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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 16, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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have confined that shooter to a room on the third or fourth floor and take them into custody. martha: there will be a navy yard press conference happen soon. stay tuned for breaking coverage on "happening now." i will see you back at 1:00. jenna: thank you very much. we will bring you to that press conference as soon as it begins. there is a standoff right now at u.s. navy yard in washington after at least one gunman opened fire this morning killing several people. we just heard from the public information officer. there are reports of multiple people wounded, fatalities. we are working on the numbers. another picture of another helicopter coming into the area. glad to have you with us. gregg: the alleged shooter
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apparently barricaded himself into a building. initial reports say the alleged shooter is a six-foot tall bald bald blackmail carrying what witnesses say is a rifle. he is contained saying apparently he is pinned down, cornered and apparently injured but is not in custody. 3000 people worked the heavily guarded facility. choppers swooping as you have a mentioning all morning long to airless people to safety. weapons are not generally allowed on the military bases. nci s and metro police cordoning off the area to secure the scene as ambulances treat victims. peter doocy live at the scene. you have been doing extraordinary reporting, it is the top of the hour, so set the scene for us once again. peter: since we first arrived
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about two hours ago, the weather has gotten a lot worse. in the last one hour we have seen helicopters rescue or assist where the police helicopters are coming in flying over home and over businesses 15 to 20 yards above the top building and moving around and they are dropping baskets. we have seen two people at least law enforcement officers drop down. they had weapons and the baskets would come up. they were emptied. we are led to believe based on what we have seen 200 yards away from the scene law enforcement has been put in somewhere on the roof. helicopters crisscrossing the sky. we have heard now from some
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witnesses to what happened this morning so let's listen right now to somebody who is a little bit closer than we are. >> walked up to the corner and saw a victim on the ground he had was told by young lady handing out newspapers he was dropped off by a vehicle and i saw a bunch of citizens. coinciding with all of the motions. >> and he must have got out? >> one lady seemed pretty desperate. a bunch of victims came up. >peter: now, the most compelling
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thing i have heard from the closest i have been able to get was almost two hours ago over a police radio and officer standing within 5 feet from where i was, a very frantic call went out from an officer down on the third floor. they were then moved much further back. the scene had become very chaotic and very loud. making the turn on top of us on seventh and l in washington, d.c. d.c. metro police truck showed up and began blasting an announcement over the eight or 9-foot tall brick wall with in order to shelter in place until an all clear is given. so far we have not heard the all clear. we would pay somewhere we are giving because you know spent
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was very loud. the whole idea was for everybody inside the buildings holding out right now to hear it. as recently as 25 minutes to half an hour ago to stay put until there is an all clear. right now, no all clear. gregg: is it your sense there is only one gunman or could there be multiple gunmen? i certainly recognize they always assume there is more than one and they search for others, but have you received any word on that? >>peter: gregg, the officers on the scene are very tight-lipped. but i can tell you throughout the day and even as i am speaking right now, marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles with their sirens on and with the lights on our zooming toward the screen to maxine.
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while some of the shots of officers in protective place up near the gate, near the brick wall are not necessarily frantic to look at them, one block away they are moving officers and people as fast as they can, probably driving too fast for a normal monday. but this is not a normal monday. there is an active shooter situation and whatever is going on, whatever the status is of that shooter. we don't know. what we do know is outside one block off, as you can see, officers are in a hurry to get as close as they can. jenna: you saw the shots breaking up a little bit. what we are waiting on part of what you are seeing is the news conference from what we believe to be the local police, we are waiting to hear exactly who is going to be speaking to us and we will have a little more
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information. if you're just joining us, waking up on the west coast for example, this is what we woke up to together this morning. there has been a shooting at a navy yard that is the home of 3000 people. this is where they work every day. most are right between 6:00, 9:00 in the morning. it occurred around 8:20 or so. we have learned quite frankly very little at the same time. there are several people injured. we know there are some fatalities. we don't know the nature of the injuries or the motive of the shooter. watching the helicopter. watching this for about an hour now. lowering people to the roof. we have been able to confirm that at least one person was brought to the hospital and the hospital was confirmed they were brought there but cannot confirm
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the extent of the injuries of that person. is that somebody talking that we should listen to? we're going to wait to go in just a moment. apparently w we're working on te audio of the news conference. you have been able to speak to some folks on the ground. what are they talking about the natures of the injury? what do we know so far? >> apparently when the first shots rang out i spoke with somebody on the unified command center, from what i'm being to told, several calls came in for a man with a gun and we got a call there had been several people shot. when the first officers arrived, navy police were already on the scene. the officers actually responded from our first district substation which the viewer should know is only about a half block away from the navy yard. the first thing they tried to do was contain the situation and try to evacuate people out.
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that is why we see the helicopter making sure nobody else needed to be evacuated make sure no other victims now. the police department and the fire department set up a triage unit at the national and the washington nationals stadium about a half-mile away and started taking victims there. the most severe victims are over at gw hospital, which makes a lot of sense because they are set up to handle mass casualties. they took other victims over to the hospital center and a couple of victims over to the dimensions hospital in southeast d.c. one other thing very important. the police are saying they don't know if there is one shooter, possibly to shooters. several different types of rounds were used against the victims. the hospitals are reporting that, the police department. we have two air on the side of caution and assume just maybe
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there were more than one shooters. they do have this individual or individuals contained in building 197. the s.w.a.t. unit at the emergency response team surrounding that building right now. they believe one shooter, possibly two, but they don't believe it is a more victims on the floor but they have not been up to the third or fourth floor quite yet. jenna: and we don't know how many people are left in that building. gregg: let me bounce this off of you. jon scott always johnny on the spot has e-mailed us with sources and tells us the following. the shooting occurred on the third floor building 197. if that is the case, executive officer and the ship engineering staff, head of the typically an admiral with
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several senior executive service civilians. what does that tell you, if anything? >> possibly, and again we are speculating but this is maybe this gunman if there is only one gunman specifically targeted an individual on that floor. i have been over there to the navy yard several times, that is where i was stationed in uniform and i can tell you it is very well protected. however there are many entrances to that. the question remains now with this individual associated with the navy. or any branch of the military. or was this just another individual off the street? this is a very active and fluid situation. one other thing i just learned is tyler elementary school is less than a block away from the navy yard. all the children are safe. they have the school surrounded
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right now, the school is on lockdown. jenna: there are actually six schools on lockdown as part of a precaution. we see a lot of different law enforcement at play here. who would take the lead, and if indeed there is a shooter barricaded s report has suggested. what is the strategy at this point? >> i can tell you the d.c. police department, our s.w.a.t. unit are taking command of the situation. we work in conjunction with the joint terrorism task force and a time have that happens like this on federal property or military property we get several agencies involved. however, our unit is on the scene right now commanding this. the fbi is on notice. they are on scene. i passed by some of them. the u.s. park police and federal protective service are all right there. the navy base actually sits on
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capitol hill, so a ton of police officers all around there. the response was right away. jenna: well said, there certainly was a huge response initially and that is one of the things that kicked off for the rest of us this was not a small situation. apparently the navy is now taking the lead in this investigation, and according to an fbi source to fox news, the s.w.a.t. team is working with other agencies to now clear the building. we keep on cmis helicopter swooped around, we have seen them in the past lowering the empty baskets to the building rooftops. there's a big question if they are evacuating folks that are injured, what exactly are they doing and now they continue to circle. why would they do that given there could be an active shooter that is barricaded. >> there is always a possibility and active shooter, and a
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criminal can slip out from where they are harbored or staying. that is why they are hovering around the top of the building outside making sure no way this guy or person can get out of that building just in case the police on the ground miss them. that is why we are seeing the hovered around. they want to make sure there is not another shooter. we don't know whether or not there are two shooters. in case somebody else comes out of that building they can spot them much faster with the helicopter overhead. gregg: if they have it contained but not in custody suggesting he is pinned down, barricaded someplace, one hopes it does not have any hostages. how do you approach that situation? >> we move closer and closer to the person that is a threat. in this case it would be the individual with a weapon.
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if this guy is on the third or fourth floor, can tell you the fbi s.w.a.t. unit, they are a floor above and a floor below. they will continue to work this area where they believe the person is hiding out were staging some sort of an attack. they have to be careful because they don't know if this person has explosive device and that is something we have to watch for in these types of situations so they will move very closely. our bomb unit is on the scene as a precaution. it hasn't been any mention of bombs but as a precaution because you never know in these situations what kind of artillery this bad guy may have. gregg: to the utilize listening devices? try to get a fix on individual? >> yes, all kind of technology but i can also tell you that have several cameras on the property at the navy yard and i can rest assure you they are
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reviewing the video from this morning to decipher who was the guy that was the assailant. they are doing that right now as i speak. jenna: backing up a little bit for the viewers, we are awaiting a news conference from local law enforcement in the area supposed to begin five minutes ago. this is a developing situation and we will wait on official word about the number of injured and the number killed. we have reports both are being careful with the numbers at this time. i am sure when you see scenes like this at a military base you might think of the shooting in fort hood. we have heard no comparisons, but when you see a shooting like this, there's questions of motive of why this is happening. it was a postman normal day at
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the white house is taken to hear the president around 11:40 to talk about the economy. the chief correspondent. things have changed today. what are you hearing? >> at this moment we are hearing the president coming out to talk about the economy and fiv five-r anniversary of the financial crisis but his schedule has been disrupted in the sense is gotten multiple briefings about this unfolding situation. we are paying very close attention to it. it is a military facility first of all. this is only three or 4 miles away from the white house where all of this is taking place. we have not seen some dramatic increase in security around here, but folks of the white house paying close attention to that situation. we are told the president has talked deputy chief of staff about reaching out and talking to the fbi and other agencies
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making sure the federal government is coordinating a response. we're still waiting to hear back whether or not it is not only on time, but when and if it moves forward later this hour he will start that event about the economy talking about this incident. i would suspect it is likely given the magnitude of it. jenna: it is on at 11:40? >> at this point it is. i have not gotten a response there is any change. gregg: you are a couple of miles away if i am understanding correctly. tell us what is going on physically for precautions. speak a lot of law enforcement vehicles heading from this direction in that direction. have not seen the temperature down on this from the standpoint.
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had nothing more dramatic protections, looking outside the northwest gate. relatively status quo at the white house at a rapid pace over the last hour or so. presumably headed over there. three and half miles away from the white house to the navy ya yard, right near the national baseball park. other office buildings nearby. they're doing that that in a parking lot over at nationals park. not far from the white house at all. jenna: all in close proximity. we're watching the helicopter hovered around the navy yard where a shooting took place just about three hours ago, gregg. we got the initial report at 8:20 eastern time.
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we're waiting to get more information about the shooter or the shooters. when we cover shootings often, there is often reports of a lot of chaos and multiple shooters. sandy hook for example. we hate to reference these other news stories but this is what we have seen as we gather the information about what exactly transpired this morning. gregg: law enforcement is always instructed don't assume there is only one shooter. when you have somebody contained we believe is the shooter you have to look for other possible suspects and so that is probably what they are doing. police are looking for the possibility of a second shooter at the washington. >> i just spoke to a navy spokesman who says they are working under the assumption there are two shooters at this point in time at the navy yard. we heard reports the s.w.a.t. team is entering a second
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building at the navy yard, but what we can say is navy officials confirming they believed tw to shooters were involved. i just spoke to a navy spokesman down at the navy yard and again, that is a change from moments ago when i spoke to navy officials and they did not have any confirmation of that.
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>> base seems to have active military working there on a daily basis. >> the shooting took place on this third floor of the command headquarters where there are mostly civilians involved with the procurement and the design of the navy's top ships, weapons systems and submarines. so we know there were a number of civilians in there. there are 3,000 people who work in the section of the command. there's about a quarter of the navy's overall budget so this is a very central location. the c.e.o. of naval operations was safely removed from the base, now at a safe location. this is the oldest navy base in the country. this particular building, 197 is
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where all of the top secret designs for the top destroyers, sub marines, that's where the contractors were. that's where they are located. we also know from sources earlier today i spoke to navy officials who said the initial shots were fired at a security guard near the base of the facility. we have a description of the one shooter who appears to be contained in building 197 at this moment and that description came from eyewitnesss. he is a six foot tall, dark skinned, bald man who was wearing a dark shirt, dark pants, no indication that he was military necessarily but early descriptions suggested that he was carrying an ar 15 rifle. that's a civilian version of the standard military service rifle, the m-16. initially we heard three shots had been fired.
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that's interesting for those trying to figure out what kind of weapon was used because an m 16 would fire in three round bursts. however, the initial reports suggested there was an ar-15 involved. all of these details very fluid but we can confirm there were fatalities, at least 12 people injured or hurt in the incident. the numbers are fluid and now we can confirm from navy officials from a navy spokesman that they are pursuing a second shooter. we believe there's a second shooter on the scene. gregg: and confirmation from officials there that police are looking for the possibility of a second shooter at the navy yard where several people have been killed so two bits of information, a possible second shooter and indeed, the confirmation that several people have been killed. jennifer, this is a navy yard which is -- not only does it
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design and help construct navy ships but it also, as i understand it, procures weapons. but are most of the people there, are they civilians attached to the navy or are they navy regulars? how would you describe them? >> i would say in this particular building, this is where there are very senior level civilians, engineers, top level navy procurement officers. this is where the most sophisticated navy systems are bought, built, engineered. this is the heart of the navy yard. it is a very important building. it's a very important facility. the command that this building is a part of, as i mentioned before, it has one quarter of the navy's overall budget so it shows you how important this location is. it is not an operation center, not where there are navy personnel directing operations
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but it is the pulse of where the navy as it builds these ships, as it designs these state of the art ships, it is where their top civilians are located. jenna: we're going to continue to take that breaking news from the pentagon. in the meantime, what you're seeing is a map of the area that we're talking about. we were just told a little bit about where it was in relation to the capitol hill and the white house and as gregg pointed out, only a couple of miles separates capitol hill where the area where the shooting took place. we also have the live scene where building 197 is at the navy yard. we have the camera trained on that. as you can see, the scene has died down a little bit but there's a lot going on behind-the-scenes. we are still working to confirm the amount of injured, amount of fatalities as well and we're waiting on a press briefing to
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hopefully bring us facts here about what transpired here the last three hours. we have the former assistant special agent in charge in the new york joint terrorism task force. i know we are only really speculating at this point to know what is happening in the buildings that we're seeing on the screen but what's the approach now? three hours after you get word a shooting happened, there have been fatalities, there have been injuries, what is happening in the buildings? >> right now you have two things going on. you want to gather tactical intelligence and that's going to be the information that's going to help the swat teams be able to contain the situation so they will be interviewing victims and witnesses to see, you know, was there one shooter, two, what are their descriptions. pulling videotape from not only the building but the surrounding areas. we saw in the boston marathon shootings those video cameras that are, you know, in public
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domain can often be of great intelligence value so they'll be looking to see, you know, the approach that this person or persons made and how they actually got access to the building. they're going to want to know any information, if possible, have either individual been in this vehicle before, were they former employees, anything that would give them some type of an advantage to be able to move tactically. with that, the swat teams that are in place are going to want to set up a perimeter and close in on that perimeter or perimeters, assuming that there's two shooters and possibly both in different locations and close in as tight as possible to contain those people and then from there, number one, ensure that there are no hostages so evacuate anybody in harm's way and then once that perimeter is set up, then law enforcement has the luxury of time. that's when you don't want any more fatalities or injuries and the goal of this situation is
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going to be to negotiate a peaceful surrender so there's no more bloodshed. if there are two shooters, that certainly changes the calculus as to what the motivation might be as opposed to, you know, sort of a disgruntled, angry employee at the washington navy shipyards but my goodness, this is a highly secured area. it's a very important venue. when you first heard this, what did you think? >> when i first heard that it was a single shooter, my first thought is it's employee violence and employee violence, the numbers are on the rise in this country, people that are disgruntled, especially if they have a beef with the government. that was my first thought. now with -- as you said, confirmed second shooter, it changes the calculus a bit but i would say it's way too early to
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jump to conclusions that this is some type of a terrorist type situation or whatever. i think there's -- that's where the investigation needs time to figure out what the motivations are. certainly a very dangerous situation in either case and right now, the priority is for the swat team to just get that perimeter contained and make sure that there's no more innocent lives lost to people injured. jenna: the scene looks quiet now but that's all we can tell from appearances and they can be deceiving. if you would, just stand by. i have a little more information from our katherine. law enforcement officials are telling fox now there have been no reports of shots fired at the scene in the last half an hour so this is consistent with the additional reports that we had that a suspect or a shooter is cornered, neutralized, contained, however you would like to describe t. either way, no one is in custody at this point and that's one of the big things we're waiting and
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watching for. feds are trying to clear the site, moving through different buildings and trying to figure out if everyone is clear. that process can take several hours. in the meantime, we know that 3,000 people worked at this navy yard and many of them showed up to work like most of us did on a monday morning, not expecting too much of a different routine but it was a different morning for many of the 3,000 that work there. in fact, we have a little sound from one of the employees. >> i heard three gunshots, pop, pop, pop, straight in a row, about three seconds later there were four more gunshots and all the people there in the cafeteria, we all wan i canned and we was trying to decide which way we were going to run out. people, workers in the cafeteria wanted us to stay here but i just ran. jenna: you can understand that feeling, just wanting to get out of any of the buildings. we've confirmed that there are
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questions about two gunmen still not in custody at the navy yard and a big question about what happens now, what is the process for getting one of the shooters that apparently is barricaded somehow, getting him into custody which would be key at this point. gregg: how do you do that? look. you're vastly experienced in this sort of thing. are you convinced there's a second shooter here or is that a precaution that's normally undertaken when there's a shooting? you always look for somebody else. but how do you deal with this situation? >> well, i'm not necessarily convinced yet that there is a second shooter. i'll tell you why. a lot of earlier reports and as a matter of fact, my source said they know for a fact that one of the shooters had multiple weapons. now, if that's the case, it's a possibility that maybe, because there were different types of rounds, bullets used, people started thinking maybe there was
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a second shooter. we doen know that yet but i can tell you that the police department will err on the side of caution and they're going to approach the situation as if there may be two shooters. one other thing real quickly. a lot of viewers have been asking why did they shut down or restrict travel out of reagan international airport? let me tell you why. there's a waterway, the potamac river. you can get to the airport in less than 15 minutes by way of water. that's why they shut the airport down and they wanted to secure that. as a matter of fact, they alerted our d.c. police harbor troll this morning if they see a vessel on the water to pull it over. that's the primary reason why they shut the airport down. they are letting planes come in but nothing is going out quite yet until they get this situation under control. jenna: they're not underestimating whoever is responsible for the shootings and that's probably wise at this
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time to not do so. you've been to this navy yard and there's so many different reports about what happened. when did the initial shooting start. we heard around 8:20 this morning. whether or not that was at a security check point or not is a big question but when you enter into this navy yard, what type of security is greeting you? if you're going into one of the buildings like building 197 where the shooting took place, how would you be searched? >> well, i can tell you on a monday morning especially, there's tons of navy officers, tons of marines around the area. there's plenty of police all around the area. when you pull up to the main entry gate, which i think is probably where the shooting took place and i only say that because i saw a picture earlier of a victim on the ground and where he was on the ground was right by the entryway to the navy yard. usually there's about four or five naval police officers standing there vetting people before they actually go in. now, once you get in on the ground, you're pretty much on
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the ground, you can go to any building but keep in mind, navy police are all over that base so it would be very difficult to bring a weapon on the ground that quickly and get far onto the grounds. this guy, i believe, targeted that building for a reason. that's where most of the senior executive service members are housed. that's where their offices are. this guy went directly there, did a lot of shooting there and that's where this guy is hid out right now so it will be interesting to find out what was this guy's connection to the military. gregg: and picking up on that, your thoughts on, you know, the motivation behind this sort of thing and i know it's early to try to know but it's a very conspicuous target here. >> absolutely. and that's one of the leads that the f.b.i. and the other law
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enforcement partners will be pursuing to figure out why is it that particular building. an installation like the navy yard with so much security, you almost have to think that somebody had some intelligence going in. this would be a very tough target in my estimation to just basically, without any type of surveillance or, you know, reconnaissance or at least having a general description of how the security is set out and the difficulties to move around, it would be very tough target. it's not a soft target. it's a fairly hard target. that leads, you know, the possibility that this is an individual that has at least some level of foreknowledge going into this attack. again, that's speculation. we don't know. the facts are yet to unfold. jenna: hard target in that you would have to know specifically
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where you're headed but on a military base, you're not allowed to carry weapons, at least military personnel are not allowed to carry them on a base and someone working or familiar with the area probably would know that. >> that is true. but also there's many security posts, there's different, you know, access control at different levels of the perimeter so again, it's not like a hospital or a movie theater where people can kind of come and go. this is an installation with various levels of security, with cameras, with security personnel and the like. so it's -- it takes a pretty gutsy person or persons to take on a military installation. jenna: and that question to why is always the big question in stories like this. why would someone choose to shoot anyone, murdering them according to the reports that we have. we're still working on numbers but we do have confirmation that
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there are reports of fatalities and injuries. i just want to know the time for viewers. we're coming up on 11:40 eastern time. that's when we expect the president to speak. it was scheduled previously to talk about the economy. we understand the president is running slightly behind. we have no indication that he will not speak. we are also waiting a press conference from local d.c. law enforcement that was supposed to take place 30 minutes ago. we do not have that yet but we'll bring you there as we have that. it's a three-mile radius between where the navy yard is and where the white house is and the capitol hill is. gregg: it's interesting that all of this is taking place within a three or two mile radius of the white house where the president was going to be speaking and now all of a sudden, that has been put on hold. we don't know if it's because of the events at the washington navy yard where several people have lost their lives according
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to officials but i want to go back to john. so look. you know this venue. you know the circumstances. you know the personnel. so what would you be looking at here in terms of the shooter? >> well, i guess the thing that is most alarming, especially to law enforcement on the scene, is the fact that the shooter or shooters have been identified as carrying a.r. 15 military style weapons. and these weapons are extremely dangerous, even to your average law enforcement person. the typical kevlar vest, bulletproof vests that most security officers and police officers on patrol will wear are not equipped to stop this type of weaponry so it takes special protection which the swat teams gregg: let me interrupt you if a moment because the associated
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press is now reporting the shooter is dead. let me just read the bulletin. it just crossed the wires about a minute ago. federal law enforcement official says the shooter at the washington navy yard has died. now, we don't know the circumstances, whether he was shot by law enforcement trying to apprehend him, if he killed himself as is sometimes the case. but none tthelesnonetheless, we received word whether a second shooter is apprehended. jenna: exactly. that's one of the confusing parts of this early morning report. we initially heard one shooter with multiple injuries, multiple fatalities. now just during the hour, jennifer griffin at the pentagon confirmed that law enforcement is looking into the possibility of two shooters and one of the reasons is different bullets found in different victims but we also heard reports that one of the shooters has two different weapons so this is what we're trying to work through and it could explain
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this information, and we'll work to confirm it ourselves why we haven't seen the press conference as of yet and we're potentially waiting on the president, any sort of press briefing he might bring us as well. gregg: they may be waiting for firm confirmation but the associated press reporting that federal law enforcement official is now saying that the shooter, and not multiple shooters but the shooter, according to this federal official at the washington navy yard has died. we don't know the circumstances in which he died. one would assume it would be one of two ways. he was either shot by law enforcement trying to apprehend him or end the situation or he took his own life. but we should get further details at the news conference and there you see on the left-hand side of your screen the cameras and, you know, the microphones set up here for the news conference which is now delayed probably one would speculate because of this.
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and the president's speech at the white house on the economy has also been delayed. now, that may simply be because he is often late at his own news conferences. but we'll wait and see. jenna: 8:20 this morning east coast time, reports of a shooting at the navy yard in washington, d.c. a big question as to whether or not there are multiple shooters but we have been able to confirm that there are multiple deaths and multiple injuries. and nature of the injuries is something we're waiting on. we're hoping to hear from the hospitals as to what they're seeing from the victims brought into their hospitals. if you joined us a little earlier in our broadcast here on fox news, you saw the helicopters flying around building 197. that is the building where the shooting took place. it's an area where there are both active duty military but also contractors working on different projects related to the navy shipbuilding and procurement of weapons, things like that.
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you're seeing tape on the top of the screen. is that tape or live? we've seen the helicopters. this is tape. this is what we've seen throughout the morning. these helicopters swirling around the tops of buildings and at times, looked like lowering people down and also bringing people up. we saw maybe a total of three or four people brought up and a big question about whether or not those were injured, were they law enforcement? we're still waiting for details. gregg: reuters is putting it differently. they say u.s. navy official is confirming one shooter is down in the u.s. navy yard shooting which leaves obviously the possibility of a second or third shooter which the latest we heard from military officials was they were still searching for a second shooter. the associated press seemed to suggest that it was over because the shooter was down and has
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been killed. so, you know, we still don't know yet whether this is over but we may learn more on the left-hand side of your screen when we receive information from officials there at the scene. they say and now i'm reading the latest a.p. officials say at least one shooter has died so they're backing off saying the shooter. now they're saying at least one shooter has died where several people were killed, as many as 10 were wounded. jenna: we're getting more information from our justice department and sources on the ground about what actually is transpiring inside the navy yard at this time and what we understand is that the same team that helped pull dzhokhar tsarnaev from the boat in boston, when there was a great concern about additional explosives and what was actually going to transpire in boston, that same team is on the ground in the navy yard so they're not taking anything off the table. one shooter is dead but a question about whether or not there's still a risk to the area, that's obviously something
8:45 am
that law enforcement is not taking very lightly and continuing to work multiple angles. gregg: and let's move our multiple angles. steve is standing by live with the latest information. >> the latest is that metropolitan department is planning to hold a news conference here and tell us whatever they can tell us. we don't know when that will happen. they said stand by. they'll try to put somebody up. it's a fluid situation. that may be an understatement. this situation seems to be not totally resolved, seems to be changing. we saw a lot of emergency vehicles speeding toward the scene earlier this morning. then we saw them all speeding away from the scene the other direction. we don't know exactly what that might indicate, if anything. we don't know the number of casualties, whether anybody has been killed for sure. certainly the navy said earlier several people were injured. that's been confirmed. we don't know the number of fatalities, we don't know the number of injuries but certainly a bad situation as workers
8:46 am
arrived here, as building 197 on the washington navy yard, 8:20 this morning when a gunman opened fire. now, the building is four stories and has a large atrium on the inside. gregg: we seem to have lost our live shot with steve. let me know if we get him back. that may happen any moment now. jenna: we're getting brand new area from a washington area hospital as to what is the nature of the injuries. apparently there was just a briefing at the washington hospital center and at that hospital, there are three individuals at this time. what the hospital is reporting, that there was one woman who was lifted from the roof, one woman who was shot in the head and one male d.c. officer who is in surgery right now. they're all considered to be in critical condition and this is, again, just a small portion of the report earlier that we had multiple injured and also some fatalities. now we're getting an idea as to
8:47 am
at least what happened to four people in the building today. gregg: peter has been all over the story this morning. what have you been able to learn? >> i mentioned the last time that we were talking that a metro -- d.c. metro police vehicle, a big truck that is secured right now that was just parked in the lot came out about an hour ago, maybe a little bit more, and they made a loud p.a. announcement, they were blasting it over to the wall into the area right now where the scene is, where the shooting took place and they were saying -- they were giving an order for everybody to shelter in place until an all clear has been given. we're really just about 150 yards away from where that truck is and we have not heard them give an all clear, at least over that p.a. system. now, last time also we spoke, the weather was really, really nasty but it has cleared up a little bit now and the
8:48 am
helicopters we've seen consistently all morning long. after we were here for about 30 minutes. so basically for about the last two hours, really circling, really concentrated on one area. we've had one helicopter flying real low. that's the one we've seen dropping in officers and equipment and we have seen other helicopters much higher in the sky. a lot of traffic above us but as far as we can tell, things have not changed. the officers are not acting like the situation really is any less severe right now. in fact, as i was listening to steve just now, an officer pulled up in what looks like his personal car and was armoring on. he was putting on full body armor he was taking out of his truck and he headed on down towards the scene. that's where we are right now. things are very tense and no kind of update that it's okay for people to let their guard down yet. gregg: fluid situation obviously.
8:49 am
a moment ago you saw an individual in front of the cameras and the microphones announcing that the news conference will begin momentarily. peter, stay with us. i'm coming back to you in a second. i just want to let the viewers know what they were seeing. they were seeing apparently the public information officer for the navy shipyard who was giving heads up to the reporters there on the scene that the news conference will begin momentarily. but jenna, it would suggest that if they're going to hold the press conference at that location that the situation is resolved -- i don't want to speculate but they -- you know, the notice here is that the shooter is down and one would suspect that they would not hold a news conference if there were multiple shooters. jenna: we have no description of a second shooter yet and we want to be totally transparent about that. the last hour we've told you about whether or not there's a second shooter or someone that has not been apprehended. and we don't have a description
8:50 am
to share with you on that. we're urging some caution with those reports but we know that law enforcement is looking into the possibility that that is the case here. just want to go back with something else that we just mentioned to you on the air. the scene at the navy yard is still an active investigation scene. and the best of the best team from the a.t.f., the special response team is on site and what they're looking for is any sort of explosives. these are the same guys that responded to the boston terrorist attack so there's great caution in that big facility that has 3,000 people working at it every day about what potentially has been left behind, what is there. why they're looking into that, we don't know but there's obviously precaution on that point. we're waiting to know if there are folks still in the buildings that have yet to be evacuated. remember, there was a shelter in place set up for those buildings and apparently there's still folks inside. retired major general joins me now. he's also a fox news contributor
8:51 am
and he's frequented this navy yard and just a tough day with so much unknown right now and the only thing we do know is that some people and their lives, lives of loved ones have changed forever today and we don't know all the specifics yet. >> yeah. you know, i remember sitting in this very same seat five or six years ago during the fort hood shooting. i think actually i was talking to gregg at this very time, relatively speaking, where we literally were sitting here in agony working about our teammates, ship mates and how well they were doing and speculating who the shooter was. one quick point. some folks asked how can a guy sneak a weapon onto the navy yard. the answer is if you have a valid military i.d. or a contractor's card and you're in a vehicle, those vehicles are only periodically opened and checked. if you have no idea, then you go into another lane where your trunk is opened, your hood is
8:52 am
open and the officers look inside. so god forbid, if this shooter has either the contractor card or the i.d. card, he could very easily have taken a bag full of weapons into the navy yard and not been detected. gregg: you're right. we were together that terrible day at fort hood and we couldn't make sense of it if i were correctly. it was just so confounding and horrible and yet we have it here again today. so when you heard about this at the navy yard and you've been there many times, what were your thoughts? >> well, you know, there are about five sort of military totems in washington, d.c. that have long been targets of terrorists and whackos and that's fort myers that houses the guard, the navy yard which
8:53 am
is navy systems command and andrews air force base which, of course, houses air force one. and any time you go in any of these installations, you can sense the tension that the guards there are on constant alert. not just to go search everybody who comes in but they're constantly looking to stop any type of craziness like this. these are installations that, you know, aren't closed. it's a workplace. for a few senior navy officers, it's their home. for those of us who spent many years in military and view the military installations as sanctuaries and monuments, this is particularly offensive. jenna: stand by with us. don is still with us, rod wheeler as well and don, you've worked in a variety of different task forces that have responded to emergencies like this and although we mentioned the
8:54 am
comparison to fort hood earlier, because that's a natural comparison at a military base, a lot of questions. you mentioned something early on. whoever did this shooting seems to have a focus where they were heading. >> it seems that on the surface, and i'm basing that just on what's been reported so we doen know that to be a fact but if this person actually made his way to a specific building that is the location where many of the high level executives work from, that possibly leads to speculation that he had specific targets in mind. with that then, as going back to your other guests have said, you know, what do we know about this person or persons? you know, did they work in this building as contractors or military? do they have relatives? what level of intelligence do they have that possibly could give them a bit of an edge over the average person?
8:55 am
and the other thing that's wearsome and we were mentioning this before is the weaponry. when somebody is using military style weapons but do they have the training that goes with that? if somebody has tactical training that could also give them a bit of an advantage over the average person. this is something that law enforcement needs to absolutely be concerned with and that's why i think you see that the situation is unfolding slowly because the swat teams are taking their time, they're securing the perimeter and there's no reason to put anybody in harm's way. the time right now is on the time of the swat teams to do this carefully. gregg: you see p the choppers with the people who may have been rushed to area hospitals. moments ago, this has just come into us, here is a doctor at a local hospital. take a listen. >> tragedy at the navy yards,
8:56 am
multiple individuals have been shot. we have a report of individuals who have died at the scene and we have a transportation of three gunshot victims to our hospital at this time. jon: that's med star washington hospital. one of the venues where people were injured in this shooting were taken and there you see the chopper shot from a short while ago as they rescued some of the victims off the top of the roof. we do not have any firm confirmation on the number of fatalities of who were injured and that will likely change so we're very hesitant to give you that information. jenna: reuters are saying area hospitals expect more of the injured to come to them so there's still that note that, again, it's developing. we don't know if anybody has gotten out of the complex as of yet. we're continuing to question this motive. we don't want to ignore the question but we've received no
8:57 am
indication from anyone or any commentary that terrorism is the motivation in this case. we just asked the secret service if there's any additional precautions being taken at or around the white house. the white house is only a little over two miles driving from this area you're seeing on the screen and the secret service, the spokesman said no at this time. so to you, a homicide detective, the secret service is not taking extra precaution. we get the word that one shooter is dead. there's still the question of a second shooter but based on the information that we have right now, where do we go from here? gregg: i'm sorry. let me just toss in here, rod, and let you answer in a second, the president has been delayed now at the white house. he was going to speak and there you see the podium at the white house indoors. he was going to speak on the economy. this has been planned for several days. talk about the five-year anniversary of the financial
8:58 am
meltdown as it was known. we have no word as to whether the president will address the situation nearby within a couple of miles from the white house. i'm sorry. jenna: it's okay. go ahead and take it from here. we're about four hours since the initial reports of the shooting. we know the little that we know at this point, where do we go from here? >> i continue to get updates from my sources on the scene and let me just share with you and the viewers real quickly what i just learned. there's a police officer, mpd officer, a fellow officer of mine at the med star unit that's the washington hospital center in critical condition. from what i understand, that's the officer that engaged in a gun battle with this gunman and the other thing that i just learned is that the police now have entered the third and fourth floor of the building and from what i understand, the shooter, his body is still over there in building 197. this has not been confirmed yet but that's what i'm hearing from several sources on the ground
8:59 am
there. so again, it's still a fluid situation. the police are clearing out the building right now. what does that mean? that means they're going to rule out at some point whether or not there was, in fact, a second shooter. here looking for various weapons that could have been used by the one person that apparently has died over there. and that's the reason why it's been somewhat quiet over the past hour. i actually got that text message about 45 minutes ago that this person had expired in the building over there but again, we're just waiting for official confirmation. jenna: how much time have you spent with the d.c. law enforcement? >> 12 years with the police department and then most of my time was spent in homicide. jenna: we're waiting for the press report from the d.c. metropolitan police and we understand that the navy is on lead on the scene, the f.b.i. is also working on the scene as well. at this point in the investigation, how are all these pieces working together? and what is the question that you would be seeking to answer
9:00 am
at this time? >> there's a lot of questions obviously in a situation like this. the primary question is, who is this individual that came onto the ground? were there any warning signs with this person as we know it? with this individual, was there warning signs? why did this individual choose today, a rainy monday here in washington, d.c. to go into the navy yard which he should have known is very well protected and secure. why? why are the questions we still have to ask and i can tell you that the various police agencies ranging from the a.t.f. who is investigating the type of weapon this guy was using to the d.c. police to the f.b.i., we're all trying to figure out who was this guy, put the pieces together and whether or not he, in fact, targeted any particular individual. we always have to look at the first victims and in a situation like this, the first victims that were shot, why were these individuals shot but it sounds to me the first victim was one
9:01 am
of those security officers or the police officers in the navy that stand out there on eighth street. it seems like that's where this guy went in. that's the main entryway onto the naval base. jenna: and many of our viewers have not been on a navy base. it's not something we do on a regular basis unless you're attached to the military in some way or a civilian working on the base but when you enter here at the navy yard, would someone search your car? look through my handbag? would they wait until i reach a building? how is security done there? >> right. good question. if you have an appointment with somebody on the military establishment, the military ground, you have to go through a search and lane of traffic. they do search your car, look underneath the car with mirrors. you do have to provide identification and give the name of the person you're there to see. now, on the other hand, if you are a military personnel, a member of our military or a contractor, you go through a
9:02 am
different lane of traffic, not quite as extensive checking of your vehicle. just show yourism i.d., get a pass and go onto the grounds at that point. what's interesting is that the shooting apparently started right at the gate which makes me wonder, and i'm just speculating here, was this guy a member of the military? if he was, he would not have had to start shooting at the gate. he could have actually went onto the ground. we'll find out the answers soon enough today. gregg: we're waiting for a news conference from police authorities. we've been showing various police authorities who have been handling the situation but this is federal territory, is it not? thus the feds have jurisdiction. >> when it comes to homicide and the district of columbia, we work with the navy police but the d.c. homicide branch will be
9:03 am
heavily involved in that situation. i had a case on the naval base years ago involving naval officers and i took the lead on that case. it really just depends on the variables involved in this case. the navy police, they will be involved. c.i.d. unit, their criminal investigation division, they're housed out of that same area over there and so they will be involved. they may take the lead. i think all of that is going to be sorted out. it's going to come down to either the naval police or the d.c. police. i think the naval police will take the lead. jenna: we keep referring to it as a navy yard. what you're seeing is some of the helicopter footage from earlier today and some initial response. right now as we understand it, the scene is relatively quiet compared to what it was like only a few hours ago. this is the naval sea systems command headquarters. about 3,000 people both active duty military and civilians work in this area and we're just now getting some more comments from some of the people inside the
9:04 am
building that came face to face with the gunman. this is according to the associated press. one of the men's names is todd brunbidge. he said he and other co-workers encountered the gunman in this long hallway of their building. we have that's 197 on the third floor. he said the gunman wore all blue. he said -- again, this is todd, that he just turned and started firing. another executive assistant with the same agency said she saw the gunman firing towards her and her colleague. she said he aimed high. he missed. he said nothing. as soon as i realized he was shooting, we just said get out of the building. gregg: let me just add an urgent bulletin from the associated press. navy officials say at least six are dead in the navy yard shooting. we caution our viewers that the
9:05 am
numbers are invariably unreliable early on. you know, it's very sketchy information initially. the associated press reporting that according to the navy. at least six people are dead in the navy yard shooting. we have no count on the number of survivors. we saw helicopters coming down on top of a building and retrieving survivors, people we hoped had survived and were are. now we have confirmation from the navy that six are dead but that number could change. >> the spot where i'm standing right now, about 150 yards away from the front gate as we're
9:06 am
watching now to white s.u.v.'s with sirens on leaving, the first leaving rather quickly. it looks like there are three. i'm about 1 1/2 miles exactly from the u.s. capitol rotunda and as this situation unfolds, and again, from where we are, we have not heard the audible all clear from the vehicle that warned people about an hour and a half ago to stay put. it's all about 1 1/2 miles way from the rotunda just on the other side of those far buildings. some offices, some apartments. it's national park. right now we're being told that one of the parking lots at national park where there is a game scheduled against the atlanta braves at 7:05, one of those parking lots is the rendezvous point whereas people are allowed to leave, wherever they're sheltering in place, that's where they want families to come and meet up with their loved ones who hopefully the loved ones who were able to make
9:07 am
it out okay. but not a whole lot has changed with the situation. we still have got low flying helicopters. we haven't seen any kind of a tactical operation on or near the roof in probably more than 45 minutes to an hour but still a lot of low flying air traffic and then we've got some helicopters that are circling around each intersection. one is a block away, that one a block way and this whole street is blocked off. as many red and blue sirens as i'm sure were available in the area. right along here in front of the main gate which is book ended by a tall brick fence. we've got two ambulances, a red one and a white one if we can see that, john, and they've been in place for awhile. more than an hour. and initially when they first got there, before we were moved further back, i did see paramedics rushing with
9:08 am
stretchers. they had to get the gates. but the ambulances themselves have stayed there and we have seen some ambulances come and go but those two in particular have been there for quite a while now so we would assume that the people who drove them here, the paramedics, e.m.t.'s are still working inside trying to help anybody that's hurt. jenna: and that's what we're hearing. back to peter on the scene in just a moment. i want to go to jennifer griffin at the pentagon. we're still working on other reports in the area. very typical that we get a variety of different reports as we mentioned to you. the numbers are shifting a little bit. we're hearing the associated press report several are dead now, at least 12 have been shot. we're working on getting some confirmation as to what their injuries are. several are in critical condition. we also were able to see some of the air lift that had taken
9:09 am
place from the roof of this building, 197. so we're working on getting confirmation, a variety of reports out of the d.c. area. a couple of things we're waiting on is the press conference from the local law enforcement. obviously a developing situation within the last hour. we heard at least one shooter is now det. that is being reported by the associated press. we're also waiting for the president at the white house. just about two miles away from the scene. this is -- it's very tough to know at the time that we don't want to go overboard with the additional reports. gregg: on the left-hand side of the screen, these news conferences are delayed simply because law enforcement is trying to gather all their facts
9:10 am
together and they're trying to get the latest information. rod wheeler is our guy with the latest information because he's tapping his sources. rod, what have you learned? >> i can confirm that there are several fatalities. i don't know the exact number. i actually heard that about a half an hour ago. i didn't want to report it because it wasn't confirmed yet. there are several people still in the hospital. i have heard there are 12 victims total. there's supposedly now just one gunman, although the swat unit, they're still in the building over there and they're sweeping the entire building but there's a second building from what i'm being told that they're sweeping as well just as a precaution in case there was somebody else. the reason that i'm being told that the police believe there could have been two shooters initially is because two different types of rounds was taken from the bullet fragments from some of the victims so any time that happens, the police department automatically alert us and law enforcement so that
9:11 am
we know what we're dealing with. it appears to be a high powered weapon that was used because how do we know that? because of some of the rounds that was used. gregg: new s conference is abou to begin. let's listen. >> good afternoon. we obviously have had a horrific tragedy here at the navy yard and the immediate area beginning this morning about 8:20 a.m. a shooter entered the building 197 which is the naval sea command and began shooting. our active shooter team responded immediately there. launched a search for the shooter and engaged at least one persona long the way. we know that there are four
9:12 am
wounded that have been removed from the scene and taken to a hospital. we're still trying to confirm the number of fatalities involved and we'll have to do that later. we don't know of any other installations that are involved in this. we would ask all residents in area to stay out of the area with all the active investigation going on and of course, because it's involved the military and the federal government, we have been actively and directly and continuously involved with the white house confirming what we know at this stage. i want to call on our police chief now to provide additional details. she'll be followed by the park police chief and we have other
9:13 am
law enforcement officials here with us. we're not prepared to answer a lot of questions at this stage because this is a continuing active situation and we will reconvene at some point later this afternoon as more information is available to us. >> so obviously at this point it's very preliminary. i'll give you what it is we do have right now and there's still a lot of work to be done. we won't take questions right now. we'll be doing another briefing within the next two hours. we'll give locations for that briefing. right now what i can tell su our initial call came in for a shooting on the navy yard. it came in shortly after 8:15. there was a request for metropolitan police assistance. active shooter teams were deployed and deployed on base within seven minutes of the first call coming in. multiple active shooter teams from the metropolitan police
9:14 am
department, park police, u.s. marshals, eventually also f.b.i. have been inside the base since that time. right now, and this is very, very preliminary, we have one m.p.d. officer who was shot in an engagement with the shooter inside the navy yard. we have one shooter that we believe is involved in this that is deceased. we also have other casualties. i will not give a confirmed number at this time but i would say we have multiple victims inside that are deceased. we will give updates once we have those numbers confirmed. the big concern right now for success that we potentially have two other shooters that we have not located at this point. so right now, all we have on those potential other shooters and this is not confirmed. we potentially may have two additional shooters out there. one being a white male who was
9:15 am
last seen around 8:35, 8:40 this morning in a khaki, tan military uniform, short sleeved with a beret hat, appeared to be like a naval uniform. that white male was last seen around 8:35 this morning with a handgun. we also have a lookout potentially for another shooter involved that was a black male, approximately 50 years of age, who may have been in possession of a long gun. that person was wearing an olive grab colored possible military style uniform. we have no information to believe that either of those folks are military personnel but we do have information that those individuals are wearing military style uniforms. so anybody that has information that may have seen someone matching those descriptions, we are asking for them to call the
9:16 am
metropolitan police department. in terms of the investigation, it is still very active. we have asked our members of the community to please remain out of the area and in their homes until we finish doing a search. obviously with this large area here, we're still engaging a search on. with that i just want to thank all the other agencies that have been here. this is a very active, ongoing, unified investigation at this point. the f.b.i. has been here fully engaged from the very beginning along the park police, metro transit police, d.o.d., naval criminal intelligence so we've had everybody with us all along. as we get more information, we'll push it out. our officer is in stable condition right now in surgery. >> the only thing to add, we were with the m.p.d. very quickly on the scene and that happens a lot in washington,
9:17 am
d.c. and of course, we have our aviation component that's helping with still eyes in the sky as well as medivac and we'll be part of this ongoing and fluid investigation and we'll be back with you later today. thank you. >> we are not prepared to answer questions at this stage. we'll be back in a couple of hours as we gather more information. we don't want to provide information that hasn't been confirm sod please bear with us as we continue this investigation and in a couple of hours, i'm sure we'll have more. thank you all very much. gregg: you heard the question there, was this an act of terrorism and maybe it was answered initially when it was said that this is an isolated incident. active shooter teams deployed within seven minutes, four wounded, nobody saying about the number of falthities which is wise at this point. metropolitan police department
9:18 am
engaged the shooter. he was shot. he's in stable condition, the police officer. potentially this is the headline, there could be two other shooters out there, a white male and a black male with a long gun. jenna: jennifer griffin has new information for us now. >> we have confirmed with navy officials what cathy, the police department chief has just said, that the one shooter is dead. that was the african-american who was described as the six foot tall bald wearing a dark outfit. he was -- he had with him at least one semi -- an ar-15 rifle. now we know from police officials that they are actively looking for two other possible suspects who could have been involved in this incident. one of them is described as a white male, last seen at 8:35 a.m. wearing a military uniform and a beret. they have no indication that he
9:19 am
was a member of the military but dressed in military garb. the second suspect they're also actively searching for right now is a black man, age 50, carrying a long gun according to police chief, wearing olive drab uniform, military style uniform. no indication these three individuals who took part in the shooting, the other two alleged to have taken part in the shooting, that they were members of the military. they did manage to get on the base, have at least two long guns with them but that one shooter, we had confirmed earlier, was dead in building 197. it's not clear whether he took his life or whether he's shot by authorities. jenna: we have another report of these two additional shooters, potentially, although we have it unconfirmed at this time whether or not there were indeed other shooters. we just heard the question
9:20 am
shouted to law enforcement. i'm curious at the pentagon, is there a discussion about motive being terrorism? >> there's no discussion right now of motive. this is moving very quickly. in fact, there were reports just within the last hour that there was another shooting, possible shooting at andrews air force base. we can now confirm there was no shooting that took place. we've talked to the spokesman over at andrews air force base. those were misleading reports that came out. it just shows how jumpy everyone is right now. they thought there were shots heard on andrews air force base. they took precautions but they have given an all clear and there was no shooting at that second base. it's worrisome there are two suspects who are on the loose right now. they're asking for the public's help in trying to locate them. one is a white male, wearing a military style uniform and beret, last seen at 8:35 near
9:21 am
andrews -- excuse me, near the naval yard in southeast d.c. and then there's also a black male, approximate age 50, also dressed in olive drab military style uniform. no indication that these are military members. he's carries a long gun and they're very worried about these two individuals. active pursuit for these two individuals even though the one shooter who took the lives of several people is dead. gregg: we're receiving confirmation from our capitol hill producer that indeed the shooter referred to in the news conference is, in fact, dead, though we have no confirmation on a second or a third shooter who may still be at large which was also mentioned at the news conference. your thoughts, though, based on the background information you're getting from your sources there, when the question was posed, you know, is this an act of terrorism, there was no response though early in the news conference, it was said
9:22 am
that this is an isolated incident. not that the two are related. but any information? >> right now i don't think anybody wants to get into the motive behind this attack. it is certainly a different situation if you're talking about a lone gunman versus multiple suspects involved. the fact there's a manhunt right now for two other individuals announced by the police chief in washington, that raises other issues. but it is much too early to talk about a motive in this attack. gregg: indeed. all right. jenna: certainly a lot of questions still are unanswered at this point. if we could, if you're just joining us, we want to make sure we're recapping this for you. what you're seeing on the screen there is a map of the area in washington, d.c. where this has taken place. the naval yard is a little over 2 1/2 miles from the white house where we expect to hear from the president shortly. his briefing has been pushed ailing bit and he's expected to
9:23 am
speak shortly from now. we're expecting him about a half an hour ago. that was slid because of what has transpired in the navy yard. we just got a press briefing from local law enforcement that told us new information about two shooters that are potentially on the loose. they're looking for suspects at this time. still what actually transpired in the building is something we're trying to piece together this morning at 8:20 when shots rang out at the navy yard and joining us with more information now is someone that not only worked in the navy but also has friends inside the building. his name is commander lipholz. commander, tell us about your morning so far a folks were able to get in touch with inside the building 197. >> first thing when i heard about the shooting on the local news, tuned in and started listening and realized it was at
9:24 am
the navy yard, knew i had friends at what we call the navy sea systems command so i just texted him. heard there's a shooter on the navy yard. the text i got back was that the shooter was in their building, they're taking a sheltering in place, that shots had been fired and they were told to remain still. talked with a naval academy classmate of mine who told me he had bullet holes in his office but was able to get out safely. he's hunkered down. they've now since been able to get together their two groups. they have people unaccounted for in the building but the building itself when you look at it is not an easy facility to get into. jenna: tell us about that. why? >> when you get onto the navy yard itself, you have to show some form of identification to the guards at the gate that divides from the civilian side to the military side. if you have a proper identification and can vouch for the i.d. of those that may be
9:25 am
with you, they'll allow you to go in. random vehicle inspections, chances are for the monday morning routine workday, they aren't going to be doing that. clearly they got on base, found a place to park the car and at that point, the one or hopefully not but maybe multiple shooters got out, armed up and when you go to the front door in this building and you walk in, it is not just you show an i.d. and walk in. you have to be cleared, show your badge or swipe it at a turnstile to get access to the interior of the building or someone meets you there, grants you access, signs you through a verification process to get in. the shooter either right before he entered the building or just as you entered the building, knowing that he wasn't cleared to get in, began shooting and then worked his way up. these friends of mine are up on the fourth floor, third or fourth floor so either the shooter shot his way up and
9:26 am
killed a number of people and i think we're waiting to see. it's an active investigation and we're still trying to lock down and find out, were there two other shooters and where are they located on the navy yard itself? jenna: i can't imagine what was going through your mind hearing this from your friends this morning. >> these are just absolute tragedies whether it's a criminal act by one person or whether this turns out to be a little bit worse, an act of domestic terrorism. you know, my first thoughts and prayers go to those that were shot and wounded in the terrible attack, those that will be affected just by having been around it and i think we as a nation need to pull together at this point, extend those thoughts and prayers to their families because many are waiting and wondering just like they did when think ship was attacked. jon: you talked to friends in that building when the gun fire breek out. did they describe more specifically what it was like? you talked to one friend who said he had bullet holes in his office. what more did he tell you?
9:27 am
>> it was just via texting. i don't know that they were in a position to make any noise so we were texting back and forth. that's all i know. he said he has multiple gunshot holes into his office but was able to get out of there alive and get to a place where they could shelter in place, stay quiet, stay safe until they were given the all clear. jenna: based on your experience in the navy, there's been questions surrounding what takes place in this building and we know there's some defense contractors and engineers that are working on shipbuilding and weapons procurement. can you tell us a little bit about what actually goes on in the third and fourth floors of the building that we believe the shooting took place? >> absolutely. the building itself is set up where you have a number of offices, they're divided like cubicles like you would see pretty much in any office. many have secure access to them, meaning they have classified information where it is an open container and people are allowed
9:28 am
to keep it on their desks. others are more secure. you have to have specific clearance to get in and have knowledge of certain weapons programs or certain ship design parameters as they're being built. but these all work together and function because this is where the navy truly builds the future of the fleet and many weapons systems used out there on navy ships, navy submarines so we can keep the nation safe. gregg: you talked at length about the protections and the restriction about entering the navy shipyard and we're looking at a map right now. given the fact that somebody was able to get in there with a gun, maybe a long gun, maybe an automatic weapon, what, if anything, does that tell you about the shooter? >> well, i think that it was clear that that individual is a well thought out and well execution of a mission where he
9:29 am
thought to do as much harm as he could in a short time span knowing he may have to give up his life or at least willing to go in there and take out as many of his fellow citizens as possible. it's just tragic what has happened right now. but again, he's not going to get into that building just by waltzing in and showing an i.d. and walking in, opening up and shooting. he had clearly planned this out to shoot his way into the building to get to the inside and then be able to respond to work his way up multiple floors, shooting all the while taking down other people. jenna: you're giving us unvaluable information. we just received two minute warning from the president. i hope to pop up the picture on the screen for the viewers because we've been waiting for the commander in chief and he was going to mike a press announcement about the economy today. here we are five years since lehman brothers collapsed and
9:30 am
that was potentially what was going to happen today, who may be the next fed chairman and these are the issues furtherest from our mind today so when we see the president at the podium, we'll go to the white house a little more than 2 1/2 miles away from the scene. if you could go become to what your friends saw, heard, what is their state now? are they also safe at this time? i don't know if the commander can still hear me. apparently not. all right. we'll work on that. just to recap, the commander was getting text messages from his friend. this guy served the country, has obviously survived terrorist attack on his ship and dmou is getting text messages from his friends inside the building that were sheltering in place and seeing bullets come through their office. so we want to make sure that his friends are okay and also glean any more information as we can from the commander if we can get
9:31 am
him back. gregg: we would expect the commander in chief momentarily to mention this incident, to talk about it probably at the outset but just so you know, this was a planned address by the president which is essentially five years from the anniversary of -- one doesn't call it an anniversary, do they, because it was so horrific, of the financial meltdown and here is the president about to step to the podium in a moment now. he's going to talk about all the jobs that have been gained over the course of the last five years. but remember, the labor participation rate is the lowest in 35 years which -- so the unemployment numbers, 7.3% may belie the true statistic what it's like out there, that there
9:32 am
are more than 20 million americans that are unemployed and underemployed and so many people have simply dropped out. here is the president of the united states. >> before i begin, let me say a few words about the tragedy that's unfolding not far from here at the washington navy yard. that's part of why our event today was delayed. i've been briefed by my team on the situation. we still don't know all the facts but we do know that several people have been shot and some have been killed. so we are confronting yet another mass shooting and today it happened on a military installation in our nation's capital. et a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who were going to work, doing their job protecting all of us. they're patriots and they know
9:33 am
the dangers of serving abroad but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home. so we offer our gratitude to the navy and local law enforcement, federal thosauthorities and the doctors who have responded bravely. i want the investigation to be seamless so federal and local authorities are working together and as this investigation moves forward, we will do everything in our power to make sure whoever carried out this cowardly act is held responsible. in the meantime, we send our thoughts and prayers to all at the navy yard who have been touched by this tragedy. we thank them for their service. we stand with the families of those who have been harmed. they're going to need our love and support and as we learn more about the courageous americans who died today, their lives, their families, their
9:34 am
patriotism, we will honor their service to the nation they helped make great and obviously we're going to be investigating thoroughly what happened as we do so many of these shootings, sadly, that have happened and do everything that we can to try to prevent them. now, in recent weeks, much of our attention has been focused on the events in syria and the horrible use of chemical weapons on innocent people, including children, the need for a firm response from the international community and over the weekend, we took an important step in that direction towards moving syria's chemical weapons under international control so they can be destroyed. and we're not there yet but if properly implemented, this agreement could end the threat these weapons pose not only to the syrian people but to the world. i want to be clear, though, that even as we've dealt with the situation in syria, we continue
9:35 am
to focus on my number one priority since the day i took office. making sure we recover from the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes and rebuilding our economy so it works for everybody who is willing to work hard. everybody who is willing to take responsibility for their lives has a chance to get ahead. it was five years ago this week that the financial crisis rocked wall street and sent an economy already in the recession into a tail spin. and it's hard sometimes to remember everything that happened during those months but in a matter of a frightening few days and weeks, some largest investment banks in the world failed, stock markets plunged, banks stopped lending to families and small businesses, our auto industry, the heart
9:36 am
beat of american manufacturing was flat lining. by the time i took office, the economy was shrinking by an annual rate of more than 8%. our businesses were shedding 800,000 jobs each month. it was a perfect storm that would rob millions of americans of jobs and homes and savings that they had worked a lifetime to build. and it also laid bare the long erosion of a middle class that for more than a decade has had to work harder and harder just to keep up. in fact, most americans who have known economic hardship these last several years, they don't think about the collapse of lehman brothers when they think about the recession. instead they recall the day they got the gut punch of a pink slip or the day a bank took aware their home.
9:37 am
the day they got sick but didn't have health insurance or the day they had to set their daughter or son down and tell them they couldn't afford to send their child back to college the next semester. and so those are the stories that guided everything we've done. it's what those earliest days of the crisis caused us to act so quickly, to arrest the downward spiral and put a floor under the fall. we put people to work repairing roads and bridges, to keep teachers in our classrooms, our first responders on the streets. we helped responsible homeowners modify their mortgages so that more of them could keep their homes. we helped jump start the flow of credit to help more small businesses keep their doors open. we saved the american auto industry. as we worked to stabilize the economy and get it growing and creating jobs again, we also started pushing back against the
9:38 am
trends that have been battering the middle class for decades so we took on a broken health care system, we invested in the new american technologies to end our addiction to foreign oil, we put in place tough new rules on big banks, rules we need to finalize before the end of the year to make sure that the job is done and we put in new protections that cracked down on the worst practices of mortgage lenders and credit card companies. we also changed a tax code that was too skewed in favor of the wealthiest americans, we locked in tack cuts for 98% of americans, we asked those at the top to pay a little bit more. so if you add it all up, over the last 3 1/2 years, our businesses have added 7 1/2 million new jobs. the unemployment rate has come down, our housing market is healing, our financial system is safer. we sell more goods made in
9:39 am
america to the rest of the world than ever before. we generate more renewable energy than ever before, we produce more natural gas than anybody. health care costs are growing at the slowest rate in 50 years. and just two weeks from now, millions of americans who have been locked out of buying health insurance just because they had a preexisting condition, just because they've been sick or they couldn't afford it, they're finally going to have a chance to buy quality, affordable health care on the private marketplace. what all this means is we cleared away the rubble from the financial crisis and began to lay a new foundation for economic growth and prosperity. and in our personal lives, i think a lot of us understand that people have tightened their belts, shed debt, refocused on the things that really matter. all of this happened because ultimately the resilience and the grit of the american people and we should be proud of that and on this five-year anniversary, we should take note
9:40 am
of how far we've come from where we were five years ago. but that's not the end of the story. as any middle class family will tell you or anybody who is striving to get in the middle class, we are not yet where we need to be. and that's what we've got to focus on. jenna: that's the president speaking about the president today, previously scheduled to do so if you would like to watch the rest of the president's address on the economy, you can join our friends over at the fox business network. they're going to carry this comment live. also fox in the meantime, we turn to the shooting at the navy yard in washington, d.c., just about 2 1/2 miles from where the president is speaking right now. just recap for you what we learned in the new press conference we just heard. the president also mentioning the folks that had been injured and killed today at the navy yard but here's what we also are continuing to piece together. one shooter is dead, a big
9:41 am
question about whether or not there are two other shooters. we understand there's two other suspects and whether or not those descriptions pan out to be actual suspects in this shooting is something we're working to try to get a better grasp on. right now we have some description about who the law enforcement is actually looking for today. one is a white male with khaki tan uniform and a beret. he was seen with a handgun on the scene. another is a black male with a long gun and olive drab uniform. all of this happened earlier today at the navy yard and during the 8:00 eastern hour. and as we heard from local law enforcement, there are still people inside building 197 where this shooting took place. while we have a moment before we gather some more news about what actually is the latest from the scene, we want to bring you back to something we witnessed together about two hours ago. what we saw is a helicopter
9:42 am
dropping people onto the roof of one of these and also bringing other people up. it look like they were evacuating people that were injured. whether they were law enforcement or injured, we're working to confirm that but the skill of the team was a sight to behold. there you can see the basket being raised and you can see the helicopter fly away. this happened time and time again during the 10:00 hour. joining us is michael kay. he served as an officer in the great britain royal air force and also a former casualty evacuation helicopter pilot so he's the guy to talk to about this. it's great to have you. just tell us a little bit about the skill and what went through your mind when you saw that. >> well, first of all, i used to be a special forces aviation commander working with the u.k. and special forces in baghdad on the hunt for high value assets, al qaeda individuals. this is a situation that we termed as a dynamic situation.
9:43 am
what we're seeing is an incredibly reactive situation that requires critical helicopter aviation assets to be involved in a number of different areas of what's going on. the first one obviously is the critical safety to the people within the environment in the local area. what that means is casualty evacuation in terms of what we might have seen in some of the pictures you're showing at the moment is the basket coming down. they could be used to get people away from the area or anyone injured to hospital immediately. the second capability that these helicopters will be providing is a sniper platform so not only are they providing safety, they're also prioritizing the hunt for the potential additional shooters that might be at large at the moment. clearly the best way is to have eyes in the sky not only from the pilots and the guys on the back but also they have sophisticated cameras on board
9:44 am
which will allow them to detect movement and what is actually really incredible difficult environment to try to track a shooter in, in the urban environment and in the third aspect that these helicopters will be using is command and control. they'll be the eyes and ears in the sky and they'll be directing dpround support units as required to various locations to look at what they think might be potential suspects. jenna: so certainly a lot is depending upon the pilot but also his team inside that helicopter. as we see the video of what looks like a rescue basket and we probably have seen some of this in coast guard rescue videos, for example, not necessarily in this way. is this typical the way that this is being used here? >> i think one of the great things about helicopter $ their versatility and the pilots and the crewmen down the back and the snipers on board, they'll be trained in a number of different skill sets and what the aviation commander will be doing is using
9:45 am
the skill sets that he thinks best serve the situation at the moment so they might be a little unorthodox. the basket may be used for something which isn't carrying personnel but it may be all they have at the moment. they'll be freestyling this and use their judgment, their skill, their expertise and knowledge of previous situations to get the best of what they're doing in the moment. jenna: go back to the gear on board. as we understand it, according to reports, there are two other people that law enforcement are looking for and it doesn't appear there's any particular lead about where these two gentlemen are. very basic description of each of them and as we know it, there are several schools in the washington, d.c. area on lockdown. we're getting a total count of eight right now. it may be a concern about the bad guys in different neighborhoods so how will the helicopters now be used? >> this is sort of a very fugitive style approach to the situation. what we're seeing at the moment is the longer the time goes on between the shooting, obviously
9:46 am
the greater distance between where the attack took place and where the shooters are trying to get to will extend. what i will say also is the fact that human intelligence is absolutely the critical at this time. eyes and ears in the sky is one thing but as you rightly alluded to, it's incredibly hard to identify people from the sky. so what they will require is the swat teams and the police and enforcement agencies and the f.b.i. getting out there and getting very quick human intelligence from people on the ground that might have seen something that's very suspect in order to try to track the location. the other thing as well, if we cast back our minds to how the boston bombers were found, the second bomber was found in a boat covered by a tarp. that person was actually detected through a thermal imaging camera. as this goes on and night starts to fall, they're thermal imaging capabilityd will become more and more important. jenna: we understand as a team
9:47 am
that worked on the boston bombing, the a.t.f. team is also on the scene in the buildings that you're seeing on your screen there, building 197 where the shooting took place but also this big campus where the navy yard is to just check out and make sure there's nothing left behind. and making sure that all of the buildings are secure. if you would stand by for us, we're continuing to watch this developing situation and it is very much still developing, although the scene looks calmer. there's still so many questions. gregg: they are still, as you heard from the chief of police, they're still searching for two potential suspects who may be armed and they have identified what they look like so let's go to ted williams who is a former d.c. homicide detective, a defense attorney who used to live within a few blocks of the nae yard and i venture to guess has been there. your thoughts about what's going on right now. >> i did live a few blocks from
9:48 am
the navy yard at one time and i certainly have been on the base on numerous occasions. i would say this right now you have a coordinated effort on the part of law enforcement to try to make a determination as to there there are two additional shooters. one of the things that's critical, i think right now will be videotape at each and every entrance or into that navy yard you'll find there's a videotape and that could have taken place. they're probably going over the videotapes to try to identify the one dead shooter with the potential of the other two who were supposedly in military garb. i heard rob wheeler earlier and bob scale talk about how you can get on the base. when we listen to the chief, the chief of police for the washington, d.c. police department and she talked about the fact that two of these individuals may very well be in
9:49 am
some sort of military uniform, that certainly could have opened them in getting on that base. gregg: i must say when we were initially reporting the information that there could be a second or third potential shooter here after it was described as the first one dead, we thought, well, that's just a precaution because you always assume that there are more shooters there until you can rule that out but then the news conference came and ted, as you heard it, the chief of police was talking about very specific identities to these two other potential shooters, a white male and a black male with a long gun. so does that raise the potential more? >> it certainly does. and by the way, as you know, we cut away at fox news here for the presidential presentation and during the course of that
9:50 am
presentation, the president obama used some words, one particular word that caught my attention and that was, targeting civilian and military individuals. when he used the word "targeting" i'm sure he knows a lot more about what was going on so i'm sure he's been in touch with law enforcement on the ground there so there's that question as to whether this was a specific target and as you know and this is only speculation, and i don't want to go too far on this but we know that there are domestic terrorists out here. we've had them in many, many cases and so quite naturally, this is certainly something that they were looking at, gregg. gregg: he did refer to it as an isolated incident which is curious which would say it's not
9:51 am
directly related but asked directly is this terrorist related, he didn't answer. ted, many thanks. >> my pleasure. jenna: steven roger $ joining us now, a senior retired intelligence officer. he's been to the navy yard and he's familiar with it. we chatted with you to get initial thoughts about what transpired this morning and you said the suspect must be taken alive for investigative purposes and we know at this time, at least one gunman has been shot or is dead. we don't know if he's been shot or committed suicide. we're waiting on the details but where does the investigation go from now? it's two potential suspects at large and one gunman dead. >> hopefully they'll search him for a military i.d. card. this is how you get on the military base. it's not like where you're going to a short driver's license and they flag on you. you have your photograph and critical information on this and then at the rear of the card is a bar code.
9:52 am
they scan those to identify this as an authentic military card. if he had this on him, he had access to the base. if he did not have it on him, then his vehicle, if he was in a car, would go into another lane and they would do a thorough search that may include canines. so it's very critical they search him to see if he has any type of i.d. card that gave him access to that base. jenna: we don't know how he arrived at the base, how the one shooter arrived at the base and that's something we're looking to confirm. 'also know that there were civilians also working at this military base. would they have a similar i.d.? >> they would. i've got to tell you, i've been in naval bases all over the world. i was shot when i heard this because of the very, very tight security on these bases. what i'm concerned about is are we -- and i know a lot of people don't want to jump the guns and i believe we shouldn't but are they involved in another fort
9:53 am
hood type situation? woe don't know yet. this is why it was critical to take him alive. officer safety is first, civilian safety is first. did he kill himself? was it a police bullet that killed him? all of these questions have to be answered quickly. jenna: let's say you had a visitor to the base. i wanted to go on the base to meet with somebody. what was the process to getting somebody from the outside in? >> they would look at my i.d. card and then look at his or her i.d. card. that's how difficult it is to get on. you have to show valid i.d. before you get on these bases. jenna: now, steve, and we don't know how many people are still left inside some buildings. we don't know how many are injured or perhaps how many dead. what goes through your mind with all the experience and intelligence at a time like this and what's the first thing that crosses it? >> the safety of every individual in that area and that's what the police are concerned about. they'll do a closet to closet search before any movement is
9:54 am
going to begin in that begin. jenna: we appreciate it. great experience for us as we continue to take in some of the footage for the morning so far. helicopters dropping law enforcement onto the roof, taking other people up. we saw that just about a half a dozen times. we're still waiting on the conditions of those that had been injured. many of them in that basket being held to the side of the helicopter while we saw also what appears to be sniper on the outside as well. just trying to provide some cover and hopefully get out where the shooter was. the one shooter in question we know is now dead. there's a question about two other shooters, potentially on the loose. we're still waiting for confirmation about that, where did they go, where could they be? what is the motive here? some big questions today as we continue to take in this breaking news from washington, d.c. navy is reporting six dead and we know there are multiple other injuries, all of these numbers
9:55 am
very fluid. in the meantime, we'll be right back with continuing coverage. ... ... ... ... ... [ sneezes, coughs ]
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>> at lost one gunman opened fire in a building in the washington d.c. navy shipyard. it happen this morning. at lost six people were killed and four wounded including a law enforcement officer who confronted the gunman. there may still be two others at large. >> that is the question. we don't have the motive. it is breaking newsas we so it now. we are getting numbers about injured and those killed in the work place shooting that happen at 8:15 this morning in the huge navy yard. and there is different weapons
9:59 am
and classified information is kept. why that tock place is a remaining question. >> the police are looking for two other potential gunmen wearing according to the chief of police military style uniforms including one with a beret. and one other had a long gun and both are believed to be armed. one of the threegun men has died although we don't know if he was shot by the officer or tock his own life. the officer is in stable condition in the hospital. >> the best of the best is on the scene checking whether or not there is any devices to be checked out in the building. you have a heavy presence of local and federal law enforcement as well. you can so it is developing and
10:00 am
we'll have continuing coverage on fox news of the naval yard shooting. thanks for being with us. have i great day. fox newscontinues. america lives begins now. >> greg and gen a. we start about the massive manhunt. police reported they are looking for two more possible suspects wanted in the mass shooting that tock place in the washington navy yard where multiple people were killed and 12 people injured. the numbers are still coming into clarity at this moment. welcome to america live. i am martha mccow an in for megyn kelliy. president obama spoke and said the person or persons who did this would be brought to


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