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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 26, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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and more responsible. >> dylan says definitely not. individual punishment is only fair. however the coach's actions were full of good intents and i applaud that. all right. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. >>elisabeth: good morning. it's thursday, september 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we're a few days away from when obamacare kicks in and the government released the cost of new insurance plans. we'll explain what those crazy numbers mean for you. >>steve: chilling new video shows the navy yard killer stalking his prey and this morning a new motive on why he did it. he left a lot of clues behind. >>brian: i might be ready to admit after last week's challenges that elisabeth hasselbeck is the best athlete ever on "fox & friends" dating back to the early 1930's.
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but i found better competition for her. our nation's heroes. they take elisabeth on. how did the triathlete do. "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is barry williams. you're watching "fox & friends." check out brian's haircut. >>steve: is that to suggest it's not real hair? >>brian: i got a haircut last night. i did not know it would be in the open. >>elisabeth: how often do you do that? >>brian: this is a great follow-up question. elisabeth hasselbeck listens and follows up. last night i said i'm going to project i'm going to need a haircut in a month. and i made that haircut a month ago. sure enough i got the confirmation call and i scrambled to get there. >>steve: it takes you a month to make a reservation -- >>brian: i am tempted to make another haircut appointment. >>steve: what's going to happen a month from now you needed a haircut yesterday?
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>>brian: i'll make another appointment. it's not -- haircuts not covered under obamacare. >>elisabeth: we've been waiting for years and years and years to know what obamacare will cost, and now less than a week before it kicks in, the department of health and human services is revealing the prices for federally funded care that we're going to be getting. they break it down to 16 pages. >>steve: keep in mind, obamacare itself is thousands of pages. >>elisabeth: thousands. >>steve: because it's going to kick in on tuesday, and so many people are going we don't know a lot of details about it, the federal government has released its very thin binder on exactly what it's going to look like. we still don't know exactly what it's going to look like. we do know as promised, there will be at least four different levels of coverage. the bronze, the cheaper one. the silver. the gold and then the platinum. when you take a look -- and
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a bunch of organizations have looked at what the government did release yesterday to give us a preview of coming attractions on tuesday. it's not very calming because it does look like there are so many variables and there are so many dangling participles, it's hard telling what we're going to pay. >>brian: for example, if you live in new york state, it is one rate. if you live in new york city, another rate. if you live in upstate new york, another rate. let's ballpark it and go from there. if you happen to be single, if you happen to be a 27-year-old, if you happen to make $25,000 a year, on average in the silver plan -- are you jotting this down -- $145 a month. >>elisabeth: they have some factors out there and they go through others. the silver plan. then we have a family of four. we have $50,000 a year if that's what you're earning. you'll end up paying $282 a
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month after tax credit. >>brian: obviously you don't know what your co-pay is. you don't know what your premium is. you don't know what you're getting for that amount of money. do you get to pick your own doctor? >>steve: that's just it. you were talking about new york state. i looked up for new jersey, where i live, and in new jersey it turns out there would be -- this is going to be part of the federally operated exchange. there are only going to be three insurance companies selling on it. horizon, blue cross-blue shield, ameri health new jersey. here's the thing. if my doctor doesn't take any of those three companies, i'm not going to be able to keep my doctor as the president promised. the president also promised that he was going to bend the health care curve down because it had been going up. not the case in new jersey. in fact, if you're a family of four, the average plan is going to cost you $943, which is among the highest
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in the country. >>elisabeth: you know what's interesting? within the 15 pages, they suspiciously don't mention anything about seniors, how it is going to affect the oldest americans. nor do they mention any of the premiums we're looking at now. there is no comparative. you can't see what is being offered now in the private sector and this is what you're going to impair it to and you can choose from the options. we're getting 15 pages over two years in. we knew more about the new iphone than health care. >>brian: they expect about seven million to sign up for it and 2.7 million are that so-called younger bracket. the younger bracket are going to be forced to sign up. but are they? they are going to pay just over 100 bucks, the younger bracket. if they don't sign up they'll pay 95 bucks. if you have trouble paying your student loan or your
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rent, are you going to say fine me? >>elisabeth: those were the people they were depending on to bear the burden of the cost. now they're chasing their vote. they will be paying for everyone else's health care. >>steve: karl rove was on with greta susteren here on fox network and they were talking about the young people who historically have not bought health insurance. now they're going to have to. should the president kaupbt kaupbt -- count on them. >> the penalty is $95. how many people will be enthusiastic about signing up for insurance if they know if they never need insurance next year the penalty will be $95. or if they get sick they can immediately apply under the obamacare law and not be denied immediate coverage because of no
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preexisting condition requirement. this is why the government is so hepped up about getting younger people to sign up. they're afraid if they don't get them at the beginning it will be harder to get them later on. second, the economics of obamacare require them to get younger healthier workers who under the law are required to pay more than they would otherwise pay to cover for older workers. >>steve: that is what the government is planning on to make it work. will the younger people sign up? i've got to suggest the answer is no. the manhattan institute looked at the numbers. they are scant. nonetheless, they compared the five cheapest plans on the market today with the five cheapest plans projected on obamacare exchanges. with the young people, for instance, if you're 27 years old -- and that's the target audience -- your rate for a younger man is going to go up between 97% and 99%. if you're a young woman
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your rate is going to go up between 55% and 62%. brian earlier pointed out, it depends on what state you live in. in new york it is going to be one number. in north carolina it is going to be another. in north carolina, the rates for women will triple and the rates for men will quadruple. >>brian: the baseline is such a variable. how do you know how much i'm paying? they take an average of what you're paying, a premium -- for example, united health care might be tkefrpb from what he the -- might be different from what aetna is offering. we're comparing private insurance to private insurance and taking an average and telling you it increased or decreased. >>elisabeth: there are no real-life comparisons i could actually find. we would love to know what your situation is going to be. let us know at "fox & friends" via twitter and e-mail. >>brian: what would be
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great is we set up a first alert where we all wore the little buttons and people would wear them at the house and hit the button -- someone would hit the button and say i have a question about health care. >>steve: come tuesday a lot of people are going to. republicans have been trying to defund it. >>brian: i haven't heard that. >>steve: the conventional wisdom now is this thing is so chaotic and it is going to be a train wreck and prices are going to be through the roof for a lot of people. just let it kick in. and then the republicans are suggesting next election cycle just demand the democrats defend it. it will be hard to. >>brian: sit at home and read "green eggs and ham." that is what they were doing earlier this week. heather nauert. >> i didn't know you were an actuary. >>brian: i also doodle. >> we have serious news. a disturbing piece of video. dramatic new video just released by the f.b.i., and
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it shows the navy yard killer in the act. aaron alexis armed with a sawed-off shotgun as he peeks around corners looking for someone to ambush. next he moves down the stairs and sees people duck behind a wall. the f.b.i. also revealing a letter that alexis left behind. it said -- quote -- "a low-frequency attack is what i have been subject to in the last few months. to be perfectly honest this is what has driven me to this." the department of defense is furious the f.b.i. has released this video. former san diego chargeer paul oliver is dead this morning. the 29-year-old taking his own life. he was found in his home in georgia with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. oliver played four seasons for the chargers and was last on the field in 2011. he leaves behind a wife and two children. the n.s.a. keeping an eye on terror suspects overseas. the f.b.i. tracks them once they get to the united
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states but who watches them in between when they're on the move? well, no one. it's called a terrorist loophole. today lawmakers are going to try to close that gap. the first step is this. listening to the testimony today from the nation's top intelligence agencies. they're set to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee and we'll keep watching that one for you. file this under what not to do when transporting a group of inmates. guards in oklahoma left eight criminals in a van that was still running while they rushed one of the inmates inside the hospital. he had been complaining of chest pains. look at this. >> got into the vehicle and took off with eight prisoners in their transport vehicle. >> police found those inmates and recovered the van about two hours after the escape. can you imagine that? leaving the van running. >>steve: what could possibly go wrong? bad guys, don't take off while i'm in the hospital. >>elisabeth: i think you
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have a prison story coming up? >>brian: let's find out. straight ahead, he made him wear pink and now he's making them eat their vegetables. >> they may not like it. i'm sure they don't like it. but you know what? if they don't like it, don't go to jail. >>brian: why america's toughest should have is forcing inmates to go vegetarian. >>elisabeth: how obamacare is sticking it to people who need health care the most. seniors. coming up next. [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new ♪
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promises to people needing it the most. seniors. let's go through some of these broken promises, go through the 15 pages, nothing mentioned about it. let's start with the first one. you say -- he told seniors he'd strengthen medicare. what happened? >> cutting $716 billion to pay for health care. seniors are savvy enough. they know you can't cut from a system and strengthen it. it's like saying let's cut $700 billion from the education system and that is strengthening it. i think this is the end of medicare as we know it. >>elisabeth: people who truly understand budgeting and know you can't take water out of a stone. what about the idea that was promised to them they could keep their current doctor and their coverage? >> seniors are losing coverage. millions are set to lose medicare advantage. the government's nonpartisan medicare actuary has been talking about the fact that senior citizens are going to lose their doctors, that up to
3:17 am
40% of hospitals are going to stop accepting seniors because they can't afford it under the cuts in medicare. bringing it home, i have a senior myself at 60-plus who sent us a letter from anthem. this isn't random health care coverage. she had a letter from anthem saying she lost her coverage because of obamacare. >>elisabeth: we have the letter here, an excerpt. it says these changes will require termination of the existing products under which you are enrolled. there you have it. >> she called anthem, she called the phone number and she gets an automated service saying we're sorry, there is nobody here that can help you but you'll be getting another letter in the mail and that will outline wades you'll get new -- outline new ways you can get coverage. >>elisabeth: affordable? >> this is one word tossed around to seniors. it should be called the unaffordable health care act. the president promised he's not going to raise taxes on
3:18 am
middle class and whrorbg o o -- and hard-working families. this is another new tax increase. >>elisabeth: one thing i know that's important to seniors is that, their relationship to their doctor. it was promised no someone going to come between their doctor and their health. what is the truth? >> that is something is important to senior citizens. the health care bill creates something called independent payment advisory board also known as ipab which is essentially 15 unelected unaccountable bureaucrats whose sole purpose is to decide what medicare will or will not cover. that relationship between you and your doctor, where they would decide what treatment was best for you will now have a bureaucrat to decide is it something they're going to cover or not. i want to add one final thing. we're talking about our greatest generation, our nation's senior citizens. they sacrificed their entire lives for us. they fought in wars.
3:19 am
we're really going to do this to them. >>elisabeth: and it's in the process of happening right now? >> absolutely. >>elisabeth: thank you for bringing this to us. coming up, it is shocking. 62 children behind a car and the driver cannot see a single one of them. high school coaches facing fines in their team's run-up scores.
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>>steve: got some quick thursday morning headlines if you're just getting up.
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a manhunt underway for this guy accused of opening fire in a light fixture company on long island new york. police say he killed a former co-worker and wounded his old boss over an apparent business deal gone bad. secretary of state john kerry sqhgduled to meet with iran's top diplomatçó today. it will be the highest áe?ekáwo countries inñr decades. on the agenda, iran's nuclear program. they say they're making electricity. we say it could beñr bombs. brian? >>brian: all right. high school coachesçóçó now facing fines up to $200 if their teams run up the score on other teams. winning by 35 points or more is a problem. so is thisçó ar of america or does it show good sportsman ship. nowñli the author of just kick it, tales ofñr an underdog.
3:24 am
and mark high man is here, the author of until it hurts, america's obsession with youth sports and how it harms our kids. first off, do you believe fining coaches for blowing out another team is a good move? >> no, i actually don't. i think there's an argument that we're protecting our children but i think these days we're overprotecting, essentially bubble wrapping them against the realities of life. the fact is there is losing in life. there is failure in life. blocks and goodñr tools to build character. i think if we're basically saying to kids, you're not saying to kids, you're not winners but you're not building blockñr for character. >>brian: building character by allowing blow outs to happen. are kids not going to grow emotionally if we don'tñr let them get blown out as children?
3:25 am
>> i think this league in california is añiñi forward-looking innovative league inok that they're putting the needs of kids first. whether a fine is appro the appropriate deterrent, i think that's ai] detail. the important thing is that we want kids to enjoy sports. we want kids to be activeñi throughout their lives. allowingxd 52-point blowouts8cóc i don't think that promotes a love of sports. >>brian: here's what the deputy commissioner said, sacramento football league. it is not hurting the kids, it is teaching them compassion, teaching them sportsmanship. that's just it. are we teaching kids to dance in the end zone? teaching them you got them down, put your foot on their throat? >> no. there is a difference between teaching good sportsmanship. it is actually patronizing. i would feel worse if i was on the losing end of the game and the other team is
3:26 am
letting me score at will. i don't think that is something kids need to learn. >>brian: one thing about sports, it isñ basketball and football to not blow another team out where in a game like soccer, you can take a manñrf5 off the field, work the man around. with football, you've got -gtq' you've got to runxd it. i guess you could mess with the lineup and put people where theyu-8 don't belong which could lead to injuries. listen to this. kelly mccue says the players on our son's team are afraid to score once they get a lead for fear their coach will be penalized. now they are afraid their coach will get suspended and not have a coach to play football with. is that something, mark, that you think could boomerang on this lead? >> i think it is the attitude and the approach the parents take. if the parents are supportive of measures to keep games competitive, i think kids will follow suit. there are mercy rules in
3:27 am
other sports. in high school baseball, for instance, it's a long standing practice that if a team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 innings, the game ends. that may not be the appropriate solution for football, but the point is that this is an accepted part of youth sports. this is nothing new. i think if six people get around a kitchen table in california in this league, they can figure it out. >>brian: it is also not balancing a team well. clearly these are 12, 13-year-old kid. you know who the better players you and how to balance it out. there's other things you can do. you can say you can't carry the ball after they have a certain amount of yard. you can put people in -- one thing i think is a bad example, when you have college football and you see a score of 72-0 and at the same time you're fining another team $200 for winning by 35 points, i think it sends a mixed
3:28 am
message. youth sports is a hot topic. good debate. straight ahead, after last week's challenges which were chronicled it seems like a year ago, it is pretty obvious that elisabeth is off to a stronger start in our competitive competitions but how will she do against our nation's toughest heroes? stick around. it is a slip and slide turns slip and slide. ♪ ♪ ♪ ho ho ho ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant would you rather be watching a bobber than the tv. then you belong at bass pro shops for big savings.
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we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. >> in his effort to stop obamacare, text senator ted -- texas senator cruz spoke for 21 hours 19 minutes nonstop. >>brian: i heard they went to ted cruz and said you can have another hour and he said i'm done. harry reid was going to give him another hour. >>steve: he was? i heard you want to go more? yes, i do. i'm not going to relinquish my time. he came close. although it wasn't technically a filibuster, but third-longest speech. congratulations. meanwhile moving on, you saw it here on "fox &
3:33 am
friends" last week. take a look at this. >> oh my goodness! it's the last second. that's the last second. elisabeth hasselbeck falling out. look how happy those girls are in their balloons! >>elisabeth: we were happy. >>steve: elisabeth kicking the boys' butt. but how will she do against our nation's toughest heroes? >>elisabeth: you're about to find out. the advisory board of team r.w.b., an organization that rebill taeuts our nation's -- rehabilitates our nation's veterans by keeping them active and connected. i took over the 5k portion. take a look. >> anyone who knows me knows i love to run. when there's meeting behind the miles, that is what is wha* it is -- that's what it is about. i run 5k's marathons and
3:34 am
minis. but today is like no other. getting down and dirty is what we do. our group's philosophy? physical activity, one of the best ways to combat post traumatic stress disorder. >> the big thing was rehabilitating to be part of the community. i'm not in uniform anymore so this is my new uniform. >>elisabeth: what's your goal? >> to complete the triathalon. >>elisabeth: seeing swimmers coming in, runners flying by, cyclists. exactly how many are participating? >> 881 registered. >>elisabeth: all this makes a win-win not only because they raised $67,000 for the team but also because of veteran participation the race is up this year to over 60 men and women. that effort means a lot of
3:35 am
to mark hohlberg who lost both of his legs and part of his right hand in an i.e.d. explosion. >>elisabeth: think back to where you were three years ago to where you're going to be today at the finish line, what are your thoughts? >> prior to the injury i probably won't have participated as part of my scope of working out. if you tell me i can't do something, i'm going to do it to prove you wrong. >>elisabeth: starting today? >> starting today. ♪ ♪ >> maria! ♪ ♪
3:36 am
>>elisabeth: it's an honor to be with everybody here. our nation's greatest. see you next year. signing off. >>steve: fantastic. >>elisabeth: 19,000 members across 90 communities across the globe. every day 22 veterans take their own lives. i know for a fact that things like this actually help them get back connected and feeling great. they've done enough. it is our turn is our motto. >>brian: they have a goal. they're working with a team, they have a mission, so they're still part of something. all of a sudden when everything stops, they have nowhere to go. >>elisabeth: there are races, yoga, hiking, whatever you do, it is a great thing to do with the family. check out our website for more information. now you can check out heather nauert for headlines. >> way to go, elisabeth.
3:37 am
let's talk about headlines. any suburban mom who drives an s.u.v. will tell you how frightening it is because you can see so little in your rear-view mirror. >> look back, ready to go. >> what is behind that car? 62 children. that driver right there could not see a single one of those kids. now safety advocates are suing the obama administration. they want the government to force car companies to put rear-view cameras in every new car. right now the fed just recommends the cameras, but requiring the cameras would add between $58 and $203 to the price of a car. prisoners in arizona are asking where is the beef? america's toughest sherrif is forcing inmates to go vegetarian. he is ditching the meat from the menu and the new
3:38 am
ingredient is soy. >> i'm sure they don't like it. you know what? you don't like it, don't go to jail. >> that's right. he's cutting the meat and it's going to save taxpayers $100,000 a year. >> this gal gets an f for crime. she was paid to illegally take drivers tests for other people but there was one problem. she failed over and over again. oh my. according to brooklyn, new york federal court complaint she was part of the a group helping applicants cheat. despite getting thousands of dollars to ace those tests, she kept flunking herself. guys in ohio host a summer wrap up party with the coolest slip and slide. it takes them from the top of the hill to the bottom to a pool. they're going so fast they're able to fly. those are your headlines. i guess yesterday we were talking about the farmer's almanac.
3:39 am
i picked up one for you. this is for farmers and city folk. perfect. >>steve: okay. with that shot up in the left-hand corner, you notice there is a hole drilled in it. there is a hole in the corner. you can put it on the nail in the outhouse. i'm not making that up. >>elisabeth: i'm thinking like a three-ring binder. thanks, heather. >>steve: maria molina is not on a binder. she's actually doing the weather right now. >> good morning. we want to show you a very cool video this morning. take a look at this. a police camera captured a meteor across parts of northern alberta. this happened in canada. this happened on the 21st of september. it is flashing across the sky in this area. it happened about 9:30 p.m. local time on the 21st. the officer says he didn't hear anything but a local
3:40 am
astronomer confirmed it was a meteor. incredible stuff out here across parts of canada. that happened on the 21st. weather wise, we have incredible stuff to talk about and that's actually some snow that's falling down across parts of the northern rockies, sections of montana, i'd -- and wyoming. we're looking at one to two feet of snow possible especially across higher elevations. it will be getting cold enough tonight that some of that snow will make it down to the cooler valley floor. we are looking at the first winter storm of the season across parts of the northern rockies. east of the rockies, extremely quiet. along the center of the country, we don't have rain. we don't have rain across the great lakes. just showers across sections of the carolinas. overall, very quiet into the rockies. looking good for travel. we're going to be seeing improvement across sections of florida. some places take more than
3:41 am
six inches of rain. look at the forecast for tampa, florida, dryer, temperature wise feeling like summer. 90's in texas. in the northeast high temperatures in the 70's not just today but even into the weekend. so enjoy it. >>elisabeth: thanks, maria. o.j. simpson may be in prison but he's not staying out of trouble. caught with his hands in the cookie jar literally. >>steve: forget the caffeine perk. a scary new study says caffeine could be slowing down your kids' brain development. we're going to separate the facts from the myths as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ ♪
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>>elisabeth: welcome back. time for quick headlines. o.j. simpson busted again, this time for stealing cookies from the prison cafeteria. he was caught hiding more than a dozen oatmeal cookies under his clothes. simpson may want to lay off the dessert. he reportedly weighs about 300 pounds do you live in one of the most honest cities in the world. reader's digest dropped 100 wallets to see who would return them. right here in new york city, the least honest, less than portugal. to an honest guy, steve, what do you think about that? if you had my wallet, would you give it back? >>steve: not keeping cash. don't worry. a startling study says drinking too much caffeine could slow down brain development in teenagers. that's alarming considering caffeine use in teenagers is up 70%. let's talk to dr. marc siegel from the medical a
3:46 am
team about this. it's almost impossible to go down the street here in new york city and not see a kid with a starbucks cup or one of those energy drinks packed with caffeine. >> i believe that study. it is in everything you can think of. beverages. in coffee and they're drinking more of it. in energy drinks. chocolate, food. people don't realize where they're getting their caffeine from. it is up 70% in teens. it is really a problem. >>steve: there are a lot of stories about whether or not caffeine is good for this or good for that. we want you to separate myth from fact. is this a myth or fact? a cup of coffee is dangerous for a pregnant lady? >> that is a myth but i am not going to go on tv and say for our pregnant women start drinking coffee. what that means is it's not been proven harmful in mild or moderate amounts for pregnant women. if you're having a cup or two a day you're absolutely safe. i'm worried more about the withdrawal from coffee. if you're a pregnant woman having a cup of coffee a
3:47 am
day or two cups a day and you suddenly stop, your heart rate might go up. that is not good for the fetus. it has not been found to be harmful in mild to moderate doses but i am not advocating it. >>steve: you hear about kids or young people who like to have a drink or two. they go i need to have coffee to counteract the alcohol. does that work? >> that is extremely dangerous. remember 4 loco that was taken off the market because it combined coffee with caffeine. the caffeine may make you a little bit more awake. then you get behind the wheel of a car, forget it. your reflexes are shot. you're still impaired. that leads to many car accidents. if i get one thing across today, teens, do not combine alcohol and caffeine. it fools you. a very bad idea. >>steve: meanwhile, some people say caffeine has
3:48 am
absolutely no health benefits. >> i think caffeine has some health benefits. we talked previously about coffee having health benefits. caffeine can make you more alert, focus you more, make you perform better on tests. too much increases your heart rate. but it can give you focus and help you with the day. there is a study that shows a little bit of caffeine encourages you to exercise more. >>steve: you get more energy? >> absolutely. have a cup of coffee and go on the elliptical. >>steve: how many cups of coffee is too many? >> that's one of those things where i say the art of medicine. some people can't tolerate too much coffee because they have reflux or heart problems. i don't want to prescribe anything here. but actually there seems to be a medical value for three to four cups of coffee a day where the coffee bean itself decreases inflammation, decreases risk of diabetes, decreases risk of certain
3:49 am
cancers. coffee is very healthy because of the phyto chemicals in it. >>steve: does decaf have the same properties? >> yes. >>steve: straight head, coming up no deal in washington means the government could shut down on tuesday. but the stock markets aren't waiting to react. wait till you see what's happening to your 401(k) this morning. john kerry signed an arms treaty to crack down on the international gun trade. your second amendment rights caught in the cross-fire. how will they be affected? the judge is in the house. good morning to you, judge. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
3:50 am
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>> brian: secretary of state john kerry signed the u.n. arms trade treaty. >> steve: great. if you don't know about it, is designed to regulate the international weapons trade. but some are worried it could actually take away some of our second amendment rights here in the usa. >> elisabeth: that's right. joining us now is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano. >> good morning. >> elisabeth: is it even possible? the president can't ratify this, right? >> the fact that john kerry signed the treaty is just symbolic. the fact that president obama may soon sign the treaty is just symbolic. the treaty would have no effect on the united states unless and until it's ratified by two-thirds of the united states senate. so what would treaty do? the treaty might affect the ability of importers in the united states to import from
3:54 am
other countries certain amounts of ammunition and weapons. but the treaty could not affect, could not affect your right to keep and bear arms in this country because that is guaranteesed in the second amendment and a treaty cannot trump an express guarantee in the constitution. >> brian: until we get that world government. >> but you know something? the people that are behind this treaty want that world government and in their minds, this is a step toward it. >> elisabeth: you mean controlling ammo and the amount that's available and eventually controlling the market? >> eventually controlling all of us. >> steve: a world government. >> that's the value set of john kerry, barak obama, and their allies in europe who pushed this treaty. >> steve: where has the worry come that if this goes through and john kerry signed it yesterday, that our second amendment rights could be infringed? >> the worry has come from language in the constitution which says that a treaty supersedes federal law. it does supersede federal law, but it does not supersede the constitution itself.
3:55 am
so really looking at this stuff very precisely under the language, because the second amendment specifically guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, because the supreme court in a case called heller versus the district of columbia says this applies to individuals, the treaty cannot apply. >> steve: if it were just an everyday law like obamacare, when you put those kind of laws together, a law passed by congress, whereas something in the constitution, that's -- >> theoretically, the constitution should trump anything that is inconsistentents with it. we know that doesn't happen because of obamacare. >> brian: right. >> absolutely inconsistent with the constitution and they found some crazy never used before nonsense about it's a tax, therefore it's lawful. so if the government doesn't like pink dresses, it can tax them. you can't wear them -- you could always afford them no matter what the tax is, but you know what i mean. >> elisabeth: domestically this
3:56 am
has a bunch of people riled up. what would be the next step here? >> the president would need to refer it to the senate and in my view and the view of those of us who watch this stuff for a living, it will never even get out of a committee. not only would the senate not ratify it, then won't even be a vote on this. harry reid for all of his craziness on a lot of other issues knows he would lose his job because he comes from a very pro-gun state. if he allowed this thing to become law. >> brian: another big story is the reason gun legislation does not get passed is not because of republicans, because republicans and democrats don't want it, including harry reid. >> and it's a guaranteed right that congress can't interfere with. >> elisabeth: we'll see you soon. >> brian: the judge looks so comfortable on the couch. >> elisabeth: talk about a zero tolerance, a coach fed up with some of his players offschool behavior suspends the entire team of the. >> steve: then blurred lines is officially the most popular song
3:57 am
of the summer with robin thicke. that music video just jump started that young girl's career. she's going to join us live to tell us how it's all changed for her.
3:58 am
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>> elisabeth: good morning. today is thursday, september 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. t minus five days before obamacare kicks in and the government released the cost of the new insurance plans. what you're going to owe the government if your employer drops your coverage. we'll talk about it. >> brian: chilling new video of the navy yard shooter. here he is stalking his prey. what the tape reveals about his motive for mass murder. what was written on his gun. >> steve: it's a catchy song that a lot of people can't stop tapping their foot to. today we've got the star of the blurred lines music video right here on the curvy couch. hey, hey, hey. the hottest song on the radio changed her life forever. "fox & friends" hour two for
4:01 am
thursday commences immediately. >> hi, it's suzanne somers and you're watching "fox & friends." i watch them every morning of my life. >> steve: she really does even show they lives in malibu, california with her husband. big viewers. they're watching right now. good morning to you. >> brian: that hormone replacement stuff, i had her on the radio yesterday, people go crazy for it. she also can't walk around the halls without people going hey, i'm feeling this or that. >> elisabeth: right, 'cause she looks and sounds great. the statistics are so interesting when it comes to prevention. something you might want to check out. >> brian: human beings want to live longer. >> elisabeth: this morning, the president tries again to sell obamacare to a group at a college in maryland. this after taking a 21-hour speech on the floor. >> steve: steve centanni. what can we expect today? >> good morning. the senate is on track now to
4:02 am
restore funding for obamacare. then send their bill back to the house. even though chances are slim in the near term, some still have hopes obamacare can be changed. >> we don't ultimately win. all i'm being is a realist. what we say is maybe we get rid of the medical devices tax. maybe we get rid of the insurance tax. maybe we get rid of the individual mandate. >> when the senate passed its bill, house speaker john boehner will have little time left to craft a response. one option appears to be a short-term resolution that would fund the government for one week while deciding on the next move. another idea is delaying the start of obamacare for one year. >> totally 100% against. so it's a waste of time. they already had that vote and they're going to have that vote in the senate now and so that's a nonstarter. i think it's really clear that if anything that diminishes the affordable care act is not
4:03 am
anything we're going to support. >> the senate is expected to send its amended bill over to the house no later than saturday. steve, elisabeth, brian, back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: it was reverberateing through the capitol yesterday. senator reid is looking to pick up the pace, they're going to come back on a weekend because this thing is going down to the wire. >> elisabeth: maria said it was going to be nice all weekend. >> brian: i know. we didn't tell but that? >> elisabeth: no. >> brian: when we hit these deadlines -- >> steve: maybe not. >> elisabeth: thursday. i have to say, it is actually -- it was nice to see somebody standing up for americans yesterday, 21 hours. i think that's so we all appreciate 'cause we waited for years to see what obamacare is going to cost. now less than a week before it kicks in, just in time, the department of health and human services is revealing the prices
4:04 am
for federally funded insurance plans. so they actually laid it out in terms of platinum gold, silver, bronze, medal, like the olympics. but everybody seems to be losing. if you're 27 and single -- >> steve: okay. so those are the four levels of coverage. >> brian: these are your options. you might want to pick a medal. >> steve: right. obviously the platinum will be the expensive one and the bronze is the cheap one. generally you would think that a young guy would go for the bronze because it's cheaper. i think this is for a 27-year-old female earning $25,000 a year. she would pay about $145 on average per month after she gets a subsidy. the subsidy really is the key. >> elisabeth: right. then it goes on to explain if you're a family of four earning $50,000 a year, you're going to end up paying $282 a month after your tax credit. >> brian: they asked jay carney,
4:05 am
when you talk about older people and younger people, there will be a big difference because when you talk about somebody 27 and younger, a lot of them say, i don't really want insurance. now you have to get insurance. now when you talk about someone older, they are going to be paying a little more, too. they get no tax credit for those making over 46,000. >> steve: right. any individual across the board ho makes more than $46,000 a year, you're not going to get a subsidy. so you're going to wind up paying more. we've got a map as well. it is so confusing. that's the problem. if you listen right now, do you hear the tick, tick, tick, that's the kind of a ticking time bomb because it will be chaotic on october 1 because there are some states where they have -- they're going to run their own exchanges. others are going to be run by the federal government. i believe something like 14 states are going to run their own and the federal government is going to run them in 36. we had the map up where the health premiums will increase by
4:06 am
about 24%. once again, we're talking averages. we got a map. we could put it back up again. we were talking about averages nationwide. but who is average? my family is different than your average. >> elisabeth: exactly. >> brian: my family is a little below average. >> elisabeth: 15 or 16 apps, we'll call it, that they leased. they break it down, but truly there is no mention of the premiums that are in existence right now. there is no comparative shopping. there are no examples of real life situations. there are these broad stroke examples of what people might be paying that has nothing to do with real life, which is a problem. in the young people, two-thirds of the uninsured are under 40 mainly by choice. a lot of the time they don't want it. now they're going to be paying these penalties and the price of health care is going to be on their backs. they're the ones who obama had in his corner when he won the election for the second time. it's really ironic. >> steve: it's not going to work unless the young people sign up because the young people are going to pay more to spread out
4:07 am
the cost. that's going to supposedly bend down the cost curve. but what we've seen, looks like the cost curve is going to go up. >> brian: you can not force a private company to get into these exchanges. if they all bail out like aetna, united has done in a lot of states, next thing you know, they'll only have one option of the it's going to be a federal option, a nationalized health care system because none of the private sector wants to get involved and only the very rich people will be able to afford those private insurances. >> steve: that's kind of the subterfuge is a lot of people are saying that's the ultimate end game for president obama and the democrats is a single payer where the government pays for everything. >> brian: they've already vilified the insurance companies. >> steve: the other thing to worry about is on october 1st when all these exchanges kick in. look for gigantic software glitches. you're going to be able to go on-line and you're going to be -- because there are so many variables, where you live, how much you make. >> elisabeth: you're right. >> steve: preexisting stuff.
4:08 am
the software has got to communicate across all sorts of institutions. it's got to go through hhs, irs, medicare, state-run exchanges, private insurers, and then the employer software system. so if you think that it's going to go smooth on october the 1st where those machines try to figure out, okay, what is your rate, it ain't going to be easy. >> elisabeth: the district of columbia said mid november they won't be able to run any of these numbers on-line because they're on error control already. we're looking at a week away. it's not good. >> brian: heather, as a nation, we should promise not to get sick until they figure this whole thing out. untear your hamstring. >> right. we've got headlines to bring you and dramatic new video has just been released by the f.b.i it shows the navy yard killer in the act. aaron alexis armed with a sawed off shotgun peeking around corners, looking for someone to ambush. next he moves down the stairs, sees some people and then ducks
4:09 am
behind a wall. the f.b.i. also revealing a letter that he left behind. it said, quote, extremely low frequency attack is what i've been subject to for the last three months. to be perfectly honest, this is what has driven me to do this. by the way, that attack he's talking about is old communication system that the navy used to use. by the way, we should mention that the department of defense is furious that the f.b.i. released this video, calling it gratuitous. former san diego charger paul oliver is dead this morning. the 29-year-old took his own life. he was found at his home in marietta, georgia, with a self inflicted gunshot wound of the he played four seasons with the chargers and was last on the field in 2011. he leaves behind a wife and two children. u.s. military equipment from libya is much worse than originally thought. fox news now confirming that hundreds more w now in the hands of militia groups that are aligned with terror groups
4:10 am
and the muslim brotherhood. this equipment was used for training by the u.s. special forces. the training team has since been pulled from that country. >> it's a big deal. any time you talk about pilfering of u.s. weaponry by militias or groups that don't have our interests at heart. it's not the first time it's happened. probable lea won't be the last because we don't seem to learn from past examples. >> now there are major concerns that those weapons could be used to attack american convoys. lot of equipment there. also, talk about being in the danger zone, a pilot from argentina performs a dangerous fly by at a base in antarctica. take a look at this. can you imagine? didn't even see the people drop to the ground. can you imagine that? the pilot flying way too close to those folks standing around. some people nearly knocked off
4:11 am
their feet. wow. you didn't know that was coming, that would be very, very scary. those are your headlines. >> brian: what would you do if your high school football coach, and you found out your kids weren't studying and not even attending school, then you find out they were acting like the big kids on campus and bullying, sometimes in person and sometimes cyber bullying. what would you do as a coach? a strict reprimand? maybe make them run extra? not for this coach or team. >> steve: the guy's name is matt labrun. he is the coach out in roosevelt, utah at union high school and what did, he didn't like the direction the kids were taking. so he suspended the entire team! watch. >> it's an honor to put on your school jersey and i think sometimes we lose that fact that in this world of me, me, me, we're representing the whole school, the whole community. >> steve: so when they sent the letter that suspended the whole team, it also said the game is
4:12 am
still on for this friday. here is how we can get back on. >> brian: community service. >> elisabeth: giving back. not a bad idea actually. in an age where accountability seems to be diminishing, to make 79 people actually look at each other and one that maybe had the offensive action and say i'm responsible for you, you're responsible pour me. and a coach willing to be courageous enough to take them off field, i think it's a great idea. >> brian: i'd be curious to see if the parents are in lock step with the coach because some of the parents have good kids that had nothing to do with this stuff and they're forced to suffer. but i think in the big picture, you should be responsible. you should be self-governing at every age, especially in high school. and the last thing you need is the big-time football player in school acting like the big guy on campus. >> steve: you're talking about a team. team work, we're all in this together. one bad appear 8 -- i read one report from one parent who said in the beginning, i thought it was a good idea. but the more i learned about it
4:13 am
and the fact that they're doing community service and they are writing reports about being better people, the parent likes it. >> brian: or you could find out the guys, or write us right now. do you find out the guy that are doing the bullying, that are skipping the school and suspend them, or do you do what the coach did and get rid of the whole team until they straightened out their act? >> steve: e-mail us. meanwhile, no deal in washington, d.c. means the government could shut down on tuesday and if there is one thing the stock markets hate, it's uncertainty. charlie gasparino on deck with what's happening to your 401(k) this morning. good morning to you, charlie. >> elisabeth: and they couldn't out how crooks kept breaking into their house until they set up a hidden camera. take a look. you'll see how this ended. ♪ ho ho ho
4:14 am
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>> steve: stocks sliding in anticipation of the weekly jobless numbers set to be released in just about a little over an hour from right now. so is bad news on the way from our department of labor? fox business senior correspondent charles gasparino joins us now. are you trying to look like eric bolling with no neck tie? >> no, he's trying to look like me. no, i forgot my tie. >> steve: really? >> yes. >> steve: so you're fit to be tied. >> yes. late night last night. >> steve: we won't go into that. a lot of people are concerned about the jobless number comes out in about an hour and 13 minutes for right now. what are people saying? >> it's going to be worse than last month only because there was that statistical glitch. remember, there was some problem in california. it will be worse. but here is the thing, the markets may trade or may not
4:18 am
trade on this. the main thing people are looking at in this economy in terms of the jobless aspect is the fed. the fed is continuing to print money. why is that? because they see stuff in data, not just this, but other stuff that they don't like. this is a very weak labor market. the reason why they're continuing to print, i believe, is not that it's weak, they're worrying about us going into recession if they don't keep printing because you have obamacare, a lot of head winds coming up, higher taxes. >> steve: also as i was watching the stock market over the last week or so, every time there was news about the showdown, what's going to happen, is the government -- >> they don't like that. >> steve: the stock market goes up, it goes down. >> i don't know. one thing about stock trading, a lot of them are dumb. they trade off of basic headlines. they don't look long-term. obviously they're going to come to some sort of deal. i don't think we'll default on our dent. but long-term you have to ask why would you buy this market or why not? you buy it if the fed keeps printing money 'cause that's the one thing that is working right now in the economy and it looks
4:19 am
like they're going to keep printing money. >> steve: sure. you live here in new york city. you know that we've got the united nations general assembly that screwed up the traffic and a couple nights ago, tuesday night, at the waldorf astoria, it looks like the president had a fund-raiser for the dnc. tickets, so you could get a picture for your family with the president, tickets 5,000 bucks. last time they did something like that in 2011, tickets were $10,000. looks like fire sales for presidential photographs. >> this is kind of a funny story. i think there is something serious here. it's directly correlated, i believe, to the economy. and his approval or disapproval rating. if you notice, the disapproval ratings are going up. this is a president that he's up against congress, which is hated even more. but he's not doing anything so great and i'll tell you, i think the luster is wearing off on this guy only two years after winning the election. >> steve: you also have to remember that the people who can afford to pay $5,000 for a
4:20 am
photograph, they saw their taxes go up. >> absolutely. if you're going to commit class warfare, don't expect the people you're attacking to give you money. >> steve: stay classy, charles. i bet he'll have a neck tie on later today. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, this might look like part of an everyday key pad, but it's not. it's actually a sticker that thieves are using to steal your pin number. the latest ways crooks are hacking into your accounts coming up. then it's the hottest song on the radio right now and we've got the song of the blurred lines music video on our curvy couch. there she is with liz. hey, hey, hey
4:21 am
4:22 am
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4:24 am
>> elisabeth: welcome back. it's time for the news by the numbers. first, $67 million. that's how much our auditors are saying are missing from an irs slush fund. next, three cents. that's how much the postal service wants to raise the cost of mailing a letter. that would raise the price of a first class stamp to 49 cents. and finally, $10. that will be the minimum wage in california by 2016. governor jerry brown signed a bill into law wednesday. the increase will take place gradually over the next two years. ♪ >> brian: all right. she's the girl who caught everyone's eye in the video that's a smash hit. it's called "blurred lines." i don't know if you heard about it. >> steve: i have. who hasn't? who is that girl in joining us now here on the curvy couch is model and actress emily
4:25 am
ratakowski. >> good job. >> steve: how are you? >> i'm doing great. it's early, but i feel good. i have coffee. >> brian: were you out last night? >> no. i had a nice dinner. no, i was in bed at an early time. but it's still a little rough. i don't know if we could switch jobs. >> steve: probably not. we would have blurred lines. congratulations. this song was named song of the summer. everybody seems to be playing it. how did you get picked to be the girl in the video? >> it's an interesting story because i didn't go on a casting for it actually. i just got a call and initially turned it down because it sounded a little crazy. >> steve: you've only done one before? >> yeah. and i just shot that, which is funny 'cause it came out after "blurred lines," which was interesting. so complicated, my life. but i turned it down and then i met with the director, diane
4:26 am
martel, who is incredible. she sort of convinced me of it. >> steve: she talked you into it? >> yeah, kind of. she explained the concept a little bit better. >> elisabeth: no regrets. >> no. >> brian: what was it about the description that made you think to yourself, i got to rethink this or i should probably pass? >> i think nudity in a music video, as we've come to know it sounds pretty extreme. i think the silliness that diane talked about and directed us to do was really the crucial thing that made me decide to be in the video. >> elisabeth: it didn't seem so riskue? >> yeah. and i liked the idea and the message that she kind of wanted to get across. >> elisabeth: are you nervous? >> no. i'm not nervous. maybe i should be. i don't know. i had a great audition experience and i'm just looking forward to work with such talented and experienced people. >> brian: and famous and established. what about your global upbringing prepared you for this type of success, because i rare went from massapequa to
4:27 am
massapequa park. you were truly global. your parents, britain and poland? >> yeah. i was born in britain because my mom is an english professor. so she was teaching there at fulbright. my parents are kind of hippies. my dad is painter and my mom is an english professor. i studied art in ucla for one year before i decided to do this. >> steve: i understand your ultimate goal, you want to become your own entity and brand. >> yeah. i think a lot of people have been asking me, like so are you a model? are you an actress? which one are you crafting over? are you going to do both? i want to be the kind of person who you say emily is on this project versus oh, the model -- >> steve: you want to blur the lines. >> yeah, that's what i'm trying to do. i think it's happening a lot more now. i'm excited. >> brian: like pele or cher? are you going to choose one name?
4:28 am
>> i haven't gotten into like the ultimate ego thing yet. that might come later. >> elisabeth: no, no, no. >> yeah. i like emily ratakowski. >> elisabeth: we like you, too. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> elisabeth: pop in and say hey on twitter. >> steve: stop by any time. >> thank you. >> brian: aren't sick of the song, are you? >> i hear it a lot. >> brian: good job. coming up on this show, this story had so many of you fired up, a kid in trouble at school for playing with a toy gun in his own yard. now there is a big update and you won't like it. >> elisabeth: oh, no. and they couldn't figure out how crooks kept breaking into their house. wait until you see what happened when this family set up a hidden camera [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
4:29 am
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>> what's up? >> not much. #chillen, is it friday yet? >> hey, check it out. i brought you some cookies. hash tag home made. #, show me the cookie. >> #, don't mind if i don't. pretty good. #, getting my cookie on.
4:33 am
>> #is it worth it? >> guys? >> what's up? >> hash tag, shut (bleep bleep (up. >> elisabeth: hash tag bleep. >> steve: do you know what hash tag means? if you're on twitter, when you hash tag a word, then it will trend. so the more words that are hash tagged, like better with friends, the more they show up. >> brian: are you trying to lead the audience? >> steve: yes. >> elisabeth: like hash tag better with heather nauert. >> brian: could we do that right now? can we ask the audience now to trend us for the first time? >> steve: we've been doing that since she started. >> brian: let's do it right now. >> elisabeth: let's start it over. #better with friends.
4:34 am
#heathernauert. >> brian: i love that. >> my mom would be calling me asking me what this hash tag thing is. thank you. >> steve: hash tag? >> what is it? okay. got news to bring you. a manhunt still underway this morning for this guy. he's accused of opening fire inside a lighting fixture company on long island, new york. police say he killed a former co-worker and wound his forger boss over an apparent business deal gone bad. police believe he's driving a white 2008 honda pilot. anyone with information, please call 911. an update to a story that we were following on "fox & friends." three 7th graders getting into trouble at school for firing toy guns in one of their own front yards while waiting for the school bus. we learned they were suspended for the entire school year. their parents are naturally outraged by this. >> i'm more than angry right now. >> he was at home.
4:35 am
he didn't leave. they're saying they have to protect all the other children in the neighborhood. >> these were air soft guns. a hearing will be held in january to determine if the boys can return to school earlier. it could happen to anyone. a thief breaking into your home. but a woman in massachusetts taking matters into other own hands after one too many break-ins. she set up a camera and caught a would-be burglar in the act. you can see him squeezing his way through the tiny window opening. oh, my gosh what, a tiny waist! that's right next to the air conditioning unit! look at that! he spotted the camera and then took off without taking anything. what a dope. he looked right at it. police were able to track him down. you think he was on anything at the time? i think there is a good bet on that. then this, an incredible rescue caught on camera after an apartment complex goes up in flames.
4:36 am
firefighters in tennessee rushing to rescue that little boy right there. he was dropped down to officers from a second story balcony. four other people made it out safely. that fire, they say, started from a lit cigarette. so dangerous. 36 minutes after the hour. let's head back to you all. >> steve: thank you very much. kimberly says loving the hash tags on "fox & friends." rob dawson, life is #better with friends. ruth says, it's a great morning, #better with friends. just a lot of hash tagging. >> brian: we got a trend. so we need more people. >> steve: all right. we got somebody out on the streets of new york city. maria molina, as you can see right there, 48th and 6th avenue, good morning to you, weather gal. >> good morning #beautiful day in new york city. good morning. hello, everyone. let's look at the weather conditions across the country. we want to start out specifically across the northwest. this is where we have a brand-new storm system that has some pretty chilly temperatures associated with it.
4:37 am
that means that precipitation coming down is going to come down in the form of snow and quite significant, one to two feet expected. that snow should continue into tonight and it could actually make it down. otherwise farther to the east, look how quiet the weather picture looks across the center of the country. there is not one spot of rain anywhere from parts of minnesota all the way down to texas. so it's going to be a beautiful day out here. we do have some early morning fog in sections of the great lakes and parts of the tennessee valley. so it's something to keep an eye out for as you drive to work early this morning. otherwise florida, you are drying out finally. we've had a number of flood warnings and watches in effect because of the heavy rain. temperatures in texas, 90s, 87 for your high in kansas city. in northeast, beautiful weather. temperatures in the 70s. let's head to brian. >> brian: thanks. called one fortunate greatest comebacks in sports history, has a lot to do with the water.
4:38 am
oracle team usa rises to the occasion. it was a winner take all race in san francisco. we were the red bull people. after three lead changes, team usa sailed away with the victory. get it? the american team won eight races in a row to win the cup and they wasted champagne. a great reason to celebrate. everyone grab one. the braves-brewers game got ugly early. carlos gomez hits a solo. he does not let him get to home plate. benches clear. this is the third time this season the braves have been involved with a skirmish and they thought an opposing player celebrated too much after hitting a homer? are we sensitive hash tag? meanwhile, he was on the move -- he has the moves on the basketball court. now basketball star irving for the cleveland cavaliers has a dance-off with student while visiting a south african school. look at that! he was in the country in august
4:39 am
as part of an educational program supported by unicef. coming up on kilmeade and friends, elisabeth hasselbeck, who i've not really met yet, will make an appearance on radio, along with steve doocy, who also seems nice. jeff benedict will talk about corruption in college sports and shannon breen will not talk about that, coming up between 9 and noon. >> elisabeth: that's right. if you're nice to us, we'll still come. >> brian: you might not come? >> elisabeth: you never know. intense new film takes us back to one of the hardest times in our nation's history. >> live with my family in new york 'til the day i was deceived. kidnapped. sold into slavery. >> how you feel now? >> elisabeth: the details on that movie and it's getting oscar buzz already?
4:40 am
>> steve: tremendous amount of oscar buzz. >> even after seeing the movie, i still get chills. it was hailed as a masterpiece, it won the top prize, people's choice awards. it's based on the true story of a free man living in saratoga, new york. he's conned and lured to washington where he has too much to drink with two guys and wakes up the next morning in chains and sold into slavery where his 12-year ordeal begins. the movie is haunting. it will stay with us. it's very intense. we caught up with the cast and asked them about the intensity and what it was like and if they were able to shake it off at the end of the day. this is what they had to say. >> we've been with solomon through the experience of being kidnapped and the journey down, the humiliation of being sold, then having to fall from at least a benevolent master to a nightmare of a master. you think, we're going to take a breath now.
4:41 am
but your breath is in a place that screws your mind a little bit. >> yeah. >> so steve did not let you off the hook ever. >> every night i went home, i was thinking about what i had to do the next day and the next week. as we were going through the scenes, i crossed them off. but each scene had to be dealt with with such care and attention that it was -- i was always in them. >> there has not been a lot of movies based on this chapter in america history. if you're looking for a light date night movie, this is not for you. it's intense. >> steve: it's base road true story. >> it's based on a true story and produced by broad pit. he plays -- brad pitt, he plays the abolitionist and works to get him free. >> elisabeth: meaningful film to see. >> very meaningful. >> elisabeth: i love that you get in there with them and really peel back and see what this film is about.
4:42 am
>> she was great. really lovely. >> brian: you get more on the fox light? >> in the fox and follow me on twitter. >> steve: speaking of twitter, hash tag michael at that mara actually came up with the #betterwithfriends. >> brian: how much would it mean to you if it was the number one trending hash tag? >> we need to make it happen. >> brian: coming up straight ahead on our show, it's an ivy league dis. did you know the rotc has been banned from columbia university for 40 years? this morning there is a huge update. >> steve: terrific. and if this were a keypad on an atm, you would just punch in your code, right? but it's really a sticker that thieves are using to steal your money. what you need to know to protect
4:43 am
your cash coming up. #betterwithfriends this is for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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4:46 am
>> steve: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. quick headlines, you may think twice about relying on your phones' map app. a glitch directing drivers in alaska onto an active runway. twice in the last three weeks, people have been following the iphone's instructions, crossing the runway to get to the terminal on the other side. don't do it. and the daily news reporting columbia university has brought back to their rotc program after a 40-year hiatus. the program was banned in 1969 over student protests over the vietnam war. this monday there will be a celebration on campus welcoming
4:47 am
rotc back to columbia. congratulations. all right. >> elisabeth: good news. all week long we've been showing you just how easy it is for hackers to raid everything from your computer to your home security camera and now we're showing you how they can counterfeit your credit card or debit card without lay ago finger on it. last year counterfeit cards racked up $426 million in fraud. how can you keep yourself from falling victim to hacker? brian krebbs joins us from washington, d.c good morning. >> good morning. >> elisabeth: okay. so there are three ways right now that we're highlighting. what is a contact list card and how do you know if you have one? >> sure. a contact list card is basically a credit or debit card that you can use to pay for something just by waving at it. you don't have to swipe the card. it may have pay safe logo on the back. but essentially it's something that you can use without having to swipe.
4:48 am
just wave it. there have been some fraud attacks against these contact list cards. but i don't think we've seen them anywhere near the scale that we've seen the regular atm skimmers. >> elisabeth: do you have a choice if you have one of these contact list cards? can you opt to not have it? >> i think that depends on your bank. you can certainly ask, you can request that you don't -- if you don't want one to get one that doesn't have the wireless component in it. >> elisabeth: brian, tell me about the skimmers that people are using. are they everywhere? are they easy to get? >> yeah. so no, they're not everywhere, thank god. they're not super easy to get. they're actually pretty expensive. if you run into somebody selling one of these, chances are they're trying to rip you off. essentially a skimmer has got a couple of basic components. it's usually a piece of plastic, a little beveled that fits over the card acceptance slot. it's got some electronics in it designed to steal the information that's stored on the magnetic stripe on the back of
4:49 am
the card. it let's the bad guys take your card and make a new one. then there is a secondary component, usually hidden camera. it might even be imbedded in the actual card overlay slot itself, or it might be on a side panel or a panel just above the pin pad. either way it will be angled toward the pin pad so that they can get a video of you punching in your pin. that's going to be -- it's going to have a time stamp so later they can match up the card swipes with the video. >> elisabeth: that's a double-edged sword. what are the pin pad overlays? how do we stop them? >> these are really tricky. the one you have on the screen now is actually for a gas pump. unless you really know what to look for, you're not going to be able to detect it at gas pumps. the atm pin pad overlay essential israeli a fake pin pad that looks exactly like the real one. it transmits your -- it records your pin press, but also transmits them down to the real
4:50 am
pin pads. the thief comes and takes the fake overlay off and they've got your pin. >> elisabeth: oh, great. obviously if you have a credit card, you can look into it. a debit card, you're out of luck, right? is there a difference? >> with a credit card, if you didn't make the charge, you're a victim of fraud and say i didn't make the charge, take this off my bill. if you're an atm skimmer victim, chances are you'll be out money, some of your payments will bounce or something like that. people need to keep a really close eye on their accounts and look for signs of fraud. >> elisabeth: i'll be try to go pin off all the pads. >> it's really hard. >> elisabeth: thank you so much for the info. heads up now. hey, it's that thing that keeps the country moving forward. but john stossel says the government hates it because they can't regulate it. he's here to tell us what it is. then how much should you know about a company before you apply? >> they worked at "fox & friends." what publicist did you work for? >> i can't remember.
4:51 am
>> do you know samantha? >> no. >> brian kilmeade? >> never heard of him. >> elisabeth: we've got real life examples of what 20 somethings are doing wrong and cheryl casone's expert advice up next arsigned to draw crowds. others are designed to leave them behind. ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. the all-new 2014 lexus is. would you rather be watching a bobber than the tv. then you belong at bass pro shops for big savings. like your choice of these crew and flannel shirts - 2 for $22. and this new 4 megapixel game camera for under $70.
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4:54 am
>> brian: last month millenials saw their unemployment jump from 11.6% to 11.8%. not good. and there is no indication that that number is going down any time soon. so what can those people that have a job do to keep their job? cheryl casone is here with some common mistakes to avoid for the next generation of great workers. >> good morning. yes. a lot of people, especially when they're first turning out, the millenials, that's what we're focusing on this week -- don't realize you have to have a great network in place. but you got to have that for the interview. mirror is an example of what not to do.
4:55 am
>> you worked at "fox & friends." what publicist did you work for? >> gosh, i can't remember. >> do you know samantha? >> no. >> brian kilmeade? >> never heard of him. >> brian: that hurts. [ laughter ] >> yeah. you're like the rodney daingerfield at fox. she doesn't have a network. it's not about having a small network of friends or a few contacts or knowing a lot of people. you can know 50 people and not know much about them. you have to have a solid network of contacts. people you can either do sales calls for or potential clients or just people that are in the industry that you're in. but you've got to have a strong network. >> brian: the way you build that is do things for them. >> you should absolutely be getting your butt kicked at work. this is what i mean. >> what makes you think you can get away with this? worst script ever. terrible. fix it. >> god. >> are you kidding me? this script is totally fine. >> brian: you did not like the
4:56 am
response? >> seriously, you should be especially in your 20s, you should be getting your butt kicked at work. it's invaluable. some of the toughest bosses i ever had are people that shaped my career. >> brian: you say don't quit. also it's more than a take responsibility for your mistakes. >> that's my favorite. >> the reason i brought you in today, i've been noticing a loft mistakes. what is going on? >> that wasn't my fault. why am i getting in trouble? i gave it to marie! >> i love someone that's willing to take responsibility for their mistakes. if you're that person, you're going to be a star in your office. don't lie. don't try to get out of it or blame somebody else. take responsibility. >> brian: how do we get ahold of you? >> millenials, if you've got e-mails for tomorrow, e-mail me. we're going to be answering some millenial questions. we've been getting them throughout the week. we want to help everybody out.
4:57 am
>> brian: thank you very much. coming up straight ahead, great series. developing story this hour. a passenger jet left flying on auto pilot when both pilots fell asleep at the controls. breaking details next ♪ man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side. it's so much better that way. [ male announcer ] have the right partner at your side.
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> elisabeth: good morning. today is thursday, september 26. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. t minus five days before obamacare kicks in and the government has just released a cost of new insurance plans. what you're going to owe the government if your employer drops your coverage coming up. >> steve: meanwhile, a fox news alert. this is your captain sleeping. breaking details on the two pilots caught asleep at the controls with hundreds of passengers on board not knowing their pilots were asleep. >> brian: and caught on camera, a dramatic rescue, a toddler trapped inside a burning
5:01 am
building. what's even more incredible, her eight-year-old brother is the hero. "fox & friends" final hour unless hemmer and mccallum oversleep, starts now. >> hi, everybody. i'm bruce jenner and you are watching the best show on television, "fox & friends". >> steve: thank you very much. when you say final hour, it sounds like we're about to get canceled. we were just talking about how since elisabeth came on and we got the brand-new set, we've had this hash tag on twitter called hash tag betterwithfriends. we were trying earlier to get it to trend nationwide and as we zoom in to this, this is a trends map. the number one trending item, #betterwithfriends. >> brian: wow. you had a request, elisabeth. >> elisabeth: yes, i think we should try to see if we can keep that going and keep it cruising.
5:02 am
#cruz. >> steve: #let's light this candle. >> brian: that would be great. please, thank you very much for trending us. keep us trending. >> steve: hash tag us. >> brian: straight ahead, this morning the president made a final pitch for obamacare in a community college in colorado. excuse me, in maryland. this after ted cruz's 21-hour marathon speech on the senate floor. so what's next for the bill and who is funding the government? anybody? steve centanni fully funded, is live in washington. >> let's hope so. with the clock ticking toward a government shutdown, the senate is moving ahead with its version of a funding bill, one that leaves obamacare untouched. but even though health care spending remains in place for now, some still have hopes obamacare can be changed. >> maybe we don't ultimately win. all i'm being is a realist. but what we say is, maybe we get rid of the medical devices tax. maybe we get rid of the insurance tax. maybe we get rid of the individual mandate.
5:03 am
>> when the senate passes its bill, house speaker john boehner will then have little time left to craft his response. one option appears to be a short-term resolution that would kick the can down the road for one week while deciding on the next move. but the house minority leader says any attempt to change obamacare is dead on arrival. >> totally, 100% against. so it's a waste of time. they already had that vote. they're going to have that vote in the senate now and so that's a nonstarter. i think it's really clear that if anything that diminishes the affordable care act is not something we're going to support. >> the senate is expected to send its amended bill over to the house no later than saturday. brian? >> brian: thanks a lot, steve. you talk about bringsmanship. the obamacare -- okay, we're not going to fund that. but will there be any give at all from the senate? are they going to give in on the medical device tax? >> steve: don't count on
5:04 am
anything happening. >> brian: republicans then have their own private stake. they say, we got nothing for all this posture? >> steve: maybe when it comes time to talk about the debt ceiling. there are a number of prominent conservatives saying this thing is a stink bomb. let it go into effect on october 1st and just until the next election, people will see how awful it is and they'll boot it out. they'll have to change it in some measure. >> elisabeth: the good news is with only less than five days to go issues we're finally getting some information. so we have what's known as the four levels of covgovernment ise suggesting and offering a. bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. all have obviously variying deductibles and co-pays. we'll look at two silver options to give you some insight. >> brian: it's going to change depending on where the -- the state you're in and where you live in that state. in new york, if you live in it,
5:05 am
this aca, you'll pay more than those in new york city. i don't know why. those earning $25,000, they estimate that you should prepare to write checks for $145 per month. that's after tax credits, which means you might not get it back until you get your refund. >> steve: keep in mind, these are just averages because they're going to be different for everybody, depending on whatever this software that they're developing is going to go on-line in a couple of days. it's not working so far in a number of places. >> brian: did they bang the side? >> steve: come on. if you're a family of four, you earn about $50,000 a year, you will pay $282 a month after the tax credits. now, here is the thing. the older you are and the more you earn, the more you pay because you won't wind up with any tax credits because if you make over $46,000 a year as an individual, you're not going to get a break from the government.
5:06 am
here is the other thing. the manhattan institute looked at this data that was released by the federal government yesterday. what they did was they compared the five cheapest plans on the market today with the five plans available under obamacare. what they're projecting is if you are a young guy, 27 years old, younger men's rates will go up between 97 and 99% because keep in mind, a lot of them don't have it right now. they don't need it. younger women's rates will go up 55 to 62%. if you're in north carolina, manhattan institute says your rates will triple if you're a woman and if you're a guy, they will quadruple. good luck starting october 1st. >> elisabeth: truly up to this point we've had more information about the newest version of the iphone. infuriating. in the 16 pages, there is no mention of seniors, what they're going to be facing come obamacare day next tuesday. and with the young americans that you mentioned, they're going to be footing the bill for
5:07 am
everyone. two-thirds of those without insurance right now are in that younger set. and primarily because they don't feel like they need it. but now they're going to be paying for the majority of the people, for the majority of their lives moving forward. last night karl rove had something to say about that on greta. >> the penalty is $95. so how many young people are going to be enthusiastic about going out and signing up for insurance prematurely if they know that hey, if they never need insurance next year, their penalty will be 95 bucks when they pay their taxes in 2015, or if they do get sick, they can go out and immediately apply under the obamacare law and not be denied immediate coverage because of no preexisting coverage. that's why the government is so hyped up about trying to get younger people to sign up because one, they're afraid if they don't get them at the beginning, it will be harder to get them later o. second of all, the economics of obamacare require them to get younger,
5:08 am
healthier workers who under the law are required to pay more than they would otherwise pay in order to subsidize the coverage for older, less healthy workers. >> brian: listen to this, having said that, the younger people, older people, do you know they were given 360 million in health and human services division said, explain to everyone what obamacare is. do you know they have lost 67 million? they can't find $67 million! >> steve: she's got it in her news headlines. she had it at 6:00 o'clock. and she's up in just a minute. as you think about what things are going to look like, with all these state exchanges and the federal exchange and your age, your income and stuff like that, a preview of coming attractions could be if you look at medicare where the government tries to administer 10,000 different prices in 3,000 different counties, and how is that working out? if you look at medicaid, it is
5:09 am
the worst medicine in the united states. you've got so many doctors who are opting out, won't even take it. is that a preview of coming attractions? hope not 'cause it's awful. >> elisabeth: especially after you were thinking about it. here is what you're seeing on facebook. cindy says, 100% increase in premium on our health insurance and received a letter last month that our insurance will not be available until after 2014. >> brian: welcome to obamacare. mike says this, my wife works 45 hours a week part-time. was just told she will get cut down to 29.5 hours a week. >> steve: that means their insurance is gone. stephanie says, our insurance went up over 700 bucks a month for our small family of three. we'd love to hear from you, your stories about how obamacare is going to impact your family. e-mail us or twitter us. >> brian: or? >> steve: hash tag us.
5:10 am
>> brian: i like this. >> steve: we saw her a moment ago, she's been standing patiently there with the headlines. >> just waiting. good morning to you. ten minutes after the hour. we begin your headlines with an alarming development to tell you about this morning. a new report just released says that two pilots fluid an air bus a 330 fell asleep behind the controls at the very same time. this plane was packed with passengers, more than 300 of them. it was left on auto pilot for who knows how long. this reportedly happened last month on a flight headed to england and is now just coming to light. both pilots say they just had two hours of sleep -- excuse me, five hours of sleep a night. wow. the name of the airline has not been released yet. but we'll keep watching for that one. then there is dramatic new video that the f.b.i. just leased. it shows the navy yard killer in the act. aaron alexis armed with a sawed off shotgun, peeking around the
5:11 am
corners, looking for someone to ambush. then next, he moves down the stairs, sees people and ducks behind a wall. the f.b.i. also revealing the delusional messages that he left behind. one said, quote, extremely low frequency attack is what i've been subject for for the last three months. to be perfectly honest, this is what has driven me to this. the department of defense is furious that the f.b.i. has released this video. paul oliver is dead this morning. the 29-year-old taking his own life. he was found in his home in marietta, georgia, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he played four seasons for the chargers and last on the field in 2011. he leaves behind a wife and two children. an incredible rescue caught on a firefighter's helmet cam after an apartment building goes up in flames.
5:12 am
that is a little toddler trapped. he was dropped down to police from a second story balcony. her eight-year-old brother is being called a hero. listen to what he did. he went door to door telling people to get out of that building. that fire, by the way, started from a lit cigarette. so dangerous. what a great little brother. what a hero. seriously. >> brian: thank you. coming up straight ahead in our final hour, unless you know different, first he made them wear pink. now he makes them eat vegetables. >> they may not like it, i'm sure they don't like it, but you know what? they don't like it, don't go to jail. >> brian: why america is forcing them to go vegetarian. >> elisabeth: and new technology, is it a good thing? we think so. john stossel says not for the government. why they're actually trying to slow things down. >> steve: come on over.
5:13 am
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in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. >> steve: technology is a good thing, right? when it comes to consumers, sure. but john stossel says the government hates technology. he joins us live. >> brian: how could that be? >> the government hates everything that they don't get permission to. so they're passing 1,000 new rules every week so the beauty of the technology we got, silicon valley, seattle, microsoft is, farthest capitol from washington, d.c., no accident. now the 3d printers show that, gee, maybe gun control, all these laws we passed, they don't matter 'cause now you can make them at home and that drives the
5:17 am
regulators crazy. >> elisabeth: this is interesting, cody wilson, you mentioned the 3d printer, tell us about this. >> he posts the specs on the internet. the state department orders him to take them down and he does. by then they've been downloaded 100,000 times. we go and ask, why are you doing this? and he says, look, i just want to show the cat is out of the bag. they can't regulate guns anymore. they ought to get used to it. >> steve: that's a problem with technology because if somebody invents something brand-new, the government hasn't had a time to regulate it. >> in europe they have something called the precautionary principle. which sounds good. don't do anything unless you're sure it's safe. but it also means don't do anything for the first time and that kills. >> brian: you're saying is that the premise of like it kills the incentive to be innovative? >> also you're not allowed to do it legally unless you kiss the regulator's ring. >> brian: or grease them. >> or grease them, yeah. >> elisabeth: or they can't do it as well. we're seeing that web site for
5:18 am
obamacare, they can't function yet when it's set to take effect on tuesday. >> right. that's not regulated. that's just government and new things often. >> steve: speaking of government, you refer to public schools as government schools. you think that america's kids would be better served if they got out of the government schools and into private schools via vouchers. >> i've been campaigning for that and that's why teachers unions protested outside my office sometimes. think about it. why do we call them public schools? can you just walk in? a private supermarket is much more open to the public than a public school. and the beauty of competition, everywhere else in life, the reason you're good at "fox & friends" and we have a new couch is because we're competing against people. but government schools, no matter how bad they get, they never close them. now at least we have some charter schools, some competition. that will make things better. >> elisabeth: even in the public schools, they're unschooling. they're saying, 9 plus 3 couldn't be 11, depends how you get there. we've got common core.
5:19 am
>> and there are these experiments and now they want to unify everything. how can you improve unless there are alternatives and a parent can say, hey, that kid is learning more than my kid. i want to switch. >> brian: you talk about being protested, i don't believe it. so you brought some tape with you. this is stossel being welcomed? >> steve: not really. >> hundreds of union teachers once showed up outside my office to shout, shame on me, because i question union rules. why have tenure? most professions don't have tenure. now a school reform movement has spread to other countries and unions there don't like it either. >> let me hear your voice! >> steve: that's the problem with speaking the truth. >> experiments are blossoming outside the union and the bureaucracy that resists. >> brian: right. i've never had 100 people chant shaman. >> 600. >> brian: you'll tell us in the break what that's like.
5:20 am
>> it's on my show tonight. >> brian: we can watch you tonight with more people chanting anti-stossel slogans at 9:00 o'clock on the fox business channel. coming up straight ahead on our show, what happens to your kids if anything happens to you? bob massi is reaching into his mail bag to answer your three most asked questions. >> elisabeth: they're important ones. o. j. simpson may be in prison, but he's not staying out of trouble and you can not make this up. he's caught with his hand in the cookie jar, literally
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines. secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to meet with iran's
5:24 am
top man today. it will be historic. the highest level meeting between our two nations in decades. on the agenda, iran's nuclear program, which they deny having. and looking at the work of a serial arsonist. los angeles fire department says at least two were started inside trash cans. one spread to a nearby building. a suspect taken into custody this morning of the the words are gone, so elisabeth is on. >> elisabeth: thanks, brian. he's back to answer your most frequently asked legal questions. bob massi joins us with the dos and don'ts and details of picking a guardian for your children should something happen to you? a tough topic and you're joining us from vegas today. we don't want to gamble in terms of the future of our kids should anything happen. >> that's true. >> elisabeth: how do you even begin choosing someone? what do you need to take into consideration? >> one thing that young couples have to understand is when they have children, they need to understand that god forbid, anything should happen, who is going to raise those children if there is a common accident?
5:25 am
how do you want them to be raised? what kind of spirituality religion, education, things like that? although young people should never think about going away at a young age, it's something they should face and it's very important that if they have children, get an estate planning attorney to make up a will and help choose that guardian of those children. >> elisabeth: that's interesting. do you put the same person that you deem as the best person to raise them spiritually as a whole hearted kid in charge of the finances or do you have a checks and balances system there? >> yeah, i mean, i think most people will say, most estate planning lawyers will tell you that many times you want somebody who is educated and understands finances because remember, elisabeth, if you have the guardian of the person and also the estate of that young child and there is life insurance and assets that needs to be liquidate to do raise them and educate them, that puts a lot of money in their hands. generally speaking,
5:26 am
guardianships, even when you put it in your trust, has to be approved by the court. and the court monitors the money to be used. there are certain statutory schemes that have to be followed. but the one message to young couples, i lost my best friend seven years ago in a tragic accident. he was in new mexico with four children. things were set up, thank god, the right way. that's when you learn, when you see that, don't be afraid to face this and get good, sound legal advice, who is raising your child to take care of the money for your children. >> elisabeth: great message for everybody. what if the person you put in first position to take care of your children dies? do you have a back up? >> here is the thing, if you're divorced, the biological noncustodial parent, if the custodial parent dies, that biological mother or father, who did not have custody, always has priority in the eyes of the law. but the court always looks to what is the in best interest of the children.
5:27 am
for example, if the noncustodial parent basically was estranged from the children, never paid child support, the grandparents are basically involved, the court ultimately would look to say yes, we understand that biological parent has priority, but what's in the best interest of the children? those type of things, elisabeth, if you're divorced at a young age and you have minor children, please get those things addressed with a good lawyer that does this kind of work in family law and estate planning law. >> elisabeth: bob, thank you. certainly a great message. tough talk, but something that we need. thanks. >> good working with you, thank you. >> elisabeth: coming up, it's a shocking image. 62 children behind a car and the driver cannot see a single one of them. and that has safety advocates suing the obama administration. we'll explain all that. and he pulled an all nighter on the senate floor with ted cruz. now what? mike lee up next
5:28 am
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>> steve: we are back with a fox news business alert. the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 305,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's less than the week before and lower than expected. we'll have more on the numbers and what they mean to all of us
5:32 am
in a live report. nicole petallides down at the new york stock exchange. a couple minutes from right now. >> brian: that will be interesting. get her analysis. he led the efforts to defund obamacare and spent the entire night on the senate floor alongside senator ted cruz. for inspiration and to ask him questions. during his 21-hour speech, opposing -- i don't know if you heard about this -- obamacare. but will anything come out of the fake filibuster or the pseudo fill buster and will they share the blame if the government shuts down? >> elisabeth: that's right. utah senator mike lee joins us live from d.c good morning. >> good morning. >> elisabeth: long night. you obviously had some heroism in you standing by senator cruz yesterday. what was your motivation there, senator? >> well, i believe strongly in this effort, wanted to assist him in any way that i could. plus i just felt bad for the guy. he has to stand there for 21 hours at a time and especially during those long hours of the night between midnight and 6:00
5:33 am
o'clock in the morning. that's when it's the toughest. there is nobody else around at that point and i wanted to make sure i was there to give him a break. he can jump in from time to time and ask him a question that lasts anywhere from ten seconds to an hour. >> steve: sure. just at the end of that hour, put a question mark on it and that's how it counts. looking at our e-mail and talking to people, a lot of people really admire what you guys did for all those many hours. you knew ahead of time that the numbers weren't on your side, yet you did it anyway. >> yeah, that's right. sometimes you have to continue to make your argument because you don't know which fights you can win until you fight them. sometimes the only assurance you have is that if you don't fight, you will lose. it is very important that we make the argument, every argument we possibly can against obamacare. i keep asking, how many more people will have to lose their jobs because of this law? how many more people will have to be told they're losing their health care or that hear having their hours cut or their wages
5:34 am
cut? so many people across this country, like the 20,000 people who were told last friday by home depot that they're going to lose their health care because of this law? so many people were upset. they need to have these arguments made. it's time to defund this law. >> elisabeth: 19% are willing to, according to recent poll, defund obamacare, even if if t means a government shutdown. >> brian: but most say no. 59% say no. not if it means a government shutdown. >> but look, here is the thing, brian. we all know the government is going to be funded. it will be funded. the only question is whether we fund it with obamacare or without. and what senator cruz and i were trying to do the other night is make the case to the american people that we should do exactly what the house of representatives did. under the leadership of speaker john boehner, the house passed a continuing resolution that would keep everything in government funded except obamacare. that's what we need to do. we need to protect the people from this harmful law. >> steve: do you know what the house is going to do?
5:35 am
obviously harry reid will strip out the defunding part and kick it back to the house. then the meter is running up against the october 1 deadline. >> yeah, that's right. nobody knows for sure what the house will do next. what i'm encouraging my house colleagues to do and what i'm hearing are many are encouraging their leadership to do is stand by what they've done and to figure out different ways of defunning obamacare. we want to keep the government funded while stopping this harmful law. >> brian: john mccain is among your critics. he felt he was called out on one of the many hours of words that senator cruz put out there. he said he was upset -- that he was accused of not work hard to get it repealed. he said, we fought hard as we could in a fair and honest manner and we lost. but it doesn't mean that we're going to give up our efforts to repair and replace. but it does mean that elections have consequences. essentially saying you don't have the votes. this wasn't the time to get up there and speak. >> i respectfully disagree with him. look, this is a law that has
5:36 am
never enjoyed the support of a majority of americans. and it has become less popular over time rather than more. even since last fall's presidential election, it's become less popular, as people realized what this law is actually going to do and as people realized the president is not going to follow the law as written. in part because as he explains it, the law is not ready to be implemented and he's not going to follow it, we shouldn't fund it. >> steve: senator mike lee from utah. before the other night, when was the last time you pulled an all nighter? >> you know, it's been a while. probably since the campaign. but it happens from time to time. you don't expect to do a whole lot of those. actually no, i had one a few months ago. we had an all night vote session in march. that was a lot of fun. you get a group of 100 senators in a room and you make them stay up all night long and they're really pleasant. everybody is really happy. >> elisabeth: we appreciate you standing up and standing for americans last night and right now we're going to go to someone else standing in here.
5:37 am
thank you. heather nauert with the headlines. >> i bet you guys have better all nighter stories than that one. >> elisabeth: i don't know. >> i bet you do. this next story, elisabeth and i were talking about, we're both suburban moms who can relate to this. if you ask any mom who drives an suv, it is frightening just how little you can see in your rearview mirror. >> look back, ready to go. but wait. >> look behind this car. you will see 62 children. that lady behind the wheel could not see a single one of those kids. so now safety advocates are suing the obama administration. they want the government to force car companies to put rear view cameras in new cars. right now the federal government just recommends it. requiring those cameras would cost between $58 and $203 for the price of each car. file this one under what not
5:38 am
to do when you're transport ago group of inmates. guards in oklahoma leaving eight criminals in a running van while they rushed one inmate inside the hospital because of chest pains. >> got into the vehicle and took off with eight prisoners in their transport vehicle. >> uh-huh. police found those inmates just about two hours later. i wonder where they went. >> steve: take the keys! >> prisoners in arizona are asking where is the beef? america's toughest sheriff is forcing inmates to go vegetarian. sheriff joe arpaio ditching meat from the menu. the new ingredient? soy. >> they may not like it, i'm sure they don't like it. but you know what? they don't like it, don't go to jail. >> how about that tofu? he says cutting meat will save taxpayers $100,000 each year. they put the magic in the magic kingdom. look what happens when this mom
5:39 am
and dad surprised their girls with a trip to disneyland. >> we're going to disneyland again. >> oh, my god! >> oh, honey. we're going again. >> oh, my god. oh, my gosh. >> we're going to disneyland! >> oh, my gosh! >> she's like yeah, whatever. you may remember these cute little girls. we had lily and her mom on three years ago when her parents surprised her with their first trip to disneyland. i remember that. and at the time, her mom was pregnant with little khloe. she's now two years old. let's just keep those little kids away from brian because brian will ruin day for a child. >> brian: she's already crying! i was actually tearing up. i'm confused. you go to disney and you just sob. >> i have one quick story to tell you. we've been talking about better with friends. hash tag better with friends. the top trending story that we
5:40 am
did was better with friends was about that vietnam era veteran who ran 53,000 miles in honor of the men who died in vietnam. that was the top story. >> steve: very nice. thank you hash tag heather. >> elisabeth: o. j. simpson may be in #prison, but he's not staying out of trouble and you can't make this up. he's caught with his hands in the cookie jar literally. >> brian: we just got the weekly jobless numbers. what do they mean to you? more importantly what, does it mean to that woman going by the name nicole petallides? she's down at the stock exchange and she might even walk. >> i love how exciting we make this job. the truth of the matter is, they are really exciting and they came in better than expected this week. it looks like the market is going to have an up arrow this morning, after five straight days of selling what, will turn this market around? we have a lot to talk about, from government shutdowns, to postage stamps on its way up. a lot of topics to hit, coming up after the break [ taps baton ]
5:41 am
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>> steve: got some quick headlines. o. j. simpson busted again. this time for stealing cookies from the prison cafeteria. he was caught hiding more than a dozen oatmeal cookies under his clothes. simpson may want to lay off the dessert. he reportedly now weighs about 300 pounds. >> elisabeth: and do you live in one of the most honest cities in the world? readers digest dropped 192 wallets in major cities to see who would pocket them and return them. the most honest? helsinki, finland. >> brian: i do return things. i steal them inadvertently. now a fox business alert. let's go back to the girl.
5:45 am
>> that's right. business alert. >> elisabeth: the labor department just releasing brand-new jobless numbers. 305,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's less than the week before and lower than expected. >> brian: nicole petallides knows all this. she might even have wrote the open. hey, nicole. does it surprise you? you like those numbers? >> you know what? i like the numbers so far because when you look at them, the four-week moving average has improved. the lowest rate since 2007, since june of 2007. so really sometimes you take the week to week and this week came in better than expected. the big picture is that markets are operating on a lien number a. folks. of course, we all want everybody to have a job. but we are seeing companies doing well, expanding, making money. and at least these numbers are going in the right direction. not fast enough, but they're going in the right direction. >> steve: they are. you just mentioned the markets. as this showdown in dc has been amping up toward the big finale
5:46 am
in a couple of days, i notice one day if there is news about it, it's bad, stock market goes down. if it's good, stock market goes up. >> right. i like how you use the words, finale and showdown because it's so much political posturing. it is so much theatrics. that's what everybody on wall street knows so well. we've had five straight days of selling here on the floor of the exchange. s & p 500. we haven't seen five straight days of selling in the year 2013. so people are nervous. they want to know what's going to happen. this is something that obviously brings them certainty in the market. it's weighing on the market overall. >> brian: the economy is growing 2.5%. in your estimation, if we weren't printing money at the rate we were, would we be growing at close to that rate, which is anemic to many? >> hardly. what you have is the fed basically pumping the money out, printing the money, and keeping everything liquid and giving everybody a false sense of confidence across the board. this is one reason why we hear it doesn't ultimately happen,
5:47 am
because the folks in washington don't necessarily want it to happen. they want to see everything all happy and keep on going. >> brian: elisabeth just take note, we all asked a question. it was my question that stopped her from walking. it stopped her in her spot. >> welcome to emmy awards we're happy to have you on the team. you're doing a why -- great job so far. >> elisabeth: coming up, the greatest comeback in america's cup history up next. the skipper of the team usa here live. >> brian: let's first check in with a guy who grew up on the water. took a lot of fishing and sailing. bill hemmer. >> at the ymca. >> brian: i heard. >> i learned to swim. good morning to three of you. we got a packed show today. with obamacare collapse under the weight of ad about law? leading republican argues that's bound to happen. we're about to see. terrific line - up. senator marco rubio is here,
5:48 am
allen west is here, and watch the calendar 'cause we're wondering about this government shutdown coming up next week. we've got the robot that might take your job. true story. martha and i will see you at the martha and i will see you at the top of the hour on "america's newsroom" edic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep. [announcer] tempur-pedic owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. now each of you can personalize your comfort at the touch of a button with our new tempur-choice. so both of you can get your best night's sleep together.
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>> elisabeth: the greatest comeback in sports history, it seems. >> brian: yeah. that's what they're calling it. all but defeated one week ago, oracle team usa sailed to victory winning the america's cup yesterday. >> steve: i saw this live on tv yesterday. i was cheering out
5:52 am
a lot like formula one where you're always improving the boat, just like those guys are the cars. and i think the most important thing we did was never give up. this is a team that isn't afraid of a challenge. we faced a loft adversity over the past and fought the whole way. >> elisabeth: when did you know victory was yours? did you see it early on just as you came across? >> to be honest, i think it really was until we crossed the finish line yesterday. when you're staring down the barrel at eight one down, it's a long climb back. we took one race at a time. the guys were very, very good at holding their composure and man, we got a real team of fighters here. they just won't give up. >> brian: tell me about the make-up of the team. i understand you got a military spirit through it.
5:53 am
>> it's an incredible team. we have 120 people. designers, marketing. it's a big team. but i tell you what, i'm so proud of this team. they really hung tough. we had a great battle with team new zealand. they put up a great fight. this is going to go down as one of the greatest comebacks ever. >> steve: it was fantastic. they fought for a while to get the race there in san francisco harbor. the condition at the time were very, very challenging. describe what it's like on the boat, because if you're going 60 miles per hour on choppy water making hair pin turns, that's got to scare the living daylights out of you. >> i mean, we've taken a quantum leap in terms of america's cup. what people used to perceive as america's cup, you can throw that out the window. we've got nfl star athletes on the boat. we've got boats that go upwards of 60 miles an hour.
5:54 am
real risk versus reward. you're sail not guilty san francisco bay, which is very, very small. it's great because it's like stadium style, you can hear the crowd cheering. but it's such a rewarding place to sail. it's one of the most beautiful bays, but it's like a set of -- everest is. >> brian: right now what kind investment do you need to get a ship in this race, get a yacht? >> steve: you thinking of buying one? >> brian: i'm talking to elisabeth. tim is making great money on espn. >> elisabeth: he wants to foil. >> you guys should enter a team. look, these boats, they're expensive. the boats themselves are around $10 million. but really the big costs in these, when you've got over 100 people, there are a lot of the budget. but when you look at technology, when you look at what flows from the america's cup into the rest of the sport, it's exciting times now. certainly kids and main stream
5:55 am
america is now bringing guys into the sport because the change it made. also the people who put a lot of resource into the tv, the live graphics. live cameras all over the boat. >> elisabeth: you made it exciting for sure. >> brian: one more week of partying and cut it off and get ready for next year. okay? [ laughter ] thanks very much. >> steve: we'll severe that happens. jimmy spittle joining us from san francisco. up next, a high school football coach fed up with a few of his players, suspended the entire team. he says it's teaching character building? what do you think? we'll read some of your text and e-mail. >> brian: #betterwithfriends. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse.
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>> steve: it's our shot of the morning. look at that. we're at yankee stadium. >> elisabeth: coaching. how fun. >> brian: that is so cool behind home plate. that's a rotating -- you didn't glue that on. >> steve: i don't know. i wonder distracting to the batter or the pitcher. >> brian: it hasn't helped the yankees at all. they're out of the playoffs four the second time in 19 years. >> steve: we told you earlier about how this high school coach out in utah suspended his entire team to teach them a lesson in character. we asked you if you thought it was a good idea or did he go too far. >> brian: good idea, says tom. says it's a team sport for a reason, even though not every guy was cyber bullying or skipping school. >> elisabeth: they don't know who. >> brian: right. >> steve: everybody suffered for something one or two people did. >> brian: you saw that, too. john said stick to it. #betterwithfriends, if you can keep it going all day, we can make history together.
6:00 am
>> elisabeth: mike said, #buildteamwork. taking lumps together is part of it. >> steve: listen, this team will be back with you tomorrow, same time, same channel. have a great day. here now, "america's newsroom". fox news alert. could there be a deal in the works to keep the government running while putting pressure on obamacare on the white house. house republicans at this moment meeting behind closed doors. the issue is funding the government for just a week. that would buy lawmakers a bit more time. funding from obamacare from the deadline of next tuesday, october 1st, to thursday october 17th. that is when the government runs out of money and has to raise the debt limit so it can borrow money to pay its bills. you got all that? i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. "america's newsroom." morning at home. martha: food to give yourself a delay on those things, right?


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