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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tee people off all over the world. everybody understands one thing, o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. please remember the spin stop thes here. we're definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity" tonight. the ground has been set and democrats, to defund obamacare. there will be a vote that links obamacare to a continuing resolution to bankroll the government through december 15. that bombshell announcement was unveiled at a press conference this morning. let's take a look. >> the house will pass the c.r. this h week that locks the sequester save ings in and defunds obama care. the president signed seven bills
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over the last two and a half years to make changes to obamacare. i hope our friend s in the senate have plans the to make this an eighth time. the house has voted to defund, change obamacare, to repeal it. it is time for the senate to have the fight. >> i will be joined in studio in a moment by the two republicans leading the fight in the senate. that's ted cruz and mike lee. fir first. >> you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to ex totort a presit or a governing party and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with the budget and have nothing to do with the
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debt. >> really? bizarrely enough moments after accusing the republicans of extortion president happy said this. >> i am prepared to look at priorities the republicans think we should be promoting and priorities they think we should be -- we shouldn't be promoting. i'm happy to negotiate with them around the budget. >> what the president fails to recognize, it's not just republicans who want obamacare tossed to the curb. it is the american people which is why my next guests have been leading the charge to defund this train wreck from day one. joining me now, texas the senator ted cruz, utah senator mike lee. good to see you. >> great to join you. >> air high five, like an air kiss. >> great to be with you. >> this is now front and center. the cbo came out with numbers this week. want to explain what they said? >> look, obamacare is killing jobs. it is the number one job killer in this country.
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we are getting more and more bipartisan consensus on that. more and more americans are losing their b jobs. more americans are being forced into part-time work. more americans are seeing health insurance premiums skyrocket and losing health insurance. >> there was a meeting of fran cheesee e ee -- franchises. obamacare is the biggest factor driving the growth in the economy and mandatory health care spending. they point out obamacare raises taxes by $770 billion over the next ten years. senator lee they say it is unsustainable. >> it is. it's going to kill jobs, result in a lot of people losing jobs, not being able to get jobs or having hours reduced. doctors hate it. it will interfere with the ability to practice medicine. families hate it. most recognize this will make their family's health care situation worse, not better. the american people are coming
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together, standing and saying, please defund this law. i want to applaud house speaker john boehner who stood with the american people. we need to stand with him and with the people and defund this. >> they were playing a tune in the house leadership. people forced them to change position positions they came up with the parliamentary procedure to defund obamacare. >> today's announcement is a big deal. a few weeks ago, early in the obamacare defund fight, there is no chance of this going forward. today is a victory for house conservatives that stuck their neck out, endured criticism. today is a sixtiry for speaker boehner. >> i agree. i commend house leadership for listening to the american people. they did their job. they stood up. this is a bold decision and i look forward to working with
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mike to fight in the senate to support this decision for us to succeed in defunding obamacare. >> all right. there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding. explain what we first proposed. you got the ball rolling. >> sure. what i proposed from the outset is we agreed to fund government and defund obamacare. i have never wanted a shut down, never called for one. i want to avoid a shut down. i'm saying we have to fund every other priority in government. ted and i are i willing to fund even programs we don't like as a compromise in order to avoid having to fund obamacare. as a condition for making it possible to defund obamacare and achieve a delay, that's what we want. what i'm saying is they passed it without a single republican vote three years ago. since then, this law and what we know about it has not improved. it was unconstitutionally re written twice by the supreme
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court. unconstitutionally re written three to five more times by the president. this is not okay. it's proving to be increasingly unaffordable. we need to keep everything else funded at current levels. but let's defund obamacare and delay it. >> you know what the critics are saying. i have been arguing with conservatives because they keep coming back. hannity, we want it gone as bad as you do, but tactically it's not smart because you know the republicans will be blamed for the shutdown and the media will blame them. how do you answer that? >> the answer is we've got to win. we eve g've got to respond to n american -- the american people. we are motivating and energizing the american people. we have seen in a matter of weeks over 1.3 million americans go to don't fund it, sign a national petition, call their
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representatives, senators. today's decision is a sixtiry for the american people. those 1.3 million americans and a lot of them came as a result of your show signed the petition and spoke out. today the house answered the call. now the ball is in harry reid's hands. he needs to listen to the american people like john boehner did. i can guarantee you one thing. mike and i will fight with every breath in our body. as churchill said we'll fight on the beaches, on the street. we'll fight at every step to stop the biggest job killer in america. >> going to talk about blood, toil, sweat and tears. let's talk about -- all right, boehner -- i assume the house will go through with the c.r. to defund obamacare. the house passes that. goes to the senate. what next? >> what happens next after it passes the house is at that once the house passes this, the only people who can produce a
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government shutdown at that point are harry reid and the president of the united states. if they are willing to say if you want to te defund obama care but fund everything else we are going to shut down government? i don't think they can make the case to the american people that this law not ready to be im ple meanted that will make health care unaffordable and is being unfairly implement ed, not to mention unconstitutionalitily altered by the president they cannot win the argument that they should fight this and shut down the government simply because they want to stand behind the law that the american people reeject. >> then respond to the president. he said today that the this never happened in the history of the country. the threat to extort a president or a govern iing party and tryi to force issues that have
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nothing to do with the debt. is this extortion? >> this is not about the debt limit. this is about funding government. if he wants to talk about unprecedented matters in american constitutional history it's this. this program with the unprecedented cost rammed through congress without anyone having read it, without a single bipartisan vote, that's unprecedented. rewriting the law five times is unprecedented. >> let me be clear. you will pay our debts, obligations, fund the military, fund every department. you will fund medicare, social security. everything will be funded but you are saying don't fund obamacare. constitutionally, you are an attorney. former attorney general. that's legal, isn't it, in the constitution that spending begins in congress? >> not only that. that is the most important check congress has on an overreaching executive. the power of the purse. this is a president who sadly
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disregarded the law over and over. when it comes to obamacare he h's picking and choosing political favorites. totally contrary to law. this fight very simply is about one question. will hardworking american families get the same exemptions that president obama has given big corporations and members of congress. >> great question . >> that's what this fight is about. we have the power of the purse under the constitution to force the executive to reit the american people fairly. >> we are going to come back. when "hannity" returns -- >> i think speaker boehner is engaged in trying to deal with what everybody in your business has accurately reported as essentially an all-out civil war within the republican party. >> strong words out of the white house senators cruz. we'll also get reaction to fox news's interview with syria's
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there should be no conversation about shutting the government down. that's not the goal here. our goal here is to cut spend ing and the to protect the american people from obamacare. it's as simple as that. there is no interest on our part in shutting the government down. >> i think speaker boehner is engaged in trying to deal with what everybody in your business has accurately reported as essentially an all-out civil war within the republican party where a faction of the party is basically at odds with the leadership in making demands that if acquiesced to could lead to a shut down or default. >> that was white house press secretary jay carney perform ing in his role in terms of being in front of the media and of course playing to them. with me live to respond to this are senators ted cruz and mike lee.
6:16 pm
z you guys had to deal with john mccain calling you whacko bird. you two, rand paul and marco rubio seem to be the new energized conservative base. is that fair? >> i preach yat jay carney's very sincere concern about the republican party. you know, what i will say is today is a remarkable day of unity. today is a victory for the speaker. indeed i would make a plea today to the 46 senate republicans that today is the day for party unity that every senate republican should stand with republicans in the house, should stand with conservatives and should stand with the american people. now this has been a journey. two months ago a lot of people were nervous about the fight. what's happened in the last two months is over 1.3 million americans have gone to don't fund the american people have been
6:17 pm
lighting up the phones and republicans are listening. i am hopeful. i believe every senate republican should stand with the house. i believe ultimately even the senate democrats if their constituents speak out in sufficient numbers will have no choice but to help the american people avert this train wreck . >> red state senators mary l landrieu and others will be in a difficult position here. a lot of attention has been paid to congressman gray's plan. if you -- delay it p if you can't defund it. >> i support that. essentially what the house is putting forward for a vote is the graives plan. in order to delay obamacare, to delay it completely requires you to defund it. defunding is a me thod, in other words, of dlelaying. i support tom graves. >> the law is still the law, but you are not fund uhhing it so you are delaying it.
6:18 pm
>> that's how we delay it is by defunding it. that's why we do it. i'm proud to support graves in that. i salute speaker john boehner for standing with the american people. he listened to what they are saying. i hope the senate democrats will also stand with the american people and hear their pleas for mercy on this. this is a bad law. this is a law that will hurt people. it's not an issue of republican versus democrat or liberal versus conservative. this is an mesh american issue. >> i know a lot of congressmen and senators got an earful when they went back for august re sesz. what i hear from people is they want solutions. interestingly, the house republicans are going to unveil a health care bill to replace obama care. it's only a 200-page bill. by washington standards that's small. $20,000 in tax deductions for families. $7500 for individuals. is this the solution you support
6:19 pm
or do you have a different solution? >> i think broad parameters laid out are a step in the right direction. we haven't had an opportunity to study the particulars. it's absolutely right that republicans should be standing for pro market, pro competition health care re forms that the empower consumers, allow interstate competition, that create a 50--state market and that make health care personal, portable and affordable. >> all of that's in there? >> and disempower government. the difference is obama care says federal government bureaucrats get twee between you and your doctor. haes not what the american people want. it's why a large majority of americans are against obamacare and why the unions are jumping ship. it isn't working. >> that's one of the more interesting developments here. a lot of franchise owners, big business, sea world. they are reducing hours. it's having a big impact. what would be your solution or answer to replace obamacare? >> i introduced the saving the
6:20 pm
american dream plan last year. it was a comprehensive budget overhaul package that would have balanced within five years. i created, proposed a set of tax credits. a tax credit system to allow americans to purchase health insurance using tax credits. this would put them in charge of their own health care situation. >> similar to what the house is offering. >> it would create a 50-state market, allow for portability and make health care affordable. it would allow people to carry the insurance policy with them. not only across state lines but job to job. that's what we have to do here. there are a lot of solutions out there. people on the left have been fond the of saying republicans offer no proposal of their own. it isn't true. we've got an abundance of these proposals. we just need the chance to put them forward. we are confident the american people would prefer them greatly to obamacare which puts d.c. bureaucrats in charge of the
6:21 pm
most personal decisions people have to make. >> i i think we ex plained it well. where do you think this end s up? we have a deadline october 1. >> the next thing is it comes to the senate. after it passes the house. at that point we have to watch out for a few things. first of all, we have to look out for those who will say once we have had a vote in the house or perhaps once we have had a vote in the senate that that's it. that's all we need. a vote equals a victory. there is a difference between a vote and a victory. we have to remember this will not be either won or lost with a single legislative volley from one side of the capital to the other. like many legislative debates it may take several volleys between house and senate. ted and i and other this is the senate intend to stand behind the american people. with our counterparts in the house of representatives to defund obamacare. >> anything short of defunding? you will vote of nothing short of defund? >> i don't think we can.
6:22 pm
in order to stop this law, delay it, you have to strip out the funding. the american people desefb nothing less than that. if you say let's delay the individual mandate, for example. >> not going to do much. >> what about the mandatory spending versus discretionary? that keeps coming up. the language we have introduced prohibits mandatory and discretionary spend ing. what mike said was important. this is not a single shot. this first c.r. passing the house is the first step. it will go to the senate. harry reid has 54 democrats. from frg harry reid said he's likely to dig in and threaten to shut everything down to preserve obamacare. >> it's going to get hot. >> it is. the first thing we need is senate republicans to stand together with house republicans. i can assure you mike and i will -- >> will that happen? i don't see john mccain doing
6:23 pm
this. >> hopefully every senate republican will listen to the people. i would urge every listener, if you have signed the petition at, find three friends to go sign the petition. if you haven't signed it, do it now. the next step, it is likely to go back to the house. whether we win or lose will be decided in the house of representatives. today, john boehner showed leadership. house conservatives showed leadership. mike and i will fight with every breath we have. the house will win or lose the fight. >> if they want the guys to have a spine it's up to the american people. the louder they are, the more likely they will be politically courageous. we'll be right back after the break. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> no conditions. you will agree to this plan b to destroy your chemical weapons. you had the conditions on this in the past in the past week or so. no conditions? >> coming up, senator cruz and senator lee react to the
6:24 pm
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no conditions. you will agree to the plan to destroy your chemical weapons. you put conditions on this in the past week or so. no conditions? >> the only condition that agreement will entail and propose and provide. >> okay. >> we are going to discuss the details with the international organization. so i don't have all the details to discuss with you, no. >> that was part of fox news's exclusive interview with president assad. still with us senators mike uh cruz and ted lee. you are voting for leno? can you believe how dumb nbc is? >> he's trusted and fair. >> and funny. >> the only late night comic will be to make fun of obama.
6:29 pm
>> he makes fun of everybody. >> the others don't. in fact, there was a joke, i remember letterman told a joke. people ask me why i don't make fun of obama. now with the irs scandal you know why. it was the exception proving the rule. everyone laughed but there is wrst the next joke? >> syria very serious. my big concern in this is how vladimir putin has influence in the area. he threatened to shoot down cruise missiles in syria, threatening to provide a shield to syria and iran. what is the result of this, do you think? >> it's difficult to say. i know the net result isn't good. bad things happen when we inject ourselves into wars where we have no clear ally and can't identify the end result we want and that's necessary to protect american national security. an end result to make americans safer at home. >> senator? >> look, b assad, by any me sure is a bad guy.
6:30 pm
he can do an interview and deny responsibility for the attacks. no one disputes that he murder ed a hundred thousand citizens. he caused over a million receive gee s to flee his country. he's a bad guy. just because he h's a bad guy and should be roundly condemned doesn't mean the rebels are better. >> we made a big mistake. regarding morsi. we blew it in egypt. the likely successes are the al qaeda-linked rebels. what do you think? you're right. if we had gone through with the military strike the terrorists had seized chemical weapons that would have hurt. >> you are sayi ing this small,o
6:31 pm
boots on the ground dk. >> it was maybe going to make no difference. either is bad. i want to praise the president on this. i want to praise president obama for submitting to the constitutional authority of congress. number two for listening to the overwhelming voice of the people who were opposed. at the beginning of syria you had the president, leadership saying we are going to do an attack. conventional wisdom was this is going to happen. the american people spoke up in overwhelming numbers. and that's exactly how with obamacare we changed the status quo. >> both of you are saying if the american people speak out and tell senators to defund obamacare, fund the rest of the government, defund obamacare that will happen?
6:32 pm
100%? >> that's the only way it will happen. >> it can happen. this is about momentum. this is the way things happen in washington. the political establishment says it is impossible. the american people speak and they say, maybe it's improbable. eventually it's unstoppable as the people get behind it and elected representatives realize it is important to stand with them. >> if this isn't the fight for republicans i don't know what is. this is a defining issue. if they don't stand up and have a spine, they lose me. i'm a registered conservative already. otherwise, what do they stand for? the number one issue in america if you ask the american people is jobs and the economy. doesn't matter if they are democrats, republicans or independents. my biggest frustration is we spend zero time talking about jobs and the economy. we spent six weeks talking about guns and taking away second amendment rights. with harry reid's senate, no time on tax re form, regulatory reform.
6:33 pm
the single best step we can take to restore economic growth, jobs and expand opportunity for those struggling is to defund obamacare and bring back jobs. >> we'll watch closely. see who has a spine and can weather the storm. thank you. >> thank you, sean. >> up next, left wing liberals never hid contempt for the tea party movement. staffers are blaming president obama's anti-tea party agenda for triggering the enemies list. we'll explain. log onto follow the live show with your comments. vote for the video of the day. option three could be the most embarrassing slide in major league baseball history. take a look. >> three times he pitched down here. three times he won, all quality starts. nine-game hitting streak ended last night and gets the hit. he'll try for two. study the competition. step 2 -- get angry. they're boring. 3 -- make a car from scratch the dodge way.
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welcome back. a new investigation conducted by the the house oversight committee reveal s irs staffers are directly blaming the president and his anti-tea party agenda for triggering the tax agency's efforts oh to target conservatives. the report reads in part, quote, as the obama administration bemoaned the shadowy influence of the so-called special interest groups the irs was not unaffected by the political rhetoric. evidence available to the committee shows the irs was aware of the public rhetoric and the initial tea party applications were first ident y identified and le elevated due to media attention. following a 2011 meeting on the debt with congressional tea party members vice president joe biden was heard saying, quote, they have acted like terrorists. that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the left's disgraceful comments about the tea party movement. remember this. >> you be the judge of carrying swastikas and symbols like that
6:39 pm
to a town meeting on health care. >> here is the deal. i agree with david this is a tea party problem. they are unreasonable and not founded in reality. i uh think they have been smoking some of the tea, not drinking it. >> i'm not afraid of anybody. this is a tough game. you can want be inup tim dated. you can't be frightened. as far as i'm concerned the tea party can go straight to hell. >> some of these folks in congress right now would love to see us as second class citizens. some of them in congress right now with this tea party movement would love to see you and me [ inaudible ] hanging on a tree. some of them right now in congress are comfortable with where we were 50 and 60 years ago. >> while we discuss our very real concerns let us remember who the real enemy is. and the real enemy is the tea party. >> that type of rhetoric was
6:40 pm
encouraged at the highest levels of the democratic party. sadly we have confirmation that it did encourage the irs to target conservatives. here with reaction, the co-host of the 5, bob beckthe e l, and jed die i can't belah. straight to hell, hanging from trees, terrorists. anything else, bob? >> no. that covers it. listen, the idea that we would open this by saying a couple of irs employees said they were encouraged by the president of the united states leaves the impression that the president told them to do it. >> you didn't read the report. >> it says he create ed an ambiance to encurrently that behavior. not to say the president called these employees -- >> he created an ambiance. >> yeah. >> the tea party was against us. when they are against us we'll say something about them. >> they weren't doing anything illegal. >> who was? >> they weren't doing anything to warrant the irs going after them. >> if that's illegal somebody should be arrested.
6:41 pm
why aren't they arrested? >> went after the citizens united decision. you couple it with the media that roved going after the tea party, with all the clips we showed. nancy pelosi, harry reid, leaders saying the tea party -- >> have you ever been to a rally? >> that created an -- i have. >> you have heard the obama rhett eric? >> none of it. >> it's as bad. >> that's the obama policy rhetoric. they are not the going after the man. they are going after the policy. >> lower taxes. limited government. they don't want obamacare. >> they were against us in the last presidential election. so we're against them. >> so they are terrorists? >> that's not necessary rhetoric. >> i asked and you said that covers it. >> i was making half a joke which clearly doesn't work at this table tonight. >> i missed that one. the fact the what they are saying is the tea party -- tax exempt, many of them, were
6:42 pm
dedicated to doing political activity that's illegal. >> it isn't illegal. >> it is. >> if you say they oppose obama's policy what does it have to do with the fact they were targeted. they are allowed to conduct political activity. >> what happens -- did any of them get pulled in, have their records pulled, their tax exempt status pulled? >> they were delayed. some of the groups are still waiting for approval. >> they are asking for personal information and they were di delaware anywayed -- >> we also had lois lerner who pled the 5th and we now know why. the e-mails show at every level when they said they were rogue agents in cincinnati that it was a lie. this was all run through washington, as we suspected in the beginning. >> she was paid for a long time after that. >> that's part of the deal. >> she doesn't want to own up to the responsibility. >> she should have been gone a long time ago. >> paid for that as well.
6:43 pm
>> politics is a tough business. when your en mys are identified you do what you can do to make their jobs more difficult. >> that doesn't mean the irs -- if you oppose the irs targeting liberals base ed on political ideology you have to oppose them targeting -- >> i was on nixon's en mys list. >> this was not an election season. this was hindering their ability to -- >> let me ask this. just to be clear you don't have a problem with the government. with all its power and might coming down on groups of people, certain americans because of their political beliefs? you think that is okay? >> no, i don't. >> that's what happened. >> yes. there is a climate created. i agree with the premise of your story. there is a climate created when we think the tea parties are against us, getting tax exempt status for things that were obviously political and that's illegal. we identified that and of course people in the administration will say, well, if the bosses don't like it --
6:44 pm
>> target hem? >> we'll go after them. >> if you have a republican administration and left wing groups going against the president is that where the irs is now entitled -- >> national committee for -- >> it shouldn't be allowed. [ speaking simultaneously ] >> you get tax exempt and then do politics. >> you had 162. 11 were progressive. >> karl rove and other people. they should be allowed to do political activity. >> it's against the law -- >> it's a first amendment right. >> depends on if you are uh a 501-c-3. >> or 4. there is research, education. numerous things. >> research and education. >> nothing to do with election -- >> they were solidly connected to ripping obama apart. >> not illegal. >> liberal groups of a similar nature were granted status. >> why? >> they are targeting people because of political beliefs.
6:45 pm
>> disproportionately. >> this is a climate when you are in an -- >> under the law, bob. >> equal justice under the law sounds wonderful when you say it. it wasn't wonderful -- >> you will use the power ofl federal government to punish people because of their beliefs. >> people felt because of the anti-tea party -- >> bob, that's the foundation of tyranny, my friend. >> get out of here. >> these officials are saying the media played a role. that the rhetoric that was anti-tea party coming from left wing politics. >> did you make the same complaint when dick cheney came up with phony intelligence that got us into a war in iraq? >> let's not divert attention away. >> you lose 10,000 people. that's okay. doing a few targets at tea party? too bad. >> up next. >> reassignment doesn't equal accountability. they are i reassigned, put in h
6:46 pm
a position where they have never misadd paycheck. they will have their job and get a pension. >> one of the tense exchanges at the house hearing on the benghazi terror attack. after the break a kpre hen sieve highlight reel from all the day's dramatic face-offs. there is still time to pick the video of the day. go to cast your vote. you can go on twitter. quick break. we'll be right back. that reel is next. ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ the joint is jumpin' osteo bi-flex® elps strengthen your joints.°
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. earlier today there was a highly explosive hearing on capitol hill regarding the administration's botched handling of the benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead. this time undersecretary of state for management patrick kennedy was in the hot seat facing tough questions over the lack of accountability following the the 2012 attack. we put together a comprehensive highlight reel from today. take a look. >> it is indeed pathetic that still no one has been held accountable for the disastrous decisions that were made at the state department before, during and after this attack. >> people take a hit while those who should have been in the know walk and are never interviewed. >> anybody who didn't dispatch
6:51 pm
troops or dispatch aid or assistance of some kind to our ambassador who was under attack had no idea if it would be a one-hour battle, four-hour battle or a two-day battle. not dispatching help is a dereliction of responsibility. >> that's not what i uh asked. i ask if you thought secretary clinton has been truly held accountable. yes or no? she said she was responsible. i'm not going to challenge her statement. where is the accountability? >> wow. joining me now with reaction, eric erickson, leslie marshall. we don't know. we don't have answers. before, during, after. we have been told one lie after at another. >> we can't even find some of the people who were there to testify. the state department re fuses to give them up. some cia employees are refusing to sign nondisclosure statements. the thing that strikes me most is the undersecretary of state
6:52 pm
who made the call is patrick kennedy. he told the military we didn't need assistance in benghazi. that their help wasn't wanted, wasn't needed. back in the '90s when the kenyan embassies were attacked patrick kennedy told the military then we didn't need their help protect inger their embassies. >> leslie? >> you guys are killing me. if we want the truth we have truth. why do we keep talking about it and forgetting we had help there. glen dour ti lost his life as a special protection team -- >> that's not the point. why didn't we send help from outside. >> -- deemployed from spain who didn't get there on time. >> not true. >> with air space and the marines would have gotten there on time. there is no question our troops would not have gotten there in time. we can't invade a sovereign nation as ease ily as you feel. >> that's hindsight. we didn't do everything we could have done. testimony showed they couldn't
6:53 pm
have gotten there in time they could have paved the way for the fbi to get information out more than three weeks sooner than they got there. >> part of the delay with the three weeks, i don't disagree there 100%. you're forget ing that libya is a country. libya has a say in this. libya was part of the problem in the delay in the fbi being able to get there and investigate. >> -- barack obama was helping. so the libyans barack obama was helping were a problem for us. maybe we shouldn't help them then. >> you know what? you guys want the american people's opinion. the american people's opinion was 47 to 37% do what we did in libya. the president did it. abided by the constitution. everybody felt it was the right thing to do at the time. now you're happy he's not going to syria based on the same criteria. >> no, it wasn't related to a youtube video .
6:54 pm
>> people wonder why he was going to one, not the other. >> what the hell difference does it make. that's what hillary said, right? >> no. taking it out of con the text. >> no one held accountable. >> no. her comment was not isolated. it matters that lives were lost. >> we have to break p.m. okay. >> no one is accountable. up next, pick the video of the i day. we'll re veal the winner next . [scream] ♪ don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom! don't tell mom. okay. don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom? yeah. the best stories you'll ever tell start with, don't tell." don't tell dad. start yours in the new santa fe. from hyundai.
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welcome back. time to reveal what uh you have chosen as tonight's video of the day. you selected the clip from paula deen's emotional first appearance since the lawsuit accusing her of discrimination was dismissed. she was truly missed by fans. >> this is my first time out in
6:59 pm
three months. [ cheers ] the one place i would want to make my first step back out was texas. [ cheers and applause ] as y'all know, unless you have been under a rock, i had a little rough patch. this summer. but you know it was an opportunity to learn. i learned a lot about myself and i have certainly learned a lot about my business. i just want to thank y'all from the bottom of my heart. for your love and support. >> that is all the time we have left this evening.
7:00 pm
thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta van susteren is live to go "on the record." take it away. tonight, uh-oh, president obama uses the e word -- extortion. >> you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort the a president or a governing party . >> there is no interest on our part in shutting the government down. >> harry reid says we don't want the government open. >> the republicans are out here using extortion and blackmail methods saying if we don't defund obamacare we won't do routine things of government. >> we are interested in stability and fairness. funding the government for a full year period of time. >> congress's most fundamental job is passing the budget. congress needs to get it done


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