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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 16, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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ude skin redness or irritation where applied, increased d blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron. >> greta: this is a fox news alert we're live at this is a fox news alert, we are live at the washington navy yard where we're getting new information about the mass shooting. 12 people gunned down. the gunman also dead. and tonight is, police say they believe aaron alexis was the only gunman. here's a look at how those terrifying events unfolded today. >> a active shooter at the washington navy yard right now is being sought. there's at least one victim and at least three shots were fired.
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>> what did the shots sound like? loo. >> like wow, wow, wow. the suspect is in the fourth floor of the navy yard. >> everyone is going down stairs. people were pushing and shoving. trying to get out over the wall. it was crazy. a very frantic call went out for an officer down inside that building on the third floor. >> spokesperson talking in washington saying there were at the moment four quote, unquote, victims. including one police officer. it is not clear whether the victims are wounded or dead.
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>> there's a heck now at the top of the building where we believe all the action is. whatever was dropped down, that helicopter was pulled back up. now from where i am, i can see a person on the side of it. it's not clear whether this person carrying this assault rifle, whether he worked on the base, had access to the base. >> we saw him raise the rifles in our direction. >> there's the assumption that there's more than one shooter at this time. >> we're still trying to con virm the number of fatalities. >> we have one officer that was shot inside the navy yard.
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we have one shooter that we believe involved in this that is deceased. we have two oh shooters that we have not located at this point. >> they heard two shots in the alley way. >> we'll do everything to make sure whoever made out this act is responsible. >> a witness took a picture of one victim, reportedly a man laying helpless on the ground. you can see we're trying to help him. we have no idea if that victim survived. aaron alexis, he is 34 years old from texas. >> we talked about the possibility, one of those have been ruled out. that gentleman has been identified and is no longer a
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suspect. we don't know what the motive is at this stage. >> we now have a total of 13 fatalities, including the shooter. >> what we know about air roan alexis is he was a navy reservist. he left the navy in 2011. >> there were two other possible suspects. >> they're still looking for a black male in its 50s. he was armed and seen on surveillance video. >> officials say tt suspect never deployed, never served in combat, never deployed to a war zone. he was an aviation elect trigs until 2011 in ft. worth texas. friends say he left the navy because he didn't like getting out of bed so early. aaron alexis was charged in 2010 with unlawfully discharging husband weapon into a neighbor's living room. his friends say he recently
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travelled to thailand, that he was a buddhist. a buddhist with apparent anger issues. rick leventhal joins us. rick? >> greta, we just came from a news conference with the mayor of washington, the police chief and the head of the mib mib office's here in d.c. the metropolitan police department handed us this list. let's get to this sad list of names. their families have been notified so we can release their names. these are seven of the victims. 59-year-old michael around, 53-year-o 53-year-old, 73-year-old john roger johnson, 5-year-old frank
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kohle, kenneth bernard proctor. we are told that these victims are not active duty military. apparently, none of those killed according to the metropolitan police department are active duty military. at least one is a d.c. resident. their families have been notified, per still working to notify the family members of the four others, five others who were killed in this morning's shooting. we also learned the shooter in this case had legitimate access to the nay yard. he utilized a valid pass according to the fbi to get on to the navy yard and begin that shoot i shooting spree today.
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they also told us they are lifting the shelter in place because of what we told you last hour, they no longer believe there's anyone involved in the shooting. there were two other possible suspects named earlier. the second one, they were trying to find. they now say there was no reason to believe anyone else was involved. they exhausted all their resources and have determined that, in fact, there was a sole shooter this morning and that there's no longer any search ongoing for anyone el. we also talked to the fbi about their investigation on scene. they tell us that it's going to take roughly 48 hours to finalize the processing of the crime scene inside building 197. it took them a while to get going today, the fbi residence response team. they're there now and they have a very, very long and tedious task ahead of them to document every inch inside that building to try to determine exactly what happened inside. every step of the way from every
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bullet fired. but we do have again confirmed one shooter who's dead. a dozen who were killed, and eight injuries. and and one other note here, three people were shot and wounded in today's shooting, i colluding officer scott williams. who went into surgery. he was visited by the mayor and the police chief who said he's doing very well, he's in very good spirits. one person suffered a head injury when they fell. this's no indications the other eight people injured or wounded today will be -- there's every indication that they'll be okay, greta. so a lot of informing cops from this news conference. but the main thing is uh they're not looking for anyone else.
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nice to see you, sir. tuned in. suddenly heard about it. and when i learned where it was and what building it was in, i said, i've been in that building. i know it and i know i've got friends working in there. a form eclassmate of mine both of them were in there. we texted back abforth. they were barricaded in a conference room as rounds were going above their head in the wall. trying to keep their staff calm and safe in the office there. you eve got people like your two friends holed up in a room trying to protect others. and the uncertainty and the noise and the chaos.
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it's hard to imagine this. it's square. it's supported by steal boems. it echos so much inside of there they didn't know which direction to go or where to go. >> it's nice to talk to news conference. said he had a, quote, legitimate task. i just wanted to role my eyes at that. legitimate pass was from a terrible security check. if they had done a decent one, they would have found out his checkered history in seattle, in texas. why he got -- why he left the navy. i mean, it's not legitimate just because it happened to be issue. if it's done on a very, you know -- i don't know how to describe what happened. >> i think the investigation is clearly going to unfold and it showed that the background
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checks that we are doing, given the rapid expansion that we've had no government since 9/11 to try to keep us safe has allowed people to come into the system and retain security systems they may not necessarily be entitled to as they gone through a much more rigorous check. at this point, it's going to be a matter of the american people investing the money in the department of defense to get these checks done right. >> how much did it take? in the last six hours, we've learned his name. we already in the media know about his prior arrests. we've been to texas, seattle, new york. they've got fingerprints. it doesn't take a lot. if the media can get this in six hours, you know, why can't b some -- why can't the government stop contracting out to someone else and do terrible security checks. swup made a bad judgment to allow this individual. you're not allowed to hold
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weapons. yet this guy clearly taking shots at car tires should never have been allowed to get a security clearance given what we know right now. but again, i'll allow the investigation to unfold a little bit. i think we really need to learn not just how it happened but why. it's not just security checks. >> thank you for joining us. >> straight ahead, the fbi taking the lead in this investigation. find out what agents are looking for our live coverage of the masker in t-- massacre at the nation's capital next. >> are you guys okay? okay. i love you, too. bye. >> is that who you were looking for? >> that's my husband. he's okay. they just got out of the building safely. they heard gunshots all morning.
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they got out safely. they're being debriefed. >> that must have been nerve wracking for you all morning long. >> yes. it was the worst morning imaginable. i want to find him safely now and give him a human being and tell him i love him and take him home. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we don't know the motive for for the massacre. the fbi now leading the investigation. >> fib jeff lanza, good evening, sir. how extensive are security checks generally.
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>> well, they're supposed to be pretty extensive on the type of security cloerns, whether they're going to have secret security clearance, top security clearance. each has a different level of things that they do to get that clearance. they're usually done by contractors. these are contracted out in many cases for government agent spips and whether you get a good one or not depends on who that's contracted out to and the particular investors who do the background investigation. >> when i was an intern for three months at the u.s. attorney's office in 1978, the fbi did a background check on me and everybody else. whatever happened to the fbi doing the background check. we just don't have the money or the manpower? >> they still do background checks for certain 4relevels of government. but they just don't have the manpower request 12,6 of 00 agents roughly in the country working terrorism investigation, counterterrorism cases and all
10:18 pm
the other responsibilities that they have, they don't have enough resources to do the background investigations for the government agencies. >> what ask is the fbi doing in there tonight? >> the focus of the investigation, inside the crime scene, you've spoken about that, it's a frenzing investigation. they're going to go through inch by inch where he was shooting down in the calf fear yeah and figure out where the shots were fired and piece together the time lines specifically from the time he entered that building to the time the events came to a conclusion with his death this morning. >> why did they have to do all that? they probably have videotapes showing that he did. but why do they have to do such, you know, he's dead. it's not like this is going to
10:19 pm
trial. so why are they giving so much time and energy? is it out of the respect for the families or people who died? it's pretty obvious when you look at the tapes, i suspect. >> if the person was still alive, you need that for trial preparation anticipate for evidentiary purposes. but still, in these types of investigations, you do that to do an after-action report. these will be looked at in the future fwi other groups of people to see what could have been done differently in theed by ing to prevent it from happening. they can also look to see what steps could have been taken maybe from a physical standpoint in developing the space in these types of buildings that would have limited the exposure to the number of people that were shot today. >> i suppose a good idea would be to make sure that people like this man don't get into the building. and especially getting in armed as mefs, if indeed, he was armed, it didn't take the weapon
10:20 pm
from a security guard or something. >> right. how he got in with that amount of weaponry, i have no idea. but this really leads back to the issue of the security clearance and the background that was -- that did not uncover or did. and no one acted upon it. these violent events in his history. i mean, almost every time we see a case of the workplace violence, there's something that led up to that either in the work place or something in someone's past. and usually someone doesn't take that into consideration when making decisions on how to handle people like this. >> thank you, sir, for joining us. >> you're welcome, greta. coming up, one witness to the pandemonium, taking a photo that went viral. what did that picture show? you're going to hear from the man who took it next. ear from te man that took it, next.r from te >> we were trying to pay attention but everybody was looking at what is going on at the building
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>> a lot of us work there at the building. i'm on the second deck. so it's just -- i'm just wonder, like, you know, did any of my shipmates make it out okay. just keep everybody in your prayers. [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods.
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10:25 pm
evacuated. they said there was a shooter, an active shooter. i still proceeded to my kaer to go to work. i see police. i come up new jersey and m and i see a man lying on the corner. that's the photo that i took. and it looked like there. >>'s apandemonium. i saw a lot of fist responders barrelling down this street. a police came over. asked people to step away. a lot of foebs pfolks panicked. i couldn't assess what the man's injuries were. i don't know. and that's when our office tweeted the photo. we said we don't know exactly, couldn't confirm. but it looked like he had been injured caught up in the pandemonium and collapsed or had a heart attack, i don't know. >> was it taken on your cell phone? >> i'm curious, besides the
10:26 pm
picture, what was it like out here. did you sense people were running out here? walking calm sni. >> the folks looked like they had done this many times in drills. but as i got to the metro, that's where folks were pouring out of the metro, probably hadn't seen their phones yet. there was a lot more panic there as they were arriving at the work place. they hadn't even put the caution tape up yet. >> an hour later, the helicopters were frantly searching. we had to maneuver around the police tape to get any place. by that time, the skies were filled with helicopters searching everything. >> ielgt roosh right. >> they searched my crime.
10:27 pm
rifles draup. definitely a different feeling for a lot of staffers who had never been through something like this before. >> and don't want to go through it again. >> hopefully not. >> don, thank you so much. >> coming up from d.c. to new york and from texas to seattle, police tracking down information on gunman aaron alexis. live report coming up. alarm went ust working at our off which, you know, occasionally, there's a practice or there's a fire in the building. and immediately, there was an announcement that there was a fire emergency in the building. but our fire wardens came running very quickly, yelling for everyone to get out of the building now. and that's when we started moving. [ male announcer ] what's important to you?
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more calendars. aww. polish it. punish it. and you're done. wt. one more. now you're done. ♪ >> as of right now, what we had with the last person connected to the deceased shooter, and that was a lookout that we put out for a black male between the ages of 40 and 50 an olive drab uniform. obviously we had multiple witness accounts that we're sorting through. we have now kpused all means that we have available to either support or discount that lookout. and we are comfortable at this point to lift the shelter in place to the residents in the neighborhood. thank them first of all, residents and businesses for supporting us. but we feel comfortable right now that we've exhausted all means to eliminate that possible last suspect.
10:32 pm
so we now feel comfortable that we have the single and sole person responsible for the loss of life inside of the base today. if neg changes as we continue to go forward, we will certainly make that available to the public. but again, we are lifting the shelter in place and we appreciate the support from our community members. >> metropolitan police playing a big role in the shooting investigation. ted williams joins us. nice to see you, ted. >> who is staying at that hotel? >> all indication from my source, it's the resident inn marriott here in southwest washington. he had been staying there for a while. when i stopped by there tonight, it was surrounded by law
10:33 pm
enforcement officers. >> how far is it from here walking distance? >> it's about a 10-minute walk from here. >> any idea how long he's been living there? >> no, none of my sources can tell me that, greta. >> who paid that, who paid his bill. >> that's a good question. he was a contract employee and he was contracted from my sources by hewlett-packard. so as a result of that, they may very well have been paying his bill. >> any idea what kind of work he did? >> no. but he had access to the navy yard. heck get on there. and now you can kind of understand how if he had access to the navy yard how he would not go through close scrutiny because he had some kiernd kind of card to get on there. >> everyone was talking about the news conference tonight. >> they said he had, quote, legitimate access because he had a card to get in because he passed a security check. but the security check apparently was done in july by a
10:34 pm
contractor. and whoever did the security check didn't pick up on the fact that he had an incident in texas, an incident in seattle, which the media has been able too pick up in the last six hours. i guess by putting his name in google or something. this whole idea that he, quote, legitimate. you be get a security card if you have an arrest in your system? >> what is very troubling is the fact that these contractors are not put under the scrutiny that they should be. you would think after the no snowden incident that he would have been -- contractors would be placed under more scrutiny. i can assure you in the future, they will. >> unless congress has given these contractors some sort of immunity from lawsuits, whoever is going these security checks for them, i don't know if it's
10:35 pm
been written into some law that they have immunity. i tell you, one good lawsuit in an instance like this in these half hazardly -- whatever the word is. not like what it sounded. there's the responsibility of the united states government as well as the contractors. >> but i think what happens is that hewlett-packard contracts to somebody else to do the security checks. and they are, you know, and it's like, i don't know what the other ones are like, but i've seen two really bad ones in the past six months. >> you and i both. i cannot tell you how tragic
10:36 pm
this is. >> 12 people dead. seven families have been notified. five others are just waiting for confirmation. they know their loved one hasn't come home. this is one of the -- this is so unbelievably horrible for 12 families and their friends. >> the worst thing in the world was to have to notify a family that their loved one is not coming home. >> yeah. it's just unbelievable. why? because some guy goes into the building and decides to viciously gun down 12 people. and if he could have gotten more, my guess is he wanted manier. -- more. >> without a doubt, the metropolitan police department along with the federal agents involved did a job of get into that building, 197. getting in an expeditious manner and actually getting control of
10:37 pm
that scene and by killing that guy. >> and the investigation now reaches from coast to coast. gunman aaron alexis had brushes with the law in seven states. his background is what? >> a lot of people are wondering how he got security cleemparanct all after having two if not more arrests in his past. he was arrested in 2004 in seattle, washington, of police say he shot out the tires of a vehicle owned by a construction crew owned by the house last year. he had a blackout related to his anger. that's what he told police, apparently upset over the noise they were making. the marking situation that was ongoing because of the construction in the neighborhood. and then in 2010, he allegedly
10:38 pm
shot a round through the ceiling of his apartment into the neighbor's apartment upstairs. he had an ongoing dispute with that neighbor about the noise he made in that apartment. he confronted her in the parking lot prior to the shootling. she said she was terrified of him. and when police got to him, he didn't come out. eventually he came out, he told police he was cleaning his weapon and he shot by accident. police apparently didn't buy that story and that shooting in ft. worth in 2010 apparently was the reason why he was discharged from the navy in 2011. now he's a subcontractor, working in the i.t. department at the navy yard which may be how he gained active to the navy yard. 13 total dead including the gunman. one of those wouned was a d.c. police officer. the canine officer has been with
10:39 pm
the department for more than 20 years. the police chief knows them very well. they joined the department around the same time. he spoke about visiting this wounded police officer earlier this evening in the hospital. here's what she said. >> great police officer, i've known him for most of the 23 years of. he's got a stellar record. >> surrounded by his family, very grateful for the response that he got and for the help that he got so quickly, greta. and so you know, the other thing about the news conference, not the d.c. police and the park police, there were numerous agents responded. and they trained repeatedly with each other on how to respond incidents like this one. it's not about radioing fellow members of your own department. it's about coordinating with all of these other responding agencies. including the marshall service and the fib fish and the park police and the capital police. and they all work together.
10:40 pm
they said very well today as evidenced by the way this whole thing played out. >> i would have asked in a security clearance, hey, why were you discharged from the navy? my next question, would you ever have been arrested? it's not hidden astroturf. it's amazing. are we hearing more information about who actually did the security check and gave him the clearance for hewlett-packard? >> i don't have that information, but i think in today's world when we've heard so much about how thorough the government can be in checking up on people's backgrounds and tracing people's whereabouts.
10:41 pm
he had legitimate access to that navy yard, despite an apparent criminal record, not just in texas and seattle, washington, but also apparently at least one arrest in georgia. we're still look into possible connections into this gunman. but how he had legitimate access and how he passed any background check when he was hired after shooting incidents. discharged from the navy and then access to the navy yard is something authorities are interested in at this point obviously now looking back. the other note here, greta, of course, is an ongoing investigation and an ongoing search of that building where the shooting took place and the fbi told us they're going to be in there for another 4 hours or so. but again, no other suspect being sought. they now cleared that and they know this is the guy. >> you're going to hear directly from the secretary of the navy. live coverage from the washington navy yard continues next. p teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile food. with special crunchy kibbles and great taste...
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and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. >> greta: secretary of the navy rush together shooting scene. >> rice nis to see>> how did yo? where are you? >> how were you? >> i was at the pentagon. there were reports of a shooting at the navy yard and put our emergency plan in motion. each installation is more
10:46 pm
important than the other. but this is a particularly -- you know, this is the oldest one in the nation. >> regardless, we are a family, a navy family. whether it's uniformed or civilians. and this was an attack on our entire family. we were bringing in people from the navy yard. most of their concerns were about their co-workers, worrying about where they were, how they were doing. >> any idea why building 197 was targeted? >> i can't say anything about the ongoing investigation because it is that. it is an ongoing investigation. so anything about why it happened, why it happened there, i just can't comment on. >> what goes on in that particular building.
10:47 pm
>> it is the group that have designs, builds and repairs or ships. >> what in the world do you tell to the families who have suffered the unthinkable today. >> just that our hearts are with you. this was an attack on our whole family. it is unexplainable and unimaginable.
10:48 pm
but as a family, we will get through this. we have mobilized all the resources we have at our command. we have counselors already where the people from washington navy yard are being taken by bus. we have longer things at joint base people and they're going to need help. we spoke to the president or secretary of defense today. >> the president called and sent his thoughts and prayers and mrs. obama. and the white house has been checking in on a very, very regular basis. >> have you stepped up security on other bases around the country? >> we've upped the security alert in the d.c. area.
10:49 pm
>> it does look like one guy random, but it is only an investigation. >> it's still under investigation. again, whatever the motive the, why it happened, whether it happened, we just have to wait. >> coming up, more live coverage coming up from the washington navy yard. stay with us. ♪ [fuzz pile] we sure ve it great here. [curly fry] i know, right.
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earlier at the washington navy yard we spoke >> captain, first of all, you know, what a harrowing experience. >> a tough day. >> a lot of loss of life? >> we were evacuated by police from the building. we were barricaded in place.
10:53 pm
>> i talked to colleagues later. i don't want to give any names because that will come through official chabls, but i know i lost a friend today. a colleague of mine told me that a mutual friend of ours, someone i served in the pentagon with before. >> i was going over presentations we were going to give later on about our program. we heard a loud noise. i said that's odd. then we dependent think anything of it. then a few minutes later, we heard additional noises that sounded like gun fire. and someone yelled i can't remember, what it was, it's there's a shooter or it's gunfire or something that alerted there was danger, lock
10:54 pm
the doors. and the conference room that i wasexterior, there's a main passage way to the office building, where the office and cubes were. and there's another door to the conference room. someone in my -- and i don't know who, some unsung hero locked the exterior doors. so we were looked into that area. and then everybody went into either interior ooffices or that conference room and barricaded ourselves in. we were there, that happened between 8:00 and 8:30. most of us onka rur blackberries trying to text each other. i was trying to make sure i knew where all the people who worked for me were. and then trying to send e-mails and texts, sorry about that, to report to my boss to let her know which of my people i had
10:55 pm
accounted for, which i didn't. we were in there until a little after 10:00. and at that point, the police came, got us out of the barricade, evacuated us out of building 197 to another building on the navy yard, got people water, some good, bathroom. the medics looked over anyone who they thought might have issues. there were none of my folks. none of my folks were seriously injured. one of my folks as they were evacuating tripped and i think his knee is in pretty bad shape, but medics attended to him. the police agencies op the navy yard, they then held us until fairly recently.
10:56 pm
i did not hear the shooter or anything other than the gunshots. >> how were the people you were with responding to what was going on? >> i was proud of my foebs. i would say there was fear. i was reasonably scared myself, but there was not panic. a lot of people got on their blackberries. they tried to find out who was where. they tried to report that, we were texting each other. and they, you know, there was a fair am of, you know, i would say we managed to avoid panic until the police came and got us. >> how do you get into that facility? >> you have to ask someone el. i was -- since i was barricaded he would have gotten in. >> what do you have to do to get in every morning? >> our credentials are computer coded. we have to -- the front door has got an armed guard. computer checks you authorize to get a green light and walk on through. >> what if i'm visiting you and i'm not military, what do i get
10:57 pm
through? >> there's a visitor's center before the armed guard. >> you would call my office, i would sign you in, you would get a visitor badge and i would escort you around the building. but if you were scheduled for a visit. but no one gets into that building that isn't either escorted or isn't cleared in with a credentials that that i ear supposeded to be in there. >> other than security, does anyone armed inside that building? >> the only people i know of that are in there are either the security and othere's building security that is armed. and to the best of my knowledge. there are security and law enforcement who would be normally armed in the building. >> it's really tough to think a military facility, we've seen it before, but of all places to
10:58 pm
penetrate and kill is extraordinary. >> you said it. i have nothing more to add to that. it's still a little shocking. >> and stay with fox news channel for the latest on the navy yard shooting. good night. ? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at if you have high cholesterol, here's some information that may be worth looking into. in a clinical trial versus lipitor, crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol to a goal of under 100. getting to goal is important, especially if you have high cholesterol
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this is a fox news alert. we are learning more about the navy veteran and military veteran aaron alexis who police say shot and killed people and injured more inside the washington navy yard this morning. alexis from ft. worth, texas, is among the dead. the shooting began at 8:20 a.m. in the hall ways and cafeteria of a building which is part of the command headquarters. they were told to sheltder in place while hundreds of police officers and naval officers engaged him in


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