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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 25, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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solutions, real ideas. >> we agree. >> give yourselves a hand. that's all the time we have left. as always, thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next "on the record." see you back here tomorrow night. this is a foosx news alert. another late night in the senate. the senate voting to put the c.r., the continuing resolution, on the fast track. a final senate vote could come friday. the senate speeding up the process despite ted cruz's best efforts to slow it down. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obamacare until i am no longer able to stand. i actually agreed with that notion and it is a tragic notion that there are two americas. two americas between the ruling class in washington and everyone else. >> the president doesn't want to
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compromise. what we are talking about is we don't want to spend money on something that's not going to work and hurt the people precisely the people it was intended to help. >> we are not fighting against obamacare. we are fighting for these people. >> i want to take the opportunity to read two bedtime stories to my girls. do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. >> i have stated before it ought to be expanded so every member of congress or congressional staff, the president, political appointees and every federal employee should be subject to obamacare. >> there is something called a panama hat. tell me what part of the world the panama hat comes from? >> could be panama. it would make sense but no, think again, ecuador. >> americans want jobs back. they want economic growth back. they want to get back to work. they want their health care not to be taken away because of obamacare. >> this is the first time i have seen when republican leadership is actively whipping the
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republican conference. to support harry reid and give him the power to enact his agenda. >> how you doing? >> i thank the senator from kansas. i will tell you, i am doing fabulous. i am inspired, motivated by the american people. >> i have been in practice 20 years. number one complaint, health insurance costs too much. what did obamacare do for health insurance costs? it drove them up. i wondered if we would see a tall gentleman in a mechanical breathing apparatus and say in a deep voice, "mike lee, i am your father." there is still at least strength in my legs to stand a little longer. the only path if we are to oppose obamacare is to stand together the and oppose cloture. i would ask my friends in the democratic aisle to ask. >> the hour of noon has arrived. pursuant to the order of --
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[ applause ] >> -- the senate will be -- >> karl rove joins us. good evening, karl. >> good evening. >> we'll talk about senator cruz in a moment. first i want to talk about the government shutting down. what are the odds, looking at it tonight, what are the odds that the government will be shutting down? >> you know, there may be a shutdown for a few days, but i think the most likely outcome is since they are speeding up the process in the senate which i'm a little bit surprised at, that means they are going to ping their bill over to the house. the house republicans are going to rewrite the bill, send it back to the senate. my sense is that it's going to include things like a delay of obamacare or subject all of the members of congress and their staffs to obamacare like the rest of the american people. it may be that it is a short-term continuing resolution that keep s the government open for another week or two to allow
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for more discussion. i think there will be an attempt to keep the shutdown either short or to postpone it a little bit and give the house republicans a chance to fashion a bill that will jam at least some parts of obamacare if not defund it. >> well, doesn't someone have to call uncle? it's going over from the senate to the house, minus the defunding provision. that's what we predict. you say they will ping it back to the senate. when it goes back the house republicans will put something in that will delay obamacare for a year or something else which the senate is not going to like or approve of. they will want to do something to ping it back. somebody has to cry uncle. >> first of all, one of two things they could do. they could send back a short-term c.r. to keep the government open for another week or two or send back a c.r. that includes provisions like putting all of the members of congress under obamacare and/or delay the individual mandate for a year.
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several dozen democrats in the house voted for the latter. my suspicion is most members of congress are going to be hard pressed not to say we ought to be under obamacare like everybody else. my sense is that they can pass it through the house on a bipartisan basis and in the senate, i think they can probably pick up five, six, seven, eight democrats who either on principle believe what's good for the goose, corporate america, ought good for the gander, individual americans. and/or red state democrats who say i will be in trouble if i'm seen on the wrong side of the issue. >> there is one thing i have to olympian out for the viewers. if we do go into a shutdown because there isn't time to do a continuing resolution, i want to remind the viewers that september 30, the end of the fiscal year comes after the 29th every year. if the leaders hadn't taken a five-week vacation we wouldn't be in this position.
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it's only because they didn't do their homework. they knew this was coming and they didn't do it. now hthey are in a mad scramble with the consequences of a possible shutdown. >> remember, last time we passed a full budget for the fiscal year in advance of the fiscal year was in the calendar year of 2007 for fy-08. the congresses passed a budget for half the fiscal year in 2008 for fy-09. since then we have been running on a series of continuinging resolutions with busted deadlines left and right. at least this year the house passed a budget resolution. the senate passed a budget resolution and the house, i think, passed most of the 12 appropriations bill and sent them to the senate where they are largely languishing. none have been passed by the house and senate and signed by the president. no federal employee will be paid unlike in 1995 when 7 of 13 appropriations bills had been
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passed including two for the military. soing aly most of the people who worked in the government already had funding in place for the entire fiscal year -- excuse me, in 1995 for the 21-day shutdown we had then. this time around there will be no funding in place for anybody. >> you know, i think it is so absolutely outrageous. if i didn't do my work i would bnt here. the fact they knew september 30th would roll around and they took the vacation. let me ask you another issue. after senator cruz ended his talk-a-thon, senate majority leader harry reid immediately taking to the floor. >> all due respect, thoi'm not e we learned anything new. i do believe what we have here with the so-called tea party as a new effort to strike government however they can. as i have said before it is the new anarchy. if anyone has any doubt that
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there are republicans rooting for a shutdown they should just turn on the television. for lack of a better way of describing this it has been a big waste of time. >> karl, before we ask you the question waste of time, he talks about anarchy when you get in the way and try to tear something down. this man, the senate majority leader has done everything he can do. he's known about this date and he's done nothing to move it forward. talk about anarchy. when he has a job and a responsibility and doesn't do it, you know, to call others anarchists, whatever. your thoughts? >> you're absolutely right. harry reid wants to jam the house republicans. he was grateful to see ted cruz do the talk-a-thon. it delayed things a few more hours. he would like to give the house republicans as little time as possible before the september 30 deadline in order to blame them. so he's been slow playing this all along. now, look, a waste of time -- he wanted people to waste time, but
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it didn't waste much time. the senate rules are such that when he made his motion on monday it required that the bill lay out until wednesday. so today, tuesday, was going to be devoted not to consideration of the house resolution, the house measure on the obamacare law but instead to other senate business. he was a little misleading. harry reid, i thought frankly he said he didn't learn anything new, i believe that. there is very little new harry reid can learn. he has a closed mind on the issue and doesn't care even when the culinary union, one of the most powerful democratic players in nevada and las vegas is going nuts as they figure out how obamacare will adversely affect them. >> i don't know where he gets the chutzpah to call it a waste of time. this is the leader of the united states senate. he knew september 30 would roll around. he knew it would be a problem. as i said before, he took a five-week vacation. >> sure. >> he took off. he knew it.
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the reason they are doing a continuing resolution is because they didn't do their work to do a budget. talk uh about a waste of time. you are looking at him on the screen. he has a lot of nerve ebb to say anybody else does. >> right. remember what the goal of the senate democrats was. they have a budget that spend s $1,058,000,000. nearly a hundred billion more than the democratic president agreed to in their budget agreement in july of 2011. harry reid now two years after the agreement which reduces the future growth rate of federal spending, he wants to blow it up and add more money into the mix. in fact, it would add roughly $5 trillion in spending over the next decade offset by $1 trillion in new tax revenues. but with $4 trillion added to the deficit above and beyond what's already projected to be added to the deficit. that's harry reid's idea of
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progress. >> whether you are for senator cruz or not, agree or not, give him credit for a couple of things. number one, he kept his promise. he said he would do it and he did it. he told his constituents. he did it within the rules of the senate. he did precisely what the rules were. he put the spotlight on the issue. then he comes out of this and what's the first thing that happens instead of harry reid acting like a leader and saying, well, senator cruz, i disagree with you but i have to hand it to you. you have exercised your right on the senate floor. graciousness as a leader. he gets petty, insults him and says it is a waste of time. he's like that boxer. i don't know why he doesn't want to be a leader. why doesn't he want to set an example? >> you're absolutely right. he could have been gracious. this is a problem he and the president have. i have to go beyond what you said about senator cruz. i don't agree with the strategy
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as trying to defund as opposed to delay. that was an extraordinary performance. he was on his feet for almost the 24 hours. he was cogent, thoughtful, funny, engaging, personal. he was personable. he did himself a lot of good. not inside necessarily the united states senate as he himself admitted. he probably irritated his colleagues, but if you are focused on 2016, he's given himself a big head start. i don't want to call him the front runner. he's clearly done himself a lot of good with the goal of 2016 in mind. he did, i thought, an extraordinary job. imagine at the end of nearly 24 hours on your feet being as cogent, focused and effective as he was in laying out the case? my only criticism was i wish he read less ayn rand and more of the t republican proposals about
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fixing health care. this was a teaching moment. he had the interest of the american people. this was a chance also to lay out not simply what we are against. he did a superb job of that. but also what we are for as conservatives and republicans in making health care portable, giving the tax advantage to the individual and the company. interstate sales of insurance to allow competition. allow small businesses to pool risk. medical liability reform, transparency in pricing. there are lots of things the republicans have been talking about. the house republicans are introducing a package. dr. rowe of tennessee and the head of the republican study committee. marcia blackburn introduced a proposal which will be interesting and we are likely to hear more in the days ahead. i thought it was an extraordinary performance. >> wait -- >> he did himself a lot of good. >> while you dig into the substance, i i like to see a politician keep his promise and play within the rules. he did both of those.
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that's what i like. anyway, let me ask you another question. talk about obamacare. hhs finally releasing information on insurance premiums claiming costs will be lower than first thought. karl, you tweeted don't believe hhs happy talk. obamacare will increase individual market premiums by 99% for men and 62% for women. i had a gentleman who said the opposite last night. how do i know who to believe? >> read the fine detail on the report that came out of hhs. what hhs did was compare the current estimates of cost for some of the -- for the cheapest bronze, silver and gold policy and the second cheapest silver policy to the original congressional budget office projections. not to what you are actually paying, they are comparing it to what you thought you may pay. if you look and compare what the rates are in their estimates to
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what people are currently paying, young men on average will pay between 97 and 99% more than they now pay. less than what the cbo projected but more than they are paying now. young women, 55 to 62 the% more. north carolina men get hit the worst. they will pay -- if you look at current rates in the state and compare what obamacare will require them to put out of their pocket it's a 305% increase. nebraska women get hurt most among women at 237% increase over what they pay. >> where do you get your numbers? everyone is throwing numbers at me . >> here is where people ought to go. manhattan institute began several months ago getting information from individual state insurance commissioners about the current rates that people are paying for their premiums for health insurance. they've got this up on the internet so you can compare what obamacare is going to cost you in your state compared to what
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you are currently paying on average. manhattan institute, the project was overseen by a brilliant young man named aback roy. not all the states supplied the information. but you can find in there a pretty interesting explanation of what you are now paying versus what you are estimated to pay by the government. i will give you two examples. 27-year-old using the cheapest bronze plan. that's the cheapest plan the government will allow you to have versus the lowest cost currently available coverage. in wisconsin, i know you are uh interested in this. you will pay 384% more for the cheapest plan that the government will allow you to have versus what is currently available. in louisiana, 379% increase over what's now available. the government is lying with numbers. they estimated it uh would be this much but it will only cost this much, but we'll leave out that you are paying this much.
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it's scandalous that secretary sebelius in a shameless attempt to promote obamacare is putting her improture on this misleading -- look, if the government can be sued by the federal trade commission for deceptive advertising, secretary sebelius would be slapped with lawsuits today about a mile thick. >> well, you know, a lot of viewers have written me upset about their premiums going up. i urge any viewer who thinks the premium is going down to write me. i would like both sides. e-mail me at the show. >> i have a good deal on my premium. i got a good deal. i just signed with my insurance company early so that i could carry my plan over to 2015 rather than wait for the expiration date after october 1. rove and company with massive number of four employees, we extended our coverage. it was the only way to avoid seeing premiums skyrocket
10:18 pm
dramatically. it gives me only a year breathing room. you're right. again, the average american young man will pay almost twice as much for insurance than they are now i paying. a young woman is going to pay almost two-thirds more than she's now paying. in some states it will be dramatic. hhs told the bald-faced lies today by comparing new estimates to old estimates and saying, isn't it great? weal pay less than you thought. but left the impression you are paying less than today. not true in virtually every state of the union. >> let me ask you this question. a young person who doesn't buy any insurance can get insurance if he or she gets sick or has to pay a penalty. does that penalty exceed -- which is more ex-pen sieve. to buy the cheapest health insurance or to see if you can get luck y and not get caught ad if you do you can buy something. >> the penalty is $95.
10:19 pm
how many young people will be enthusiastic about signing up for insurance if they know, a, if they never need insurance next year the penalty will be $95 when they pay taxes in 2015. or if they get sick they can go out and apply under the obamacare law and not be denied immediate coverage because of no pre-existing condition requirements. this is why the government is hepped up about getting younger people to sign up. two reasons. one, they are afraid if they don't get them at the beginning it will be harder later on. second of all, the economics of obamacare require them to get younger healthier worker who under the law are required to pay more than they would otherwise pay in order to subsidize the coverage for older, less healthy workers. they want at least half the people sign up be younger, healthier workers to subsidize less el healthy people. >> i have to go. thank you very much, karl. now to tonight's hot button
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issue. do you think you will pay more for uh health insurance more? i will pay more, les or the same. go to and vote in the poll. straight ahead, there is another big battle brewing in congress. tonight the treasury secretary is sending a warning to congress. republican senator ron johnson will talk about it. on top of all the targeting, news that the irs just did something more. they either stole $67 million from you or the irs is incredibly incompetent. either way it's rotten. the latest coming up. plus russian president putin exposed. rumors about his personal life ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪
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tonight the senate advancing a bill to avoid a government shutdown despite senator cruz's
10:24 pm
21 hour, 19-minute speech. senator cruz saying the fight to defund obamacare is far from over. >> this was all about elevating the debates in the public and giving the american people a chance to speak. at this point the debate is in the hands of the american people. i believe if republicans listen to the people we will unite and vote against clotu re because w do not allow reid and the democrats to fund obamacare. every republican says he or she opposes obamacare. i believe them and the vote that's consistent with the wishes of the constituents is to vote against cloture. i hope that a significant number of democrats exercise a political act of courage. it will take currently on the part of democrats, to listen to the people, to listen to constituents. to show the same courage james hoffa showed when broke with
10:25 pm
his party and said in writing that he was speaking on behalf of millions of hard-working men and women across america and their families and that obamacare was destroying their health care system. i hope that we see democratic senators that have the same currently of conviction that mr. hoffa demonstrated. if we listen to the people, the senate will step forward and defund obamacare because it isn't working. >> republican senator ron johnson is on the budget committee and joins us. nice to see you. >> hello, greta. >> have you decided how you are going to vote friday? >> we'll see what's presented to us. iffer with voting to proceed to a vote on a bill that actually defund obamacare it's hard not to vote to proceed to the final passage. if you are going to defund obamacare you have to pass a bill because obamacare is a permanent law, part of the mandatory spend ing. you have to pass it through the
10:26 pm
senate and have the president sign it into law. at some point in time we have to take the risk that we've got the support of the american people to put pressure on democratic senators and they are the holdouts. every democratic senator will vote to repeal or defund obamacare. can we get democratic senators to join us? we have to take the risk. >> when you vote on cloture, you uh don't know what the bill will be. >> we're probably pretty sure. >> not 100%. semi rolling the dice. >> the majority leader will always have the power post cloture to amend the bill with 51 votes. the way you defund obamacare is you have to get the super majority support of the american public. i appreciate any effort to the federal budget, personal freedoms. you have to get super majority support of the american public to put pressure on democratic
10:27 pm
senators, vote for repeal or we better start winning elections to take a majority in the senate as well as the presidency. >> another promise that er with going to run out of money around october 17. the secretary of treasury has written the speaker. now what? >> it will be another battle. listen, any time the president of the united states comes to congress asking for the authority to increase the debt burden on our children and grandchildren we ought to have a serious discussion, a robust debate about what, if we increase the debt burden on our kids what do we get in terms of fiscal discipline or reforms to save the social security and medicare programs so it's actually available for the kids picking up the tab for us. >> i understand the white house says they are not negotiating this -- >> how can they say that? literally. when you are asking congress to increase the burden on your children, we're supposed to give that authority carte blanche?
10:28 pm
>> assume the white house says that and is fixed on that and is not going to change its mind. tell me what happens october 17. >> i can't tell you. i can tell you what republicans will try to do is extract some kind of additional fiscal discipline. hopefully reforms to save social security and medicare for future generations. our kids will be paying the debt burden and they are not going to have those programs available because they are unsustainable. >> for the american people it's a rotten position to be in. >> i agree. >> we don't want to owe more money with no light at the end of the tunnel. on the other hand, if we don't pay our bills it will rock the markets and have an impact on the economy and everything else having to do -- >> i i hope the american people are watching carefully how utterly dysfunctional washington is. i don't think it will improve any time soon. my suggestion to the american public is stop relying on the
10:29 pm
federal government to solve your problems. stop sending politicians to washington dedicated to growing the federal government. we have to evolve power back to the states, back to the people. trust me. i'm from the private sector. i am a manufacturer. it is impossible to convey that in washington. it's not good news. i'm not an uplifting guy but it is true. >> they are about to see more in the segment. back to the house side and will the there be more trouble? and does russian president putin have a big secret? have a big secret? are you uh i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful wedding right here while possibly increasing the value of their home.
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10:34 pm
supported ted cruz's efforts last night. he joins us now. >> good to see you. >> i kept watching all night long. i would wake up and watch a little bit. what was it like? >> it was just a reasoned discussion all night long. sometimes there was levity to wake everybody up. sometimes even the speakers needed to wake up a little bit. it was a great thing. everybody knew -- you are focusing on a disastrous bill that was intended to help the military with their first time home purchase. >> what is that? >> this is obamacare. >> minus the 27,000 pages of rules. >> those are coming. it was an act to amend internal revenue code to modify first time home buyers credits in the cases of members of the arms forces. they stripped out every word and substituted obamacare in there. a bill that starts as a fraud
10:35 pm
isn't a good thing for america. it's gotten worse. they did a great job of highlighting so many of the problems. it's amazing. all the e-mails. we were look for e-mails, stories of how people were affected. out of the hundreds we got, one said, i think it's great. i my 26-year-old has insurance with our family. greta, we agreed to that. we agreed to work out a pre-existing condition fix. we were offering all kinds of compromises but the democrats said, we don't need your vote. we don't want your input. we don't care if it's not bipartisan. as a result we got a disaster of a bill. >> is it possible that it can be fixed as it gets implement ed and as time literature limps o? >> that's the danger that you keep putting band aids on the disaster and it would limp along
10:36 pm
but people will be hurt badly in the interim. people are already being hurt. seniors are finding out you can't cut $700 billion plus from medicare reimbursements and have seniors get the same care they were before. people are being told, january 1 you are not getting this, that or the other treatment. i don't think so. in the end we have to stop this. the other thing it does, too, it puts such a light on it that if democrats don't stand up and say, you know what, i'm hearing the people as well and i am going to stand up for the people. they will pay a price the next election. that's one of the good things about doing what obama promised but didn't deliver on -- debating it on c-span. well, he was help ed last night with the promise. he didn't have anybody helping him debate. >> well, you know, sort of the tragedy is everybody agrees
10:37 pm
there was something wrong with the way we delivered medical ser vises and everybody wanted to come one a fix. now i hope the republicans are wrong in saying this is a disaster. >> it's not just republicans. >> i know. i'm saying that -- >> the train wreck didn't come from a republican. >> i understand that. this is obviously going to have a huge impact on society in so many ways. >> i read it before i vote ed against it. >> it was inkpre henceable. i tried to read it. it was ridiculous. we have to go. thank you very much for joining us. >> always the good to talk to you. >> tonight while congress is engaging in a bruising fight over a temporary funding of the government there is tonight $67 million missing at the irs. you heard right. washington examiner, chief political correspondent byron york joins us. is it incompetence or criminal?
10:38 pm
is it theft? what's the story? >> nobody knows what happens. the irs is the ebb enforcement arm of obamacare. it determines who gets a subsidy, how much, the penalties. it does all of that stuff. so the affordable care act, obamacare, provided about a half billion dollars for implementation of this. it's called health insurance reform implementation fund. it goes to the irs. then it will provide like about $400 million in subsequent years to get this going. the in. tor-gener -- inspector-gened into the money and found of close to $500 billion the irs lost $67 million of it. >> do they have i any explanation where it is? >> a little bit.
10:39 pm
you would think with the irs they might have accountants and things. it is an indirect cost. one fund the salaries of the people who were hired to do this job. but other parts like providing office space, computers, they seem to have lost track of what it costs. >> besides the fact that $67 million is a lot of money. it could change communities, do so much. if the organization, the irs which is supposed to police this and collect revenue for obamacare, if they were so incompetent or even criminal and when you take someone's money and you can't account for it there could be a crime there. those are the people in charge of this? >> not only of obamacare but your taxes. people get letters from the irs and the letter doesn't say, we think you might have done something wrong. it says you did this and pay
10:40 pm
this much. there is an assumption of guilt. >> isn't there who railroad? $67 million established to help pay for obamacare, the implementation to the group that's supposed to police it and help implement it. if they can't locate the money who thinks this is the right group to do this? >> you have to remember. on capitol hill and in some places in washington, they look at $67 million and say, that's not that much. >> that's the problem. the media does it, too. i have heard people say, that isn't much money. it's $67 million and it's a lot of money. that's part of the problem. it's the culture in this the town. >> it's a significant portion of the amount of money that was allocated for this. it will cost a lot of money every year after this. hundreds of millions of dollars to implement every year after this. they have the to find out where it is going. >> it's appalling. viewers, write the irs and your
10:41 pm
memb members of congress if you want to know where the $67 million is they lost or stole from you. byron, thank you. >> coming up, the tea party picking up steam. senator ted cruz stealing the spotlight for hours. what does it mean for the party? reince priebus is here next and in two minutes the fbi released a chilling video of the navy yard killer inside the navy yard killer inside the scene of the massacre. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. ♪
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tonight a chilling new look at the washington navy yard killer caught on camera stalking his victims. the fbi releasing surveillance video . you can see alexis walking the hallways looking to kill. the shooting spree took about an hour before he was killed in a shootout with police. alexis didn't target specific people in the attack. tonight the release of the video sparked a feud between the fbi and the pentagon. a senior pentagon official told
10:44 pm
fox news, quote , people in the department of defense are furious that the fbi put out the video footage today. it only adds to the pain of the families and brought life back to a killer. what do you think uh? does the public have the right to see the video or is it cruel to victims' families? vote in our poll at with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your walle
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for 21 hours and 19 minutes the tea party stealing the show and dominating the news. senator ted cruz up staging main stream republicans. rnc chair reince priebus joins us. >> hi, greta. >> the tea party is getting trashed by senate majority leader harry reid. he calls them anarchists. where does the tea party fit in? >> it's a full em brace. the fact is, you know, we come
10:47 pm
from wisconsin. that's a state where you had the tea party, the republican party. number one all on the same page. that's the secret of all the success there. on top of it the secret is you have candidates everyone in the party is proud of. scott walker, ron johnson, paul ryan. people of they ever word that run for office and gorn like they campaign. that's what you have to do. >> in looking at what's gone on with the republican party and the senate there seems to be a deep divide between some republican senators and some other republican senators. it looks like a hard one to mend. >> well, look, these guys like harry reid and the senators. >> he's a democrat. i'm talking about republican senators. >> i understand. they will understand the wrath of the tea party and republican party in 2014 when obamacare is tattooed on their forehead and they have to explain in red
10:48 pm
states what they did. as far as the republican party is concerned, look, some of the this stuff is way overblown. i was in a lunch just yesterday with all of the u.s. senators on the republican side of the aisle. the ted was there and mike lee was there and people were talking about procedure. this is not like -- you know, there is no -- people aren't throwing spit balls. they are having normal, decent conversations about whether or not a cloture vote is the right way to go on a bill they support that's coming from congress. >> i think senator ted cruz said something today -- maybe he's fatigued in the 21 hours and 19 minutes but something to suggest some other republican senators had not been fighting obamacare. some of them, i think, were offended. there seemed to be ruffled feathers in the republican party up there. >> i'm not going to speak for ted cruz. i believe he and his colleagues
10:49 pm
get along well. they have intelligent conversations about these things behind closed doors. he's passionate. i think what you saw yesterday was a person. for the average person in wisconsin, they don't get wrapped up in senate rules. what they see is someone finally standing up and fighting. i think for that he's to be commend ed. as far as, like, fighting over whether a cloture vote makes sense, that's something that's totally in the weeds. >> i don't think people pay attention either. i have to write it six times in my notes so i understand it. >> it's another 30 hours. you had karl rove on earlier. you look at harry reid, he want it is to delay this thing. he's taking another 30 hours. he could take unanimous consent and cut it down. he wants to drag it out. they want the shutdown. the president wants to hit the re set button. >> reince priebus, thanks for joining us. >> straight ahead vladimir putin bearing it all.
10:50 pm
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>> greta: okay everyone, it's time to hash it out. vladimir putin's love life becoming the recent twitter fodder, the recently divorced
10:54 pm
putin tweeting putin too busy stopping rumors he remarried well, there you have it but there is one thing he isn't too busy for, galavanting around shirtless. lf that pic. >> and sky news reporting oompa loompa's sent he yensed after a brawl, admitted to charges of disturbing the peace. a judge sentencing one to juvenile detention and another to 200 hours of community service. we don't think willy wonka would approve. and you may want to be care ffl you're driving in alaska. tweeting the map districts
10:55 pm
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>> greta: president obama hoping the white house doesn't need repairs, why? sheer jimmy fal on. >> home depot just announced it will cut health insurance for part time workers because of obama care. home depot ceo said he had a
11:00 pm
hard time breaking the news to employees, you know, because it took three hours to find on your last call. make sure you go to gretawire. hello, everyone. bock beckle, dana perrino. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." senator ted cruz mounted what was effectively ly ly a filibus keeping the senate floor for over 21 hours, no sitting, no bathroom break. the man was on a mission, a mission to speak for millions of americans who are fed up with the health care law that was passed in the middle of the night and in dark backrooms of president obama's corrupt crony-infested washington, d.c. here's a taste. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obamacare until i am in longer able to stand. the american p


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