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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900. >> greta is next. see you tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. we are live at the washington navy yard where we are awaiting a news conference on today's deadly shooting rampage. 12 people gunned down. the shooter also dead. this began after 8:00 a.m. this morning. one gunman opened fire inside the military facility here in the heart of washington, d.c. tonight there is new information about the deceased shooter, former navy reservist aaron alexis. this hour a manhunt for a second possible suspect. for the latest, rick leventhal joins us. rick, the man hunt may be over.
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>> reporter: we are hearing from sources they don't believe there is another suspect in this shooting. they believe there is a single gunman, that there was cop fusion at the scene and people may have thought they saw other people with guns responding to the scene. they may have thought they were involved in the shooting. that's not confirmed. we do have a news conference we expect to begin any minute now. i have been told ten minutes from now it will include d.c. mayor anthony gray, chief of police in d.c. and the head of the d.c. office of the fbi which is heading the the investigation. the shooter was identified as aaron alexis. he was in the navy. he was kicked out back in 2011 after being arrested on a gun charge in 2010 in ft. worth, texas. we know there are 13 dead including the shooter. there were many, many rounds in
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building 197. around 8:20 a.m. on the fourth floor shots fired into a lunchroom where victims were shot and many apparently killed. they won't tell us, authorities, what kind of weapons were used, how many rounds fired or the gunman may have had on him when they took him down. the chief of police told us she's convinced there would have been more victims if they hadn't engaged the suspect. there were multiple engagements inside the building. not just from interior building security but from responding d.c. police officers and park police officers. they had active shooter teams in the building. >> i don't know if you know this. jennifer griffin will join us in a few minutes. how do you get kicked out of the navy in 2011 and become a navy contractor thereafter? >> there are a lot of questions that remain to be answered. this person had multiple arrests on his record in georgia, in
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seattle and in texas. he would be hired to do work at a navy yard. that's a question that needs to be answered tonight. >> was this part of the responsibility in washington. he traveled from texas most recently. does anybody know his whereabouts leading up to 8:20 this morning? >> he did work as a subcontractor for hewlett-packard, worked in an i.t. capacity and was working at the navy yard. this is what we are hearing from sources. this was not confirmed. there is an active investigation here. officially they are trying to nail down who the other person might have been. there are fbi evidence response team members inside the building collecting evidence this hour. it will be an exhaustive crime scene that must be carefully documented. there is a lot of work to be done. we'll hear more in a news
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conference in a few minutes. >> you are at a different vantage point than i am. you're down the street a little bit. i think you can see building 197 from where you are. is there activity going in and out? it's hard to tell from where we are. >> i don't believe i can see that building. they did clear people for several blocks around the area. this is a crime scene with multiple fatalities and they have to process it. i couldn't tell you more. go ahead. >> actually, i think it's another large set where you can see the buildings. it's confusing out here. >> oh, okay. >> at this news conference, did they expect to make announcement s about information from scouring his computers? they have been going back into his background, finding out what he's been doing on the internet, telephones, everything else. >> absolutely. there are big questions to be
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answered regarding motive. they haven't given us an indication of what his motive might have been. it could lead to answers. scouring the computer records, phone records to determine the what beef he may have had. what prompted him to take out weapons in this particular facility. was he targeting anyone? we don't know. we hope to learn -- to get confirmation on whether or not they are still looking for the other mysterious suspect they said might be involved in the shooting. we could learn it tonight at 10:00. one other note. we have been reporting on this other police officer who was shot at the scene. a canine officer who responded to the initial shooting. he was wounded badly. did go through surgery. it was successful. he's in stable condition. serious injuries but he'll be okay. >> that's the good news. we know 12 dead. this police officer has come through surgeries. any other information, updates on others who were hurt? >> well, at the last news
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conference they said there were at least a dozen or more others hurt. they didn't say wounded. some were, but many more were hurt in the chaos and confusion of getting out of the scene. we don't know the status of all the people. we still don't know the identities of those who were killed. the authorities at 6:00 p.m. hadn't identified them. they have to identify all the family members also. that's a process probably going on at this hour as well. >> in fact, as we are standing by maybe we'll get more information on that. thank you. >> sure. >> tonight, a terrifying story. he ran from building 197 when shots rang out. what he saw next, absolutely unthinkable. >> we were on the fourth floor which is where i work at. we hear one, two, three sounds. sounds like a cap gun. not really loud because it wasn't close to us. couple minutes after that you
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have people running by telling everybody to get out of the building. we didn't know if it was a drill. we didn't see anybody with a gun. came back and the fire alarm and the overhead goes off. that's a signal for everybody to get out. we evacuated the building like we would for a fire drill or fire event. i was on the back side of building 197 between the boiler maintenance facility and our building to get people in and out. it's not a fire. the gates to the base are now shut. always like that. the building isn't secured on the base. they couldn't get out that way. we directed them back to the construction going on off m street. at that point another gentleman came out, was standing, talking to me. heard two shots. he dropped in front of me. i took off. >> different from the shots heard upstairs earlier? >> correct. >> so another shooter, apparently? >> i don't know if it was the same shooter, different person.
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>> certainly more shots later. >> correct. >> you say there were people leaving you, trying to get them out. there was a remain in place order. >> on the fire drill because the fire alarm was going off. we were trying to evacuate. that's the plan. for people who knew there was an active uh shooter it's shelter in place. stay inside the building until it is clear. it's more of a relationship to you talking to god or realizing how fragile life is and how random it is and how quickly you are here and then not. usually it's me that got hit or the guy next to me. >> were you that close ? >> this far away. >> did you see someone fall? >> i didn't see it. i heard the gunshots. tried to figure out. i looked down and he was in front of me. to get into the building you have to get to base a. you need an i.d. card from the
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military. to get into our building you have to have that card keyed for people who work inside the building. if not, check in with security at the front. i have no idea who the shooters are, how they got into the building, how secure it is. if you asked me that at 8:00 this morning i would have said very secure. now it's a different answer. >> what did it sound like, the cadence of the weapon? >> handgun. >> can you bring in weapons? >> negative. the cat card doesn't allow you to bring weapons onto the base. there is an instruction that tells you not to bring weapons on the base. just bauds you have a cat card doesn't mean you can carry. >> did you get a visual of the shooter? >> never saw him. >> what happened with the person who fell? >> i ran. i assumed he was one of the casualties of today. >> you mean decease ed? >> yes. he was shot in the head. >> the man who viciously launched an attack served as a navy reservist.
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jennifer grifen has more. hi. >> hi, greta. >> who is he ? >> first of all. he was in the navy. he never served in combat, never deployed overseas. he was active duty reservist and then left the navy. it's not clear at this point. we can't confirm he was dishonorably discharged but navy sources say, in fact, he had a history of misconduct. we reported on two civilian arrests. one in georgia. another in ft. worth, texas, where he actually discharged his weapon into his neighbor's living room. h he complained she was making too much noise. she said she was sitting in her chair and balt will came through the ceiling. he was charged for that. he evident left the navy. now we learned he he had a
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contract and was required to have security clearance. his boss said h he had clearance renewed in july. >> how does h he get security clearance with that type of background? >> it's not clear who did uh the clearance. it was like lie a contractor to. remember with snowden. we found out he got his security clearance from another contractor. it is really common, i think. the government now depends on contractors and there are so many people with access to computer systems. he was an information specialist. >> fox news alert. law enforcement with a live update on the mass shooting at the washington navy yard. let's listen. >> good evening, everybody. many of you have been with us now throughout the day. we will follow the same order of presentation that we did
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earlier. i will be followed by chief linnear who will be followed by our fbi, washington director. then chief chambers and congresswoman norton. we don't have a great deal of new information to present to you at this point. we mentioned earlier we ruled out one of the suspects who is no longer a suspect. we continued to pursue the possibility of there being another shooter. we don't have any evidence, any indication at this stage. there was yet another shooter. even though we haven't completely ruled that out. that was a person, as you probably will recall, who was identified as wearing an olive drab uniform. somebody portrayed as around 50 years of age.
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around 5'10" with graying sideburns. we have not identifies that person. nor do we have a lot of corroborating evidence. maybe valerie will talk about that, too. when she comes u. -- up. we don't know what the motive is. we were asked earlier if there was terrorism involved. we continue to investigate that. we know there are 13 fatalities including the shooter. we do have more information now on the decedents. their ages are 46 to 73 years of age. the families now are still in the process of being notified. seven families have been notified. the process continues to notify the other six.
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the process is continuing now as we speak. with injuries, we didn't have presize numbers earlier . we know there are eight people who incurred one or another kind of injury. of the eight, three were shot including officer scott williams who chief linnear and i went visit this evening. he is doing well, is in great spirits. there were two other civilians shot with relatively minor injuries. the other five range from a stress reaction to someone who fell and had head injury, chest pain, contusions and an abrasion.
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eight injuries, people who were hospitalized as a result of those. there is no reason to think they won't be fine. one other point. we anticipate tomorrow the traffic patterns will be back to normal in the city. all the bridges will be open. all the streets in the area of the navy yard will be open as the investigation, of course, will be continuing tomorrow in the days a head. we have been in close contact with the white house. they have been in close contact with us. the president reached out. his staff and the president through them reached out to connect with us as the process unfolded throughout the day. this is a horrific tragedy. i want to thank the first
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responders who did an extraordinary job dealing with this horrific tragedy. our police officers and the various law enforcement agencies that have done a sterling job. i want to especially thank fire and emergency medical services for the work they have done today. they had to make many transports and did an extraordinary job doing that. chef ellerbee. thank you for your work today in order to handle that important responsibility. so with that having been said, i will ask chief linnear to share things with you. >> thank you. i will pick up where the mayor left off. i can't say enough about the first responders. all the training exercising and daily interaction we have here with more than 30 law enforcement agencies of some type in the district. the team work as we hear story of after story and having been
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on the scene and listening to transmissions throughout the course of the day, 24 years doing this in the city, i'm very proud of the team work. the ability to pull together, the heroic effort s, united states park police working with metropolitan police department quickly entering the building along with security from the navy yard as well as support from partners quickly brought in for mutual aid, maryland state, park police, helicopters as well as fairfax to see three different jurisdictions all on scene less than 45 minutes to coordinate emergency response whether it be fire, emergency medical support from at least prince georges county brought in d.c. fire, ems to to medevac.
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just incredible work. united states marshall service entering with teams of mpd. ncis also picked up to carry an injured police officer out of the building. story after story. terrific response. so thank you for all of the local and regional partners who responded. i will say metro transit as well. we transported witnesses. never had to ask for support. they were always there to provide what we needed. we appreciate the work of metro transit. as of now with the last outstanding lookout we had with
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the person connected to the deceased shooter, that was a lookout we put out for a black male 40 to 50 in olive drab uniform. we have exhausted all mean s available to either support or discount the lookout. we are comrtable at this point to lift the shelter in place to the residents in the neighborhood thank them for sheltering in place for an extended period of time. we have exhausted all means to eliminate the possible last suspect. we are confident we have the single and sole person responsible for the loss of life inside the base today. if anything changes as we continue to go forward we'll make it available to the public. again, we are lifting the shelter in place and we appreciate the support from our community members.
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we'll most likely have all traffic closures around the area open by 5:00 a.m. for morning commute. we'll make sure it is put out for the public in advance. listen to your local news media before you come in for work in the morning. as we we go through finalizing next of kin notification we have identified one d.c. resident among the victims. in terms of our outreach and local community our hearts go out to all of the victims certainly. at least one of our victims now we have a confirmed d.c. resident. at this point we don't have anything to support that any of the victims so far identified are active duty military. we have civilian and contractors so far that have been identified. we have work to do. no active duty military have been identified amongst the victims at this point. with that i will turn it over to the assistant director of the
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fbi to let her update you on the investigation. >> good evening. as we have stated, this continues to be a very active investigation. the fbi's evidence response teams continue to process the shooting scenes. these teams have special capabilities to include bullet trajectory analysis and crime scene mapping. we also continue to follow every lead related to the shootings to include piecing together the movement and activities of aaron alexis. while we have learned some information about his reevent whereabouts we continue to work to determine where he's been, who he talked to and what he's done. this includes determining the origins of the weapons he used but because the investigation still continues we will not comment further on weapons used in today's shooting. we can confirm, however, that mr. alexis had legitimate access
9:22 pm
to the navy yard as a result of his work as a contractor. h he utilized a valid pass to gain en tri to the navy yard. we continue to work to identify and locate additional witnesses to today's events and any individuals who may have information about mr. alexis. we appreciate the information provided so far by the public. we continue to ask for any and all information reelated to mr. alexis and today's tragic event s. please report this information by calling 800-call-fbi. 800-225-5324. we again thank the public for your cooperation and we'll continue to update you on this investigation as it progresses. thank you. >> from the united states park
9:23 pm
police, you heard chief linnear talk about teams. we were a part of the team this morning. we have a more subordinate rule now but commit to her and the mayor that we eel provide whatever reare sources available when appropriate to help complete this investigation. thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor, for bringing us to this last report to the city and the region. as in the beginning, our first thoughts tonight are with the victim and families. we'll lead moments of silence, but we are not going to be silent about the tragedy that occurred here today. there are many outstanding questions. most of the questions are outstandi
9:24 pm
outstanding. many of us in the city have been plagued by gun violence. among them is how someone, whatever his badge managed to get a high powered gun into one of the most secure facilities in the district of columbia. i'm sure the navy will be doing its own investigation. tomorrow i uh will be working with others to get an independent investigation of what occurred here. our thanks to the d.c. police who responded promptly. they have made the district of columbia since 9/11 the most protected and the most secure can city in the united states. but we do not fool ourselves. we understand that in an open and democratic and free society,
9:25 pm
you cannot make yourself impenetrable especially when there are more guns than there are people in the united states the today. we take very seriously when security at one of the most secure facilities is penetrated. and where the security is bre h breached. by also regard the naval c. system command as a neighbor, a part of the residential mixed use and we like it that way. i preach yat the banquet room they built to accommodate residents. i will work with the system command to maintain the relationship with the neighborhood while shoring up security here in the neighborhood and at the facility. thank you very much.
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>> all right. we'll take questions. >> a question for the special agent in charge. can you classify the work in the building. how much work there is yet to do. >> there is still quite a bit of work left to do. inside processing the scene i expect them to be there finishing up. it took us a while. they haven't been in there that long processing the eviden on scene. i would say 48 hours wouldn't be unreasonable. >> are a lot of people left in the snard. >> i believe most of the people who were alive have been cleared from the navy yard. >> civilians and military were among the casualties. do you have any belief the shooter avoided hitting military
9:27 pm
personnel? >> we have no information as to motive. >> the person talking about bringing a weapon into the building and the navy yard, is there a sense that the suspect was able to lift weapons off any of the victims? >> that's part of the ongoing investigation. i can't comment on it. >> was there a ren tall car found near the scene that be longed to the gunman? >> we are processing a vehicle at the scene reelated to the shooting. [ inaudible ] >> there is a park officer with an injury. not a gunshot but other related injuries to the incident. i believe we have at least one contract security working with naval district of washington. we will confirm it uh going forward. i believe we have at least one. >> with the injured officer, can you tell us about how he's
9:28 pm
doing? >> he's in good spirits. his family is here. parents, and brothers and sisters. he's been on the department around 24 years. came on around the same time i i did. worked together many years. canine officer. he has a serious injury. right now his family is here and he's in good spirits. the mayor visited him as well. partner agencies helped to get him out of the building and helped to get him medical attention he needed. he's very grateful for the responders who helped to get him. he has a stellar record. >> why did you think there was a second shooter and why is that
9:29 pm
not the case mow? >> obviously the more information we can put out as time goes on. we e rrgs r on the side of caution. through witness, victim interviews, some camera views there could have been other shooters involved. the best action for us to take. we weeded through the information. we want to clear the community but would rather e rr on the side of caution. we have spent the last several hours trying to go through everything to make sure we were comfortable that we cleared all that information to get it out as quickly as possible. sometimes we ask for patience from the community. >> last question. >> at what point do you the
9:30 pm
expect to identify the victims? >> there will be a press release put out following this event. i believe it is completed. those victims who were identified, and next of king notified, we'll release that. i believe it is here with us so we can hand it out. we'll put out if remainder when next of kin is notified. >> thank you very much. >> that concludes the press conference. back to fox news correspondent jennifer griffin. the thing that seized my attention is how real it is when you hear seven families have been notified tonight. they are looking to t notify the other five. the families are home waiting, wondering. to me that's the most painful part. >> they were between age 43 and 73, i think she said. they were people eating in the cafeteria when the gunman opened fire from the fourth floor down
9:31 pm
into the atrium where they were eating. it's interesting that he got on the base. people have been asking how he got on this secure base here in washington, d.c. he had a legitimate i.d. and that confirms he had a security clearance and had a base i.d. that went back to july. >> we back up again. how in tworld -- what kind of security check did this guy get? i don't want to bring up snowden, but we know what kind he h got as a contractor. is he that clever that someone capable of murder ing 12 people viciously could pass a security check? >> also, they quickly recogni d recognized. he had at least two sieve yap a -- civilian arrests wes know
9:32 pm
about. >> one good lawsuit for doing the ridiculous security checks when people are in the system criminally. that will put an end to that. >> something went wrong. we are hearing from capitol hill there is an inspector general's report suggesting that the security at the navy yard wasn't what it should have been. >> jennifer, thank you. straight ahead, the shooting investigation now stretching from coast to coast from d.c. and new york to ft. worth and seattle. find out what police are looking for. we have live reports from texas and seattle coming up.
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we need a new recipe. hmmm. let us consult the scroll of infinite deliciousness. ♪ oh! perfect. [ wisest kid ] campbell's has the recipes kids love. like easy chicken and cheese enchiladas. so good! can i keep this? you already have it at nice. [ blows ] [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good! we are getting new information about the navy yard killer. tonight, aaron alexis, former roommate speaking from ft. worth, texas. >> three different locations. three different addresses. i moved out oh. he moved out with me and moved. it's a friend. he's my big brother. he teaches me a lot. i admire him.
9:37 pm
>> texas police records show alexis has an arrest record. natalie solis has the latest. what's the story on his arrest record? >> reporter: right. i can tell you he was arrested september 4, 2010. a woman told ft. worth police someone fired into her apartment. the bullet came in through the floor, up to the ceiling. she just happened to be sitting there, saw the puff of smoke. police went and talked to aaron alexis. he told them he wassing koog c clean ing the gun at the same time. his hands got slippery and he accidentally discharged the weapon. he did tell police -- excuse me, police did say they saw the gun taken apart, that there was a cleaning kit next to it. they did also talk to this woman. she told police she was terrified of him. she said he had confronted her in the parking lot of the
9:38 pm
apartment complex and he said that she was making too much noise. she told police she believed the whole thing was intentional. the police didn't file a case. i should mention he had a concealed handgun license. >> did he live with anyone in texas? he's not originally from texas. >> reporter: exactly. he's not originally from texas. he spent time in thailand and befriend add thai family here that owned a thai restaurant. he spoke thai well. liked the to practice with that thai family. they helped him a lot. he lived with them for some time. he helped out in their restaurant. he wasn't a paid employee. he worked for tips. and the monks at a buddhist
9:39 pm
temple took him under their wing. a lot of people befriended him. he did have a specific interest in the thai community. >> how did he make it to d.c.? was this just a part-time job or had he severed ties? do you know, with texas? >> that was one of the questions we asked. as a matter of fact, i was told by a friend he was last year at this naval air station about six to eight months ago. he still had access here and they would go shop. the rest after that, according to friend s is a little bit buzz fuzzy. to their knowledge he was working with a contract tr to. it was that contractor that had him moving around. from what i have heard he didn't b have a lot of close contact with them. so they were a little bit out of the loop as to what exactly all his movements were and why he ended up in d.c. >> natalie, thank you very much. now "on the record" takes you to
9:40 pm
seattle, washington, where aaron alexis also had a brush with the law. anchor david rose joins us live with that part of the story. david, at some point he had some trouble in your neck of the woods. what was it and when? >> when you look at the court records, two things emerge . one, he was a horrible driver. he was ticketed for speeding and caused a wreck on a highway here. and he had a temper. he wasn't afraid to take out a gun and express rage. he was arrested in 2004 after he was upset with construction workers over a parking situation on a home they were working on. he went outside, pulled his gun and fired three shots into their tires and calm ily walked back inside. detectives couldn't find him for a month. when they did the said they were disrespecting him. gives you an idea he had paranoia. he said he bhaked out and didn't
9:41 pm
remember pulling the trigger. >> was he h charged with a crime or did the police look the other way and say, fine, don't do it again. >> this is where it gets murky. i'm no lawyer. perhaps you have more insight. the police referred the case of malicious mischief to the city attorney's office. the city attorney says they never got the case. so then after a year it was dismissed. he was original ily going to face misdemeanors for damaging property. the case was dismissed and after the year the files were wiped away. we are trying to track it down still tonight. >> sounds like someone dropped the ball between the referring police and the prosecutor. why was he living in seattle? >> he had family here. he think it was his grandmother and aunt not willing to talk to us here. at the time he was working for the navy. he was centered here in beacon
9:42 pm
hill. we have not tracked down many people that knew him. i haven't talked to anybody that knew him personally. family members weren't willing to talk to the media. we are trying to put a picture together of who the guy was. >> well, there is still a lot to learn. thank you very much. coming up, new york city police also actively investigating this d.c. shooter. a live report from brooklyn is next. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region
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tonight the investigation into the washington navy yard massacre stretching from behind me in washington, d.c. to texas, to seattle and even new york. wnyw linda schmidt is live in brooklyn. what's going on in brooklyn as part of t investigation? >> reporter: good evening to you and fox news channel. we are standing in front of
9:47 pm
alexis eegs mother's home. i will have any camera man, carl, push in here. it is a brownstone. his mother lives on the third floor. the fbi and nypd showed up here around 4:00 this afternoon. they have been questioning the family now for hours. another thing to point out, you can uh see the yellow police tape here. right now it is just in front of the mother's home. however when we got here around 4:00 this afternoon, half of the street, putnam avenue, was blocked off. in fact the people who live here had to have i.d. to get past this police tape in order to get home. that now has been opened up and the police tape is just in front of the home. something else interesting happened here tonight. before the nypd and fbi showed up, the brother-in-law, alexis's brother-in-law walked into the home, came back out and was talking to reporters. he was telling reporters that he
9:48 pm
had never met his brother-in-law. and that, in fact, his wife has not seen her brother in five years. it was just about that time that the nypd and fbi investigators showed up at the home, immediately went inside and, like i said, interviewed the family for hours. around 8:00 some of the cops went out and got a bag of food and walked in with several boxes of pizza as well obviously for them and the family. they had been talking to them for so long. around 9:00, about 15 investigators came out of the home. however, carl, let's push in. i want to show here that there are still nypd cops. regular street cops posted outside of the home here and more than likely will be here around the clock until they wrap up the investigation. greta? >> linda, is this where he grew up or some place where his mother since he's become an adult has moved, if you know?
9:49 pm
>> reporter: no, he didn't grow up here. this is where his mother moved a few years ago. i interviewed somebody in queens which you know isn't far from brooklyn. the family lived there 11 years ago 2002. one of the women who lived in the building remembered the family. she described them as a very nice, kwie t sh seemingly normal family that didn't have parties. she thought they were polite and kind. she was blown away when she heard the news about alexis. she said it didn't fit his personality at that time. again, that was 11 years ago. he would have been about 23 at the time. >> linda, thank you very much. straight ahead a tightly secured military installation comes under attack. how could it happen? major ge my asthma's under control. i don't miss out... you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job...
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♪ oh, i believe there are angels among us... ♪ it was the biggest race of the year, ♪ sent down to us from somewhere up above ♪ and no matter what, i was gonna win. ♪ they come to you and me ♪ and that's when i realized that some things are more important than winning. ♪ to teach us how to give ♪ to guide us with the light of love. ♪ >> greta: washington navy >> the washington navy yard is right behind me. and this is where the massacre occurred. it's a heavily secured military facility. so how could the shooter get in? nice to see you, sir. >> hi, greta. >> he had a legitimate pass, but how did he get? >> a normal civilian without an
9:54 pm
id card would have to actually stop if he or she is in a car, they would have the car search or their purse or package searched. if you have a legitimate military id. on the back is a code. and one someone swipes that code, that means you could legitimately get in without your card being searched or your being searched. a civilian would have a common access card that has a it wille chip in it. serves exactly the same purpose. instead of swiping it, you hit that card on the chip. you're cleared to go? >> not searched? >> a random search. >> how easy is it to have an ar-15 on him. that's what i don't get. >> if he's just walking through the masses at the beginning oof
9:55 pm
rush hour, if he's kroor carrying a backpack of sorts, it's conceivable he could have it in a backpack or some other type of container. if he's got one of these, he most likely won't be searched. >> no metal detector? >> not usually. you walk right on through unless you look suspicious. >> that's like -- mel metal detector is not going to stop you if you don't have a gun on you, you're not going to -- you're going to slide through pretty easily. >> absolutely. or if you're driving a car and you have a trunk full of explosives, i'm exaggerating, but if you have a reason to be on the post, you have one of these, generally speaking, the guard will simply swipe it and let you through without a search. >> the more security than nonmilitary. >> when you go into a military, that's different.
9:56 pm
our live coverage continues. what the fbi is looking for tonight. live from the washington navy yard next. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?° ♪ the joint is jumpin' osteo bi-flex® elps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints.° osteo bi-flex... also in joint & muscle and joint & bone. als i don't know.uscle how did you get here? [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly i as planned.. really?
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