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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 21, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, september 21st. i'm alisyn camerota. a showdown over a government shut down. president obama pointing the finger at republicans. republicans say the real problem is the healthcare plan that america does not want. >> so much for freedom of speech. >> let him ask his question. >> next question. >> so this. >> don't stand for. this you are sitting here like cowards. you have questions. confront them. >> parents dare to ask question about the common core curriculum and then gets arrested.
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what he is saying today about the confrontation that led to his arrest. >> and does this look familiar? >> [inaudible] i won't be able to love you anymore. >> like camerota's children. >> how do your parents power your children. they are taking over your lives. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> hi, this is dolly parton, and you are watching "fox & friends." [rooster crow] >> hey, dolly. >> she is my favorite. you guys, look at the new set. >> welcome it still has that fresh studio smell, doesn't it, the new set smell. >> although hey on camera won can can we show this monitor. this is a little disconcerting i looked up and saw alli's giant head this morning it was on its side. >> that is going to be confusing. >> i don't know if we can take that it's a little weird and a little awkward.
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we are still getting used to the new digs over here. >> now you are sort of upside down. i looked over and saw alli's head on its side like this. >> how do you like it? >> i love it it's actually more comfortable and i think that it is stain resistant. [ laughter ] >> let's try it with some hot coffee. >> pillows are good for your back. >> the pillows are helpful. we are really liking it. you are going to see a, thatted improvement in our performance right now. [ buzzer ] >> sit back and just sit here and enjoy. all right. let's talk about the news of the weekend and that is the fight over healthcare, it's set to bring the government to a halt. republicans in the house as you know approved this plan to keep the government but only if they do away with obama care. facing certain death in the stance. >> elizabeth with all the details. >> good morning, like you said, as predicted the house passed a short-term
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spending bill that will avert a government shutdown. did t. it did include an amendment to defund the affordable care act. shortly after the news the president sent a number of messages on the hill to intertwined in economic speech to auto workers and their families at a manufacturing plant near kansas city accusing conservative lawmakers of, quote, holding the economy hostage. when he did get back to washington, one aide said did he speak with the speaker. he said the president called the speaker this evening to tell him he wouldn't negotiate with him on the debt limit. given the long history of using the debt limit increases to achieve bipartisan reduction economic reform the speaker was disappointed. so you can see speaker john boehner has a lot on his plate as he passes his bill over to senate majority leader harry reid. reid is expected to strip the provision of defunding obama care from the bill. the next option is going forward could be the fact that republican senators, such as rand paul and ted cruz, among others, need to
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filibuster. listen. >> rest assured that i will use any and all procedural means we have in front of us. now it is up to the senate to step forward and do the same thing the house has done. >> the senate showdown begins monday morning. democrats have already said that they do have the the 60 votes needed to strip out the provision and prevent any filibuster, something will certainly will be watching for. alli, tucker and clayton back to you guys. >> elizabeth prann from washington. thank you very much. >> the president taking to a campaign trail yesterday heartland saying this is a personal attack on me. he has to drum up support though right now because is he trying to get the american people on his side. he said this fight san attack on him and it's kind of personal. that's the way he is sort of seeing it. >> nancy pelosi said the same thing in wide ranging interview the other day in which he he said people hate obama irrationally. she is implying people hate the color of his skin. hate him so much they
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oppose anything is he for. >> they said the same thing about bill clinton. >> alisyn: the president was at this kansas city assembly plant yesterday talking about what was going on back home on capitol hill. glch right now the debate that's going on in congress is not meeting the test of middle class families. it's just -- they are not focused on you. they are focused on politics. they are focused on trying to mess with me. [ laughter ] they are not focused on. >> you some people have called what congress has done a come any cozy mission. the president would veto it anyway. it's hard to know if they are playing this right by standing on principle. you know, many people think
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that obama care should stand on its own because it itself is not possible with the american public. the republicans might not have to have pushed it over the edge this way in the house. polls suggest that americans are already sceptic call about whether or not it will succeed. >> skeptical, that's for sure. >> decoupling it from this resolution to fund the government as many are saying. senator john mccain is saying, look, you don't have have -- the math doesn't add up. you simply can't do it. this is a ridiculous journey. bill o'reilly on the factor bringing up the point this is a fool's errand for republicans. listen. >> this is a serious issue. it's going to be spun by the media and the president and those with the bully pulpits here are the republicans again wanting to throw the whole country off the cliff and wanting to punish you. the low information voters will buy it the independents, many of them will buy it that's my thinking because in the long run it's going to hurt the republican party.
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i'm not routing for the republican party, i'm routing for the country. ihappen to aagree with you it's going to hurt the country. the only way to get rid of it is for republicans to regain power. they will not regain power if they are seen as being the party of, quote: disarray, unquote. >> that's a fair point because in fact on a policy level they win the debate. obama care does not help the middle class. you are sigh ago huge spike in part-time work. that doesn't help the middle class at all. companies can't afford to hire people full time. you see company after company dumping employees because of obama care. if this debate were to play out in public i don't think they could win it. >> on the policy issue they win. on the. government shuts down and soldiers have to show up for work without a paycheck. they have to still report for workmen and women in uniform. >> that is not going to happen. republicans should get out of their own way.
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>> these 11th hour reprieves for the government we are getting so used to it now. we have 10 days left, 9 days left before the government is supposed to shut down. >> it's a battle relitigated until december 15th. this resolution is only good for december 15th. >> we do this a lot. we are getting good at it let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening. new information overnight. pakistani officials release their highest ranking afghan, taliban prisoner. bare i do, the former he was arrested with a joint operation with the cia in 2010. syrian government giving up details of not so secret stockpile of chemical weapons. agreement hammered out by the u.s. and russia by submitting an inventory. the is list very long and must be translated from
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arabic. world watchdog is expected to examine list today. under the deal chemical weapons stockpile must be destroyed by next year. infamous hiccup girl found guilty of murder in florida. 22-year-old jennifer mee sobbed as she was sentenced to life in prison for her role in a 2010 murder. she admitted to arranging that meeting that led to the robbery and murder of shannon griffin. alternate juror said that pretty much sealed her fate. --because i said because i set everything up. >> it is incriminating. >> she received nationwide attention several years ago for incureble case of the hiccups. those are your headlines. >> our rick reichmuth is in the studio for a look at the weather. >> for the first time i don't know where to go. >> standing in the middle of the studio. >> that's how i feel, i know. somewhere back behind me. oh, there i get it.
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>> we needed rehearsal. >> it's much more fun when we know. guarantee you. very cool temps across the northern plains, overall no majorly cold air anywhere across the u.s. we like to hear that when we are in september. that certainly can start to happen. take a look at this. texas has been dry all summer. dry spell. the drought again has built back up in texas. and over the last 24 to 48 hours big time rainfall. this was a lot of moisture that was part of hurricane manuel that hit the west coast of mexico. that moisture making its way in across texas. you see all that yellow and red there that's anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of rain and a little spot down here across southeastern areas of texas. down towards beaumont and areas around lake charles, louisiana up over 10 inches of rain. that means some flooding. but fortunately things looking pretty good. one big storm that we have got going on across the country today is the same storm that brought all that moisture across texas. cold front moving off. rain showers canada all the way down to the
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mid-atlantic. that storm will be on its way through the east. tonight by the coast. tomorrow down across the southeast and parts of far northern new england. how is that? >> well done. figure it out. >> i think they did a good job. >> it fits you well and you it. >> something that doesn't fit well in this country right now might be common core the new education standards which are being floated. you know the controversy surrounding common core among them that certain al qaeda members are having their voices heard in this curriculum. rappers are being used as examples to tout history about pimps inside this education. this is the kind of thing you want your kids. >> not everybody is for it robert small outside of baltimore went to a hearing the other night on the question of common core and had some questions. tried to react and ask questions about what this means for his kids. and here is what happened. watch. >> my question is representation standards community college because
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that's what it is all about. >> let him ask his question. >> next question. >> let him ask his question. >> don't stand for. this you are sitting here like cowards. you have questions. confront them. they don't want to you to know what they're talking about. >> he was thrown out. >> by the way the irony here this was a public forum where the public was invited to come in and ask questions. however, the questions had to be submitted via writing. and then the board, i guess of education locally, was going to read the questions that they chose, read the questions and then provide the answers. so, his question was not. >> it was off the script. >> so they wanted to script the whole thing and when he decided not to play along. they threw his arm behind his back and arrested him. >> arrested him and handcuffed him and sat him down on the curb in front of the meeting. so public humiliation. plus he says man handling
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as you can seat security guard was sort of being, you know, rather aggressive. >> why didn't other people he says you are sitting here. watch this. do something. that's a good question. why didn't other people stand up and say back off, buddy. get your hands off him. >> let him ask his question. >> we're going to ask him tomorrow. is he going to be on the show. >> this is distressing that people sat and let this happen, i think. >> they are all sitting there thinking that question. why would they be at this public forum on this very issue if they didn't have those concerns? >> let us know if you have questions for him when we talk to him tomorrow. meaning while, coming up the president touted as a model for obama care. now that -- that's the exact reason, well, one of them, that the cleveland clinic says it has to give some workers early retirement and cut their budget. so is obama care really worth it to them? we have bill johnson next with us on this. >> katie perry's new popular song getting the boot. why one nfl team is booth
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her from the stadium play list. listen to that song. ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ oh, oh, oh you're going to hear me roar. ♪ now go in like at butterfly ♪ singingtoer like the be
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back in 2009. praised the -- >> part of the thing we want to do is to free doctors, patients, hospitals to make decisions based on what's best for patient care. that's the whole idea behind mayo, that's the whole idea behind the cleveland clinic. >> but now the clinic that he once touted as a model for healthcare is being forced to make some major
3:18 am
budget cuts because, in part of obama care. so joining us now to discuss this is ohio congressman bill johnson. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alli, how are you? >> i'm doing well. it's hard to know exactly what was behind their cuts of $330 million at the cleveland clinic because frankly president has said different things. i was supposed to interview before fox news interview he said off camera, we are not blaming the white house. the cost cutting is comprehensive. obama care is just one part. >> what do you make of the budget cuts they are having to do i think this is just another example of what is happening all over the country, alli, as the president's broken promises hit hospitals all over the country. the cleveland clinic is is a world renowned hospital. people all over my district in eastern and southeastern ohio depend upon that clinic. my mother and father-in-law
3:19 am
both actually get treatment there you know what often happens is as reimbursements are cut, that's one of the first things that go. reimbursements for medicare are cut in order to pay for this healthcare law. remember, $716 billion came out of medicare in the healthcare law. those cuts mean less reimbursement for healthcare providers and that's hurting access. and so these hospitals are having to make some very, very tough decisions to comply with the over 20,000 pages now of regulations that are actually writing the law as we go along it's a broken promise. >> is it fair to say that even without obama care that there would have had had to have been some belt tightening. we know that costs were spiraling out of control with healthcare well before obama care. now what's interesting is that the president said that it was because of those spiraling healthcare costs and that's what obama care would help fix. but it doesn't seem as though that's working for
3:20 am
the cleveland clinic. >> well, we have always acknowledged and americans all over the country acknowledge that healthcare reform is very needed. it's just not a federal takeover of healthcare because doctors and patients and good hospitals like the cleveland clinic know a lot more how to provide healthcare than unelected bureaucrats in washington, d.c. there are plans that we have in the republican-led house to put patient-centered solutions in place, but, as you well know, alli, we have gotten no cooperation from the senate in order to do that. >> it is a tough one. bill johnson, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, alli. >> still ahead, he tried to do the right thing, turn in the pocket knife that he accidently brought to a school football game. and it got him suspended. but there is a big update to this story so we will tell you about that plus, it's a controversial plan. make people on food stamps do community service in
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>> it is 24 minutes now past the hour. welcome back to "fox & friends." michigan passing two controversial bills this week. one requiring those collecting unemployment, take a drug test. and another requiring those getting food stamps to take part in community service. while some say this is a way to ensure not abuse the system others think it's a violation of rights. >> welcome to both of our guests this morning. richard, let me start with you, one of the senators there in the state of michigan said there is absolutely nothing wrong with requiring folks to have a little skin in this game. as it relates to collecting
3:25 am
food stamps. what do you say to that richard? >> i have got to tell you i think when you talk about food stamps and you talk about the individuals and feeding their families and trying to feed their children to add another stipulation to this and saying that you now have to be forced to do community service or forced to take drug tests is just an attempt to sort of block me them from getting food for their kids. that's just shocking to me. >> alisyn, what do you think about the food stamps portion of this? >> well, i think that's more -- it's important to look at that in terms of the broader picture. i'm we'rey of the specific food stamp bill that has been proposed in michigan. i think what it is an effort to do is to sort of give people a level of accountability. crystal made the argument social program that worked well was night school. the idea behind it opportunity program and one that provided people because it builds on existing moat visions. i think the people to have a stake in their community when they are receiving funds that are provided by other people in their communities for their food stamps is an effort to provide them with external motivation and like the
3:26 am
senator did say to put a little skin in the game for them. provides them an opportunity to give back, a comparable way to give back to their community when their other community members are paying taxes that they use to get food stamp. >> richard, you think this is unconstitutional, how so? >> i think it's unconstitutional. two bills in michigan state house. one bill is the community service bill. the other bill is the drug testing bill. you put those together so you basically -- you are violating the fourth amendment. you have to -- you are forcing them to get drug tests. now you are forcing them to get community service all because they want to give their children food? it boggles the mind to me. and i think to add to that, this is about elevating those that are the least among us. if we want to elevate them by giving them stuff by adding stipulations to it, it makes it hard to prove that we're really try to elevate them. >> alisyn you disagree. >> i do. it's not unconstitutional not requiring anyone to take these drug tests. adding a stipulation to it something that already has
3:27 am
prerequisites to the program anyway. this is a program that has these type of government benefit programs do have abuse. it's not issue say on the right or conservatives say obama administration tried to address in 2011 with campaign to cut wastes. it isn't just the one problem. do i think it's not unconstitutional like i said because it is simply establish ago prerequisite. you don't have to take it i think what this is working towards though is a desire to film a void where there is lack of accountability. government student loans you know where that money is going it goes directly to schools. with food stamps and government benefits you don't know where the cash is going to. they are trying to fill that void. >> i think you know exactly where cash is going. put food in the mouth of babies. grocery stores and corner stores get apples and nutrition they desperately need. the fact that a stipulation in my mind is another loophole that these parents have to go through to make sure they can feed their families discouraging and disheartening for the
3:28 am
american people. >> we appreciate you joining us bright and early. now you have the rest of the day to look forward. >> to thanks for having me. >> coming up on the show, don't take her picture or i will swipe your phone away and delete it why hillary clinton's people are on the attack. grab people's cell phones. plus, thousands of people waiting in line for the brand new iphone. does it live up to the hype? i'm going to break it it all down for you. i have both new phones here on the set. plus, i'm going to tell you how you can turn your old phone into cash with the trade-in program that's rolling out. ♪
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news tonight they said hundreds of people camping out to be first in line when the store really opens. is that really camping? sitting at the mall in yoga pants eating pete berry yoga. waiting to buy iphone. that's not camping. you are dorking out. >> our resident dork here to tell us about it. >> you know, because so many people, i think just about everybody in the studio owns an iphone. i can't be called a dork when everyone else rick just told me he is in love with ios 7. >> but you are holding two of them right now. >> i'm a giant dork. i have two phones.
3:33 am
i was at the apple store in fifth avenue yesterday. sold out a number of 5 s's. gold color not available until october they have already sold out. this is the 5 c. this is the cheaper the lower cost one. starts at $99 with a contract. comes in a bunch of different colors. the 5 c has the same internals as the iphone a did. the one that we had until up like a week ago. same camera, same battery life. has this new sort of hard shell case around it it it's like plastic but reinforced with steel. this will be the college kid phone. sending a kid offer to college. it's durable but not too expensive. >> i like that. i like the color. >> the screen is still glass. >> screen is still glass so kids out there get a case for it, i guess. you have like red, pink, yellow. why would you want a case? >> that's how i choose my iphone the color. much like my car. >> what everyone is talking about. >> this is the 5 s. now, of course, the big
3:34 am
flag ship feature on this phone it has the finger sprint scanner built. in what's remarkable about this is no one has been able to do fingerprint scanning technology well yet. not even disney world fast past 10 to 15 seconds and tell to you redo it. company called authentic and they built this into the phone. you set up for five different fingers you can pick from. five different finger profiles. your spouse, you could do your kid or three of your own fingers. >> wow. >> i set up my thumb. watch how fast. slide to unlock. put your thumb on the phone and takes you right into the phone. >> no more crazy. >> no more pecking out a password to go in. another key is when you buy a song or buy an app. you have to type in your itunes password. no more. fingerprint. don't have to type in pass words. >> easier to spend money on your phone. >> easier to spend money. >> what happens if i put my finger on there. >> let's try. this if alli, go ahead and
3:35 am
try to unlock my phone by putting your finger on the home button. >> where am i supposed to put it? >> on the home button. >> see if you can get in. >> hello, hello, it's me, clayton. >> you won't be able to get in. >> it's me clayton here one of the big improvements inside the a s is camera. burst mode photos. pick the best photos. >> picks the photos for you. >> you can go through and i totally defeatedt one. human autonomy. >> you can live independently. >> the iphone? are you sure? i don't believe that for a second. >> there is a trade-in program. apple has roled in a trade-in program. old phone trade in for the new phone give you a gift card for a new phone. trade it in for you. giving you pretty good money for it. >> can i trade in my blackberry? >> no. >> i ought to be able to. that would be clever.
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>> other programs out there. go to if you have a blackberry or other device and you want to get rid of and get some cash back they will send you cash in the mail and then you can go buy whatever phone you glnt that's great. that's my work blackberry so i didn't actually pay for it get the cash back. >> if you have any questions on ios 7 or any of these devices, i will answer all of your questions all day today on twitter at clayton morris. did i yesterday. i spent two hours answering viewer mail. >> are they sending my fingerprints to the snun. >> they don't have access to your fingerprint. >> rick reichmuth is standing, i think, outside. i don't see him in the studio. >> is he in love with ios 7. >> i am. i'm going to be sending you tweets all day long asking you questions, clayton it's some strange mind control. i can't even describe what's different with it but i love it does that make sense? >> people describing yesterday in the hallway i downloaded ios 7.
3:37 am
my phone feels new. >> feels like i have a brand new toy i never experienced before. those exciting things we need. the weather maps are awesome also when which matter it to me. across the northern plains, this is where the only real cool is even that the temps above freezing this morning across the northern plains, behind a front that's moved through and will continue to pull up towards the east take a look. this is a the northeast first alert forecast for the day. starting off at 9:00 in the morning. we go throughout the day. you will see that cold front will continue to pull off towards the east by this evening making its way towards the coast. it's going to be a rainy overnight all across the mid-atlantic and into the northeast and by tomorrow morning still in across much of new england. down to the southeast, texas, you are clearing behind all the rain you had yesterday. it's going to be a beautiful day. that front will continue to pull off towards the east and southeast will be dealing with a pretty showery and cloudy day. into the northern plains, you have got a beautiful one here. you see it's going to be mostly sunny skies, all day long, temperatures cool, 50s and 60's feeling like a
3:38 am
nice fall day and go out across areas of the west there is a front and a system pug into the -- pulling into the central coast. temps remaining pretty comfortable across much the area. send it back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. oh, rick. >> thanks, rick. all right, meanwhile, i think i will get to your headlines now. a pair of twins in washington are accused of trying to kill their father. 25-year-old caleb and joshua bledsoe told police they intentionally set fires inside their home on monday with the idea that the smoke would kill their father. their father, 70-year-old william bledsoe was treated for smoke inhalation says he knows they tried to kill him but he cannot find it in his heart to condemn them. they are charged with intent to commit murder, arson. scheduled to be rained on september 30th.
3:39 am
we will find out more about their motive. update on pennsylvania teenager threatened to be expelled for bringing a hunting knife for a football game after being honest and turning it into a security guard. 16-year-old david chief of staffner the third will have to finish serving a 10 day suspension but he can return to school. he and his attorney were on "fox & friends" thursday. >> i'm not looking to be rewarded for being honest. i don't want to be punished for it i would like to go back to school and regular way of life. >> there needs to be exception when you have a child who accidently went hunting before. this has it in his pocket, brings it to a security guard and trying to honest and forth right and yet he is the one who is punished. >> there will be no permanent record of the incident in schaffner's' student file. well, you here a lot of metallica and ozzy at football games. but this? ♪ ♪ line
3:40 am
♪ the eye of the champion ♪ and you're going to hear me roar ♪ >> cincinnati bengals fans were not having it they lashed out on twitter for the team playing katie perry's roar before, during and after their win other the steelers on monday. here are the tweets. alena says i understand that they are bengals but why are they playing katie's perry's roar. you are ruining football. and darian venting how hard is it play some iron maiden and be done with it? the bengals say it it will change it up this week. why are you hating on katy perry. >> exactly what i said at my own wedding why not play a little iron maiden and be done with it. >> you have been married 20 years. >> 22. >> incredible. >> talk about hillary clinton and her. >> hillary clinton is down in miami giving a speech to the association of travel agents. butt raking she gets tens
3:41 am
and tens of thousands of dollars because she needs the money badly. guy take as picture. they erase the image of hillary clinton because i guess it's immoral or immoral to have unapproved image of hillary clinton and then return the phone. how is that te'o loued. >> public forum. not like it's a security briefing behind closed doors. you are in the room. why can't you take a picture of her. >> also a public figure may i remind her. and it was at a conference. it wasn't like she was in some sort of funny halloween costume that will later be misinterpreted and ruin her presidential bid. it was a conference. >> i suspect there aren't many of those. >> there are -- you know, drudge will put up funny photos or hillary clinton taken in public settings all the time or public hearings. i don't understand it it here is a statement from the man who had the phone taken away from imhad andrew. >> he says i think hillary clinton who is probably running for president in
3:42 am
2016 would want all the publicity she could get. i think it's kind of ironic that they would take the cam away. >> you know what else i don't understand about this story. there is a travel agent wants convention? were there only two people there? there are no more travel agents. >> yeah there are actually. i used one. i have a great one. they actually work and they are inexpensive. the point is you can't -- if someone comes up to you at a speech and says i demand your phone. not to blame the victim here. why are you giving up your phone to one of hillary clinton's private security guards the answer is no, you may not have my phone. back off. call the real police if you want to take something from me. >> i just want to check to make sure you used a flash when you took that photo. hillary clinton looks good in amber light. >> it's unbelievable. don't give up your phone to hillary clinton's security guards. >> i'm going to need that number. >> email us when you have had your phone taken away by hillary clinton, what happened to you? let us know your thoughts coming up on the show, the gun control debate back in the spotlight because of the deadly shooting at the washington navy yard this
3:43 am
week. should would he be focusing on guns or mental illness? ignoring key facts. explore that next. >> does this look familiar? >> if i don't get any horsies i won't be able to love you anymore. >> i hope it doesn't. how to parent children like this coming up. >> nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with
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>> well, may have thought if you were at the top of your class you are certain to succeed. may be true in several cases but not the court system. opposite may be the case. even as the federal judiciary gets more powerful, our benches are no longer filled with the best and the brightest. john lot is the author of the new book dumbing down the courts. how politics keep the
3:47 am
smartest judges off the bunch. john, thanks for joining us. quite a provocative thieves here that our federal judges are getting dumber even as he they are getting more powerful. why is this happening? >> well, i started this project originally just because we all know the confirmations have gotten a lot more vicious and confrontational over time. but i was advised to find that it's not equally tougher for everybody. >> particularly go after the toughest ones. you know, you were on a jury or called up for jury duty. my guess is you wouldn't be allowed on the jury. because you are very articulate guy. and the lawyers on either side would look to see whether you are tilting slightly one way or the other. you you are more than one vote. you would influence two or three or four other members of the panel that would be there. >> i would sure try. >> right. but, a judge is similar. you know, if they are an appeals court or supreme court. they are just not worried about their own vote. the fact that they could influence other judges. not only on their panels but if they write
3:48 am
decisions, they could influence judges around the country in terms of what they write. >> that makes complete sense. do we have evidence that this is actually true, that judges who are more impressive have a tougher chance getting confirmed? >> yeah. it's pretty amazing. if you go to a top ten law school for example, and graduate from the top' 10% of your class, it takes about 70% long tore get through the confirmation process than somebody who doesn't -- didn't go to a top school. >> no way. >> and didn't do particularly well. >> talk about a perverse incentive. >> right. another way you could look at influence is citations to a judge's opinions by other judges. how often do they really on your opinions that you write? if you are 20% more sights than the average. it took you 60% longer to get through the confirmation process. >> that's just totally distressing. you are one of the country's great experts on firearms and policy around guns so i cannot resist asking you. what you made of the media coverage of the shootings earlier this week at the navy yard in washington. >> well, i think, i mean,
3:49 am
obviously they made a lot of mistakes in terms of ar-15 and other things. i suppose it's disappointing that people within an hour or two even before they know what happened are already speaking out on these issues. but, there is one thing that kind of bothers me about the media coverage, generally. and that is they never mentioned that this happens in a gun-free zone. you may have some commentary later that does. virtually every attack that we have had keeps on occurring there it's the easiest thing to check out. >> gun free zones? >> right beings -- right, exactly. obviously we know soldiers aren't allowed to have side arms with them on military bases. i saw interview with the father of a marine who was stationed there saying that he was only a couple minutes away but even though is he an expert in urban warfare he didn't have a gun with ammunition that could go and allow him to stop the attack that's there. >> totally distressing and good point. john lot. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> new book out on federal
3:50 am
judges. sounds fantastic. a college student banned from handing out copies of the constitution on constitution day. they were just too provocative, apparently. hear from that student straight ahead. then, do you let your children walk all over you? maybe it's because of his or her powerful personality. up next, tips on how to control kids like that.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
iffy get these horsies i won't be able to love you
3:54 am
anymore. >> does that remind you of your own child overpowering you and walking all over you. how do you control kids like this alisyn. >> dr. kevin lehman is here. psychologist and dad of parenting your powerful child. hi, doctor. >> good morning. >> how do you define powerful child. >> they come in packages. easy to spot the kid at a mall. by the way you step over that child. great temptation to step on that little sucker and walk away. but then there is your walk on eggs, stubborn, procrastinating and then there is a little shy. melissa is very shy. sensitive daughter. be careful. that's probably a powerful child. >> they are manipulative in other words. >> oh yeah. >> what do you do if a child. i feel like a lot of parents are intimidated by kids like that. >> well, parents want to be their kids' best friend. i'm telling you, your kids need you to be a parent. stand up, be a parent you need to be. when the kid gets mouthy,
3:55 am
okay. little vitamin n which is no. in the book. i think what makes this book so cool is i teach parents how to talk to the powerful kid who says things like i want to go to a rock concert. well you are not going to a rock concert and spend so much money and all that kind of stuff. you are the parent. could you say hey, whose concert. let me hear the music. i would love to heart the music. there is no parent in the world ever liked their kids' music. talk to kids differently to diffuse the kids. keep your sales out of the kids wind. >> what do you mean by ask questions. >> where have you been in nothing. don't ask questions. tell me more about that oh, that's interesting. i'm open to that tell me more. >> either your kid is going to talk to you or they are going to be slam and click eckers means they come home, slam the door, click it locked and text like a wood becker that has adhd to all their buddies. >> fighting is an act of cooperation. >> we up the anti-with
3:56 am
kids. they push all of our buttons it starts in the high chair when you are trying to get little buford who could win olympic gold by arching his back this there and wife says honey, just give him to me and take clayton and put him on your lap. you be clayton 18 months. rather be on mommy's lap or cheap chair they bought at wal-mart. >> learn how to respond to their questions. >> most of us just react. we have an initial no, you are not going to do that well, honey, let's see -- what can we do to make that work? in other words, don't be so quick just to kerosene on the fire. when you fight with your wife or husband you know what to say the jettison that argument to the next level like bringing in the mother-in-law to do that the kids know all of our buttons. who is the organ grinder and who is the monkey? kids shorter than a yardstick in full control of adults. >> the book is called parenting your powerful child nice to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show,
3:57 am
hundreds of teens party at a former nfl star's house when he wasn't home. now they brag about it on twitter. parents threaten to sue him. do they even have a case? >> and were you there? [ male announcer ] house rule number 33. coffee should come in one size: mug. stay grounded with the rich, bold taste of maxwell house coffee. always good to the last drop. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping
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>> good morning, it's saturday, september 21st. i'm alisyn camerota. the fight over healthcare set to bring government to a halt. who is to blame, of the president, republicans or healthcare plan that america might not want. we report. you decide. >> i think you know the answer. so much for freedom of speech. >> let him ask his question. >> next question. >> let him ask his question. >> don't stand for. this you are sitting here like cowards. you have questions. you confront them. >> parent asked a controversial question about common core curriculum and got arrested for it what he is saying
4:01 am
today about the confrontation that led to his arrest. >> college student banned from handing out copies of the constitution on constitution day. how the college is explaining itself this morning. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. hi, everybody, this is dick vitale. you are watching "fox & friends." you are awesome, baby. ♪ ♪ >> this mud rella competition out on our plaza today. >> separates the men from the boys. i'm dreading it. because, i have never done anything macho in my life and this looks pretty macho. >> weren't you here when we did the mud run a year ago. >> i avoided it.
4:02 am
>> you must have been 00 off that day. >> she smartly took vacation. >> he she is the wise one. >> you are here this day. tough mudder. nation last few years. this major long course of obstacle courses. this is mud erelala. tucker and clayton and i have all been invited by the women to do this. it is all about team work to make sure everybody gets through. clayton, it is not about competition. it is not about competition it is not about competition. >> right. i keep hearing that not about competition. because at the end of the show i think you and our friend from travelocity courtney scott are going to pare off against tucker and i. competition. battle of the sexes. >> i am going to duke this today. talking with one of the developers of this 7:30. lots going on with mudderella. we have pretty nice weather. i will tell you it's
4:03 am
september. headed towards late september where you can get big blasts of cold air. certainly cool this morning across the northern plains behind this front. rain showers great lakes all the way towards the gulf. we had incredibly heavy beneficial rain across much of texas yesterday. in fact, some areas 6 to 7 inches of rain caused some flooding they are in such drought they need it. this is very rain this morning. that's going to be with us today. storm pulling into the central california coast line bring some rain showers. even some snow across the higher he will kegs of the syria nevadas tomorrow. temperaturewise today, still warm across the high plains. 87 in rapid city. tomorrow you get to 89. you notice that cool weather right along the great lakes. feeling like fall for your day tomorrow. all right, guys. send it back to you inside. get ready for this alli. i'm so glad you are here today. >> i have agreed going to try to get out of it.
4:04 am
>> tucker, did you witness the email chain with alli trying to weasel her way out of it. >> her consent was implied. that's a contract, alisyn. >> start a twitter campaign. everybody on twitter tweet alisyn camerota. is that what it is alli. >> at alisyn camerota. encouraging her. >> dr. mud. >> be a mudderella today. >> stand up for me. see how many viewers don't want me to do this and standing up for me. come on, viewers. >> do you want to see alli rolling through mud or not. [cheers] >> of course you do. that's a weighted question. in the meantime. get to your headlines and tell you what news is happening at this hour. one of the highest ranking afghan taliban prisoners has been set free on purpose. pakistan releasing baradar former commander of the taliban. help broker peace negotiations in afghanistan. he was arrested in a joint operation with the cia in
4:05 am
2010. and a syrian government finally giving us details of its not so secret stockpile of weapons. the country hand go ahead over a weapon's inventory. first obligation under that arms agreement that's been hammered out by the u.s. and russia. officials say the list is very long and must be translated from arabic. a world watchdog group is expected to examine the list today. under the deal syrians chemical weapons stockpile must be destroyed by next year. pickup girl found guilty of murder in florida. jennifer mee sobbed as she was sentenced to life in prison without parole for her role in the 2010 murder. she arranged for -- law allows suspects to be charged with the crime even if they did not pull the trigger. mee received nationwide attention several years ago for suffering incurable case of the hiccups. this is either the worst
4:06 am
wedding photo ever or incredible photo bomb. british prime minister david cammeron caught napping in the background of this photo before his sister-in-law's wedding. its infamous red briefcase on the bed next to him. photo posted instagram. he said to value his chances to chill lax. >> is she taking a self-y there and he happened to be in the background. >> i'm not sure what that picture means. i'm not going it read into it because it's not my country. it's a little weird. i would say. >> can would he be held responsible for something that. if somebody does something untoward back here are we held responsible for that. >> that's a question live here on sixth avenue in midtown manhattan. >> this guy jogging in short pants about to hit that pigeon. what if he kills that pigeon? >> it could happen. >> it's the avenue of the americas, after all. a lot of drama in
4:07 am
washington you may have been following. the house votes to encould the government running through mid december. there is the question of whether the congress can run out of money to fund the government only if congress defunds obama care. this is set off a fight within the republican party. of course, between republicans and the white house and even between the house and senate. republican senator ted cruz of texas made this point about his efforts to defund obama care. listen. >> i believe we can win this fight. and i don't think anyone can look at what i have said and done. what mike lee has said and done and have any doubt that we are going to fight with every ounce of breath in our bodies to defund obama care. no democrat is going to join us until republicans are unified. i will tell you, look, if you are a red state democrat from arkansas from louisiana, and you start getting 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 calls from your constituents, saying obama care is killing our jobs. it is hurting americans. suddenly your calculus changes.
4:08 am
>> other republicans aren't exactly sure the strategy here which is to lump in obama care as part of a government spending bill. why not decouple it, take it out and let it stand on its own. vote for it on its own. senator john mccain said we don't have the math. we don't have the numbers. wife would we vote this way? so others saying let it stand on its own. let it go through vote on its own and fail on its own without sticking in some government funding bill. >> some have called it a cam that come causey mission. some believe ted cruz is standing on principle and that's what he was elected to do he believes. here is charles krauthammer's particular on it last night. >> obama care is so unpopular even the unions are up in arms against it the afl-cio came within a hair of calling for its repeal. right now they want all kinds of changes which they are not going to get. democrats against it. you have got it's about to kick in and we heard today that they don't even have the software that will
4:09 am
enable the system to calculate what the subsidies are this is going to be a complete disaster. we are on the flesh hold of that. as chuck indicates the republicans are on the upswing on the issues. now, this it's insane. it's not going to happen. >> yeah. charles krauthammer crystallizes the truth. i would say better and more quickly than everybody i have ever met. i think this is absolutely right. obama care doesn't work as a policy matter. as a practical matter it doesn't work. people are going to be thrown off of their insurance. less choice. healthcare more expensive. it's going to hurt the middle class. that's already happening. why not allow obama to make, you know, the case for republicans, basically his signature domestic program doesn't work and it's hurting america. the story is about that it's about him and his screw up and the democratic congress' screw up. why are republicans making it about him. >> obviously the hasn't started with. the reports are obviously troubling and a majority of americans in polls say that they're concerned and have
4:10 am
anxiety about obama care but it hasn't started yet. it starts october 1st. >> but the policy -- to tucker's point the policy debate should unfold on its own merits. being coupled with this extension of government spending programs. now, republicans end up looking like the bad guys and that was bill o'reilly's point last night here. decouple it vote on its own. now you have instead soldiers going off to work. under this -- when the money runs out, soldiers will go off the to work, he they have to report to work. yet, they won't be paid. you try go to washington, d.c. go, to smithsonian institute. field trip or whatever. they will be closed. all these government workers who won't be receiving paychecks. a lot of the infrastructure will remain. republicans like 1996 will be left holding the bag and be the ones. >> here is what i don't understand. this week the house took up alternative to obama irca. i had a briefing in my office from one of the members pushing this. lots of really smart ideas in here. why don't republicans in the house take these ideas to the public. one of them, for example, was tort reform. don't people benefit from the current tort system are
4:11 am
1500 rich trial lawyers no one likes them and nobody should. why not sell health insurance across state lines. add competition. like who is against it? nobody is against that. you could pass bill after bill after bill. bills make healthcare better. >> fixing it. the president has been open to tort reform. he put thatten othe table. >> he totally opposed tort reform. he pretends because there is no defending it. >> everybody says they wanted it and strangely it didn't make it in. >> because they pay for democratic campaigns. biggest funders. >> need to tell you about something that happened in maryland. you may have heard of common core. the federal education standards that have been adopted by 45 states i believe already. and many parents object to some of the things in common core. so one father went to this public forum in maryland where parents' questions were going to be addressed by the school board when he attempted to ask a
4:12 am
question. here is what happened. >> the question is education standard prepare for community cleaning that's what it is all about. >> let him ask his question. >> next question. >> answer his question. >> this is a dove tail. >> don't stand for. this you are sitting here like cowards. you have questions. you confront them. they don't want to do it in public. [several shouting] >> then he was thrown out. >> how could can people stand for that that's a great question. some creep wagging his badge like that ends the controversy. i have a badge shut up and obey. no. how do people sit in this room allow this father, this citizen to be treated like a criminal for the crime of asking a question. stand up and say you will not treat him that way. >> because that security guard was actually a police officer. i think he was on off duty police officer. that father was actually arrested and handcuffed and sat on the curb outside of the meeting. so, when there is a police officer saying you have got to get out. listen to me or you are going to be arrested. everybody cared. >> he is not god. this is our country.
4:13 am
you are not allowed to treat citizens like that. people should stand up and say i don't care. i'm not going to allow this to happen. >> maybe the way that the meeting was structured, tucker, might change your mind. because they said you had to pre-write. [ laughter ] >> send in your questions ahead of time and then they would respond to the written questions. he didn't follow protocol. >> he didn't. that's why he got arrested. >> oh, you didn't tell me that. i didn't realize he didn't follow the script. >> i used paper coffee cup almost arrested me. ceramic right now. [sirens] >> please pardon my outburst. >> let us know what you think about this story. >> putin's russia. >> find us all on twitter. >> coming up on this show that you are watching, it's "fox & friends." first, president obama trusted russian president vladimir putin. now iran's president wants to talk nuclear power with him. can iran really be trusted. talk to a family roomer cia operative who lived under cover in iran for many years. >> plus, one guy taking his
4:14 am
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and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. possible meeting with president obama. the question is, should we really trust iran to be honest about anything very much including its nuclear program? we welcome now former cia operative and author of iran covenant. chet nagel who has a lot of experience in the reasonable. thanks for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> what do we know about iran's nuclear program. the president has said this is a form of energy for us.
4:18 am
nothing to do with weapons. do we believe that? >> no serious observer or expert in the iranian area, their nuclear program believes that it is, as said in the post in his post piece, it's a diversifying their energy resources. iran has all the energy it could possibly use in gas and petroleum it has. >> anna: at this quated system. yet they invested trillions of dollars in a nuclear program that is very obviously designed to make nuclear weapons. >> okay. so you have spent your life abroad including in the middle east in and iran. you are saying that you think it's possible they got weapons technology from the former soviet union before it collapsed because this program has been going on a long time. >> there is a belief in the intelligence community
4:19 am
acquired some nuclear weapons when at fractured. not known what weapons they acquired. probably those weapons are not useful. in other words, can't be detonated or put on top of of a missile. extremely useful as a model when you want to build your own weapons. they probably do have some soviet material and of course they have a very close relationship with the incomes this we know they are lying about nuclear program is that a good idea for the u.s. president to be meeting with the president of iran? the meeting in and of itself is probably meaningless, except for the iranians. remember, rouhani is the president. he is not the president in the sense that we consider western world presidents to be. he is not really running the show supreme leader khomeini is the boss.
4:20 am
the discussion between the president and supreme leader would be significant. rouhani is spinning the same story as he did when he was their chief negotiator. you probably saw the article which said that rouhani is going to make some offers probably while he is at the u.n. to disestablish under the mountain facility of theirs. that really won't matter. >> that's something that is always the lesson. there is always a lot more going on than is obvious on the surface. thanks for pulling back the curtain for us. chet nagel, appreciate it so much for free speech. a college student banned from handing out copies of the constitution on constitution day. too provocative. how the college is explaining its behavior this morning. hundreds of teens at a party at a former nfl player's house. he wasn't home. they bragged about ton twitter. now their parents are threatening to sue him. do they have a case?
4:21 am
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>> 24 minutes now past the hour. welcome back to "fox & friends." time for your news by the numbers. first up, 40%, that's how much blackberry is cutting its workforce by the end of the year. news comes as the company announces a billion-dollar second quarter loss. alli, time to get rid of your blackberry. next, first, that's where u.s. airways ranks on the list of the fee hungry domestic airlines. one of the many reasons the airline charges you is 200 to $450 just to change your flight. thank you, u.s. airways.
4:25 am
finally, 5 to 6 million. that's how many i phone 5 s and 5 cs apple is expected to sell this weekend. the new new models went on sale yesterday. record breaking sales already. alli? >> look how excited they are. meanwhile. hundreds of teenagers broke into former nfl player brian holloway's vacation home and had quite the party. all while he was away in florida and watched the wager go down via twitter. holloway took action. he posted their tweets and their names on a web site hoping parents would reprimand their children. but, instead, they want to sue holloway for posting the pictures. the point is if my child was at their house, breaking in, stealing stuff, getting drunk, and they took a picture and put it up, i would come and thank them. i go thank you, you saved my child's life. this will save ten of the lives of the people at that party. i promise you. >> all right. so let's debate this and find out if the parents have any chance of winning.
4:26 am
let's ask fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and defense attorney jonah spill spilbore. good morning. >> what's his crime? >> there is no crime. i guess they want to sue him for defamation for posting their little angels' names and pictures on his web site. the purpose of him doing that is to actually help these kids. they destroyed his house and he invited them basically come help clean it up. you can -- you know, make retribution that way and don't be little jerks for the rest of your life and the parents say wait a minute. we don't like that. we want to sue you. this goes into are you kidding me file. >> 20,000ness damage to the home you a arthur. why aren't these arrested? >> all the secretary of defense there you have as b. as good of evidence as a prosecutor can have. pictures at the he scene of the crime. although i believe my esteemed colleague is correct that there not be any recovery here. if you are a parent and your kid -- there are other
4:27 am
ways to handle it. >> what? how? >> here is the deal. you live on infamy in this device. so now the kid three years from now goes to apply for a be jo, goes to apply for college. >> the kids treated their own misbehavior. that's what kids do. >> trying to prevent juvenile idiot moves by the idiots from ruining their future from. ruining their college careers from, ruining their possible graduate school careers, their legal careers. so, in this society, everything is like throw it online and the internet. and it lives on forever. my freaking wedding is on the web site. i want that off already. that ended a while ago. >> if you don't want to live in infamy, on the internet. how about you don't behave like. >> anna: mall. >> how is that. >> i agree with you. that's why i don't think there will be any financial recovery. this society we live in that let's put everything on the internet so the whole world, the worldwide
4:28 am
web, everyone can see it, it's got -- we have to reign it in. >> can holloway get in any trouble for posting their names and pictures. >> absolutely no way. not posting anything that didn't happen. they are not naked, okay? >> she is right. >> arthur did you hear jonathan -- means you are not that bright. stunned. dopey. sometimes i'm a little -- [ laughter ] >> nicely done, guys. >> bon -- >> thank you very much. do you know what actually goes into making these effects look so real? we have the makeup artists behind the smurfs and other big films spilling the secrets to us next. plus, it's about to get real muddy, i hear. rick is getting ready for our own mudderella challenge. should i do this or not? i say no.
4:29 am
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usually directors and actors who get credit but makeup artists can make the movie worth watching. >> next guest pirates of the caribbean which you just saw there. >> joining us now is special effects makeup artist todd tucker. hey, todd. what was your toughest movie ever to transform some of the actors? >> oh, wow. years and years ago i worked for another company and we worked on the movie white chicks. so changing the wayans brothers into white chicks was a bit of a challenge. >> disturbing. >> race and gender. >> everything, he yes. >> what do white chicks look like? how do you pull that off? is there some feature that stands out that you needed to do? >> well, the hardest part about it was wasn't just turning them into women it was turning them into gorgeous women. that was the challenge. >> i mean, i'm not sure gorges a little strong. but they do look like white chicks. >> so that's harder than changing someone into a
4:34 am
reptile for example? >> it's a little hard because it has to look very realistic air brush their body. >> one of the thing that i imagine when you pay a hollywood actor a lot of money to make be in a movie. you want to keep some of thinks face physicality in the makeup. why pay for that good actor to get somebody else? is that a difficult task? >> depends on the script and what he want this. for this they were supposed to look completely different and look like these two other women in the film. >> we're looking at benjamin button right there. we were show hing some clips. that's where you had to transform brad pitt. >> agains that would another company we worked for. did all the old age makeups on that and kate blanchett. as soon as he became younger than he was that was a computer generated look. >> now dues get called on your company now illusion industry. do you get called upon 30 years older? can you look at me and is it going to be frightening. >> literally what we do a
4:35 am
lot of the times old age makeup we will get pictures of their dad or grandfather to figure it out. we will literally if i was going to age you i would age you correctly so it would be very close. >> my dad is a good-looking guy. >> then there you go. >> you can see the future. >> on some people yes, can i. >> you are going to transform yourself as we go to headlines. >> yeah, i'm going to turn into something ghoulish. >> alli is going to read headlines take two and a half minutes. >> rick going to do weather two and a half minutes. >> come back look like a vampire something drastic in five minutes. >> is he going to look the way i look when i wake up. >> exactly the makeup artist transforms to you. this got it? >> thanks todd see you in a few minutes. >> i'm scared. okay. here are your evidence lines right now. twins in washington state are accused of trying to murder their father because they say he was difficult to work with. 25-year-old caleb and joshua bledsoe told police they intentionally set fire
4:36 am
on monday inside the home that they shared with their father with the hopes the smoke would kill him. they say he was a difficult boss. and hard to live with. they are in jail now facing numerous charges including murder and arson. a college student forbidden from passing out constitutions on constitution day. >> if you are going to start an organization like that. you have to go through the rig rigamarole rules and regulations that have been set. >> why are rules and regulations set on free speech? why do i as a student have to get permission to have a free speech? this is my free speech. is it not? >> it's a time, and place, and manner. that's what it is called. >> well, this happened at modesto junior college in california. college police demand robert van tunen stop passing out u.s. constitution pamphlets saying if he wanted to continue he must stick to a tiny free speech zone on campus and schedule the event days in advance
4:37 am
quoting school policy. the foundation for individual rights and education wrote: the college demanding that they change that policy. all right. so when it comes to marriage proposals. some people really get creative. this guy in idaho proposed to his girlfriend on a wake board. can you see him drop down on one knee, and you can see her nod and say yes. right before they are both flung off the board and into the water. he proposed in an actual ring once they were back on the boat. that's beautiful. >> didn't bring the ring on the wake board. >> no. that would be a sign you are not going to make a reliable husband. >> scuba diving team. >> rick reichmuth awaits. i think he is outside. there he is. >> i'm outside, guys. it is pretty nice started to this morning. good thing i will tell you why in a second. quick look at the weather maps. show you what's going on in the the east. big cold front moving through. rain all across the ohio
4:38 am
river valley eventually by tonight and parts of the east coast. at least the coastal areas down towards the southeast, rain showers very heavy at times. especially across the central golf. behind the front yesterday. incredible beneficial but a little bit too much rain in texas today. today, sunshine, lots of sunshine, no humidity, a beautiful one. up towards the northern plains, cool around areas of the great lakes. warming up in the high plains though. 89 in scottsbluff. out across the west. look at that white on the map. that is snow across the higher elevations in towards parts of the sierra nevadas, down across areas in the south. you come over here. take a look at this. you are a little bit wet. tell me what is your name? >> my name is abbey miller. >> abbey miller, you are doing this mudderella. tough mudder for a long time. this is mudderella. tell us the difference. >> this is mudder rella. it is 5 to 7-mile event for women, encouraging them to own their strong.
4:39 am
>> own their strong. a little cool out here. >> a little. >> it's not cold. once have you been soaked in water. this mud is looking pretty gross. is this the worst part of it? >> i don't know. i haven't attempted it yet. i'm going. >> there you go. we have got somebody in the mud here. do you it next hour i am doing. this let's get this one. how are you doing here coming out of the mud? >> muddy. >> is it feeling good. >> feeling great. >> strong is that what this is? and now you are coming over here to -- all right. are you feeling good? >> great. >> interrupt you and make you fall? >> hopefully not. >> all right. much more of this. i'm doing this next hour. alli, we are in a big campaign to make alli do it at 9:50. keep sending your tweets. we will send it back to you inside. >> overwhelmingly on twitter people writing me on twitter saying we want alli in feed. >> i believe on my twitter feed they are actually
4:40 am
suggesting my sent a jennifer rivera do it instead of me. i like your thinking. >> that's crazy talk. >> i may pull rank and do that. >> todd tucker special effects makeup artist transformed in five minutes. holy cow. >> look right into the camera right into the camera. >> oh my god. >> that is true blood. now what did you have to do to your teeth to get that done? >> just made a pair of fang, a little bit of lenelzs and color in will. >> look at your eyes. >> if you walked out on the sixth avenue after dark dressed like that you would be killed instantly. >> your eiffel out. >> i lost an an eye look at that one eye creepy too. >> like david bowie. >> that is it. >> that is unbelievable. look at his -- your left eye. >> did that hurt? i always wonder when they have those lenzs in. >> they are soft. i have driven in these actually. >> were you pulled over. >> they get a little nervous. >> i would run the other
4:41 am
way. >> >> enhance it a little bit. >> what do you use. >>' kay row syrup and food coloring. >> watch the godfather in the 70s and look like catch shup. >> alwaysen the same thing. quick mixture. really easy. >> looked more fake back then. allusion industries and fantastic. we have to find your eyeball. >> i will find it yes. >> is it under here. >> it's under here somewhere. >> ah. >> turns out the agency was targeting tea party groups even after they were already granted tax exempt status. what does this mean for the investigation in progress? we will tell you. >> then, whoops, which state was almost nuked by a bomb 260 times more powerful than what devastated hiroshima? the secret is exposed next. ♪ ♪ my asthma's under control.
4:42 am
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[ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> quick headlines for you. did the air force almost nuke north carolina. recently declassified document saying two atomic bombs fell over the town of golds burrow in 1961. that happened in when a b-52 broke up in mid-air over that town. the report says only one safety switch stopped those bombs from going off. and hbo is making a movie based on benghazi. based on the inside account of the attack told in the new book under fire. unstoled tore story of the attack benghazi. ambassador killed there in the 12 hour attack. took place, of course, on the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attack.
4:46 am
tipped targeting tea party conservative groups even after granting them tax exempt status. so, what impact will this have on the investigation? and legal cases surrounding the scandal? joining us now is george sekulow director of the american center for law and justice. nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you, clayton. >> what do you make of the new revelations? >> irs had it out for conservatives. we are actually working with the committees now because the privacy act rules to at least find out if any of our 41 clients who have filed a lawsuit against the irs were included in the 38 conservative groups that about moved of proved out of 111, 38 additional surveillance. different unit out of a dallas office. basically the step before, clayton, you get audited,
4:47 am
so immediately after their approval. before they even had time to act as a group. there were 38 conservative organizations out there. getting monitored for potential audits, which of course, of course, that could shut down an organization. when you go to liberals because that argue. keeps being made, there were 20 approved that were on this list. seven got flagged. so you have got 38 versus 7. when you put that together with this document. screening sensitive cases report list that came out with 162 groups. other 80% which were conservative. the indication is clear. we are actually probably -- we are filing a motion to once again amend our lawsuit, which we now have to file a notion to do because things have so significantly changed. >> we know that from lois lerner emails who was in charge in oversight in. this specifically mentioned conservative groups and tea party groups. and looking for additional scrutiny. do we know if this now additional scrutiny on top
4:48 am
of the original scrutiny tricks back up to lois lerner? do we know yet? >> chairman of the house ways and means oversight subcommittee indicated that. this is the next level of review. clayton, let me just explain to some people why these groups were held up. one of our client's county, tea party group that is still unapproved to this day, they were held up on that report because herman cain attended their event. another group, because they had rhetoric that could be indicated as possibly anti-anti-obama rhetoric, which these groups are allowed to do. by the way that would be like being against the healthcare law indirectly anti-obama, that group did not get approved until two weeks after the presidential election. another it just goes on and on. >> real quick as we wrap this up, jordan, final scrutiny they have already been approved and gotten their tax exempt status. what further scrutiny are they under? >> this further scrutiny would lead to you an audit.
4:49 am
that's what we are looking for now. dannyerer wore full. he put it on hold two weeks ago. until two weeks ago, there was a separate irs unit monitoring already approved conservative groups. the lucky ones that actually got through and 38 were being looked at. targeted for potential audits. and anybody that's gone through that process or knows someone gone through or business knows how serious audit is. this is new groups going through that process glun believable. new revelations jordan sekulow, thanks for joining us this morning and keeping us up to date on it are tired ever the wussification of america. stick around. next guest new way to get us back on track. book titled "grow a pair:" ♪
4:50 am
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4:52 am
4:53 am
>> it's time for us all to take some responsibility for everything. >> our next guest is here to tell us how to stop being a victim with some tough love. >> his latest book has one of the best titles ever. it's called "grow a pair." [ laughter ] it's all about taking control of your life. >> i don't even know what that means. but joining us now is the pit bull of personal development larry winget. thanks a lot. without getting super specific, when does the title of your book mean? >> you know "growing a pair" is not what's going on between your legs, it's about going on between your ears. having an attitude that i'm no longer going to be a victim. i'm going to be in control of my life. know who i am. know what i believe in and never compromise. >> the first thing you have to ask yourself if you have been acting like a victim. so here are the questions,
4:54 am
do people take advantage of you, do friends talk badly to you or disrespect you. do you allow your children to talk back to you? what if the answer is yes to some of those? >> well, you need to grow a pair, obviously. think about, this do you go in a restaurant and eat cold food? you need to grow a pair. we are victims in so many ways. and people need to stop that. if you put up with that stuff, you are an accessory to the crime. >> i couldn't agree with that more. we accepted mediocrity at this a lot of times. i don't want to bother the waitress for. this you paid for it $30 for your meal. go out every once in a while every couple of weeks and eat garbage food. >> i agree. >> your point that you are accessory to the crime you are absolutely right. it's or would. you invite the. not disagree with you, i think that ought to be allowed. but be disrespectful to you, then they are gonna be. that's your fault, no? >> absolutely. you teach people how it's
4:55 am
okay to treat you. and look at how you are being treated and understand that is your fault. you taught people that was okay. you need to retrain people how it's okay to retrain you standing up for yourself and say i'm not going to put up this w. anymore. i can't demand respect from somebody else but can i refuse to be disrespected. >> how do you take responsibility if p. your life. take us through these, larry? >> the best way to grow a pair is really very very simple much the first thing you want to do is stop wiping. if you complain, all you are doing is playing the victim. and besides that nobody wants to hear your whining. we are all dealing with crap of our own so we don't want to hear yours. the next one is don't make any excuses. did you this, your thoughts, your words, your actions created the life you are living so don't make excuses. then, make some plans. victims live their life as it comes to them. people who are in control and have a pair have plans
4:56 am
for their lives there is also an article in the "wall street journal." next generation of young kids in school when they compete in races and different sports no longer are they competing anymore just to win, they just want to compete just for the sake of it are we raising a generation of folks who just simply don't want to compete and are just happy to join the race and not try to win? i think that's a darn shame. really do. having a pair is doing your best at all times. if doing your best only allows to you compete that's fine. if doing your best allows you to win, then you need to be in it to win it. >> larry winget, the look say it. >> >> tell us. >> say it what's the name of the book? >> in the grow a pair." >> you know i think you are a hero i can figure. no whining. i can't hear that enough. thank you very much larry for coming on the show. >> mantra in my house.
4:57 am
i say no whining in this house. we have no whining. we are allowed to the drink wine. we are not allowed to speak it. >> people who whine are unhappy. >> coming up governor huckabee to straighten everything out for us. >> there he is. what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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5:00 am
it's saturday, september 21st. >> i'm alisyn cam rot tax a showdown over a government shutdown. the house passes a plan to keep the government running but the fight over healthcare could bring it to a screeching halt. who is to blame? the president? the republicans? or the healthcare plan? we report, you decide. >> and, don't take her picture or they will take your phone and delete it. why are hillary clinton's security forces stealing people's phones and deleting her picture from them? we have got details coming up. >> hands off my 5 s or i will punch you and the science is in. which do you prefer? a latte, cappuccino or do
5:01 am
you like black coffee? we are about to reveal what your morning coffee choices about you ffsz hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> all right. we are all allegedly going to be running this course to just show how tough we are and to get our mud on. >> it's called mudderella. not clear what it is but it is muddy. >> rick reichmuth is outside. he has been watching this unfold. rick, tell us about mudderella. tucker and i versus alli and courtney scott from travelocity battle of the sexes. >> i haven't exactly agreed to it yet. i'm monitoring the twitter feed. tell us about it. >> you have agreed to this
5:02 am
you just don't know. if my twitter is blown up, clayton's twitter blown up. i'm sure your bit twitter has blown up saying you must do. this my twitters -- some of them think that i should outsource this to jennifer rivera who nobody thinks that. >> no, they don't. more than welcome to join in. >> only person? so tell us what we have in store? >> listen to this. about a year ago, we did a tough mudder. an abbreviated version of a tough mudder. we have some video of that tough mudder. that was me going over this wall. i remember it two tries to get over that wall. tough mudder made a mudder rell women and men that they invite along. tucker and i have been invited to do in this morning. painful-looking part we haven't shown you yet. get ready for that take a look at the maps.
5:03 am
show you what's going on. temperaturewise, we are looking pretty good. very nice across the east. alli, be happy 64 in new york and not 44. because there is a big tub of muddy water that you are going to be getting into. here you go. across texas, yesterday, big time rain. people on twitter constantly telling me when is rain coming to texas? it came yesterday and big fashion, a lot of people saw 4 to 6 inches of that rain. some areas a little too much. too quickly getting some flooding. i will tell you a loft the farmers and ranchers are going to be happy with that rain. across the east, this is this cold front moving through. brought all that rain. part of it was what was hurricane manuel. that tropical moisture got pulled into texas severe weather and hail across the west as well. new storm pulling in across the specific northwest
5:04 am
thanks so much, rick. meanwhile, let's get to your head libraries and tell you what else is happening at this hour. syrian government finally giving you will details of its not-so-secret stockpile chemical weapons. today the country is handing over a complete weapons inventory. their first obligation under that arms agreement that was hammered out by the u.s. and russia. officials say the list very long chilly call weapons stockpile must be be destroyed by next year. while you were sleeping. one of the founding members of the taliban set free from prison on purpose. well, on purpose pakistan released baradar former commander of the taliban in hopes that he is broker peace negotiations in afghanistan. he became a linchpin of the insurgency after the taliban was toppled by the u.s.-led invasion in 2001. baradar was arrested in a joint operation with the cia back in 2010.
5:05 am
a woman known for her incurable hiccups found guilty of murder in florida. 22-year-old jennifer mee sobbed as she was sentenced to life in prison without parole for her role in a 2010 murder. in a jail house phone call to her mother mee admitted to arranging the meeting that led to a robbery and murder. alternate juror said that pretty much sealed her fate. >> there is nothing like hearing words out of the person's own mouth. >> yeah, it is incriminating. >> mee received nationwide attention back in 2007 while seeking a cure for her nonstop hiccups. all right. do you know what type of coffee you drink could be a reflection of your personality? new research finds that common attributes between the cup of joe and the consumer. so, if you like extra foamy coffee like cappuccino, i do, then you are more likely to be on saysive and controlling. i beg your pardon? latte drinkers i also like that. usually go out of their way
5:06 am
to please others. >> that's what i'm drinking right now. >> really. i'm going to look forward to the pleasing. >> i just bought you breakfast. >> i did not know it thank you, dear. black coffee is what tucker prefers. >> yes. >> no nonsense individuals. straightforward. that does sound like you, tucker. >> why, thank you. >> those who like sweet, frozen and blended coffee drinks are most likely socially bold and overgrown children. >> socially bold. >> like the adult milk shake. >> what does socially bold mean? >> i'm not sure. >> governor huckabee joins us now. how do you take your coffee? >> black? >> that's the way it's supposed to be. for real men. that's right. >> since you are straightforward and honest. be honest now. as republicans dive in to obama care, they try to defund it, we know the vote came through from the house yesterday, of course, to defund obama care as part of this broader government spending bill which steps up this battle for a government shutdown.
5:07 am
right move by republicans? wrong move? >> it's fine to go ahead and push hard on getting obama care out of here. that's great. but, the reality is, the numbers don't work and what the republicans have to be careful. >> the et vote numbers don't work. >> the vote numbers. yeah, you have got to have 60 to pass it in the senate. the president would override it if it happened. then you would have to have 67 to override the veto. the republicans are 14 votes short of passage. they are 21 votes short of overriding a veto. >> what are they doing? why go through this exercise? >> they are trying to make pint. if a point comes the condition fron station to a government shutdown. they just rescued the democrats and given the democrats a reason to take the ball and run against republicans next year. otherwise, the republicans need to let the democrats stew in their own juice here and for the next year in the election cycle make it very clear you this thing. obama care is costing you jobs, it's costing you hours, it's messed a lot of
5:08 am
people's lives up. guess who own os it? there wasn't one republican vote in the house or senate when it passed. >> exactly. i don't understand. it's not a right wing talking point to say obama care is hurting the country. that's subjective fact. democrats feel that unions feel that way. >> absolutely. how could republicans, like whose idea was it to make the story about them? like jumping in right as your opponents are self-emulating and jumping right in and front and say no, here, focus on me. >> it's like if you have the ball if you are playing defense you can't. if republicans hand. woe don't want to take control of the white house in 2006. i can't think of a better strategy. talk about the hearings we are having in the house in terms of benghazi this week. there were at least three days of hearings. they called back the under secretary for management patrick kennedy. they also talked to the guys, the chairman who were in charge of the
5:09 am
accountability review board. did we learn anything new? are we getting any closer to finding out answers of what went wrong? >> not yet and we are not going to until there is an openness on the part of some democrats with some -- i would say smoking gun evidence to start making it clear that we have had a huge coverup. we know we have been lied to. we know there has been a coverup that's unmistakable. ' starting to take this. government lie talking about four murdered americans. that's a pretty serious issue. why were these lies and coverups told? was it because there was some types of weapons operations being run through libya to arm the syrian rebels? that's a pretty big issue that we need to know about. >> one of the other stories that came out this week is about the state of world's economies. >> yes. who are the freest economies in the world? think maybe the united states would be at the top of that list?
5:10 am
no, in fact, governor, we are not in the top 15. we have now dropped to the 17th freest economy in the world. first of all, what does it mean to have a free economy? what do you make of these numbers? >> it means that your economy is free but it also means the individuals living in that economy are freer. you have a greater sense of freedom. and historically america has always been in the top three. and only recently in the last just three or four years have we moved out of the top three. but now we have dropped all the way to number 17. and this is really a bigging, big move. >> is it regulation you hear like new zealand just recently decided they are going to invalidate software patents. making it so freer for people to write software. they don't have to worry about some patent control sitting somewhere and not actually innovate. >> several things. regulation, taxation, litigation, it leads to job migration. that's to me the formula. if you look at america, what's happened. we have increased the level of regulation dramatically. we now regulate even so much as the size of a soft
5:11 am
drink or how much salt you can have. i mean, that's incredible level of regulation. taxation. we tax everything. which is really a way of punishing productivity. the thing that we need more in the economy, which is productivity, work, savings, investment. we need good return on the money that we invest. what do we do with all those things? we punish it. what do we regard? we reward are responsibility. failure, loss, tax deduction have. a success we are going it punish that how screw a good when we when you punish what you ought to reward and reward what you ought to punish. litigation and make everybody libel, drives the cost of everything from employment to products all the way up the roof and, therefore, you lose your freedom. >> benefiting just a tiny group of people. >> yeah. >> 1/100th benefits from current tort system. rich trial lawyers and i don't understand why that has not been reformed. >> because there is a will the of money to be made in it. >> what's the point of
5:12 am
controlling congress if you can't get tort reform. everybody is for it why haven't we got it? >> people who still control congress are still the tort lawyers. there ought to be a way that people can address real grievances and get, you know, some settlement for problems that are genuine. what we have is something that is out of control and the only people really winning are the lawyers and the people are not. >> governor, what's on your program? >> we have got to talk about healthcare and navigator program is scandalous. get you into obama care and may get you into identity theft. talk about that tonight. five for fighting musical guest. music again thanks to you guys getting your new studio we are so happy. >> sorry. we have been squatting in yours. >> yes, have you. >> we are nice and we share. >> great. we will see you out on the mudderella course. >> at hello mudder, hello fader, i ain't going to be there. >> that's the spirit. a person who knows his limits. >> thanks. >> washington navy yard
5:13 am
have in common with the fort hood shooting? our next guest says too much political correctness connected to. larry elder here to explain. >> plus, katy perry's new popular song getting the boot. why one nfl team is booth her from the play list. ♪ ♪ i love having a free checked bag
5:14 am
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that is the inability to state obvious truths and the shooting that we saw monday in washington. >> well, tucker, you look at what happened in fort hood and major hasan had made all sorts of pro--statements to colleagues. nobody go anything. nobody wanted to be perceived as being anti-muslim so no investigation, was conducted. you look at aaron alexis. i want to see this guy's get out of jail free card tucker. this guy was the navy reserve for three or four years. cited at least 8 different times for misconduct and the military wanted it throw him out under less than honorable circumstances which would have made him ineligible probably to be a military contractor but they didn't want to do it. he is arrested three different times in three different states rg washington,georgia and texas. two of which involved shooting a firearm. in one case he told the authorities he blacked out. still not charged and the other one he shoots through the roof of his apartment through the floor below apparently because of a dispute over making too much noise. tells the police is he
5:18 am
cleaning his gun. is he not charged. and so, in my opinion, probably because a lot of people didn't want to deal with the angry black guy who might be playing the race card. we know this guy has played the race card before. he went to thailand, fell in love with somebody. she didn't reciprocate. called her racist. called the general contractor racist. he called the navy racist. a lot of people along the way didn't want to mess with the guy. i'm not going to charge him and the hell with it the people weren't doing their job because of political correctness. got people killed. >> not like there were no signs. he was picked up by the cops in newport rhode island a couple weeks ago displaying flagrant signs of mental illness. not criticizing the guy. it's obvious you know when someone is in the throws of schizophrenia. it's obvious. nobody acted on that? bizarre to me. >> tucker, the question is, are people tiptoeing and not doing their jobs because of the fear of being called anti-muslim or fear of being called racist? out here in l.a.
5:19 am
exlapd cop christopher dorner got in trouble in the police academy. firearm discharged accidently. normally that gets you bounced out. still they put him on the force. the l.a.p.d. has a policy to make the force look like the city. a black guy gets through easier than a white guy, i'm told, and if it weren't for this kind of political correctness. dormer would have never been on the force let alone on the shooting rampage. people aren't doing their jobs for fear of being called racist and anti-muslim, tucker. >> so unbelievably patronizing among many other things. it's stupid, inefficient. also just patronizing. why not have the same standards for everybody. larry elder, what an interesting observation about the effect of political correctness on our society. thanks a lot for joining us. >> my pleasure, tucker. see you later. >> he will with, coming up, don't take her picture or they will take your cell phone and delete it. why hillary clinton's security guards are on the alert against people taking photographs of her. then, she struggled with her weight all her life
5:20 am
until one ah-ha moment changed everything. you can do it too. tory johnson sharing her secrets with us coming up. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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44 minutes past the hour. quick headlines for you. a new report finds the main ingredient in tylenol and other over the counter pain relievers could kill you. over the last decade, 1,500
6:45 am
americans have died. the fda does not have any regulations yet for the drug. >> check out this creative proposal. a guy in idaho proposes to a girlfriend on a wakeboard. you see him drop down to one knee. she nods and he says, great and tackles her. then he waited till he got to the boat to dig the ring out of the boat. that was a smart man. otherwise it would be in the bottom of the lake. let's go out to alli. >> fight over the health care said to bring the government to a halt. the house approve as plan to keep the government running but facing certain defeat in the senate. elizabeth is live in washington with all the details. >> with much of the government set to run out of money the end of the month, house members passed a stop-gap funding bill
6:46 am
to keep things flowing through mid december. the bill is now on its way over to senate majority leader harry reid. reid is expected to strip the provision from the senate bill. the next option is a pressure placed on a group of republican senators such as rand paul and ted cruz who said they are prepared to filibuster on behalf of their constituents. >> but most importantly, it was a victory for the american people. the reason the house voted decisively today in a bipartisan vote to defund obama care is because the american people have risen up in incredible numbers saying obama care isn't working. it's the biggest job-killer in the country. now it is up to the senate to step forward and do the same thing the house has done. listen to the american people. >> yesterday the president sent a number of messages to law makers on the hill. his points were intertwined in his economic speech to auto workers at a manufacturing plant
6:47 am
accusing conservatives of, "holding the economy hostage." the president did make a phone call to speaker boehner to tell him he won't be budging on the debt ceiling and to stop stalling. >> congress doesn't pass this debt ceiling in the next few weeks, the united states will default on its obligations. that's never happened in american history. basically, america becomes a deadbeat. >> the senate showdown begins monday morning. democrats said they do have the 60 votes needed to strip the provision and prevent any type of filibuster. we'll see. back to you. >> we sure will. the clock is ticking. thanks so much. up next, the moment you've all been waiting for. our big mudderella challenge. will i do it or won't i? it's on the plaza. how will the guys look in the mud?
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
♪ you must fight just to keep them alive ♪ >> head-to-head yesterday in the mudderela challenge. it is now, and we are here finally. twitter has exploded today, making alison do this. >> what? >> are you going to do this? >> obviously, i can't do it. i am still in my dress. >> ali -- >> known for his neckties is still going to be wearing his necktie. >> we take our orders from twitter, as you know.
6:52 am
>> christina, you are the ceo of mudderella. tell us why you are doing this. this is for a good cause. >> it's an event that's six miles with 16 obstacles that's meant to test overall body fitness as well as stamina and determination. we support a great cause called futures without violence. they are dedicated to ending domestic violence. >> it is a good cause. and i think that clayton and courtney should get started now! >> basically, it's a travel segment. >> how did i get wrangled into this? >> let's go. >> microphone. >> i'll take it. >> get over here, guys. >> good luck. >> all right, courtney. you're going down. >> ok. you guys start it off. go! come on! who one, two, three, go! you stop for a second. >> ok. what do i do? >> now alison, you're in. you're doing this in a dress. this is it. you're doing it.
6:53 am
alison in a dress and high heels. oh, my gosh. come on. >> oh, no. >> alison, how are you? >> it's so disgusting! horrible mud in my dress, my shoes! look at my shoes! >> you are not done. the tires, alison. you have to keep two points of contact all the time. >> i don't want to! i'm not good at things like this! what happens if i fall? >> you could help her up. >> come on. >> just grab my hand.
6:54 am
>> are you sure? >> afterwards, we're going to put all of the clothes on ebay. >> whoo! >> you're not done. you're not done. >> there you go. now, you could bounce to get a little head start if you wanted. >> come on! >> let's go, tucker! >> where's tucker? >> somebody -- let me just tell you i hope that somebody is taking a lot of pictures of this right now, because these are amazing shots. how's she doing? are you going to help her up there? all right. tucker is coming up behind you, ali. >> come on, ali! >> get going. >> clayton. how are you feeling? >> that water is freezing. alison is about to enter this water. the moment i've been waiting for
6:55 am
for six years of doing "fox & friend." alison finally -- >> all right, tucker. there you go. tucker is -- [ laughter ] >> all right, ali! this is the moment! coming down the slide! >> come on! >> the crowd is going crazy for alison to go down the mudderella slide. this is the grand finale. make it count! how are you doing? >> how do you feel? >> how do you feel? >> i'm speechless. for the first time on "fox & friend." you know what i need? a dry cleaner. >> and a beer. >> i thought you were going to break out into song for a second the way grabbed that. >> i should have. >> more "fox & friend" in a
6:56 am
second. we'll be right back. ine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste.
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6:59 am
so impressive. >> how do you feel? >> horrible. i have mud up my nose. i'm soaking wet. i'm cold. but i'm happy that futures without violence, the cause we've done this for, has gotten awareness. i'm happy about that. >> how did our high-toned, policy-oriented program turn into a wet t-shirt contest? >> it's "fox & friend." what are you talking about? >> i feel muddy. thanks for including me, guys. >> you're welcome. >> definitely the most interesting way i've woken up on a saturday in a while. >> we got through that far, and she was like ow, oh, ouch. >> thank you for bringing this to us today and the organization. today is the big kickoff of
7:00 am
mudderella. >> if i can do it, you can do it, america. i've never been more macho. >> ali is going to do it again after the show. >> after the show, they are going to do it again. log on to "fox & friends" and we will see you tomorrow. hang onto your seat, because the fight over raising the government's debt ceiling may have you hitting the ceiling. >> every person thinks raising the debt ceiling must mean that we're running up our debt. >> well, here's something else average americans know. when they increase their budget, they spend more. and those same average americans have been getting their spending under control. unlike politicians in d.c. so should the government act more like you? hi, everyone. i'm brenda button. this is "bulls and bears." let's get right to it. here they are, the "bulls and bears" this week. we have gary b.
6:31 am
sleep train's best
6:32 am
to get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. and rest even better with sleep train's risk-free 100-day money back guarantee. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. superior service best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> welcome back, some headlines for you now, alisyn. lawyers for five gitmo prisoners charged in the 9/11 attacks want the case put on hold because they say someone is hacking their email account. they wanted more secure computer network put in place first. prosecutors say they have heard this delay tactic before but last time it was accusations the government eavesdropping on private meetings. no trial date has been set
6:33 am
yet. what is hillary clinton hiding? private security for hillary clinton swiped a man's cell phone and erased a picture that he took of her at a season in miami. the photo taker andrew rothberg is he was more than little confused he was suspect set about it after deleting the photo security gave him his phone back. >> alli? >> thanks so much, clayton. well, she struggled her whole life with her weight, forging notes in high school to get out of gym class and wearing a navy suit to her wedding instead of a white dress. >> now she is down 72 pounds in 20 months and is happier than ever. what exactly changed? >> with us now is tory johnson, the author of the new book called "the shift" now how i finally lost weight and discovered a happier life there is the book. here is tory. >> great to see. >> you 72 pounds later. >> as my kid says that's like two dogs. 35-pound beagles. mom you lost two marleys yes, i did. >> you struggled with
6:34 am
weight your whole life. why did this time work? what did you do differently this time. >> so this time it was sort of the ah-ha moment came. i worked for good morning america. one of my bosses came to me and said your clothes don't do you any justice. i'm going to send you to a stylist. most gracious conversation ever. what i took away this wasn't about my clothes lose weight or lose your job which is how i internalized it best thing. been fat forever and don't want to be. it's like living in prison in shackles that conversation freed knee finally realize that there is no pill, possession, or plan that replaces patience and perseverance. i realized like this didn't a diet i need. i need a major lifestyle change. >> so serious. coming away from your book no kidding. no half measures here at all among your recommendations is don't cheat. >> yeah. there is no cheat days. a lot of people say that's ridiculous, that's deprivation. i need my cake and cupcakes. here is what i think about that you spend six days every diet tells you spend six days eating healthy and
6:35 am
seventh day reward yourself with big pasta dinner and garlic bread on monday morning how do i get back on track? it's awful you can't do it. rewarding myself with food is akin to an alcoholic rewarding a month of sobriety with a beer. like it doesn't work. >> we teach that to our kids you don't reward them with food. sets them up for failure. >> correct. >> walk them through some of these tips. distract from eating. walk us through that. >> late nights my biggest weakness. everyone is asleep in my house. i will go see what the kitchen has got for me. one night early on in my shift, i realized don't do it tory. i saw a bottle of clear nail polish sitting on my dresser i grabbed it and put on top coat. when your nails are wet. i'm not snacking. my manicure matters more to me than a bag of chips. i came up with all these distractions, opportunities to pause because a block around the block is better than an oreo blender. >> that's good. choose good snacks. what are what are those. >> go into starbucks and
6:36 am
get reduced fan banana loaf. 400 calories. throw away snack. pickles that is almost like a free thing. zero, a cucumber. these are my absolute favorite. hail merry mac reasons. no way that macha macaroons. if i can't pronounce the ingredients on a package i don't eat it anymore. my kids have discovered that too. >> absolutely no carb hydrates. >> not none. significantly reduced them. no white. >> no white? >> bread, rice, pasta. >> no carbs? >> i have some carbs but a limited amount. taste it go ahead. >> pretty good. >> one thing. >> losing weight right now. >> and you are awesome. that's inspiring how you totally took control of your life and did you it? >> i took control. >> all the tips in the book the shift? >> i have got to hold it up. what camera are we on? >> so to say so many in our
6:37 am
new studio. >> they are outrageous. >> i can't wait to have one. tore thanks are being here. >> thanks for having me. >> a man confesses to plotting to kill prince harry, the brand new details that he just told police. >> plus, get your mud on. rick is taking on the mudderella challenge next. of course you won't want to miss that stay tuned. ♪ [fuzz pile] we sure ve it great here. [curly fry] i know, right. [fuzz pile] movies,music,space as far as the fry can see. [bubble wand] ha.good one.
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6:41 am
♪ >> here is your shot of the morning. and what could be described as the best bad family photo ever. the mother accidently dropped her 6 month old son during a photo shoot on the beach in california. apparently they had just taken several extended family group photos and wanted one of them just the four of them and they were trying to get the kids to smile and well, this happened. you know how hard it is to get six month old. by the way the couple says the baby cried for about two minutes but was fine. and landed softly in the sand. >> oh, nice. >> so that header that you see the baby taking is fine. everything is fine. >> it's bad enough because kids are destructive as it is.
6:42 am
run into everything, bash their heads off of banisters but then when you drop your child, then you have the guilt. >> it's not fun though because the picture exists. can i barely look at that it just evokes waves of guilt. not that i even have done anything like that. >> you know that baby is going to hold that picture, you know, hold responsible. >> therapist after therapist. >> you are not responsible for that. >> no. >> well, earlier we told you that the new iphones are out. clayton gave us a terrific review. they are great. what if your kid wants one? that was your -- your kid does want one. how do you tell him he can't have one. conan the other day. here are his observations. >> say no, you can't have it. [ laughter ] you know, bad for you. but i want it. i don't care what you want. were. >> i love i don't care what you want. >> i don't care what you want i'm not there to make them happy. [ laughter ]
6:43 am
[ applause ] >> really? that's great. that's terrific philosophy. >> that is is i'm not raising the children, i'm raising the grown ups that they're going to be. i have to raise them with the tools to get through a terrible life. that's the way i look at it. >> very funny. i mean, it's so smart. too. >> watch that full clip from conan, 5 and a half minutes. very funny and astute. making the point that kids don't have real emotions. they are not, feel sad, but actually feel it, not just take to twitter or, you know, then facebook message their friends and let them know. actually have a real emotion. >> it didn't seem like he was actually trying to be be funny if there. >> no really wasn't. that's why the interview is so good. >> not your job to make your kids happy. i know that's shocking. you are just supposed to raise good future adults. >> is there anything more that's transformed family life more than personal electronics? probably not. i'm guilty of this. sat by passively while it
6:44 am
reorders our family life. >> we're trying to. >> why have we allowed to that' harassment nobody talks. everybody in his own world cloistered away. >> something i'm studying regularly. the way it effect not only our brain and the way it effect our social interactions with other humans it really is. -- these are different tools. dinner tools for many many years. we need to figure out how to measure these things and actually have meaningful interactions with these tools. right? you can put on a he show. but make sure that you are having a dialogue about the show while you are watching it not just blindly putting kid in front of television sitting there drooling and looking at things. you just described my childhood. >> same thing with electronic devices. >> lot more than compelling than television. >> we are happy that you are addicted to television for our sake. >> feed your need, please. >> let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening at this hour. >> new details. just released in a plot to assassinate prince harry, belfast born man turning himself into british police last may. confessing his plan to kill
6:45 am
the third in line to the thrown. he called it operation reigle. and planned on shooting the prince at close range with a local enter pistol. the reason? he says because harry was an afghan war vet. he had, quote: blood on his hands cigarette butt helping to help solve a cold case. police linked d.n.a. discarded cigarette to murder weapon. she was killed 1995 just 17 years old. the detective said he couldn't let this go. simpson who had been released on parole for another murder just a few months before her death. now back in jail. expected to be officially charged in that murder very soon. >> and the girl who was helped by that mystery priest, remember that story after that horrific car stent was finally able to meet her hero. father patrick doing is the priest to baffled police who showed up praying at the scene of the accident
6:46 am
and schemingly disappeared. father doing said what he did was doing his job. >> you do it. you offer your services as a priest because you have the power to forgive sins and you have the power to anoint. if you have faith. you stop. >> katie lens, the girl he helped just celebrated her2 0th birthday. >> that is such a great story. can i barely sand is it. you hear a the love metallica and ozzy osborne at football games but you have heard this before ♪ louder than the lion ♪ i am the champion ♪ and you are going to hear me roar ♪ >> well, in cincinnati, they are not impressed. bengals fans lashed out on twitter for the team playing katie perry's roar before during and after their win on the steelers on monday. she says quote i understand that they're bengals, but why are they playing katie perry's roar? you are ruining football.
6:47 am
darian writes how hard is to play iron maiden and be done with it the bengals will change it up this week. no more katy perry in cincinnati. >> switch it to justin bieber. >> those are your head lines. get it outside to rick reichmuth for a look at the first alert forecast. >> i think we are going to skip the weather. first alert forecast says it's about b. to be muddy and chilly for us. >> all of you later on. >> we are about to see rick go -- all right. for the people who brought you tough mudder, there is a new event, mainly for women. called mudderella. set up amazing obstacle course for all of us out on the plaza. >> for women and clayton tucker and me. >> >> muddere. will la is tough mudder's sister. >> brand new event concept and new brand we actually kick off today in the poconos. our first start wave is going off in 15 minutes we are really excited. >> what is the point of it?
6:48 am
15 obstacles that encourage women to own your strong. set a goal, get out there and own it. >> can you speak this in a language that alisyn would understand? >> inam the least macho woman alive. but i hear that i'm going to have to go through this. give us color commentary it is for a good cause what is it. >> futures without violence. beneficiary of mudderela end sexual violence. a cause near and dear to the participants doing mudderella. >> here goes rick. who is he competing against here? >> he is competing against obviously men and women on your team. >> there are wires there. just had to go under and get in the mud.
6:49 am
so,. [ laughter ] >> that's what it is all about. supporting each other on course. >> now rick is going to go through the tires, right -- any minute as we get splashed. and so i mean, the feeling is that if you are tough enough for this and if you are tough enough to roll up your sleeves and get dirty, that you can face other obstacles in your life. >> all about being strong. about empowering women and men. men can participate as well. they have to be invited on the team by a woman team member. remembering that you are stronger than you think you are. setting goals and challenges for yourself. very team based event. supporting each other on the court and having fun out there. so hopefully you see a lot of folks having a good time out there. but it is supposed to be challenging and also a lot of fun. >> what's this next obstacle that we're going to see rick do? >> this is what -- this is one of our marquee obstacle, last on the course, three in one taking a running leap on this
6:50 am
trampoline get up-to-into the cargo net and climb up which is what is he doing now. how cold is this water? >> pretty chill today. >> like, nicely done. i'm not wall over to you because i know what you might do rick. >> shrink damage. rick, you did a great job. [ laughter ] >> let's go inside to the guys. >> hug me? thank you. >> sounds perfect. >> we are going to have to do that next hour? stay tuned we will look dignified as we do. that's our promise. >> would you consider moving to a new state to get away from being taxed to the max? millions of americans are. and our next guest is following the money trail. ♪
6:51 am
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see how constant contact's products and people can help you grow your business. start your free trial at >> well would you go as far as moving to an entirely different state to get away from high taxes. millions of people are and taking their money with them. here to explain how money walks is travis brown brought a touch screen computer to show us how it all breaks down. travis, nice to see you this morning. >> good to be here. >> dive into data on this screen here in a moment with a map of the united states. how did you compile this data? what does it show us. >> i'm from the show me state. years ago we wanted to know and prove how and where our people were moving out of st. louis for example to texas and florida. we sourced the internal revenue service taxpayer data file, collected all the taxpayer records over the past 15 to 18 years
6:55 am
that's what this map represents. movement of tax taxpayers moving with their feet and wallet where they have moved in the past 18 years, 1992 to the most recent records of 2010. >> 2010, the freshest smelling data. all right, so let's start with the state that's losing the most. i see up here the state we are standing in right now new york. >> empire state is newark's biggest loser adjusted gross income net of all transfers $68.1 billion. new york minute now costs $7,100 in adjusted gross income. greatest loss of any other state. >> wowvment and who gains as a result of it? >> well, the state that's gaining from new york and the state that's gained the most around the country, the sunshine state. florida has gained in our analysis the past 18 years, over $95 billion. a florida minute every minute of every day for the last 18 years now averages production of $10,000. >> wow. all right. north carolina is next, why is north carolina special in this?
6:56 am
>> north carolina was doing well in the previous analysis, gaining $25 billion on the eastern seaboard but just recently their governor and their legislature cut the price on work. cut income taxes over the next few years so look for good things out of north carolina. >> red arrows represented leaving the state. green arrows coming into the state. >> that's right. the red states here from north carolina's position are all losing their income relative from the standpoint of north carolina. >> let's go to kansas next. >> sure. kansas is another state that has made big changes this this year. they have lowered the price on work. small businesses are now not taxed on their income. they were taxed at 6%. january this year, zero. so look for big changes of what the "wall street journal" refers to as a hart land stacks rebellion. >> interesting. i remember kansas, few years ago giving property away encouraging people to move to the state. >> bold changes there governor brown back having a big impact on my border state of missouri. people are going to have to
6:57 am
respond and others are cutting taxes across the board. out west we see this phenomenon with california. the green states are all receiving california income due to californians moving. >> so, go a little wide on this shot if you would for me. because this is interesting. over here on the east coast you have a lot of east coasters leaving really hard hit states like new york. looks like they are going it california. yet californians are aware and they're leaving california? >> that's right. most, the majority according to the past 18 years. these red states are the ones contributing to california income and population whereas the green states are all receiving california wealth. in the case of texas, over $6 billion leaving california for texas. in the case of arizona, they are gaining and nevada, the neighboring state, has gained nearly $10 billion right out of california. >> wow, fascinating stuff. how can people learn more? i guess the web site. how money for where that you are tracking all this money state to
6:58 am
state. fascinating stuff. thanks for joining us? >> thank you. >> so much for freedom of speech. >> let him ask his question. >> so next question? >> why won't you answer his question? >> this is a dove tail. >> don't stand for. this you are sitting here like cowards. >> a parent asks a question about the controversial common core curriculum now being taught in 45 states and then gets arrested for it. what he is saying today about the confrontation that led to his arrest. plus, trade in the sand for the ski slopes. we have got the best fall get aways for your wallet. that's next. ♪ ♪ can be tough.
7:00 am
when's the fairy princess coming?
7:01 am
any minute now. yay! announcer: but it's always worth it. agnes: i know it's really you, gru. i'm just pretending for the other kids. announcer: take time to be a dad today. call 877-4-dad-411 or visit
7:02 am
tomorrow marks the official end of summer, which means it's time to trade in your swimsuit for hiking boots for that perfect autumn escape. >> here with deals for you and your wallet is courtney scott, our favorite senior editor at travelocity. >> fall is here. fall is the best time to find deals in some of our favorite mountain towns. i brought five along today. we are starting in alaska. it's a dream adventure get away. the hotel alaska is the perfect base camp for the adventure. it's an amazing deal. $106 a night. that's a great deal, a luxury property. i would recommend going straight to danali national park. home to mt. mckinley, over
7:03 am
20,000 feet, full of wildlife. it's a dream alaskan day trip. then head to the gateway of kanai. it's world class whale watching and fishing. then only an hour's scenic drive away from the property. that's just the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended. >> look how beautiful those pictures are. >> not to mention fall foliage. >> tennessee where should we go? >> great smoky mountains. perfect for families. over gatlinsburg. the westgate property is $188 a night. >> colorado is good in the fall, not the season we associate it with. >> it's good year round, but for
7:04 am
foodies, this is the first annual restaurant week in the vail region. kicks off september 27th. all are offering price fix menus at $20.13. fine dining at a great value. you can stay at the lodge at vail. it's a rock resort property, $147 a night. rock resort is also the property owners of the red sky ranch and golf club. their course is number one in colorado. >> talk about leaf peeping. you go to vermont, of course. >> you do. vermont is on our top ten list for leaf peeping. stay in mount snow at the grand summit property. it's oktoberfest in mount snow around october 12th. it's fun. it's also home to fantastic mountain biking. they held the usa national championship for mount biking. imagine biking through these
7:05 am
gorgeous forests. if you want to take a low-key adventure, do the nature spa at the hotel. they have autumnal experiences for meditation, hikes, really great. >> it's as pretty as people say it is. >> it is. spectacular. >> unfortunately, you have agreed to do mudarella. at the end of the show if you stick around, you're going to see courtney scott and allegedly me, but i haven't signed on to this, do this obstacle course and get muddy. do you know what you're in for? >> i do not. >> thanks so much. >> first, law makers grilled on the benghazi terrorist attack. >> they are going to have their cushy government job and still get a pension. in the real world, this would have never happened. >> where is the accountability in all of this?
7:06 am
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good morning, everyone. it's saturday september 21. a showdown over the government shutdown. who is to blame, the president, republicans or the health care plan that many americans say they don't want? we report, you decide. so much for freedom of speech. >> let him ask his question. >> don't stand for this. >> they did stand for it. the parent you're watching on
7:10 am
the screen asked the question about the common core curriculum and was arrested for doing it. what he says about the confrontation that left him on the sidewalk in handcuffs. >> what is the best way to teach your misbehaving daughter a lesson? rection tickets. "fox and friends" hour four starts right now. >> oh, yeah. it's a crazy train we're jumping on later. we are going to do the mudderella challenge. i'm still waiting for twitter to weigh in. >> i've got news for you. it's overwhelming. people want allison to be running through mud. >> i'm going to check my
7:11 am
twitter. >> i have mixed feelings. i empathize. it's the first day of fall. it's brisk outside, but i also know we are going to do it. it's like the tree in the windshield. i'm going to connect with that thing. >> tomorrow is the first day of fall, but alli is still holding on to summer dreams. i don't want to be frozen right now. the problem is you and i both have to do it, too. >> i'm watching rick. >> covered in mud? >> covered in mud. >> rick is a walking harbinger. >> you can do it. it's freezing out there. >> he has to appear in shadow because he is so embarrassed. >> we will fight on that. first, we've got to get back to the obama care fight this morning. >> the house yesterday voted to keep the government running through mid december.
7:12 am
that was an up in the air question, but only if congress defunds obama care. this set off a massive fight not just between republicans and democrats, but the congress and white house, the house and the senate. senator ted cruz of texas vows to fight on. >> i believe we can win this fight. i don't think anyone can look at what i've said and done, what mike lee has said and done and have any doubt we are going to fight with every ounce of breath in our bodies to defund obama care. no democrat is going to join us until republicans are unified. i'll tell you. look, if you are a red state democrat from arkansas, louisiana, and you start getting $5,000, $10,000, 50,000 calls from constituents saying obama care is killing our jobs, hurting americans, suddenly your calculus changes. >> others angry saying it's political grandstanding, trying
7:13 am
to raise money for president, not focused on defunding obama care. why couple it with this spending bill? let it stand on its own, vote it down on its own. >> it appears to be an exercise in futility because it can't pass the senate. it will be vetoed if it were to, if senator cruz were to sway even democrats, then the president said he would veto this. the question is why do it and governor huckabee was on our program earlier and said he agreed with some of the people who said you have to let obama care live or die of its own merits. listen to what the governor said. >> republicans need to let the democrats stew in their own juice here. for the next year in the election cycle, make it very clear, you own this thing. obama care is costing you jobs, costing you hours. it messed a lot of people's lives up and guess who owns it? there wasn't one republican vote in the house or senate when it passed.
7:14 am
>> this thing went through. now we are headed for a government shutdown. there are a couple of different outcomes which are fascinating. one of which is that the president would veto this, which he says he is going to. the government shuts down, the president doesn't budge. if the president agrees to negotiate like he did in 2011, then we could have some sort of cross-pollenation of these bills. >> there are people saying, if it's so bad for america, why would congress allow obama care to be imposed on america? if you're against it, vote against it. vote your conscience. my view it's upsettingly taking the focus away from obama care itself. we should debate the merits of the program. it doesn't work. it's obvious. a lot of democrats feel this way. it's going to hurt this country for real. that's not what we are talking about. we are talking about this wrangling in congress. >> congress is good at wrangling
7:15 am
and good at gridlock and doesn't seem so good at civility any more. that's been decades in the coming. this democrat official has been forced to resign over twitter comments he made about senator ted cruz. >> he was an aide to democratic official alan broward. he said, may your children all die from debilitating painful and incurable diseases. he has since been fired. >> the parties are not the same on this many on the left see politics as an end in itself. they mean it. it's totally heartfelt. nothing is too far for people like that. if you believe these are life and death issues, you can't compromise and you're willing to wish death on your opponents. there is a level of commitment. i don't see it on the right, anyway. >> let us know what you think.
7:16 am
>> let's get to your headlines. one of the founding members of the taliban has been released from prison. mulla abdul baradar was arrested in a joint operation with the cia in 2010. >> new hampshire public officials say an autopsy confirmed a patient died of a rare brain disease and may have exposed others to it. the patient had brain surgery at catholic medical center in may. officials warned eight other patients they may have been exposed to it because the disease can survive standard sterilizing techniques used to clean surgical equipment. five other people in massachusetts and connecticut were notified because the equipment was rented, but no cases have been reported. the girl found guilty of murder in florida. jennifer mee sobbed as she was
7:17 am
sentenced to life in prison without parole in her role of the 2010 murder. mee admitted to arranging for the meeting that led to robbery and murder. suspects are allowed to be charged with murder if they were involved with the crime, even if they did not pull the trigger. mee received nationwide attention a couple of years ago suffering from an incurrable case of hiccups. one fan will not see her favorite boy band when they come to australia next month. ♪ you light up my world like nobody else ♪ >> has there ever been a catchier song? her mom busted her for lying about having sleepovers at friends houses when the two were hanging out with boys. the mom decided to sell the daughter's tickets to one direction on ebay. here is what the mom wrote on the site when posting the
7:18 am
ticket. "you can thank my daughter's self-righteous and lippy attitude for their sale. see sweetie? and you thought i was bluffing." that is a major public shaming. that hurts. >> someone with a one direction infection, i know how i'd feel. >> i can't believe you know that phrase. >> i have three daughters. >> he doesn't even know who katy perry is. >> i had no idea. i know my kids went from bieber fever to one direction infection. >> here is another man who has an infection. rick wright. >> it's a staph infection after being in this water. i am really impressed with one direction. of all the artists out there, you've chosen one direction the one you're going to hitch your wagon to. that makes me very, very sad, tucker. i guess the one direction fan
7:19 am
was disagree. nice crowd out here. does everyone want allison to do this in a bit? that is our unscientific poll. take a look at the weather maps. you see what is going to be going on. you see the rain off to the left. this is what's going to happen over the next 12 hours. pick your city and watch date move on. rain showers across the ohio valley throughout much of the afternoon. by tonight making its way to the coast. from d.c. up towards boston. boston you still see rain showers this morning. this front has moved through. we are going to see more showers and some of that heavy at times. localized flooding possible. behind it, texas after the rainy day yesterday, a spectacular one today. enjoy it. northern plains, plenty of sunshine. cool around the great lakes but warm in towards the high plains. out to the west is there a storm through parts of that mid california coastline. it's going to bring rain showers
7:20 am
and snow. allis allison, i'm using the s-word, snow across the nevada tonight. >> it's not an official poll if you pay people to answer a certain way? >> did i pay you? >> that doesn't make it less statistically valid? >> we just went through a presidential election. >> common core is in education programs being taught in almost every state in this country now. many people arguing that it's dumbing down our education process by what it in which you're using examples in the core curriculum such as al qaeda members being quoted as such. pimps being used, rappers being used to describe situations. i'm trying to say this eloquently. >> i know you are. >> it's impossible to say it eloquently. parts of this curriculum are ludicrous. robert small went to a town hall
7:21 am
meeting on this the other night. when the public was presumably invited to ask questions and dared to ask one himself. watch what happened when he did that. >> let him ask his question. >> you're sitting here. ask your questions. >> so that father was taken outside. he was handcuffed and arrested. again, he was trying to, his point was that he feels common core is dumbing down the curriculum. this was during the q&a session, but the format was that all parents had to submit their questions in writing and then the board would answer just whatever questions they wanted to answer from the note cards.
7:22 am
>> so he went off script. >> here is what i don't understand. you can hear a lot of other people in the room. he is saying why aren't you standing and helping me? why didn't 30 people block the exodus of this case? >> that security guard is a police officer. >> he's not god. in america you can't be arrested for asking a question. >> yes, you can. he was arrested. >> but it's totally wrong. if you accept that we live in a country where you can be arrested and handcuffed for requesting a question at a public forum and your kids go to the local school. if you accept that, i would have risen up and say take your hands off this guy, back off. >> he is facing six months in jail, that father, for his infraction. >> we shouldn't be afraid of the government. >> let us know what you think at fox law makers grilled on the
7:23 am
benghazi terror attack. >> they're being put into another position where they never missed a paycheck, where they are going to have their cushy government job and still get a pension. in the real world this would never happen. >> where is the accountability? that is would congressman wants to know. coming up, one of my favorite segments i've ever done. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup.
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it helps pay expenses that medicare doesn't cover and lets you choose or keep any doctor who accepts medicare patients. call or go online and request your free decision guide. use this guide to help you choose from a range of aarp medicare supplement insurance plans. have the right partner at your side. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. go long. well, those behind an internal review about what happened in benghazi grilled on capitol hill about the total lack of accountability. the four state department officials who got reassigned rather than fired. >> you had said it earlier. reassignment equals accountability. it does not equal accountability. reassignment does not equal accountability. they're reassigned, being put into another position where they
7:27 am
never missed a paycheck, they are going to have their cushy government job and still get a pension. if in the real world, this would never happen. >> that florida congressman trey radle joins us now. >> thank you, good to be here. >> patrick kennedy, the undersecretary of management was saying of course people have been held responsible. they've been reassigned out of the department. >> the justification there is, they have fewer responsibilities. i can't stress enough as we just heard that in the real world this never happens. four people get reassigned, four americans are dead. as much as i love serving this country as a member of congress, you go through some of these moments that have real world consequences and heavyweight of dealing with the fact that four people are dead. their daughters will never be able to walk up the wedding aisle with them, sons will never toss football with them and
7:28 am
we've got this under secretary of management who managed by saying you're going to keep your job. no real repercussions at all. to me, this is inexcusable. this is the unfortunate way that the bubble of washington, d.c. is. >> it's not just at that level. it's at the highest level. the state department employee who helped devise the lie this was the result of media was promoted and hillary clinton at the top of this organization is preparing a run for president. >> within all of this, we have what you heard the accountability review board. again, no accountability whatsoever. when you mention some of those names, some of the top brass of the state department were never questioned or interviewed. you have this accountability -- >> what is the justification for that? >> there is no justification. there's none. there is no accountability. what it has become is a political tool. again, this is one of the sad components to all of this and where we in the house -- this is
7:29 am
not political. this is not about republican or democrat. this is about pushing this, moving the needle to continue to find out what we can do. we do it from house foreign affairs which i'm a member of. >> we were just watching video back in january when then secretary of state hillary clinton did appear on congress to talk about it. she said at that time, none of these security requests ever came to my desk. i never saw any of them. i never denied any of them what's next? >> i understand secretary clinton or whoever in that position can't read the millions of cables that come across to them. we need to find answers. let me give you one insider example of how this works. we will ask for a handful of documents. staff will show up with four suvs full of boxes of papers. we're working this and we'll see. >> trey randel thank you very much. >> a heart warming tribute.
7:30 am
a widow writes a touching song of his wife of 75 years. it's now gone viral and he will share his story with us. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay.
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sweet lorraine" written by 96-year-old fred about his wife who passed away earlier this year after 75 years together. fred decided to enter is touching tune into a song writing contest. they were so moved they recorded fred's song and made a youtube documentary about his story. now the song has gone viral. joining me are fred stabaugh and the man who recorded the song. why did you decided to enter this contest? >> that song just come to me.
7:35 am
i wrote it and send it with this letter and our picture to jacob there. it just exploded. >> it's unbelievable. it hit number six on itunes. are you surprised at the success of this song? >> surprised and excited. it's fantastic. >> what stood out about fred's story when you received it? other people were sending in videos. how did fred send his submission? >> he sent in a large manila envelope. what made it extra special was on the back it said p.s., i don't sing, i would scare people, ha-ha. >> fred, you were married 75 years. tell me about lorraine. >> my cousin and her boyfriend took me on a blind date in 1938. she worked at the a&w root beer drive-ins.
7:36 am
we looked at one another and just clicked. >> the song is "oh sweet lorraine." let's make it number one this morning. in the age of beyonce and everything out there. jay, take it away. ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do all the good times over again ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ life only goes around once and never again ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do all the good times over again ♪ ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ the good times all over again ♪ ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ the good times all over again ♪
7:37 am
♪ but the memories all linger on ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ no i don't want to move on ♪ those memories always linger on ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine that's why i wrote you this song ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do all the good times over again ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ life only goes round once but never again ♪ ♪ oh sweet lorraine ♪ i wish we could do all the good times over again ♪ ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ the good times ♪ all over again ♪
7:38 am
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the math of retirement is different today.ek. [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. money has to last longer. i don't want to pour over pie charts all day. i want to travel, and i want the income to do it. ishares incomes etfs. low cost and diversified. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. a group of ohio state students living in a house off campus got a surprise when they found a fellow student had been secretly living in their basement. when they asked him why he decided to live in the basement,
7:42 am
he said he was just preparing for life after college. >> certainly a commentary on the current state of affairs. >> it is true. there's all this took about the wussification of america. young people. are they not willing to compete? the way athletes in colleges are choosing not to compete against one another to see who wins the competition, wins the race, wins the archery competition or pole vaulting, whatever, they just want to play and have fun. >> now you do it just for the sake of being a part of the event, but you're not competing because so many of our kids, as you know, you heard the stories in schools, if you have to try out for annie in school, there would be 15 annis. you don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. everybody gets a medal and an award. there is no more the best or competing to be the best. >> sad thing is life works on different standards.
7:43 am
if you're not good, you'll find out in real life. that is a jarring experience for kids growing up being told they are wonderful no matter what they do. larry winget has a new book called "grow a pair." >> i think that is a darn share. having a pair is doing your best at all times. if doing your best only allows you to compete, that's fine. if doing your best allows you to win, you need to be in it to win it. >> all these electronic devices and we have spoiled kids these days. what is in the dentist office with our son. there was a teenage girl sitting there. i play with all the gadgets. she said, mommy, i want the iphone. i want the new iphone. why? she was going to get it to her. she was winning her case of why she was going to get it for her. and louie c. kay has a theory on how to tell the kids no, you
7:44 am
can't have it. >> you say no. i don't care what you want. >> i love "i don't care what you want." >> i'm not there to make them happy. >> really? that's great. terrific philosophy. >> that is. i'm not raising the children, i'm raising the grown-ups they are going to be. i have to raise them with the tools to get through a terrible life. that's the way i look at that. >> i suspect he is being dead serious. there is nervous tittering from the audience. >> he was not joking there. i see him sometimes. he lives in manhattan. he does look sometimes miserable with his parenting when they are being occasionally unruly. >> i bet they grow up to be well-adjusted people.
7:45 am
>> i agree with you. >> check in with rick who is outside preparing for our tut mudder competition. >> i'm not preparing, i already did it. >> are you still exacerbated by it all? >> you know one of the cool things when you have a job and get to talk to these people. this is nikki and we went to junior high together. how have you been the last 30 years? >> great. nice to see you. >> what a nice surprise today. take a look at the weather maps as you are waking up this morning. tool kemps across the northern plains. tonight there are freeze advisories in effect in parts of minnesota and over towards michigan. across the east, nice. yesterday we had incredible rainfall across areas of texas. texas has had a desperately dry summer. some areas got two to four inches. isolated areas up to eight inches. it caused flooding, but for the
7:46 am
most part we would be glad to get that rain they got. need a little more to get fully out of the drought. this cold front is moving through. a lot of tropical moisture from hurricane manuel. heaviest of the rain is going to be around areas of the central gulf. we could see flooding from places like new orleans over towards birmingham, maybe pensacola later today. out across the west, you're looking good. is there a system across central california towards oregon. it's going to bring rain and bring some snow across the higher elevations of the sierra nevadas. here are high temperatures today. warm across the high plains. the tough mudder is coming up. this is what you have to look forward these guys have been doing this all day long. they look chilly right now. they are shivering, freezing. there is about a cupcake and a half left here. >> why didn't you tell me you have a treat for me?
7:47 am
that will make me go through the course. dangle the cupcake in front of me. >> dangle the scooby snack in front of her. coming up on the show, let's do headlines. stop stalling. >> let me get right to that right now. while you were sleeping, we have a fox news alert for you. we just learned three nato troops have been killed in afghanistan. reuters is reporting that the soldiers were shot by a man wearing an afghan security forces uniform. no word if any of the victims were american. we'll keep you posted on that. >> spiderman turning to a life of crime? 21-year-old jonathan houston was busted for trying to rob an oakland convenience store wearing a spiderman costume. >> must have been one of those clones during the 1980s they did that. >> he demanded to know how much money was in the register. the clerk pulled a stun gun on him and spidey took off.
7:48 am
police grabbed him just one block away. his roommate says houston is a spiderman enthusiast. the whole thing must be a big misunderstanding. houston now faces robbery charges. >> update on a pennsylvania teen we told you about earlier this week, threatening to be expelled for bringing a hunting knife to the football game. he was honest and turned over the knife to a security guard when he realized his mistake. the school decided he can return after finishing his ten day suspension. >> i'm not looking to be rewarded for being honest. i don't want to be punished for it. i would like to go back to school and the regular way of life. >> there needs to be an exception when you have a child who accidentally -- he went hunting before. brings it to the security guard, trying to be honest and
7:49 am
forthright, yet he is the one punished. >> there will be no record of the incident in his permanent student file. >> did you know the type of coffee you drink could be a measure of your personality? if you like your extra foamy coffees such as cappuccino, you're more likely to be obsessive and controlling. latte drinkers are usually people pleasers. black coffee lovers like tucker are no-nonsense individuals and straight forward. i think this is very good scientific evidence. those who like their coffee sweet, like those sweet, frozen blended coffees, they are most likely socially bold. >> that's you. >> and overgrown children. >> socially bold? does that mean exhibitionist?
7:50 am
that is allison to a "t." >> next up a warning everyone needs to hear. a popular over the counter drug could kill you. >> killed a lot of people last year. here neil cavuto on the cost of freedom. >> another budget battle, but something taxpayers are doing with their own money could be showing washington how to save a whole lot of all of our money. >> and it didn't take long for some politicians to use tragedies to push their agendas, but when is enough really enough? >> with less than two weeks until the health care exchanges kick in, we are seeing longer lines at the doctor's office. don't say we didn't warn you.
7:52 am
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