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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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there. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. [ sirens ] nothing h the plan are require uh you or your employer to change coverage from the doctor you have. >> our goal is to protect the american people from obamacare. >> we need to re peel and replace obamacare with a better system. >> i want to be absolutely crystal clear. any bill that defends obamacare is dead, dead. >> we will start by reducing premiums by as much as 2500 per family. >> this is playing with fire. legislative arsonists at work. >> obamacare is a law that will harm people. >> we can never balance the budget if you keep obamacare going. it is a fiscal train wreck. >> if you like your plan, keep
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your plan. >> you can't be held hostage. you can't have someone put a gun to your head and say we'll do horrible, ridiculous things unless you give in to us. >> obamacare is driving up the cost of health care, destroying millions of american jobs. it is a train wreck. >> we are done. >> welcome to "hannity." the house of representatives stood up for the american people and voted to defund obamacare. tonight we'll be joined by a special studio audience from both sides of the aisle to debate the president's disastrous health care law. first here is how it went down earlier today in a 230-189 vote. the house passed the bill to fund the government through december 15 but not fund obamacare. now before today's historic vote both republican and democratic lawmakers took to the house floor to make their positions known. let's take a look. >> today we are considering a
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measure to fund government only if the democratic senate and democratic president will agree to dismantle the health care re form law help millions of americans access quality affordable care. that isn't going to happen. it is a blatant act of hostage-taking. >> this resolution will protect the working middle class from the devastating effect s of obamacare. each week with hear stories about how both major employers and small businesses are cutting back benefits and cutting back hours. the president's health care law is turning our full-time economy into a part-time economy. >> what is brought to the floor today is without a doubt a measure designed to shut down government. it could have no other intent. >> i'm getting frantic and
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heartbreaking calls from folks who received staggering increase s in health premiums who have been notified the health plan is being dropped or having work cut back as a result of obamacare. this stops the train wreck . >> in the senate we can only hope lawmakers have the courage to stand up for what is truly in the best interest of constituents. speaker boehner had a message for harry reid and his liberal allies. >> we had a victory today for the american people. frankly we also had a victory for common sense. our message is simple. the american people don't want the government shut down. and they don't want obamacare. [ cheers ]
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the house has listened to the american people. now it's time for the united states senate to listen as well. >> we can only hope they do. after today's smackdown on his health care law, well, president obama just threw a temper tantrum. >> they're not focused on you. they are focused on politics. they're focused on trying to mess with me. [ applause ] >> they're not focused on you. >> no one's trying to, quote, mess with you, mr. president. they want what is best for themselves, their families. obamacare is not it. we bring in our distinguished studio audience. just for a sign of fair and balance, how many of you support obamacare? one, two, three, four, five. six. i should have known. that goes without saying. how many oppose?
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three, four, five, six, seven. stacked audience. all right. here we ego. eight if you include me . here's the first question i have. is any of the president's promises, you carry this law with you. i don't know if you sleep with it. it's scary. bet betsy, tell me , are the promises the president made fulfilled in the bill? >> absolutely not. chances are you won't be able to keep your doctor or hospital you prefer to use. premiums are going up. on average up 24% this year in the states that have already i announced them. many people are losing full-time jobs. 77% of new jobs create ed in the first seven months of the year were part-time jobs. and hospitals are laying off nurses because over half the law is paid for with cuts to medicare. so the cleveland clinic, for example, announced today big layoffs. when you lay off nurses it means patients wait longer for help,
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sometimes too long. >> i will throw it back to you. let me ego through the numbers for the audience at home. in a report out today, 300 employees around the country cut their hours. that includes 80 school districts, 239 public sectors have cut jobs because of obamacare. home depot, 20,000 employees because of obamacare. cleveland clinic, 5 to 7% of the work force. walgreens drops coverage for 160,000 workers. is this what obama promised -- you can keep your care? >> these are republican media fairy tale. when we dig deeper they are all a little bit fictional. let's the take the cleveland clinic, for example. yes, the story came out today. when you talk to the communications director for the cleveland clinic -- >> you called? >> the p.r. person.
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sure. she said these things would have happened anyway. it was not about obamacare. >> home depot, 20,000 jobs? >> what about walgreens dropping health care for -- did you talk to their p.r. agent? >> i am in communication that way. >> of course they are going the to spin it that way and say it was already planned. uh it wasn't. this is because of oh obamacare. people are scared of it. >> what's the incentive to lie? >> let's use the president's own words on tel emundo. spin all you want. the president said two days ago this has been the lowest increase in years. guess what? that's still an increase. it just means it didn't go up as much. costs are increasing. >> the average family was going to save $2500 a year. >> is the president lying? call it what it is. >> the irs, which obviously we know is connected to the president, said it is not true.
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they say by 2016 premium wills go up by the $4,000 for the average family of four. the american people are fundamentally opposed because it is not et meeting any of the objectives. when you look at the gao they say in ten years that more people are going to be off health care, not have health care coverage than there are today as a percentage of population. isn't obamacare about expanding access? >> this is important. you're a democrat. the president made promises to save $2500 a year per family. you gt to keep your plan. all of the oh companies say you can't keep your plan. number two, nobody is saving money. why not delay it and get it right so the promises would be fulfilled? >> your statistics aren't true. >> which ones? >> people watching television -- >> let me finish. >> rand corporation, kaiser family foundation the and study the premium price it is last two
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years and the average american premiums are going down, controlling costs which we all agree is essential to obamacare. >> he said it's the lowest increase and you are saying they're going down. you're telling me the president is wrong and you're right? >> the republicans have announced a plan this week. >> it's not a plan. it's just defunding. >> that's not true. let me educate you. >> please. a tax break for families, $7500 per individual. i i had a doctor from tennessee on my radio program today. went into great specificity about it. they have a replacement plan to allow for portability. if you lose your job you can keep your coverage at the new job. >> covers far fewer -- millions fewer than the bavrj plan. i don't understand how this is
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achieving the objective of covering america. >> say the congressional budget office came out with the ten-year plan. hidden in it federal health care costs will increase by 53% or more because of medicaid expansion and because of subsidized exchanges. and hospitals like the cleveland clinic made a deal with the devil to slash medicaid funding in order to increase -- medicare funding in order to increase medicaid the funding. it's a done deal. all about the bottom line. >> i want to talk about the cleveland clinic more. the ceo of the cleveland clinic is a cardiovascular surgeon who said in 2009 after president obama visited there, this is a problem. we want to give people more insurance, but the cost is too high. the cleveland clinic runs on a narrow margin. that's why they are getting rid of employees, getting rid of health coverage. they re-eli on charity. they can't afford medicare and medicaid even before obamacare.
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>> she's making a face at you. >> we debated this earlier. the problem is boehner is a criminal. he should be investigated. >> what crimes -- >> for extortion. >> what crime? >> extortion. >> how he -- >> i will ex plain if you stop snickering in the back. >> no snicker allowed. >> we can debate the obamacare, affordable care all day long. what this is about is shutting the government down. the first shutdown in the history of our -- that's the problem. >> it's not true. >> have you read the constitution? >> many times. >> who has the power of the purse? >> the house. >> the treasury. >> james madison said when the president reaches for more power than the constitution allows him to have, it is the duty of congress -- >> the issue is it's not funded. boehner is threatening to shut the government down.
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>> he is. do you know why? >> the president violated -- >> we'll get to the incendiary rhetoric and exactly what you are talking about. coming up also, two lawmakers who stood up for the constituents and voted earlier today to defund obamacare. they will join me next from d.c. and later our spirited studio audience responds to less incendiary rhetoric of pelosi, reid, obama himself. we'll get full reaction as we continue. goodnight.
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if i could describe being a nonsmoker, i would say "awesome." [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back to the specialty funding obamacare edition of "hannity." my next gst wrote a scathing op-ed about the president's health care over haul. it reads if allowed to go into effect it is hard to imagine a single person many america who won't feel the severe impact in some way. that's why republicans in congress are doing frg in our power to defund it and stop it from taking effect. this isn't about threatening a shutdown. it is about stopping the pain every american will feel. joining me now, marlin substitu st uh understand tzman. welcome to the program. >> great to be with you. >> congressman how bad would it be if it goes into full effect?
2:17 am
>> i will tell you this. there are over 610 employees in ft. wayne, indiana, that had hours cut by ft. wayne community schools after they discovered the cost this would be to their particular organization. kroger, they are cutting spou spouses' benefits. this is causing more chaos and confusion. i talked to mothers who had their autistic children kicked off insurance programs. this is just the tip of the iceberg, sean. out will only get worse. >> congressman you have been active and involved in this from the beginning. will the house hold the line? i know a lot of conservatives are wondering. last week the leadership tried to use a parliamentary maneuver that would have funded obamacare though it said defund. a lot of conservatives are nervous. will you hold the line in the house? >> first let many say happy birthday to my wonderful wife.
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sweetie, i will be home soon. today was a powerful -- >> happy birthday, honey. i think she'd prefer a watch. but go ahead. >> i have a few tricks up my sleeve there. today was a wonderful day for america. it's a day that the house stood firm. it sent a bold statement that we have been listening to the american people. we don't want to shut down the government. we want to protect our constituents from obamacare. the next step is in the senate. that's where the focus needs to turn. there are senators in the dmic party who can make some of the most important vote in the political career coming up next week. you can look at north carolina, louisiana, west virginia, arkansas, alaska. those senators are going to have to look constituents in the eye and let them know, are they going to get away from the clutch of harry reid or vote for constituents and protect thm from the harmful effects of this
2:19 am
law? >> are the republicans this the senate united? i know rand paul is and ted cruz, mike lee and marco rubio are. >> i would say -- >> i believe this have 15 that signed mike lee's proposed legislation. what about the others? >> i would say they are united behind doing away with obamacare, stopping obamacare and the harmful effects. no doubt about it. there is unity there. as we move into next week, i hope they stand strong. they have to be hearing the same reports we are hearing from our constituents and seeing the same concern and fear and hurt in the eyes of constituents. i suspect they will listen closely the to their states and the folks they serve. >> we'll see. congressman, let's assume harry reid does what he's threatening to do when they send it back to the house and we have a showdown. do you sense house leadership in particular and the house members, republicans that voted today, 230, will stand strong? >> first of all, i would say
2:20 am
this is a huge victory for the american people today. the house stood up t with the american people and is defunding obamacare because we know of the consequences. >> it's a victory in the senate. >> it's a half victory. unless you stand and take it to the end it's not going to be a victory. >> that's right. that's why we have to wait to see what happens in the senate. all of the different pronl ral tricks the senate can play, who knows how it plays out? we have to wait and see. i agree with congressman graves that there are senators over there who are up for re election this next election who have not had to vote on obamacare in one way or another. this is when it really matters, sean. this vote matters. >> i agree. >> when we put heat on the democrats in the senate, we may find a surprising outcome. >> i uh think i have a strong message from conservatives -- hold the line. hold the line. don't break. this is why you were elected.
2:21 am
this is the moment of truth. this is a tipping point. good to see you. >> absolutely. >> thanks for having us. >> the numbers don't lie. it isn't just republicans who want to get rid of obamacare. a new fox news poll shows 7 in 10 americans don't want the law implement ed. we'll explain after the break as we continue with a rowdy, out of control studio audience next. [ male announcer ] making a dodge in 100 easy steps. step 1 -- study the competition. step 2 -- get angry. they're boring. 3 -- make a car from scratch the dodge way. steps 4 through 28 -- recall 100 years of know-how. start building, try things. yes. make it different. not that different. bring muscle -- technology muscle, efficiency muscle. get it racing. get it in a calendar. more calendars. aww. polish it. punish it. and you're done. wt. one more. now you're done. ♪
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welcome back to our special audience edition of "hannity." while president obama and his democratic cohorts promote the health care over haul it is not just republicans who oppose it. nearly 7 of 10 americans are concerned about b health care under the, quote, affordable care act. that's not all. the majority of americans think it uh would be better to go back to the 2009 health care system. only 35% think the new law should stay in place. we bring back our rowdy studio audience. before i get to anything else i want to talk about rhetoric in washington. we have nancy pelosi calling this an intentional act of new tral ti. harry reid saying it is a play
2:26 am
by tea party anarchists. president obama called it extortion. it goes on. let's look at the incendiary but yet predictable playbook attacks by democratic loaders. >> you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or oh a governing party. >> this is playing with fire. lenl slay tif are in trouble when they use it for their own agenda. >> our economy is languishing in the house and we are doing few of them here. immigration, we did that. we did the farm bill twice. we did marketplace fairness which small businesses want that done.
2:27 am
not with the anarchists who control that place. >> an car kiss, extremists, you're a big lib. >> you want to shut down the government, don't you? >> no. >> that's anarchy. >> steve. the republicans -- >> we want to fund the government but not obamacare. you call it anarchy? >> absolutely. >> the come on. that's such -- >> first of all it is the responsibility of congress to pass a budget. >> they did. >> they didn't. >> the house passed the budget. it represents a minority of the american people because -- >> it represents efb. >> come on snm 52% of vote rs vot ed for the democrats for the house of representatives. >> the american people don't like obamacare. >> our way or the i highway.
2:28 am
social security checks. >> what the the house of representatives is doing is represent ing the american people. if you look at polls the american people don't like obamacare. they are scared of it. >> do you care what the american people think? >> two-thirds of americans are against defunding the government to stop obamacare. >> that's not true. >> it is true. >> a new poll showed 51% of people are willing to allow the government to shut down in favor of obamacare. let's flashback to barack obama saying we have to tone back the rhetoric, compromise. when is it that the democrats compromise? republicans are offering to fund the entire government except for obamacare. you have the scale here. obamacare here. all of the other stuff he wants here. why is it that when it comes to compromise it's only republicans? >> obamacare -- >> hang on. sasha. >> the american people -- >> you're a democrat. i have a question for you.
2:29 am
katie raises a good point. republicans passed a continuing resolution that funds our debts, our only oh investigations, our military, social security, medicare, funds the government except for obamacare. how do you ex plain the accusation that republicans are shutting down the government? >> two reasons. one thing because obamacare is the law of the land. that's the reality. it was passed by two houses. it was upheld by the supreme court. there was an election held in which the republicans could repeal it and the americans turned it down. >> actually congress has a duty to thwart the president's health reform because it is not what congress passed in 2010. >> explain. >> this is obamacare now. gone is the employer mandate. gone is the cap on out of pocket expenses. gone are half the deadlines in
2:30 am
the law. >> 19. >> gone are the income verification procedure. this is what's left of the original obamacare. wait a second. then the president added 1,472 waivers plus an illegal subsidy for members of congress that nobody else in america earn ing $174,000 would get. >> hang on. >> the president does not have the constitutional authority to mangle, distort, amend, repeal and revise a law. sp supreme court ruled twice. >> this is a great point. >> he said impeach. no. but madison said in federalist 58 that short of impeachment -- >> guys, one at a time. >> -- the way to avoid putting the nation through the ordeal of impeachment is to wield the power of the purse to reign in a
2:31 am
president. >> jim is a democratic strategist. >> if you mapquest killing obamacare there isn't a route to get there unless you win the presidency and win 60 votes -- >> stop for a second. you're not addressing her question. she's making a point. >> right. >> the law was passed. the president gave exemptions to who he wants, to big employers. listen to the question. >> i heard what she had to say. >> the president doesn't have the power to change a law by himself. >> if the president by executive actions did something people feel they can try it in court. there is a way you can go. there are executive actions all the time. that's what makes this a crazy conversation. >> do you know who else h he exempted? congress and staff. why are the american people now subject to a law that congress
2:32 am
doesn't have to abide by? when you talk about defunding obamacare, i understand why that word could scare people. everybody agrees it should be delayed until it is ready to be properly im ple meanted. the fact that we fund it without being prepared is irresponsible. >> for the democrats here, would any of you support delaying this for everybody? >> no. >> big business gets an exemptions. congress gets their exemptions. tax subsidies for labor. >> -- give in to big business. >> you agree they should not. i agree with you. real quick. wf to go. >> i have a question. all of the rhetoric, the nastiness. this is supposed to be a democracy. why does the president attack people who criticize him? that's been a problem from the
2:33 am
beginning. don't the american people get to say we don't like what's happening in the doctor's office? we are not getting access to care? >> arsonists, anarchists, extortion. by next week i promise it will be killing grandma and killing children. i guarantee. >> it undermy pleasures the purpose of the government. the president should rise above it the way president bush did. >> the people are messing with him now. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> the cleveland clinic in ohio and other institutions that offer some of the highest quality of care in the nation at some of the lowest costs in the nation. we should learn from their successes and promote best practices. >> president obama touted the cleveland clinic trying to sell his health care law. now the institution is forced to slash over $300 million from the budget. why? because of obamacare. with eel explain after the break. we want to hear from you.
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welcome back. we'll have a battle over the debt celling. i want to take a trip down memory lane for the democrats. you're smiling so you are giving yous away. in 2006 obama was a senate then. the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure, a sign that the u.s. government cannot pay its bills, a sign we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance the reckless fiscal policies. he said increasing america's
2:40 am
debt waeg weakens us. leadership means the buck stops here. washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today to the back of our children and grandchildren. america has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. america deserves better. i therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. this is just another example here, i would argue, because obama said he's being extorted. that was when the debt was $8 trillion. it's now 17. >> he was wrong to say that. were wrong to fiddle with it now. >> what? >> fiddling with the debt ceiling -- >> how convenient. >> fiddling with the debt ceiling threatens our economy. not just for months. it threatens it for years and years. >> i will get to the costs in a second. >> treasury rates, it hurt it is economy. we shouldn't be playing with fire now. >> is that right -- >> there is no path to defund
2:41 am
obamacare it. it's a kabuki dance. >> what senator obama said in 2006 president obama proved to be true now in 2013. one thing i want to point out is we continue to talk about the costs. i think the american people want the same thing as the president's greatest political allies, the union bosses who went on bebd bended noo to the president to beg for an exemptions. he slammed the door their face and said, no. we want nothing more or less than the union bosses asked for from obama. [ multiple voices [. >> hang on a second. let me stand back and give you numbers here. the cbo re-elised numbers this week that basically said obamacare will bankrupt this country. here are the numbers they gave. 770 billion dollars over the next two years -- i'm sorry, the
2:42 am
ten years raising taxes. that's a huge number. we have other numbers on top of it in terms of how much to spend. well beyond what the president said it would be which was -- now it's three times the estimated costs it was. david webb is the cbo, right. supposed to be nonpartisan. saying it will bankrupt the country. >> they are right when you need them right, wrong when uh i don't need them to be wrong. what we have is an argument over who's right and who's wrong. will the 's look at the numbers for what they are. the unfunded liabilities, 75 years. $87 trillion and growing. by the way, that's debt that acus interest. >> $90 trillion on top of the $17.5 trillion we have now. >> not enough money on the planet. on the entire globe to support what we have in unfunded
2:43 am
liability. china want it is vig and they will be paid. at the same time we are giving away, as admiral mullen said with one of the big threats to national security is our economy and where it is. we are giving away our national security. this is bigger than obamacare which is already 20% of the economy. it's never, never was a good idea to take this much. >> do you know what's disappointing? young people in america believed in obama. in order for obamacare the to work young people not only need to sign up, they need to be overcharged. >> not true. >> in order for obamacare to work young people have to pay higher premiums -- >> untrue. >> to subsidize older, sicker people. that's how it uh works. >> if you are under 26 you can stay on your parents' policy. if you are employed, you can buy
2:44 am
health insurance now. >> no one is going to sign up. >> $67 a month. >> no one will sign up if you can pay on your parents' insurance. that's where obamacare falls. >> in the back. >> it is the height of personal responsibility to pay for health care. if you walk into an emergency room without health care you get treated. who pays for that? everybody on this panel. now you get 24, 25-year-old kids getting coverage, they are covered. >> david, last word. >> can i ask a simple question ? >> real quick. >> guys, simple question. what's the unemployment rate amongst the young? how are they going to pay for something when they don't have jobs? >> obama's economy -- >> sean. >> we'll take a break. coming up, still much more to discuss as we continue with the stud owe audience. a lot to get to as we continue. ♪
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brown: on my third day as principal, i met with the state. students had fallen behind, and morale was low. my first job was getting everyone to believe... that we could turn this around. i needed my staff to see what was possible. turning around a school, is not some, mystical, magical thing. it does take hard, dedicated work each day. i was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here. welcome back to our audience edition of "hannity." katie, i want to ask you. republicans offered a solution. by the way, my preferred solution is simple. medical savings accounts where
2:49 am
individuals will build up money in their account, just like they would an ira, use it. it would incentivize them to get a change-up for early detection. add catastrophic protection in case they needed a back or knee on oh radiation or got cancer. i think that's the plan. the republican plan is $20,000 tax deductions for families, $7500 deduction for individuals. they also would allow portability. you can go across state lines, job to job. better solution? >> i think we can all agree if there is one thing the health care system needed was fixes. it wasn't perfect. there were things to improve on. there are processes that make health care more expensive including medical device, prescription drugs. but you are not going to do it through a huge comprehensive government takeover like obamacare. you have to do it piece by piece. start with tort reform, allowing purchasing through state lines in a more efficient private
2:50 am
sector way. >> get the government more out of the way. >> exactly. >> for once i agree with katie on one thing. before obamacare a lot of people agreed our health care system needed fixing. the polls show a majority of people don't like obamacare. a t lot of them think it didn't go far enough and we are lumping them together. a ton of oh people think we should do more than just health insurance reform. that we should do more. >> obamacare extended the problems with the system, not the solutions. will the many give you an example. the e.r. myth, an idea that everybody will get an insurance card to go to the e. r. first of all the hospital is paid less because the insurance they are taking is reimbursing less. studiess show people use the emergency room unnecessarily when they have that. so we are clogging the e.r. with people who don't need to be there, the hospital is making less. e.r.s are shrinking. >> that already goes on. >> people with heart attacks
2:51 am
need to be taken care of oh and can't be seen. >> it already goes on. >> tamara, response. >> the reason why we have problems like this in america is problems with medicaid. people go in when they don't need e.r. help. it didn't obamacare. >> we are sending medicaid to 16 million more people. >> i have the most amazing plan. >> the tamara plan. >> tamara plan. we should have the republicans go in and figure it out because they eat their own uh anyway. they are mad at ted cruz. oh rin hatch is mad. >> what's the solution? >> there will be no solution if the republicans have it their way anyway. >> catastrophic insurance, h health savings accounts. >> one at a time. in the back. >> the first important part is to end the anti-trust exemptions or to remain cartels for insurance kpans? >> no. >> the american people tonight want political operatives set
2:52 am
ing health care policy. >> u.s. congress has a 15% approval rating under speaker boehner. >> congress is talking about the house and senate. >> so where is -- here is the problem. >> all right. >> we have to take a break. >> where is the trust? >> where is the trust for obama on this. read the polls. when we come back, speaking of trust, remember when they talked about death panels? i'll ask the audience if this was an example of a buyer yat tick death panel. what's it about? tell you next. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier.
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i like fun. well, that went exactly i as planned.. really? as we continue with our studio audience, everybody remember the talk about death panels? great britain they have a national health versus, a government rationsing body. sarah, young girl, 11 years old on the pediatric lung cancer transplant list. she has cystic identify bro sis. kathleen sebelius needed to sign something and wouldn't. death panel? >> it's proven kids can get transplants and sebelius blocked
2:56 am
it. that's a rations board. >> no. >> she would be dead today. are you hitting me ? >> under phase two. >> out's a death panel. >> wait. doctors who can't prove that over 50% of e patients 65 and older have an advanced directive are at risk of getting less money. >> was that a death panel perhaps? >> i call it a rations board from the doctor's perspective. i agree with them. >> that little girl wouldn't be alive because kathleen sebelius wouldn't sign it. >> we need more organs. >> oh, come on. >> why can't you admit she should have saved the waiver for the girl because her doctor
2:57 am
wanted it. >> she would be dead. it's awful. >> i would fight to the death for my child. >> it was wrong of sebelius, wasn't it? >> sean. >> death panel? >> no. there are no death panels in obamacare despite the scare tactic. >> would this young girl be alive? should sebelius have signed the waiver that the doctor wanted. >> sure. >> she didn't. the girl would have died. >> sure. it has nothing to do with the obamacare system. >> not a death panel. i think doctors and patients should make it. >> if you think it you are with us that obamacare is the worst thing that could happen with families and children in this country. the danger of giving federal bureaucrats say over our health. >> republicans, i have a question. will the republicans hold the line or cave? who says they will cave?
2:58 am
republican will cave? how many think they will hold the line. >> i think they will. >> how many think obama will cave? >> no way. will we in 11 days have a government shut down? ten days? how many say yes? hands. how many say no. >> let many say if we have a government shut down it uh doesn't defund obamacare. obamacare comes under mandatory spending. if the government is shut down it's discretionary. >> mandatory spending can be circumvented due to rules in the house and senate. >> it uh won't be defunded. >> you have been great. give yourselves a hand. ♪
2:59 am
3:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, september 21st. i'm alisyn camerota. a showdown over a government shut down. president obama pointing the finger at republicans. republicans say the real problem is the healthcare plan that america does not want. >> so much for freedom of speech. >> let him ask his question. >> next question. >> so this. >> don't stand for. this you are sitting here like cowards. you have questions. confront them. >> parents dare to ask question about the common core curriculum and then


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