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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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i had two "l"'s in there and only one in supercilious. glad you found that. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight the man who stood on the senate floor for 21 hours, 19 minutes ted cruz joins me for an exclusive first television interview since the marathon speech. first his performance has shaken the obama white house including the president himself. the president came out swinging in maryland and resorted to his predictable name-calling saying republicans who were critical of his disastrous health care law were, quote, irresponsible and they were trying to, quote, blackmail him. >> of course the closer we have gotten to this date, the more irresponsible folks who are opposed to the law have become.
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they have made such a big political issue out of this, trying to scare everybody with lies about death panels and killing granny -- [ laughter ] >> right? armageddon. if it actually works, they will look pretty bad. to suggest america not pay its bills, just to try to blackmail a president into giving them some concessions on issues that have nothing to do with the budget. i mean, this is the united states of america. we are not a deadbeat nation. we don't run out on our tab. we don't not pay our note. >> joining me now from washington for his first tv interview since his speech on tuesday night, senator ted cruz. how are you holding up, senator? >> i'm doing great, sean. terrific to join you.
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>> did you get some sleep? >> i did. in fact, you will like this. i went home and took a nap yesterday about 4:00 p.m., got up around 8:45. went and made myself a sandwich, sat down and the first thing i did was watch "hannity" and then greta. >> that's a good schedule. i hope you went back to bed. >> i did go back to bed after that. >> one side note question before we get into the specifics, this is an important issue. you stood for 21 hours, 19 minutes. you're not allowed to eat on the senate floor. not allowed to go to the bathroom either. did you take a steam bath or something before and dehydrate yourself? >> you know, the advice rand gave me beforehand, a couple of things. he said, one, wear comfortable shoes. i didn't wear the boots i usually wear. i bought black tennis shoes which helped. two, he said do not drink much water. the whole time, i just took tiny sips. i think i probably drank less than a glass of water all 21
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hours. that's the only way to make it. >> i lost a lot of sleep myself this week, but for a good cause. i was amazed at how lucid, fluid and articulate you were. you didn't seem to miss a beat. let's start with the president's comments and your reaction. >> i'm glad to see the american people speaking up as they have in overwhelming numbers of getting the president's attention. the comments suggest he's worried, you know, when he's throwing around insults like irrational, blackmail. the first thing i thought is i %9qze)q teamsters was irrational. he wrote a letter to harry reid and pelosi saying he was opposing obamacare. he was speaking on be half of millions of working americans and the families that depend on them because obamacare was
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destroying their health care and destroying is the word james hoffa used. i would ask the president if he's saying everyone criticizing obamacare is irrational if he means to say it about the president of the teamsters. >> interesting question. there are so many aspects of this. the most surprising thing to me as a conservative -- and i'm a registered in new york is the way you were treated by some colleagues. at the end of this 21-hour, 19-minute marathon you had a little back and forth with the majority lead, harry reid. he was offering you another hour seemingly. you had to offer 15 minutes of that to john mccain. as soon as you got off the floor john mccain attacked you. let me play it for you. i want your reaction to this. >> i resoundingly reject that allegation. that allegation, in my view, does a great disservice for those brave americans and those who stood up and said what's
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happening in europe cannot stand. when the ship was turned back and the passengers on the ship were sent directly to the gas chambers. when czechoslovakia fell, many raised their voices. >> you were talking about appeasement. i know what he was referring to. what's your reaction the to that? >> well, look. i respect and admire john mccain. he is a war hero. he's someone who served his country and he suffered in a vietnamese prison. so, you know, i will have nothing for praise for john mccain. i disagree with him on this issue. i respect the man and i respect his service. >> what bothered me more is he seemed to have collaborated with harry reid on this because harry reid was going to give him the 15 minutes. you had a back and forth. i will ask one more and then we'll talk specifics. bob corker today, there seems to
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be anger at you. correct me if i'm wrong. did every senator and every congressman run on the platform they would re peel and re place obamacare? is there anyone who didn't run on that? >> as far as i know, everybody did. twice we have had vote where is all 45 republicans at the time voted against obamacare either to repeal or defund it. >> all right. so there were a lot of symbolic vote s to do that. this is the one that would do it. >> exactly right. >> i hear there are tactical differences. i asked john cornin yesterday. he said if we get elected in 2014 and control the senate then in january 2015. is that what the goal is -- those that disagree with you here? >> the tactical difference, you put uh your finger on it. the difference between wanting to take a symbolic show vote versus standing up on the continuing resolution. this is the hoet vote that4
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matters. it's got to pass. if we stand together. if tomorrow at 12:30, 41 republicans stand together, we can stop harry reid from funding obamacare. right now there are a lot of republicans who are saying they intend to vote with harry reid and the democrats tomorrow to give harry reid the power to fund obamacare. i have to say i disagree with that. what's been happening that encouraging me, sean, is we have over 1.8 million people who signed the national petition on the phones are melting down in the u.s. senate, facebook, twitter and asking senators to vote no on cloture. don't stand with harry reid. don't give reid the power to fund obamacare. it's making a difference. >> the reason you want to vote no on cloture is as soon as you do, harry reid needs just a simple majority to strip out the defunding provision of the house c.r. is that it?
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>> that's exactly right. there are republicans trying to tell constituents that votingmr yes on cloture means you support defunding obamacare. i will just point oung, sean. harry reid will vote yes on cloture. every single democrat will vote yes on cloture. the reason is simple. they know if you get 60 senators to vote yes that harry reid can fund obamacare in its entire uh ti. i think we ought to have all 46 republicans unite. we should stand together with the house republicans as one and say, we don't support obamacare because it is hurting the american people. it's killing jobs, threatening the health care of millions of americans. we are going to stand up and fight. >> i uh i want to ask you about it. first to the exchange with corker of tennessee. i i will follow up then on what you said. let's play that. >> is it more important to the senator from texas and the senator from utah that the people around the country watch this vote or is it more
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important to us that we have a good policy outcome? from our standpoint and actually have a body that has the majority of republican uhs to be able to react and send back something of good policy. this is confusing to me. >> all right. you went back and forth. we didn't air your part. i i want to get to the heart of this. what is bob corker's plan to repealú5l÷ obamacare then? they keep saying this is a tactical difference. when is obamacare repealed under his plan? do you know? >> if he has a plan, i'm not aware of what it is. >> is it that they are angry you're a freshman senator and how dare you fulfill your campaign promise to constituents? i don't see you uh doing anything other than that. why is there resent ment here? this was getting hostile. >> i don't want to speculate about bob corker's motivations coming to the floor, supporting
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harry reid and attacking mike lee which is what he did this afternoon. let me say this generally. a lot of republicans, they have been here a long time. they are beaten down. they're scared that if we stand together on this and if a government shutdown results republicans will be blamed and it is too the politically risky. i think we need to stand for principle and actually stand -q. you know, some of the republicans are telling their constituents they are going to vote for cloture. they are going to vote for giving harry reid the power to fund obamacare but are trying to convince constituents that's a vote against obamacare. if it were harry reid and others in the senate would be voting the same way. >> this is important for the american people to hear. this is about fear of being blamed for au government shutdown. that's it. is it -- fear of the political consequences. they may get blamed. is that what it is? >> i think that's right.
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if you look back at the last four election s, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. three of the last four republicans got clobbered in 2006, 2008 and 12. the only one we did well was 2010 where we stood up and fought. we ran against obamacare. what are a lot of voices in washington saying? we ought to roll over because that's the way to win elections. it's not. you win elections by fighting for the american people, fighting for principle. i hope tomorrow the all 46 republicans come together, even those that said they would vote with harry reid. i hope they listen to constituents and stand together to vote against giving harry reid the power to fund obamacare. >> we'll continue with senator cruz. also tonight, juan williams coming up. first you get to select ebb the video of the day. go to
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welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with senator ted cruz. i'm assuming here, senator, you said you are voicing optimism. my prediction is corker and company won't vot no tomorrow. i don't think you will get the 41 votes you need. you only need 41 of 46. i assume they will strip out the defunding provision in the house c.r. and send it back to the house. do you have any inclination from there? >> you may be right in your prediction. if everyone who has said he was going to vote for cloture does so, then harry reid will get the votes he needs to fund obamacare. there are a lot of senators that are still onññ the fence. let me tell your viewers if you go to and click on the links to the go to the facebook and twitter pages and make phone calls to senators listed there, it can make a
6:17 pm
difference. if you're right and tomorrow we don't hold 41 republicans then harry reid will successfully fund obamacare and the senate bill will go back to the house. that's where the fight will have to be fought. i'm encouraged that last friday house republicans stood united, did the right thing, defunded obamacare. when it goes back to the house, i hope and believe house republicans will continue to stand their ground. if they do, i think we can win the fight. every day the momentum is with us, the american people are getting energized, engaged. you know what, sean, the truth is on our side. millions of americans are at risk of losing their jobs or not getting a job to begin with or finding themselves pushed into part time work. they have been threatened with or are at risk of losing health insurance. one of the things is they try to
6:18 pm
make it about personal attacks and personality and back and forth. it's not about a politician in washington. it's about the fact that obamacare isn't working and the american people are hurting. if we can get politicians in washington to listen to constituents and the american people, that's how we'll change things in washington. >> we try to talk about how it i will cost people. instead of a $2500 savings it's a $7500 increase on average for a family of four and how unsustainable. the cbo said it will bankrupt us. you said on the floor the other night even big labor is on board. have you ever spoken to them? i i'm curious. >> we have reached out to them but haven't been able to connect the dots. the prediction i made is before the end of this -- his second
6:19 pm
term, president obama will grant an exemptions for big labor. he already granted one for labor. labor has been told to wait a while. it's not a good time politically. you know, i don't think this should be about the politically powerful getting exemptions, special treatment. congress having, as dick durbin put it, first class health care and the american people in coach or the baggage compartment. we shouldn't have exemptions. if they are going to exempt big business in congress they should exempt every american. >> joe manchin agreed to a one-year delay which was interesting. let me ask you about the debt ceiling. >> yeah. >> let me take you back to 2006 and read to you the words of then senator obama. the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure, a sign that the u.s. government cannot pay its own bills. over the past five years our
6:20 pm
federal debt has increase ed by $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion. that's trillion with a t. this rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy. then in 2007 when he was running for president, here's him in his own words. >> the problem is the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents, number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. so we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> now we are at $17 trillion. he 's added close to $7 trillion himself. he's saying if you do the very
6:21 pm
thing he did just a few years ago that's blackmail. really? >> remember the days when we had $9 trillion in debt and he said it was unprincipled, un patrip t unpatriotic. our national debt has grown over 60% under president obama. it's larger than the size of the economy. if we don't pull back, our kids, grandkids will spend their working lives not meeting the challenges of the future, not meeting their priorities. just paying off our debts. and no generation in american history has done that. our parents didn't do it to us, sean. their parents didn't do it to them. there are millions of americans who don't want to do it to our kids and grand kids. we have a different definition
6:22 pm
of a debt problem and the american people have a different definition than president obama and the senate democrats. >> senator cruz, glad you stood up this week for principle. we'll be watching closely tomorrow. then we'll watch the house after that. we'll see. thank you so much. i hope you get more rest over the weekend. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for everything you're doing. up next the house republicans appear to have a deal in the works to fund the government but delay the obamacare individual mandate for a year. we'll tell you about it next. we need your help to pick the video of the day. log onto and make your choice. here is option two. you have all heard my impression, all you hot chicks out there, of bill clinton. bono may have me beat. [ as clinton ] >> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office and i thought he was a member of his own road crew.
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welcome back to "hannity." the house republicans are pushing another new way to derail the obamacare train wreck. by the weekend they hope to vote on a bill delaying the law for a year. in exchange house gop lawmakers will agree the to raise the debt ceiling. we are learning tonight that parts of the president's signature legislation will not
6:27 pm
be ready come october 1 according to politico the administration will postpone online enrollment for the federal small business exchanges for another month. here with reaction mercedes slap and fox news political analyst juan williams. we have a lot of delays. 36 states that have major glitches and b problems. it's not ready. colorado says their exchange will be another month. we have d.c. saying it won't be ready until november. is that a fair deal? it's not ready for primetime. a year delay. would you support that? >> no the. in term s of trying to get something done on the deficit, this has nothing to do with spending. the american people are interested in seeing governments spend less money but not in using this as some kind of blackmail, hijacking the deficit and increasing the debt ceiling. >> but a lot of people feel that the exemptions s that are given
6:28 pm
to big business and the exemptions given and special consideration to d.c. employees -- and i would venture a guess unions in the future, they think it's unfair. do you think it's unfair? >> yeah. i don't understand. >> whdon't what don't you under? >> you want to defeat the larger idea and say in terms of the deficit, let's defeat obamacare. >> one last question. >> it has nothing to do with cutting spend ing. >> juan, 54% of americans disapprove of the way obama is overhauling the health care law, as you know. it's not on the president's side. at the end of the day we are looking at the american people want to make sure there is a negotiation going on with the debt ceiling. that means further spending cuts and at the end they need to compromise. president obama is not going in that direction.
6:29 pm
>> you havef(#% tom coburn and could name the wall street journal ed the toirl page, krauthammer. they all say this is not about obamacare. cruz is about promoting himself, raising money. >> that's a cheap shot. >> it is. >> a cheap shot even on your show. >> what the republican leadership want to do in the senate is move this over to the house. why? as one capital insider told with every hour that passes down there is a likelihood of the shutdown of the government. they want to blame it on republicans but politically it's not a smart choice for republicans to go in that direction. the american people don't want to go in that direction. >> juan, let me ask a question. >> she's right, by the way . >> let me ego to the one promise the president made. every family, $2500 a year savings.
6:30 pm
we know the average family of four will pay $7500 more a year. except for four states there will be dramatic rate increases, not decreases. that's a $10,000 swing. help me out, juan. does that impact the thinking that the president's promise is nonexistent and actually a $7500 cost per family increase ? >> well, dr. hannity, i came here for the diagnosis, but when i look for second opinions i see something different. what i'm reading in the papers is, in fact, the cost of the plans is lower than had been ex expected. >> tennessee, wyoming. a wall street journal article. people are paying two, three, four times what they were paying up to this point. >> you're talking about a small niche percent taj of people sfm oh, my god. >> not true. >> what happened to you? you got locked into yes we can and you never snapped out of it.
6:31 pm
you are not seeing reality. >> i think you guys are so intent on defeating something that's already passed the house -- >> that we can't afford. >> approved by the supreme court. >> passed in the dark of night. >> unpopular with the american people. it's so unpopular with the american people. when you have 70% of americans that can't understand the law because it is complicated you were talking about delays. they even delayed the spanish website of health there are so many delays going on. when the government is trying to build a massive infrastructure there will be huge problems associated with it. there are in efficiencies that cost us trillions of dollars. >> that's not true. the cbo said, in fact, if we re peel obamacare, defund it at this point, it will cost us billions. >> juan, the cbo says it's going to bankrupt us. >> exactly. >> no. >> yeah.
6:32 pm
>> i think the bigger issue is you guys don't appreciate that we had a democratic process. it is the law. >> it's a bad law, an unpopular law and we -- the american people have a right to speak on it. >> looks like juan will hang onto the holy grail of liberalism to the end. >> how about reality? do you ever think it's reality? >> it is reality. >> it's a sad reality. >> good point. >> all right, all right. >> coming up next, the co-host of the five, bob and andrea tackle the disaster and the republican push to defund obamacare. don't forget to log onto web web. vote for tonights's video of the day. option three, a dramatic fire rescue of a young boy caught on helmet cam. vote for this at ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car
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and it's only at one of our 425 sleep mber stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. the debt ceiling has been raised seven times since president obama has taken office and the debt is growing. america is poised to run out of money again on october 17 but
6:37 pm
after mounting pressure the to raise it again with no conditions house republicans are saying, no, no, not so fast. >> on the debt limit we'll introduce a plan to tie important spnd ing cuts and pro growth re forms to a debt limit increase. the president says i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry. but it doesn't work that way. >> harry reid said the senate won't pass a debt ceiling increase loaded down with republican amendment s and democrats keep pushing their worn out talking points and hope a debt default, a government shutdown will hurt republicans politically. could it be a coincidence that the president's job approval numbers dropped to 43%, the lowest since march? 49% of people polled disapprove of the president's handling of his jobs. here now the co-host of the five, beckel and andrea. >> you said weeks. should have said years. >> i'm sorry. you're correct. >> that's the only time sean
6:38 pm
will say that during this segment. >> let me ask you, the president said he won't negotiate the raising of the debt ceiling. >> yeah. >> is that responsible? >> i don't know of a single president who has. every president since before roosevelt has had a debt ceiling increase every year by the congress. none of them put anything on it except an increase of the debt ceiling. >> if a senator doesn't support them, what do you say about them? >> when obama said what he said about bush he was posturing, running for office. i don't want to increase the debt court of appeal ing. it's bad for the country, it's all politics. >> why shouldn't the republicans hold the line and say, fine, you get the debt ceiling increased but we want me sures so we don't have trillion dollar deficits. >> after what happened the last time they had the showdown the base ex expect s it and are demanding it. if republicans have a hope of winning, they have to stand firm. they can't cave again.
6:39 pm
we are having this food fight over tactics. the goals are the same. marco rubio said that. our goals are the same. we are a member of the same party shooting inside the tent. but the tactics are the issue. the tactics should be united on this one. i think boehner is right. we should unite around him, have a united front and not have a republican break off. >> the full faith and credit of the united states currency is in jeopardy. is that a good tactic? >> we hear it every time. a default would be terrible. it would be. but what's the alternative -- to keep spend ing? that would be terrible as well. >> now we have gone ahead to do this. >> i know. i'm going to scoot closer. i have my back to him and i don't like it. >> she doesn't listen to me most of the time. >> that's not true. sometimes. >> that's all right. go ahead. >> do you need a counselor? i i'll help out. >> i'm torn on this because if you look at greece, england, australia, these countries that
6:40 pm
have conservative leadership now had to hit rock bottom. there is a part of me that does want to see us feel a little bit of pain. people actually feel what the spending that bob and his friends -- >> how much pain can we have when we have one in five american children in poverty and all of this debt. when you add to the $17 trillion in unfunded liabilities it's over. >> it is over. >> remember, many currencies in the world are tied to the dollar. if the dollar goes into default you are talking about a crisis of enormous proportions. the budget, i understand that. i would do it, too, if i were a republican. not the debt ceiling. >> it would force president obama to do something. >> don't pass the budget. shut down the government. >> i have to be honest. bob is right in one sense. his side has an advantage because they know the republicans -- they don't want to be blamed for shutting down the government. that's the problem they have. you cannot negotiate from a position of strength if you are afraid.
6:41 pm
to me, republicans are gutless. the establishment republican guys don't have a backbone. they are afraid to get blamed. afraid of political fallout. >> i they will be blamed either way. >> may as well do something right in the process. >> this game of chicken like "footloose," every time this double dare, double dog dare uh you. >> they already gave in. they already said, i give. >> this time in the new game of chicken they can't jump off the tractor. they have to be kevin bacon. >> the republicans got blamed last time. i'm not sure they would be. if anything, we can't play with the debt ceiling. shut the government down. stand firm on that but not on something that would wreck the monetary system of the world. >> you know what, bob, sounds like a sequestration. predictions of doom and gloom. none of it happened. >> this is a different situation. that $17 trillion is in bonds
6:42 pm
backed by dollars. if the dollars default, what happens? >> i'm not afraid. >> really? >> maybe just naivety. >> at your low salary you probably aren't. >> i don't want to see damage. >> you're cracking yourself up. go ahead. >> republicans are saving president obama from his own mistakes, his own bad decisions. >> i agree with you. >> why do we keep saving him from the spending from obamacare? let them own it. they will. especially obamacare. let obamacare go into effect. people will soon realize. >> do you not want the republicans to fight and stand on principle? as ted cruz said earlier ? >> sure. absolutely i do. but we are disgrease on tactics on how to do the it. >> tell me the other tactic. when do we neat get -- why wouldn't republicans make the biggest issue repealing -- members of congress or staff. or pushing for the delay of the individual mandate which they
6:43 pm
are already doing. >> vitter offered his amendments. ted cruz mentioned a lot. >> and hammered it home every day. >> that's a strategy. >> until 2014. make them own it. it's called obamacare. don't the give them a reason to point a finger at republicans. >> i don't see a reason for not increasing the delay in the individual mandate for a year. >> i'm nervous that they will. i'm nervous they will take the republican idea. >> they will do it because they don't -- they don't want the full impact. >> exactly. individual mandate costs votes. put it off for a year. >> you are admitting this is a failure. >> you have to understand -- >> it's already a failure because the employer mandate was delayed. >> a year, right? >> yes, until after the elections because it's so bad. >> you're admitting the bill is bad. >> look, obama and his administration are so far behind the curve on the message about
6:44 pm
obamacare that you're not -- it's going to cost votes. no question about it. why not delay it as long as you can? >> it's not the message. the meat of the bill is a mess. the whole thing is a mess. >> andrea's got you. i would give them three years. >> you say everybody in america gets health care. they can go to the emergency room without insurance. what if a kid become as quad plea jik with no insurance. who pays? played in the green r. if you faked your death and came back to life how much -- i don't know. all i know is premiums are going up. people are losing jobs, getting less hours. it's a disaster. even debbie wasserman-schultz says it. >> that would drive me insane. >> it would be awesome. >> almost there. we just have to push you over. >> if it was you the world would collapse. >> i have i work to do. >> two of you and two of hannity? there is not enough place in the world to hide. >> wow.
6:45 pm
i thought we were friends. >> we are, man. i tell you, most people -- >> who was there in the hospital when your finger was a mess? your finger was getting cut open, who was next to you? >> i am -- >> who was in the emergency room? who got my doctor out of his house to come with you? >> you're my dear friend. you have done wonderful things for me. i admit it. i was not dropped on b my head as a child. >> and he's operating on your finger. who stuck his head in to watch. >> the doctors couldn't look because it was ugly. you're frustrated and you want to be a surgeon. >> he is. he just sliced and diced you here. >> i called one of my best friends and said help my buddy. >> we were on the golf course. >> this is what it's like being friends with bob behind the scenes. >> i have been at his house. i have been in all the rooms. >> one other thing. he wakes up. my kids are getting ready for school. there's crazy uncle bob smoking
6:46 pm
a cigar. great el role model. on the porch at 7:00 in the morning. >> what's wrong with that? right after a swim in your pool. he owns a swimming pool and never yous it. >> up next, she was criticized by hollywood costars for supporting mitt romney instead of president obama in the last election. actress stacy dash joins me live from the west coast. still time to cast your vote for video of the day. head to you can weigh in on comment s on bob beckel. check it out.
6:47 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." school vouchers are a hot button issue lately. they were originally to give low income students a better chance to succeed. passed in 20122 the louisiana scholarship program allows some of the poorest kids to transfer from public to private schools using taxpayer dollars, but last month the state was sued by eric holder and the obama justice department to stop schools under desegregation order er s from handing out vouchers claiming the scholarship 9y+a÷recipients almost all minorities and it could resegregate schools. joining me with reaction is actress stacy dash who was once stuck in a failing, horrible, dangerous public school herself.
6:51 pm
passionate about the issue. good to see you. >> very good to see you. thank you for having me. >> i felt horrible during the last campaign when you tweeted your support for romney. you look a huge backlash for that. has there been other fallout after that? >> not really. if anything it's es caused discussion which is always good. thank god i don't scare easily. >> good for you. >> i stand for what i believe in which is why i am standing with governor jindal and jeb bush. this is just asinine. i can't believe that the attorney general would do this. deny a child education. to deny a child education -- >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i'm saying deny a child education because of the color of their skin. that's absurd.
6:52 pm
the natural evolution of a well educated populous is integration. this is not political. it's not theoretical. it's not even partisan. it's personal. i was one of those children. i went to a failing school. by the grace of god my mother was able to put me into private school. had she not i would probably be in a gang or dead now. that was the road i was going down. what they are doing is immoral. >> you moved to los angeles. your school -- you didn't get an education, but beyond that it was dangerous. what did you experience there? >> it was dangerous. it was a time when b the forced bussing was happening. i was living in an all-white area and the kids were bussed in for better edge equation. it was very hostile. i'm from the south bronx. i'm a bit scrappy. in order for me to survive, i
6:53 pm
had to fight. >> why do you think there is resistance when things are so bad and here is an idea we know works -- there was an all girls public school in harlem that was doing great. the kids loved it, parents loved it. they wore uniforms. then the new york civil liberties union, i think, sued to stop it. these things work. why is there resistance to better options? >> i think this just proves that this administration is so out of touch with the very people they say they want to help. and it's a disgrace. i can't answer the question for you. i can't do the math. it doesn't add up. >> it's sad. those kids, if they don't get an education they are left behind. >> yeah. they are left behind. that's what i talk about in my book that i'm writing. not black enough. >> mm-hmm. >> that's the criticism i
6:54 pm
received my whole life. i don't know what it means. it's an autobiography about how my life applies to policies and politics of today. you know, education is the most important thing for a child. >> i'm a big fan. i admire your speaking out and hope you will come back again when the book comes out. thank you. >> i would love to. thank you. >> when we come back, your choice for video of the day. . ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900. [ dings ]
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welcome back. time to reveal what you have chosen as the video of the day. you selected the clip of the bench-clearing brawl between the atlanta braves and milwaukee brewers. take a look. >> this is not one you want to miss. something interesting will
6:59 pm
happen. >> he didn't miss that. a very slow trot for gomez. he's talking about it. now freeman is jawing at him between first and second. whoa. did gomez put on a show? he's still talking to maholm and still looking at him. now mccan will meet him. >> wow. i have never seen this before. >> he's got to score, you know. reed johnson got in the middle of that. what in the world is gomez trying to prove? >> wow. nobody got hurt. it's all good. no problems. that's the all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren standing by live to go "on the record." take it away. tonight, well, we are on the
7:00 pm
edge. time is running out. congress has only four days to the keep the government from shutting down. at this hour, the senate makes its next move. >> it need s to go. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. >> there will be pain inflicted on the american dream by obamacare and its provisions. >> we are seeing crusades from the far right of the republican party. >> the only thing i didn't see mentioned was a burglar bill to attach. >> obamacare is a huge disaster. >> if anyone here thinks republicans in the house have a workable plan for a shutdown on monday, tell me about it. >> the strategy is to use every opportunity at our dis-poe sal to get rid of the law and


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