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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> that's all the time we have left for tonight. thank you for being with us. we are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now. every bit as dangerous as the breakup of the union before the civil war. >> senate democrats are not listening to the millions of
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americans hurt by obamacare. >> don't kid yourself we are not on the road to socialized medicine with obamacare. >> we are not being threatened by people with a bomb strapped to their chest. >> i hope senate democrats begin listening to single moms and immigrants and people retired with disabilities, begin listening to married people, begin listening to union workers. >> to the old, sick and needy and every single principle of the united states of america we stand for, it's off with their heads. >> because a handful of right wing extremists are so determined to try to destroy this president. >> this is how a country goes broke. >> this is how a country goes broke. >> i hope the good guys win. >> we listen to the american people the way democrats are not. >> knock it off.
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senator ted cruz says it's not over. where does it go from here? >> it goes from here to the house of representatives. people listened and i am optimistic they will do the same thing and pass another strong bill and send it back to the senate and back in our lap. i hope this time when it comes back to the senate senate republicans come together and stand shoulder to shoulder with house republicans to actually fix this disaster of a law. >> what makes you think that would happen because if it goes back to the house -- it's going back to the house and the house puts back in the de-funding of obamacare the same bill and ships it back across to the senate, why would you expect the senate vote to be different this time around? >> i don't know if they will put the same language back in or do something else. what i think is critical they act to stop the harmful
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consequences millions of americans are feeling because of obamacare. one of the things we really tried to focus on this week is all the millions of americans struggling to find jobs because of obamacare facing the threat of being forcibly reduced to part-time work 29 hours a week because of obamacare and seeing skyrocket i skyrocketing health care insurance premiums because of obamacare and their health care taken away because of obamacare. i think the house needs to step up and stop that damage and stand for the american people. if they do that i hope the second time around an opportunity for all senate republicans to come home and all of us to stand united and i hope that's what we do. >> i don't think that's likely to happen in the senate. you know the senate better than i do. i don't think the vote will change. would you be satisfied if the house bill that came back from the senate delayed obamacare for one bill, didn't de-fund it but
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delayed it for one year. is that something you could stand behind? >> i don't want to dictate terms to the house of representatives. 435 of them elected in their district and each has to be accountable to their constituents. >> do you consider it something to be effective in your strategy if you could put it off for one year, for you? >> for me, what i have said is i will not vote for any continuing resolution that funds obamacare because i think obamacare is a disaster, i think it's a train wreck, a nightmare. those last two terms train wreck is what the democratic senator the lead author of called it and nightmare is what james hoffa, the president of the teamsters called it. from my end i will not vote for any continuing resolution that funds it. i hope the house continues doing what they are doing. i want to salute senator boehner and house leadership for joining arm in arm and listening to the
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american people. that's what they did last time and hope they do it again. >> i don't want to beat a dead horse, if they came back to the house and said there are two choices, one they revisit it in a year or postpone it in a year. revisit it in a year is not a funding, something you could live with? >> anything that stops the harmful consequences of obamacare for millions of americans is a good thing. >> for a year or do you want it definitively decided now. >> if you ask me what i'd like, i'd like it for all time. i am someone who will take what's critical are we fighting for the people and making their lives better? if we're doing that we're doing our jobs. i'm much more interested in the substance. are we stopping the harms from obamacare that millions of americans are suffering? if we are, that's good. if we're not what i'm not interested in a lot of people in washington sometimes focus on is
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a political victory. what matters is the substance, standing up and stopping this train wreck of a law. >> suppose hypothetically the senate agreed with you and went your way and obama is de-funded but the continuing resolution funds the governmentxfor 45 days. do you have any problem with limping aspect along part of it. that's the second part. we have these ridiculous, my view, 45 days we will fund the government and back talking about it again instead of a solid economic plan. >> there are a couple of causes for that. one congress hasn't done its job and hasn't passed the appropriation bills it's supposed to pass. if we had passed the appropriations bills and made the hard decisions where to spend and cut. that only happens if congress hasn't appropriated as we haven't this year. secondly, if you look at government by crisis, it doesn't have to happen.
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senator rob portman, republican from ohio, has a bill he's introduced that would take continuing resolutions and take shutdowns off the table, would say, in the event a continuing resolution doesn't pass you don't have a shutdown, you simply continue and gradually government funding goes down but it doesn't just go off a cliff. the democrats don't want to pass that. why? they wont government by crisis. likewise the house and the continuing resolution they just passed had a provision called the full faith and credit law what i like to call the default prevention act that says if the debt ceiling isn't raised the united states will never default on its debt, common sense provision. democrats voted to strip it out. they stood together and what they said, interesting harry reid criticizes that provision as the pay china first law. democrats are now all on record saying they affirmatively want to use the risk of a default to scare the american people and
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affirmatively want to use the risk of a government shutdown to scare the american people. i think that's irresponsible. we ought to do our jobs. >> give me behind the scenes. when you see harry reid on the floor, do you look at each other or look away and say, hi, how are you doing? what's it like? >> all the senators are cordial. not necessarily the warmest c m chummiest relationships but everyone treats each other civilly. that's the way it should be. >> it doesn't sound that civil. i heard on the floor when the time ran out, senator harry reid his response was it was a waste of time, there was no i don't agree with you, senator, but 20 hours and 19 minutes that's pretty amazing, he was insulting. >> it may not have been the height of graciousness. look, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter bickering back and forth between a handful of
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politicians. most people don't care. what matters is the substance. >> i think it does mat ear little bit and tells the american people are we watching a schoolyard brawl or are we watching people with deep ideological differences and having a debate and sometimes you can persuade or negotiate. when it gets down to name-calling it's unseemly, i think. >> harry reid has made that decision to do that before. he has called, i guess, those of us who are trying to de-fund obamacare anarchists. he previously called me i think a schoolyard bully. i'll tell you, greta, i don't reciprocate and haven't and don't intend to. >> senator mccain thinks those that don't agree apeasers. they were insulted by that. >> the focus that i try to keep throughout the filibuster and throughout this discussion is on the substance of the bill. the point i made, look, there was an extended discussion there
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when we started de-funding, there were voice, there were pundits, all those in the republican party who went out and said, we can't win we can't win we can't win. the more you say that the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. it is true if republicans began pulling our guns on ourselves and shooting those trying to stop obamacare it makes it harder to win. i went through the centuries of all the battles in the united states, all the iagreat challens we've taken on, whether civil war or world war ii or going to the moon or cold war where the voices of conventional wisdom said it can't be done and american spirit when we united said it could be done. >> how about the phone call you had with the house republicans yesterday, what was that like? >> it was -- we have had ongoing conversations with house members a long time and certainly will continue to do so. >> the american people don't know this behind the scenes, 20,
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30, 40? >> i don't want to get into specifics of internal conversations but there have been and will continue to be ongoing conversations with individual members who share the objective of stopping obamacare. certainly brainstorming, sharing ideas, my views what will happen in the senate and strategize. frankly, we ought to be doing a lot more of that. one of the strange things in washington most people would be surprised about how little coordination there usually is between house and senate, almost like they're two separate nations. given we have to both work together to pass something in the law i think there ought to be more conversations like the ones we're having. >> i heard you speak before and pat buchanan spoke before about this continuing resolution being pinged back to the house now, what if it were split into different piece, funding for the defense department, pentagon, is there any impediment to doing that at all? >> look --
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>> why would that be a strategy the republicans would not embrace? i guess maybe why would they not embrace that? >> i think that's a terrific idea. >> that wasn't my idea, it was actually your idea. no wonder you think it's terrific. >> i'll confess i may be a little biased towards it. listen, everyone is wondering will we have a government shutdown. that depends on harry reid and president obama. if they decide they want to force a government shutdown we will have one. i don't think we should. we should keep the government running. it would be irresponsible for harry reid and president obama to force a shutdown. if that happens, we've had many shut downs in the past, hasn't been the end of the world, i don't think we should have one now. if that happens the very effective tool the house can use, because part of the games this administration is likely to play in the shutdown is try to pick the most sympathetic instances and hold them hostage like the debt ceiling, they want to threaten a default to scare
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the american people. if there's no rule that says the continuing resolution has to cover every bit of the government. if harry reid forced a shutdown with president obama, i think it makes a lot of sense for the house to pass a continuing resolution first on the military. we'll fund the military. no matter what happens we should never threaten to cut off funding for men and women in the military. existing federal law gives president obama all the money he needs to fund the military even if there is a shutdown. if they pass a simple cr that funds the military and sends it to the senate, i think it would be hard for harry reid to fund t military. with no obamacare. i don't thi i don't think it would be hard for them not to do it one after the other. >> why wouldn't speaker boehner want to use that strategy? what's the argument for the
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republicans in the house? >> i don't know. i haven't had that conversation with the speaker so i don't want to put words in his mouth. i don't know he may well follow that strategy. i think it makes sense, suggested it to some folks. they may decide to follow another strategy. >> senator, nice to see you. >> always great to see you. thank you. >> senator harry reid threatening speaker boehner. pass the senate resolution or it is a shutdown. so, what will house republicans do next? representative michele bachmann joining us. >> thank you. >> it's coming your way. what is the plan in the house? >> the plan will be discussed by all the members in the house tomorrow. we will gather at noon and make a decision. there's a large contingent in the house that wants to see us de-fund obamacare for a year and delay obamacare for a year. if truth be told there's a lot of democrats out there who hope that we succeed because it's not ready for primetime this bill.
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a lot of people will suffer economic misery. we heard about that. all we want to do is delay this and de-fund it for a year, we want to get this right. it's not right right now and only seems to make common sense to do that. >> suppose you do that, de-fund it for a year and delay it for a year and ship it back to the senate. it will go over like a lead balloon over there and the president said he's not going to bargain over de-funding obamacare. what happens when it gets back to te senate if that's what happens in the house? >> that's their position. they have to do something with it. at a certain point we have to make a decision. 17 times since the 1970s, the government has gone through t s this. it's called brinksmanship in negotiations and they finally made a decision. sometimes you have to get to a crisis point to finally make a decision. >> who will blink first? >> that's the question. right now, harry reid thinks the house republicans will blink. we're not ready to blink.
10:16 pm
we're not blinking. we're taking no doz. our goal right now is to make sure we do what we've been told to do and sent to do and that's get it right with obamacare. >> i can't see unfortunately i can't see the house republicans giving in on this or caving and i can't see the democrats in the senate either because the democrats in the senate are as passionate about their position as the house republicans are. >> but the american people want us to do something about this bill. so it isn't just my way or the highway on either side. we think a big compromise, remember, the bill we sent to the senate was de-funding of obamacare forever, forever. what we're saying now is de-fund obamacare for a year, completely delay o care for a year and take a look at that bill over the next year. that's what we're saying. i'm not saying that's what the
10:17 pm
position will be tomorrow. that's what i'm saying a large group within the house believes we should do. we'll find out tomorrow what we should do. harry reid and barack obama can't just have it their way the whole time. they draw this red line in the sand. the president as you heard before busy negotiating with putin and the president of tehran but won't pick up the phone and call us. we shouldn't be at this crisis point. >> can speaker boehner call him? >> of course he can. the president called speaker boehner and he told us this, speaker boehner got to dallas picked up his cell phone. the president of the united states, hi, john, i want you to know i'm not negotiating. this is the way it is. i'm sorry, mr. president, that's not what we're hearing from the american people. they want us to do something because people are getting nfls nfls -- envelopes in the mail where they were paying $333 and now
10:18 pm
have to pay way much more and where will they get the scratch? they won't stand by. >> you have a chance to change things in the bill and the other perhaps get more wind behind your sails with the american people they will dislike obamacare, they'll come to your aid? is that sort of your thinking, i will ask you a question from there. >> i think it is. what did the head of the dnc, debbie wasserman shultz say? look, democrats, we have to change obamacare because the american people are turning against it. we have to reform this bill. as a matter of fact, let me add one more thing. president obama has reformed the bill on his own at least 19 times. so he's unilaterally changing this bill so let's not have just the president do it, let's let some other people win with othe ideas. >> what would be interesting what happens october 1st,
10:19 pm
because if on october 1st people go to the exchanges and they decide this isn't so bad after all or if i like it, you will lose the wind behind your sails, if on the other hand they go to the exchanges and say, holy cow, i'm not paying that, this is very important who will get the american people beginning october 1st with the exchanges? >> again, i think ted cruz is right when he says this isn't about politics, about getting it right for the american people. this isn't a small thing, every single american is going to be impacted by this bill. this isn't politics, real life. >> if the american people think they're getting a good deal on tuesday october 1st, that helps the president. if they go there october 1st and discover it's really expensive that really helps you. >> a lot of exchanges aren't up and ready. for federal employees they aren't up and ready for those of us in congress, the state of oregon. >> i don't want to go there. a lot of people on capitol hill
10:20 pm
don't get the same deal as the american people. >> we have had 17 times in modern times we have gotten to this point. nobody should panic, government will continue to go on, it's no such thing as a shutdown, it's a slowdown. we need to get it right and we're here to fight just like senator cruz and senator lee. >> representative, nice to see y you, thank you for joining us. >> the hot button issue if there is a shutdown senators and representatives will get pay and not their staff because there is a varying of pay for the members and staff. should it be changed? go right now and vote on our poll. the president and president of iran talking on a cell phone. is this a move forward or a trap. tonight, there is news.
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this is a fox news alert. tonight, the u.n. security council voting unanimously to secure and destroy syria's chemical weapons. now, the adopted resolution demands syria to get rid of the stockpile and does not threaten automatic punitive action if the government doesn't comply. enforcement is another resolution. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening. >> good evening. glad to be with you. >> this resolution by the u.n. security council, good or bad? >> well, it's simply a continuation of the agreement that was reached in geneva last
10:25 pm
weekend and doesn't really add or detract from that one way or another. i think the underlying agreement is flawed. i don't think syria will declare or destroy all of the chemical weapons, some of them. but the rest i think have been hidden or moved out of the country. think i the real victory is with assad and the russians, it give it is assad regime time to strengthen its position. so i don't think the security council resolution really adds or detracts from that original analysis. >> tell me if i'm wrong but since it has no punitive or military enforcement, they have do go back for action, we'd have to go back and get sort of an agreement or not and i assume the president didn't seem like he was too patient with the u.n. is that he would go it alone without the u.n. and then am i wrong that that would create some sort of issue?
10:26 pm
>> are you suggesting that president obama would ignore the u.n. security council? i'm just shocked to hear that. you know, he was prepared to ignore it before. this resolution doesn't change that calculus before much either. >> except now that they have spoken. except now that they've spoken and now specifically not included the approval of military action. >> well, but that was never going to happen anyway. because the russians were not going to permit it so in that sense the russians prevailed yet again. i don't think that changes the underlying reality that existed from the time of the geneva agreement. >> all right. now the president speaking to the iranian president today. first time i think in 34 years. two presidents of iran and united states talking. your thoughts about that, sir? >> symbolism is terrible after the white house leaks that they're desperate for a photo-op of a hand shake between obama and rowhani and rowhani's too
10:27 pm
busy, other things to do, shopping i guess in new york. the president of the united states calls the joe biden equivalent, the number two official in iran of a state sponsor of terrorism and wants to talk to him. and rowhani graciously takes the call. the symbolism is ter shl but what's worse is the substance. the president said he believes a comprehensive solution to the nuclear weapons project is at hand. with no basis to say this. i think this is the visible, public collapse of the president's policy supposedly against the iranian nuclear weapons program. i have a very bad feeling. we are headed in the direction of an agreement that effectively legitimizes the iranian nuclear weapons program and leaves the decision when and under what circumstances to break out to nuclear weapons entirely in
10:28 pm
iran's hands. >> we have a minute left, but i would like to be the fly on the wall when prime minister netanyahu -- i think he's coming to washington in the next couple of days and i'm curious what the prime minister thinks about this. >> well, i think he probably believes it's a terrible deal and provides obama with something i think he prizes more than really ending the iranian nuclear weapons program. this is the leverage he will use to prevent an israeli military strike against iran and i think for years it's been clear that what obama fears most is that israeli strike. he fears it more than the iranian nuclear weapons program. i believe for that long time israel would decide to use military force as it has twice before in its history against a hostile nuclear weapons project. i'm not sure there's going to be a strike. i think we can look forward to a future with iranian nuclear
10:29 pm
weapons. >> nice to talk to you, sir. >> thank you. coming up, former nfl star is here. his house was trashed by between 100 and 200 teenagers and tonight there's news. the nfl star is here next. also george zimmerman has more trouble. florida police called to his house again. that's coming up.
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10:34 pm
pursued by the police? >> well, i think we wanted to approach this with a common sense approach of reconciliation. let's get the kids to talk about what went on and start fixing stuff. that didn't happen and then invited the parents to come up and stand and be accountable. that didn't happen and went on for two weeks and then they gave us a resounding message not showing up and so it was the day to have them fully accountable for their actions and so the first wave of the arrests were made yesterday. >> did the prosecutor or the police indicate whether they intended to try to round up 100 or 200 or 6 arrested so far? >> no. it's a sweeping investigation. and they have, in fact, now 400 names and everyone who was committed a crime will be arrested. >> one of the people who's arrested, i think -- i mean, i
10:35 pm
know i feel a little betrayed. a young man you helped, your family took in when he was homeless. >> yeah. you know, i didn't understand. this was a young man i have known for literally six, seven years and when he was homeless, he would stay with us. when he got in trouble, he would stay with us. we were his anchor. we had discipline, rules, regimens, curfews and in the morning, getting up he has chores. i don't know how in his mind whether it was the drugs or alcohol that it made sense to plan the party, to break in the house and to stage this tremendous horrific event where there was drugs and alcohol and damage and sexual assault. i don't know what he was thinking. it just didn't make sex and his mother and i have been working for years to save his life. we are hoping that this is his moment where his life is saved by this fully being accountable and being arrested. >> we have about 30 seconds left. but the other thing i'm sort of
10:36 pm
scandalized by, the parents haven't apologized to you and dragged their kids over and made the kids to apologize to you. sort of stunning what the parents have been absent. >> well, that's a back hand slap in the face and obviously we now have to ask a bigger question, where did we get off track and how to find our way back and what do we do now? the parents must stand and be accountable for all of this going on. they didn't show up. that's a larger question to ask in communities around the country right now. are you standing in the place of your child's greatest need and are you taking a stand for their greatness? that means being accountable for what you did. >> you know, i told you last time, brian, i'm team holloway on this. good luck, sir. >> okay. thank you. now to the legal panel. san francisco former prosecutor james hammern and bernie and ted. ted? >> i'm team accountable to brian.
10:37 pm
look. the bottom line is these parents, if they knew about this, they should have taken responsibility. they should have -- as we say in louisiana, whipped their behinds. >> we use a different word in wisconsin but go ahead. >> bottom line is i don't know if you get 400 kids arrested in this. rational is simply if they would have to show that they knew or should have known that there was some illegal activity going on in that house. >> bernie? >> yeah. not to get boring because it's a long week in court for me but all 400, unlawful entry, assault inside. it was out of control. he tried having a party and the whole problem is a kid he's trying to help. it is like no good deed goes unpunished. ted is agreeing with the football player. i played football. i'm not afraid but i'm on his team. >> the thing is that the parents don't have any responsibility and then paying for lawyers when
10:38 pm
it's unlawful entry and every single window is another count of destruction of property and the parents will look at the picture pretty loud and clear. >> you're right. and these kids from -- the adults will lose the case and prosecuted and the most shocking thing in reading the packet, greta, some of the parents threatened to sue holloway because he exposed what they had done. it's the absence of morality. threatening to sue and hire lawyers. i hope somehow they're taken to task, too. my mother would have dragged me by the ear to say sorry and pay for the damage. >> the pictures of kids on the internet on the facebook and the parents object to it. they were partying. i mean, these parents, you know, the parents must be delusional. >> they are screwed up. you see where the kids come from. the fact that the parent doesn't say you did wrong but stick up for these kids. that's the really sick part of
10:39 pm
this. >> absolutely right. if the parents are not willing to take responsibility, how in the hell can you expect the kids to take responsibility? >> legal bills will do that. >> oh, absolutely. i think if there's a lawsuit and very well could be some. >> bernie, you'd have -- you will have your son down there so fast his head would be spinning. >> i mean, my kids know that they commit a crime, they run to the police and say lock me up. my father is on the way down. my daughter in scotland. she is at st. andrews. how's it going? great. guess what? there's a pub in the dorm. christ almighty. >> $20,000 wasn't damage. they smashed windows. >> 200,000. >> yeah. well, it was quite a bit of damage they did to this home. >> when you watch the progression of the -- holloway tried to resolve this ammic bring. >> this guy is like a model guy. helped this young man sort of a catalyst for this. given him a home.
10:40 pm
done everything. when this broke, he tried to give him a chance to own up and to clean up and they wouldn't and then threatened by -- >> jim's point is trying to sue him. they tried to sue him. >> 20,000. >> the sick part, the moral decay part is we all did bad things as kid. i got drunk when i was 16 but then to brag about it. after destroying this guy's house, they're glorifying it in ruining the property. it's a really, really sick indication about the culture. >> the parents should have went over there and apologized immediately and took the kid over there. >> it was 20,000. not 200. got it wrong. anyway, gentlemen, thank you. coming up, government can't pay the bills and now the obama administration just gave $100 million of your dollars away. $100 million of your dollars? would you say okay?
10:41 pm
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visit a husqvarna dealer near you. you can find your husqvarna dealer at tonight, a florida teenager in big legal trouble. the alleged crime? discounts to needy families at goodwill store. why? 18-year-old andrew anderson said he was heartbroken of the poverty of the customers and giving the neediest shoppers big discounts up to 50% but when goodwill officials found out, they were not happy about the teen freelancing on prices and fired him. that's not all. they reported anderson to the police and arrested for grand theft, felony charge. anderson said he had good intentions and wanted to help people and offered to pay goodwill and the company said they intend to press charges. they said they prosecute this kind of case. should the teen be prosecuted? yes or no. we're back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the choice is yos.
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you know detroit is broke. so's the nation. we don't have tours at white house. we can't afford them. a short time ago the obama administration announced you the taxpayers are giving detroit $100 million. detroit is $18 billion in debt. now, the administration claiming the federal aid of 100 million is not a bailout but a detroit city council member told president obama it should be. >> our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and exercise leadership on that. of course not just that, but why not? >> chief political correspondent
10:47 pm
byron york joins us. 100 million from the government and 200 million from some other pocket, private entity. >> it's close to 300 million and then officials are saying it's not a bailout because detroit is so deeply in debt. >> it's not enough money? >> right. it has between 15 billion and 20 billion in debt and unfunded pension and health care liabilities and detroit is so far in the hole and never qualify as a bailout. also, this is the kind of thing that you would think that congress would have approved and they would appropriate the money and send it to detroit. that won't happen. the president basically kind of looked all around and in the drawers and the couch, found some extra money. >> how can that -- if he found 100 million, first of all, the insanity of 100 million lying around, that's just insane. >> right. >> where did he find it? we can't do tours at the white house. >> some of the things were programs in which money was supposed to go to michigan or to
10:48 pm
detroit in the future and they say, well, we can just accelerate that. some of that stuff. not like the money is lost and said look what i found but the fact is they did have the ability just on the president's authority to send all this money there. >> and doing research for tonight, i saw one story saying that $200,000 meant for the poor people in detroit spent on furniture for the department that was supposed to give out the money to the poor people. i mean, this is not -- is there any sort of policing that this $100 million will go to the intended target? >> detroit has an emergency manager. they're in such bad shape but "the new york times" had a story a couple of days ago about waste in the pension system in detroit. and basically, officials had just kind of given out a little extra money to people on a regular basis if they were in trouble, they needed a little extra to the tune of $2 billion over the last 20 years. remember their entire debt is $15 billion or $16 billion.
10:49 pm
the amount of money thrown away and wasted in detroit is amazing. on the other hand, the extent of the devastation in detroit i think would surprise people who haven't been there. >> horrible. >> $100 million of this is spent on tearing buildings down. i mean, if you go to a residential area in detroit, maybe 12 houses, a couple or 3 of them are just -- they're not there. there's steps leading up to just grass. others are burned out shells and then maybe a light on in one of them. that goes on for block after block after block. >> disgraceful. thank you. >> thank you. george zimmerman back in hot water? water? find out why run, go, go! did he just fumble? "i" formation! "i" formation! we have got to get the three-technique block! i'm not angry. i'm not yellin'. nobody's tackling anybody! we got absolutely... i don't think this was such a good idea. i'm on it. if we can't secure the quarterback center exchange...
10:50 pm
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>> greta: okay everyone it's time to hash it out. more legal trouble for george zimmerman? tmz tweeting latest george zimmerman mother-in-law filed police report, he stole from plea. florida police called to the house the another law owns his wife, shelly lived there until ease lently. the mother claims a tv was stolen and she named george zimmerman as the thief. an anonymous inmate making an unexpected 911 call reporting
10:54 pm
the inmate calls 911 to report a prisoner. and attended to two inmates jumped and stole the van. silverman gave up a chance at freedom and called 911 instead. >> 911 what is the emergency? >> yes, ma'am, i'm a prisoner in a van i'm here with a couple guys in the van jacked the van. >> police quickly catching the inmate. >> and it's hard to turn down a free beer. that is what jaguars are hoping. "sports illustrated" tweeting free beer, jaguars try this give away to fill empty seats. the team struggling to get fans so they're offering two free drinks for a ticket.
10:55 pm
now it's your turn to hash it out with us and don't forget to follow me on twitter after the gretawire. coming up, former congressman ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement
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senator ron paul has political advise for his son, senator rand paul. >> let's talk about 2016. do you think your son will run for president? >> i'm going to talk to him about it. dad, pass potatoes, are you going to be a presidential candidate? what advice would you give him? >> be cautious, you can get elected. that is -- that is the the
11:00 pm
thing about politics. >> greta: remember, five more on the records at 10:00 p.m. we'll see you again on monday. only five more at 10:00 then we're going to be at 7 this is a fox news alert. president obama delivered remarks at the white house after the senate voted to advance legislation to prevent a government shutdown. democrats succeeded in stripping that from the bill, but legislation faces an uncertain fate in the republican-controlled house. here's obama stepping up the pressure on them. >> the good news is, within the past couple of hour, the united states senate, democrats and republicans, acted responsibly by voting to keep our government open and delivering the services the american people expect. w


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