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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 20, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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art work. >> the dow is down 162 now. bad day. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. that's it for "studio b." "your world" starts right now. >> listen to the american people. now it's time for the united states senate to listen to them as well. >> neil: the house just passed it. is it up to a fellow named ted cruz to run with it. the texas senator on how far he is willing to go to defund the president's healthcare law in a much more unfriendly senate. the senator in a moment. five years after the final crisis and billions of bailouts later, the president now counting his auto rescue, but is he driving message in the wrong place? welcome everyone. glad to have you. i'm neil cavuto. on a week we have been covering
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all the rescues, the president ending it at the one place that was not. ford. it didn't take a dime in bailout dough but if you listened to the president today you might be confused. >> ford was standing on its own two feet and made some smart decisions, but if gm and chrysler had gone down, suppliers would go down, dealers would have gone down and all of that would have had a profound impact on ford. >> neil: the president talks about the ford ceo but how do you know that? that was my question then and remains my question now, and the judge, my colleague, steve moore, and charles payne, who were there when all this was going down then. charles, to you first. this idea that ford did say at the time, we need this bailout, it's good for us, we don't want to break our supply chain. i thought he was being a good soldier, but if you're going to tout rescues don't you want to go to those who are rescued.
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>> if msnbc and cnn goes out of business tomorrow it won't hurt fox news. come on. >> neil: very good line. >> sometimes the things the president says just don't make a lot of sense. yeah, disruption in the reply chain. we forgot about the toyota automakers and hondas and the japanese companies make more cars in this country than detroit did. let's be honest about it. we bailed out gm and gave the company to the unions. we bailed out chrysler and give it to the it tallans. no offense but i'm not sure why we did that. so -- >> neil: suddenly we're antiitalian. >> i think the real deal today is the president sees ford, this all-american stamp to it, people really appreciate they did not go to the american taxpayer, missouri is going to be a big battleground next year for right-to-work. they're trying to get the message in there, but it's a false message. i honestly believe that the private sector would have stepped up and fund gm the way
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bankruptcies were funned in the past. >> neil: we'll never know. with the doom and gloom arguments, if you don't know how close we were, the question, when did you stop beating your wife? that leaves people wondering what-if, and after all these bailouts, we'll never know. my point is, selling something on fear never solves anything. >> if you give tens of billions of dollars to any industry, any company, they're going to probably be able to revive themselves. it was free check from the government. we didn't so much bailout chrysler and gm as the united auto workers union and what is interesting about the auto picture, why dent the president go to auto factories down south. these foreign companies that are doing really well. we have a lot of auto jobs in this country. they're just not in michigan anymore. they're in south carolina, and they're in texas, and they're in alabama.
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so i find that to be very interesting. one other point. the president has been on this tour now for the last week, talking about how wonderful the economy is, how many jobs he has helped create and so on, and yesterday, neil, just as kind of a contrast, i watched the food stamps debate on the house floor, and every single democrat i listened to was telling how crappy the economy is and there's not any jobs. >> neil: 48 million americans. i don't dismiss maybe a few million did cut -- let me ask you charles, i think it's a good week-ending metaphor for the bailouts and everything, to espouse their greatness at the one company that -- oil wondering if that says something, even those who were not saved were saved, and is that how this is pitched throughout history so now? >> so far the president has won the narrative on this.
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i cringe everytime i hear someone says the bailouts work. we gave aig billions of dollars and in the amount of time they wouldn't it to work, what makes me afraid -- >> neil: set the motion this idea that, whether you are too big to fail or not you can always know the government has got your back. >> we have enshrined that into our economic system, and to our detriment, because what it does is actually encourage businesses to take the big risks that cause the big crisis in the first place. my goodness. what isn't too big to fail in america anymore in anymore? i think that's a problem. you talk to the small community banks and they say, wait, this is unfair to us. we have to compete with the huge
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mega banks and they have this social safety net to protect them, and we don't. >> neil: the backstop that contributes to the risky behavior, that has not changed in the five years we have all been covering this, then and since. >> bailouts are just a dirty word. no more bailouts. >> neil: too late for that. >> probably. >> neil: thank you, gentlemen, very much. looks like the president didn't pick the right place to tout his law. this time it's the cleveland clinic and its budget and blaming the president's healthcare law for it. the very same clinic that the president used to promote the law itself. >> part of what we want to do is free doctors, patients, hospitals, to make decisions based on what is best for patient care, and that's the whole idea behind mayo, behind the cleveland clinic. >> well, something went wrong because some of those folks well be free are now and that's got dr. harry freedman a lot more
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worried now. your point is what? the very place that was going to be the incubator, the approve that all things good would come of the healthcare law is the latest reminder, not. >> sure. i'm just a simple country pediatrician but the irony of cleveland clinic should be obvious to everybody, and i'll tell you this near chicago. three of the largest hospital systems which i'm on staff at, have announced very similar cuts and have specifically stated that obamacare is the reason for the cuts, and these hospitals executives, i guarantee you do not want to be involved in a political display but they're very frightened about what is happening to their businesses. >> neil: what do they see coming that justify the cuts of the magnitude we're seeing among the very folks who look after us? >> they're subject to the same business pressures all the rest of us are, with increased taxes -- >> neil: must be something in the law, doctor.
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>> there's a couple things. medicare is -- takes care of elderly people hat taken significant cuts, hundreds of bills, and say reimbursement to the hospitals is coming down, medicaid, which is where 30 million americans end up, although there's more people coming in for care, particularly here in illinois, the reimbursement is appallingly low. so they see more patients, more work, with less reimbursement and that's a losing business model. >> neil: doctor, we're ten or 11 days from the exchanges. no paperwork or any of that has gotten out to help either employers or individual americans know what is coming down the spike how they can register for it, be part of it. it sounds like an october 1 mess. >> yeah. sort of like trying to start up a brand new ebay which nobody has beta tested and throwing half the country on to it. i'm an employer as well. i have no idea how these things are going to work or who has to be on them or whether we're
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involved with them at all. >> ignorance isn't a defense of the law, but you would be breaking the law if you didn't start getting on this fast. are you worried that someone could slap down a fine on you and -- >> sure. you talk about what is happening with businesses and health care, we're no different. we're very concerned about things we don't understand, and we're not even sure how to figure them out. and where our business goes from here, we're doing our best to comply, but one of the things some of the hospital systems in chicagoland cited when they cut back on employee, they have to hire compliance people and that takes money, too. >> your ebay analogy was actually very good. doctors, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> neil: something that will make you sick. on the corner of wall and broad. a big tumble here. on what was a good week. 185-1/2 points. they're confused about what the fed really meant when it said it was going to continue to stimulate markets.
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the fed has continued to insist it's going to provide $85 billion worth of essentially nicotine to these markets to keep their fits fitful, buying anything they can get their hands on, mortgage-backed securities, treasury notes, to keep the interest rates low. now a lot of people are saying, since then, i think, wait a minute, we like that, but why are they doing that? normally they have a lot of access to data, and the data they must be looking at, it's scaring them, and if they're scared, we're scared, and the big upshot, they're getting down about it. cruising for a bruising. senator ted cruz taking heat from members of his own party who don't think he is going far enough on this health care fight. the senator begs to differ and he will here, and only here, next. ady. thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it.
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completely under the radar, and this one is a big one. what the state department itself calls horrific. involving iranian incidents, nek. a group of largely iranian refugees in iraq that now claim iraqi forces murdered more than 50 members earlier this month, and not injures murdered, all but butchering them in the case of the few in a hospital. and now america's mayor is sounding the alarm on this now. update us. what is this about? >> this is a absolute horrific situation. this group has been enormously helpful in getting information out of iran. they're they reason we really understand where these reactors are, how far along iran has come, when rouhani, who was fooling us six or seven years ago and bragging about the fact he was fooling us, this group got the contradictory information out of iran they
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were still going ahead with their nuclear program. so, all of a sudden, now iran wants to make nice on the surface. on september 1st they killed 50 of these people in a camp near the iran-iraq border and there's no question that iraq forces cooperated with them in doing this because iran is basically running iraq. now they have seven more people being held hostage at baghdad airport. they're going to be sent to iran where they'll get executed, and i believe this is not happening coincidentally. this is happening because the iranian government wants to shut down information coming out of iran. >> neil: here's what i ask. why is this group and the butchery it's experienced than any of a host of others. >> right now we're supposedly entering into negotiations with iran. last time we had these negotiations with -- >> neil: the president is going to talk to the iranian leader. >> last time they fooled us.
1:16 pm
you want a back channel and what iran is doing is trying to kill the back channel. >> neil: we're not showing these images, the photos -- >> the pictures of men and women being killed in a hospital. >> neil: this is brutal stuff,, but here -- can s isn't this the same group that was on a terror list in this country and attacked american personnel, rockwell defense personnel, many years oak? and lanked them on -- we don't talk to you anymore. >> a long time ago they were against the shah, and in that period of time they were against us when they were against the shah. when the shah was overthrown and then the ayatollah came in or became a clerical government they have consistently oppose add clerical government in iran. >> neil: there were problems. >> the group i work with is made up of the colonel who commanded this area of iraq, two former members of the joint chiefs of
1:17 pm
staff. these people over the last ten years have been enormously helpful to us and when they laid down their arms in 2003 we gave them a promise of protection, the american military. they have a written promise of protection. >> neil: they were taken off the terror list. >> they were taken off the list by the uk, the european union and then the united states of america, and with proof that over the last ten years they have been enormously helpful to us and any number of generals you can put on the show that would tell you, they've worked with them and these people have been enormously help inflame saving american lives. >> tom ridge was part of the group. >> patrick kennedy. howard dean. >> neil: well, must be get something money from this group or financial interest in this group. >> no financial interest. speaking fees at times. people have been paid speaking fees, including me to give speeches for them. >> neil: one might come say, that's it, rudy is doing this because of the money?
1:18 pm
>> i have expended thousands of hours of work for them for nothing. i'm a lawyer. i get paid by my hours. i don't get paid for doing this. >> neil: of all the opposition groups and all the opposing groups, why does this one stand out or should stand out? >> this group stands out because it has been enormously helpful to us and also a group to which we have made promises. they laid down their arms, as a result of that, and now they're getting slaughtered. >> you think the orders are coming from iran. >> there's no question. iran wants to cut off the back channel. this is the humanitarian situation, all these people you mention giving their time and effort and traveled all over the world, yes, they have at times gotten speaking fees. they have expended thousands and thousands of hours of pro-bono work on behalf of this group. >> neil: you seem to be able to talk to -- you think they're okay but they have a history of not liking us that mach and that's the fear people have with
1:19 pm
these groups. they're our friends and then not a friend. >> that histor years ago. the head of this group is a woman. a woman who is the head of a group like this. this group believes in democracy, that believes in gender equality, this is a group that most importantly believes in a nonnuclear iran, and this is a group that probably has been the primary source of information for the -- trying to figure out what going on in return. we should send airplanes in there and take these people out. i the generals promised these people protection. the word of the united states is at stake. we should send airplanes there and take these people right to the united states immediately. and not allow them to be slaughtered because we weren't able to work out protection for them in iraq. vice-president biden dropped the ball here when he didn't negotiate a status of forces agreement in iraq, and left these people unprotected. >> rudy giuliani, thank you.
1:20 pm
>> neil: in the meantime, senator ted cruz, still going to be here at the bottom of the hour, but first, thrown out because their kids were acting up. apple by's is taking heat for showing a rowdy family the door, but did they have the right to do that? we're talking about one and three-year-old kids. our legal eagles well debate. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. face time and think time make a difference. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews
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>> neil: this is family friendly. a texas appleby's didn't just kick out a couple because their kids, one and three years old, were too active. they called the police. then the couple called the police. shortly after they were hit with a warning for criminal trespassing. appleby's says this incident was
1:24 pm
mishandled and offered the family some free coupons which they decomplained. imagine that. it did get us thinking, do businesses have the right to do this sort of thing? and to make the customers leave? stacy snyder, her -- says, they want be doing this, applebee's can't. >> you're appalled. >> appalled. >> what finally i'm going to argue that these customers should sue applebee's for intentional infliction of emotional stress, which i don't like that claim because people overuse it. but -- >> neil: how do you know they were distressed. >> because the restaurant allegedly called the police on them, and then why were potentially cited with a criminal trespass warning, that is stressful. i mean, they could have been arrested.
1:25 pm
that's a misdemeanor in certain states and just because your kidses are acting up you have to be subject to contact with law enforcement? >> neil: my kids can pull this stunt, too. but obviously had to get pretty bad. i don't know what happened but you're saying what? >> legally they have the right to kick these kids out and the family out. bad p.r. >> neil: just kick the kids out. >> a three-year-old on the street. >> neil: not good. >> charges coming in. >> legally they can do it. horrible p.r., especially applebee's. it's not a french restaurant. neil: apple applebee's says when a disruption bores our guests it's the manager's responsibility to take care of the issue and our franchise is using this as a teaching moment
1:26 pm
to better manage future disruptions. >> i love you read that. without any emotion. >> neil: i'm a news man. >> mea culpa, they screwed up. bad pr. i had my daughter's paper there, eight years old, nine-year-old old, disruptive? yes, but can they do it? absolutely. it's a private business. no shirt, no shoes, kick them out. >> they're acknowledging the problem in the statement which is calling law enforcement on a customer for being unruly when it's a child, you're inviting -- >> neil: what prompted calling the ofs? did the manager first go to the family and say you have to leave? the kids are acting up. >> that's what happened. the manager went to them first. then to arrest up to law enforcement. >> there's no evidence the family did not comply with the order to leave. they went out on the street and they were upset, too, so they called law enforcement. but supposedly the --
1:27 pm
>> neil: didn't the father get up and say -- no, you're leaving now. >> then it became a little belligerent. applebee's is trying to say we made a mistake, pad p.r. decision, but when the adults and the parents get involved -- come on. we have been where the kids have the parties -- >> neil: mine are angels but i understand what you're saying. actually mine go from booth to booth. and then i go to the table and take the food. >> you know this, when you eat your kids' leftovers there are no calories in it. >> i knew that. >> neil: in all sear -- seriousness, the other patrons toll the manager this was annoying so the manager trying to give him or her their due, said i'm looking out for the poo people trying to have a nice evening and they're not. >> right. but this isn't a library. this is a family kid-friendly --
1:28 pm
>> you have a good issue there. >> applebee's, for a lot of us, d nash to you in your haifa fluting world but it's a big deal to take kids to applebee's. >> neil: chuck e. cheese. he'll accept anyone. well, remember -- remember when this airline -- stuffed himself into an overhead bin. he is here without the bin but ready to rumble. >> customer frustration due to overcrowded overhead byes. , jen, sara m., sara b., sa -- whoa, whoa. hold on. (under his breath) here it comes... we can't forget about your older sister! thank you, thank you, thank you! seriously? what? i get 2x the thankyou points on each ticket. can i come? yep. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment and dining out, with no annual fee.
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>> neil: feet up, for taking off. forget flying on a wing and a player, you better fly with a lot of catch, not because of the fares are high but the fees are getting outrageous. the coo of this airline which is number one in the percentage of revenue from fees. ben it's go to have you. you always tell me, true blue fliers and teddy customers know there are ways around the fees. what are the ways around him are them? >> it's great to see you. and the only reason we're number one is because our fairs -- fares are so low. if you taking ancillary fees ace a part of the ticket price, when the ticket price is low, that makes the percentage high. you want that number to be 100%.
1:33 pm
that would mean the ticket would be free and everything else is just a choice you make. >> neil: that wasn't what i asked. i'm curious, how do i, the customer, get that base -- i don't have to worry -- you have outrageously low fares. how die get joest those fares and not feed up the-in yang. >> you bring less and pay less. so fit it in a size under your feet and you'll pay less, and then self-serve where you can. so print your own boarding pass. on your own pc, or from a kiosk, and buy it online, and eat something before you get on the plain, and if you do self-service, you can fly for really cheap. our average fair in the second quarter was $77, and fly for that rate, and don't pay the extras, if you can just deal with it. self-serve and bring less with you. >> the kiosk thing, you're not charging extra to use the kiosk.
1:34 pm
>> no, we don't charge for the kiosk. we only charge for the boarding pass if you're doing it from an actual agent. >> neil: if you principle it at home or people have it on their devices, that's fine. >> that's exactly right. neil, just before i came to the studio, we priced some connects from here down in florida to dallas, and the nonstop flight on spirit was $93 for next week. the next lowest price was $170 with a connection, and the next lowest nonstop was $299. so for $93, you can afford a lot of bags for that. that's why customers fly spirit because they're -- their fare and the pies are less than they pay on the other airlines. >> neil: here's what i want to ask you. obviously if you're going to dallas it's an overnight trip, even two days. that is one thing you can deal with very light carryon.
1:35 pm
but realistically, if you're in a destination longer than that, that's when those potential baggage or heavier carrion fees kick inch right? you're saying that people are okay with that because they're getting such a low fare. right? >> yeah. they still do better. we sent you guys a chart -- >> neil: yes, you did. >> if you look from 2006 to 2013, the price spirit customers pay for their tippings plus their -- tickets plus bags has state flat and oil prices have increased greatly. at spirit we have lowered the base fare and added the fee so if you carry bags, you're not paying anymore than you used to pay, but if you carry less, you pay less. >> neil: we did get you stuff minutes before this part. >> pretty interesting.
1:36 pm
>> neil: yes, indeed. do you think that a lot of your customers are surprised when hey go to get the ticket at theee cox -- -- you are among the lowest in the industry but some people say you zoomed me here. >> the only ones surprised are the ones who literally don't pay attention to the process. if you buy from our web site, we disclose average we're a transparency leader at spirit. we want people 0 know exactly what they're getting. the value proposition is better than other airlines and they get too cheese more.
1:37 pm
>> ben, thank you very much. the spirit airlines ceo. when we come back the fight over the president's healthcare laws heading to in the united states senate, and this next guy is in the center of it. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller?
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>> our message to the senate is simple. the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obamacare. [cheering] >> neil: now to the senate and the guy leading the fight there against the president's healthcare law, texas republican ted cruz. senator, very good to have you back. how are you doing? >> doing great. always great to join you, neil. >> neil: you know how to generate heat. a newly minted senator and almost from the day of your arrival you have been like the bull in the china shop. now even some fellow republicans, those in the house particularly, are saying, wait a minute, is he really for this
1:41 pm
defunding effort or not? what say you? >> look. what i say is today was a terrific day. house conservatives stood up, stuck their neck out. just a couple of weeks ago the vote we had today to defund obamacare was considered impossible by washington pundits, and today was a vic for house conservatives. it was a victory for house leadership, for speaker boehner and a victory for northwestern people. the reason the house voted decisively today in a bipartisan vote, to defund obamacare, is because the american people have risen up in incredible numbers saying obamacare isn't working. the biggest job killer in the country. it's hurting millions of americans and it needs to stop. i absolute the house, and the speaker is right. now it's up to harry reid, up to the senate to step forward and do the same thing the house has done. listen to the american people.
1:42 pm
>> neil: harry reid says it's going nowhere in the senate. >> that is certainly what he has said, and i'm sure that is his intention. and so, neil, this step -- this process was always going to involve a series of steps. the first step was to unify and mobilize the american people. and we have seen over 1 .5 million americans sign the national petition at don't fund, reach out and call their riptives. the next step is today. the unified house republicans to stand strong for conservative principles to defund obamacare. they tide that -- did that today, show of courage. next week it's for the senate republicans to unify and come together and to support house republicans. i am hopeful that we'll see every senate republican come together. now, harry reid will try to play procedural games and in particular what he really wants, according to the reports, he really wants a vote to fund
1:43 pm
obamacare using just the 51-vote thresh hold, which lets him too it on a straight party line vote with only democrats. i don't think runs should let him do that, and if he tries to play those games, tries to use the 51-vote threshold to let democrats fund obamacare, i'm hopeful all 46 republicans will stand, unified, side-by-side, with republicans in the house, and fight to defund obamacare. >> neil: do you know of many republicans republicans republicans who won't? >> it's not clear. there's been a lot of discussion, and what is interesting is people's positions have been moving, and the reason they've been moving is the process is working. we have seen over 1.5 million people go to don't fund when you get 1.5 million people signing a national petition. calling senators and elected representatives, it gets people's attention.
1:44 pm
people say, what happens if republicans stand together; if they stand together -- harry reid might be extreme enough to do that. are that happens, then the ball will shift back to the house and the house can systematically respond. i hope they would respond to the senate. if harry reid does try to force a government shutdown by passing one continuing resolution after another, funding each specific piece of government. starting off with funding the military, sended over and say, the senate democrats going to shut down the military? and see if harry reid -- >> what eave one of those measures have attached to it out of the house i'm saying here -- defunding health care initiative and. >> for things like funning the military, would send is just as a clean -- a stan-alone just on the military, and i'd do it one at a time.
1:45 pm
i hope the house does that if the senate tries to kill this. >> you heard from the likes of karl rove who say they feel for your passion, they feel for this republican zeal and sympathy for the health care canlaw but the numbers don't favor this happening in the senate, and you almost acknowledge this yourself when you recognize the math, the senate in control and going on to the president and he veto it and have you've to avoid a overright. but got some house republicans angry at you, including arkansas republican griffin. listen to this. >> folks in the senate talking about defunding and delaying and repealing and different options, they've been asking for the ball. we're going to give them the ball. >> neil: congressman, were you specifically citing senators lee and cruz as those republicans who talked a good game but didn't follow through?
1:46 pm
>> i was challenging the ones that talk a lot over there. >> neil: you were talking about those two gentlemen. >> yeah, yeah. >> neil: you know, i read all your comments, and you were very, very clear about your passion for doing this, but you also recognize the math in doing this so you were obviously walking a tough line there, but do you think that you're kind of damned if you do or damned if you don't now? >> from day one, i have said that this is going be a long process. i believe we can win this fight, and i don't think anyone can look at what i've said and done, what mike lee has said and done, and have any doubt that we are going to fight with every ounce of breath in our bodies to defund obamacare. but it's going to be an iterative fight, and the point i made is, harry reid has 54 democrats. the can till the continuing resolution, shut it down at this stage, and if that happens, that shouldn't set the stage then for
1:47 pm
the -- goes back to the house and the only way we win, the only way we ultimately move the votes in the senate, is for the house to continue to stand strong to stand firm, to start sending over limited crs, funning the military, funding different pieces of the government, and if we stand firm, people ask how do you win? well, the way you win is we keep making the case to the american people, and once we unify -- first we have to unify republicans in the senate. i hope we're going to do that this week. once that happens you start moving red state democrats over one at a time. people say none of them have gone over yet. of course not. republicans are not unified. no democrat is going to join us until republicans are unified, and if you're a red-state democrat from arkansas, from louisiana, and you start getting 5,000, 0 ten thousand, 20,000, 50,000 calls from constituents saying obamacare is killing jobs, hurting americans,
1:48 pm
suddenly your calculus changes. >> neil: would you lead a filibuster? >> i will use any and all procedure means available. we don't know for sure how harry reid is going to tee this up. but rest assured i will use any and all procedure mean wes have in front of us. >> neil: conservative mike levin was saying the way for republicans to throttle this through their own minds is to even risk losing for a cause in the event it puts a stamp on your passion. i'm paraphrasing here but used the example of republicans who stood their ground and stood with ronald reagan in 1976 and came within a lick of seeing him almost beat president ford for the nomination to really achieve victory in overwhelming fashion for years later. what do you think of that mind set, stumble, lose, before winning with something bigger.
1:49 pm
>> well, let me say three things. number one, i know for sure that you lose 100% of the battle that you begin by surrendering, and all these republicans who say we can't win, if they want, these rarous pundits want us to surrender, that will make sure we can't win. number two i'll point out, in many ways, we're winning right now. look, this vote today was historic, and two weeks ago people thought it would be impossible. it was a bipartisan vote in the house to defund obamacare. you look at polling this week, "the wall street journal" came out with for the first time in years, republicans are leading on health care, and i'm going to suggest to you that is because we're standing up and fighting to defund obamacare. republicans are talking about obamacare is killing jobs, forcing people into parttime work, driving up premiums, causing people to lose their health insurance, but number three, i believe we're going to win this fight as we persuade the american people. let me point to an example.
1:50 pm
>> neil: quickly. >> when syria started you had the president, leadership in both houses, all saying we're going to attack syria. the american people spoke up and said, we don't want that. that's not said, we don't want that, that's not in america's interest. leaders from both parties listened. that's how we win this fight. >> ted cruz, thank you very much. it's always a pleasure having you. that fight to come next week. it's the reason we are in washington next week. live from capitol hill on wednesday when senators like kentucky's rand paul, as well as democratic senator mark warner, talk to us, along with john mccain, a host of other goodiest and specials in our capital next wednesday.he's ust the love of m. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best r you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things
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that are important to you. keeping up with them. i love it! [ male announcer ] helping you -- now that's what's important to us.
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the battle over cuts to the
1:54 pm
food stamp program. mike huckhuckabee, you know how rap goes, republicans are heartless, taking food out of needy american's hands. >> the bible says, if a man shall not work, he shall not eat. there's a biblical message for us. this bill does not take food from children. if there's a household in which dependent children live, it doesn't apply. it applies to able-bodied adults. they be drug tested, and they would be able to have to prove that they either can't work or they're trying to get work or they will find some work. >> how many of those 48 million who get some sort of food assistance do you think deserve it? actual genuine need? >> i don't guess i have a number that could give you the exact figure, but here's what i know. if a person can buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, booze or drugs on the street, they probably really don't need me or you to be contributing to their food.
1:55 pm
but then as a minister -- because you know what goes on in church, when they say, look at those republicans, just decimating the food stamp program -- what would you say? >> i'm all about food stamps for kids and single moms who are doing the best they can with their kids. i am not at all feeling bad about withholding food stamps from able-bodied people would don't have kids at home, who are sitting on their rear end, while the rest of us are getting up early in the morning and working all day. and to me, it's immoral to put people in the trap of government dependency at the expense of people who are working harder than they are. that's not inappropriate and that's not ungodly thing to do. it's an ungodly thing to trap people in -- >> will the mainstream media ever say that? >> of course not. it doesn't mean we should c completely fold to their pressure. >> governor, you can catch a lot more this weekend on his very
1:56 pm
big hit show. in the meantime, something equally big. on monday. it's already got enormous buzz. look at this. >> wonderful. >> amazing. >> inspiring. >> you're on the edge of your seat. >> you just go so much farther. >> i'm finding that out. >> big. >> you have to fit it in. >> oh, get out of here, it's just me. they are rolling out the red carpet for this. >> this monday, something new is coming. it's kind of like the old but better. a lot better. same neil, new cavuto. the show you literally can't afford to miss. >> look at all the reaction it is getting. they're all waiting. all of these peep are waiting. just hanging out. and waiting. for something that premieres on monday. i don't want all of these people
1:57 pm
to be fans, but they are. on monday, 8:00 p.m., the world of business news changes. and this outfit, i'll leave you guessing. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members,
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veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." obama care is on everyone's mind today. the american people don't like it. according to the latest fox news poll, 15% have an unfavorable opinion of obama care. unions don't like it. >> when the act was put together, it wasn't thought completely through. we're working to try to solve problems. >> you allow a bill to go through like this, i guarantee you, by your next convention, four


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