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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> bill: good evening. i'm bill hemmer in new york city tonight. the o'reilly factor will not be seen this evening as we continue our coverage of the massacre in our nation's capitol. for the next hour we will will bring you up to date on everything we know. first though. it was 12 hours ago the monday morning routine shattered by a gunman's bullets. in the end, 13 dead, including the suspected gunman, 34-year-old aaron alexis after using fingerprint technology, law enforcement identified him as the killer. the place he chose to carry out his plot is known for its history and its security. the navy yard, less than two miles from the u.s. capitol building in central washington, d.c., how alexis managed to bring weapons on to a base where they are forbidden is not
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known. also tonight, what is not known, there is still an ongoing search for a man police want to talk to. he is described as a black man, said to be in his 40s, wearing a military style uniform. we do not know what connection, if any, he has. said one witness earlier today, he, meaning the gunman, did not say a word when he opened fire. back to washington, d.c. we go in a moment here for complete fox coverage with jennifer griffin. greta van susteren, mike emanuel, our full team is out tonight. we will get to all of them over the next 60 minutes. with me now mark fallon member of the naval criminal investigative service the ncis for 27 years. sir, good evening to you. >> good evening. >> how you know this naval yard, correct? >> i have been assigned there and spent a number of years there. >> it's been told to us throughout the day this is a place of intense security. was that your experience when you worked there? >> yes.
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there is varying degrees of security. however, there is very little in the area of any type of imagine imagine imagine know tom terse. >> i.d. access -- you are authorized access to facilities. think of the navy yard like you would a business center or business complex. because much of the nation's business goes on there and the military's business. so, it's a place that people do require access to. >> would you suggest it would be easy to get in if you had an i.d., whether it be real or fake? >> absolutely. particularly with the real i.d. you would actually be authorized access to that facility if you were a dod or navy contractor. >> i want to talk about the investigation because this is just getting rolling here. where do you begin when you
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look at this 34-year-old man's life. >> well, i think they are going to be a doing a number of different things. one is they are going to be time lining his life. you are going to look -- this looks like certainly a situation of it's a massacre but it appears to have the signs of a work place violence issue, coupled with an insider threat issue. someone on the inside, which is when you are most vulnerable. that's whether it's a -- from a counter intelligence perspective, a cyber perspective you could see where the most damage has been done to us on the inside whether from spies or cyber attack. so they are going to time line his life and look at those who he was in contact with. what the triggers might have been. they are going to absolutely diffuse whether there are any other actors. it does not appear to be the case from information -- they are
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going to run every leaf ground to make sure that's not the case. >> a few specific questions. if he did not open his mouth and a few witnesses at the scene if they did not know him or see him before they would have very little knowledge as to his motivation. why is that so difficult to ascertain this early on? >> well, i'm certain that by now his family members have been talked to. that his co-workers have been talked to. they are going through every aspect of his life and they will start from now and work backwards to try to ascertain and discern what that motivation might be. but from a stranger and a casual encounter it would be very difficult for them to understand where he would be coming from on the surface. >> mark, is it a moment in a person's life that you find that triggers a reaction like this? maybe it's in the home? maybe it's at work, perhaps it's at both. >> yeah. generally, there is some type of trigger that would
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manifest itself in this type of activity. and that is what they are going to find out. what that trigger might have been. and generally i'm afraid what we will see is there were probably some indicators and warnings that people probably saw and didn't recognize or didn't report or didn't know to report. but that will all come out in the investigation. >> bill: jennifer griffin is going to be live with us in a moment. she is live at the scene there in washington, d.c. she reported about an hour ago that the shooter has a history of misconduct and it's not clear whether he was voluntarily discharged from the navy or the u.s. military or not. regardless of the truth, when it comes out, how does one get hired as a defense contractor with that type of history? >> well, it depends on the background investigation and what type of vetting process. i'm not sure what the security level is. but, of course, the higher the security level, the greater degree of scrutiny there is in vetting an
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applicant. so, if it was for a loyer level unclassified position or some the lower classifications, the investigating process would be a normal employment process. so, some of these signs that would manifest itself the type of behaviors that trigger this activity might not have been present during that investigation. >> bill: that's a good point. mark, thank you. we will row lie on you for your insight coming up soon. mark by telephone sorting what we know and what we frankly do not know. that's a lot at the moment. jennifer griffin now at the scene at the navy yard in washington, d.c. jennifer, good morning to you. we are on television. must have been, i think, 11 hours ago when we first started piecing this together and putting together the points of this massacre in southeastern washington now. to pick up on the point with mark fallon though. is that your reporting when he was dismissed by the military he has still got a job working for the military. and what do people tell you
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tonight as to how that happens, jennifer? >> well, bill, what's unclear and i have been talking to navy sources about this for the last few hours, it's not clear whether when he was discharged from the navy, whether it was honorably, whether it was dishonorably or whether it was his own choice, it is possible that he chose to leave the navy. he was an active duty reservist. this is slightly unusual situation. but he was an aviation engineer working for the navy when he left in 2011. and then what we understand happened, and we understand this from the secretary of the navy ray mabis. he said he was hired as an information specialist for a contractor, a subcontractor we understand of hewlett packard. in fact, we have just gotten a statement from the corporate spokesman for hewlett-packard, mark thacker writes, quote: we are deeply saddened by today's tragic events at the washington navy yard. our thoughts and sympathies
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are with all of those affected. aaron alexis was employee of a company called the experts a subcontractor to an h.w. enterprises refreshed equipment used on the navy marine corps internet network. h.p. is cooperating fully with law enforcement as requested. it's not clear how much screening would take place for an information specialist like this to work for a subcontractor of hewlett packard. that's what the navy is trying to work through right now. they looked at his service record and when i spoke to navy officials earlier today. he said he did have a history of misconduct. they could have been referring, bill, to that arrest back in 2010, he was charged at the time in fort worth, texas, for illegally disharnging with weapon. he had a gun. and his neighbor, who lived below him said that he often complained that she was too noisy. and that suddenly she was sitting in her living room
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one night and a bullet came through the ceiling of her apartment. and it came from alexis' apartment. and she pressed charges, and it was clear at that point in time that he had some anger issues. >> bill: just reading from the statement here, jennifer, the contract according to hp was to refresh equipment as you described there used on the navy marine corps intranet network. what does it seem -- seen like where you are tonight and answer that first and tell us about why police continue to describe this man, said to be a black male in his 40s, that they want to talk to? seen on a camera? was it surveillance video? or could it have been both. >> well, it's interesting, bill. tonight it's relatively quiet where we are standing considering that we're almost just a block away from the navy yard and can you see in the distance the actual building where the shooting took place. earlier today, my colleague period as toy was out here and you saw that incredible footage that our team here
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was shooting of the helicopter lifting the -- they were basically lifting wounded off the roof of the building behind me. they were also -- there was a swat team member who was taken out of that helicopter and roped down on to the roof when they were still in hot pursuit of the shooter. the shooter was barricaded on the fourth floor of building 196. sos there what a lot of drama here all day. it is relatively quiet right now. you see a lot of police vehicles but you aren't hearing a lot of sirens. we're told that only a% of the workforce only mission essential personnel will be allowed into the navy base tomorrow. they will close it off to everyone else. the chief of naval operations admiral jonathan greenert a member of the joint chiefs has to go home tonight. he lives on the base behind me. >> bill: jennifer, thank you. we will bring you back later in the hour. jennifer griffin right near the scene there as you saw the sirens behind her. in a moment we will take to
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you greta van susteren. she has been working the story throughout the day, too. the survivors and there were many, finally made their way out of the naval yard. she will tell us about their day today and what story they have to tell in the heart breaking site as they realized 12 of their colleagues were gone forever. and one of them, one of the injured thought view this the head. -- through the head. how that woman managed to stay alive d that's all ahead. tight spots. and more space so that you always have your favite stuff. and just for good measure, an incredibly efficient 40 mpg highway. so that when you're dog more, you're spending less. the all-new nissan versa note. your door to more. ♪ "i" formation! "i" formation!
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back to breaking news coverage tonight. witnesses describe gunman opening fire from a fourth floor overlook aiming at people in first floor cafeteria. others say they saw shots fired from the third floor hallway. they might both be right as this investigation unfolds, this went on for hours today. on the record anchor greta van susteren live with me now near the scene. and have you been there throughout most of the day. what is happening tonight where you are, greta? good evening quite erie.
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night fall. lots of investigation going on behind me. the meeting has slimed out just to give you a little background is that we would he have now been shifted. mad scramble. the assistant secretary of the navy has arrived here on the scene. giving a few interviews. behind me really is where the story is. because all the tragedy that unfolded today. the viciousness of the massacre but right now at least we believe the bodies of many of the dead are -- those who died on the scene are probably still inside the navy yard. and that's because there is a forensic investigation going on and part of the forensic investigation is to make sure that everything is photographed. everything is determined and everything identified. but as you might imagine, this whole area is quite shaken. this is a nice area of washington, d.c. it wasn't five or six years ago. but it's been complete lid transformed. and behind me the navy yard where this happened this is one of the most famous navy installations in the country. oldest. date back to 1789.
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wroil you can see some the modern buildings behind me. if you go deep into the naval bases. you will see these beautiful old houses and goes right along the platomic river and across the river is reagan international airport where planes land and take off all the time as they go past the monument. this is a very important part of washington not that there aren't a lot of symbolic places in washington. this is certainly important to the u.s. navy and thus to american citizens. right now the investigation is still going on. there is still the hunt for that possible second suspect. what dedon't have bill, is what we had earlier today the nonstop of helicopters going over looking between the buildings and over the ground and no doubt looking for something suspicious. looking for another person. all the buildings had to be combed today for that possible suspect. everybody was locked down in the area around it as police and investigators went through the buildings, looking for a possible another suspect to this vicious killing. so that happened and they
5:17 pm
started releasing the buildings about 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. we saw people leaving the buildings, they all looked i used the description shell shocked. they left the buildings in line, walking towards the brand new ball park here in d.c. which is about five blocks away. nobody was -- in yuan was talking. few were on cell phones telling loved ones they were okay. that they managed to make it out. otherwise they weren't stopping and talking to the media not many of them. obviously deeply distressed by this, bill. it's been a horrible tragedy. >> indeed it has. some things yet to be answered to frankly. we will work on that throughout the evening and tomorrow. greta, stand by a moment here. there was a press conference that apparently happened moments ago on behalf of the u.s. navy. this is the first time we have seen it it let's just go dip in here and see what we can learn from the u.s. navy tonight. >> how navy committee as
5:18 pm
far as the outside community that you have, whatever the security problem is. it's fixed? fbi security forces in order to ensure that we are postured appropriately right now. that's all part of the investigation that will ensue, understand exactly how this individual had access. >> does he have security clearance to enter that facility? >> i don't have all the specifics on that right now. >> some of the scenes, particularly the area, the building in which it occurred will probably stay in a secured status for some amount of time and at this point i can't tell you exactly when that will be. >> is there any reason for anyone in that facility or outside to be concerned about their safety at this point? >> no, there is no reason for security or safety concerns right now. we -- again, we have it locked down well. we are working with the d.c. police and the fbi.
5:19 pm
>> are firearms allowed to be carried inside the facility by regular individuals or do you have to be, you know, naval police? you need to have weapons clearance. >> i don't know the status of metal detectors in that building or not. >> fatalities for [inaudible] but beyond that area crime scene? >> i can't talk to the size of the crime scene. i think we are better off to let the dc police and fbi to tell it bus that. >> you can tell us whether it was in multiple areas though? >> i can tell it you was in multiple areas on the base. can you describe the building. >> i can't get in specifics. again, i feel more comfortable to let the fbi and police force to discuss those details. >> how well knew him at
5:20 pm
all? >> i don't have the answer to that as far as the suspect, any particular its on the suspect and his relationship with anybody on the base or in the building that was affected. >> was he a contractor? again i don't have specifics on that. >> on a tour buy personal level is anything there anything you would like to say to the families of the victims. >> i would. thank you for the opportunity. again as i mentioned earlier, our thoughts and prayers goes out to all those impacted by this, family members, friends, those folks that, co-workers, a terrible event today. a criminal event that occurred. and, again, our thoughts and prayers are with all the family members that are impacted one way or another by this event. >> bill: ours as well. the navy talking tonight moments ago. also in a moment a former roommate remembers the suspect. calls him a big brother. we will hear from him in a moment as we continue our ongoing coverage. special live coverage in new york and in washington of the massacre at the washington navy yard. ♪
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>> bill: back to ongoing coverage now. we are hearing from a man who says he lived with the accused navy yard shooter. in a element no we will get to fox dallas and bring that you story it was just filed a few moments ago. before we do that though, jennifer griffin was reporting live near the scene a moment ago and we told jennifer that indeed if we get more information we will bring her back. we will get to jennifer momentarily. she has new information on the contract and how this man was able to get a security clearance as well. we lost jennifer's shot a moment ago. we do have her by telephone. good evening again. this is late breaking information. what do you have now? >> hang on one second,
5:25 pm
guys. do we have jennifer? >> we will will try to reestablish that line. our apology to viewers at home. this is vital information, especially once you consider what is happening here for a former member of the military to gain access and to bring the amount of fire power he did to this facility. thought of fox dallas moments ago. this story was filed by our reporter in texas who spoke with the man who used to be the suspect's roommate. watch here. >> i don't believe -- >> he cannot believe his close friend aaron alexis is the shooter at the u.s. navy yard. >> he would lived together three years three different locations. i moved out and he moved out with me and moved. in he is my big brother. he teach me a lot of stuff. i admire him. >> alexis at one time lived in this now under renovation house and attended this buddhist temple converting even to
5:26 pm
buddhism. a religion of peace and tranquility. >> he wanted to speak thai fluidly. he spoke my language like crazy. we can sit down and talk to each other like in thai with no problem. so he want to hang out with my people thai people. he don't have a lot of american friends. >> alexis at times helped out at the happy bowl asian restaurant and traveled to thailand without his best friend spending time there with his family. >> he a good man he helped everything over here. and just when he want to go -- >> she cannot accept the man he called his big brother could be involved in something so tragic. >> we planned on having -- we planned on having a trip back from thailand. he was very excited. >> sean with some early reporting there on the life of the shooter. kdfw out of dallas, texas
5:27 pm
on that. i mentioned jennifer griffin a moment ago. we now have contact with her again. jennifer, you have new information tonight on the background check for the shooter and his security clirns what you have learned. >> very interesting. it appears as though this aaron alexis had a security clearance that security clearance had been updated in july. his boss, at the subcontractor, hewlett-packard subcontractor, the ceo thomas hosco spoke to the "the washington post." he said that in fact his employee alexis was supposed to start work at the navy yard as an information specialist. he had a contract that was going to go through the next year. he was going to be working here navy yard updating the computer systems for the marines and the navy yard itself. he had been working under a military contract in which he required security
5:28 pm
clearance. and he had been working over in japan. that are security clearance again was renewed in july. it's not clear to was responsible for looking into his background. doing his background checks because as we have mentioned there was were a series of incidents that came up with law enforcement in terms of him being charged with -- in texas for the unlawful is that correct of a weapon and another incident that we are learning about in seattle. in which he fired a weapon reportedly fired a weapon at a vehicle for some construction workers who had parked in front of his apartment. supposedly he had had watched them for a month at a time and he fired at their wheels and there is a police record from that it's interesting, bill you talked about how they located him and identified him from his friendships. he had some sort of record and they got security clearance from this base at
5:29 pm
the military yard. >> he had a misconduct with the u.s. military as well. jennifer griffin reporting on late breaking information there as we reported throughout the evening, how the shooting suspect may have gotten past security as jennifer just described by using someone else's identification. we will speak live to the security expert and former assistant director for the fbi here in new york city his experience is vast. he is our guest next as details continue to be gathered in washington, d.c. back in a moment right here. check it out.
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relief you can count on.
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>> like pow pow pow. a few seconds it stopped and then pow pow pow pow. so, we just ran. >> heard two gunshots and looked in the direction where the gunshots were come from. i looked down and the guy next to me who was standing there talking to me was down in frfnt me on the ground. >> he was far enough down the hall that we couldn't see his face but we could see his rifle and he raised and aimed at us and hit high on the wall. >> everybody going down the stairs as we came outside. people were climbing the wall trying to get out of spaces it was just crazy. >> just a few of the how sands of stories. came out of that building 8:20 in the morning. 3,000 civilian and active duty personnel inside building 19' on the campus there at the naval yard southeastern washington, d.c. we have heard from the wounded today.
5:34 pm
14 now being treated at hospitals. according to doctors we expect all of them to make it through this time. but, it will not be easy. we are going to take you to the hospital in a moment and check in with mike emanuel who is working that part of the story tonight. also rick lesson that you working the story in washington you just tawcketdz to sources in the washington, d.c. police department. what did you leisure tonight? >> well, bill, they are telling me that they're pretty confident that there was, in fact, only one shooter at the navy yard this morning. of course, after the incident there were reports that were there were at least two other persons of interest that they were looking for. we know they have cleared one of them. the other one apparently they are still looking for more information on this person, olive drab uniform but my source tells me that they're pretty sure that there was in fact only one shooter. also, the officer who was injured, and i don't want to stop on mike emanuel's tows here. this person who i know has been good friends with this officer who was shot this morning is he in stable
5:35 pm
condition but he suffered serious injuries. any time anyone is holt shot with one of these ar 15's. it's going to be damage. this guy has been a canine officer for many of his 18 years on the force owe did go through surgery. going to be okay but suffered serious injuries in morning. of course, this has been a being showing event for everyone here in this city, including the mayor, anthony gray who we also heard from earlier today. we all know this is horrific tragedy. job if we can remember anything quite like this here in the city. >> yeah, he went on to say that we have seen incidents like this in other parts of the nation but never before in the nation's capitol, bill. >> bill: just to be clear, the accomplice, is that being pushed to the side now, rick? >> well, not officially. but sources are telling me that they don't believe there is another shooter. of course, there is a lot
5:36 pm
of chaos in the moments after a mass shooting and during a mass shooting like the one that was experienced here this morning. people see things and they are not sure if they are connected or not. might see someone with a gun and not realize that person is responding to the incident and not a part of the incident. that appears to be the case this morning, bill. >> bill: rick, thank you. when you get more information we will bring you back as well. live there in washington. form w. me now former assistant director for the fbi in new york bill gavin. also vice president of security firm. good evening to you. we saw some theme today where the police were landing helicopters on top of this building when there was an active scene underway beneath them. and taking people, the wounded off in stretchers and flying them to the nearest hospital. it was really a remarkable thing to watch. there was one of them that we saw taken away from the danger earlier today. bill, good evening to you. tell us how important or significant it could be now -- fbie fenn is so
5:37 pm
is so publicly asking for the public's help as to any bit of information about the suspect. >> right now, bill, as you can well imagine as you recall from your wonderful hours that you put in during the boston terrorism act. right now they are trying to harmonize the chaos that exists. when something like this happens and there is multiple wounded -- multiple deceased there is all kinds of evidence to gather, all kinds of evidence, techniques that have to be adhered to and it really is chaos at the scene. but the bottom line is, with the professionalism of all the people involved, all of the individuals from the police department and from the bureau, and from the military as well, i'm sure that they will bring this to a good conclusion. the other thing that i might as you may recall from boston, the thing that really got this going real rapidly to identity theft subjects was the putting those pictures on tuition and if they have some other individual that they have
5:38 pm
caught on camera that they want to identify, i would suggest that perhaps they do that right away. he may very well be innocent and have nothing to do with it at least they can resolve it. >> bill: that is if they have an affirmative picture or piece of videotape to identify him publicly. reporting there. do you believe the man was acting alone my gut tells they. 8uá murdered those people. they will be into his computer into all his records to see if he was talking to anybody nobody wants to say the terrorism word at this particular point in time. they will be looking for all those clues in whatever evidence they can clean from his home from, his records, from his work.
5:39 pm
wherever he might have them. >> no motive announced yet, bill. perhaps overnight or into the early morning appreciate tonight. assistant director of the fbi here in new york. working theory at least made public yet. with that we go back to washington my colleague go back it to our nation's capitol what do you have now? >> well, certainly is somber here, bill. a lot different than it was 10 hours from now. getting buzzed by the helicopters looking for a possible second and third suspect. rick leventhal has just reported. that's over now. noting will for a second and third. somber out on the streets. night has fallen here. police presence is still pretty tight. people can't go in and out of buildings. of course they wouldn't be able to at night here in washington with security. at least now the investigation goes forward. it's going to probably go forward 24/7, you have got the fbi crawling all over the country from texas to new york. you have got probably the bodies inside the building over my left shoulder here
5:40 pm
at the naval yard because they haven't moved those yet in anticipation of doing further investigation. when she shut down the cameras at some point tonight, the investigation will still continue behind me and just think about it, bill. 12 people gunned down, gotten to the point we are almost used to 12 people. we have had them at newtown and colorado. just gotten so common. like 12 people were murdered right behind me today. people who just this morning they got up. cup of coffee went off to work not knowing some cruel vicious person was going to come into their work place and just shoot so many people and destroying lives forever. so, tonight, down here, you know, i can't help but say that if it has slowed down in a sense we don't feel the urgency of helicopters. but it certainly has a sense of great sadness here on the streets. bill? >> next hour ashante
5:41 pm
hannity, greta. catch you tonight at 10:00 eastern time there will be more information that continues to come out. thank you for the reporting down there. 8:53 a.m. eastern time this morning. u.s. navy sent this tweet breaking still active shooter, more base police entering the building. approximately 3,000 people work in the building. hash tag, navy yard shooting. much more ahead on the rampage in our nation's capitol. catherine herridge washington -- watching the story. go back to washington, d.c. back in three quick minutes. ♪ or you can choose to blend out. the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors,
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>> being able to get out. >> i feel very lucky to be alive standing between you and i. the guy next to me got shot. i didn't. >> i didn't see the shooter at all. i was on the first floor. my understanding the it was on the fourth floor. >> was the shooter down in the atrium. >> if he wasn't. if he was i didn't know he was i kept running. >> a lot of people in washington, d.c. tonight holding their families a lot tighter than before and also prayers for the families, the victims, 12 dead. and also 14 wounded, recovering in hospitals. in washington, d.c. catherine herridge is live in our bureau. she joins me now. catherine, i want to go through this quickly now. the fbi investigation update us now, where does it stand? >> although fox news can't
5:46 pm
confirm the suspect's name is being run through the watch list, homeland security and national terrorism databases and sources follow with those checks tell fox news there is nothing yet to indicate a tie to terrorism. a short time ago, one of the latest briefings, the fbi urging the public to get involved. >> the of the public is vital in investigations of this type as we try to piece together the recent movements and contacts of the subject. no piece of information is too small. >> law enforcement source also tells fox news the electronic footprint for aaron alexis is being scrubbed phone records, text records, the authorities are in the process of issuing subpoenas for those phone logs, also property records, email accounts, and they are also taking a look at his travel history with one report saying that he was overseas in thailand recently for about a month, bill. >> social media we are learning could play a role in. this how n what way, catherine.
5:47 pm
>> social media is one of the strategies you see in law enforcement investigations. fox news has learned with a source familiar with the investigation that they are searching aaron alexis' social media footprint. they have found no presence associated with the shooter on facebook or twitter. and a linked in account that was tied to his name showing his by graphic call data as a naval reservist was deleted shortly before his name became public. investigators are also dropping what they call gee graphic bubbles over areas of interest in the country. that's a way to capture all the social media mess sacking. includes a neighborhood in foote worth as well as the area around the navy yard. what's significant we are told is they are not finding any first person references popping in those bundles or those areas of interest and that's unusual. because typically what you see in these cases is that there is an individual who will say they know the person directly and comment on what happened. finally, and this probably is significant in a sort of awkward way if you will, the highest traffic in social media we are seeing
5:48 pm
with this person according to the investigative source is on extremist web site trying to draw connection between what happened in the navy yard and their cause. again, to emphasize, there is nothing at this time that suggests that he had any terrorist ties, bill. >> could be significant a lot of what you are talking about tracking him and seeing what pops up and just as important what does not pop up. >> exactly. >> bill: explain why the fbi is taking the agency is taking the lead here, catherine. >> bill, it breaks down in three ways. the first is resourcing. here in washington, d.c., the fbi has more than 600 agents who are available and in combination with what's called the joint terrorism task force. you can think of this almost as a force multiplier for the investigation. also, if you are dealing with a possible suspect, they are still looking for that one individual and you are crossing state lines, that's a lot easier to do in an investigation when the fbi is overseeing it. earlier today we heard from the d.c. police chief who explained the scope of this case. >> this is going to be a little bit longer term
5:49 pm
investigation clear that last suspect whether that's going to be a person we are looking for or not. >> we have additional lifted. for now, everything remains closed that was closed earlier, this is still very active. we are asking to shelter in place, do remain. >> and depending on what direction the investigation goes, in when you have access again to what's called the joint terrorism task force, have you representatives of all of the federal law enforcement agencies and also their intelligence networks and specifically any kind of travel that the suspect may have been doing or is associated with him. it's really giving you the broadest or biggest toolbox that you can bring to bear on this particular case, bill. >> bill: terrific reporting throughout the day. we will see you again tomorrow. catherine herridge in washington. >> thank you. >> thank you. jennifer griffin has new information in a moment. we will talk to her after this break. one survivor says it was just a crazy scene. bullets flying, workers making a run for it. hear from a witness who says he was at the scene today and he is lucky to be alive tonight.
5:50 pm
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. late breaking information tonight from our pentagon correspondent. back to jennifer griffin live in washington. she's been tracking down clearance for the suspect and more information about his life. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, bill. we are getting more information about the suspect's arrest record. he has, we have now confirmed with federal sources, two civilian arrests. one occurred -- this is one we didn't previously know about -- in de kalb, georgia, for disorderly conduct in the 2007 to 2011 time frame while he was in the navy. there was a second arrest we
5:54 pm
have already reported on back in ft. worth, texas, oh in which he unlawfully discharged a weapon. he fired through the floor of his apartment to his neighbor's apartment. she pressed charges. there are at least two civilian arrests on his record prior to him applying for the job for which he apparently need ed a security clearance to work at the navy yard behind me . bill? >> thank you, general fejennife that. dekalb county would be atlanta, georgia. the suspect was working in texas as we continue to trace back the timeline of his life. there were thousands of stories from today. my next guest is just one of them. alex witnessed the crowds and chaos near the navy yard. good evening to you. i'm certain this is a day you won't forget. you were several blocks away. what did you see? >> thanks for bringing me on. i came in as i typically would
5:55 pm
to my office across the street from the navy yard. i could tell something wasn't b right as i got to m street. you're used to seeing police motorcades in d.c., but this is a unique situation. just with the volume of personnel. drove down towards my office as i normally would. got routed to a side street to avoid the blockade. saw large crowds outside the metro. a huge volume of people on the streets. you know, just enormous blockade on the street. a massive amount of -- >> it appeared, alex, that the police were on the scene almost immediately. there were sirens wailing, helicopters in the air. you saw all of that. >> i did. for the most part, my office is
5:56 pm
located just across the street and was expose ed to it for the day. >> when people came out, would you describe hundreds? would you put the number that high? what did they want to know? >> you know, i wasn't specifically talking to people out there. it was a mixture of citizens and police and emergency personnel. i think most of it was confusion and a little bit of chaos. >> i imagine the stress level was high, too. >> i'm a contractor for the navy. i work on a weekly basis in building 197. i wasn't there today, but i have friends and colleagues there on a full-time basis. it was stressful, concerning. >> when you go inside the building, do you have
5:57 pm
identification or how does the process work? >> most government buildings require proper identification to get on the base. this is identification unique to any employee there. i can't go into much detail on that. >> i respect that. thank you for your time tonight. are you feeling lucky? after all, this is a day you could have been inside that building with 3,000 others. >> i feel lucky. i'm grateful no one i know or work with directly was in harm's way. >> alex, thank you. good luck tonight and tomorrow. to viewers at home and around the world watching continuing coverage of the navy yard shooting, sean hannity picks up things at 9:00 eastern time. two and a half minutes from now. after that "on the record." greta is near the scene as she
5:58 pm
has been throughout the day. keep it here for updates and information. we'll send them to you t at home, at the office or wherever you are watching tonight. see you tomorrow in america's newsroom. good night. from new york, i'm bill henry. yr and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900.
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this is a fox news alert. we are learning more about the navy veteran and military veteran aaron alexis who police say shot and killed people and injured more inside the washington navy yard this morning. alexis from ft. worth, texas, is among the dead. the shooting began at 8:20 a.m. in the hall ways and cafeteria of a building which is part of the command headquarters. they were told to sheltder in place while hundreds of police officers and naval officers


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