on the exchanges leaving the family in expensive no-man's land. >> they have to pay a penalty. it's obviously not fair. this has got to be fixed. >> we're going to have a lot of angry people once they discover how this works, the unfairness. some people are treated lavishly. other people are put in a bind. >> president clinton said the policy was surely unintended. the critics argue it is filled with unintended consequences which is why so many people want to change it. >> jim, thank you. >> what do you think, do you think obama care will survive in the current form? let me know on twitter. can you articulate the u.s. military strategy in syria if there is one? can anyone?
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at least three people are dead from flash flooding in colorado. many others have been forced to literally run for their lives. correspondent alicia shows us what's happening in boulder. hello. >> reporter: hi bret. the survey says the boulder creek is flowing at more than double the all time record rate. it's been a violent flood all day long. the sewage system and fresh water systems in the entire area are saturated. officials tell folks with wells to assume their water is contaminated. the governor has made a disaster
3:23 pm
recognition and requested federal assistance. with flood waters rising and seconds to spare, a dramatic rescue that nearly went wrong. emergency workers responded to flooding throughout kol come. >> this is not your ordinary day or ordinary disaster. >> reporter: streets are now rivers in boulder. two days of heavy rain caught many off guard complicating things for first responders. >> it was like driving up the river. you could see rapids coming down the road. >> reporter: outside of boulder, the town of lyon is cut off. 2,000 residents are cut off from law enforcement. the facebook message, we need to plan to be self contained for up to 72 hours. >> wanted to meet the river on the south side.
3:24 pm
unfortunately the river is on the side of it. >> reporter: much of colorado's front range remains under flash flood watches. it's the unpredictability that has officials worried. >> we have a continuing dangerous situation today and well into tomorrow and the next day depending on the weather and movement of this storm. >> reporter: governor john hick enlooper says resources are on the way from nevada, wyoming and new mexico. there's equipment on the ground here. the problem is access. because of the raging waters and all of the rain, the equipment can't get to where it needs to go. >> live in boulder, thank you alicia. turning now back to washington to the woman at the center of the irs targeting scandal. her words are coming back to haunt her. a house committee investigating the scrutinizing of conservative groups have investigations of
3:25 pm
lois lerner. we have what we have learned. >> emails from lois lerner who invoked her right to self-incrimination suggests the irs admitted targeting of conservative groups was political. in an email from lerner to colleagues in 2011 regarding out standing requests for tax exempt status, lerner wrote "tea party matter very dangerous" and went on to say cinccing should not have these cases. she claims by other irs officials who did testify under oath the problem was limited to a pair of on the ground irs athss in that cincinnati office. the committee released emails as parts of the own investigation of the federal tax collecting agency. lerner has been placed as head of the irs tax division. the tax exempt requests were
3:26 pm
denied or given unfairly, lerner seemed to acknowledge improper actions had occurred and she called out. "we have done what we can to change the process better educate our staff and move the case. we took steps to make things better. it is what hit is." . >> a year later she was refusing to testify before congress amid allegations that the division she ran dlibtdly denooid americans their rights to take part in american politics. >> thanks. what's in a name? 35 letters and a woman. one schoolteacher weighs in with interesting guidance next. . ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪
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now fresh pickings from the political grape viechblt an element student had to redo an assignment because she wrote about god. the teacher told students to write about their idol. 10-year-old shed chose god. the girl's mother said the teacher made the student start over are over telling her to keep religion out of it. the second time erin chose michael jackson which the teacher deemed inappropriate. there's no rule about students writing about god. the pope has a new set of
3:31 pm
wheels, new to him at least. pope frances obtained a 1984 vehicle he plans on driving around by himself. the car was donated by an italian priest. the priest says he took the pope for a test drive this past weekend and he's ready to go. this does not mean the real pope mobile is obsolete. the pope will likely use the relatively new car to him mostly for short trips on vatican grounds. finally the woman who has advised by her state to change her last name because it's causing all kinds of problems. this is janice's last name. i'm not going to try. it's 35 letters long and does not fit on her hawaii driver's license. instead the hawaii department of transportation cuts her last name off and doesn't include her first and middle name at all. she says that has led to confusion at traffic stops.
3:32 pm
you can imagine the tsa at the airport. the county had a discussion, change your name or shorten it. janice says no way. it's her late husband's last name. now the hawaii department of transportation is trying to fig you're out a way to fit the letters on the driver's license. u.s. threats of military action did not influence his decision to turn over chemical weapons to outside control assad says. tonight jennifer griffin at the pentagon look at the military approach hard to define. >> navy destroyers are standing by with missiles just in case. for now this gun boat diplomacy has forced assad to admit for the first time ever his regime has chemical weapons. what if talks with the russians fail? it's not clear what the u.s. military strategy in syria is. is it to get rid of chemical
3:33 pm
weapons or get rid of president assad? the message is conflicted. >> the united states military doesn't do pinpricks. >> reporter: there's been not been a strategy. >> focussing on chemical weapons does nothing to halt the role of iran inside of syria. >> it would be either regime change or complete elimination of chemicals. a strike isn't going to eliminate them. >> why the administration official tell the washington post as kerry prepared to meet the russian foreign minister two weeks ago the u.s. finally started shipping weapons to syria's rebels. the military head of the opposition said today his fighters had not received the weapons. the secretary of state kerry
3:34 pm
again threatened to use military force. >> force might be necessary to deter and degrade the capacity to deliver these weapons. >> moments later, the spokeswoman said the strategy goes beyond chemical weapons. >> destroying chemical weapons won't end the conflict in syria. the real question is why would the syrian leader agree to give up the chemical weapons if u.s. is arming to push him out of power? defense officials admit private lay it's not a strategy. jennifer, thank you. 77% of all war deaths in afghanistan have come during president barack obama 's presidency. that's according to figures splied by the pentagon. it says of the 1783 deaths, 1374 come since 2009.
3:35 pm
fox news has confirmed the third of five suspected wanted by the fbi has been apprehended. ivan was arrested last night in mexico. a spokesman for the family expressed excitement but said there are still two defendants in mexico. russian president vladimir pugh tin lectures president barack obama . west nile get more on th we'll get more on that when we come back. of getting something "new."
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i am hopeful that discussions that secretary kerry has with foreign minister as well as some of the other players in this can yield a concrete result. >> when you see the u.s. wants stability in our reej skpn will
3:39 pm
stop threatening and aiming the attack and supplying weapons to terrorists, it will be brought to the final stage and become real to syria. >> latest developments as this diplomatic effort continues. secretary of state john kerry in geneva, also today the russian president writing in the new york times saying what russia wants to see and also adding this. quote, i would rather disagree with the case, he, president barack obama made on american exceptionalism stating the united states policy makes america different. it's what makes us exceptional. it's dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional whatever the motivation. there are big countries, rich and poorks those with long traditions and those trying to find their way in democracy. we must not forget god created us equal."
3:40 pm
that has brought action. let's bring in our panel. juan williams. >> what about this? >> these are the fruits of a completely incompetent foreign policy diplomacy by obama. here is the president of the greatest democracy on earth being lectured insulting really in an american newspaper about human rights, about international law, about the protection of the elderly and children in wartime. the kbg thug who's last adventure in the world was invade georgia, attach providences and declare them independent and who for the last decade has been supplying assad who we are essentially calling a war criminal, with huge amounts
3:41 pm
of weapons including elements of poison gas. what we're seeing here is putin so confident of himself after obama had to see this that he could engage in this. it's an index of how obama has been played and continues to be right now in geneva. >> here's some of the white house from capitol hill. >> the fact is russia offers pay contrast that demonstrates why america is exceptional. the united states stands up for democratic values and human rights in our country and around the world. >> i can't believe this is taking place. to be lectured to by putin as we were this morning. i can hear reagan rolling over in his grave. >> thoughts on this?
3:42 pm
>> i think it's an outrage. this is a man who is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. this is a man who is an authoritarian in his manner of government. there's nothing close to democracy or quality about the way he rules. he puts business men in prison. that's just a fact. now he wants to lecture the united states and maybe more than lecture, contradict us on the fact that the use of chemical weapons was quitted by the assad regime without any evidence to that. the united states has evidence to the extent of where it was launched from internal and all the rest. he has nothing yet wants to make this case to the world. this has nothing to do with president barack obama . i don't know why charles wanted to go there. it really has a lot to do with putin just as a rep henceable character. >> i'll be happy to explain, but i'll wait. >> charles often goes there.
3:43 pm
>> every action has a reaction. i wonder if this is a case putin overplayed his hand finally. when you have republicans and democrats on the hill all reacting the same way. maybe he pushed the united states a little closer to some kind of military strike that the president seemed to be wiggling out of a day ago. >> when while the conversation is continuing with the foreign minister of russia and john kerry in geneva. senator john mccain's tweet says he refuses to acknowledge assad's responsibility for chemical weapon attacks. that's progress. we heard from the head of the rebel group. take a listen to what he said about a call with secretary kerry. >> they are wasting time.
3:44 pm
they are lying to do the strikes against regime in damascus. we're preparing ourselves for new offensive in syria. >> kerry told them basically we're going to check this out, but strikes may still happen. >> one of the commanders of the army that commands the free syrian army said the revolution is dead and sold. he meant the people all assumed until now that assad would go, that he'd be gone. right now everybody understands that what the russians have succeeded in doing is making assad get a second lease on life, the recognition he didn't have. i add one word about why it is
3:45 pm
about obama. a month ago putin was a propriety. putin now is a statesman, partner in peace and in a position to lecture the united states of america. >> since we're going down that road, you may remember in the election governor romney saying this to cnn. without question our number one go political foe. the idea he has more flexibility in mind for russia meaning president barack obama is very troubling. he was asked about that at one of the debates. >> russia is a go political foe. russia battles us again and
3:46 pm
again. i'm not wearing rose colored glass when it comes to russia or putin. i'm not going to give him more flexibility after the election. that will give him more backbone. >> it's interesting to listen back to that. >> i think the president's response at the time was to say terrorism is the number one threat to the country now not a diminished soviet union, no longer even the soviet union, russia. i want to come back to the heart of this today. assad actually having a stronger stand as a result of what's going on, i think the general is right in saying he needs to understand the military threat continues. the gulf states are angry at the united states and feel they have been abandoned that iran has been threatened. we come back to vital interest for the united states. we've got to assert ourselves and protect our allies, in israel and turkey, that might be victimized by chemical weapons.
3:47 pm
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>> well, our discussion is going on about how to deal with the cr and the issue of obamacare. so we are continuing to work with our members. i'm well aware of the deadlines and so are my colleagues. we are working with our colleagues to work our way through these issues. i think there is a way to get there. >> as we all know the speaker has a problem, how to get the government funded. all of these things they are trying to do on the obamacare is just a waste of their time. >> the cr is the continuing resolution.
3:51 pm
they need that in order to fund the government. it ends, essentially the funding for the government, september 30th. that's the back and forth. conservatives want to de fund obamacare, and that has been the problem for house speaker boehner trying to get something across the finish line. we are back with our panel. john, it looks like this is going to head up to the deadline. it really looks like it is going to push. >> it certainly does. and then right after that within a few weeks there is a debt ceiling debate. boehner is in a pickle here. he is basically -- there is gonna be a fight. and he will have to choose if he will have a fight with obama or a a fight within his own party. he sees going over the continuing resolution deadline as a political loser. if you shutdown the government, the republicans get blamed for that. he is not going to get anywhere anywhere -- as reid said, he will not get anywhere trying to de fund obamacare.
3:52 pm
trying to lineup all of these disagreements is a tricky thing for him to do. >> the conservative line is that obamacare is such a detriment to the economy. they were elected to fight this fight. so why not fight it? >> they fought it and if you want to be blunt about it, they lost. they continue to fight it. they voted i think 40 plus times. they have three more coming. they want to now challenge the budget on this and threaten the u.s. credit ratings. >> how they phrase it is putting forward a continuing resolution and it would not have the funding for obamacare, but it would fund the rest of the government and then throw it to the democratic senate and the president which -- >> that's fine. the way speaker boehner has done it is here it is. if it is a nonbinding deal, but the democrats are forced to vote on it. if you are simply appealing to your base and saying to your base, you know these
3:53 pm
democrats, they like obamacare. you will have another opportunity to demonstrate that to be the case. but to go beyond that then raises the question -- majority leader reid called it anarchy, but what is the responsibility of those elected leaders. you say they are elected to fight the fight, but they are also elected to lead our government. >> charles, is there a way out? there are a number of proposals to delay obamacare for a year, for example. to compromise as the president has delayed the mandate for businesses and delay the individual mandate for a year and satisfy some of these conservatives who are pushing for de funding obamacare? >> it is not going to happen. if there was any impetus for it to happen it would come from the unions who are intensely unhappy about the fact employers have gone for this moment and the workers are getting screwed on this. the unions are going to lose members because they will
3:54 pm
dissipate the advantage of being in a union. they are very unhappy. but it is not going to come from a relatively small number of republicans in the house. you cannot govern from one part of one half of the congress. the law passed. yes they were elected to go and defeat obamacare, but they are two years late. >> what's the out? >> the only out is for these people to realize they are in a suicide caucus. the way to win this thing is to let it go into affect which it will because obama controls the veto. let it fall as it is. let all of the contridictions be exposed and let the unions and democrats expose it and win the election next year and then attack it. that might work. >> i will suggest another out. i find it surprising they are choosing to go after obamacare and not spending, government spending and entitlements and maybe that's where this goes.
3:55 pm
if republicans want to extract something out of the cr debate and the debt limit debate, why not go after getting more spending cuts out of obama? preferably from an economic point of view over the long run and not the next 12 months. that could get them something. >> quickly, on the economy, this battle back and forth as we push to another series of deadlines, this and the debt ceiling, what does that do for the economy overall? >> the economy is lumbering along and i think it continues to lumber along. while all of this is going on, syria with the deadlines coming up, the stock market is well over 15,000 and it is barreling along. right now it looks like investors aren't freaking out as they did in 2011, but there isn't anything that is going to get the economy off to a faster track. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for reaction to apple's newest product.
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finally tonight after the released of apple's new iphones on tuesday, one late night show took to the streets to get reaction to the new apple product. but instead of an iphone 5s, they were presented with an ipad mini tablet and it is pretty amazing what people will believe. or what they will do when a camera is on them. >> it looks like it is a lot smaller and it is really cool. >> sounds good, right? how does it sound? >> good. fantastic. thank you. >> there is also a click it and lick it. if you click the bottom circle you can lick it and taste the flavor. >> so just lick it? >> yeah. it comes in chocolate and vanilla and strawberry. >> i can't really taste it.
4:00 pm
oh i can taste it. >> what do you think? >> that's so weird. >> she can taste it. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. this is "the fox report." tonight syria crisis, the united states and russia in a tense set of talks on chemical deals. can the secretary of state, john kerry, seal the deal? plus a 13-year-old boy accused of making threats that shutdown six schools. cops say he threatened to go on a shooting spree and blow up his school. the district took action. >> we got an automated call from the school that said schools were closed. >> now an eighth grader is under arrest. >> pretty serious. glad the police acted as fast as they did. >> i feel bad for the kid and the