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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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fact factor." stay with us all week. we'll have interesting stuff swirling around. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight the showdown over obamacare shifts to the senate after house republicans scored a victory on friday by passing a bill to defund the cornerstone of the president's domestic policy agenda n. a moment i will be joined by texas senator ted cruz. here is where we stand tonight. the legislation is in the hands of senate majority leader harry reid who will no doubt attempt to strip out the provision that defunds the controversial health care overhaul. however he's going to first face fierce resistance from the right when he brings the measure to the floor for a vote. make no mistake, if the law is implemented, you and your families will feel the pain.
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today, quoted a center for medicare, medicaid services report that states health spending under obamacare will increase a whopping $621 billion. to put it another way, a typical family of four will see health care costs rise by more than $7,400 a year which means candidate obama flat out lied to you, the voters when he promised this in 2008. >> i put forward a plan. it says if you've got health insurance, we are going to work with your employer and lower premiums by $2500 per family per year by the end of my first term as president of the united states of america. >> joining me from washington with the latest is senator cruz. welcome back. good to soo you. >> great to join you. >> we have a lot to ask you tonight. where do we stand now with your fellow republicans in the u.s. senate? >> well, the fight is in the senate now. the real question is whether
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senate republicans are going to unite and stand alongside house republicans. the fight -- you know, this afternoon i introduced two unanimous consent requests and asked the senate, number one, let's pass the house continuing resolution. harry reid objected. h he said, no, he didn't want to pass a continuing resolution. he didn't want to take off the table a government shutdown. the second thing i introduced was a unanimous request to put in and say any amendments have to be subject to a 60-vote threshold. reid said he objected and the reason is he wants to be able to use a 51-vote, partisan vote of all democrats to fund obamacare. i think that's wrong. i think that's what republicans need to unify to protect the house bill that passed. if every senate republican stands with the house republicans, we can stop harry reid from funding obamacare. >> that's a key question though.
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in other words, mike lee predicted earlier today that in fact, the republicans would be united. you are in the caucus, you speak to your fellow republicans. >> i think the votes are fluid now. everyone agreed there was no chance the house would vote to defund obamacare. on friday they did so. now in the senate the votes are fluid. we're going to have two votes this week. we'll have a procedural vote on wednesday on what's called cloture on the motion to proceed which is to take up the bill. then another vote on friday which is on the bill itself. a motion by harry reid to cut off debate on the bill itself. it's the vote on friday that matters. harry reid is trying to cut off debate on friday and to be able to fund obamacare with just 51 votes. in my view, i hope and believe that all 46 republicans should
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vote together on friday against cutting off debate, against giving harry reid the power to fund obamacare. >> i was reading about you in "gq" magazine. >> you've got to update your magazine subscriptions, john. >> one of the things it did highlight is you didn't get along well with senator mccain. they quoted senator grassley as saying no one has been this activist since barry goldwater. is there resentment among colleagues that you have been forcing them on this thing most of them promised they would do? >> i have civil relations with every one of my colleagues. they are trying to make an issue about personality. trying to make it about individual politicians. most americans don't care about politicians in washington. they care b about their lives, their jobs. they care about their families.
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obamacare isn't working. it's killing jobs, driving up health insurance premiums. it's causing people to lose their health care. my view, i am ignoring all of the slings and arrows that are tossed around. it's not personal about anyone in washington. it's about our doing our job, listening to the american people and bringing back jobs and economic growth. >> do you know something, senator? uh- i can't name a republican in either the house or senate that didn't run on a platform to re peel and re place obamacare. i can't think of one. >> right. >> what you are doing will do that. i don't hear other proposals to accomplish that. chris wallace revealed republicans are feeding him opposition research to hurt you though you are uh helping them fulfill their campaign promise. i want your reaction to that. >> well, look. folks can do whatever they want to re cyst change.
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a lot of people have been in washington a long time that are fearful of change, fearful of risk, fearful of anything that changes the clubby way washington does business. our country is going broke. we have a $17 trillion national debt and boj is a total train wreck . you know, no matter what insults others choose to hurl at me and in the last few weeks they have picked quite a few. some have been amusing actually. no matter what, uh i'm not going to respond in kind. my job is to represent 26 million texans and fight to defend them and obamacare is hurting texans, hurting americans. >> what about the forbes study that came out today ? $7,450 per family. that's extra money paid for health care, not a $2500 cut. tell me why republicans should fight and stop this. >> that's a great example where the president promised a $2500
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cut for the average family of four. instead you are looking at a $7500 increase. that's a $10,000 swing, sean. $10,000 is a lot of money for anybody. do you know who it hits the hardest? people who are struggling. it hits young people, hispanics, single moms, african-americans, people who are really working to put food on the table and provide for their kids. those are people hurt the most from obamacare, being pushed to 29 hours a week, losing health insurance all together. we have to fight for them. you know, washington is good at giving special deals to giant corporations like president obama did to members of congress like president obama did. we ought to treat american families at least as well as the president treats giant corporations and members of congress. >> walgreens announced last week they will drop health insurance coverage for $160,000 workers. the cleveland clinic will cut 6% of the workforce.
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they cite obamacare. home depot, 20,000 employees. sea world will only have part-time workers. only allowed to work now 28 hours a week. all as an impact of this legislation. is that your understanding? >> everywhere you go, you hear from people. it's hurting their lives. people with disabilities saying, please stop this law. i'm at risk of losing my health insurance. this thing isn't working. you know what? washington has not been listening to the american people . it's why congress has 10, 12, 14 % approval ratings. we vice president been listening to the american people. if you are fed up with washington. if you want washington to listen, it has never been more important than right now to pick up the phone, call your senator and say, vote no on cloture. vote against funding obamacare and stop harry reid from amending this bill to fund obamacare. >> let's go to the next step.
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describe what's going to happen h this week and you pointed out friday is the important vote. in 1995 as the government shutdown, we are headed into that republicans were blamed 46 to 27%. now a pew poll says people blame the republicans and the president equally. there is a lot of talk about what would happen if this would result in a government shut-down. what's your answer to the people who say, we shut down the government. how do you respond? >> well, i don't think we should shut down the government. today the motion i filed, harry reid objected. if he had not objected we would have taken a government shutdown off the table. if harry reid and the president are saying unless they can force funding for obamacare, unless they can force obamacare on every american family, they are going to shut down the government. the way we stop it is standing up to them and saying, look, fund every bit of government. >> the house did that. >> the house has voted to fund government.
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it's harry reid who is trying to stop this, who objected today to doing that. >> all right. when you were on the program last week, you and senator lee were very, very clear that you would do everything in your power to get there. does that mean filibuster? tell me where you think this end s. i don't know if you have a crystal ball. where do you think it will end up uh? >> i'm going to use every procedural means available to me to fight this fight. >> including filibuster. >> this is a multi stage fight. >> everything including filibuster. this is a multi stage fight. the first stage was unifying the american people. we got over 1.6 million people who signed a national petition at don't fund the second was the house vote on friday, defunding obamacare. just a couple weeks ago washington said it was impossible. the third step is this week, unifying senate republicans, getting all 46 republicans to stand together and the next step is getting red state democrats to come together to listen to the american people and stop the
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train wreck that is obamacare. >> the president said he will not negotiate on the debt and he made a statement that the debt, if we increase the debt limit it won't necessarily increase the debt. maybe my calculator is off. i would assume it would. >> well, look, the president's approach is refusing to talk about problems. if we get senate republicans to stand together this week, that will change that dynamic. let me say, i can't imagine any republican who campaigned against obamacare voting on friday along with harry reid and every senate democrat to empower harry reid to fund obamacare. it's the friday vote that matters. this week, phone calls to the senators will make the difference. >> senator, i applaud your efforts. i'm with you. to me, that is tipping point for the country. every republican ran on this. why they are opposing you, i don't know. i appreciate you fighting the good fight.
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thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> we are not going to bow to anarchists from the tea party who deny that obamacare is the law. >> from anarchists to arsonists, rhetoric against conservatives growing more desperate by the hour. when we return we'll play for you the latest liberal low blows and later taking you inside the mall of terror in kenya. plus you get to select the video of the day. option one is a priest getting feisty at photographers during a wedding. >> please, sirs, leave. please. >> where do you want us to go? >> anywhere other than here. e s. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the..
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democrats have their backs against the wall. they took a page out of the play book and tried to paint republicans as evil. more and more republicans stand up for their constituents and try to defund the president's disastrous health care law. the rhetoric turns nasty. here's a small sampling of the disgusting words used by liberals in the last few days. >> we are not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny that obamacare is the law. we will not bow to tea party anarchists who refuse to accept the supreme court ruled obamacare to be constitutional. >> this is playing with fire.
6:17 pm
legislative arsonists are at work when they start using the debt limit for their own agenda. i don't even like to use the word republicans. this is a name that's been hijacked by a segment of the republican party, the tea party element. >> you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt court of appeal ing -- ceiling being use extort a president. >> here with reaction to the outrageous rhetoric katie pavli and penny lee. we have debateford years. i can't remember a time you would use those words. you wouldn't use those words, would you? >> no. but to say it is only coming from one side -- >> give me a comparable example. >> lamar alexander is saying that the imple men tags of obamacare is going to be similar
6:18 pm
to that of what happened in iran-contra. >> what's bad about that? >> senator grassley says it is about killing grandma. there is rhetoric on both sides. i don't think it is language i would use and not helpful. >> when kathleen sebelius denied the waiver to go on the adult transplant list she would have died. i think that's legitimate. katie? >> if senator grassley is talking about grandma he pulled it uh out of an ad about grandma being pushed off a cliff by someone who looked like paul ryan. to take a quote from margaret thatcher when they are insulting you personally it's because they don't have a political argument left. instetd of a coherent argument about why obamacare is good for the country. why we theed a debt limit increase, why that's a good thing they throw out scary
6:19 pm
words. like extortion and anarchists. >> because it works. >> listen, the words are coming also from their own republicans in the senate. senate richard burr from north carolina said it is crazy. coburn said dishonest. many of the republicans over there -- >> that's not anarchist or the anti-christ. >> they are trying to put out the fire the house started. you have a lot of senate republicans running away from this. >> we'll see. it will be interesting. katie, the one person who, frankly, i now admire. every republican ran and they all said they would reveal obamacare and replace it. i can't think of one that didn't. here's ted cruz holding his party accountable to their pledge, their promise as a public servant. you have all the milquetoast, liberal tv pundits, tv hosts. even republicans feeding chris
6:20 pm
wallace talking points to smear ted cruz. he's the target. what's your reaction? i like what he's doing. >> i like what he's doing, too. i'm happy to see not only just a republican but a politician who ran on something that he's actually coming to washington and doing. that's one of the biggest frustrations among the american people when it comes to elect ed officials. they tell them one thing when running and come to washington and do another thing. i want to congratulate senator cruz for being on john mccain's hate list. wear it as a badge of honor. >> john mccain complains about me to people who know te me. >> oh, too bad. >> my heart is broken. >> b what is it about ted cruz? every republican ran on this? he's the only one sticking up for his promise. what do you think of the other republican who is don't have the courage of their convictions? i don't respect some of them. >> it uh's interesting. i had great respect when working
6:21 pm
in the senate for tom coburn. it was the same thing. he stood for the principles which we fought for, which he was elected to do. i had great respect for him. he stood and he was consistent. the one thing that's hard in dealing with members in the senate is they would switch when it was convenient. i applaud him for sticking to his principles. but he didn't build consensus. >> he did. >> they wouldn't be there. for me, katie, as a registered conservative in new york this is a tipping point for me. if republicans don't stand here against this massive failed model they put together that's too expensive that will result in people not getting full-time jobs, that will cost an astronomical amount of money i don't see a difference between them and the democrat thes. i'm finished with them. >> this is one of the only times in history that the republicans actually have public opinion completely on their side.
6:22 pm
they have allies in every single sector whether it's the unions, the health care system, whether it's with teachers, with regular every day americans, small businesses. they have everyone on their side here and yet they can't get it done. if they can't get this done then what's the point of having that party -- you know, say these things to get elected. ted cruz is doing exactly what he said he would do. time for republicans to do the same. >> if anything -- >> rand paul and marco are the four people on this from the beginning. >> i think more than anything people want the city and the government to function. that's what will be the real test. >> the test is they did fund the rest of the government. debt, obligation, the military, social security. they funded everything but that. >> let's see. let's see. >> obama gets everything except obamacare and he won't do it. >> interesting to see if obama shuts the government down.
6:23 pm
>> it is a ted cruz amendment and the house republicans. >> they are funding the government except obamacare. >> there will be a bill on the friday that is a clean continuing resolution to prove to say who is shutting down the government. >> and the republicans can send back a cloon bill that funds everything but obamacare. clean. >> one thing. is obama willing to give up one thing for the rest of government spending? >> i like showdowns. hold the line. don't be wishy washy without a backbone or a spine or bended knees. up next, al qaeda-linked militants target nonmuslims at an upscale mall in kenya. our panel explains why every american should worry about the rise of radicalism around the world. later, did you know your government creates propaganda films? what agency is responsible for these controversial videos. log onto
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welcome back. the intense stand off between terrorists and kenyan security continued today at the westgate shopping mall in nairobi. it began when 10 to the 15 member s of an al qaeda linked group entered the mall and set off grenades, silling at least 62, injuring close to 200 more. they moved through the mall asking shoppers if they were muslim, freeing only those that could prove they were muslim. according to officials kenyan security forces are currently in control of all floors of the mall after gunfire from inside the heavy smoke from a fire that was seen filling the air throughout the day today. this hour, officials believe the hostages have been released. heefr here with reaction, terrorism expert steve emerson. let me talk about this al shabab. what do you know about them?
6:29 pm
>> al shabaab is linked to al qaeda and have been working with them. actually al qaeda trained and provided training facilities for communication between the arabian peninsula. we know a lot of them fought with al qaeda in the araub yan pe nins la in particular. we know either trained and sophisticated. they comprise about 7,000 to 9,000 members and they are are -- re kruting actively. >> what can you add to that? >> the washington post reported tonight the kenyan foreign minister saying that several of the attackers spoke english. what that indicates together with u.s. intelligence which has known that there are upwards of a hundred europeans and americans fighting for al
6:30 pm
shabab. they are the new al qaeda central. no longer is afghanistan or oh yemen the center of gravity. this is an act that will propel them into becoming the new al qaeda franchise around the world, i fear because of the fact it's so internationalized now. >> we talk about incidents missed in terms of recognizing the war with al qaeda and the war on terrorism. with talk about the embassy bombings in kenya, the first trade center bombing, the u.s.s. cole. we may refer to this as the rise of al shabab. >> this could propel them to p the new face of al qaeda. the success of this, publicity, mass hysteria, the fact that they took their time in doing surveillance like the mumbai massacre several years ago will recruit new members.
6:31 pm
they already have americans with passports. >> how did they get these americans? >> how did they recruit americans? >> they are recording them from somali communities in the united states. we have a huge community, for example, in different parts. actually, part of the bombers who were involved in this attack from six american communities, from arizona, from maine, illinois, kansas, minnesota. what they are doing is re kruting from them. one of the leaders of al shabab was from alabama, the university of alabama. he was actually the president of the muslim student association. >> let me ask both of you, and i will start with steve first. icon tend -- we look back 30 years from now and we'll re fer to this as the rise of the radical iz uh lammist. egypt, obviously syria, iran and now this is all spreading
6:32 pm
into africa, north africa in particular. my question to you is, is that in fact what we are dealing with -- the rise of radical islamists? >> uh i agree 100%. what we have seen in the past decade or decade and a half was al qaeda's rise. now we are see ing basically a proliferation of smaller movements that are tethered to al qaeda's ideology but are a subset of radical islam. jihadists in syria, chechnya, in the united states though lone wolves, 70 plots since 9/11. >> and in europe. >> in europe every day -- it's es not in the american press. every day there are arrests. just yesterday they arrested five jihadists in london. every day there are arrests throughout europe because of the amount of jihadists that basically immigrated to europe
6:33 pm
and pledged allegiance to the jihad. they have european passports. they can travel with immunity around the european continent. >> doesn't doesn't this fit into the model of the desire for a kalifate as they ask people questions about the koran, islam and if they don't get it right, they kill them. they get it right, they are set free . >> that's what they did in kenya. they asked people with a gun to their head. if they did they were muslim and let them go. those who didn't, they shot them including young boys. al qaeda means the base. it doesn't matter what different names terrorists go by or different organizations, they share the ideology of al qaeda. that's what we are facing worldwide. >> thanks for being with us. coming up next right here tonight on "hannity" -- >> people think there is not
6:34 pm
equality, but they are wrong. there is equity. >> believe it or not that video was funded by the national parks service with your tax dollars. don't forget, we want to hear from you. log onto on twitter @sean hannity. vote for the video of the day and follow the live show. a traffic stop that landed a cop in hot water. want to find out why? vote for it as the video of the day straight ahead. [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪
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welcome back. the national park service's decision to produce video s praising islam is raising eyebrows. in the series of video s on the women's rights national historic park website american muslim students discuss experiences being muslim while blaming negativity toward islam on the september 11th attacks. >> people think it is oppressive and there is not equality, but
6:39 pm
they are wrong. there is equity. >> people think that we are all terrorists when a lot of us don't know what's going on at the time. >> islam means peace, too. so we all just want to be peaceful with everybody. >> also especially after 9/11 we have to be super careful how we act. >> ever since 9/11 that's when people started looking at you. you have to always be on edge. since 9/11 happened, like before that there wasn't much hate against muslims. since 9/11, a lot of people saw it and that was a big thing because a lot of people died. they just started believing this is what they do, what they know, what they are supposed to do. this is what their prophet told them. they think that ever since then. >> while the national park service says no federal tax dollars were used they didn't respond to questions regarding whether other videos are on n the parks.
6:40 pm
here now fox news radio todd starns and lisa ticari. here's my question. are they producing this in their spare time? during work hours? if they got grant money, where did the money come? none of this is cheap and none is free. >> the national park service say it is money came from a nonprofit group that's associated with this women's rights park up in seneca falls, new york. we asked specifically if they produced any other video s that perhaps promoted christianity or judaism. they sent back a statement that said the national park service does not support any particular re lijen. i have seen 15 minutes worth of footage. the it is clear the national park service was en dorsing islam in the video s. >> they are also -- there is one point of view here. by the way, i think most of the american people make a distinction between islam and
6:41 pm
radical islamists. there just happen to be a lot of radical islamists and people make that distinction. >> a radicals make the headlines f. the girls wanted to make headlines maybe they should have taken a different approach. they will always use 9/11 as the excuse. are you mad at the american people , the victims? make a video a denouncing terrorism, the radicals. the american people make the distinction. our president makes the distinction. it's time for muslims living in the this country to feel like they are part of society, as though they are hear benefitting from america and not just being victims. >> let's take america out of it. generally speaking aren't moderate muslims afraid in countries like egypt and elsewhere to speak up to the radicalism? >> the question is girls saying that islam is a religion of equality. would uh they be allowed to go back to countries of origin the
6:42 pm
to make a public platform? >> i doubt it. >>jews and christians. >> great point. >> we have yet to hear from the aclu, americans united or the anti-religion group in wisconsin denouncing this because of the so-called separation of church and state. you hear none of that. they are terrifieded. look, i'm a southern baptist infidel. here is my religious philosophy. i'm willing to fellowship with anybody in the country regardless of religion as long as you are not willing to blow me to smithereens. we don't hear anybody denouncing radical islamists. >> let me ego back to the production. i don't like being lied to. they produced the videos? on their own time? i'm not uh buying it. >> i'm not either. there were a ser rhode islands
6:43 pm
-- series of these videos including lgbt. they were produced by an intern. to uh say no taxpayer money is disingenuous. that intern position is paid for by the tax dollars. they are being loose with their explanation. >> right. in terms of looking at it, no two sides were shown. uh they got a public platform, taxpayer money or taxpayer time, b however you look at it to get their message across. the real message should be to them to say if you want to be part of the society, if you want to help distinguish yourself you have to put out a different message. >> great work as usual. thank you for being with us. coming up tonight "hannity." >> don't stand for the this. you have questions. confront them.
6:44 pm
hey, this is america. >> shocking video. a parent being shoved and pushed at a school board meeting because he dared question the new curriculum. folks, the man was arrested for what you just saw. breaking news tonight on the story. we'll explain after the break. plus, still time to vote for tonight's video of the day. go to on twitter @sean hannity. we'll continue. and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary
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welcome back. we have breaking news out of maryland. the baltimore sun reports that the baltimore state attorney's office dropped the charges against robert small arrested at a school board meeting last week. he was shoved, arrested and charged with second deagree assault after speaking out about a new school curriculum known as common core. watch what happened. >> this is a public town hall. >> let me him ask the question. >> don't stand for this. you're sitting here like cattle. they don't want to do it in public. [ shouting ]
6:49 pm
excuse me. hey, this is america. this is not a political debate. parents, you need to question these people. >> the next question. >> joining me with reaction, fox news contributors. i think my favorite line was this is not a cnn little bit uh call debate. >> it is outrageous how that parent was treated. >> awful. >> he has every right to ask the question. common core is a nightmare. >> explain why it is a nightmare. i agree. >> it is an overreach of government. one size fits all educational testing standards for children. kids learn at different level s. kids are individuals. this is a massive overreach of
6:50 pm
government where it's taking control from the parents and just making government -- >> trying to fit them into boxes. >> the standardized testing. >> that's only effective to a point. not for every kid. >> you know, the goals are admirable. the problem is the idea of the federal government taking over education. what we saw is something bigger than just this. it is the idea we see in government of the people work for the -- are slaves to office holders. the superintendent of schools didn't want to take questions. we see this with security. we see it when the epa goes to alaska and raids with armed people and fourin agencies go io a gold mining operation in a little town. the laws we have. >> spy on them? >> the nsa. the fear in people, spying on them and imposing what's called the kind of soft nepotism that
6:51 pm
if you get out of line, we'll get you. >> they coined the term soft tyranny. >> the message is you, johnny, jane america, pay your taxes, sit down and shut up. don't challenge big government. as government gets bigger, americans are frustrated. we try to voice our concerns and frustrations. you are called a racist. >> he was polite. the officer was looking for trouble. >> part of this, too, pat -- tell me where i'm wrong. public servants aren't public servants anymore. >> they are gods. they are the oligarchy. they are the masters and we are the servants. look at the limousines. the amount of security. >> only place in the country growing job and wages. >> it is absurd. what they have done is built a wall between the american people who this is their government and
6:52 pm
their country and the political people. >> i have friends that are activists against common core. they have impress ed me so much. friends of mine in georgia. not every kid fit thes s in thee cutter. the kid probably can't afford a private school. h his money go s to public schools and he's stuck. just to express his point of view this is how we treat people who pay their salaries? >> too bad more people in taud yens didn't defend him. it's not just education. it is the epa with energy. you have regulations killing the coal industry, killing jobs. >> we have a country which is run by a faceless bureaucracy which issues rules. it is looking like the european union. look at the police forces. the epa with armed troops? i mean, the number of federal agencies have nothing to do with law enforcement. what's that about? it's about saying you do what we
6:53 pm
say or else . this is wrong and because these people are about to take their country back, i think. >> look at obamacare. >> what do you mean? >> look at the polling numbers. people believe dk today, gallup had more people say the federal government is too powerful. the highest number in history today. >> and obama -- >> wait a minute. i think this fits into the health care debate. i'm not trying to shift it. one of the reasons ted cruz is popular and rand and mike lee is because every one of the guys, every republican, pat, whether you agree or disagree, they all ran the to repeal obamacare. this is their moment of truth. some of them are trying to weasel out of it and attack the guy. >> i said this tonight. i i called it a crime against democracy. i believe jamming this through, i don't think is the right strategy. they should have gone at the
6:54 pm
irs. >> public opinion is 53% of americans are opposed to obamacare and how obama is handling obamacare. >> 78% believe the irs shouldn't be enforcing it. two-thirds democrats. >> just for saying that, they will come after your taxes. >> i'm a dead man. >> i say uh that, they will say hannity threatens caddell. i can't win. >> in health care people are being pushed. they don't want it. >> appreciate it. thank you. when we come back, your choice of vid owe of the day played in its entirety after the break. straight ahead. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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welcome back. time to reveal what you have chosen as tonight's video of the day. you selected the feisty priest who halts a wedding ceremony to scold photographers. >> in accordance with god's will you do now confess it. we're still good, huh? please, sirs, leave. please. >> where? >> anywhere other than here. >> okay. >> this is a solemn assembly, not a photography session. please move or i will stop. >> you want me to leave? >> i will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way. >> if you want me to leave, i will leave. >> this is not about the photography. this is about god. >> wait until the kids see that in a few years. wow. they will have a story to tell for life. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. the news continues.
7:00 pm
greta standing by to go live uh "on the record." take it away. this is a fox news alert. there is new information about the terrorists who attacked a shopping mall in kenya. tonight the foreign minister telling pbs two or three americans and one brit were among the vicious terrorists who carried out the massacre. foreign minister saying the terrorists were 1820 to 19 years old and lived in minnesota or missouri. tonight, the state department insisting it doesn't know the nationalities of the terrorists. more than 60 people were killed when gunmen stormed the nairobi mall. the kenyan military is still battling the terrorists. a live report in minutes. but first, what's with the name calling? fanatics, extremists and anarchists? it's not junioring high. this is your


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