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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the courageous americans -- dyed today we will died today we will honor their service to the nation. >> harris: breaking news. an incident at the white house. everyone on edge. we are getting word from secret service as we also learn more about the deadly rampage from earlier this morning. that happened just miles away. [sirens] >> i heard three gunshots. >> he raised and aimed at us and fired and he hit high on the wall. >> [inaudible] >> the washington navy yard under attack. >> these are men and women who were going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. they are patriots. >> harris: and dramatic roof top rescues in the middle of the chaos.
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>> they are moving officers and people as fast as they can. >> i feel very lucky to be alive. >> harris: tonight, tragedy in the the nation's capital. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. this is just in to fox news. only hours after that shooting at the navy yard, records of at least two loud bangs outside the white house. this was just a few minutes ago. initially the fear was that he they were gunshots. now it appears that that was not the case. and, in fact, that they were some sort of fire crackers apparently. ed henry is live for us at the white house. ed? >> harris, i was standing outside and i heard at least two loud bangs as you say. initially i thought it was fireworks with you then i saw secret service officers engaging in, taking this very seriously on this side of the gate here by the white house residence and the west wing and then other secret service officers on the opposite side of the gate.
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bringing someone to the ground. we have now heard from a secret service official. an official spokesman that it was fire crackers thrown by the suspect over the gate on the north side of the white house. secret service officers obviously responded on high edge, on high alert as you said because of the navy yard shooting. i'm told by the secret service official that there is now one person in custody right now. we believe it's the same personal that we got video of. the person laying on the ground, of course, with those secret service officers. right now the north lawn for the last half hour or so here has been shut down, cleared just to make sure that, in fact, it was only fireworks. i could hear tourists screaming. i could hear, you know, secret service officers yelling for people to clear the area. they have done that. just to make sure out of an abundance of caution that everyone is safe and in fact that there is no gun anywhere to be found but they are still investigating that harris. >> harris: well, and you mentioned the timing of, this ed, not that there would ever be a good time
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to frighten anyone in this way. at least it would appear that this was fire crackers and no one has hurt. the president spoke earlier today because of that navy yard shooting he talked about that, left 13 people dead including the apparent gunman. >> that's right, harris. the president was giving a speech at the economy at the beginning of it he realized this was in the middle of a day, just within a couple hours of this chaotic scene playing out about three miles from the white house at the navy yard. close to the capital but not very far from the white house at all. the president briefed by some of his top homeland security aids to make sure he was on top of the situation. the white house saying the most important thing for them is to coordinate with local law enforcement officials here but also the federal. the fbi taking the lead in the investigation and the president obviously paid homage to these people who had lost their lives. take a listen. well, the president did have a -- and did say that thoughts and prayers here from the white house were going out to people there
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and later in the day the white house lowered the flag over the residence to half-staff. they also were planning to have a latin music festival but they cancelled that, obviously in honor of these victims because they didn't want to have any sort of a party or festival here tonight. harris? >> harris: we're taking a live look at one of the flags has been lowered to half half-staff. ed henry thank you very much. at the white house where that is happening. the flags at the u.s. capitol lowered to fly half-staff to honor the victims rampage at the washington navy yard. let's catch you up now on what's happening. police say 13 people have died including the gunman. they say they do not know why he did it exactly. and they are not entirely sure yet if there is another shooter still out there. ths the gunman who died. 34-year-old aaron alexis, a former navy reservist. reports he may have gotten into that navy yard by using somebody else's identification. the shooting happened 8:00 this morning eastern. one survivor says she was
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getting breakfast at the cafeteria when she heard gunshots. >> just like pow pow pow, and then a few seconds it stopped and then pow pow pow pow, so, we just ran. >> heard two gunshots? i looked in the direction where the gunshots were coming from. i looked down and the guy next to me standing talking to me was down in front of me on the ground. >> he was far enough down the hall that we couldn't see his face and we saw him with a rifle and fired and raised. >> people were shoving and falling down. after we came outside, people were climbing the wall trying to get out over the wall to get out of spaces. it was just crazy. >> some survivors also ran up the stairs to the roof: we watched together on fox news as helicopters air lifted people one by one from the top of that building. president obama says his thoughts and prayers are with the victims as ed henry mentioned. and everyone at that navy yard. >> they are patriots. and they know the dangers of serving abroad, but
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today they face the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home. >> the navy yard is a little more than one mile from the u.s. capital and about two and a half miles from the white house. capital police say they locked down the senate in an abundance of caution. the house was not in session today. jennifer griffin is live at that navy yard. jennifer, what you have learned about the gunman's time in the navy. >> harris, u.s. navy officials say that he never deployed to combat. he was never in a war zone. he served for about four years out in texas. he served as active duty reservist. he was a specialist, aviation engineer. he was discharged from the navy in 2011. but one u.s. navy official told me that he had a history of misconduct. he could -- would not say what that meant. we know he had numerous offenses on his record that
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showed a history of some anger issues. but, what we do know from the secretary of the navy, who spoke just not long ago ray mabis. he said he was hired as a contractor after he left the navy. the alleged shooter was hired as information specialist. a contractor after he left the navy even though he had left after a history of misconduct, harris. >> harris: how did he manage to kill some people, jennifer? >> well, there have been reports that he was -- that he somehow smuggled on to the base an ar-15 rifle. i'm told that you could break that ar-15 down into a backpack and then reassemble it. so it is possible that he sneaked that on to the base. we have been reporting and the fbi went out to talk to the person whose identity was on the identification card that he used to get on to the base. it appears as though he had stolen that identity card. that person has now been cleared. but it seems as though what
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he did is he made his way to the fourth floor of this building 197 and began shooting down into the cafeteria. people there were not armed. and then security guards began running towards him. we also know from d.c. police chief cathy lanire it took the d.c. police just two to three minutes to get on the scene and seven minutes to make it into the building and get up to the fourth floor where the shooter eventually died. >> there is still some confusion tonight, jennifer, all these hours later about the number of shooters. >> well, i think the initial confusion came from the earlier press conferences from d.c. mayor vincent gray and d.c. police chief cathy lanier when they said that they were in an active situation looking for two suspects. they gave the description of those two suspects. one of those suspects has been found and cleared. they interviewed him. he was a white heal in a military uniform with a beret. he has been cleared. a second suspect they are
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still looking for. they saw some images on the videotape of security camera in the navy yard. they are still looking for an african-american male age 40 to 50 in military garb supposedly carrying a long rifle. but, at this point in time, most of the officials that we have talked to, it seems as though they are still under the assumption that one shooter killed all 13 of the victims. >> harris: jennifer, before i let you go, i have been reading a little bit about what they will do next at that navy yard. i want to make it clear to our viewers that that is not a dormant place. there is a business there but they do business at that yard, too. what is the plan going forward? >> well, it's interesting. admiral jonathan greenert the chief of naval operations. he lives, he is also a member of the joint heefs. he lives at the navy yard behind me. he was there this morning. he was at his home when the started. personal detail got him off the base. taken to it a safe position. he has to go home tonight.
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then, of course, there were 3,000 people working for the command, the naval sea command which is the group that builds and procures and does all the planning for u.s. navy ships and submarines and all those very, very high tech navy systems. they will, at some point, be going back to work. again, they were, until recently, they were clearing the buildings there very slowly and methodically to make sure no other suspects were left behind. harris? >> harris: jennifer griffin, thank you very much tonight. there is word that police have warrants to search the home of the suspect. some of the suspect's relatives in brooklyn, new york, because that is his original home that he listed when he was in the military as a navy reservist. and more details are coming out exactly about aaron alexis. we have learned police have arrested him more than once in recent years in different cities where he has lived. his father told authorities in one city that alexis had
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developed anger management issues after the attacks in september of 2011. jonathan hunt will be along with more inside "the fox report" with more on that. first, when the shooting began, some people had nowhere to go. i mentioned they ran to the roof. they had to wait for helicopters to fly them out of harm's way not knowing what was behind them. how the military pulled off some daring rescue. stay close. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure. and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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survivors one by one. joining me now with the logistics for these types of rescues is retired lt. colonel michael kay a former advisor to britain's ministry of defense. you are just the right person to talk about this because you have done this before. >> yes, harris, i have. i used to the aviation commander working with special forces both u.k. and u.s. baghdad hunting high value assets. this is an highly incredible i do mick situation. for law enforcement one of the hardest conditions to contain. >> harris: why? >> because there is some activity going on. you don't hot shooter is. you don't know where they have been and going to. you identify them is almost impossible especially if they are in the same sort of fatigues and whatnot that the surrounding people are. so there is a the lot of dynamics and a lot of unknowns that you need to contain. >> harris: as we watch this video what you are say something there are two separate missions going on.
4:16 pm
the hunt mission and then the rescue. talk to me about that. >> as an aviation command you have got to compartmentalize from the outset. the safety of the people on the ground is paramount. preventing anyone else from getting injured or hurt is key. also, at the same time, you have got to be trying to mitigate the threat. if the threat is the shooter still on the loose, then you need to have the capability in order to neutralize that threat. when the newspapers do is a approach. the evacuation part which you saw today with the baskets being thrown out incredibly low maintenance. get evacuees off the roof tops relatively quickly. have a couple snipers on board looking out for the shooter. and any potential threat that the shooter might be having towards the people on the ground. and then the third one is the command and control. you have got the pilots, the crews and the sniper who's are all the eyes and ears up in the sky. relay and communicate any information of suspects to the law enforcement agencies on the ground. three things that are going on at the same time. >> harris: you know, i want
4:17 pm
to talk with you a little bit about what we have learned about aaron alexis the suspect in this whole thing and the fact that he was a navy reservist. one of the representatives, norton in washington, d.c. today, one of the news conferences said we can't jump to conclusions but your mind does float to fort hood, texas when you see something like this. this is a military installation or facility. and this man was based in texas at one point and the mind kind of drifts there. and you say it's okay sometimes to connect some dots. because they are clues. why is that? >> well, i think the first thing is that by virtue of the fact that it's a military installation it's going to be fairly well secured. i think we have got to ask ourselves, the person who got access must have had access in some way before. so if this was a civilian contractor, then he would have had some sort of security or background check or investigating in some way in order to get the i.d. passed that would allow him to come into work every day. i think the really interesting question i have in my own analysis is what takes someone from the clear background check and
4:18 pm
possesses them to come and commit the kind of tragedy that we have seen today. we have to in our analysis we have to look more broadly. we have to come loo at american foreign policy. we have a to look at what we are doing abroad. we have to look at the potential radicalization indigenous threat and externally. the biggest threat in my humble view isn't state on state warfare it's non-state actors indigenous threat such as the boston bombers. >> harris: again, we have been cautioned not to jump to conclusions. what you are saying is because of his background there might be some clues about where he has been and what he is thinking. lt. michael kay, always good to have you and your perspective. thanks very much. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: one of the things that we know is that the fbi is asking the public to come forward with any information on the gunman as they try to figure out exactly why did he. this aaron alexis, and you can bet agents are looking closely at the details we have just talked about in
4:19 pm
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>> and continuing coverage of the deadly shooting at the navy yard in washington, d.c. the fbi has now released this picture of the shooting suspect 34-year-old aaron alexis. a former navy reservist from fort worth, texas. now we are learning police had arrested him more than once. before today's shooting. during one incident, back in 2010, his neighbor says alexis shot a bullet through his ceiling and right through the floor of her apartment. one flight up. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt
4:23 pm
is with us in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, this actually, and i'm reading from the seattle ph.d. and other places. this was not his only arrest. >> yeah, the first arrest that we have been able to find was in seattle, washington, back in may 2004. when, as you look at the police report from that incident, he is alleged to have shot out the tires of a car belonging to construction workers working on a property next to where aaron alexis was staying at the time. he later told cops he didn't remember firing his gun and suffered what he called an angered fueled blackout. he also said he was quote present during the tragic events of 9/11. now, an officer then spoke by phone with alexis' father who had lived in new york. the officer explained what had happened and according to that police report, quote: mr. alexis then told me that his son had experienced anger management problems, that the family believed associated with
4:24 pm
post-traumatic stress disorder. ptsd. he confirmed that his son was an active participant 2001. i should also emphasize, harris that we not been able to confirm that aaron alexis was indeed present as he claimed during the events of 9/11 or that he took any part in rescue attempts on that terrible day. harris. >> harris: an anger fueled blackout during that incident. what about what happened in fort worth, texas? >> this was an arrest for discharging a firearm. it happened in september 2010. here is the police report from that incident. a neighbor living in an apartment above alexis claimed he shot at her through his ceiling. alexis told cops he had been cleaning his gun, that he slipped and accidently pulled the trigger. the neighbor told police alexis had complained previously several times that she was too loud. now, that police report from the incident says,
4:25 pm
quote: she said that several days ago aaron confronted her in the parking lot about making too much noise. june told me that she is terrified of aaron, and feels that this, the shooting, was done intentionally. he was not charged in that case and whatever the issues obviously, harris, in both of those previous cases we just talked about. very little to suggest that he would take part in murderous rampage that happened today, harris. >> harris: i understand his former roommate is talking about him as well. >> yeah. and as so often in these kind of cases those who knew aaron alexis are saying that they are absolutely surprised by it he roomed with happy bowl ty in fort worth, texas. that owner said today there were no indications whatsoever that he could take part in this kind of violence. listen. >> we live together three
4:26 pm
years. three different locations. i moved out. and he moved out with me and moved in with me. he is my big brother. he teach me a lot of stuff. i admire him. >> he was my big brother and i admire him. that from that form are roommate who also said that incidentally that aaron alexis had taught himself to speak thai and had also converted to buddhism, very much a religion of peace. harris. >> harris: jonathan, thank you very much. fbi officials say that even though the suspect is dead, their investigation is still very active and they plan to unearth every detail leading up to the shooting. the latest updates straight from the fbi right after this. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world,
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hears hairs i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. an horrific attack that's what the u.s. secretary said about the deadly rampage at the u.s. navy yard. police say a gunman killed 13 people and wounded at least three others before they took him down. the fbi has identified the shooter as 34-year-old aaron alexis. we have been telling you about him this hour. we have new information. more on that in a minute. first, to rick leventhal who is live with the news in washington. >> harris, officials still don't know or won't say how harris alexis gauged ache says to the navy yard. we have been told that he had a fake i.d. that may have gotten him to the
4:31 pm
front gate. accord to the "wall street journal" citing law enforcement and witness. he approached entrance and opened fire on a number of people with some kind of long gun, either a rifle or shotgun and then ran inside the building. witnesses then told us that he went to the fourth floor of that building where many top officers work and from there fired on people in a hallway and fired down on people in a cafeteria lunchroom. we have heard a number of descriptions of the shooting. here is one more. >> being in the navy is not the first time i have seen a fatality. so when i saw the man drop, i knew that it was an issue. it was an active shooter right now and i had to leave the building. i ran the area and jumped the fence and ended up in the safe area with the rest of my co-workers. >> d.c. and u.s. park police responded to the scene within minutes. and fbi swat team was also dispatched. there was building security within the building that engaged in suspect. and then these other arriving officers also had multiple shootouts with the suspect ending with a final
4:32 pm
gun battle. listen. >> within seven minutes we had active shooter teams inside the building moving through the building. there was multiple engagements with the suspect that was eventually deceased. both metropolitan police and park police our preliminary information got into a final gun battle with the suspect that is deceased. >> d.c. police chief captain lanier says there is no question that the rampage would have continued if they hadn't taken this gunman down. she wouldn't confirm the type of weapon he was carrying. how many rounds he fired or how much ammo he had left on him. she said it's still an active investigation. they still haven't cleared the building and some, as of 90 minutes ago. some of the victims still had not been positively identified. we have no known connection to terrorism but they haven't ruled it out yet. and no one, harris, is saying why alexis came to d.c. he is from new york. he served in texas. they are trying to figure out what brought him to the navy yard at 8:15 this morning. >> harris: indeed.
4:33 pm
we're all wondering that, too. rick, thank you very much. police say the fbi is now taking charge of the entire investigation and a senior fbi official says agents are combing through all of the evidenced a nothing information is too small to take a look at. catherine herrige is live in d.c. as well. update us on their investigation. >> sure, harris, fox news can confirm that aaron alexis' name is being run through the watch list, homeland security and national counter terrorism center databases and sources familiar with those checks tell fox news there is nothing yet to indicate a connection to terrorism. that name' is being run through ground deployment. american citizen with family connections in new york state and the fbi a short time ago urging the public to get involved. >> this investigation is and we will continue to work with our partners to track down every bit of information that we learn. the assistance of the public is vital in investigations of this type as we try to piece together
4:34 pm
the recent movement and contacts of the subject. no piece of information is too small. >> federal law enforcement source also tells fox news the electronic footprint for aaron alexis is being scrubbed so that phone records, text records, the authorities are in the process of issuing subpoenas for this phone logs. property, taxes, as well as email accounts, that's a pretty standard operating procedure in these investigations and significantly they will be looking at his travel history. there sat least one report that he recently spent a month in thailand, harris. >> you know, it's interesting, too. you have got some help for them coming from local police departments that have arrested him in the past, too. we have been getting those reports as well. you know, catherine, i know when these things happen that different agencies will take the lead. why the fbi on this one? >> well, harris, it really breaks down three ways. the first is a question of resourcing. when you put it here in the washington, d.c. area under the fbi, you have got access to more than 600 fbi agents who are available here.
4:35 pm
and that's in combination with what's called the joint terrorism task force so you can think of this really as a force multiplier for the investigation. also, if you are dealing with a potential suspect still crossing state lines, that is easier when the fbi is overseeing the investigation. the d.c. police chief explaining the scope earlier today. this is going to to be longer term investigation. when we clear that last suspect whether it's a person we are looking for or not. we will have additional lifted. right now everything remains closed that was closed earlier and this is still very active. asking the shelter in place do remain. >> also a shift to the fbi is really another data point that terrorism has not been completely ruled out in this case. harris. >> harris: catherine herridge, thank you very much. "on the record" host greta van susteren has been following this very closely today. she lives in washington, d.c. and she joins us live now. greta, you know, the why of this something that we may wonder about for quite some
4:36 pm
time. but the how we can sometimes get clues from the people who survived. have you been able to talk with people as they have been walking out of the navy yard. what are you hearing? >> you know, harris, like so many other masters that we have followed. i have been following them going all the way tack to columbine, newtown, aurora, colorado, virginia tech, it's always sort of the same. this gunman comes on to the scene with no apparent reason at least at the time of the shooting and opened fires and masters all these people. then what happens is there is the reverse engineer that says people come back, they interview every aspect. everyone who knows the suspect killer. everyone who knows him. they look through all the videotapes. you can expect that there are videotapes inside and outside building 197 which incident dentally is over my left shoulder and down about half a block. they talked to every single person as catherine said they are going to look at his electronic footprint, look at his cell phone. look at everything they possibly can. and of course oftentimes we hear the he was such a nice
4:37 pm
guy or something really rather appalling when somebody does something absolutely horrendous as. this i think, harris, for the viewers what they don't know, they will hear a lot more about this man in the next probably next couple hours. in the next 24 hours as well. but i think also, it's important to know a little bit about this section of washington, d.c. about five or six years ago, this is the place that people didn't particularly wander around alone. it was a rather rough neighborhood. it is an incredible transformation in the last five or six years. five blocks away sour brand new ball park for the nationals. and even the navy yard, the navy yard has one of the richest history of military history. it was first developed in 1799. it's our oldest military installation. that's where even today is where ships are designed. this is a very, very famous naval installation. it sits right on the potomac river. on the other side of the building that's might see over my left shoulder is the beautiful potomac
4:38 pm
river. on the other side is reagan international airport planes land as they fly over the monument. this is right in the center of washington, d.c. and how this killer could just walk into this installation, get past security and do the unthinkable is really what we're all going to try to be figures out tonight. but the problem is too bad we didn't know about it last night so we could have stopped it it what this man has done is the unthinkable. we have seen it before though, harris. you know, i regret we are going to see it again. >> harris: you know, one of the things that has been so confusing about the story too. the numbers keep changing on well first there was three shooters and then only one and possibly they may be looking for the second person of interest that they may want to talk with an advantage that you have being there now as law enforcement are still in the area, what are you hearing about that aspect? >> well, they still think there is one they want to talk to. what's interesting about that is that i arrived after peter doocy, our colleague peter doocy who was here within minutes. he was on the scene and reporting. when i arrived about an
4:39 pm
hour later, there were helicopters, they were going over us, circling the area, looking for somebody else. total lockdown in the area. i'm actually surprised they letted media roam as much as they did. the whole area was locked down as they had helicopters going up and down, no doubt looking for people. the buildings were sealed. no one could go in the buildings, no one could leaved building, not just building 197 but building notice area. they were looking what they thought at least early in the morning thought there might be two other people. then later on they brought it down and apparently spoke to the person and decided there was only one other. at least at this hour there is still someone they want to talk to. but you don't have the sense of lockdown and i haven't seen a helicopter sort of, you know, going over the area, you know, in the past two hours. so, i think that they believe if there is another one, is he not right here because things have completely loosened up. although i understand that they have not cleared out of the buildings. i suspect the bodies of a number of the murdered citizens i suspect bodies
4:40 pm
are in the building just because of the way the forensic teams work. they have got to get in there they have got to photograph the scene. they have got to do the identification. and frequently the people who have been slaughtered in these horrible masters, their bodies are the last to get out of there because of the investigation. so, there is a whole lot going on right now behind my back. but the big question, everyone still thinks like why did he do it? and who was he and were there any tell tell signs that we all missed? harris? >> harris: we are certainly learning more about who he was. why i said at the very beginning would be something we have to wonder for a while. you answered my question about the urgency of a search. when there is an active manhunt going on. it doesn't disguise itself as anything else. if it is going on, it is not going on near there real quickly before i let you go. people were coming out and i was reading some -- i follow you gretawire on twitter. i was reading some of your tweets. and you were describing not just a solemn mood but physically the slowness with which people were
4:41 pm
moving. what's it like there? >> yeah. it was really strange, when they started letting people leave buildings it was like droves of people almost like the walk you see to a refugee camp from some crisis. people sort of staring straight ahead we said would you talk to us they politely shook their head. no we couldn't get anyone to talk to us. shell shocked. vacant. released buildings people just walked past us in long lines and they were polite but they wanted nothing to do with us. at most someone would say i just want to get home. they went to work together and their lives changed forever. greta van susteren live for us. thank you very much. today's shooting may bring to mind another recent attack targeted members of the military, not our own. in may, witnesses saw two men hacking up a soldier in the street of london. a witness captured the aftermath of the attack and comments from one man as he blamed british soldiers for
4:42 pm
killing muslims. continuing coverage of the deadly shooting rampage at the washington navy yard. we are monitoring it very closely. ands former head of homeland security for the state of new york, who knows a lot about protecting everything in the state. millions of people. he'll join us to weigh in. next. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs.
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congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. let's get more on today's shooting rampage at the naval yard. michael is the security director for the state of new york. we have had our own share of having to protect the state. michael, in times of terror. no doubt you still have your connections in the homeland security and law enforcement community. what did you talk about today? >> today was trying to get the story right. what happened very weird phenomenon i have seen take place dozens of times. first reports out of scene are wrong.
4:46 pm
>> harris: why wasn't it. it wasn't the first report it was over and over and over. >> sometimes whether you have a situation like you this go into a police lockdown there is a tremendous rush of resources and s. sets to the scene. shut everything down so nobody moves back and forth. therefore, what you are getting back and forth is not necessarily some of you can corroborate or something that you can get an eyewitness account of. therefore it leaves a lot to be desired. people run with different pieces of information today was all about we are hearing three dead. now we are hearing more dead. hearing one shooter, more shooters. this guy according to police they trawz traced that person down because they wanted to make sure there wasn't a connection. they said that bad had been taken. former navy reservist. so he may have appeared to fit in at first somehow. is there any way to protect from somebody like this? >> it's obviously very enormous challenge. particularly whether you have thousands and
4:47 pm
thousands of people that perhaps go into a system like a united states navy. how do you pick that person and make sure they are not aloyed to get into any kind of facility around the country, around the world. make sure they are in the database. fanel facial recognition software. can you work off the card itself. but it's not perfect. >> all right. let's talk about this guy's background and just in full disclosure during the commercial you and i both talked about an email that i got from a viewer in idaho who said who did aaron alexus' background check? the same guy who cleared edward snowden. you said the same thing. >> it raises the same issues. who is work are for the federal government? who is working in the most sensitive areas? what is their background? how effective is it it i have been through background checks, they are pretty extensive at some levels. very extensive at other levels. the question becomes is the process good enough. we still obviously don't know what the motivation is. was there mental health issues? with hippa, privacy, that's a challenge getting to
4:48 pm
that. >> harris: his father has told authorities on one of his previous arrest which included some violence as reported in the police documents in seattle and fort worth, texas that he a mental disturbance of some sort. it might have, according to him, stemmed from being present on 9/11 in 2001 here in new york. >> lots of connections from obviously his time here in new york. so the anger fueled blackout he said he had in seattle with the construction workers. all indications that the very least this guy should not be having any weapons. and certainly shouldn't be in a secure facility. >> michael, i know that you can't put everybody on a watch list. i'm just curious, what gets you on a watch list? >> obviously not these types of incidents. remember in 2004. clal mischief. then he had the discharging of a weapon in 2011. there are two indications of a weapon-based anger issue. so, therefore, these are the types of people that you wouldn't have in these types of situations. frankly, if the u.s. navy
4:49 pm
can't design a system to prevent this from happening, then what's the hope for the rest of us. >>? we have reported twice during this hour that he had made a recent trip to thailand and was learning to say things in the native language in thai. does that have any significance in terms it of our relationship with people around the world? >> well, you know, obviously what they are doing now is looking at the digital footprint as reporters have been talking today on the show and they are going to try to unravel what type of influences he may have been exposed to. >> nothing that you know of in thailand. >> nothing that i know of. >> michael babboni formerly with the security department here in new york thank you for your time and perspective on this. coming up coverage of the deadly shooting rampage on 00 washington navy yard. with a live report from the white house. don't really look like much at all. i see the aleutian islands.
4:50 pm
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>> harris: police say at least three people were hurt in this morning's shooting rampage at the washington navy yard, including a police officer. now, that's outside of the fatalities that we have. mike emanuel is live at the washington hospital in d.c. what is the latest on the victims there, mike? >> well, harris, we are told by the hospital and the police that the metropolitan police officer who was brought here who it sounded like they were really concerned about his injuries, he suffered multiple gunshot wounds to to his legs, damaging both his bones and his blood vessels. is out of surgery now. a woman who was a civilian working for the navy. she was shot in the shoulder and we are told that she had surgery. we don't have an update on her status. another woman who worked for the navy, a civilian, her story is miraculous. >> the third individual will not have surgery. she is a very, very lucky young lady.
4:54 pm
she actually has injury to her hand and to her head. but the bullet actually did not penetrate the skull, means it did not penetrate the bone. >> when we got here this morning, we were told that all three were critical. they have been upgraded to stable and folks here sound pretty confident that all three will make a recovery. even though it sounded like some of those injuries were pretty bad. harris? >> yeah, you know, i was talking with greta van susteren earlier about the mood of the people coming out of that navy yard. how are they doing there, those who can call themselves survivors tonight, mike? >> well, this hospital handles a the lot of trauma cases here in washington, d.c. it sounded like they were bracing for potentially a lot more victims. as for the people who were brought here, we were told that they were all in good spirits. they were asking a lot of questions about their colleagues who were at the navy yard. and, in the case of the police officer, about his fellow officers who responded to the scene. and as for the police officer, well, he had had to make a very important call.
4:55 pm
>> i will tell you that the police officer, when he came, in he was most concerned about being able to talk to his mother. and wanted to make sure that he was able to speak to her before he went into surgery. you know, you always have to take care of mom. >> one of the other victims wanted to talk to her husband before having surgery. the third victim, her father, actually responded to the scene, to the navy yard where she was receiving treatment and so dad was right there on the scene there, to be there with his daughter during this obviously very, very difficult time. bottom line, it sounds like all three are doing well and the folks here at the hospital are very confident about how they will do long term, harris. >> harris: that is a blessing, certainly. of course, as we know from covering stories like, this mike. that hospital will begin to fill up with well wishes both inside and out. people will often find out where the victims are and leave things for them. thank you very much. mike emanuel tonight. the washington navy yard, just to tell you a little
4:56 pm
bit about the impact and the history of that place has been an important part of our nation's military going back for centuries. the military gave the site to the navy in 1799. it played a major role in every major war it its factories churning out weapons to be used at sea during the civil war president lincoln was a frequent visitor to the site. the navy stopped making weapons there in the 1960's, converting the old factories into offices and today, those offices are for the staff who buy, build, and maintain the navy's fleet. well, that is how the fox reports on this monday, september 16th, 2013. a day which began with tremendous loss at america's oldest on shore navy establishment. it's a symbol of our history of military strength i as i was just telling you about. the body of world war i unknown soldier was received at that yard. tonight a solemn one for those lost in the shooting rampage there. continuing coverage with bill hemmer and greta van
4:57 pm
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>> bill: good evening. i'm bill hemmer in new york city tonight. the o'reilly factor will not be seen this evening as we continue our coverage of the massacre in our nation's capitol. for the next hour we will will bring you up to date on everything we know. first though. it was 12 hours ago the monday morning routine shattered by a gunman's bullets. in the end, 13 dead, including the suspected gunman, 34-year-old aaron alexis after using fingerprint technology, law enforcement identified him as the killer. the place he chose to carry out his plot is known for its history and its security. the navy yard, less than two miles from the u.s. capitol building in central washington, d.c., how alexis managed to bring weapons on to a base where they are fo


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