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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 17, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you for starting your day with us. >> they are trying to figure out why a navy service and defense contract employee went on a shooting rampage at the washington navy yard killing 13 people before -- 12 people before killing himself. >> new overnight police releasing the names of 7 of those victims. michael arnold >> peert doocy one of the first on the scene. i watched all of your coverage yesterday as it continued to unfold. you did a great job. what is the latest this morning? >> heather, the latest is that
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we are now learning the shooter's recent past included a job at a subcontractor for hewlett-packard as a company called "the expert. he had his security clearance renewed this summer. we can confirm he had legitimate access to the navy yard as a result of his work as a contractor. he utilized a valid pass to gain tree to the navy yard. >> that clearance was granted despite two prior civilian arrests one for unlawfully discharging a weapon in 2010 and one for disorderly conduct. his time as a navy reservist came to an end because of those arrests. but contractors telling the
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"washington post" a discharge from military is not a disqualifier for work there. gets his gig and aaron alexis was perched on a high floor inside building 197 shooting downward at innocent people just starting their workweek. he killed 12 people before authorities killed him. 14 were injured during the shooting spree. the victims who survived were speaking to authorities last night but many without bullet wounds are still going to be scared by the attack. they are telling all of the civilian and military plow es we will come together as a family. >> peter thank you so much. appreciate you getting up again for us. commander tim injuries was an eyewitness to the shooting. he describes the chaos and fear he felt as he and others fought
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to survive. >> we are on the 4th floor which is where i work at and we hear 1, 2, 3. sounds like something like a cap gun. it was loud sounds because it wasn't that close to us. you have people running by telling us to get out of the building. we evacuate the building like we do for any other fire event. i end up on the backside of the building between the boiler maintenance facility and our building. the gentlemen that came out from the back of the boiler building is standing tenext to me talkin to me. he dropd in front of me i took off after that. seeing somebody die here is more of a relationship of you talking to god or you realizing just how fragile life is and how random it is and how quickly you are here and you are not. >> were you that close? >> i was this far away. to get into the building you have to get on to base a which means you have to have an id card attack card.
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after that you have to have that tack card key for the people who work inside the building. if not you can check in with security at the front of the building. i have no idea who the shooters are how they got into the building how secure it is. if you would have asked that question at 8:30 this morning i would have said very secure it was a different story when i was running for my life. >> what can they tell us about the motive and should he have had security clearance to begin with. >> coo of the stefan group don burrell lee. >> let's talk about the criminal history of alexis. evidences raised twice before shooting into his neighbor's house shooting out tires at one point. how does someone with a criminal history like this get security clearance into the navy yard. >> i think that will be a key question that the investigation is going to work to find the answers. normally when you have an original security clearance it is very extensive.
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it lasts five years they look at employment history, school history, they talk to relatives your friends your neighbors. i know when i went through any own internal investigation with the fbi it was a very lengthy process. nowadays they are a bit shorter a lot of it hadz to do with they have been contracted out to companies. if this was not his original security clearance but it was up for a five year renewal. >> he said it was renewed as recently as july i believe. >> not ohm are people looking today at how evidencesable to get on to that area and how he was able to get those weapons in. they are looking at his past history and wondering why and possible motive. is there anything in the past history that we have heard so far the arrest, the allegations
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of being disturbed after helpin. his father said he suffered from ptsd, does that tell you anything in terms of a motive? >> i think a lot of that information is going to be answered in the days to come. i read different accounts where evidences frustrated about getting paid for certain contracts and obviously he hadz a history of anger management. you couple that with weapons it could be a deadly mix as we saw yesterday. >> done, let's ta -- don, let'st some of the weapons on him. ar 15 assault rifle a shot gun and a semi automatic pistol. how in the world did he get such a cash of weapons into the navy yard? >> as i have read in other reports he actually drove on to the navy yard using a valid credential. in this case it's likely that he pulled up to the guard gate he showed his credentials there's a picture on the credential that
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looked like him. the guard waived him through. normally if it's somebody that is known they are not going to search the car every time somebody that's a known employee goes on to an installation as opposed to a visitor who has never been on the installation before may have to pop the trunk. my assumption, although i haven't seen it confirmed he drove the weapons on to the base. >> i have a feeling all of that is going to change. they will make security measures much tighter there. don borelli live for us in the studioings. now to an extreme weather alert for you overnight the death tole rising to 8 in colorado. this morning more than 600 people still unaccounted for in the flood waters. emergency crews on the ground planning more door to door searchs today. helicopters from the u.s. army and national guard will also be out again as they air lift hundreds more stranded residents to safety.
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officials urging any one trapped to wave white sheets or use a mirror to reflect the sun and get rescuer's attention. >> there is more extreme weather to tell you about two storms simultaneously pounding mexico but on the opposite coast. more than 40 people are dead. flooding forces thousands out of their homes into emergency shelters. they have been battling this unrest dent -- undprentsed weather for over a week now. is the worst over for the colorado residents? >> unfortunately as far as any additional rainfall we are seeing improvement across sections of colorado with the forecast over the next several days being they are talking about generally dry conditions not just in colorado but in surrounding areas. parts of mexico had to deal with flooding over the day yesterday because of a lot of heavy rain that fell out there. generally drier conditions.
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it will talk time for the historic flood waters to recede over some of these rivers over the next several days. that's what we are looking at continued flooding along many rivers out there. otherwise what's left of that tropical storm impacting parts of mexico the remnants are impacting parts of that country. we are still expecting additional heavy rains but we are talking up to 25 inches of rain possible from this storm system pos especially on some of the higher elevations out there. we had a cold front move on tlau. that brought in much more fluid temperatures number of freeze warnings are in effect across up state new york and new england and across the great lakes and several frost advisories. >> thank you maria. the white house briefly put on lock down last night after loud popping noises were heard nearby. this happened a few hours after
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the shooting rampage that left 13 people including the gunman dead. police seen tackling that sus text to the ground. he is accused of flowing firecrackers over the white house fence. president obama has given the green light for the u.s. to send chemical weapons related assistance to syrian oppositions as well as international groups working inside the country. the move comes nearly a month after the deadly chemical weapon attack in damascus. a deal is in the works to strip syria of the chemical weapons stockpil stockpiles. it took 19 hours but the costa concordia has been pulled from its side where it capsized. the crew managed to bring nearly nearly 100,000 tons up right using massive pulleys and cables and steel tanks. it will be capsized enough to float away next year and will eventually turn into scrap.
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it ran 10 months ago after hitting a reef and 32 people were killed when it sank. two bodies were never recovered. the nation's highest military honor will go to former army captain william quinton next month. he is being hailed for his great work in combat back in 2009. it is over due after swenson's original nomination paperwork was lost. he will be the 6th living recipient for receiving the medal of honor for acts in afghanistan. he is calling it a monumental event for him, his family and his teammates. monday night football in cincinnati taking time-out to remember the victims of the navy yard shooting. >> ladies and gentlemen, the nation experienced a terrible tragedy when a shooting at the washington navy yard resulted in the deaths of 12 innocent people. at this time, please stand and join in a moment of silent
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reflection for the victims, their families and loved ones. >> meantime the pittsburgh steelers looking to bounce back from a loss in week one with a win over the bengals on the road. they tied at the half 1010. but they came home with a win 20-10. 12 minutes at the top of the hour. still to come who is the man behind the shooting massacre at the navy yard in dc. authorities say he actually lived in new york. we were live at his family's home that is coming up next. >> much of america has been up in arms by the use of drones by the government and police. what if the spying devices could save your life? ♪ turn around
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[ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> the mother of the gunman who opened fire at the washington navy yard getting grilled this morning by the fbi this as investigators are trying to figure out his motive. wnyw reporter was live in brooklyn new york outside of that family home. investigators are hoping 24they have some clues about what happened yesterday and the mind set of aaron alexis. he lived here a good portion of his life. the street his family lives on is putnam. it is blocked off. the police spent hours talking to her bringing her food.
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they spolice were coming and going all night. they are trying to figure out why he unravelled. a former navy reservist someone who suffers from ptsb a student of buddhist, neighbors saw a gentle man. >> very quiet family. no noise complaints, nothing like that. never had any problems no parties no arguments, nothing, nothing that would make them stand out at all. alexis moved around quite a bit. he had a few run ins with the law involving firearms and weapons possession charges. all of those cases were dismissed. that's the latest from brooklyn this morning. ainsley i will send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you for all of that information teresa. louisiana health officials are using chlorine to kill a brain eating ameba from the saint bernard parish water
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system. it comes after a 4-year-old mississippi boy died last month after contracting the deets after playing on a slip and slide. health officials say the water is safe to drink but can pose a risk of infection if the ameba enters through a person's nose. the massive fire that destroyed four blocks of new jersey boardwalk will be ruled an accident sparked by an electrical problem. it broke out thursday at the custard shop and quickly spread to dozens of other businesses on the boardwalk. the fire another blow to an area hit hard by super storm sandy and still struggling to recover. governor chris christie has given aid to help the businesses rebuild again. there's a new drone being developed that could save your life. it could carry a defibrillator in order to reach heart attack patients where ambulances can't
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get to. it can travel as fast as 43 miles per hour for up to 6 miles. it is expected to be up and running in 6 months. >> instead of deaf com def copter. >> a man convicted in the fort hood shootings collected nearly 300,000 in military salary while on trial for murdering his colleagues at fort hood. you are never going to believe why his lawyer says all of this is okay. ♪ ♪ we go, go, we don't have to go solo ♪ ♪ fire, fire, you can take me higher ♪
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>> breezy and chilly out there this morning. more out rooifrj the fort hood shooter. nadal hassan he collected nearly 300,000 dollars in military pay while awaiting trial for the 2009 shooting rampage. the victims and their families will likely never see a dollar of that money. the attorneys say nearly all of it will be given to charity. the survivors have struggled to pay medical bills.
2:24 am
as hasan was sentenced to death for the massacre. >> doctors will be forced to ask patients about their sex life even if it has nothing to do with the medical treatment they are seeking at the time. it is all a part of the electronic health records s and hospitals who do notthcare comply will face financial f penalty. >> larry summers is out. he withdrew his name from consideration to be the next federal reserve chairman. seems to be a new frontrunner. lauren simonetti has more on that. >> he was chairman of the federal reserve. janet yelen is emerging as the frontrunner. she would likely be game for a slow and gradual wound down of the fed's easy money policies.
2:25 am
investors like that. the fed starts the policy meetings today and wraps up tomorrow. bill still had a the most bills for the 20th consecutive year. he tops it as the richest american now worth 72 billion. followed lie warren buffet, larry ellison and the coke brothers. christie walton of wal-mart fame the richest woman. it is a new record high. if you are looking for super bowl 48 at new jersey met life stadium this winter you will be cold and broke. the nfl is so close to green lighting a plan that would more than double prices from last year. the fancy club level seats expected to effect 2600 bucks. they cost 1250 in new orleans. lower bowl setting fans back 1500. roughly 50 million people live within 200 miles of met life
2:26 am
stadium. many people won't mind spending more on seats since they will save on flights and motels. >> or you can do it for free from your living room and ordering pizza. >> thank you very much. it is now 25 after the top of the hour. coming up a deadly day in our nation's capital after authorities say this man opened fire at a naval office building in washington, d.c. leaving 12 people dead and 14 more injured. we will show you a picture coming up. we are live on the ground with the latest. >> who is behind an attempt to poison dogs at a minnesota park. more on that story ahead. ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car
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>> it's tuesday september 17th. we gij with a fox news alert. three people are dead after a man went on a shooting rampage at a navy office in washington, d.c. the motive is still unknown. we are live on the ground with the latest on this case. >> the stef dags devastation co people are dead nolgfollowing ak of historic flooding.
2:31 am
>> take a look at this video it has gone viral starking rage of animal abuse. the teen hauling this tiger shark ashore. did he go too far? fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning to you. it is tuesday september 17th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> we begin this morning with a fox news alert. investigators are trying to find out why this former nave rereservist went on a shooting rampage at the navy yard by fox police. >> peert dos see one of the first on the scene we are live
2:32 am
with the latest. >> the shooter's recent past worked as a subcontractor for hewlett-packard at a company called an expert. he had it renewed this summer. >> we can confirm mr. alexis had legitimate access to the navy yard as a result of his work as a contractor an utilized a valid pass to gain entry to the navy yard. >> so that clearance was ranked despite two prior civilian arrests one for unlawfully discharging a weapon back in 2010 and one for disorderly conduct. his time as a navy reservist came to an end as a result of the arrest. it came from 2007 and 2011. he was telling the "washington post" that discharge from the military is not a disqualifier
2:33 am
for work as a contractor. he got the gig as an hourly computer technicians. he used the pass to come with this yesterday high on the floor of building 197 and shoot downward at innocent people just start starting their workweek. aaron alexis killed 12 people were authorities killed him. countless others were injured. the victims would survived were speaking to police last night. many without bullet wounds will still be scared by the attack. all of the navy's military and civilian employees say quote we will come together as a family. back to you in new york. now 12 families will never be the same. thank you so much, peter. >> navy captain mark vandross was holding a conference meeting with the staff when that shooting began. >> he described the triteening
2:34 am
moments that followed with our very own greta van susteren. >> i was in the conference room next to my office very normal morning. i had an 8:00 meeting with members of my staff to go over presentations that we were going to give lart on to navy leadership about my program. we heard a loud noise we looked at each other thought that's odd didn't athink anything of it. we heard additional noises which sounded like additional gun fire. someone yelled something that larted there was darrening lock the doors. only way we could get into the facility is credentials computer coded. the front door has an armed guard you go past the armed guard to a kiosk where you present your credentials to see if you are authorized to be in the building. no one walks into the building
2:35 am
that isn't escorted or with credentials. before you get in there. >> many wondering how the shooter still had security clearance despite his criminal history. >> if he had the weapons with him how he was able to get lieu the intense security there at the navy yard. >> security clearance means he has access to information. if he's carrying something in it should be searched. no one cleared him to have guns. they cleared him to access information. not to be carrying rifles, guns, automate can weapons. >> military personnel themselves are not allowed. >> that's why it is absurd. in that tense it is not a well defended facility. you get past that checkpoint these people are all
2:36 am
defenseless. >> we will continue to bring you the breaking developments on the story as they come in. later on the show we are live from the suspect's mohome from s parent's house here in new york. stay tuned. now to an extreme weather alert overnight. the death toll rising to 8 in colorado. this morning more than 600 people are still unaccounted for in the flood waters. emergency crews on the ground planning more door to door searchs today. helicopters from the army and national guard will also be out again as they air lift hundreds more stranded residents to safety. officials urging any one trapped to waive white sheets maybe even a mirror to get the rescuer's attention. two storms simultaneously pounding mexico but on the opposite coast. more than 40 people are dead. the flooding forces thousands out of their home and into
2:37 am
emergency shelters. flooding for over a week now. when might they seek release. >> it will take time for flood waters to recede. we picked up to 17 inches of rain over parts of colorado between september 19th and september 15th. that's a week span that passed. we picked up record flooding across sections of colorado. the forecast the next several days are generally dry conditions. something else that has peered out is fog that was in place. it was hampering the helicopter rescue efforts and we are seeing clear conditions over the next few days. meanwhile across mexico we had man well and ingrid. both storms dissipated regardless of whether they were a hurricane or tropical storm the big story is the amount of
2:38 am
rain we were expecting. we are talking locally up to 25 inches of rain. mud slides a problem in mexico. we will keep an eye on parts of mexico. otherwise cold front moves through parts of the great lakes and northeast. it brought in much colder air. we have freeze warnings in effect. 30's across the up state new york and new england. across parts of the midwest and fall like conditions today over the next couple days you will be seeing temperatures climbing. 82 for the high in kansas city. bay tomorrow some of you across parts of the plains and midwest will be in the 90s. >> thank you maria. >> thank you. put on locke lock down last night after loud popping noises were heard nearby. this happening hours after the
2:39 am
shooting rampage at the navy yard. police seen here tackling the suspect to the ground. he is accused of throwing firecrackers over the white house fence. no charges have been filled against him. a u.n. report now says there's clear and convincing evidence that large amounts of sarin gas were used last month in syria. the report does not says blame for that attack. clear evidence of a war crime. syria's president insists the august 21st attack was carried out by rebels. this guy just sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. last month david neil shepherd pleaded guilty to killing a texas doctor in a murder for hire blot. police say the plastic surgeon paid shepard to kill the doctor. he was dating the ex-girlfriend.
2:40 am
the plastic surgeon remains jailed on 3,000 dollars bond. scary moenlts for beyonce at a concert in brazil. watch as she gets yanked off the stage by a crazed fan. >> wow, she keeps ongoing, though. good for her. the male fan appears to rush up on the stage throw his arms around her pulling her head first by the crowd. beyonce let him stay in the audience to let him watch the rest of the show. that's how nice she is. >> it took 19 hours but the costa concordia has been pulled from its side where it capsized. also the coast of tuscany the crew managed to bring the nearly 150,000 ton vessel up right once again using massive pulleys and cables and steel tanks. it will be patched up enough to
2:41 am
float away next year and eventually will be turned into scrap. the ship ran aground 20 months ago after hitting a reef. 32 people were killed when it sank two bodies were never recovered. baseball fans will hear a familiar voice from the pets broadcast booth tonight. jerry seinfield will join the crews to help call for his favorite team as the long time fan previously piered on broadcast in 2010. this time seinfield will be on the pregame show against the san francisco giants. >> this is at the diernite at sometimes. >> the west side where the show is filmed. 40 minutes on the top of the hour. listen up, parents, this is a story that could impact you. johnson joond son recalling
2:42 am
200,000 bottles of baby len all. we will tell you why. >> it is the law in washington state. law americas can be ticketed for speeding. they can't be ticketed for speeding. but is that fair? we will talk about it.
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>> the family of the navy yard shooter is getting grilled. we are outside of the mother's house.
2:46 am
they are hoping that aaron alexis' mother has some information about his mind set and why he unravelled the way he did. evidences blocking the street where his mother lived. they began investigating her yesterday afternoon and evening. they were there for hours bringing her food talking to her learning about her son. as they work we are beginning to learn a profile about aaron alexis. he is a former navy reservist who suffers from ptsd. he is a defense contractor a student and also a practicing buddhist. he is certainly a study in contradictio contradictions. when you talk to everybody who knows him he was gentle kind and never caused any type of problem. >> very quiet family. no noise complaints. nothing like that. never had any problems. no parties, no arguments, nothing. nothing that would make him stand out at all. >> after the list of
2:47 am
contradictions he had a history of run ins with the law all involving firearms possession of firearm charges all of the cases were dropped we will quickly tell you that he mentioned his ptsd is what triggered him shooting some of these that case was dropped >> serious study to tell you about linking acetaminophen to increased risk of asthma in children. babies given as seat med fin with tylenol are twice as likely to get asthma. >> the man accused of trying to ex tort 250,000 dollars from paula deen sentenced to two years in prison. back in june during the scandal that rocked his comments you can
2:48 am
see contacted her attorney. he claimed he would release any information about dean if he didn't receive a check. last month 62-year-old strish a plea bargain turning guilty. >> extra careful after rat poise sn was found in a dog park in minnesota. one animal was exposed to the rat poison. this is the first case of its kind in the community and they are hoping to catch that culprit. >> it is now 48 minutes after the top of the hour. even more outrage for bernie madoff victims. $2 billion of their money sitting in a bank account. so why haven't they received any compensation? >> and a video that has gone viral sparking outrage and raising claims of animal accuse. look at this. the teen hauling a tiger shark into shore. did he go too far?
2:49 am
now let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." good morning, steve. >> that can never be a good thing. they should have just left it out there. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. the late ers on the navy yard shooting down in washington, d.c. what may have motivated the former reservist to commit the massacre. larry wing it the pit bull of the council how to stop being a victim and take back your life. the truth about the so-called healthy foods as well. what money traits to look for in your future spouse. more of our duck dynasty trip down to west monroe louisiana. how i met your mother actress allison is right here on channel for news. is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet!
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♪ ♪ >> great song to wake up to this morning. it is seven minutes till the top of the hour. the morning rush taking on a new meaning in washington state. speeding means a ticket for most of us;? but washington state lawmakers heading to work can't get tickets according to state police. detaining lawmakers for a short time on the road might delay them from getting to the capitol for a vote is the logic. interesting. >> take a look at this video of a young man capturing a tiger shark in hawaii. sparking outrage this morning, many people upset over the treatment of the animal, some calling it abuse. the founder of ocean defender hawaii, an organization committed to sea animal protection, is asking for an apology
2:54 am
sending a clear message this does not represent their very close relationship with nature. >> it's the incredible moment. a gas station worker fights off an armed robber with his own shoe and it is all caught on camera. you can see the worker first taking off his shoe to hit one of the suspects. despite being stabbed and outnumbered, he eventually forces him out of the store empty-handed. the man had to get 12 stitches in his arm but is going to be okay. police in england hope this surveillance video will help track down the suspects. >> britney spears proving she is still a bankable star expected to make a las vegas deal at planet hollywood official, the two year gig said to be worth $30 million. she'll start performing in december. >> it is six minutes till the top of the hour. if anyone needed the money this homeless man did. yesterday we told you about his admirable act after he found more than $40,000.
2:55 am
this morning an update. >> if you have a child in high school, you'll want to listen. the new study about teen drinking habits. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and you can use up to four times less than the leading bargain brand. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that's soft and more durable to help your kids get clean while still using less. and its four times stronger than the leading bargain brand. wow, you cleaned up a lot! you did too, pal! [ laughs ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? ♪ ♪ >> it is about two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening before you today. investigators will try to figure out what motivated a former army reservist to go on a shooting rampage at the washington naval yard killing 12 people and
2:59 am
injuring 8 others before being killed by police. the death toll rising to 8 in colorado and this morning more than 600 people unaccount #-d for in the flood waters. emergency crews on the ground planning more door to door searches today. it took 19 hours but the costa concordia has been pulled from its side where it capsized on tuscany. >> the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a boston homeless man was honored by police for returning more than $42,000 in cash and travelers checks he found in a parking lot, getting a nod from all of us. glenn james did not receive any compensation or a reward for his good deed. he found $42,000. they didn't give him any money for it? a fund-raiser has been set up for him. next the bad. one in ten high school drinkers are binge drinkers. a study showing they knock back more than ten drinks at a time. the ugly more than $2
3:00 am
billion supposed to go victims of the bernie madoff ponzi scheme sitting in a bank account. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> we appreciate it. >> "fox & friends" with elisabeth starts now. >> bye. >>elisabeth: good morning. it is tuesday, september 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. we're learning about the gunman that killed 12 in washington, d.c. we're live from the scene ahead. >>steve: the president already leading the way, already making this about gun control aga but wait until you hear about the suspect's criminal history that seems to have been swept under the rug. >>brian: new overnight, amazing pictures out of italy. after nearly two years of laying on her side in the ocean, the


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