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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> mandatory spending can be circumvented due to rules in the house and senate. >> it uh won't be defunded. >> you have been great. give yourselves a see you monday night. tonight, is the government going to shut down? it's up to the senate now. >> our message to the united states senate is simple. the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obamacare. >> what's brought to the floor today without a doubt a measure designed to shut down government. >> i don't think we should shut down the government. we should defund obamacare. >> this is not the right, not fair. it is not just. >> we are going to delay and shop a law that everyone in the country knows is not the ready. i don't think will be reasonable doubt di. >> people who think this is fun and games ought to tell people who didn't get b jobs in august of 2011. >> democrats don't want to balance the budget. they don't want limit osss on s
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ing. it's how they buy t voes. >> this place is a mess. >> let's defund the law now and protect the american people from the economic calamity we know obamacare will create. >> i will not be party to the disinvestment in america's greatness. >> since when do americans not fight for what's right because they are afraid they might lose? >> the president is looking to reach common fround and meet republicans and their priorities. he's not willing to stick toyota the middle class. >> right now the debate in congress is not meeting the test of helping middle class familieses. >> he wants 100% of obamacare as passed by democrats with no input from republicans or he'll shut the government down. >> for god's sake what is there to fight over? it doesn't have to be this hard.
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>> many senate republicans agree to leave no stone unturned fighting in this bill. >> the house have done their work. we call upon the senate to do theirs as well. >> house republicans saying they have done their jobs but now they say the senate republican uhs should do theirs. representative michele bachmann joins us. >> good to see you. >> do you like it i? >> i like it very much. i'm the chief author of the bill to repeal obamacare. i'm very hoop that this is defunding obamacare. this isn't defunding for a year. this is defunding forever obamacare. so this is really going a long way toward where we immediate to be. >> is there a plan within it i though for health insurance for the american people? are you just defunding it or offering something up? >> we have a lot of options on the table. with introduced a pack kanl of options on health care. this is something we do
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proactively. we are trying to fund the government; number one. with accomplished that today. and defund obamacare. we introduced positive reforms on health care. >> one of the propoems is a $17,500 tax deduction against your income or payroll taxes if you buy insurance under the gop program. $20,000 per family, right? >> that's a positive move. it's a great incentive to get people to purchase their own health care in the private market. >> what about the poor? people have jobs but obamacare, the whole idea was to the make sure everybody is included. in your program is there something for the poor? >> there's always been medicare and medicaid. medicaid takes care of the very poor. >> with an expansion? do you envision is expansion under obamacare or the old level? >> what we are doing is offering more affordable options and more options for health care because, as we know, obamacare is
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inacrossing the cost of medical care. our proms are bringing it down. so it will be far more affordable for people at the lower end of the income ladder. our gol is to make sure every american has a way to get their access to medical care. >> the 7500 for a single person, $20,000 for the family. families have changed over 20, 30 years. a lot of single parents. does your package define what family is? >> we have a lot of different prom s. but family is more than one person . so if people generally define their own family. it depends if it is defined in federal law, but family comes in a lot of options. we'll be there for people. the main thing is we want people to know we want them to have the plan they want, the doctor they want to get the care they
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deserve. that's the bottom line. >> this is going over to the senate. do you anticipate senator ted cruz filibustering when it comes up for a vote in the united states senate? he said on wednesday in a written statement it was a done deal that the republicans lost in the senate and he wasn't going to. then he got heat and it seemed he would filibuster. where is it? do you expect him to filibuster? >> i think senator cruz is as committed as ever to are peel ing obamacare. >> how about the filibuster? >> i don't know what he'll do. you have the to talk to ted cruz. >> what do you want him to do. >> i think the filibuster is a great idea. what would be better is if harry reid listens to the bipartisan vote that came today. again it was two democrats that joined with the republicans. this bipartisan vote says defund obamacare as we fund the government. >> is it fair to say it's bipartisan? you lost a republican, gained two democrats.
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does it become bipartisan if you nick off a couple of votes? is that really bipartisan? >> sure. it happens on the other side as well. le if they can peel off one republican, they say it is a bipartisan vote. we'll take gains where we can get them. again, what this says to the american people, b wf listened. we made a promise and delivered. what we are delivering is the vot to defund obamacare. this is a big vote today. we were happy. we think the fight will happen. there are a lot of democrats in the united states senate. i don't think they can get a debt ceiling increase or fund the government unless they do something about obamacare. today, home depot, 20,000 people are going to leave the current health care they enjoy in home depot. companieses are forced to do this. they don't want to. but the costs are high.
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we want people to have insurance they want to have. >> there is a likelihood the bill won't be passed in the senate and it will come back b with a continued resolution but it will be minus the defund of the obamacare. then what? >> that's government by crisis. harry reid may want to do it. if your viewers are melting the phone lines for united states senators because the house has done their job. it is time to melt the phone lines of the senators. let them no we want have the government funded but we don't want to have all the problems with obamacare. i really do -- i'm pollyanna about it. i believe we can get it done this fall. >> in the event that there is a shutdown, a lot of finger pointing. >> there is no shutdown. it's not going to happen. >> it's not snm i don't think we'll see a shutdown. >> even with a clean bill minus the defunding portion of the bill sent back to the house.
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is the house going to say okay to the democrats' version? >> i believe the senate will hear from the people. whether it i's on the current funding bill, cr, or on raising the debt ceiling which has to be done they have to raise the debt ceiling. we'll see obamacare either defunded or delayed. it will happen because the american people won't stand for it. >> nice to see you. hope you will come back at the new earlier time. >> it will be easier. >> indeed. for all of us. what will happen in the senate? he says it includes filibustering. will he get joinders or go alone? chief political correspondent
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byron york will tell us what's going to happen. right? >> this vote in the house is the high part of the effort to defund obamacare. it is not going further in the senate. >> congressman bachmann is hopeful. >> and senator cruz is hopeful. they don't have the votes to do it. if you listen to what senator said at town halls he said we can't win this in washington. we have to have your support. he he was hoping to set off a wave of national support. >> michele bachmann said melt ing the phone lines. >> lawmakers who were against defending were to change their mind under public pressure. we hadn't seen it happen. >> do you expect a filibuster or will h he wiggle out of it? >> i think senator cruz wants to
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do what he can to succeed. but there are so mu republicans on board. senator mike lee sent out a letter several weeks ago. about six weeks ago in which he would pledge to never vote for a continuing resolution that funds obamacare. he got 13 signatures. there are 46 republicans in the senate. 33 refused to sign it. 13 have. >> last night karl rove was here and he said the way the procedure will unwind is such that if there is a filibuster by republican senate ted cruz he eel be filibustering would have to be the house republican bill. >> what's going to happen is to proceed so even consider the bill they will take a cloture vote and requires republicans to go along. republicans will vote. not just to kill this defunding measure immediately.
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they will vote for the senate to consider it. once it get there is the majority can limit debate. after out's under consideration debate will be limited to 30 hours. the split between the parties, 15 and 15. remember you have 46 h republicans. they will want some of the time. there is not even going to be time for a so-called talking filibuster by senator cruz. remember when senator rand paul did the filibuster about drones. they talked for 13 hours straight. the same thing cannot happen in this debate. >> back to the house minus the defunding provision, just the continuing resolution. then what does the house do? >> that's huge. the house tries to add additional things on its own. provisions limiting obamacare. then we are still fighting. or the house actually just votes for it. remember, 200 democrats in the house. if a majority of the republican
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party in the house. 233 of them. so if you get 120 or more republicans decide, okay, we'll just vote for the clean funding measure. you have the democrat thes to support it. it will pass easily. >> if not? >> then you get to the shutdown scenario. then october 1 comes and they are still bickering over what to include then there is enormous pressure to pass something. that's when you get to the shutdown scenario. >> who loses politically at that point? >> we have been talking about this for months. republicans say they won't lose because they will blame president obama for shutting down the government. most people think republicans will get most of the blame. >> nice to see you, byron. >> thank you. an ohio clinic touted by president obama now slashing its budget. the cleveland clinic pointing to obamacare as one of the reasons. is this just the beginning? will we' is cost cutting trend
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at hospitals nationwide? pediatric neurosurgeon dr. ben carson joins us. good evening. >> good evening. what's the impact of obamacare on these clinics? >> what obamacare has done is decreased remunerations while increasing the responsibilities. so obviously that's going to be a conflict. it means something will have the to go. this is not surprising at all, what's happening at the cleveland clinic. it may be the first time it's become public but the community hospitals are suffering from the same thing. >> you wrote an op-ed discussing
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obamacare. what struck me is, you know, i think universally everyone agrees we had to do something with the health care system. you referred to -- almost taking the skin off the supporters of obamacare saying the american people would be surprised to see the secret strong arm techniques used to push through obamacare. i'm sure they would be shocked to see the administration that picks and chooses the laws it wants to choose. you compare it to the soviet union. >> the fathers of the soviet union ran into opposition. they felt they knew better than the people did. if they could force up on the people their way of thinking that the people would eventually come to accept it. this is basically what's going on with obamacare. the vast majority of americans
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are not in favor of this. i thought it was spos ed to be by, for and of the people. a lot of americans agree with me. if we sit by and don't challenge the expansionist philosophy of the government pretty soon we will have something similar. the government is controlling everything we do. we simply sit there and watch. we can't do it. i don't think we are going to. >> in reading your op-ed and correct me if i'm wrong, your words, not mine. i uh thought you were saying they were picking and choosing. am i wrong in taking that away from the the on ed.
10:16 pm
>> we have a system of checks and balances. the reason it was in place. there will come a time when one of the branches of government. forget about the constitution. would begin to do everything it wanted to do. disregard the will of the people. and the situation like that. they could stop it and that mechanism needs to be triggered, activated. we heed to do the things the people are in favor of. not an ideological group of people who think they know better than we do. >> it's unclear to so many people what will happen once the obamacare kicks in. is it your prediction for the
10:17 pm
average person who has a serious illness. will obamacare result in affordable care to that person and just as good of care or maybe better? >> no. what do you need for good health care? a provider and a patient. what wf now is a system where the third party has become the main entity with the health care at its beck and call. obamacare increase that is situation. it doesn't return the responsibility to the patient and provider. in that situation it's just going to get worse. until we recognize who we are and that we have to have personal responsibility to bring every system including the health care system into the free market economy we'll have conflicts.
10:18 pm
are we for of and by the government or the people? this health care debate is a perfect place to take a stand. even if it's lost we need to make it clear who is jamming this down the throats of the american people. they have to act next time there is an election and a definitive way. >> thank you. >> now to tonight's hot button issue. do you think it is a smart idea for republicans to filibuster their own bill -- yes or no? go to and vote in the poll. straight ahead, b october 1 is just around the corner. there is a new glitch tonight. will obamacare miss another deadline? is this one a whopper? that's next. also the next story may unglue you. it did us. hundreds of teens trashing a former nfl's star. the party caught on camera and posted on the internet.
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you will never guess who uh may be facing a lawsuit. that nfl star is here coming up. plus, sarah palin taking on the obama, putin controversy. what she has to i say, you have not heard from anyone else. governor sarah palin's unexpect ed response coming upment when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company.
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for a store near you go to it's only 11 days away and the obamacare ex changes are spoesz supposed to open but will they? tonight a glitch. >> hey, greta. >> october 1 around the corner. what's the glitch? >> what health insurance companies found testing the new enroll. system is the prices quote ed for certain health plans were wrong. we have two weeks left and the insurance companies are fact
10:23 pm
checking the consumer experience, how people will be enrolling, the prices they will see quoted and i they found out they were being miscalculated. le. >> is it that the prices are wrong and wrongly enter ed or i it a problem with the calculations? >> what happens with the prices quote ed is they might include a federal discount in the form of a tax credit for people eligible to make coverage more affordable. that's the crux of the issue. >> are some people going to get a tax credit who shouldn't and those who should get it aren't going to? >> i believe it's the people getting tax credits. the math is wrong. the obama administration has 11 days to fix it. they believe they are going to. this is the testing period where they say this is what we are meant to be doing now.
10:24 pm
we'll get it all figured out. >> if they don't shame on them. they have had time to figure it out. it's not that hard. in this glitch who takes the hit -- the consumer, insurance company or the taxpayer? because the taxpayer pays into it. >> it could be all of the above. we are not sure. the insurance companies are particularly upset. they have told the obama administration the reason we bought into it is so the health plans would be acceptable to the american people on the new exchange s. they want to get paid the correct amount for health plans when people enroll. so the insurance companies will make sure it gets fixed. >> so we have unions complaining, american people complaining, doctors complaining about it. there are a lot of people upset going into october first. >> some would make the same case with medicare part d. there were issues.
10:25 pm
seniors weren't happy. it's now one of the most popular programs available. >> on a is to 10 scale, 10 being a nightmare, where are we in terms of a process? >> my prediction is they will get this glitch nailed down. they have 11 days. they have all the resources at their disposal, tech professional s. they'll get it done. >> if they don't fix it, what's the plan? >> people can enroll off line. >> go down and sign up? >> we could still see glitches. some people will have bad experience s. they are saying they will smooth it over over the first couple of oh >> we'll watch it. i know you will watch closer. thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> an anonymous note in alaska leads police to the teen victim of a vicious crime. what happened? who wrote the note? the latest in next.
10:26 pm
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teens gone wild and gone very bad. they trashed the home of a former nfl star. the teenagers breaking into former raiders and pat reits player brian holloway's upstate new york vacation home throwing an out of control party. all caught on camera. why is the former football player facing a possible legal battle? brian holloway and his son join us. good evening. >> hello. >> how's it going? >> very well. i'm team holloway on oh this. anyway, the story is extraordinary. first to you, sir, brian, sr. what happened? >> so i was at home in florida
10:31 pm
and brian called me and said there is something going down. he sent me over a bunch of tweets. he got word from a friend who picked up the chirping on twitter that there was a party at the house. we quickly discovered 170 tweets of people at the party drinking, whatever. so we were shocked. blew way past furious. told brian to capture all the digital data as quickly as possible. then i had to focus on what was most important. everything that was broken can be fixed. everything that was stolen can be returned. to see what we can do to help save these 300 lives. that was the best and healthiest way for me to look at what occurred. because it was overwhelming in many ways. >> let me go to brian, jr.
10:32 pm
tell me what happened, how the pictures of the culprits ended up -- where? >> people were updating the statuses and situations that they were at and all the fun they were having and how the crazy night, how they can't even remember it. it was a blur and they will never forget the friends they made, but they will forget the party. a bunch of -- a cluster of under-the-influence et tweets, i would say, and so that was unraveling in front of us. of course the aftermath of seeing how great the party was. we looked beforehand on, i guess there was a lead--up to the party as well. >> as i understand it there is $20,000 in damage. you have now identified the teenagers who did it. you have their public photos because they updated and
10:33 pm
tweeted, talked about it. you then put it on a particular website. is that right? >> what we did is we took the pictures they tweeted about and posted them on >> what's been the response from the teenagers who are part of the trashing and their families? >> i think they were in shock. all i did was reveal stuff they had already posted. so what i did was bring to surface a conversation that was going to allow the parents and the community to say, what should we do about this, how should we be accountable, where did we get offing trab and how do we find our way back? >> you are a lot nicer person than i am. you put the public pictures the teens put on a website. i may have been tempted to track down pictures of the parents who
10:34 pm
lost control of their children or have even raised children who think it is okay to break into a house and trash the joint. >> i hadn't thought of that. i could see where if push comes to shove someone would come in and i could take that a long way. uh know how to do it. >> brian, jr., do you know these kids? >> i know about a dozen of them. they were classmates of mine growing up. the majority of the students that were there were grades under me. so i didn't know a majority of the students there. >> brian, sr., let me ego back to you. uh take it now the parents flipped out because you put their hoodlum vandal teernls on this website. have uh they threatened you with a lawsuit? >> well, there was chatter about
10:35 pm
that. i'm prepare ed for that if it should happen. i don't know where they are with that. if it uh does happen, you will know. i i will post it right on the site. i will post all the documents. and there are many legal professionals around the country who said if i need their help in any way they will stand ready. i'm not sure how that makes sense where you will press charges. their child was in my home, steal ing, vandalizing, doing drugs, drinking or just being there. and you're mad at me for posting a picture that i got from your child's or their friends' tweets. i'm not sure i understand how that's breaking the law. >> can i tell you one thing that's amazing? i understand you put out that you wanted the kids to help clean it up.
10:36 pm
just basically teach some responsibility to them. one of the people involved showed up. that's the kid i would want to hire. someone who made a mistake and has the courage to step up to the plate and offer to clean it up. >> that's what i said. i said, number one, i want to acknowledge you for the courage to step forward and stand accountable. i said, number two, we are going to have a conversation -- you and me -- about what occurred. there is an injury here that needs to be reconciled. number three, what you need to do now is go talk to you are i don't father because of oh what you did to totally embarrass and disregard everything that father tried to put in you.
10:37 pm
i said, get on a work crew and clean up. he did. >> that's the kid who may have done wrong but stepped up and showed something extraordinary. for some reason that kid is amazing to me. thank you both very much. i hope your house is cleaned up and i hope you don't get sued. >> thank you very much. >> now to a gruesome mystery unfolding in alaska. an anonymous note leading police to a badly beaten teenager left to die in a building set for demolition. now the questions, who committed the crime and why? a.j. raj police detective jackie khan joins us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> first of all, what's the condition of the teen? >> the last time we checked on him, he's still unconscious. >> how long ago was that? has this been a number of days that you found him? has he been unconscious for days? >> yes. >> why were you led to him?
10:38 pm
what do you know about the anonymous note? >> not a lot other than an anonymous note was received. follow up was done based on information in the note that led us to finding the victim. >> do you have any sort of sense that doctors tell you how long he was unconscious in this building? >> we do not know the exact amount of day thes. by the information we have it was probably several days he was there. nuz. >> can you tell whether this was an actual beating or oh whether it might have been a drug other over dose. any information to suggest it wasn't foul play? >> no. not at all. there was assault involved. >> what about the building? why was it being demolished? >> it's a very old building. covenant house is the name of a
10:39 pm
shelter downtown for youth. they built a new building and this is catty corner to the building. they bought the house and the lot and turned it into a parking lot. >> have you identified this teen and do you know where h h he's from? >> we have identified him. i don't know a lot of background on him at this point. >> do you know if he's from alaska? >> i don't think he was originally. i'm not sure how long h's lived here. >> any idea how old? >> he's 18. >> we have put a picture up on the air. if any of you know anything about it call the a.j. raj police department. is that correct? >> correct. if they want to be anonymous they can call crimestoppers. >> that would be helpful. the teen is unconscious having been beaten. more information is needed. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, the veterans affairs department taking fire. the latest from the pentagon is
10:40 pm
next. plus the photo. british prime minister david cameron wish it is world never saw. what did cameras catch the prime minister doing? ouch. you will see for yourself coming up. flu ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪
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encouraging news the number of people dropping to 80. seven deaths and three others presumed dead and heartache from some people who got a look at their completely destroyed homes. some estimate they will not see livable conditions there for six months. and a professor will not be seen teaching any time soon with
10:45 pm
a controversial tweet saying blood is on the hands of the nra. next time, let it be your sons and daughters. the professor telling the press he just wanted to get a conversation going. he's now on indefinite administrative leave. i'm mary ann rafferty. for your latest news, log onto tonight the veterans affairs department under fire. the agency giving big bonuseses despite big backlogs in processing claims. jennifer? >> the department of veterans affairs has been celebrating lately what it claims is a reduction in record oh high backlogged disability claims. the v.a. celebrated long before uh any of the problems were fibsed, it seems. paying out tens of thousands in executive bonuses to v.a. managers including one egregious
10:46 pm
example in pittsburgh where five veterans died of region thelegi disease. the chairman of the house veterans committee called hearings to investigate. >> i don't think they understand. you either reassign or fire them. >> the man served in the korean war. the first of five confirmed cases of legionnaire's disease at the facility. he died in july of 2011. she said the v.a. lied about what caused his death and says the problem hasn't been fixed still. >> why wouldn't you fix it? you got away with it with my dad? how did you not fix it? understanding how it was all about bonuseses and presidential award. there it is. it boils down to money.
10:47 pm
>> after the deadly legionnaire's outbreak in pittsburgh michael moreland collected a $63,000 bonus, one example of over 573,000 dollars in bonus checks paid out to v.a. officials who oversaw record highs in backlogged claims or serious instances of hospital-borne diseases. more than 1800 veteran patients of the st. louis v.a. medical center may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis as a result of unsanitary dental equipment. the st. louis facility director received nearly $25,000 in bonuses during her four-year tenure there. in pittsburgh at an emotional charged congressional hearing about legionnaire's and the outbreak, dr. robert petsel, responsible for handing the bonus to moreland said he had no regrets. >> if you knew then what you know now would you recommend him
10:48 pm
for this award? >> i would. >> in a statement from the v.a. in response to our queries, dr. petzel wrote the patient care issues the committee raised are serious but not systemic adding the v.a. is committed to identifying mitigating and preventing additional patient safety risk within the v.a. health care system. greta? >> jennifer, the indecency in the way we are t treating vet s is staggering. then you have bonuses re warding them. i would like to see the documents they are signing, talking about the care. is this the end of it or will there be more hearings and a bigger investigation? >> congressman jeff miller, the chair on of the house veterans affairs committee thinks the problem is so systemic at the v.a. that most of the people who worked there have worked there for so many years they feel they will outlast this administration. they outlasted the last
10:49 pm
administration. he doesn't sense that there is any sense of urgency to get to the bottom of this. >> that's absolutely horrifying. maybe congress ought to give up five weeks vacation and spend time investigating this. that's just me. jennifer, thank you. straight ahead, you will have to see what former governor sarah palin po
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>> greta: okay everyone it's time to hash it out. sara palin catching flak for famously seeing you can see russia from alaska. posting this picture caption i can see putin's shoe print from obama's behind from my desk. she credits a friend with coming up for the clever caption this, takes bring yurg work home to a new level. associated press reporting hundreds of snakes found at animal control officer's home, officials discovering 800 slithering reptiles. the animal control officer facing charges of owning pythons and running illegal snake business in his home. i don't think he's going to be employee of the month any time soon z troy palamalu has one
10:54 pm
of the most well known heads of hair. is his famous mane about to meet his end? nfl tweeting sorry, it's true, he is cutting his locks short for a good cause, chopping his hair part of a celebrity event supporting tret trans. and finally david cameron cannot blame british tabloids for this one, pictured napping before wedding. his sister-in-law posting this prewedding photo, yes, that is the sound of sleep prime minister boato bombing the bride to be. saying the photo only meant for eight people to see. she was posting publicly, oops. this could happen in your family, too. and a soft drink promotion going wrong. abc news tweeting coca-cola apologizes for offensive
10:55 pm
bottle cap. a woman found beinging quote, you retard on the bottom of a bottom. coca-cola saying it means late or delayed in french. and use hash tag greta to hash it out with us. it out with us. and it's not just the -yeah! go, angie! -wo-hoo! [ sound fades ] at a moment like this, i'm glad i use tampax pearl. [ female announcer ] tampax pearl protects better. only tampax has a leakguard braid to help stop leaks before they happen. tampax pearl protects better. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup.
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report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and meditions. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarg or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about e only underarm low t treatment, axiron. here we go again, people around the world lining up at apple stores hoping to snag the newest iphone model. jimmy kimmel says waiting in lines may pay off. >> they give you -- this is a good idea they have it set up in such a way right after you get the new 5 s you take two steps forward and you'll northbound line for the iphone 6. >> greta: okay.
11:00 pm
guilty as charged i've already ordered mine, i always do. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to don't forget october 7th, 7:00 p.m. until then, hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." obama care is on everyone's mind today. the american people don't like it. according to the latest fox news poll, 15% have an unfavorable opinion of obama care. unions don't like it. >> when the act was put together, it wasn't thought completely through. we're working to try to solve problems. >> you allow a bill to go through like this, i guarantee you, by your next convention, four years


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