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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 26, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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left. let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren standing by live to go "on the record." take it away. tonight, well, we are on the edge. time is running out. congress has only four days to the keep the government from shutting down. at this hour, the senate makes its next move. >> it need s to go. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. >> there will be pain inflicted on the american dream by obamacare and its provisions. >> we are seeing crusades from the far right of the republican party. >> the only thing i didn't see mentioned was a burglar bill to attach. >> obamacare is a huge disaster. >> if anyone here thinks republicans in the house have a workable plan for a shutdown on monday, tell me about it. >> the strategy is to use every opportunity at our dis-poe sal to get rid of the law and the
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horrible impact on the american dream. >> 95% of uninsured americans will see their premiums cost less than what was expected. >> it's a hypothetical, a mythical comparison. there is nothing to it. it's fiction, if you will. >> you can huff, you can puff for 21 hours, but you cannot blow the affordable care act away. >> we sent the senate a continuing resolution that funds the government and stops obamacare before it costs one more job. >> every hour that ticks by puts our country closer to a shutdown. >> i hope our democratic friends who voted for the law will look themselves in the mirror and truly think about whether protect ing the president's pride is more important than helping the american people. >> earlier senator marco rubio went on the record from capitol hill.
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so predict. are we going to have a government shutdown or not? >> i hope not. i don't know of any republicans in favor of a shutdown. the only one obsessknoó ed with government shutdown and talking about it is the president and senator reid. they keep warning that they are going to shut down the government is obamacare is touched. the truth is this isn't about shutting down the government. this is about shutting down obamacare. it's hurting people. it's hurting the american b dream. the argument this week is the law is so bad because it is hurting people trying to make it. people who made it are going to deal with obamacare. they shouldn't have to deal with it but they can afford to deal with it. they can get a lawyer to navigate it and lobbyists to get waivers. people trying to start a business, working full time moving now to part time or working part time losing hours, these are the people who will be hurt by this. it's wrong. >> is it realistic if you are defunded by the continued resolution in recognition of the majority in both houses and is
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it realistic to think it could be defunded with the debt ceiling debate? >> it could be defunded if our or five democrats change their minds. we have democrats from states where mitt romney was. obamacare isn't popular in those states. they are afraid of being attacked by the liberal wing of the democratic party and they can't even express their sentiments about obamacare. just today one of my colleagues said he would be open to delaying it for a year. he was attacked by the left wing blogs. >> who said it? >> i believe it was senator manchin. said if it came up for a chance to delay the individual mandate for a year he would be in favor of it. it's a reasonable approach especially when you think about his state and their feelings on obamacare. the reaction from the left was almost immediate. there is pressure on democrats from the left wing base of the party. obamacare has become almost like the holy grail. you can't touch it, fix it. can't do anything about it. the only one allowed to make
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changes to obamacare is barack obama in their eyes. >> it's a sad commentary. this is an important issue regardless of which side you are on. it's like a schoolyard. senator harry reid said it is subterfuge, he's demonized in the tea party. it's rugged on the floor. >> they have been saying it for years. just yesterday a well known commentator in american politics said the tea party is racist. they are ridiculous accusations from people that should know better and a supposedly responsible journalist. nothing has happened outside the norm this week. these are the rules of the senate that allow a senator to standbú0 the truth is senator cruz stopped speaking yesterday and we haven't had significant votes since then. nothing here has been slowed down but the american people are more aware today than they were 24, 48 hours ago about why obamacare is bad and the dangers of it. everyone has to vote and if they
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vote against defunding obamacare when it goes through and it starts hurting to explain to co they voted for it and keep funding it. >> senator reid wants to fast track it tonight. senator mike lee said he would vote against it. slowed down a little bit. >> the vote will be tomorrow. the point they were trying to make is you're going to vote at 8:00 tonight while everybody is off paying attention to something else, they are the asking for the vote to be tomorrow during regular business hours so the american people can see how their senators and representatives voted. >> i don't know how people across the country -- i don't like to speak for them. they can speak for themselves. it's a mad rush now. it's so important. there are deadlines coming up september 30. the fact is everybody knew september 30 would be rolling around. we knew it before the five-week vacation. in fact, the continuing resolution. politicians hadn't done their work on the budget. the whole idea is a mad rush brought upon the house and
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senate. >> almost every political process is like that. even at the state level they have deadlines for passing their budget. i would prefer -- >> that's bad human nature. that's a lousy one. >> it's not the best way to run the most important government in terms of impact on the most important economy on the planet. it's not the ideal way to do it. here's one that's even scarier. we know there is a future debt crisis. we know if we keep doing what we are doing now, it is going to happen. there will be a debt crisis. there is a lack of urgency about that. so let's just raise the debt limit again and not make structural changes to the programs causing it to grow. that's ridiculous. >> president obama said he won't negotiate on cuts for the debt ceiling. speaker boehner said he wants the structural changes, some changes. what happens with the debt court of appeal ing?
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the 17th of -- >> i don't have a crystal ball but it's ironic that the president won't discuss anything to do with the debt or any sort of linking the debt limit to another conversation. the debt limit is a warning. what he 's saying is if we don't give him the authority to borrow more money we can't fund the government. this government cannot operate without boar uh rowing money. that alone is an indictment of the situation. the president says i won't change that trajectory. it's a ridiculous position. >> do you think it is his philosophy and passion, ideology or do you think they are political ambitions. >> the base of the party doesn't believe debt is a problem. they are wedded to the idea of government spending more than a debt crisis. they believe big government solves problems and economic growth and prosperity is the result of big government. they believe our economy can't grow more so the job of government is to divide it up by taking from those they think take too much and distributing it among us. that's i why.
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number two the president decided he doesn't want to be the guy who made changes to medicare or social security. he knows it hats to be done. behe doesn't want to be the one to do it. he doesn't want it to be part of his legacy. he doesn't want to go down with the legacy that the lift left wing doesn't like. >> what's his relationship when you pass harry reid in the hall? does everyone look the other way? >> with me it is. i don't know how it is with everybody else. we don't work together on many things. i always show personal respect. i respect everybody here. it's not personal for me. i don't come to fight. i came here to fight for and on behalf of especially those without a voice, who don't have the power and influence to come here, get a law passed or a special exemptions from obamacare. what's ironic is the people most hurt by obamacare are the people the law claimed it would be helping -- the working class, middle class, students just graduating from college. they are the ones who will be
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hurt the most from this. the millionaires and billionaires as the president calls them may not like obamacare. they will be able to afford to deal with it. it's the people trying to make it who will be hurt the most. it's sad. >> senator, thank you. >>g)'jjz you. >> now to republican senator tim scott. nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> how do you intend to vote on the cloture? >> i will definitely vote no. >> why is that. >> if you look at the continuing resolution process, defunding obamacare which i'm happy to defund obamacare. there is a deeper b problem in the federal government. it's the way we spend money. we spend too much. the way we plan to spend money is on short-term fixes. i ran a business for the last 15 years. i cannot manual showing up excited that i beat the deadline by a day. all of my business plans suggest we need a one-year, three-year, five-year look into the future. when you do short-term continuing resolutions you are not doing good planning for the
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country. with a $4 trillion company called the federal government we have to treat it like a business. we have to have a long-term plan. reconcile the budget. we spent little time having a conversation about reconciling the budget between the house and senate because they are so far apart. it's bad for business. it's bad for families. families have to balance their budget across the kitchen table. as a small business owner i had to balance my budget annually. i had to have a plan for three years. the federal government, $4 trillion nearly in spending. we have no clue what our priorities are because we spend no time figuring it out. >> yours is different from senator cruz and senator lee. they are focused on defunding obamacare as a bizarre way that they would be vote ing against the house bill. that's because they are trying to prevent harry reid from stripping defunding out of it. your objection to the continuing resolution as i understand it is you think it is a lousy uh way
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to run a business, run a nation limping along doing 60 or 90 days. your objection is different. >> it is. i agree with mike lee and ted cruz on defending obamacare is a necessity. that's only one part of the problem. the core of the problem that's bigger than simply defunding obamacare is how we manage taxpayer dollars. it costs more to do annual and shorter term appropriations. it increase it is cost of our responsibility to run a very effective and limited government. every time we do an annual appropriation, a six-month or as we are look at now a six-week continued resolution. >> i'm with you. i think it is appalling that now you have uh senator read complaining about senator lee and senator cruz delaying things and trying to push into a
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government shutdown when who didn't know september 30 would roll around and who had the responsibility b to see that we had some sort of deal in this country to manage our are sources or money. now harry reid is suddenly the guy for fast action. where was he when they took a five-week vacation? >> should have been here. and september 30 seems to happen every calendar year. >> i have noticed that as well. >> i'm not sure why this is a startling fact. it's as if we saved the day by beating the deadline of october 1. can you imagine any business -- fox news, my small business -- running my i books based on the day before all the bills start getting due for the next cycle? >> why don't others see it that way? everyone is busy talking about the continued resolution, but no one understands the job of creating a budget and agreeing on a budget was never met. so this is sort of -- one job
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wasn't done. now a second job to cover up for the first job not done can't be done. it's like hiring a secretary for your secretary who isn't doing the job. it doesn't work. if you look at the last four year where is the senate had no budget whatsoever, the fact that we have a budget now is a laughable document simply because it needs another trillion dollars to keep going. >> at least a start. can i tell you -- >> it's a bad start, but it is a start. >> both sides sitting at a table and talking. unless the senate had a budget, even if you don't like it that was a pocket ve to of senator harry reid so there could be no discussion, no debate. the senate needs to put one on the table and they did. even if you don't like it. >> 1200 days without a budget. better to have one. it would be nice for folks to sit down down and reconcile it. it's important to the american people that we breathe confidence into the system. >> why doesn't anybody get it?
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i would be ashamed if that's the way i did my job. if i just kept covering up for not doing it uh, not doing it. some some point -- >> i agree. >> i would be worried about losing my job. >> we all should be at the end of the day. every day should be a job application. when i spoke in august to a group i said clearly, i don't support funding obamacare. i voted against it 40 times. i will vote against it tomorrow. the fact of the matter is a greater travesty praps is the way we have continued resolutions. we have four consecutive years of a trillion dollar deficit. this year we are $600 billion -- we have one of the better years of money coming in because people saw and realized their income last year because of the higher taxeses january 2. what we are look at is a quagmire that gets worse. $17 trillion debt. our interest only payments exceed $300 billion.
10:15 pm
and we are not paying down the debt. we'll have a conversation about spending more money this year and in a couple of weeks we'll have another conversation about the debt ceiling. the american people are like, really, this is the best you can do? we should be ashamed of the process. >> nice to see you, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. >> to tonight's hot button issue. tonight who is winning the battle in the senate? senator harry reid or senator cruz? go to and vote. up ahead, the report on obamacare costs, a complete fraud. why does he say it? senator thune will tell you next. plus, can you believe this -- 30 days in prison for a male teacher who raped a 14-year-old girl. what's with the judge? our legal panel will talk about it coming up. and o.j. simpson is already in prison. what did he do this time? it's coming up.
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our commitment has never been stronger.
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a.p. put out a report about the cost of obamacare. what does senator thune think? >> nice to see you, greta. >> hhs says the premiums will go down more than anticipated. >> compared to some hypothetical rate that was concocted by the congressional budget office so long ago. it doesn't have anything to do when you compare it to what people are paying today. if you compare it to what people are paying today there was a great analysis done by the manhattan institute which took those rates and saw how much it will increase the ex change
10:20 pm
premium rates over what people are paying today. if you look at the average -- this is for younger people in particular who are hit the hardest. the average premium increase is # 5 to 97% for men and 55 to 62 for women. >> 99% for men and 60% for women. it is less than expected. >> that's what most people want to know. if you take the premium rates and this is a government accountability office study in january of this year. you compare the same type of coverage in the exchanges and take a state like mine in south dakota. take a 30-year-old woman and pay their premium increases will be 227% and for men 393%. these will be huge dramatic½4 increase s particularly for people who are in the millennial age category. if you look at what the rates
10:21 pm
have done already for families of four which the president said (uqáh#or families by $2500 they are actually up by $3,000. everybody is getting hit. >> what i'm curious about, there are people who work 40 hours a week now and who are getting hours reduced to 29 hours per week. i'm curious if they get an advantage in a lower premium9jct a disadvantage because they are getting lower wages because they can't get the hours. there are different ways to look at this in terms of cost, how much it hits you or your family. >> if you were in certain income categorieses you will get subsidies, support, a tax credit. refundable tax credit to offset the cost of the premium. you also might be looking at higher deductibles, co-pays and couple it with the fact that people are being put into 4ñ categories as opposed to full-time jobs. their take home pay has gone down. if you look at the average
10:22 pm
household income since the president has taken office it's gone down on average $3700. people are squeezed with higher premiums, lower take home pay. it's harder to make ends meet. that's the result of what this has brought about for people in this country. >> we agree something had to be done with the health care system. >> for sure,8"? >> what would you have proposed for people who are in that category like the younger men who will go up 97% cost in premium. what would you have done? >> i don't think you can do what they did in the!6áñ health care bill. they created a community rating, guarantee issue, certain mandated government approved coverages which drove rates up. it base cally asked younger people to subsidize rates for older people who have greater health care needs. but there are a lot of things that could have been done short of passing a 2700-page bill. >> like what? >> allow people to buy across state lines. allow small business to pool to get the benefit of group
10:23 pm
purchasing power. address medical malpractice. allow people have to a tax credit to buy insurance of their choice. >> i early september you filed legislation for the unions to get subsidies and you opposed it because the unions who supported obamacare b suddenly want out. where does your bill stand? >> it's been filed. we have cosponsors but it hasn't gone anywhere. we have democrats in control in the senate. but the unions are unhappy with this as well. they are expressing that. asking for special exemptions. they want to double dip. they want favorable tax treatment by being an employer provided plan and they are multi employer plans but they also want the subsidies available now under obamacare. basicalxluáiu get a carve-out for them and for
10:24 pm
their members. you can't do that. >> that seems unfair to a loti=f people. but congress has a carve-out because congress gets subsidies. what about that? >> they shouldn't. everybody ought to be treated the same. >> that's the irony of it. the whole idea is everyone was to be a part of this and contribute and that was going to pool the money to lower the cost. but then everybody is running for the hills, getting special deals and those who aren't getting the special deals because they don't know special people say, what happened to me ? >> this ought to be delayed for everybody . this is a bad deal. people are realizing this is not what they thought they were getting. those who advocated for it like the labor unions, people in the health care community are realizing this is a bad thing. cleveland clinic is laying off people. hospitals. >> cleveland clinic, i have to stop there. i spoke to the ceo. he tells me -- i don't know either way, but much of what he
10:25 pm
said was either misinterpreted or taken out of context or else he got cold feet, i don't know. but there was a dispute about why cleveland is laying off. >> that may be true. the broader point, it's not just them. if you look at other health care providers across the country, hospitals. and then just employers generally, you are seeing a mad rush for the doors and anybody who can get a special deal is trying to get one. we think it ought to be delayed not just for a select few the president believes are his favorite constituents. it ought to be delayed. it's not working. they are saying there are glitches, problems associated with exchanges as they try to get them up and running this week. it's not working. we ought to delay it. >> i urge the viewers that have been writing me and telling me what they anticipate. viewers e-mail me "on the record" to tell me whether your premiums are going up and down. i haven't had a lot of happy
10:26 pm
viewer sos far. >> we are not hearing from happy people in our state either. >> nice to see you. >> thanks, greta. up next, president obama accuses republicans of using scare tactics. pat buchanan is here. and o.j. simpson caught red happeneded. what did o.j. do now?
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10:31 pm
if it actually works, that will mean everything they were saying really wasn't true and they were just playing politics. >> president obama accusing people of playing politics with health care. what does pat buchanan think? pat's here. your thoughts? >> i think the president is on the precipice either of having a tremendous success if this thing is funded and obamacare goes forward or 's on the precipice of losing his legacy. look, the obamacare -- >> should it matter? when i hear legacy, that's all about me. >> that's what i think his reaction is here. what he feels and believes is, look, there is no deal for these republicans to try. they are a lousy bunch. they are after me, cutting and criticism. i'm not trying to deal with it anymore. we are in a fight. this fight is vitally important to the republican party.
10:32 pm
if obamacare is alive and extended, it dies as of september 30. if it is extended you will have a civil war of this issue for the house of representative s, republican house has the capacity to kill obamacare. they've got to vote to fund obamacare for it to survive. >> i'm confused which often happens to me. are you saying how is the house going to defund it? >> what i would do, they sent over the continuing resolution for the entire government. go back and if the senate doesn't accept that -- >> what will happen is it will come back. sigh hypothetically the senate votes for cloture and now senator harry reid yanks out the defunding position. they have 51 votes. they sent it back to the house. they will call it a clean continuing resolution. it doesn't have the defunding.
10:33 pm
the house isn't going to vote for it at that point. >> the house doesn't vote for it. every republican stands up and says we are not going to fund obamacare. what they do then is this. they send over a continuing resolution for the pentagon and for veterans affairs. then they say, harry, do you really think we ought to attach obamacare to this continuing resolution? break it down into the separate departments and send them one by one to demonstrate to the country what is the truth. republican republicans want to fund the government, not medicare -- >> do you mean obamacare? >> obamacare, yeah. i admire their courage and spirit. what they do not seem to have thought through the strategy and political communications of what they have been doing. >> so the house could break up the continuing resolution into several continuing resolutions and if they send it -- just a
10:34 pm
continued resolution to finance, for instance the pentagon, they send it to the senate which will o okay that one. >> they say does harry reid want to get into the budget or not. if not let's leave the sailors, airmen out of this. let's send that forward. you do it with the kept of debt veterans affairs, with state and ceo. then do it with the department of justice, then transportation and energy. one by one and the point here is to demonstrate the reality, the truth which is that it is obama and the democratic senate pointing the gun at the republicans saying you are either going to fund obamacare or are we going to let the government halt and go under and we will blame you. the truth is it's not the republicans defunding the government. >> has it ever happened that
10:35 pm
athey send it over piecemeal like that? >> when i was younger the budgets came department by department down the street. that's what i would do. i think the republicans need imagination and they need a strategy. i think this would work. can you imagine harry reid refusing to pass a budget continuing resolution for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and veterans when the republicans are hammering him and he says i i'm not going to do that until you pass obamacare which the american people think it is an abomination? >> i hadn't thought of doing it that way. that had not occurred to me. >> i don't know why it hasn't occurred to the republican house. >> i'm trying to think if there is a message they can't break it in the pieces like that. i don't know. >> i don't know what it would be. >> i don't know either. >> if it is. then the system.
10:36 pm
if the situation is that a republican house with the power of the purse which can decide what to fund and not to fund has to be forced to fund a program that the american people do not want and republicans think would damage the country and they are forced to do that, something is wrong with the system. >> what do you think of the split within the party? we have ted cruz, rand paul. maybe all these in one side and the other republicans. >> i'm with marco rubio, rand paul on this. i don't agree with anything that's been said. i am with them. i think their instincts are right. the analysis of how serious it is. if obamacare takes effect with the subsidy thes coming january 1, the country is on a morphine drip. we'll never eliminate obamacare. it will be forever the. you will have a new burgeoning
10:37 pm
entitlement program which is a mess. >> is there a chance obamacare with its warts, scabs and scars could be good for the country? >> there are good things inside the bill. even the democratic senate, i don't believe would vote this time for that bill given what we have found out about it. that's why they ought to start over. >> it's deplorable that from the get-ego the two sides couldn't sit down and work it out. it's become the hatfields and mccoys on this. >> not so much hatfield and mccoys. this is a deep the ideological -- >> that, too. >> the republican party believes the government is too big and bloated and this program will sink the country. the democrats believe government
10:38 pm
does what's best for people and we have to do what's best and fill the gaps. there is a deep ideological difference that manifests itself here and some of these can't be bridged. they have to be fought out. i'll tell you what. you mentioned a split in the republican party. if the republican house goes along with this and funds obamacare it is forever. you will see a war in the republican party with who is responsible for that. >> nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, a judge under fire. a judge hands down a stunning sentence to a rapist of a 14-year-old girl and won't believe what the judge did next. and in two minutes, the government can't pay its bills and is in danger of shutting down. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...
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to widow of new jersey senator frank lautenberg. it's part of the next appropriation bill. the payment is in the spending bill already passed by the house. but now lawmakers -- some are taking heat for approve ing the gift. a government watchdog is questioning the time honored practice. the senator's net worth upon death wassest mated almost $57 million. the watch dog is asking whether gifts to families should be a top funding priority in middle of economic crisis. should the gift be automatic or should the family's wealth be taken into consideration? vote in the poll. we are back in two minutes. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something.
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the montana judge who handed down the punishment is thousand coming under fire for the leeb yent sentence and for what he said about the victim. the judge said the victim seemed, quote, older than her chronological age. the 14-year-old girl committed suicide before the teacher's case went to trial. prosecutors are appealing the sentence and advocates filing a complaint seeking the judge's removal. bernie grim and ted williams join us. ted. >> this is just horrible. i i mean, it is inconceive able that we have judges that would sentence a guy to 30 days. the system in montana failed this young lady and in life. when i say that, it was 2008 that this guy was charged. the young girl committed suicide in 2010. between 2008 and 2010 you would have believed they could have tried the case. >> wasn't he out on bond, too?
10:45 pm
>> he was out. they failed her in life. then they failed her in death when this crazy judge made this crazy ruling. >> it's funny. he didn't give him the sentence of 30 days. he gave him a sentence of 15 years which seems to make sense to me for a rape case. he suspended everything but 31 days. now it is going up on appeal. ted and i talked and you would know. this is double jeopardy. you can't increase someone's sentence unless the judge was insane at the time. there may be an argument, too. >> 30 days will be the sentence. >> that's the sentence. >> so what about the prosecutors? what the judge did was horrible and the judge's remarks that she was older than her chronological anyone, and i suspect this was a crime that didn't matter -- i mean, you should under age is under age. that comment was deplorable but where are the prosecutors? i can't imagine a prosecutor can't get more than 30 days on a
10:46 pm
rape case of a kid? >> the prosecutors in the case attempted to get 20 years for this guy when he came before the judge. he already had violated his probation -- parole. he had been put in a diversion program. so the judge decided to give him 15 years, said the violation wasn't that bad. this is troubling. very troubling. >> i was looking at the monitor. a beautiful young woman. what's also troubling is the judge said at sentence ing, the violation hearing when he opted out or left the sex therapy program that she -- the woman, the victim -- was in as much control of the situation. i wonder what the prosecutors -- greta, have you ever had a rape case where the government offers a deferred prosecution sentence? >> that's what i mean. who were the prosecutors on this? the judge, that's easy. he's horrible.
10:47 pm
he's terrible. but i don't understand the prosecutors. >> in defense of the prosecutors -- >> what defense? >> the young lady had died, committed suicide. >> i i could stand on my head in the middle of a highway and get a bigger sentence than that. >> i would agree. >> i mean, i don't know one prosecutor who can only get 30 days in a rape case of an under aged girl. >> the only way this is rectified is while he's out on probation he gets another violation. >> we haven't talked about him being sentenced on a program. what kind of program is that? >> not only that he was a teacher and she was a student. you have that complete vulnerability. if he violates he can get the 15 years. >> thank you. straight ahead, o.j. simpson ♪
10:48 pm
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>> greta: okay everyone,c,p time to hash it out. o.j. simpson serving a 33 year sentence but this time it's his he sweet tooth getting him in trouble. "time" reporting o.j. simpson stole all of the cookies from
10:52 pm
the cookie jar, guards caught him trying to smuggle oatmeal cookies under his shirt. and microsoft co-founder bill gates admitting to a bad design flaw. mashable tweeting bill gates reveals it was a design mistake. users logging into computers but gates saying he wanted a one-key command, gates blaming the error on an ibm keyboard design. you did okay. and abc world news reporting a grandmother who diedast year lives on in the virtual world. the man searching for his grandma using google street view. he ended up taking one of the last pictures taken of her. she can be seen reading a newspaper. the grandson sharing the find calling it an uplifting tribute to his aus yum
10:53 pm
grandma. and dana tweeting gathering courage to tell my embar yags story on "the five" tonight. here is the tale. >> i left here, put on my jeans and flats and leather jacket, country music walking along up to 58th street on top of the world. everything was great. and this lady taps me on the shoulder. i looked at her because i thought maybe she recognized me. she didn't recognize me. i couldn't hear what she was saying i had on my ear phones she's pointing and tapping my shoulder and i'm like what? i take out my ear phone. she says you have toilet paper hanging down your pants. >> greta: that is pretty funny. we know dana, tweet me, tweet greta. coming up, are new
10:54 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here time for last call. you have to see this, an all-star line up of muppets on jimmy fallon to perform the sesame street theme song. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
10:59 pm
♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] i99. >> greta: that is your last call. before we do, do you want to know what senator ted cruz did after his talkathon? hannity as. >> did you get sleep? i did go home and take a nap about 4:00 p.m. got up about 8:45 went and made a sandwich, first thing, i watched "hannity" then watched greta.
11:00 pm
>> on the record is leaving to 7:00 p.m. on october 6th. mark your calendars senator, thank you for being with us tonight. anyway, octoberto the floor. cruz, the crack pot is getting the grief on and on. hello everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. the president said that before his election. we're five days from the fundamental transformation of roll out on tuesday. the ma joerty of americans don't want it. president barack obama is still pushing it. as usual, he took a cheap shot at fox news. >> you don't have to take my word for it. if you talked to someone that said i was watching fox nice and they said it's horrible. and you can say you know what, don't take my word for


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