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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 17, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> thanks a lot. "studio b" with trace starts now. >> this is "studio b." the warning signs were there all along. we are now learning --ing new details on the shooter who gunned down 12 people yesterday at the washington navy yard. according to the "associated "ad press," law enforcement sources say the gunman, earn alexis, has been hearing voices and was getting treatment for several mental disorders. they say he had a history of angry episodes, including not one but two arrests over the years involving guns. he worked as a contractor for the navy after serving in the navy reserves. officials say that during his hitch, aaron alexis had a, quote, history of misconduct, fox 2 has learned the navy
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punished him by reducing his rank in 2008. after an arrest in atlanta for disorderly conduct. still, the navy never declared him mentally unfit, and yesterday was able to make it into the washington navy yard. sources now telling fox news, he likely shot his way into a restricted building, and opened fire on innocent people. listen to the scanner traffic as police got to the scene. >> we got a report on the fourth floor a mail with a shotgun, multiple shots fire and multiple people down. we have active shooter on the fourth floor. >> when the gunfire finally stopped, 13 people lay dade, including the gunman. he died after a shootout with police, and took with him any explanation or motive. that leaves investigators with
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the very tough job of piecing together every aspect of his life, all trying to answer the big question, which is why. live team fox coverage begins with rick leventhal in d.c. what more are you learning today? >> we just heard from the fbi and d.c. police and others at a news conference less than an hour ago, and we still don't have a motive but they answered a question about weapons there was question about the suspect being armed with an ar-15. the fbi d.c. police say that's absolutely not the case but d.c. police told us that many of the officers were armed with an ar15, and that may have created the confusion. several unitses got here within two minutes, and they say the suspect was inside with a shotgun. may also have acquired a handgun at some point during multiple engagements with officers. may have gotten a handgun from one of those uniformed officers, and been using it during the
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shooting before he was taken down. by those teams of police. here's more from the police chief. >> we had officers who heroic ally went into a building, witnessing multiple casualties, and continued to pursue and engage a gunman who was determined to kill as many people as possible. >> a lot of credit being given to those officers for their bravery. hearing the gunfire and chasing that gunfire and engaging that suspect multiple times. the chief said the shootout lasted between 30 minutes and less than an hour. so a very long time spent by officers trying to catch that suspect and bring him down. >> by all accounts the response was heroic. what about the yard today? what is happening there now? >> well, the navy yard was open to essential personnel only, and the fbi evidence response team has been here all day. we can show you the front gate
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where security is tight. the evidence response technicians are inside 197, where there are multiple teams and shooting skeens. they have to map the trajectory of the rounds fired, photograph and carefully document the entire scene to try to recreate what went on inside there, and we have also heard from the u.s. attorney at that news conference today, he said that they're now going to be focusing on their efforts on the cause, how alexis gained access to the weapons, what could have been done to prevent the shooting, and who may have knowingly or unknowingly aided him in the days and weeks leading up to the event. they're asking for anyone with information to call the fbi, call authorities and let them know. no piece of information is too small at this point. >> trace: we're going to talk more about that as the show goes on. rick leventhal live for us at the navy yard. thank you very much. we're also learning more details about the people who died in the rampage.
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here's the names of the victims and they range in age from 46 to 73. officials say a number of them were civilian employees and contractors. among those names is frank kohler, seen here. this. >> this is among its images of the victims. he was a former rotary president in lexington park, maryland, who played king oyster at the area 'festival. chuck hagel laid a wreath at the navy memorial in washington. one woman was shot in the finger and the back of the head and has asked to go home. >> she is feeling quite well, and doing well. she wants to go home and she wants to frankly put some of this behind her but it will take a long time. >> trace: doctors also say they have performed surgery on a d.c.
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metro police officer who was shot in the lower legs a number of times, and they'll try to determine if he'll ever be able to use his legs again. mike emanuel is live in washington. what else are we learning about the other victims. >> those nil the nave ya yard attack are being described as good parents, wonderful neighbors, and hard workers, as family and friend try to come to terms with their loss. john roger johnson was the oldest victim,, 73 years old, te father of four daughters and was known for always having a smile on his face. he was a civilian two, the navy. marty was a 54-year-old victim, resident of virginia, former naval officer. after graduating from the naval academy and was the father of three. arthur daniels was 51 years ol' from southeast washington, dc. mr. danieles spotted the gunman and he and a colleague tried to
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escape by elevator. daniels was shot in the back and his family is devastated. >> left a message, and when i left a message on his phone, he called me and said -- and he said -- [inaudible] >> daniels installed office insurgent federal government buildings. his family says his only crime was going to work. trace? >> trace: that is just heartending stuff. one survivor wants to go home from hospital. >> that's right. the young woman did not require surgery, even though she was shot in the head, but two others did require surgical repairs. one woman shot in her shoulder, described in fair condition, alert and responsive. the other survivor was a local police officer, and we got this update from his chief a short time ago.
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>> first and foremost our officer is doing well. i visited with him last night. he is in good spirits. he is pretty uncomfortable. he has some pretty serious injuries, but we do expect he will make a full recovery and he extended multiple times he -- >> his injuries are serious but she said knowing his personality, he will most likely not only walk but run again, and expressed his. gratitude to law enforcement officers who get to him out of the building. >> we have talked to families bass they say the fbi has given them little information. any information about when the fbi might talk to some of the victims and they're families? >> that's a great question. we have not gotten any clear guidance on that. all i can say sounds like they have massive investigation to
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develop, and at some point we do believe they will get answers but there's no indication that it will be anytime soon. >> mike emanuel in d.c. >> and we have the brother-in-law of one of the people killed in the shooting. he is on the phone now. our condolences to you and/or family, has to be heart breaking for you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for your time today. i appreciate it. >> trace: i was just talking to mike emanuel about the fact that the fbi has said very little to the families and victims. i know the fbi has said very little to you. what dot you want them to say to you? >> well, sir, i -- at approximately 9:00 p.m. eastern standard time last night, spoke with one of the female fbi agents that was withle delorenzo knight's daughter at
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her home and they did not have much information to release. i inquired further about what had happened, the incident, if they could give me any information, and they said, due to the fact it was an ongoing investigation, they could not release any information at that time. >> when you find out, sir, that this was a secure building your sister-in-law worked in, yet this man had access and was mental by disturbed. are you baffled, angry? >> it's hard to say what the thought process is because mary had a very long tenure,, in the information technology at a very secure level of clearance in the military community. her father is a retired green beret special forces, father of
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two, very successful. it's hard to even process that you have national tragedy of this magnitude. >> very hard to process. theodore, good of you to join us, condolences to you and your family. our heart goes out to you. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> coming up more on the suspected shooter. word of mental issues he said he had been hearing voice, and more. how in the world did he have access to a building at the u.s. navy yard? plus, massive rescue is now underway in colorado. dozens of choppers taking to the skies to reach the people who were completely cut off in the record floods. the biggest rescue since hurricane katrina. details next. my customers can shop around.
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>> days of heavy rain in colorado has stopped and now a
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massive rescue operation to reach people still standded after mudslides cut off their town. workerses are using two dozen helicopters to airlift as many people as possible to safety. they're calling this the largest aerial operation since hurricane katrina, and those who can return to their homeses say they're finding very little left, if anything. >> downstairs i can tell the water almost came up to my shoulder. we got my wedding ring and video of my kids' first steps and talking. so that's what we saved. >> there's no words. to see my home that will never get my things i own. >> emergency officials say the storms and floods damaged or destroyed more than 19,000 homes. they say it could take months for people to rebuild, maybe longer. in some areas backed up sewage and broken pipelines are causing major health concerns. not to mention residents say the
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stench, as you might imagine, is awful. we're live in boulder, colorado. the water is receding but other parts are just beginning to evacuate. >> that's right, trace. hundreds of people are still missing. that number continues to fluctuate so we're not getting any hard counts at this time. this is where the air rescue operation is launching, and you mention the weather. for the first time in over a week it's really work neglect rescuers' favor, but the eastern part of the state, take a look here. the danger is just ramping up. flood waters are taking over places like sterling, colorado, and other areas have been warned that tonight much more water will arrive and they must be prepared to leave. some folks are only getting a five-minute warning to get out as river banks continue to overflow, and even with all this, officials are still finding people who won't leave.
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>> with the magnitude, road warps are cut off so it will be difficult for them to get supplies to and we won't keep resupplying those areas once this separation has wound down. reporter: now, we think about the desperation of the people here. a lot of the rescuers are saying many of the injuries involved broken legs and that's because people are trying to get themselves out of their situation and they're climbing through debris, and they're getting themselves stuck or finding themself getting swept away and trying to get themselves out. so it's still very dangerous, even though it looks bright and sunny out here. >> trace: we can all remember the vivid images of hurricane katrina and the rescues in recent years in texas. but these rescues in colorado have been dramatic. reporter: very dramatic, and not all the rescueres are being -- a lot of rescues are being done by everyday residents who are trying to help each other out. take a look at this. this was in a community of essex park, an area cut off by the
12:18 pm
flood water. some local mountaineers used their expertise and created a zip line to get folks out of the dangerous area. >> they were marooned, and we ferried them across the river to safety. we got about 40 people across and eight or ten dogs and some catsment. >> and that is one of the brighter spots to come out of this, folks helping each other out regardless they knew each other. they're all in the sai same situation. >> thank you. >> trace: legendary boxer mike tyson has now stepped out of the ring into acting and stars in a documentary series about his life, on the all-new fox sports 1, and if you know mike tyson, you know things can be a little unpredictable. we'll speak live with iron mike, who dent wasn't to be caledonian mike anymore, and fine out what he is doing these days. that is coming up live next on
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and get a quote now.
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>> the badest man on the planet is opening on his life in and out of the ring. mike tyson the host of a fox sports 1 six-part series where he travels the country and comments on his rise and fall from the boxing ring. iron mike sits down with fellow legend, including evan holyfield. they discussion beside the fight in which tyson bit off his ear. >> you beat me in the game. >> i was hitting your head. when i'm into the fight, go, boom, and i don't care -- i'm trying to cut you, too, but you had your head close.
12:23 pm
>> if you look at it slow motion, we clinch, and you put your head like this, i did this, and you can see -- i'm setting myself up. >> being mike tyson premieres this sunday on the fox broadcast network and then moves to the regular spot on the friend new fox sports 1, check your local listings, and mike tyson joins us now live. i'm a big fan, always have been. great for you've to enjoy us. >> saw how high i threw my kid in the air? holy molely. >> here's what i want to -- we're going to get to the evander holyfield stuff. you really are one of the great heavyweight champs of all time. you don't want to be called iron mike. are you saying that if you could go back and do it again, mike tyson, you might skip the boxing part altogether?
12:24 pm
>> i would never do that because i would never -- that was just basically my mentor, my father figure, and knowledge i received from him was priceless. that's all i ever wanted to be was a fighter. never wanted to be anything else. >> trace: and you were an awfully good one. you said back in those times you were pretty dark and troubled, and you say even to this day, mike tyson, you're still dark and troubled, but now you're able to keep your cool. how is mike tyson able to keep his cool? >> i have so much good things happening. just a period of life i went through, and when i see myself going through the fighting, i say, what was going on back then? i was a young immature kid, insecurity, -- insecure. i was smaller and shorter an everybody and i just wanted to win also any cost. >> but you had one of the biggest punches the fight has
12:25 pm
seen. >> having a hard punch doesn't matter. it's like having the nuclear bomb. if you have no military value of landing on the target, it's not going to be effective. you have to be a disciplined fighter. this is a discipline fighter's game. you have to be disciplined to be successful in this game. >> trace: are you more disciplined now? back on august 24th you said you have been sober and have well-documented issues with alcohol, you said on august 24th you had been sober for six daz, you would never go back to drinking. september 17th -- >> i have 33 days. today. sober. no cigarettes or anything. smoking marijuana, cigarettes, liquor, nothing, 33 days. and when i was sober i was always smoking cigarettes but this is the whole deal, cold turkey. i don't want to use anymore, and it's a -- i have to be at my
12:26 pm
best to succeed. i don't care if i'm 99% i'm going to fall. i have to be 100's to succeed. >> trace: in this documentary you go down old roads, why is it important for you? everybody realizes back then it was bit deal when you bit of a piece of holyfield's ear. why so important to go back to the prison you serve three years in for rape and -- >> this is what the show is all about. based the show around. had do to -- i played my part. >> trace: is it a part or did you actually reconcile with holiefield? >> i reconciled with him years before but for division this was to make it concrete in everybody's eyes that, boom, we're friendses again, and i'm sorry i bit his ear, and i want to put that in the past.
12:27 pm
>> trace: you were very apprehensive about doing this -- >> 100%. >> trace: your biggest fear? >> i put my life in other people's hands and that makes me very vulnerable. >> trace: and now that it's out and you have seen it -- >> i have not seen it. this is not true. i haven't seen it. >> trace: have you seen clip? you have seen some clips. are they going to show it to you before it airs? >> i don't want to see. i want to be surprised. like everyone else. trace extras i want -- >> trace: i want to get your feed on meeting muhammad ali. when you actually sat and met with him. what did that mean to you? >> listen, i met muhammad ali, i was 11 years old. he game to the school for boys, detention school in the bronx,
12:28 pm
and that gave me the first -- wow, -- that gave me the first contribution i wanted to be -- the first inclination i wanted to be a fighter,. >> trace: then meeting him against in recent years? >> i also told hmm he came to the juvenile detention center, about he don't remember. even when he wounds suffered from parkinson0s, couldn't remember. always a good-will ambassador. he didn't remember that. >> trace: have you taken on new heros in recent years? i know otto was your trainer. have you taken on new heroes? >> not necessarily a hero i'm looking for. i'm looking for the right thing to do. that's what it's all about, doing the right thing. sometimes the right thing is not always complimentary to yourself. >> trace: mike, i got ask you, how are al the pigeons?
12:29 pm
people don't realize year big pigeon fan. how are they? >> they're doing wonderful. this is what we do in brooklyn, and it's an underworld -- when i'm dead or when i'm in a wheelchair, i'll will my pigeons to somebody and this is how it is. i'll have them until i die. >> trace: mike tyson's airsphone fox broadcast and then fox sports 1. it's a six-part series and the man right here is star of it and he is no longer iron mike, just mike tyson. >> when i was young i wish they said i was the badest man on the planet. i would get someone else to fight them. kiss my you know what. >> trace: thanks for keeping it clean. we're on a 30-second delay just in case. good to see you.
12:30 pm
updating fox's top story. word that the man behind the navy yard massacre was memory disturbed and was hearing voices, but a very different image from some of the folks who knew the gunman best. coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage. the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors. that's why we moved to a secluded house in the middle of the wilderness. just the right coverage at just the right price. coverage checker from progressive.
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>> trace: this is "studio b." even as investigators say that aaron alexis was mentally disturbed, those who knew the washington navy yard gunman best
12:34 pm
say he was a nice, gentle guy. it's one of the big contradictions that investigators try to find out why he would open fire, murdering 12 innocent people and wounding several others. according to friends he was a convert to buddhism. a woman who knew him through the temple says she never saw any serious signs of trouble. >> nothing of this magnitude. it's not making much sense to us, and it's sad he is gone already and that he took 12 other people with him. >> a very far cry from the picture emerging as investigators piece together details of the shooter's troubled life. jonathan hunt is live in our new york studio. this guy vowedly had issues that nobody picked up on. >> nobody including the company that employed him. that company was called the experts. they got him his contractors pass that got him on the navy yard. got him in this department of
12:35 pm
defense clearances but they say through two at least background checks there were no red flags, and then there were those who described themselves as friends. he lived and worked at a time at a thai restaurant in fort worth restaurant. the owner said he saw no sign of violence. >> we live together three years in three different locations. it's my big brother. he is -- i admire him. >> he also taught himself thai, according to the owner of the restaurant, and indeed had converted to buddhism, which as we noes religion dead vatted -- dedicated to peace. >> on top of the mental problems he also had those arrests. >> you would have thought those would show up on the kind of background checks he went through. first of all, an incident with a gun in seattle, in 2004. he shot out the tires of a car
12:36 pm
that was driven by some construction workers who were parked next to his home. there, according to the police report, he talked about being traumatized by 9/11. then there was another incident in 2010, in fort worth, texas, where he apparently fired a gun through this ceiling, into the apartment of a neighbor. he said he slipped. it was an accident. again, his father told cops that he was traumatized by being, quote, present during the events of 9/11, and interestingly, trace, i just got off the fine with the executive director of public relations at the man hat to an community college, few blocks from the world trade center. he said, yes, indeed, aaron alexis was working there parttime from february 2001 to february 2003.
12:37 pm
so he may have been in the area of the site of toes attack, al know nobody at the college has any information as to whether he actually did, as he said, act as a first responder on the tragic day. >> fascinating. jonathan hunt live in new york. we can now report that fox news has exclusively obtained an official copy of the military record of the gunman, aaron alexis. let's get live to jennifer giffords at the pentagon. what have you learned from the military record? >> well, trace, reading through this record, which is pages long, it's fascinating. there's nothing that jumps out from that record that would suggest that this guy, aaron alexis, would have gone postal. in fact in an evaluation dated spring of 2008, his immediate navy supervisor wrote, alexis has been onboard a short time and has established himself as a, quote, get it done addition to the work center. possesses unlimited potential
12:38 pm
and can become a valuable asset to the command with the proper guidance and self-discipline. a talented technician, eager trainee, ten hours of off-duty time to the atlanta food bank, distributing food to needy individuals in the metro atlanta area. that was before his arrest in georgia in 2008 for disorderly behavior. he ended up in jail overnight. the navy then, we learn, reduced him in rank from an e-3 to e-2 and docked his pay in half for two months due tee the unauthorized absence help appeals to a review board and was reinstated and went back to getting good reviews in 2008. and then in 2011. just before he left the navy, his supervisor rites, quote, alexis will be a val -- valuable
12:39 pm
asset to any organization. >> how did he enter the building? >> what hey we have been able to confirm he had a common access card, cat card, that allowed him to enter the base. so the exterior gait -- gate, he would be able to get through the gate because of his status as a contractor. then we're told that he required a second badge, a second valid pass to get into building 197. it is not year he used that car to get into the building or whether he used the shotgun he was carrying to come into the building, but we're told by federal sources now he did not shoot his way into the building but he did bring the shotgun in. here's the fbi spokesman just moments ago. >> mr. alexis had legitimate access to the navy yard as a result of his work as a
12:40 pm
contractor and he utilized a valid pass to gain entry. >> he used a valid pass to game entry to -- gain entry to the pace and was able to make his way into building 197. he had a shotgun. he then picked up a pistol off of an injured security guard as he was making his way through the building, trace. >> trace: the question is, why did he have the valid pass? jen, thank you. joining me now, retired navy lieutenant commander steven rogers, a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force, good of you to join us, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> i'm not sure if your heard the report there but it's amazing. we have the military record now where they said, and i'm quoting, possesses up limited potential, a get it done attitude, talented technician, and yet this is a guy who was cited for misconduct eight different times in the military. disorderly conduct, unauthorized
12:41 pm
absence. how did he fall through? >> i have been saying for the past 24 hours that every hour we speak about this, there's a new red flag. the newest one is the company who hired him said there were no red flags. they dropped the ball. a guy that was involved in a gun incident in 2004, then in 2010, and then you find out that the va had been conducting mental health sessions with him no red flags? it's outrageous. >> trace: it's important to point out when you say his company said there were no red flags, the company went through the department of defense to check him out and that was back in the spring or back in june they checked him out. so that where this came from. this aguise hearing voices, shooting the tires out of one guy in washington state, shooting through an apartment in texas. i mean, clearly here something is amiss. >> what is amiss is a thorough
12:42 pm
background investigation. whoever conducted this investigation, they have to find out what was on their mind. i had a top secret clearance back in the '8s so and it was a very extensive investigation mitchell neighbors were visited, my prior employers were visited. they wanted to know everything from soup to nuts. it took a year, and if they found any slightest thing that would disqualify me, i would be disqualified. this guy should have been disqualified during the first investigation, which was back in 2004-2005 period of time, and what is remarkable here, where was the followup investigation? usually two or three years after the initial report, there's a followup. >> trace: you seem to be saying that they background checks are adequate, at least in your case, and in this case it wasn't adequate. so, this is an outliar? >> well, something happened between the '80s and and '9s so and now. when i was cleared for a clearance, the ncis, criminal investigative division did that. i hear now they're outsourcing
12:43 pm
this background check. so, there is the breakdown right there, and the military better start thinking about what they're going to do about this problem. this is one time bomb that went off. actually, it's the third one you has had san, snowden, this guy, who is next? >> trace: my guess is the military has been thinking about this for the past 24 hours. retired navy lieutenant communicatedder steven rogers. thank you. >> another hitch in trying to solve the crisis in syria. the u.n. report said it's definitely a chemical attack, the french people say he murdered his people, and there's someone in the way. russia still in the way. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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>> validation. that from the secretary of state john kerry an the united nations inspectors showed rockets with the nerve agent sarin were fired
12:47 pm
during the reported chemical attack last month and from an area where the sirrian military has bases. secretary kerry says the report shows the syrian regime was behind the attack. >> all of these details are extraordinarily significant in pointing out that it really was the assad regime that committed this attack, and this attack happened in the way that we described. >> trace: important to note the report did not place blame on either side, and comes at the unites nations debates a possible resolution on syria, one which russia insist she'd not include the use of force, something the united states has repeatedly said should remain on the table. conor paul is live. are the u.s. and russia making my progress on the details of this agreement? reporter: trace, the devil is always in the details, and right now the gap between what the u.s. wants and what russia wants
12:48 pm
is extremely large. russia is insisting that the use of force be taken off the table. that is, no u.s. military attack can be launched against the assad regime no matter what happens during the negotiations, during the talks, while the obama administration continues to demand that. if syria doesn't comply with the resolution to disarm, they could be punished by western military forces. remember, the u.n. didn't say who used chemical weapons. k@assad 'was involved in this.t= it's always been on the table, according to president obama, but right now, russia and the united states can't agree about this, meaning we don't know if the plan for a u.s. attack is going to be sped up because these two sides can't agree on anything. >> trace: speaking of not agreeing, apparently there's
12:49 pm
heat between syria and turkey. reporter: fighting has been raging on in syria but the fighting in the last two and a half years has stayed inside syria but more and more offer the violence is spilling over into turkey, with syria's military accusing its neighbors of trying to escalate tensions, saying the turkish military shot down a syrian helicopter today, and in a statement six-ya said an mi17 helicopter was mistakenly crossed into turkish air space. turkey confirmed it did some fact shoot down a syrian helicopter. they say this helicopter refused to leave turkish air space. so the tensions are bubbling up as everything is going on around the world and the expugn now the border is getting even more violent. >> trace: thank you. a possible record-breaking property grab involving a new york city highrise. all because of where the owners
12:50 pm
apparently sent the rent money. that's next.
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12:53 pm
>> trace: prosecutors say this could be the government's biggest property grab ever. a new york city highrise thought to be worth more than a half billion dollar. s. a judge ruled the fed can seize this building because the owners funneled the rent money to iran that violated all sorts ofman landerring charges. iran helped finance the 9/11 and a bombing. the tower's owners could appeal
12:54 pm
the judge's decision. so they're saying, fred -- thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: they're saying a lot of this money was really transferred to iran's national bank and that's a violation of sanctions, a lot of money laundering laws. $760 million this thing could be worth. they're appealing it. do they have chance to win. >> a better chance of going to the moon. the jump made the decision. their defense has been we did not know these two minority shareholders were funneling money to iran, and the fact of the matter is the people who were the majority share members were aware the money was being funneled to iran and the judge specifically found no reasonable jury could believe what they were saying. so basically the judge called them out, and it's a finding of fact that has to be clearly ereason news -- ereason news. >> that build wag backed by the
12:55 pm
shah of iran in the mid-to late 1970s. we had better relations but there's all kinds of retail stores and stuff. what happened? the building just -- they sell the whole building? >> what happens is basically they stand -- step into the shoes of the owners and sell the building like any other building. apparently the building generates tens of millions of dollars in represent over the years. the market right now are very hot in manhattan, and the government will sell it, take the profits subject to the lease and people there, and distribute the properties to people who have gotten judgments against iran. >> the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan seized almost three bill dollars in assets last year. >> they account for 68% of all civil seizures. i did this stuff when i was a federal prosecutor and we were happy if we got a car or big boat. these guys go over the top and do a great job.
12:56 pm
>> trace: fred good, to see you. >> while a new study shows some folks are so upset with the government they'd rather go back to doing this way they used to diet come. -- they used to do it. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
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that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today. >> trace: then there's this before we call it a day. people talk about the good old days, when everything was better than now before cell phone and e-mail and busy schedules. a new survey out suggests a lot of folks would look to go back further. according to this poll, 46% of people there say they'd rather live under roman rule than today's government. the reason? back in caesar's day they were twice as men public holidays no income tax, and sporting events were free. they forgot about the gladiators. >> on the corn over international broad, pretty
1:00 pm
decent okay. i'm trace gallagher. that's it for "studio b." bill is in later with the fox report, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 in the west. neil cavuto and your -- "your world" starts right now. >> we have a report on the fourth floor, male with a shotgun, multiple shots fired, multiple people down. >> neil: after the massacre, massive search for answers. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto and this is "your world." investigators are trying to piece together about what they know about one aaron alexis. didn't really leave much of a social media footprint even though his job was in i.t. he had a couple of gun incidents and now there's a question how many authorities knew-specially mental health, in the weeks leading up to


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