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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. . welcome to "hannity." tonight the stand-off over obamacare between congressional republicans and democrats has been escalated. i'll get rand paul's take. first in d.c. the obama administration announced the president will veto a bill that defunds his health care law. that was issued 24 hours before the house plans to vote on a measure to defund obamacare and bankroll the federal government through december. we could see the legislation pass at high noon tomorrow. when it arrives in the senate next week, democrats say they are ready for a fight. >> in case there is doubt in the
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minds of our house counterparts i want to be clear. any bill that defunds obamacare is dead, dead. it's a waste of time. >> the senate majority leader may want to check his arrogance at the door. shortly after those comments a bombshell was dropped by texas senator ted cruz. >> i will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund obamacare. >> filibuster? >> yes, and anything else. any procedural means necessary. listen, this is the most important fight in the country. it's easy to focus on the political back and forth. >> as you just heard the filibuster is now on the table. so here's where we stand. despite the fact that 7 in ten american americans have reservations about obamacare they consider making any changes. as a result a government
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shutdown hangs in the balance because the government refuses to sit down and negotiate with anybody they disagree with. at least anyone in america. >> what i haven't been willing to negotiate and i will not negotiate is the debt court of appeal ing. >> the president has been clear. he's not negotiating on the debt limit. >> i what i will not do is have that negotiation. >> let me reiterate our position. it is unequivocal. we will not negotiate with republicans in congress. ♪ >> he will certainly meet with -- >> i did discuss this with president putin. this is something not new. i i have been discussing this with president putin for some time now. >> we are going to work with the russians. >> mr. prime minister, we are serious, as you are, about engaging in substantive, meaningful negotiations. >> negotiations. >> we are prepared to negotiate
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in good faith, in mutual respect. ♪ >> for decade it is white house, the congress have used the debt limit to fund bipartisan solutions on the deficit and the debt. >> joining me now with reaction to that powerful video and much more, author of "suicide of a super power "s pat buchanan. kirsten powers. the president won't negotiate with republicans but if you are vladimir putin and threaten to shoot down missiles to defend syria and arm iran with shields they will suck up and kiss your feet. >> i don't think anybody is bowing at feet or kissing feet. the fact that the president will talk to these other people and can't work with the republicans actually rereflects more badly on oh the republicans than on the president. they are the ones who are completely impossible. you are one of the people leading them down a crazy path of trying to defund --
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>> crazy little path. >> yes. defunding obamacare doesn't have the support of the majority of the country contrary to what republicans are saying. a tiny fraction of people want to defund it. >> sometimes -- >> it hasn't launched and it is a nonstarter and should be. >> if you read the cbo report it will lead us into bankruptcy. sometimes life is not seen through the little bit call prism of whether or not people will be re elected. >> i don't see it that way at all. it's health care for people who need health care. >> -- limited government view this as a pivotal moment. either this party will stand in contra contrast. pat? >> sean, look. this obamacare appears to be the one red line that obama will go to the wall to defend. but, look, what's going on here?
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the republican house is going to pass a continuing resolution for the government and obamacare is not in it. obamacare, according to max baucus, a democrat is a train wreck on the american economy. obama is saying i will shut down this government with my uh veto if you don't send the money for the train wreck with it. let me ask harry reid a question. he said we won't take anything that doesn't have obamacare. suppose the house passes a continuing resolution for the pentagon and sends it to the senate? will they block that, too? >> good question. kirst kirsten? >> i think the premise, the idea that it's okay for republicans because the fringe of their party doesn't like obamacare, that it should be okay for them to defund it and hold up and try to prosecute tend it's the president shutting down the government when, in fact, we know perfectly well who will be shutting down the government.
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it's the republicans. >> kirsten. >> it is a game they are playing. i don't understand it. >> how can you say the republicans are shutting down the government when they pass a continuing resolution for the entire government, put it on the president's desk and the it is lacking one thing -- obamacare. he vetoed it. who shuts down the government, who is guilty of extortion. >> kirsten, answer the question. that's key. answer that. >> i'm trying to answer it. you're acting like obamacare is lacking funding to water the white house lawn. it's the signature achievement of the president. if they leave obamacare care in, everything is fine. they can turn it around easily. why will cruz filibuster with f we don't defund obamacare? >> there are components of obamacare that have wide, majority support. there are aspects that people don't want. what the republicans are saying is we are not going ahead with the train wreck.
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after you get this continuing resolution -- >> it's not -- pat. >> let's discuss what parts we keep and what we dump. >> pat, even among 53% of people that said they don't like obamacare only 23% of them said you should defund it. that's among people who don't like it. >> 70 -- >> let me finish. wait. 22% of the population. 50% of them. 22% of the whole population said to defund obamacare. >> if you believe you are doing the right thing and republicans will take the tremendous heat they will get and they believe they are doing the right thing shouldn't you do it without calling mr. pugh b about his pol poll? >> they are afraid of not getting re elected. >> don't you agree they believe obamacare is terrible, not worth enacting. >> i think they believe everything obama does is terrible. i will give you that. >> let me ask --
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>> it's not. it's true. >> there have been 1 delays. there have been carve outs for government employees, for big business. there are not carve-outs for the american people. the president said it would cost under $900 billion. it's now $3 trillion going higher every day. the president said we would save $2500 a year. not true. he said we could keep our insurance. today walgreen said 160,000 employees will be in the exchange s. none of his promises are true. none of the way he sold this turned out to be the way he said. if you are an honest democrat, tell me. why shouldn't the people reject considering we now know it is not true? >>. >> you can ask the question. people aren't rejecting it. i don't think they should reject it. >> that's a projection. it hasn't launched yet.
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i want people to have health care. it was passed by a majority of congress. i'm sorry the republican tea party people don't like it. they don't have a right to hold the government hostage. >> let me agree with you. i think the people -- >> great. >> -- who don't have health care should get it. there are aspects that are good. if you saw obamacare and it was in the house and senate and you were a democrat in there, wouldn't you say, look, we found out that there are things wrong with this. there are real problems with it. it's not right. >> let's try to fix it. >> exactly. go back and fix it rather than impose it on the country. >> that's what the president is trying to do. the point is you can't -- look. when we look at medicare, there were all sorts of problems with implementation. i'm not willing to throw it out now and say it hasn't worked. we haven't tried. >> you seem to be -- >> there have been delays.
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>> you seem afraid to put it to a vote today in the democratic senate, republican house it could not win. >> it doesn't need to win again. it's passed. the majority. i don't understand why it has to be passed again. >> it couldn't win the first time which is why scott brown was elected to be the 41st vote. when he was elected they went the back door through reconciliation. >> it passed congress, sean. i'm sorry. >> through reconciliation which is not the way to pass major legislation, kirsten. that's 101. >> let's take another look, kirsten. >> i agree with pat. >> thank you. >> i have a message for the republicans. hold the line. let obama shut down the government. let the chips fall where they will. appreciate it. up next, white house keeps trying to push the false idea that republicans want to shut down the government when it would be him. up next, senator rand paul joins me to explain why it's obama who refuses to compromise. and tomorrow night, 9:00
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welcome back. as we eagerly await yesterday's house vote president obama's chief spinmeister jay carney pushed his worn out talking points to paint the gop as the party that wants to shut down the government. watch. >> it's unconscionable to believe there are those in congress and now apparently because he couldn't persuade them the speaker of the house joined them. he believe hs it is the right thing to do to then another recession. threatened economic calamity in this country and the globe over their desire to defund or delay the affordable care act. >> joining us now kentucky senator rand paul. good to see you. >> good to be with you, sean. >> let's talk about -- well, obviously a shift in the house compared to last week. speaker boehner has pledged to
9:16 pm
pass a continuing resolution that defunds obama care as of last week a lot of us didn't think that would happen. >> the voice of the people eventually gets through to the leadership. people are hearing when i travel in kentucky or across the united states everybody comes up to me and says, defund it. obamacare is a disaster. we don't want it. >> what about your colleagues. the argument is made the shutdown will be blamed on us. the media, the democrats will blame us. i never bought it. what's your answer? >> my answer is i don't think we should shut down the government. i thunk we should defund obamacare. if the democrats won't agree we come together and we have to have a compromise. we are not going to get everything we want. what's ridiculous is the president comes out to say, oh, if the republicans don't get 100% of what they want they will shut down government. it's actually completely the
9:17 pm
opposite. he wants 100% of obamacare as passed by democrats with no input from republicans or he'll shut the government down. it's him threatening to shut it i down. he doesn't want to listen to reason or compromise. if the republican miss the house, let's walk through it. if they fund the debt, obligations, military, social security and the rest of the government but not obamacare and they send it to the senate and they won't take it up or they do it piecemeal and the president doesn't want to sign the legislation, who oos shutting down the government? wouldn't it be him? >> what happens is the democrats will pass a bill that fully funds obamacare. the republicans won't. historically the way compromise is, they have come together in a conference committee and split the difference. we find what i think the american people want is to see us sometimes working for middle ground. what i tell people is i think obamacare is bad from top to
9:18 pm
bottom, but maybe the best we can do because the democrats control the presidency and the senate is we make the bill less bad. >> how would you do it? tom gray has a proposal to delay it for a year. is that something you would accept? >> possibly. delay, delay the individual mandate, delay the employer mandate. i would delay the whole thing. there are a lot of bad things in there. even president clinton said there are a lot of low income families forced to buy insurance. they won't be able to afford it. a lot of people have insurance and it will cost them more and a lot of part-time workers who may lose hours and become more and more impoverished by t not getting enough hours at work. there are a lot of bad things that need to be fixed about the bill. some say let the democrats own it. when it comes forward it will be terrible. it can be their baby. >> what's your answer to that? >> you know, i think i'm afraid
9:19 pm
to make it low. we should do everything we can to stop it. >> what do you think of the businesses coming out saying they will only hire people for 29 hours as a result of the law. >> not only do you have the small businesses, the service industries that have part time workers saying they will reduce worker hours. they have a very well paid union worker saying mr. president, you will do the a special tax on my health care. that's not fair. you saw the smiling union bosses coming out of the white house. the real question is, is h he going to make up and give them some special deal that he's not willing to give the rest of america? >> making a few trips recently to iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. i see you smiling. you're considering a run for the presidency in 2016? >> i'm working hard to make sure the party is bigger, more
9:20 pm
inclusive. today i was talking about mandatory minimums. trying to make drug sentencing more fair. because african-americans have been disproportionately affected. i want the to say, you know african-american population in our country, you are welcome in the republican party. latinos are welcome in the party. we have become more inclusive. we want to work on making the party bigger. >> do you think the party is moving more toward the libertarian way of thinking and maybe pushing aside social issues or will it be a coalition party? >> it's always going to be a coalition. there will be social conservatives, social moderates in the party. i think there need to be voices for a less aggressive foreign policy. reagan believed in a strong national defense. i agree with him. so strong no one would think about attacking us. if i they did we would on lit uh rate them. however, re gan wasn't a fan of being involved. there were many times he
9:21 pm
acknowledged that really there were civil wars around the world that didn't make sense for us. i think reagan would agree with me and others that syria is a mistake. >> i agree with you on that 100%. senator, always good to see you. thank you. we'll follow the election closely. it's a little early yet. we'll be watching. >> thanks, sean. >> up next on "han the ti" a tale of two obamas, the deabt edition. >> raising the debt ceiling doesn't increase debt. >> we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's not patriotic. >> you will see more of the hypocritical president after the break. you get to select the video of the day. time for option two. le some call it creepy. others call it clever. it's a new anti-obamacare ad
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welcome back. time for a tale of two obamas, the debt edition. we'll show you glaring hypocrisy of this with president obama when it comes to national debt. yesterday he made this outrageous claim. >> now, this debt ceiling, i want to remind people in case you haven't been keeping up, raising the debt ceiling which has been done over a hundred times does not increase our debt. it's always a tough vote because the average person thinks raising the debt ceiling must mean that we are running up our debt. so people don't like to vote on it. typically there is gamesmanship in terms of making the president's party shoulder the burden of raising the -- taking the vote. >> uh i gi got it. so raising the debt ceiling doesn't increase debt. let's take a walk back to march of 2006 when senator obama made
9:27 pm
a dire speech about the dangers of raising the debt. he said, quote, the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. it is a sign that the u.s. government cannot pay uh its own bills. our federal debt increased by $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion. that's trillion, with a t. this rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy. what happened to that guy? here to debate the hypocrisy, radio, tv, talk show host, billy cunningham. from the fox news channel tamara holder. raising the debt ceiling doesn't increase the debt. what do you got there? >> hannity happy candy. >> what is that? >> they're happy candies. the reason why i brought these is the last time -- >> yeah ? >> you should try one.
9:28 pm
it will make you happy. i feel conservatives are so angry. you know, right now i'm getting these crazy -- >> i'm laughing my head off. >> i think this is a prop ohher opportunity for you to apologize not to me but to the viewers for taking your attack personally. >> really? >> instead a conversation. he said something about shut my mouth and know my role. i think that maybe you should take these happy candies. >> are they loaded with drugs or anything? >> probably from her, they are. >> i am from colorado. >> they are not. >> they're legal. >> this is fake. >> you should try it. >> no. >> i think we owe it to the viewer viewers. >> that was my question.
9:29 pm
>> we are paying old debt we owe like people who have pension s and all the prior debt. does it smell like marijuana? >> no. >> okay, good. the problem is the conservatives are stuck on, you're playing two speeches. >> let me educate you. >> president obama only objected to that one time and you are focused on it. >> billy? >> this woman lost her mind. when your friend obama took office it was $9.5 trillion. now it's on its way to 20. my simple grade school math that's a $10 trillion increase
9:30 pm
under eight years of obama. is 20 greater than ten? earth to tamara. is 20 greater than ten. >> are you talking to me like i'm an alien or because i didn't go to catholic school? >> what billy -- >> are you listening, sean? >> what did he say? >> i don't look like a catholic girl. what do i look like? >> farrah fawcett wannabe. >> do you accept this? he's your typical conservative bashing people, bashing me for my opinion. >> farrah fawcett? what's wrong with her? >> catholic schoolgirl or whatever. i don't look like that. >> can i ask a question ? >> this is the problem with your show and americans and people like bill cunningham. it's always an attack. an attack on the president. an attack on people. >> can i go back to the question ? he will have doubled the debt of every president before him. the math is right. ten trillion to 20 trillion. he will have doubled our debt
9:31 pm
in eight short years. every president before him, all their debt accumulated, he will have the exact same debt. >> no. >> okay. >> the truth will set you -- >> not true. >> you are enslaved. >> what are we going to go to then. >> billy cunningham -- >> what do we do then? >> a five '-year balanced budget. rand paul has it right. >> this morning, rand -- unfunded liabilities. people of your ilk. >> get your finger out of my face. >> people of your ilk will ruin this country. >> your use of america -- >> this is a disaster coming your way. you're playing games with it. hannity and i know this is not a game. people like you are help ing destairway the country fiscally. grow up. >> grow up? >> grow up. >> how do we sustain that?
9:32 pm
>> we with we cut spending and increase taxes. the bush tax cuts didn't work. they didn't work. they said he'd create 2.5 million or 5 million. he created only 2.5 million. his policies didn't work. you want to go back to something that put us in a whole. it put us in a whole. >> you live in an alternative universe. >> i don't. i didn't vote for obama the second time. but he won again. why? >> because too many people get government bchts at someone else's cost. 51%. >> you have no platform at all. there is no way to speak to the youth. all you do is call names. that's it. >> when we come back, hannity happy candy. i will guzzle it. media mash and an appeals court over turned former house majority leader tom delay's 2010 conviction. h's next live for his first television interview since the news broke this morning. you probably won't see it on the new york times front page tomorrow. we want to hear from you on
9:33 pm comment on the show and vote for the video of the day. option three, the final option is explosive highlights from today's combative house hearing on benghazi. >> so you can understand, with all due respect to my colleagues who don't want to mention the secretary of state's name, you can understand my question. you know throughout history, folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc,
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[ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900. welcome back. a texas appeals court over turned the conviction of u.s. house majority leader tom delay acquitting him of money laundering. there was insufficient evidence to sustain this conviction. the former texas congressman was accused of funneling corporate money to texas candidates in 2002. joining me now, the man himself. congressman tom the delay. this has gone on for almost a decade longer in your life.
9:38 pm
about 13 years. >> well it started in 1996 when the democrats announced publically that they were going to get me . that's when the ethics charges started and racketeering suits. a law that doesn't exist in texas. it's amazing. >> didn't the judge said the charge was off base, it was never proven. >> there were six grand juries. one oh no billed me. they found a rogue district attorney who found a newly sworn in grand jury on the last day of the statute of limitations. 30 minutes after they were sworn in they brought an indictment on me . >> they went grand jury
9:39 pm
shopping. they had six and finally at the last hour -- >> yes. >> they finally got the six or seventh one. >> the sixth one. >> unbelievable. >> they appointed a judge that was a democrat that was defeated in his own primary. he's what they call a visiting judge from san antonio who slow-walked the -- it took me five years to get into trialment the longer it took the easier it was to get me out of office. >> have we criminalized political differences now? >> it's what the left does to be honest. they try to bankrupt you. to dance on your grave.
9:40 pm
i know a lot of oh people who have been through similar circumstances and it destairways them. how do you maintain your spirits and not let this eat at you sp. >> they said a huge burden lifted off your shoulders. and i say i didn't have a burden on my shoulders. walking with him every day you could get through it. i don't want to go through it again. i praised him every day. it made me a better person, gave many strength, peace and joy i needed to go forward. >> didn't they move your case to the people's republic of -- >> it was unconstitutional, number one. to try me in austin, texas, the
9:41 pm
most liberal part of the state. you couldn't find a jury. any jury pool that didn't know tom delay. we showed them 90% knew me and hated me. whatever jury showed up they were going to convict many . >> i mentioned it to you today. radon van, how do i get my good name back? this has been out there so long. i wonder if the newspapers that covered every aspect of your case and five years later the conviction, i wonder ifle they will give as much prominent coverage to what happened today and what the judge said as they did before. i doubt it. >> i doubt it, too. i imagine a lot of them in the mainstream media aren't feeling good right now. and if they just read the ruling from these wonderful judges that really looked at the law and understood what was going on and expressed it in the ruling
9:42 pm
itself they'd know that there is a lot of retractions they need because the stuff they were saying was straight out of george soras's book. the liberal democrats funded a lot of this case. funded a lot of the stuff going on. it was a concerted strategy by the left to bring me down. >> do you have legal resource after this? >> the lairs say i don't unfortunately in the texas judicial system the d.a.s are immune from prosecution misconduct. we'll test it. we can't allow this to stand. the abuse of the justice system for political gain is just outrageous. it should not stand. >> congressman, i am sorry about what you went through. >> thank you. >> i'm glad in the end justice prevailed. you kept your soul intact. we're going to have you back to talk about the issues in the
9:43 pm
days ahead. we wish you only the best. thank you very much for telling your story tonight. >> they didn't slow me down. i'm still working for what's right. that's for sure. >> former congressman tom delay. thank you. i wonder if the new york times will have it tomorrow? after the break, the media mash. vote for the vid owe of the day. send your comments about the show to we'll continue. ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. .. .
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welcome back. time for media mash, our weekly round up of the ways the main stream media tries to put the liberal spin in the news. back to go over the material brent bozell. how are you? >> brother hannity. how we doing? >> life is good. after the navy shooting the media tries to revive the gun campaign of course before forgetting the guy had mental illness, anger issues, arrest issues, navy issues. but it's the gun's fault. the ar-15 he didn't use. watch this. >> we know what happened. 12 people are dead. we know this is unusual for the world. the united states has a hell of a lot of guns.
9:48 pm
>> we don't know details. we are hearing the gunman was armed with a long gun and ar-15. those have been weapons of choice in other mass shootings in america. >> you have fought hard for tighter gun control. here is somebody who's clearly mentally disturbed but he was able to legally get a gun. what's wrong here? >> the gun, the gun, the gun. not the person the person. reaction? >> good news first. they didn't blame sarah palin or the tea party. >> progress. >> they didn't blame rush limbaugh, fox news or you. we have movement in the positive direction. first time in a mass shooting they haven't blamed a conservative in years. the problem is though it's the automatic lurch to a gun control debate. what the reporter said, we don't have the details yet. you're right. one of the details is it wasn't an ar-15. in fact it was a shotgun. they ain't going to make those illegal and a gun he took from a security guard.
9:49 pm
guns weren't the issue. the issue is violence. if they want a serious conversation, i would suggest they start by looking at the fact that he was playing violent video games up to 15 hours a day. start there. >> that's nuts. let's go to cnn. can we blame the sequester for the navy yard shooting? >> talking a lot about what happened here yesterday. the tragic event . one of the questions raised about yesterday's shooting rampage, did government cuts put security at risk? you heard the mayor said security may have been a little lax because of cost cuts due to sequestration. you represent people in this city. heard that? >> we have had people say this is the sequester. this is trying to do things on the cheap that shouldn't be. this is private contractors vetting, not the government vetting. >> is barack obama's sequestration responsible?
9:50 pm
>> there is one problem with the report. none of it is true. let's go back to what the mayor said. the mayor said this might have been a process of sequestration. he didn't have a lick of evidence. he wasn't v en making the accusation. but they jumped at that because it's a headline. cnn beat on oh it and beat on it. look t t at what was on the screen the whole time. did government cuts put lives at risk? it took until 11:52 that morning for dana bash of cnn to say it was not true. jake tapper at 1:00 confirmed it was not true. they were running a story that didn't exist. >> all right. let's go to nbc. we have eddie schultz back. the guy that wants to rip out dick cheney's heart, stomp on it and stuff it back in him, to quote him. he's amazed nbc news home of brian williams, matt lauer and
9:51 pm
tom brokaw, he's amazed people don't love obama. he can't understand it. >> seriously. president obama's handling of the economy. only 45% of the american people think he's doing a good job on the economy and 52% disapprove? you mean to tell me we have had 41 months of private sector job growth? we've got a stock market that's absolutely going through the roof. we've got record profits. people's 401(k)'s are in the market and that's the best? it amazes me that people don't love obama. >> this whole network has an obamagasm 24/7. you can't make it up. >> 1.9 million people, less jobs than when he took over. 47,600 americans on food stamps.
9:52 pm
120,000 jobs that have to be created just to keep up with inflation every month. you have -- population. you have 3 million people entered poverty since he became president. that's why they don't love him. everybody's having a hard time and ed schultz needs a dose of reality and so does nbc. >> if it uh wasn't funny it would be sad. you know, he's giving chris matthews a run for his money now. that's right up there. obama is actually the big winner after the bumbling, fumbling criss-crossing positions and toe tall screw-up known as syria. and being outmanoeuvred by vladimir putin. it's not so if you were watched the main stream media. watch this. >> doesn't president obama come out the big winner here ultimately? without firing a shot you think
9:53 pm
they will get syria's chemical weapons? look what will be accomplish fd the deal is followed through without the launch of one missile. can i challenge you on the last part? the president having achieved his stated goal of getting bashar al assad to stop using chemical weapons and now it may play out that way without one single missile being fired. >> give him the nobel peace prize. he fell into a solution after vladimir putin -- >> somebody at that network -- look, here is the ampl reality. barack obama lost control of the middle east. the united states has lost control of the middle east. vladimir putin is now doing foreign policy. they are laughing at us. putin is saying, maybe they won't do it. assad says, maybe i'll do it but give me a billion dollars many. >> great to see you.
9:54 pm
thanks for joining us. we didn't even get to morning joe . first week in a long time. he loves us, you know. him and his friend mika. >> i know he does. >> thank you, brett. prooch yat it. you voted, we listened. we'll reveal your pick for video of the day after the break. straight ahead. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪
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tonight, vacation is over. >> you can't be held hostage. you can't have someone put a gun to your head and say, we're going to do horrible ridiculous things unless you give in to us. you're saying you won't even negotiate with a republican on this issue. how is that tenable? >> john, who has the power to raise the deficit? who has the power to raise the deficit? who has the power to raise the deficit. >> they have put


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